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gent, out of lands in Whitechurch. To my wife £100 a year for life in "lieu of her
dower. To Faith my daughter £100 for her marriage portion, also £100 for same purpose
to my daughter Johan. To Judith my daughter, wife of John Trowbridge the younger,
£100, she giving up her claim to lands called Gooslegau. To each of my godchildren,
Johan Ellesdon, Mary Bragge, John Rley, William Roze, John Fowler, and John Marten,
son of John Marten, 40s. To each of my servants saving John Arthur 20s apiece.
Residuary legatee and executor : son Richard. Overseers : Anthony KUesdon. gent. ;
my brother in law, John Roze the younger, merchant, my kin.sman, ' John Trowbridge,
my son in law. Witnesses : Anthony Carbery, Anthony Ellesdon, Geo. Wood."
[Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Skynner, 104.]

Will of John Trowbeidge, the Younger, of Taunton.*

"Will of John Trowbridge the younger of Tawnton, county Somerset, Woollen Draper,
20 December 1030: [proved 20 January 10.30-1]. To Judeth my wife all my plate and
linnen and household stuff on condition she convey to my father John Trowbridge the
house I now dwell in. To my sister Faith Roasse 20s. for a ring. To the poor of Tawn-
ton and St. James £5. To Sarah Ilill of Bridgwater the sum of . . . To my ('osen
Henry Hurley I say £.5.t To Rice Fitchett and .... or to my overseers to
discharge them out of trouble for good things £10 if they be sued in the high Commission
Court. To the procuring of a good preacher to be Mr. Vickar after Mr. Clarke his
decease. Residuary Legatee and E.xecutor, Father John Trowbridge. Overseer, My
cosen William Hill of Bridgwater and Mr. Henry Evan of Tawnton. Witnesses,
Anto: Erbery, Jno Atkins." [Prerogative Court of Canterbury. St. John, 2.]

November 10, 1031. "Bill of Complaint of .John Trobridge of Taunton, county Somer-
set, gent That whereas about 3 years ago a marriage was had between .John Trowbridge
the younger your orators eldestt sonue and Judith Rose, daughter of Fayth Rose of
Lyme Regis, county Dorset, widow at which time your orator did bestow so much
landes to his sou to the sum of £1500 and the said Fayth Rose did lend to him £100
and took his bond which later out of good will she forgave him thinking to deliver
up the bond. And there being great dealings between the said John Trowbridge,
junior, and Richard Rose of Lyme Regis, brother of said Judith for divers wares,
goodcs, and merchandizes and during this tyme said John Trowbridge did send divers
parcells of woUen cloth to said Rose to sell he being a draper. And whereas about
december last said John Trowbridge fell sick and made his will devising to his wife
Judith all his household stuff, plate, etc as well worth £1300 and ordained your said
orator to be his executor and shortly died without issue and your orator took upon him
execution of will, and being in greate griefe and heviness for the death of his said sonne,
the rather that he would not geve vnto the said Judith his wife, cause of discomfort, did
not make serches or enquiry for any writings, specialities or money of said testator but
suffered said Judith his wife to take cway all moneys, writings, Chestes and Cupboardes
besides the plate soe given unto her as aforesaid, not thinking she would deal unjustly
with him During the time of testators sickness, Judith his wife, said Richard Rose,
Faith Rose, daughter of said Faith Rose, widow, Edward Webber of Taunton, Antliony
Elesdon, George Bragge and Edward Williams were daily and howerly with the testator,
etc yet never mentioned any money due then from testator untill 3 or 4 dayes after the
funerall when said Richard Rose made claim for the aforesaid £100, which orator
would pay if Faith his widow would on oath claim same, which she refuses to do.
Your orator can only prove the gift by such witnesses as are soe ould and impotent that
they cannot travell vnto any place farre distant from their owne dwelling." etc. ".\nswers
of Richard Rose, Anthony Ellesdon, Faith Rose, widow Faith Rose her daughter, and
Judith Trobridge. widow, defendants. Faith Rose, widow denies she forg.ave the debt.
Judith Trobridge denies taking away anything." [Chancery Proceedings, Charles I.
T 31, no. 11.]

* Son of Mayor .John Trowbridge and brother of Thomas Trowbridge, the primilive settler
in America.

t The preceding five words are scratched out.

t The use here of the word "eldest" must have been an error of the lawyer who drew the
complaint and who proliably did not know o£ the absent son Thomas, who was at that time
living in Exeter.


February 8, 1637. "Bill of Complaint of John Trowbridge of Taunton, Somerset, woolen-
draper that his son intermarrying with Judith Rose, daughter of .John Rose of Lyme
Regis, county Dorset, gent, deceased, shortly after marriage one Richard Rose brother
of said Judith persuaded your orator's son to adventure commodities etc beyond the
seas and with Faith Rose widow promised to lend him £100 apeeee gratis, the said
Richard having occasions beyond the seas would act as his factor" [Long faded piece.
The defendants seek recovery of the £100 bonds. Sets forth certain properties.] "Answers
of Robert Henley Esquier and Faith Rose, widow, two of the defendants. Faith Rose
sayth at the marriage the complainant did yeild up his trade, shopp and wares to his
Sonne and that about the month of July 1028 she did lend complainants son £100 and
denies she ever forgave him it. Robert Henley saith he heard it to be true that the
complainant was to pay to Richard Roze £20 if Robert Henley this defendant's father
and himself thought it fit for law costs. Robert Henley, brother in law to Richard
Roze. Answer of Richard Roze, defendant." [Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, T 35,

"The Joynt & severall further answers of Richard Roze & ffaith Roze Defts to the Bill
of Compit of John Trowbridge Complt.

All advantages of excepcon &c saved. Deft Richard saith that he cannot express the
pcell of Wollen cloth Kersies or waxo sent by John Trowbridge the younger to Deft to be
transported beyond the seas nor what other dealings were had between Deft & the said
John Trowbridge the younger & Judith his wife for that he kept noe books of accompt
nor made any profitt thereby nor direct the said Trowbridge to send any goods to him
but only in courtesie & as a friend Deft dwelling at Lyme Regis in Co Dorset a Haven
towne. True that Deft did send divers goods beyond the seas to Jacob Androwes factor to
the sd Trowbridge who hath made accompt to said Trowbridge or ought so to do being
his factor. Conceiveth tl«it it doth not concerne this Deft at all that he took no accompt
as he only saw to the goods being shipped at desire of said Trowbridge without any
profitt to Deft. Further denies tliat Complt or the said .John Trowbridge the younger
did cause any person or persons to pay the said £100 mentioned to be lent to the .sd
John Trowbridge the younger or to Complt by deft or the said ffaith Roze or that Deft
or the said ffaith did allow or abate any part thereof. Further that Deft ffaith Roze
did never say that she would give the said £100 lent by her to Complt or any part
thereof to the said John Trowbridge or the said Judith his wife or ever promised to
deliver up the said Bill for payment of the said hundred pounds & denieth that Complt
hath ever compounded for the same nor was the said Bill in the hands of the said
John Trowbridge the younger or Judith his wife at the time of the death of the said
John the younger & the Deft ffaith Roze denyeth any promise to give the said £100 or
deliuer up the said Bill unpaid untill the .«ame had been compounded & makes Similar
answer with regard to other matters. Sworn at Lyme Regis Co Dorset 5 Oct. 1638."
Goods were to go to St llullens (after called St Mallowes) in France. [Chancery
Proceedings, Charles I, B & A, T 33, 16.]

"Will of Agnes Moggeridge of Taunton, county Somerset, Spinster, wife of Robert
Moggeridge of Taunton aforesaid. Clothier, 23 February 16.32-3 ; [proved 14 November
1637]. By vertue of certain articles indented bearing date 19 April 1632 made between
the said Robert Jloggeridge of the one parte, John Trowbridge of Taunton aforesaid,
woollen Draper, Roger Hill of the same gent, and Ja-sper Chaplyn of the same, clothier, of
the othr parte to make my will as follows. To be buried in St. .Mary Magdalene in Taun-
ton, to which church I give 20s. To the poor of said Magdalene, Taunton "208. To Robert
Moggeridge a ring of 40s. To John Trowbridge my father a ring of 20s. To Alice
Trowbridge my mother in lawe a ring of 20s. To each of my brothers and sisters a
ring of 20s. each. If my son John Wither dye before his messuage shall be delivered to
him by Robert Moggeridge. my husband that is during minority, then the said me.ssuage
which came to me by the will of Charles Wither my late husband, then the said messuage
to Tacie Trowbridge my sister, and her heires, if she be dead to John Trowbridge my
father and his right heirs. All the rest of my land I leave in the same way. The rest
of my goods to Tacie Trowbridge my sister and executrix. Overseers and Guardians to
my son. John Trowbridge. Roger Hill, and Jasper Chaplyn. Witnesses : John Porter,
Henry Hourly, Gregory Southwood." [Prerogative Court of Canterbury. Goare. 130.]

February 2, 1G34. "Complaint of Robert Moggeridge of Taunton, county Somerset,
clothier, That whereas one Charles Wither of Taunton, mercer, now deceased about 50
years ago did borrow of one .John Lane then living in this same towne £50 for one year
and became bound with one Jasper Chaplyn, gent, as his surety to one bond of £100, but
paid interest in lieu of repayment for two years, etc. Nov. 17 Charles said Wither made
his will making Agnes, his then wife, his sole executrix, and shortly after died, etc.,
and in about six months your orator took said Agnes to wife. Said Agnes died about
May last and your orator having laid out over £700 of his owne estate, hoping to get
divers debts, etc., payable to said Charles Wither due upon bouds, bills and Shopp


bookes, and hoped to enjoy by his said intermarriage divers wares, goods, hoiiseholdstuffe
plate, Jewells, etc. Tacy Trowbridge another daughter and said John Trowbridge do
pretend that said Withers left a will giving them all debts, goodes. wares, and other
persona! estate unadministered by the said Agnes and made one of them executor, etc."
Answer of John and Tacy Trowbridge, two defendants, who offered the coutents of Agnes
Moggridge's will as evidence. [Chancery I^roceedings, Charles I, JM, 82/177.]

February 21 [?], 1635-G. "Bill of Complaint of Tacy Trowbridge of Taunlon, couniy
Somerset, daughter of John Trowbridge of Taunton, WooUendraper, that three years
since your oratrix sister, Agnes, relict of Charles Wyther, deceased, was possessed of
goods and certain debts owing to her by dyuers persons and of dyuers sorts of wares and
household stuffe etc, etc. to value of £2700, and then being a young woman about 2l> one
Robert Moggridge of Taunton, clothier, then well stricken in years about march last
three years past was suter to said Agnes in way of marriage, "and that said marriage
should take place and agreed between said Robert Jloggeridge and said Agnes and friends,
that said Robert in case said Agnes should survive said Robert, and he the said Robert
should pay to John Trowbridge, father of said Agnes, Roger Hill, and Jasper Chaplin
her friends for her use f 1000 in one year after decease of said Robert if shee said Agnes
survive, and that shee during her life should take the rents, etc., of all messuages, etc.,
of her said late husband Charles Wyther, and said lands, goods, etc, to be at her disp'osalli
and this agreement put into writing about A)irill S Charles, between Robert Moggeridge
of one part, John Trowbridge, Roger Hill of Taunton, gent, and Jasper Chaplin of
Taunton, Clothier, friends trusted on behalf of said Agnes, etc. etc., and said Moggeridge
also became bound in £3000 to performe said covenant, and said marriage was solemn-
ised, after said marriage said Agnes sold certeyne wares of her said late husband and
received certen Rents, etc., and gave same to said Rol«;rt in trust etc., etc., and to benefit
your oratrix her sister about February 1G32-:J made her will and made your oratrix
Executrix and Residuary Legatee. Said Robert denies said will and agreement, refuses
any books of accompt, has sold stocke, etc. With answer of Robert Moggeridge,
Defendant." [Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B. & A., T 38, 28.]

February 6, 1640. "Bill of Complaint of John Trowbridge of Taunton county Somerset,
woolen draper for 40 years used said trade & bought goods of wholesale merchantii in
London, Bristoll & elsewhere & had many dealings with Thomas Woodward of Bristoll
woollendraper about 2 yrs. July last bought goods to value of f4G-19-8 & gave bond
for 90£ for payment of same on 25 Jan'y next following, sd. Woodward promissing to
take noe penalty if whole some not payd preciseday &c.

Yor orator payd in Feby next after by hands of Hugh Yoo of Bristoll £40 part of sd.
some & hath since tendered residue wc'' sd. Woodward refuses & ent'red suite in full
penall some notwithstanding part payd," etc. Bill only. [Chancery Proceedings,
Charles I, B & A, T 27, 7.]

February G, 1640. "Bill of Complaint'of John Trowbridge of Taunton in the County of
Somerset Woollendrap That using his trade of a wolleudraper from Childhood in" the
said towne of Taunton he had sundry dealings with divers persons in particular with
Edward Bysse of Croscombe in the said County clothier for severall parcells of Woollen
cloth & about twoe yeares since in respect of his age and other infirmities desirous of
leaving off the said trade your orator & the said B3'sse came to an accompt touching such
monies as were due & after accompt made it was found there remayned due to the said
Bysse £54 & it was then agreed that in respect of the indifferent quality and overrating
of some clothes the said Bysse should abate £3 of the said £54. & your orator then paid
the said the some of £40 parcel! of the remaynder & gave a Bill for payment of
£11 residue at a date now past. Further the said Bysse being then Constable of the
Hundred in which he dwelt and Sir William Portman Bar* (then living near your
orator and far away from the dwelling house of the said Byssel being High Shreife of
the said County the said Bysse having to pay to the said Sir William Portman divers
somes of money levied in the said County for shipmoney in respect of his office of
Constable about a month before the said Bill became payable desired your orator to pay
the said Sir William Portman £7 in respect of the sd Shipmoney parcell of the said
Residue of £11. Which said £7 was due by the said Bysse to the said Sir William Port-
man as aforesaid which your orator agreed to do & accordingly by writing acquainted the
sd Sir William Portman of the same, who thereupon gave an acquittance to the said
Bysse of the said some of £7. and your orator after paid the said some of £7 to the said
Sir William Portman as agreed. Now when the said Bill became due the said Bysse
refused your orator to accept £4 balance of the said £11 or to acknowledge the .said pay-
ment of £7 albeat your orator proffered the same at the date when payable & hath put
the said Bill in suite against your orator in the Kings Bench and threatens to recover
the whole some of £11" etc. Bill only. [Chancery Proceedings. Charles I, B & A,
T 25, 54.]



The following entries appear in the Taunton Castle Manor Eecords, Staple-
grove Eental Book :

fo. 15




of Will
ixj' iiij'' w""
was sold

the Fine
vppon the mess
yeardland is



John Trnbbidg holdeth one measseage and
half yeard of Bondland in the Tithinge
aforesaid Called Bowbarton late John Colle
the Rent vij' x'' o'' q for workes ij' o""
for woodwaie ij'' o'' for Hogdaies weight
iiij'' for earthsilver j^ the whole x' vj'' o'' q

Hee shasll paie pannage and worke one daie
in euerie yeere vpon the Lord Bankes yf need
bee he shalbe allowed allowed by the Biddle
for his worke j'' at the yeers end hee shall
bee receiuer Reeue and Tithingman and paie
iij' outlode but being Tithingman is to
be allowed his owne outlode for Collecting
the Rest

X* vj»'' q.

[many to pay as "John Trubbidg"]

fo. 15
A" xvij Eliz F/ iiij''
being the First time

Thomas Trubbidg holdetL Ae Pasture of
a lane at greene waie buttt the Rent


fo. 20

ese iij exchang
acre latte

Thomas Trubbidg holdeth iij acres of o"land
at greenewaies Butte in the Tithing aforesd
late John Hutchens the Bent



F/ xxxix"

ij acres called
the Tithing

one and v acres
forth in the —
Pirland W"
d to Robert
° ix Ja: vnder


viij" soe remaines
e rest the T/ of
' devision

The same Thomas holdeth one messeage and
one five Ac Tenuement of Bondland in the
tithing aforesaid late John Hutchins the Rent
xvij"' workes ij' x"* o"* for Hogdaies weight
iiij'' the whole some is iiij* vij'' o''

For meadsilver to the Eeeue of Hull — j"*
Hee shall pay pannage and o"" q outlode & doe
all other sutes & seruices as he the said Thomas
doth for the other five Ac tennement

iiij" vij'' ob


fo. 30

A" xxij Eliz F/ x»
A" iij S. G F/ X'
Mr. Poyle


Thomas Trubbridg holdeth v Acres of
Claud Called Goodens lands late John
Hutshchens the Rent

fo. 20

A° xxij Eliz F/ vj' viij''

A" primo S. G vj' viij''

Mr Poyle

Mr Bourne

A" xxij Eliz F/ xx' iiij''


The same Thomas holdeth one messeag
and one AC & half of Bondland in the
Tithing aforesaid late Hutchins the Rent

Item for woi'kes iij'' the whole some
The same Thomas holdeth one messeag
and one five Ac Tennement of Bondland


• Obridge was a hamlet in the parish of Taunton-St. James and lay about one mile east of
the church. Here was an ancient mill, held vmder the castle of Taunton at the rent of



A» XX S G F/ XX' iijj'
Mr. Bourn

in the Titliing aforesaid late John

Hutuliins tlie Rent ij' xj'' for workes

ij" x"! o'' for Houglidaies weight iiij'' whole

for meadsilver to the Reene of Hull j^

He shall pay pannage & shalbe Tithing vj* j'' ob

man & biddell he shall worUe one daie in

eu'y yeere as aforesaid and pay o'' q ontlode

but being Tithingman is to be allowed his oun ontlode

fo. 21

A" xxvij Eliz F/ij" vj"'
A" xviij Eliz F/ ij« vj'*
Mr. Povle
Mr B

fo. -31
A» XXXV Eliz F/ xiij» iiij''
A» xvij Eliz F/ xiij' iiij''

Mr Poyle

fo. 21

A" XXX Eliz F/ xij" iiij''
xxiij F/xij" iiijJ
Mr Poyle

fo. 30

The F/ of this iij acre
IS charged w"' a five
acre tennement in the
Tithing of Obridge

fo 34

A" xxxj Eliz F/ xviij* ij-i
A" xxviij Eliz F/ xvij ij '
Edward Ponde
Samuel Poyell

A» ix Ja: Rege F/ xj» viij''
Roger Hnish
Laurence Chislate

fo. 38
A" XX Eliz F/xiij' iiij'

Mr Anthill

fo 39

A" xx» Eliz F/iiij» iiij''

Mr Anthill

A" xxxv" Eliz F/ X" vj''
anno ix Ja: the ij five
acre teunements w'l"
ij Cottages in this
tithing is now all vnder
the Fine of xliiij" x''
Mr Anthill


Thomas Trubbridg holdeth iij Acres of o»Iand
in Longforth against Rylande in the Tithing
aforesaid late Robert Merrick the Rent

Thomas Trubbridg holdeth vij Acres and half
of on' land Called Rylande and v Acres of o"
Land in the Mores Called Rylande in the
Tithing aforesaid late Roger Smyth Rent



John Trubbridg holdeth iij Acres of o"land
in Longforth late Thomas Trubbridg his
father and sometime Edwai-d Knight Rent


Thomas Trubbridg holdeth iij Acres of o»land
in Whitmore in the tithing aforesaid late John
Hutchens the Rent

William Pounberi


John Trubbridg holdeth iiij Acres of o''land
in Langfoith in the Tithing aforesaid Called
Waterle late John Austens the Rent

Robt Huish holdeth v Acres of eland in
Longforth in the Tithing aforesaid late
John Trubbridg the Rent


John Trubliridg holdeth one Cottage w"'
a courtledge Containing iij Deanes of Bond
land in the Tithing aforesaid late Henry
Merricke the rent


Thomas Trubbridge holdeth one Cottage next
to Satchels Cottage in the Tithing aforesaid
sometime Walter Browne the Rent

Thomas Trubbridge holdeth one message and v
Ac tennemeuts of Bondlaud in the Tithing
aforesaid sometime Elizabeth Tubbell rent


xij vf




iiij" viiij''


VJ. VJ''

* Staplegrove was a tithing in the parish of the same name.

t Pyrland was a liamlot in the parish of Taunton-St. James and lay about two miles north-
east of the church.

X Mill-Lane was a hamlet in the parish of Taunton-St. James.


"The Trowbridges named in the foregoing extracts were Mayor John, his
father, the merchant Thomas, seemingly described as deceased, and his son
Thomas, the primitive settler in America. The record appears to be made some-
where between 1620 and 1640, probably after Thomas Trowbridge had returned
from New England or be is referred to without any notice of his being absent.
It was all written at one period excepting the odd names at the bottom of the
entries which are seemingly the tenants at some later period. The dates in the
margin merely refer to the amount of the fines at some former period for the
guidance of the manorial officials."*

The following is of importance as proving the descent of Thomas Trowbridge
through land ownership.


"Granted for relief of the Northern Army at Westminster 3 November 1640.

Hundred of Whitley.

West Moncliton.

Thomas Trubbridge in bonis iiij"

xxis iiijd" [16 Charles I, 172/394.]

The point is reached where it is projier to present a copy of the most important
document found by Mr. Withington in his researches in England, naiaiiy the will
of John Trowbridge, former mayor of Taunton. The following letter from Mr.
Withington, in which he describes the finding of the proof of the parentage of
Thomas Trowbridge, the primitive settler in America, shows the value of this
remarkable discover}- from a genealogical standpoint and serves as the best
introduction to the will.

London, IS July, 1908.
Dear Jlr. Trowbridge,

I cabled you last evening : "Victory. Withington."'

The reason for this was the discovery at the last minute at Taunton two or three
hours before of the enclosed abstract of all now legible in a rotten and faded paper at
Taunton which is all now left of the much desired will of John Trowbridge the elder,
unidentified by the officials and of course not in the Calendar. This is the greatest coup
ever made in this English work on American origins, beating in dramatic completeness
and overcoming of obstacles work at Somerset House with the magnificent engraved
parchment books of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury. After all these years your
theory is triumphant. The mention of tlat precious second wife Alice settles the whole
question of the missing name of the testator, of which the "aper" (all left of "woollen
draper") is nearly evidence enough, knowing as we do all the Trowbridges in Taunton at
that time, Thomas and his son John.

Three of us have had most unseasonable weather, at Wells, Taunton and Exeter; but
we so organised our work as to give every possible chance of immediate result. At Wells
we went through every existing transcript of the over five hundred parishes of Somerset,
largely repulsive, rotten and faded fragments, to find if possible the marriage of John and
the baptism of Thomas. At Exeter we not only used the diocesan and probate registries
for the available points, but also the old registries of St. Petrock and St. Kerian, to some
purpose. Our main attack was however at Taunton where things seemed absolutely
hopeless after the partial failure of the hopeless muddle in the Castle and the exhaustion
of every likely name of the probate registry. We saw there was nothing for it but to go
through the files for a hundred years .and look at every Taunton will and also any odd-
ments. Hence our triumph. We could only do this, however, with exceptional friendly
official relations at Taunton, and doing at a moderate estimate three months' work for one
or one month's work for three in less than a week. My two colleagues were Messrs.

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