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• By "Burhans Genealogy" ; Aucjiista by the lafe widow of No. 424.

t A sister of the husband of No. 2-'^.n, i.

t Except i, who was horn in Bethlehem. N. Y.



762. i. John Plume, b. May 24, 1852.

ii. Kate AVilkinson, b. June 1, 18,^5: m. Oct. I'.l, 1881. William Barrett Per-
kins and re.sitles in New York Cit.v.

iii. Gkace Lyma, b. Aug. 8, 1857; m. July 7, 1886, Calvin R. Cheever, Esq., and
resides in Jersey City, N. J.

763. iv. Henry Wilkin.son. b. Sept. 6, 1859.

V. Isabella, b. Dec. 24, 1861 ; m. Jan. 14, 1880, William Craaston Rose and

resides in Albany,
vi. Frank Randall, b. Jan. 2.5, 1864 ; was a clerk in mercantile business in

Jersey City, where he d. Feb. 3, 100.5 ; unra.
vii. George Mowe, b. Feb. 23, 1806 ; is in business in Newark, N. J. ; unm.

425. Benjamin Haight Trowbridge {Stephen-^-, Samuel^^^. SamueV-'^'' ,
James^"'*. Jaines'"'^, William'^'"', Thomas'^), bom November 6, 1816, in Salem,

N. Y. ; died February 28, 1852, in Buffalo, N. Y. ; married , 1847, in

Buffalo, Caroline Hawley, daughter of Myron and Susan (Mitchell) Ilawley.

Benjamin H. Trowbridge settled in Buffalo, N. Y., where he was engaged in
mercantile business up to tJie time of his death.


426. John Jay Trowbridge (Stephen-"', SamueP^'^, Samuel^'^'' , James^"',
James'"''. William'""'. Thomas'"), born October 1, 1822, in Salem, N. Y.; died
April 11, 1901, in Monticello, N. Y. ; married February 5, 1863, in Woodbourne,
N. Y., Abigail Gray, daughter of Henry Carpenter and Elizabeth (Daulson)
Gray, born December 27, 1834, in Greenfield, N. Y. She resides in Monticello.

John .J. Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his father to Monticello, N. Y.,
and lived there the remainder of his life. His home was situated about three
miles from Monticello on Lake Kiamesha. He there in time established Trow-
bridge Farm, the oldest summer resort and hotel on the lake. The hotel was
conducted by Mr. Trowbridge until his death, when his eldest son took the

children born IN MONTICELLO, N. Y. :

i. William Jay', b. Apr. 27, 1864 ; conducted Trowbridge Farm, a well-known
summer hotel on Lake Kiamesha, from the time his father died until May,
1907, when the property was sold to New York parties. He is now engaged
in farming in Monticello ; unm.

ii. Ada, b. Nov. 25, 1866; m. May 14, 1902, John Tatlock Heath and resides in

764. iii. Stephen, b. May 20, 1869.

iv. Carrie Minerva, b. Sept. 12, 1876.

427. Dr. Lsaac Lewis Trowbridge (James H.'-'^. Samuel'"-'^, Samnel^'^''.
James'""^. James''>\ William''''". Thom,as'). bom February 6, 1820, in Bedford,
N. Y. ; died August 19, 1882, in Hammonton, N. J. ; married November 1, 1849,
in New York City, Caroline Eviphemia Baldwin, daughter of David and Susan
(De Klyn) Baldwin, born July 10, 1828, in New York City. She resides in

Isaac L. Trowbridge studied medicine, and practiced his profession in his
native town and in Hammonton, N. J.

children born in BEDFORD, N. Y. :*

i. Leila Baldwin, b. Aug. 25, 18.50; m. Oct. 16. 1878, William Colwell of

Hammonton, N. J. (See No. v. 1
ii. Louis Pauldino. b. Aug. 17, 1852 ; d. Feb. 8, 1870, in Tom's River, N. J.

* Except V, who was born in Tarrytown, N. Y.


iii. Henuy Moktimer, | twins, resides in Hammonton ; iiniii.

iv. HuBEitT Oani'IELD, \ b. Apr. 24, 185(>; d. Aug. 13, ISSO.

V. Caroline Euphemia, b. Oct. 21, 1862; m. Feb. 24, 1892, William (_'nhvi.|| nnd
reside.s in Hammonton.

428. James TIarvey Trowbridoe (James H.-^^, SamueP^^, Samuel^", James^"^,
Janies^"^, William''«'>. Thomas'), born April 3. 1822, in Bedford, N. Y. ; died
September 21, 1895, in Manliiis, X. Y. ; married July 13, 1848, in Vernon, N. Y.,
Caroline Amanda Butler, dau^bter of Rev. Charles Frederic and Amanda
(Kuudle) Butler, bom July 10, 1820, in South Salem, N. Y.; died March 27,
1897, in Fayetteville, N. Y.

James II. Trowbridge settled in his native town and lived there until five
years before his death. He united with the Bedford Presbyterian church in 1837,
before he was sixteen years of age. For more tlian forty years he was leader of
the choir and for many years was clerk of the society. He was ordained an
elder in 1875, and he discharged the duties of that oiBce for fifteen years with
faithfulness and fidelity. He was a man of deep religious convictions and led
a most consistent life. His character in public and in private life was most


i. James Frederic, b. May l.""!, 1S49 ; d. Aug. 6, 1804.

ii. Elizabeth Amanda, b. July 31, 18.51; d. Sept. 20, 1851.

iii. Charles Butler, b. Sept. 18, 1853 ; d. Oct. G, 1854.

iv. Arthur Butler, b. July 10, 1856; d. Aug. 28, 1856.

429. Hexry Trowbridge (Henry-'^*. Samuel'^'. SamueP", James^"'^, James^'^^.
WiUmm''>'', Thomas^), bom December 9, 1829, in New York City; resides in
Astoria, N. Y. ; married March 14, 1854, in Astoria, Anna Evelina Blackwell,
daughter of Robert Moore and Eliza Willing (Paynter) Blackwell, bom March
24, 1830, in Astoria; died April 26, 1902, in Astoria.

Henry Trowbridge attended Flushing Institute in Flushing, N. Y. After
leaving school he became a clerk in his father's business, Henry Trowbridge & Co.,
dry goods dealers, in New York City. He remained in the employ of the firm
until it was dissolved sometime after the death of his father. A few years later
he took the agency of the Cheoseborough estate, a position which his father had
also held for many years. He has continued to hold that position ever since, and
is in the real estate and insurance business in New York Cit.y. Ho resides in the
old Blackwell mansion, Astoria, Long Island.


i. ItOBERT Blackwell, b. July 20, 18.55; d. Sept. 20, 1898, in Astoria; unm.

ii. Henry, b. May 10, 1857; d. .Tan. 30, 1892, in Astoria; unm.

iii. Frederick Clark, b. Nov. 14, 18.59; is in the real estate and insurance busi- in Long Island City and resides in Astoria ; unm.
iv. Eliza Blackwell. b. June 30, 1863; m. Oct. 3, 1902, Pliny Freeman and

resides in Astoria. '

V. Adeu:. b. July 9, 1865 ; m. May 18. 1887, Henry Irving Harris and resides in

vi. Alice, b. Apr. 19, 1870; d. Feb. 28, 187(i.

430. Willlvm Staples TRowBRmtiE (Henr]/'"*. Samuel'^'. Samuel'^'. Jamcs^"^,
Jdwrx'"'-', William'""', lliomas'). born November 8, 1834, in New York City;
died December 8, 1896, in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; married June 29, 1871, in Astoria,
N. Y., Caroline Augusta Harris, daughter of Rev. Dr. Robert William and Caro-
line Augusta (Marshall) Harris, born March 25, 1847, in White Plains, N. Y.;
died February 11, 1875. in Astoria.


William S. Trowbridge attended Flushing Institute in Flushing, N. Y., and
then took a clerkship with Winston & Seaman, merchants, in New York City,
where he remained only a few years. He then became entry clerk with
Iladden & Co., importers of matting, and held this position for over twenty-five
years. He then entered tlie employ of Browning, King & Co., clothiers, con-
tinuing with them until his death. His residence was at the home of his mother
nearly all his life, first in New York City and later in Astoria, Long Island,
and during his last years in Brooklyn, N. Y.


i. Ruth, b. Feb. 1, 1875 ; ra. Feb. 24, 1807, Saurin Durell Lounsbery and resides
in Plaiufield, N. J.

481. Miner Tbowbridge (Henry-''*, Samueiy^'^, Samuel^^'', James""*, J ames^"'^ ,
William'^'>'>, Thomas^), born September 12, 1840, in New York City; resides in
Brooklyn, N. Y. ; married October 23, 1863, in New York City, Charlotte Fox
Tiffany, daughter of Francis Alphonso and Mary Lydia (Fox) Tiffany, bom
September 1, 1843, in Fox Corners, West Fanns, N. Y.

Miner Trowbridge attended Trinity School, Variek street, New York City,
for one year and was then sent to Flushing Institute, Flushing, N. Y., where he
remained until he entered Columbia College in 1858. He became a member of the
Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity. Through the death of his father he was obliged to
go to work for a living, and left Columbia in 1860, at the end of his sophomore
year, and took a clerkship with the old-established finn of Williams & Guion of
the Black Star line of Liverpool packets. He remained with them until
December 10, 1861, on which date he received an apiiointment as master's mate
on board the U. S. S. Monticello. He started for the front December 11, 1861,
and joined his vessel at Fortress Monroe. He was stationed off Cai>e Fear on the
blockading squadron, and generally harbored on the north side of the Cape at
New Inlet, where his vessel was watching and surveying during tlie building of
the famous Confederate bomb-proof, afterwards called Fort Fisher. He per-
sonally figured up at that time most of the triangulation surveys then made and
that were used later in the war in the capture of this fort. When the Monticello
came north to New York in December, 1862, he resigned on December 12, having
sei-ved just one year and one day. He then took a clerkship with the banking
firm of De Launay, Iselin & Clarke on Wall street. Some years afterward he
returned to the Guion line oiSce, where he remained until his retirement from
active business life. His home is in Brooklyn, N. Y. He has assisted the
compiler by furnishing much data of his branch of the family.


Clarence Mortimer, b. Sept. 11, 1804.

Guion, b. Dec. 30, 1867.

Vaughan. b. Dec. 3, 1869; was educated at Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute;
in banking, 1889 : clerk with the Susquehanna railroad, 1889-07 ; then
left business life to study art in Paris, where he at present has a studio.
He is unmarried.

Mary Ethel, b. Nov. 10, 1870; d. .July 17. 1892. in Mt. Washington. Mass.

CiiAKLOTTE Fox, b. Nov. 23, 1872 ; d. .Tan. 24, 1876.

Miner, b. Oct. 25, 1873 : d. Nov. 23, 1873.

Ella, b. Nov. 30, 1879 ; d. Dec. 1. 1879.

Chester March, b. Feb. 15, 1881; d. Sept. 16, 1881.
ix. CON.STANCE, b. Oct. 12, 1883.

432. Samuel Raymond Trowbridge (Samuel R.'^^, Samuel"^. Snmnel'^^',
Jarnes'^"^, James'^"''. Wi7lta?ri"", Thotyias'^), born January 6, 1863, in Brooklyn,
N. Y. ; resides in New York City; married July 26, 1897, in Jersey City, N. J.,

• l-vi born in Astoria, N. T. ; vii in Quogue, N. Y. ; ix in Brooltlyn, N. Y.










tf - <^>5fc<5«_ c^v^^?*'-^^;^


Clara May Wentworth, daughter of Charles and Jennie (Malcolm) Wentworth,
born May 31, 1874, in Brooklyn.

Samuel K. Trowbridge makes his home in New York City. His summer
residence is in AUerton, Mass.


433. George Eliiiu TnowBiiroGE (Cyrus'-*", Fliilemon^' - , Joseph^^'^, Isaac^"",
James^"^, William^'"', Thomas'-), bom January 19, 1815, in Lowville, N. Y. ; died
September — , 1860, in Denver, Colo. ; married, first, April 23, 1840, in Lockport,
N. Y., Lydia B. Kichards, daughter of Charles? Richards, born July 5, 1820, in

Lockport?; died March 3, 1843, in Lockport. He married, second, ,

1843, in St. Louis, Mo., Sarah Annette McCartin, daughter of Thomas and
Ju<Hth (Smith) McCartin. She resides in St. Louis.

George E. Trowbridge was engaged in tlie jewelry and watch business in Lock-
port, N. Y., and later in St. Louis, Mo. Li 1865 he went to San Francisco, Cal.,
and a few years before his dea-th he had located in business in Denver, Colo.

Bi/ first marriage:
i. Charles Richard.?, b. Sept. 1, 1841, in Buffalo, N. Y. ; d. Sept. 21, 1841.

By second marriage:
ii. Eleanor, b. May 4, 1854, iu St. Louis, Mo. ; d. .Tan. 12, 1855.

484. ELrau Trowbridge {Philemon-*'^, Philemon^^-, Joseph'^'"*, Isaac'"^,
Jumes^'>'\ WilUam^oo, Thomas^), bom June 20, 1820, in Clinton, JST. Y.; died
June 10, 1890, in Mexico, N. Y. ; married, first, December 25, 1844, in Marshall,
N". Y., Mary Louise Moore, daughter of Amos and Betsey (Atherton) Moore,

bom , 1822, in Marshall; died January 9, 1848, in Marshall. He

married, second, September 25, 1848, in Marshall, Lydia Ann Moore, a sister of

his first wife, bom , 1825, in Marshall; died September 9, 1859, in

Marshall. He married, tliird, October 20, 18G0, in New Haven. N. Y., Lydia
Ann (Nichols) Lee, widow of Ira Lee of Fulton, N. Y., and daughter of Charles
and Betsey (Moore) Nichols, bom July 21, 1826, in New Haven. She resides in
Mexico, N. Y.

Elihu Trowbridge learned and followed the mason's trade in early life. He
inherited the Moore homestead in Marshall. Oneida county, N. Y., and gave up
his trade and engaged in farming. He lived there until after his third marriage,
when he sold his fann and went to live in ]!kIexico, Oswego county, N. Y.

Mr. Trowbridge was a man of strict integrity, and his genial, social nature
made him a universal favorite with all who knew him. He was a member of
the Baptist church in Waterville, N. Y., while he lived in Marshall, but joined
the Presbyterian church after his removal to Mexico. He was a trustee of the
Presbyterian church and of the academy in Mexico, and was an oiRcer of the
Oswego County Agricultural Society.

By second marriage:*
i. Mart Louise, b. May 5. 1850; m. .Tune 18, 1878, Rev. John II. Sammis aud
resides in St. Paul. Minn.
766. ii. ED^vlN Moore, b. Feb. 23, 18.">4.

ill. Lydia Ann, b. July 25, 1858 ; m. Mar. 19. 1S79, Menzo Herbert JIanwarren
of Mexico, N. Y.

435. Eli Bautlett Trowbridge {Philemon"", PhUemon}^-. Joseph"^, Isaac''-'"',
James'"^, WiUiani""', Thomas''), born September 6, 1823, iu Clinton, N. Y. ; died
December 30, 1892, in Clinton; married October — , 1846, in Williamsburg,

• No children by first or third marriages.


Mass.,* Hannah Maria Taylor, daughter of Ariel and Hannah Maria (Bartlett)
Taylor, born July 22, 181S, in Granby, Mass. ; died May 1, 1898, in Clinton.

Eli B. Trowbridge inherited his father's farm in the village of Clinton in the
town of Kirkland, N. Y. Soon after his marriage he was aiflicted with total
blindness, from which he never recovered, and the entire management of the
farm devolved upon his wife until her sons were old enough to take charge.


767. i. William Taylor, b. .Tan. 18, 1849.
7GS. ii. Charles Francis, b. May 14, 1853.

436. George Edwards Trowbridge (Philemoii-*^, PhilemorO-^'^, Joseph^'^^,
Isaac^"", James'^"^, WilUavi'^'"', Thomas'^), born June 14, 1834, in Clinton, K". T.;
died June 6, 1903, in Clinton; married September 19, 1860, in Clinton, Abbie
Celestia Green, daughter of George and Waity (Pahner) Green, born October
24, 1834, in Middlefield, N. Y. She resides in Clinton.

George E. Trowbridge was engaged in fanning in his native town, Kirkland,
N. Y., until 1891, when he sold his farm and moved to Clinton village, where he
resided until his death.

NO children.

437. John Jasper Trowbridge (Jasper-^^, Isaac'^^*, Isaac'^''-^, Isaac'^"^, James'-''^,
W iUiam'^^"' , Thomas^), bom Juno 4. 1848, in Auburn, N. Y. ; resides in East
Orange, N. J.; married December 20, 1870, in Auburn, Emma Eussell Jennings,
daughter of Daniel and Harriet (James) Jennings, born March 15, 1850, in
New Bedford, Mass.

John J. Trowbridge for about tliirty years was a merchant in fine art and
wall paper, in the firm of Trowbridge & Jennings, in Auburn, N. Y. During this
period he served the city four years as commissioner of charities and police, being
elected twice for terms of two years. He has been a lifelong Kepublican, and in
recognition of his services to his party he received the appointment as deputy
United States revenue collector. He also served in several different offices of
the Young Men's Christian Association and the Eirst Methodist Episcopal
Church at Auburn, of which he was a member. He is at present traveling for
the Gledhill Wall Paper Company of New York City. His home is in East
Orange, N. J.


i. Grace, b. Feb. 10, 1872 ; is a school-teacher in East Orange, N. J., where she

resides witli her parents ; unm.
ii. Charles Jasper, b. June 27, 187.5 ; is a commercial traveler and resides in

East Orange : imm.
iii. EitMA Jennings, b. May 20, 1879; resides with her parents; unm.

438. James Henry Trowbridge (Jasper-*-, Isaac^'^*', Isaac^'^", Isaac'*"^,
James'^''^, William'^'"', Thomas^), born March 15, 1850, in Auburn, N. Y. ; resides
in East Orange, N. J.; married June 10, 1871, in Auburn, Helen Elizabeth
Wight, daughter of George and Almeda (Huglies) Wight, born April 14, 1852,
in Geneva, N. Y. ; died February 3, 1892, in Chicago, HI.

James H. Trowbridge was engaged for many years in the real estate business
in Auburn, N. Y. He is now retired from business and makes his home with his
brother in East Orange, N. J.


i. Caroline Almeda. b. July 21. 1872; m. June 15. 1896, Rev. Newman Hall
Burdick and resides in Omaha, Neb.

* The exact date is not in the town records,
t Except 1, who was born in Chicago, 111.


ii. Helen Elizabeth, b. Jan. 9. 1875; m. June 15, 1S9G, Henry Kuby Bidgood,
M.D., late of Chihuahua, Mexico, and resides in Chicago Heights, 111.

iii. Fanny, b. Feb. 1, 1876; d. Oct. 4, 1881.

iv. Edna, b. Oct. 20, 1882 ; m. Apr. 30, 1002, Richard John Ryerson and resides
in Chicago Heights.

439. Aloxzo Victor Trowbridge (David-", Levi^'^^, IsraeP^", Isaac^"",
James^"^, William^'"', Thomas'^), born June 7, 1816, in Amesville, Ohio; died
April 27, 1885, in La Grange, Iowa; married June 18, 1848, in Swan Creek,
Ohio, Ann Eliza Trowbridge (No. 245, vi), daughter of Jacob and Mary
(Boomer) Trowbridge, bom Ma.y 11, 1827, in Washington county, Ohio. She
married, second, November 22, 1886, in Chariton, Iowa, Peter Youtsey of Eussell,
Iowa, and died July 2, 1900, in Weldon, Iowa.*

Alonzo Y. Trowbridge came with his father to Swan Creek, Gallia county,
Ohio, and settled on a farm tliere after his marriage. In 1852 he removed to
Monroe county, Iowa, and early in 1853 to La Grange, Lucas county, Iowa,
where he was engaged in farming until 1864. From then until 1884 he was in
the drug and gTocery business in La Grange village. In 1884 he moved back to
his farm again, and was living there at the time of his death. He served twelve
years as postmaster of La Grange.

child born in SWAN" CREEK, OHIO :

i. Mart Abigail, b. Mar. 20, 1849 ; d. Sept. 1 1, 1853.

440. Cyrenus Chauncey Trowbridge {David-", Levi^^^, Israel^-", Isaac'^"^,
James'"^^, WilUam'^''<^, Tho7nas'^), bom Febniary 26, 1820, in Amesville, Ohio;
died March 10, 1894, in Iconium, Iowa; married June 25, 1857, in Dayton,t Ky.,
Calpurnia Caesar Wood, daughter of Jesse Mattocks and Ledotia (Foster) Wood,
bom August 26, 1820, in Gallipolis, Ohio; died February 13, 1899, in Iconium.

Cyrenus C. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his father to Swan Creek, Gallia
county, Ohio, and lived tliere until a few years after his marriage. He then
settled in Iconium, Iowa, where he was engaged in farming the rest of his life.


i. Catharine America, b. Nov. 18, 1858; m. Mar. 20, 1879, Edward Payson

Miller and resides in Tyrone, Iowa,
ii. Ledotia Ann. b. Mar. 7, 1861; m. Alar. 15. 1885, Edward Jay Turner and

resides in Albia, Iowa,
iii. Francis Marion, b. Sept. 21, 1863; was a farmer; d. Aug. 16, 1888, in

Iconium ; unm.

441. Francis M.ieion TROWBRmoE (David-", Levi^^^, Israel^-", 7saac"*,'^o^, WilUam^'>°. Thomas'^}, bom September IS, 1827, in Amesville, Ohio;
resides in Merrimack. Fla. ; married September 13, 1855. in Halfway Prairie,
Iowa, Mary Jane Kells, daughter of Eobert Marshall and Lavina (Bay) Kells,
born July 27, 1837, in Guernsey countj', Ohio.

Francis M. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his father to Swan Creek, Ohio.
He studied law in Cincinnati, Ohio, and then settled on a farm near La Grange,
Iowa, where he was engaged in farming and also practiced his profession.
During the Civil War he enlisted for three years from Lucas county July 30,
1S61, in Company B. 2d Iowa Cavalry. He was with his regiment when it made
the Farmington charge while advancing on Corinth and was with Sheridan at

* While visiting friends.

tThen Brooklyn.

{ Except i. who was born in Swan Creek, Ohio.


the battle of Kieiizi. He was discharged from service October 3, 1864. He
became a member of the Methodist Episcopal church in La Grange. A few
years ago he removed to Merrimack, Fla., his present residence.


442. Eoi-LiN Mallory TEOWBRrocE (David-*^, Levi^'-^, Israel^-", Isaac^"^,
Jumes^"'-', WilUam'^'"', Tlionms^), born July 5, 1829, in Amesville, Ohio; died
July 27, 1901, in Dayton, Ore.; married April 27. 1861, in Albia, Iowa, Nancy
Elinor Swift, daughter of Myron and Kachel (Anderson) Swift, born August 27,
1844, in Milan, Ind. ; died April 5, 1878, in Dayton.

Eollin M. Trowbridge remained on his father's farm in Swan Creek, Gallia
county, Ohio, until he was twenty-two years of age. He studied law in Cin-
cinnati, Ohio, and settled in La Grange, Iowa, where he was engaged in teaching
sfhool until his removal to Oregon in 1873. Lie engaged in farming in Dayton.
He was there elected county supervisor and justice of the peace. He held the
latter office until he considered himself too old to attend to its duties, when he
resigned; and it is said that no decision of his was ever reversed by the higher
courts. His death was the result of injuries received from the overturning of a
mail coach, driven by an inexjierienced driver, while crossing the Coast Range,
July 4. 1901, twenty miles east of Tillamook, near the line of Yam Hill county.


7('>9. i. David Francis, b. Mar. 12, 1862.

ii. Altaiiira Ernestine, b. Feb. 11. 1804 ; m. Oct. 15, 1890, Almond Fletcher
and resides in Lafayette, Ore.
770. iii. Myron Cteenus, b. Feb. 20, 1807.

iv. Laura Adaline, b. June 24, 1870; m. Sept. IG, 1885, August Anderson and

resides in San Francisco, Cal.
V. Ida JIat, b. Jan. 4, 1874.

443. Da\id Strong Trowbridge (Davld-^^, Levi^'^, IsraeP-", Isaac'^'"',
James'-"'-', William'-'"', Thomas'^), bom June 23, 1835, in Aniesville, Ohio; died
July 4, 1901, in Tillamook county,! Ore. ; married November 12, 1868, in
Columbus, Ohio, Margaret Elizabetli Shruni, daughter of William Sullivan and
Margaret McLean (Flenniken) Shrum. born May 9, 1846, in Columbus. She
resides in Pacific Grove, Cal.

David S. Trowbridge was reared on his father's farm in Gallia county, Ohio,
lie attended an academy at Albia, Iowa, in the year 1855, and then pursued the
course at Mt. Pleasant LTniversily, Iowa. He was then engaged in teaching
until the outbreak of the Civil War. Lie enlisted for three years July 27, 1861,
and was appointed first sergeant of Company G, 4th West Virginia Infantry.
He was with the Fifteenth Army Corps at Vicksburg and marched with Sherman
through Tennessee to Chattanooga. He was three days in the battle of Resaca
and four days in the battle of Dallas, and was in many other similar engagements.
He was discharged August 24, 1864.

After returning home to Swan Creek, Ohio, where he was engaged in mercan-
tile business, he was elected to the offie« of township clerk, in which he served
several years. Lie was then elected townsliip treasurer for several successive
years, and also at the same time held the office of postmaster there. In 1879 he
was appointed first deputy sherifE of Gallia county, in which office he served
four years. He was elected covraty treasurer for two terms and at the same
time was elected to the office of treasurer of tlie city of Gallipolis, Ohio, for

* Except V. who was born in Dayton. Ore.

t He was killrd hy the overturning of a stage coacli in wliicli lie was traveling.


two terms. In October, 1888, he went to California and settled at Fowler,
Fresno county, where he bought a ranch and engaged in fruit growing. Samples
of his dried fruits were exhibited at the Paris Exliibition in 1900 and were in
the list of those that drew gold medals. He resided there until shortly before
his death. He was killed while driving with his brother Eollin in a mail
coach in Tillamook coimty. Ore.

Mr. Trowbridge joined the Masonic fraternity in the early '70s and was master
of Morning Dawn Lodge, No. 7, of Gallipolis, Ohio, at the time of his removal
to California. He was never a member of any church, but while living in
Gallipolis was appointed and served as vestryman and treasurer of the Episcopal

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