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served several tcnns there as township trustee. He was very fond of reading
and was a well-informed man, and, although not a member of any church, he
was held in good esteem in the community where he lived.


755. i. Charles Herbert, b. Jlay 11, 185.3, in Litchfield, I'oiiu.

ii. Lillian Emily, b. Nov. 12, 18G1, in Toledo. Iowa ; m. Oct. 2, 1890, Henry
Duma.s Cory and resides in Columbia township (Tama P. O.), Iowa.

410. George Henry Trowbridge {Henry P.-^^, Thoinas^*^, William'^'^,
WiUiam^'>'^, Thomas'"-. William'-"'', Thomas'), born August 4, 1843, in Litchfield,
Conn. ; died April 18, 1896, in Litclrfield ; married October 13, 1868, in Washing-
ton, Conn., Ellen Gillette, daughter of Henry Stebens and Laura Ann (Baldwin)
Gillette, born January 15, 1845, in Brookfield, C^nn. She resides in Litchfield.

George H. Trowbridge passed his boyhood and young manhood in his native
town, and assisted his father in his hide and leather business. In the spring of
1S64 he went to New Haven, Conn., where he took a position as a clerk in the
grocery store of Charles H. Oaks, being later advanced to be bookkeeper for that
concern. Early in 1866 he returned to Litchfield, and accepted the position of
clerk and bookkeeper in the First National Banlv. He was later advanced to be
teller in the bank, and also became secretary and treasurer of the Litchfield
Savings Society. He filled these positions until the fall of 1875, when he
resigned and formed a partnership with Ahnon E. Fuller in the furniture busi-
ness, under the firm name of Fuller & Trowbridge. This business was success-
fully carried on until May, 1890, when he sold his interest in it to Mr. Fuller and
resumed his former ixisitions in the bank and savings society, which he held until
his death.

Mr. Trowbridge was a member of the First Congregational Church in Litch-
field, and was treasurer of the First Ecclesiastical Society for a number of years.
In 1885 he bought his father's homestead from the heirs of his uncle Stephen
Trowbridge and, after putting in some modem conveniences, resided there until
1892, when he sold it as a site for the Litchfield Chib. Mr. Trowbridge was
highly esteemed by liis business associates and by his fellow townspeople. The
Eev. John Hutchins, the officiating clergyman at the funeral services held over
Mr. Trowbridge's remains, in the course of his remarks, said : "I can add nothing
to the high estimation in which our deceased brother was held, save the presence
of this large concourse of friends to pay the last tribute to his memory, for his
record is with you."

children born in LITCHFIELD, CONN. :

756. i. Edward Gillette, b. Feb. 26, 1870.

ii. Clara Ellen, b. Dec. 4,* 1871 ; d. .Tune 28. 1895, in Litchfield : unm.
iii. Otis Henry, b. Oct. 31, 1874 ; d. Dec. 5, 1874.

411. Thomas TRowBRrocE (Henry P.-'^. Thomas'*^. William"K William""^,
Thomas'"'-. }yiUiam"">, Thomas'), born January 17, 1857, in Litchfield, Conn.;
dietl March 28, 1900, in North Grafton, Mass.; married August 31, ISSO, in
Paxton, Mass., Ellen Maria Kilboum, daughter of Lewis Sherwood and Martha
Ann (Kingsbury) Kilbourn, bom January 2, 1862, in Litchfield; died April 5,
1900, in North Grafton.

Thomas Trowbridge was a painter and paper hanger by trade and was in
that business in Watertown, Conn., and North Grafton, Mass.

• By family record (correct) : 5 by town record.



i. Ruby Maria, b. Sept. 18, 1881 ; m. Aug. 7, 1907, George M. Fox aud resides

in Watertown.
ii. Gertrude Ruth, b. Aug. 9, 1885; m. Mar. 14, 1906, Robert Taft Hall and

resides in Worcester, Mass.
iii. Edna May, b. May 8, 1887.

iv. Henry Lewis, b. July 11), 1890; is in business in Upton, Mass.; unm.
V. Julia Elizabeth, b. July 12, 189G.

412. WiLLiAit Hall Trowbridge {Stephen P. - '-. WiZ^iam"", William^'^^,
William^o^ Tlwmas^"-, William^'''', Thomas'"), born February 12, 1862, in Eut-
land, Vt. ; resides in Springfield, Mass. ; married July 2, 1889, in Griffin's Mills,
N. Y., Daisy Jane Finney Horsford, daughter of Myron Hinsdale and Sarah
Ann (Stearns) Horsford, born February 9, 1864, in East Charlotte, Vt.

William H. Trowbridge attended the public schools in his native place until
the age of twelve years, when, his health not being good, he spent two years on
the farm of his maternal uncle, Horatio N. Chase, in Rutland, Vt. He then
entered the Waterbury Seminary at Waterbury, Vt.. where he took a three-year
college preparatory course, and later was graduated from the Minard Commercial
School at Waterbury. That year he secured tJie position of assistant postmaster
at Waterbury, under Justin W. Moody, in which he continued until 1884, when
they both resigned, owing to the election of Grover Cleveland to the presidency.
He then returned to Rutland to take care of his mother, who was living alone
there at the time. He engaged in the grocery business and continued in it for
about ten years, when, finding his health becoming impaired by close confinement,
he removed to Charlotte, Vt. After a rest, he formed a partnership with O. T.
Briggs, under the firm name of Briggs & Trowbridge, dealers in bicycles and
electrical supplies in Waterbury. He remained there until December 7, 1904,
when he removed to Springfield, Mass., and became secretary of the Young
Men's Christian Association, which position he still holds.

Mr. Trowbridge became a member of the Congregational church in Rutland,
Vt., when ten years of age and has always taken active part in church work. He
was an active member of the Y. M. C. A. in Rutland, being chairman of the
Christian work committee for a long time, and was pianist for the association for
a number of years. He became a member by letter in the Congregational
churches in the other towns in which he has resided. '

children :

i. Elizabeth Horsford, b. Aug. 28, 1893, in Rutland, Vt.
ii. Pauline, b. Apr. 15, 1897, in East Charlotte. Vt.

413. Amazl\h Lucas Trowbridge {Morgan J. - \ Joseph E.^", William'"'"^,
William'^'"', Thomas'"'^, William^'"', Thomas'^), born April 12, 1847, in Cazenovia,
N. Y. ; resides in Cazenovia; married June -30, 1874, in Chittenango, N. Y.,
Frances Metealf, daughter of John and Asenath (Richards) Metcalf, born April
15. 1840, in Chittenango ; died May 4, 1875, in Chittenango.

A. Lucas Trowbridge is a prosperous farmer in his native town, Cazenovia,
N. Y.

child born in chittenango, n. y. :

i. Benjamin Lucas, b. May 3, 1875 ; d. May 7, 1875.

414. Marcus Henry TROWBRrocE (James'-*, Justus'^*'^, William"^, William'^''^,
Thomas'^''-, William^'"', Thomas^), born March 29, 1827. in New Haven, Conn.;
died January 28. 1891, in Catskill. K Y.; married May 7. 1854, in Catskill,
Harriet Gunn, daughter of Medad Hunt and Anne (Decker) Gunn, born August
27, 1831, in Lawrenceville, Pa. ; died February 21, 1907, in Catskill.

• Except i, who was born in Boylston, Mass.

cM '^ Qo.iU^'-^-'^*-^'^^


Marcus H. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his father to Catskill, N. Y.
After leaving school he learned the printing trade with John R. Sylvester in the
Recorder office, afterwards working for Joseph Joesbury in the Democrat office.
In 1845, when only eighteen years of age, with Ward Gunn, who later became
his brother-in-law, he bought the Catskill Messenger, the local organ of the Whig
party. The name of the paper was changed to the Greene County Whig in 1849,
and finally, in 1857, to the Catskill Examiner. The paper has been Republican
in politics ever since the birth of that party. The partnership of Trowbridge &
Guim ceased on January 1, 1864, from which time the business was continued by
Mr. Trowbridge alone. At the times of these various changes the paper was
enlarged and improved in its different departments as the increasing business
warranted. Beginning before he had attained his majority, he was a publisher
for over forty-five years and died literally in tlie harness. lie was frequently
solicited to accept public office, but always declined, preferring to devote his
whole time to the editing of his paper.

"Loyal to his party, he was not offensively aggressive. Preferring peace with
all men, and submissive to discourtesies which most men would resent, when
pressed to return an assault his pen cut to the blood line. Xo one deplored more
than he these occasions, and no one welcomed more than he the advent of
impersonal journalism, bringing in broader views of men and politics. With
him, friendship was more than friendliness — it was devotion. Only his most
intimate friends knew and felt the strength of this trait. It was not paraded as
a rare quality, but was shown in the every-day uses of life. And doubtless it
was largely due to this feature of his character, that many of those who had at
one time and another been estranged by the animosities of partisan warfare
became his steadfast friends.

''In one point especially his editorial work deserves notice and emulation. His
columns were kept clean. Good taste and good principle ruled there, to a degree
seldom seen in this fast and flippant age; no doubtful jests or floating bits of
scandal were admitted. He paid great attention to the literary tone of his
selections, and a piece of good verse was a treasure-trove to him. He took great
interest in literature, and liked nothing so well as a talk upon literary topics.
The refinement of his mind was notable. To some extent, these pages have
always reflected the purity and honesty of their owner's character; but only those
who have known him well in private relations are aware how fully his life bore
out this favorable witness. His mind seemed to be of a natural cleaimess that
was impervious to low temptations; he simply did not know or iinderstand them,
and had no occasion for 'overcoming' in that respect. In every personal relation
he was admirable ; his integTity was blameless, his kindness untiring, and his
forbearance was sometimes even too great; it was so hard to find fault, that no
^^•ord of complaint would come unless with the sudden rush of a long-pent


i. Adelaide, b. Mar. 7. 1855 ; m. June 2. 1875, Rev. Algernon Sidney Crapsey

and resides in Rochester, N. T.
ii. Arthur Hu^'T, b. Oct. 24, 18.58 ; d. Aug. 3. 1SS.3. in Catskill ; unm.

415. HoBART Trowbridge (Charles—'. Justus^*^. William^''^, William'"''',
Thomas^o^ William^"''. Thomas^), born September 1, 1837, in Catskill, N. Y.;
died November 9, 1869, in Hudson, N. Y. ; married April 5, 1867, in Hudson,
Katherine Van Wagenen Miller, daughter of Cornelius and Mary (Van
Wagenen) Miller, bom August 13, 1849, in Hudson. She married, second. June
15, 1881, in Hudson, Charles Field Livennore of Chicago, 111., where she died
March 8, 1902.

* From the Catskill Exmniner.


Hobart Trowbridge held clerical positions in a store in Catskill and in the
commission business in Albany, N. Y. A short time before his death he had
established himself in the general grocery trade in Hudson, N. Y.


757. i. CoRNEUUS MxLLER, b. Jan. 21, 1809.

416. CuARLEs Tkowbiudge {Charles - ^, Justus^**, Wi7ZMm^'=, WUliam^'"'-,
Thomas^"-, WiUuim^"", Thumas^), born September 24. 1840, in Catskill. N. Y. ;
resides in Catskill; married November 19, 1873, in Coventryville, N. Y., Mary
Joesbury, daughter of Joseph and Eliza (West) Joesbury, born March 17, 1853,
in Birmingham, England.

Charles Trowbridge resides in his native place, Catskill, N. Y. He learned
the watchmalving trade when a young man, but never followed it. He was for a
short time established in the grocery trade in Catskill, but retired and entered
the employ of his father in the chandlery business, and on tlie death of his father
became his successor in that business.


i. Frank West, b. Sept. 20, 1874 ; i.s a proprietor of a drug store in New York
City ; unm.

417. PiiiLO Malloky Trowbridge {Edmund - ~, John^*^, SamueP^', James^"",
James^"^, William'^'"', Thomas'^), bom August 4, 1810, in Eoxbury, Conn.; died
January 11, 1875, in Woodbury, Conn. ; married September 18, 1837, in Norfolk,
Conn., Sarah Earl Aiken, daughter of lycmuel and Sally (Thompson) Aiken,
born December 11. 1S18, in Norfolk; died March 18, 1895, in Norfolk.

Philo M. Trowbridge was brought up on his fatlier's farm in Roxbury, Conn.,
and settled there after his marriage. He removed to Woodbury, Conn., in 1849,
and became one of its most prominent and useful citizens, and held many offices
of trust in the town. He served on the board of education in Woodbury and was
school director for many years. At the age of eighteen he joined the Congrega-
tional church in Roxbury, then vmder the pastoral care of an uncle, Rev. Fosdic
Harrison. After his removal to Woodbury he united by letter with the First
Congregational Church, of which for the last nine years of his life he was tlie
senior acting deacon. He was active in every good enterprise, visiting the sick
and the poor, advising with those in trouble, and endeavoring to heal all
differences among the brethren. He was singularly modest and unobtrusive in
all his ways, and, thoroughly understanding the varied phases of human nature,
he was able to speak the acceptable word at the right time, carrying conviction of
the right to the most reluctant mind. He was tireless in his efforts to do good.
He was an ardent lover of music, and for many years gave instruction in singing
schools and was the leader of church choirs and musical societies, having amid
his other duties found time to perfect himself in the theory and practice of music.
As a teacher, visitor and superintendent in district and Sunday schools he was
largely useful in his influence for good. As an antiquary, he greatly aided the
authors in the histories of Woodbury and Waterbury, Conn., particularly in tJie
genealogical portions. He was admitted a member of the New England Historic
Genealogical Society April 16, 1853. He made researches among families of his
branch of the Trowbridges, descended from his grandfather, for "The Trow-
bridge Family," published in 1872.


418. Charles Samuel Trowbridge (Edmund - '', John^*^, SamueP'^'', James^"^,
James^"^, WiUiam'^'"', Thomas''), born May 4, 1812, in Roxbury, Conn.; died
October 7, 1886, in Auburn, N. Y. ; married, first. July 30, 1834, in Woodbury,

* ^ IS&L*



, yU . y-^^^^^-^^'^T^


Conn., Annjennette Hurlburt, daughter of John and Laura (Pond) Ilurlburt,
born February 3. 1S12. in Woodbury: died October 15, 1835, iu Woodbury.
He married, second, September 5, 1836, in Auhurn, Julia Ann Mills, daug-hter
of Dea. David and Ajina Eose (Leonard) Mills, born August 11, 1814, in
Parsippany, N. J. ; died February 13, 1895, in Auburn.

Charles S. Trowbridge was brought up on his father's farm in Koxbury. Conn.
He lived there and in the adjoining town of Woodbury until 1830. He tlien
removed to Auburn, X. Y.. where he resided the remainder of his life, except for
a few years' residence in Tecumseh, Mich. He was engaged in mercantile busi-
ness, and made an excellent record both as a business man and citizen.

By second marriage:^
i. Helen Mills, b. Jan. 27, 1840; m. Apr. 5, 1882, John Ilurlbut Allen and
resides in Auburn. N. Y.

758. ii. Charles Augustus, b. Jan. 30, 1843.

iii. .TULI.A. Frances, b. Oct. 24. 1844 ; <\. Apr. 28. 1898, in Auburn : unm.

759. iv. David Henhy, b. Aug. 29, 1851.

419. John Trowbridge (John^-'^, John^^^, SamueV^', James^"'^, J anies^"''' ,
^YiUiam'^'"', Thomas^), bom December 25, 1819, in Roxbury, Conn.; died April
7, 1897, in Atlanta, Ga. ; married, first, December 3, 1846, in Orange, Conn.,
Louisa Julia Treat, daughter of David and Hannah (Woodruil) Treat, born

, 1825, in Orange; J died March 25,§ 1868, in Bethlehem. Conn. He

married, second, September 21, 1869, in Bethlehem, Emily (Peck) Peck, widow
of Sanford Peck of Stamford, Conn., and daughter of George Whitfield and
Hannah (Lockwood) Peck, bom July 29, 1826, in Sharon, Conn. ; died October
31, 1907, in Watertown, Conn.

John Trowbridge in company with his brother William conducted for several
years an iron foundry in Eoxbury, Conn., his native town, the business having
been carried on successfully by their father until his death. In 1873 he removed
to Atlanta, Ga., and with his son established the J. & H. Trowbridge Furniture
Co., which was afterwards incori5orate<l as the Trowbridge Furniture Co., with
himself as president and his son as manager. He held this olfice until 1893,
when he retired from business.

By first marriagc:\\

760. i. Henry Tre.\t. b. Mar. 8, 1852.

420. WiLLL\M E.** Trowbridge (John - ^, Johti^*", Samuel^^'. James'^''^.
James^"^, William'^'"', Thomas^), bom January 28, 1830, in Eoxbury, Conn.; died
September 30, 1906, in Waterbury, Conn. ; married January 18, 1857, in Roxbury,
Nancy Maria Meramble, daughter of Bronson and Eunice (Elderkin) Meramble,
born April 14, 1836, in Roxbury; died April 3, 1888. in Waterbury.

William E. Trowbridge spent his early days on a farm in Eoxbury, Conn., and
later, in company with his elder brother Jolui, conducted an iron foundry there
until 1867. For the following eight years he continued to reside in his native
town, heing engaged in the cariientry business. In 1875 he removed to Water-
bury, Conn., and entered the employ of the Holmes, Booth & Haydens Company,

• Except iv, who was born in Auburn. N. Y.
t No children by first marriage.
X North Milford section.
§ By family record ; 24 by town record.
11 No children by second marriage.
*• Initial only.


with which he remained until ISSO. He then entered the employ of the Seoville
Manufacturing Company, with which firm he remained for a period of over
twenty years, retiring from active business a few years prior to his death. He
was a member of the First Methodist Episcopal Church in Waterbury.


i. Cabkie Eliza, b. Sept. 21, ISoS; m. Oct. 24, 1884, Charles Sherman Chapman
and resides in Waterbury, Conn.

421. Charles Edwix Trowbbidge (Charles S. - ", John}*^, SamueP^', James^"^,
James'-''^, William^'''', Thomas^), bom May S, IS.'^S, in Eoxbury, Conn.; resides
in Woodbury (Hotchkissville P. O.), Conn.; married January 11, 1S71, iu
Eoxbury, Sarah Moulthrop Weller, daughter of Elisha Andrews and Maria
(Peck) Weller, bom November 1, 1840, in Eoxbury.

Charles E. Trowbridge received his education in the district and select schools
of his native town. At an early age he began to assist his father in the cattle
business. In 1872, the year following his marriage, he bought the William
Lambert farm of 200 acres, situated in Hotchkissville in the town of
Woodbury, Conn., and proceeded to make various improvements, both upon the
land and the buildings. He engaged extensively in the cattle business. At first
he bought native stock from the farmers, collecting them, in droves: later, how-
ever, he went to Buffalo, N. Y., where he purchased grazing cattle by the carload
and shipi)ed them to his farm. He is one of the largest and most successful
farmers and cattle dealers of lus section of the state, keeping a large number of
head on hand. He is also engaged to some extent in tobacco raising, and is a
dealer in that product with success. He is an able and industrious business man,
and his prosperity is a result of steady perseverance and upright methods. He
is well esteemed in his community and has been elected to several local offices.


i. AucE Elizabeth, b. Nov. 4, 1872 : d. June 29, 1891, in Woodbury ; unm.
ii. GEBTBroE Isabel, b. July G. 1875 ; ra. June 6, 1907, Harry G. Northrop and

resides in New Milford. Conn,
iii. Faxxt SIaria, b. Oct. 23, 1877.

422. Ai3ERT Job Trowbridge (Charles S.^-^, Johri^*^, Samuel^^', James^"^,
James^"^, William^'"', Thomas^), bom August 14, 1843, in Eoxbury, Conn.; died
January 14, 1889, in Eoxbury; married June 2, 1874, in Eoxbury. Sarah
Elizabeth GarUck, daughter of Edmund E. and Elizabeth A. (Hawley) Garlick,
bom Xovember 4, 1850, in Eoxbury. She resides in Eoxbury.

Albert J. Trowbridge received his education in the district schools. He passed
his youth upon his father's farm, where he acquired familiarity with agricultural
operations. WTien a young man he bought the Burritt place, a farm of 104 acres,
situat€d upon the flats bordering the Shepaug river in Eoxbuiy, Conn., his native
place, and added to it later by the purchase of some adjoining woodland. He
improved the land to a high state of fertility, enlarged and remodeled the resi-
dence and other buildings, thereby greatly increasing the value of the farm.
He engaged in tobacco raising and dairying, raising a large quantity of the
foiTner product and keeping a herd of fifteen cows, the milk of which he shipped
to New York. He was one of the leading farmers of Eoxbury, ambitious, pro-
gressive, and successful. His life was brought to a close at a time when he was
most useful to himself, his family, and his fellowmen.

* Except i, who was bom in Roxbnry, Conn.


Mr. Trowbridge was a Democrat in politics. He always took an active interest
in local questions and at the time of his death was rendering valuable sen'ice to
the town as a member of the board of selectmen. In his religious views he was
a Congregationalist and had been an attendant at the church of that denomina-
tion for several years. He was a well-known and highly esteemed resident of


i. Henry William, b. Apr. 5, 1876.
ii. Charles Albert, b. Apr. 20, 1878.
iii. Clarence Edmund, b. .Tune 13, 1882.

423. Sylvester Trowbridge (Samuel-^", James"^", Samuel"'', James""*,
Jumes^"", William'""', Thomas''), born August 17, 1815, in Ossining, N. Y. ; died
May 21, 1851, in Albany, N. Y. ; married November 21, 1836, in Bethlehem,
N. Y., Sai-ali Angelica* Haswell.f daughter of .Jolm and Margaret (Burhans)
Haswell, bom June 24, 1815, in Bethlehem ; died February 1.3, 1897, in San
Francisco, Cal.

Sylvester Trowbridge settled in Albany, N. Y., where he was in business as a
shoe dealer.


i. Sarah Burhans, b. Dec. 11, 1837 ; d. Julv 1, 1843.

761. ii. James, b. Aug. 21, 1839.

iii. Anna May. b. May 8, 1841 ; d. July 23, 1842.

iv. Margaret Eveline, b. July 29, 1844 ; d. Feb. 9, 1858.

V. Barent Staats. b. May 8, 1846 ; d. July 22, 1846.

424. .John Harris Trowbridge (Samuel-'-">, James''^", Samuel'''', James'"^,
James'"''', William^'"','-), born November 21, 1822, in Ossining, N. Y. ;
died May 17, 1886, in Albany, N. Y.; married August 14, 1850, in Albany.
Catharine Louise Wilkinson, daughter of Jacob and Lydia (Judson) Wilkinson,
born December 26, 1822, in Albany; died May 16, 1906, in Jersey City, N. J.

Jolm FT. Trowbridge entered the United States navy in 1846, during the
Mexican War. On June 6 of that year he sailed from New York on the warship
Dale for the Pacific, and was 173 days at sea before arriving at San Francisco.
Tliey stopped at Eio Janeiro, Valparaiso, Callao and Mazatlan. On the way
around Cape Horn they ran into a gale of snow and wind on August 23; the
weather became very cold, their decks were covered with ice, and many of the
ofEcers and men were badly frozen. He participated in tlie battle on shore at
•ilulege and had a very shaip fight for about two hours. The ilexicans, being
taken by surprise, lost quite a number killed and many were wounded. Ho
resigned from the navy at San Francisco late in 1848. He decided to remain
there and engage in business, and became a general merchant, investing largely in
real estate in both San Francisco and Sacramento. At the time of the big fire
in Sacramento he lost everything he had there, the insurance companies taking
no risks there at that time. He returned East, secured more goods and capital,
and returned to California almost immediately. Fortune again came to his
aid, and he acquired wealth very rapidly. In 185.") he conc]ude<l to return East
to remain, as he had at that time about $75,000. He made four trips to Cali-
fornia, two around the Cape and two by the Isthmus. On settling in Albany, he
went into the wholesale provision business and remained in it until 1864, when he
retired to enter into the flour, grain and feed trade, in which he was very
successful. He was g. man universally respected for his many excellent qualities.

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