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10, 1901, in LTnion Furnace, Ohio; married March 2, 1834. in Bruceton Mills,
W. Va., Maiy Armstrong, daughter of Isaac and Frances (Chidester). Armstrong,
born November 30, 1815, in Bruceton Mills; died November 27, 1878, in Union

Bowen G. Trowbridge settled in his native county on a farm three miles south
of Bruceton Mills, W. Va. In March, 1806. he removed with his family to
Hocking county, Ohio, and settled on a farm in Union Furnace. He was engaged
in farming all his life. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and
was one of its local preachers.


i. LuHAMA .Iane. b. May 20, 1835; m. Mar. 2, 1802. Daniel Allen Darby* of

Union Furnace, Ohio,
ii. Frances Loretta, b. .July 24, 1830 ; d. Mar. 19, 1847.
iii. Susannah, b. Dec. 31, 1837; d. Oct. 1, 1839.
iv. Mellssa Ann, b. Oct. 29. 1839; m. .July 10, 18C5, George Clifford Iloey and

resides in Garden City, Mo.
V. Mary Catharine, b. Dec. 30. 1841 ; d. Nov. 23, 190C, in Union Furnace ; unm.

703. vi. Isaac Armstrong, b. Nov. 17, 1843.

704. vii. Samltel Newton, b. .Tune 25. 1840.
viii. Sarah Alice, b. Oct. 21, 1848 ; unm.

705. is. George Collin, b. JIar. 4, 1851.
700. X. William Henry, / twins,

xi. Martha Maria, f b. Oct. 15. 1853 ; m. Aug. 11, 1891, .Tohn Fletcher Walker

and resides in Union Furnace.
xii. Margaret Virginia, b. Nov. 15. 1855 ; d. Dec. 2. 1882 ; unm.
xiii. Isaiah Edward, b. June 15, 1858; d. Ma.v 19, 1885; unm.

377. Dr. Reese Trowbridge (Samuel R.-"-, Samuel"^. David^'*, Joseph^'",
William'^'"', Thomas'^), born August 17, 1810, in Kingwood, W. Va. ; died Novem-
ber 22, 1898, in Centre Point. Ind. ; married . 1846, in Winchester, Ind.,

Harriet Morgan, daughter of William and Martha (Raines) Morgan, bom
August 12, 1823, in , W. Va. ; died January 10, 1888, in Jamestown, Ind.

Reese Trowbridge emigrated to Indiana in 1843. He studied medicine, and
after his marriage he settled in W^inchester, Ind. He lived there and in other
towns in the state the remainder of his life. He was one of the best known
physicians in his section of Indiana. He was a well-educated man and one
able to converse on any subject. He was a stanch Democrat and prominent in
local politics. He and his wife were members of the Christian Church.

• See No. 370, il.



707. i. Samuel Reese, b. Dec. 5, 1847.

ii. Cassie, b. , 1848 ; m. George Keruadle of Jamestowiis Ind.

iii. .TosEPll, b. , 1851 ; resides in Ix'bauon, Ind. ; unm.

iv. IIattie, b. Sept. 1(>, 1854 ; m. Dec. 27, 1S7U, William II. Roberts and resides

in Indianapolis, Ind.
V. M.\ttie, b. Aug. G, 1856 ; m., 1st, , 1872, .Tohn Baringer of Waynetown,

Ind. ; m., 2d, , 1885, ^\'illiara T. Ward and resides in New York City.

378. Preston TROWBiunoE (Samuel /'.-"-, Samuel'^"^, David}^*, Joseph^°^,
^Yil]iam'^'"', Tho>nas'^), born May 7, 1821. in Kingwood, W. Va. ; died September

15, 1864, in Andersonville, Ga. ;t married , 184—, in Kingwood '(, W. Va.,

Cliristiana Menear, daughter of John and Mahahx (McAlroy) Menoar, bom
October 30, ISIO, in Reedsville, W. Va. ; died November 9, liJOfi, in Kingwood.

Preston Trowbridge settled as a farmer in his native place, Kingwood, W. Va.
He was a soldier in the Civil War and enlisted in his county February 23, 18G4, in
Company B, 14th West Virginia Infantry. During the battle of Cloyd's
Mountain, May 9, 1864, he was caiitured by the enemy and confined in Anderson-
ville, where he died the following September.


i. LorisA Rachel, b. , 184- ; m. Teets and resides in Kingwood. t

ii. Sarah EnzAnETii. b. , 185- : m. Stonebreaker.

iii. Mary Clarissa, b. , 185- ; m. Freed and resides in Columbus,


iv. Amand.^ JIei-vina. b. , 1.S5- : m. Lour and resides in Columbus. t

v. Annie Rebecca, b. Mar. G, 1857 ; m. Sept. 7, 1S7G, William Alvin Gallanton

and resides in Jefferson, Pa.
70S. vi. John Allen, b. May 8, 1859.

vii. Mahala Jane. b. Dec. 12, 18G1 ; m. Dec 2, 1882, James B. Brabam and resides

in Kingwood.

379. Collin B.§ Trowbridge (Samuel E.-"-. SamucP''\ David''\ Joseph'"',
WiUiam^'"', Thomas'^), bom March 2, 1823, in Kingwood, W. Va. ; died October
31, 1895, in Ludlow, 111. ; married March 9, 1854, in North Salem, Ind., Caroline
Gardner, daughter of Anthony and Elizabeth (Yates) Gardner, bom June 20,
1834, in Rushville. Ind. ; died August 11, 1903, in Ludlow.

Collin B. Trowbridge lived on his father's farm near Kingwood, W. Va., until
he was a man grown. He was cai)tain of a company of cavalry in the Virginia
militia and served during a labor riot incident to the building of the Baltimore
and Ohio railroad. About 1852 he removed to North Salem, Ind., where he
followed his trade, that of a builder. He was a justice of the peace there and
postmaster of the town. In 1865 he moved to Millersburgh, Ind., where he
remained four years. He then bought a farm near Ludlow, Champaign county,
111., where he settled and lived until his death. He was a justice of the peace for
Champaign county for several years.

William Bowen, b. Mar. 18, 1855.
Edgar Collin, b. Nov. 28. 185G.
Oliver R..§ b. May 2G. 18G0.
Perlina Louisa, b. Mar. 31, ISGS.

* i. ii and iv horn in AVinchPster, Jnd. : Iii and v in Salem, Ind.

t While a Union militai-y prisoner (see biographical sketch above).

t Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

§ Initial only.

II i-tii born in North Salem, Ind. ; iv in Millersburgh, Ind.
















380. Isaac Scott Trowbridge (^Bethiiel-"^, SamaeP^^, David^^*, Joseph^"^,

Vy illUim^'"* , Thumas^), bora , 1814, in Frederick county, Va. ; died

November 10, 1876, in Aiuboy, Ind. ; married , 1845, in Clinton county,

Ohio, Mary (Lyim) Vinyard, widow of Ambrose Vinyard and daughter of
Richard and Elizabeth (Hawes) Lynn, bom September 26, 1821, in Clinton
county; died January 21, 1888, in Eidge Farm, 111.

Isaac S. Trowbridge settled in Clinton county, Ohio, and lived there nearly
twenty-five years. About 1868 he removed to Amboy, Miami county, Ind., where
ho made his home until his death. He was engaged in farming all his life. He
and his wife were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church.


i. Lydia Jane, b. July 7, 1840 ; m. Nov. 7, 1809, Samuel Spears and resides in

Ridge Farm, 111.
Richard, b. JIa.v 25, 1848.
Aaron, b. Sept. 5, 1850.
Frances, b. Apr. 22, 1853 ; m.. 1st, Sept. 13, 1875, William Speece of Cass

county, Ind. ; ra., 2d, John Jones and resides in Marion, Ind.
Lewis William, h. July 20, 18.57; d. in infancy.
Amanda Adalink, b. Dec. 21, 1862 ; d. in infancy.
John Wesley, b. June 19, 1805 ; d. Nov. 10, 1880, in Ridge Farm ; unm.

381. Jonah Watson TiiowBRiuoE {William-"'^, Samuel^^^, David^'^*, Josepli^"^,
William'^'"', Thomas'^), born August 17, 1832, in Frederick county, Va. ; died
November 8, 1896, in Madison county, Ohio; married September 18, 1850, in
Clark county, Ohio, Margaret Ann Delaney, daughter of Joseph and Mary Ann
(Lloyd) Delaney, bom July 23, 1837, in Jefferson county, Va. She resides in
Madison county (London P. 0.), Ohio.

Jonali W. Trowbridge was engaged in farming all his life. He settled soon
after his marriage near London, Madison county, Ohio, and lived there until
his death. During the Civil War he was in a militia company at Camp Chase
in June, 1863. He was an industrious farmer and led an honest Christian life,
becoming a member of the Methodist Episcopal church in London a short time
before his death.

child born in MADISON COUNTY, OHIO :

714. i. Henry Brush, b. Aug. 12, 1859.

382. John Howell Trowdridge (William-"*, SamueP^^^, David^'^*, Joseph'^"',
William'^'"', Thomas'^), bom February 13, 1834, in Frederick county, Va. ; resides
in Madison county (London P. O.), Ohio; married September 18, 1862, in Lon-
don, Lueinda Allen, daughter of Wesley and Rebecca (McCollum) Allen, born
August 7, 1842, in London; died July 10, 1898, in Madison county.

John H. Trowbridge has always been a farmer. In early manhood he removed
to Ohio and has since lived in that state, his present home being in Oakrum town-
ship, five miles south of London, Madison county. During the Civil War, at the
time of Morgan's raid, he was called out with the militia to Camp Chase, near
Columbus. Ho is respected in his community and has held the office of rural
school director. He has been a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for
nearly fifty years. He has helped to build two churches and a school-house, was
church trustee for five years, and also for a short time served as Sunday school
treasurer. His wife was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church for about
thirty-five years.


i. Bartlett, b. Oct 20. 1860 ; is farming with his father ; unm.
ii. Bertha, b. Oct. 9, 1808; d. Mar. 14, 1870.

• i-ii born In Harmony township, Clark county, Ohio ; ill-iv in Fairfield township, Madison
county, Ohio ; v-vil in Pleasant township, Franklin county, Ohio.



iii. Alice, b. Aug. 10, 3ST2 ; m. Jan. 9, 1805, Kimball Clark and resides in Loudon,

iv. EuiTU, b. Aug. 29, 1874 ; m. Oct. 10, 1897, Joseph Morris and resides in

V. Lydia Rebecca, b. Aug. 15, 1876 ; m. t>ept. 29, 1897, William Morris and

resides in Springfield, Ohio.

715. vi. WE.SLEY Allen, b. July 19, 1878.

vii. William Reeder, b. Aug. 28, 1884 ; d. Feb. G, 1885.

383. Samuel W.-^tson Trowbridge {William""'^, Samuel^^^, David>^*, Joseph'^"^,
WiUiam^'"', Thomas'-), born April 20, 1836, in South Charleston, Ohio; died
July 3, 1892, in South Charleston; married May 5, 18(31, in South Charleston.
Prudence Thomas, daughter of Samuel and Mary (St. John) Thomas, born
January 27, 1813, in Lebanon, Ohio. She resides in South Charleston.

Samuel W. Trowbridge was engaged in farming all his life in his native place.
His farm was three miles east of South Charleston, Ohio. During tlie Civil War,
he was a member of what was known as the "home guard" and was called out
for service two or three weeks at a time at diiferent periods. He later served
a one hundred day enlistment.


384. David Trowbridge (WiUiam-"*, Samuel'^^, David^'^*, Joseph'"^,
William^'"', lliomas'), born April 15, 1845, in South Charleston, Ohio; resides
near London, Ohio; married December 22, 1881, in Urbana, Ohio, Bena Bauer,
daughter of Peter and Katharina ( — ) Bauer, born in Bingen, Germany.

David Trowbridge is engaged in farming four miles west of London, Ohio.
He has served on the petit-jui-y several times and has also been district school
director. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church in London.


385. Albert Trowbridge (William-"*, Samuel"^, David'-'-*, Joseph'"^,
WUliam'"'\ Thomas'), born August 10, 1848, in Fairfield t.o^\^lship, Madison
county, Ohio ; resides in Springiield, Oliio ; married December 16, 1872, in
Springfield, ilary Frances Le Crone, daughter of George and Mary Ann (Daron)
Le Crone, born March 31, 1851, in Clarke county, Ohio.

Albert Trowbridge has been engaged in farming in Ohio all his life. He lived
near New Carlisle, Clarke county, 1873-7; near London, Madison county,
1878-83; near Hustead, Clarke county, 1884-9; and since then near Springfield.


716. i. Ernest Nelson, b. Dec. 16, 1873.
716a. ii. Harold LeCrone, b. Aug. 2, 1875.

iii. Lydia Olive, b. Jan. 19, 1878; m. Nov. 16. 1895, Edward Stockwell and

resides in Springfield, Ohio,

iv. Jennie Imo, b. Aug. 25, 1881.

v. Mary Captoila, b. May 12, 1SS4.

vi. Vesta Blanche, b. Aug. 4, 1S86.

vii. Glenna Marie, b. Jan. 29, 1889.

viii. Hazel May, b. Aug. 3, 1891.

ix. Ruth Lucile, b. Mar. 5, 1893; d. July 12, 1894.

386. Aaron' Moon Trowbridge (Joseph-"^, Samuel'^^, David"*. Joseph"'^,
William""', Thomas'), bom April 15, 1841, in Wilmington, Ohio; died July 1,
1905, in St. Mary's, Ohio; married JSTovember 2, 1869, in Oxford, Ind., Eebecca

* I born near New Carlisle, Ohio ; ii near Vienna, Ohio ; iii near London, Ohio ; iv, vi-vii
near Hustead, Ohio ; v near Clifton, Ohio ; viii-ix in Springfleld, Ohio.



Jane Snethen, daughter of Joseph and Rlioda Lawrence (Mumford) Snethen,
born May 14, 1845, in Merrittstown, Warren county, Ohio. She resides in
Sf. Mary's.

Aaron M. Trowbridge at the age of twenty-one enlisted from Frankfort, Ind.,
in the Union amiy in the Civil War. He enlisted for three years August 15,
1S62, as a private in Company K, 72d Indiana Infantry. A history of his regi-
ment says that it participated in fifty-two battles, exclusive of many skirmishes
and picket fights, and Mr. Trowbridge wrote: "I was present and played my part
in all of them. The most notable of our battles was Chickamauga. My brigade
was known as Wilder's Lightning Brigade of Mounted Infantry." He was
discharged as a sergeant July 0, 1865. After the war he engaged in farming,
retiring from active life some years prior to his death.



3S7. Joel Lupton Trowbridge (Joseph-"-'. Samuel"'^. David^^*, Joseph'^
William^'"', Thomas^), born December 20, 1S4C. in Wilmington, Ohio; resides in
Furley, Kan.; man-ied December 23, 1875, in Clinton county, Ind.. Emily
Catharine Merritt, daughter of Andrew and Mary Ann (Swadner) Merritt, born
April 20, 1855, in Clinton county.

Joel L. Trowbridge has been engaged in farming all his life. He lived in
Clinton county, Ind., until 1882, when he moved to his present home in Furley,
Sedgwick county, Kan. Ho and his wife imited with the Methodist Episcopal
church in Clinton county in 1881, and have taken an active part in church and
Sunday school work. He lias acted as vSunday school superintendent and is
steward of his class in church.


i. Lily Malide. b. Feb. 12. 1877 : d. Nov. 8, 1877.

ii. EuiiE Beatrice, b. Oct. 13, 1878; m. Mar. 6, 1808, Martin L. Tremain and

rpside.s in Sedgwick county, Kan.
717. iii. Sherman Merritt, b. Jlar. Id. 1881.

iv. Minnie La\ina. b. Oct. 19, 1883 ; m. Oct. 19, 1902, Ira B. Fleek and resides

in Sedgwick county,
v. Leroy Aaron, b. Oct. 22. 1887.
vi. Mary Luetta. b. Apr. 8, 1893.

388. Joseph Trowbridge (David""". David"'>, David'''''. Joseph^'>\ WilUam'oo,
Thomas'), born January 13. 1794, in Bourbon county?, Ky.; died July 12, 1833,
in Salem, Ind.; married January 2. 1814, in Frankfort?, Ky., Rachel Battershell,
born December 28, 1795, in , Ky. ; died April 27. 1862. in Tampico, Ind.

Joseph Trowbridge lived in Kentucky for fifteen years succeeding his marriage,
and followed the trade of a blacksmith. He was successful in this business, being
a very large, strong and active man. In 1828 he removed to a small farm two
miles southeast of Salem, Washington county, Ind., where he lived the remainder
of his life.


David, 1). .Ian. 12. 1815.

James Walker, b. .Tan. 28, 1817.

Nancy, b. .Tune 13, 1819 : m. July 24, 1830, Charles G. Trueblood of Maysville,

Melixda. b. Apr. 7, 1822: m. Matthew Haun of Bradford. Ind.
JIary Ann. b. Aug. 3. 1824; m. Jacob Trusner and reside.s in Salem. Ind.
DiLLARD, b. Jan. 30. 1827.
William, b. Oct. 10. 1829.
Amanda Melvina. b. Aug. 24, 1832; m., 1st. Aug. 25, 18.53. Thomas W.

Mitchell of Nashville. Tenn. ; m., 2d. May 22. 1867, Andrew Brown of

Jackson county. Ind.












* i-iii born in Clinton county, Ind. ; Iv-vi in Sedf^vick county. Kan.

t i-v born in Frankfort, Ky. ; vi near Winchester, Ky. ; vii-viii in Salem, Ind.


389. Demi'Sky Thowbriduk (David-"", Bavid^'"', DavicP^*, Joseph'"';
William'"", Thomas'}, bom NovenilxT 11. 1801, in Bourbon county, Ky. ; died
March 30, 1839, in Salem, Ind. ; iiuirricil Xovcmlx^r 27, 1S23, in WashinR-ton
county, Ind., Edith Skelton, daughter of John and Elizabeth (McCarty) Skelton,
bom October 12, 1S07, in , Va. ?; died November 1, 1800, in Rutland, 111.

Denipsey Trowbridge was quite well educated for his times. He married and
settled on a farm seven miles south of Salem, the county seat of Washington
county, Ind. Besides cultivating his farm, he taught school, and in May, 18:5(i,
he received a license to preach from the Liberty (Disciple's) Church of Washing-
ton county. In the fall succeeding his death, his widow removed with her
children and her parents to Martinsville, Morgan county, Ind.

'"He and his wife were of the sturdy, hard-working ]K'ople who labored
to establish their home amid the forests of Indiana, and the principles of honor
and integrity of the parents were found e.xemplified in their children. The
father was laying broad and deep the foundation for the culture and develop-
ment of his family, but was called away to his eternal reward, leaving the mother
with the family of children to care for. This great sorrow came in 1839, just
at the time of the great panic, when many people were subjected to bitter
poverty. The mother's executive ability, with the cheerful assistance of the
children, tided them over the diflicult shoals, and launched them out on the sea
of life to succe-ss and prosperity."


i. Samuel Warder, b. Aug. 10, 1821 : was a teacher of sinking .and composed a
number of pieces ; d. .lau. 3, 1851, in Gosport. Ind. ; unm.

722. ii. Alle.n- Harvey, b. Apr. 13, 1826.

iii. KuMEHT TiLFORD. b. Nov. 2, 1827; was a scliool and music teacher; d. Oct. 21,

18.>1, in Gosport ; unm.
iv. Elizabeth Ann, b. Feb. 19, 1829 : m. Dec. — , 1840, .lefJerson Gray of Frances-

ville, Ind.
V. JlARY Jane. b. .\ug. 2ii, 1830 ; m. Aug. — . lS."i3. W.ashington Bennington of

Marshall county. Ind.
vi. Barsheba F.MELiNE, b. .Tan. 23, 1832; m. Mar. 1, 18o5, James F. Bourne and

resides in Minonk, 111.
vii. Martha Emily, b. Jlay .5. 1833 ; m. Dec. 22, 1851, William Hinton Potts and

resides in Glen Elder, Kan.

723. viii. James Martin, b. Dec. 13, 18.34.

ix. Sanford, b. JIar. 2, 1830 ; d. in infancy.

X. Melinda Angeline. b. July G, 1837 ; m. Sept. 10, 18.>4, John Hume Brown of
Ja-sper county, Ind.

724. xi. Demptsy Harris, b. .Vpr. 0, 1839.

390. Llnzey TROWBRroGE (David-''\ David'^^. David"*, Joseph'"'^, ^yiUiam'"'',
Thomas'), bom August 20, 1803, in Clark county, Ky. ; died May 28, 1803. in
West Liberty, Mo.; married April 14, 1831, in Washington county, Ind.,
Catherine Collins, daughter of William Karnes Collins, born April 7, 1814, in
, Ind.?; died May 20, 1879, in Terre Haute, Ind.

Linzey Trowbridge came to Washington county, Ind., with his father in 1828.
He settled there after his marriage and lived there until 1835, when he removed
to Putnam county. In 1842 he removed to Davis county, Iowa, after making a
stay of about one year in Henry county. He lived there until 185.5, when he
removed to West Liberty, Mo., where he lived the remainder of his life. He was
always engaged in farming. He and his family were members of the Christian
Church, in which he was a local preacher and elder.

children :*

i. Sarah Jane. b. Sept. 2. 1832; m. .Vpr. 1. 1849, Chester Carpenter Taylor and
resides in Drakesville, Iowa.

♦ i-ii born in Washington county, Ind. ; iii-iv in Putnam county, Ind. ; v in Henry county,
Iowa ; Ti-viii in Drakesville, Iowa ; Ix-x in West Liberty. Mo.


ii. Cassandra Elizabeth, b. Jan. 26, 1835 ; m. June 17, 1856, John Standfield

of West Liberty, Mo.
iii. Mary Angeline, b. Apr. 6, 1837 ; m. Oct. 9, 1850, A.sbury Coffey Davis and

resides in Alva, Okla.

725. iv. William Harrison, b. Jan. 21, 1840.

726. V. David Karnes, b. Sept. 27, 1842.

vi. Minerva Emelike. b. June 8, 1845; m. Apr. 23, 1SG3, Melville Kidwell and

resides in Garfield. Wash,
vii. A daughter, b. Jan. 21, 1848 ; d. Feb. 3, 1848.
viii. Robert Stanley, b. Aug. 13, 1849: d. Oct. 9, 1851.
ix. Joseph Hamilton, b. Feb. 1, 1852 : d. Nov. 9, 1880, in Central City, Mo. ; unm.

727. X. Franklin Hamilton, b. Oct. 25, 1855.

391. David Trowbridge (David-"'', David^''^, David"\ Joseph'"'^, William'""',
Thomas'^), born November 6, 1807, in Clark county, Ky. ; died July 12, 1892, in
Jackson county, Ind. ; married, first, September 18, 1828, in Washington county,

lud., Margaret Hinkle, born September 24, 1808, in ; died July 12, 1845,

in Sidney, Jackson county, Ind. He married, second, April 30, 1846, in Jackson
county, Elizabeth Ann Ilaun,* daughter of Henry and Barbara (Hunt) Haun,
born May 30, 1818, in Utica, Clark county, Ind.; died January 18, 1905, in
Jackson county.

David Trowbridge came with his father about 1828 to neai- Salem, Washington
county, Ind., and settled there after his marriage. About 1842 he removed to
the southeastern part of Jackson county, finally settling near Tampico, where
he passed tJie remainder of his life. He was a farmer by occupation and owned
a farm of 120 acres. He was a member of the Christian church in Tampico.

children :t
By first marriage:
i. Martha, b. Sept. 1, 1829 ; m. Oct. 5, 1845, Robert W. Prince of Warsaw,

ii. William, b. Mar. 7, 1831: d. in infancy.

728. iii. Robert Walker, b. Oct. 14. 1832.

iv. LUCRETIA, b. Oct. 5, 18.34; m. John Killey of Tampico, Ind.

V. Melinda. b. Apr. 15. 1.S36 ; d. in infancy.

vi. Serena Angeline, b. Aug. 2, 1839 ; m. Joseph Demores of Lone Tree Station,

728a. vii. Newton Crawford, b. Mar. 29, 1842.

viii. Phebe Ann, b. Aug. 23, 1844; m. Feb. 14, 18G4, William Dudley Bell and

resides in Kingman, Kan.

By second marrUujc:

729. ix. David Freeman, b. July 1. 1847.

X. JlARY Adeline, b. Jan. 23, 1849; m.. 1st. Dec. 11, 1870, John Miller; m.. 2d,
June 11. 1880, John Christian Gissman and resides in Brownstown, Ind.

xi. Eliza Emeline. b. Feb. 29, 1850; ra. Aug. 11, 1872, Theodore Orr and resides
in Crothersville, Ind.

xii. Nancy JIelvina, b. Sept. 23, 1851 ; m. Dec. 24, 1885, Michael Waskom and
resides in Brownstown.

xiii. Henry Leonidas, b. May 29, 18.54 ; d. Sept. 20, 1873.

730. xiv. Erastus Linset, b. Oct. 12. 1856.

731. XV. Charles Wesley, b. Aug. 17, 1860.

301a. Wn.LTAM Lamptox TROWBRronE (Jonafhan-"'', David^^^, David^'^*,
Joseph'^"^, William'^"'', Thomas'^), born March 25, 1795, in Mount Sterling, Ky. ;

died May 24, 1858, in Wayne township, Marion county, Ind. ; married ,

1818, in Lexington, Ky., Elizabeth Welch, daughter of Benjamin and Betsy

(Ellis) Welch, born , 1796, in Le.xington; died March 18, 1865, in

Wayne township.

* A sister of the second wife of his nephew No. 710.

t i-vii born in Salem, Ind. ; viii in Sidney, Ind. ; the others in Jaclison county. Ind.


William L. Trowbridge was successively a captain on a river steamboat, a
plantation overseer, a school-teacher, a farmer, and a carpenter. He settled after
his marriage in Owen county. Ivy., three miles south of Owenton. About 1854
he removed with his family to Indianapolis, going the following year to Wayne
township, Marion county, and settling on a farm on the Crawfordsville road five
miles northwest of Indianapolis, where he lived the remainder of his life. He
was killed in a storm that swept over that locality. He was a man of excellent
habits and had a great knowledge of the Bible, on which he loved to talk and
from which ho read more than from any other book. He had been reading aloud
from the Bible to his family a few hours before his death.

cnrLriREX bobn in owen couxty, ky. :

731a. i. Benjamin Ellis, b. , 1S19.

ii. Nancy, b. , 1821 : in. Thomas West of Pope countv. Mo.

iii. Eliza Ann, b. , 1823; m. William Bibb.

iv. Thomas, b. . 182-5 : d. June 23, 1832.

V. Elizabeth, b. , 1827 : d. in infancy.

731b. vi. Joseph F., b. Oct. 29, 1829.

vii. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 25, 1831; m. William Henry Smith and re.sides in West
Line, Mo.*

viii. Martha Lori.SA, b. , 183- ; m. Jan. 27, 18.57, Aaron Patten of Dade

county, Mo.

ix. William Virgil, b. , 183- : d. in White county. Ind. : was a physician ;

m., 1st, about 1857, Emeline Dickerson, who d. .Tune 28, 1S76, in Pana, 111. ;

m., 2d, .*

X. America B., b. , 183- ; m. Daniel D. Slvder and resides in Indianapolis,

731c. xi. James Henry, b. Jan. 15, 1841.
731d, xii. John William, b. Oct. 21, 1844.

xiii. Sallie Jan^e, b. . 184- ; m. Best and resides in Indianapolis.*

xiv. i'OLLY A., b. Mar. 1, 1850 ; m. Mar. 1, 1874, Solomon Curry and resides in

392. Joseph Trowbridge (Jonaihan-"', David^^^, David"*, Joseph'^'"^,
ITiV/tam"", Thomas^), bom October 31, 1805, in Clark county, Ky. ; died March
15, 1868, in Palmyra, Ind. ; married February 2. 1832, in Byrneville, Ind., Julia

Online LibraryFrancis Bacon TrowbridgeThe Trowbridge genealogy. History of the Trowbridge family in America (Volume 3) → online text (page 38 of 115)