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man) Wynn, born November 3, 1831, in Sunbury. She resides in Philadel-
phia, Pa.

Edward R. Trowbridge was in the railroad contracting business, in which he
was actively and constantly employed for a number of years. During the Civil
War he was residing in Sunbury, Pa., and was engaged in railroad building. He
left home on May 15, 1864, to attend to his contract, and was last heard of on
June 10 ; and is supposed to have been killed during one of the Confederate raids
into the territory where he was filling his railroad contract.


i. William Burr, b. Deo. 12. 185G, in Port Trewrton, Pa. ; d. June 2. 18C2, in

Danbuvy, Coun.
ii. Edward Clarence, b. Aug. 14, 1859, in Georgetown, Pa. ; was a graduate of

the Sunbury, Pa., high school and was a railroad engineer; d. Nov. 17, 1893,

in Sunbury ; unm.


4C5. Henry I.* Tuowbridge (Thomas £."•', ]iIatUiew^'^\ "= ?,

Duniel^^", James^"^, Williain^°'', Tliomas^), born April 5, 1830, in Weston, Conn.;
died October 6, 1878, in Weston; married June 10, 1855, in Weston, Abigail
(Merwin) Sturges, widow of Edniund Ogden Sturges of Weston and daughter of
Thomas and Elizabetli Wakeman (Fantou) Merwin, born September 21, 1825,
in Weston. She resides in Westport, Conn.

Henry I. Trowbridge made his home in his native place, Weston, Conn. He
was a soldier in the Civil War, enlisting February 20, 1862, in Company K, 5th
Connecticut Inftuitry. He was promoted corijoral July 25, 1802. He was cap-
tured August 9, 1802, at tlie battle of Cedar Mountain, where the 5th Connecticut,
with the 28th New York and the 46th Pennsylvania, broke entirely through the
Confederate line, scattered ten of the enemy's regiments, and occupied a com-
mandiug position, but were driven back for want of support. He was confined
in Libby Prison until he was paroled September 13, 1862. He was discharged
for disability !March 4, 1863. He re-enlisted February 19, 1804, in the 2d
Connecticut Light Batteiy, and was with it at Fort Gaines, Fort Morgan, and
before Blakeley, Ala. He was promoted corporal May 2, 1805, and was mustered
out on August 8 following. After his return from the war, his health not being
good, he lived a very quiet life in Weston. During his latter years he was
employed as a foreman at C. W. Bradley & Sons' edge tool factory, until failing
health made it necessary for him to cease all active labor.


794. i. GuYTDEL B.,* b. Dec. 4, 1857.

ii. Cora May, b. May 30. 3SG0; m. Dec. 22, 1881, Edward Arthur Beers and

resides iu Westport, Conn.
iii. INA Virginia, b. Aug. 3, 1802 ; m. Nov. 10, 1SS7, Frederick Clifford Peet of

Bridgeport, Conn.

466. Bexjamin Hickok Trowbridge (Thomas B.-^^. Alalthew''-''', ^^^?,

BanieP^o, James^'>\ WiUiam^"",'-), bom August 10, 1832, in Weston,
Conn. ; died January 6, 1904, in Pouglilceepsie, N. Y. ; married August 20, 1861,
in PougUvCepsie, Mary Eliza Wainwright, daughter of Alfred and Maria
(Manny) Wainwright, born November 22, 1831, in Poughkeeijsie ; died April 5,
1891, in Poughkeepsio.

Benjamin H. Trowbridge came to Pouglikeepsie, N. Y., in 1855 and secured
a position with Daniels, Briggs & McNeil. He continued with that firm until
1865, when he formed a copartnership with Samuel Budd, in the general
plumbing business, under the firm name of Budd & Trowbridge, and they erected
a building on Main street. In 1808 the firm was dissolved, Isaac W. Sherrill
purchasing the interest of Mr. Budd. Later Peter Adriance was taken in as
a member of the firm and the firm name was changed to Trowbridge, Sherrill &
Adriance. In 1875 Mr. Sherrill retired, and the business was continued by
Messrs. Trowbridge and Adriance tintil 1895, when Mr. Trowbridge retired. He
subsequently purchased the business of Allen Bros., which he continued until his
death. His son was associated with him in this business, the firm being
B, H. Trowbridge & Son, and they carried on a tinning, plumbing and heating

Mr. Trowbridge was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted June 27, 1803,
for thirty days in Company A, 21st New York State Militia, and was discharged
August 0, 1803, at the exjiiration of his term of service. He was a Republican
in politics. He served several terms as water conunissioner and at one time
represented liis ward in the board of supervisors. He was a member of David
B. Sleight Post, No. 331, Department of New York, G. A. E. He was an
honored and respected citizen of Pouglikeepsie, where he had a wide circle of
friends and acquaintances.

• Initial only.











i. George Wainwricut, b. Dec. 20, 1865 ; d. Aug. 11, 1SG6.

ii. Mary Eliza, b. Aug. 27, 1S07 ; in. Dec. oO, 1S91, Joseph Edwin Cochran and

re.sides in Elkhart, Ind.
iii. George Case, b. Feb. 10, 1869; was in business with his father and succeeded

him at his death ; resides in Poughkeepsie ; unm.

467. WiLLUM Parsons Trowbridge (Thomas B."', Matthew'^^'', -"2?,

Daniel^^", James'"'^, WilUam^o", Thomas^), bom February 11, 1848, in Weston,
Conn.; resides in Carnegie, Pa.; married May 1, 1875, in Mount Pleasant, Pa.,
Mary Susan Shaffer, daughter of David and Eliza (Martin) ShafFer, bom June
25, 1854, in Dawson, Pa.

William P. Trowbridge settled after his marriage in Laurelville, Pa., removing
four years later to Kecksburg, Pa., being engaged in the lumber business. On
March 1, 1905, he came to Carnegie, Pa., his present residence, where he is
foreman and superintendent of the lumber yard of the Carnegie Mill and Lumber


Thomas Arthitr, b. June 25, 1876.

Claka Hoyt. b. Apr. 5, 1S7S ; resides with her parents : unm.
Minnie Alice, b. Sept. 7, 1880; m. Nov. 22, 1904, C. C. Monticue of Roches-
ter, Pa.
Frank Andrew, b. Nov. 30, 1882.
John Martin, b. Sept. 25, 1884.

468. William Trowbridge (William F.=»^ Stephen^'^^, James^-^, Daniel^^°,^o^, William'^'"',^), bom December 21, 1808, in Pompey?, N. T.;

died ■ ■, 18 — , in Lawrenceville, Pa.?; married , 18 — , in

, Lavinia .

William Trowbridge was a tailor by trade. He is said to have lived in
Lawrenceville, Pa.f

469. John Trowbridge (Daniel-'^'', Stephen''^'', James^-^, Daniel^'^'', James}"^,
William^'"', Thomas^), bom August — , 1808?,$ in Pompey Hill, N. T.; died
January 31, 1892, in Windham township, Wyoming county. Pa.; married May
— , 1830, in Browntown, Bradford county. Pa., Anna Brown, daughter of Josiah
and Lydia (Phillips) Brown, born May 10, 1815, in Browntown; died September
— , 1902, in Windham.

John Trowbridge when about fifteen years old went to Pennsylvania. After
his marriage he lived in Wilkesbarre, Pa., about six years and then moved to
Tunkhannock and from there to Windliam to^vIlship in the same county,
Wyoming. He there bought a piece of woodland, built a log house and cleared a
farm. He was engaged in farming there the remainder of his life.

He was a soldier in the Civil War. Stating his age as younger than he was,
in order to be allowed to enlist, he was mustered March 30, 1864, into Company
K, 143d Pennsylvania Infantry. He continued in tlie service until he was taken
ill, when he was discharged in July, 1864.


i. Daniel, b. July 25, 1831; was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted
Mar. 30, 1S04. in Company L, 6th Pennsylvania Cavalry and was mustered
out June 0, 1SG5. He m. ; d. July 3, 1904, in Windham.

ii. Ruth, b. Oct. 17, 1836; m. Lorenzo W. Myers of Windham.

* iii born in Laurelville,' Pa. : iii-v in Kecksburg, Pa.

■f Persons thought to be his descendants failed to answer the compiler's letters.
+ By his sister IlarriPt (since deceased) : 1812 liy his youngest daughter. The former sent
the list of children of No. 2.".7 hy his first wife and gave her name as printed on page 205.
§ Except i, who was born in Wilkesbarre, Pa. None answered except vii.


iii. Harriet, b. Mar. 27, ISoO ; unm.

iv. ABBIE LUCEETIA, b. Mar. 31, 1841 ; in. Aug. 8, 1858, Samuel G. Robinson
and resides in Strong City, Kan.
79Ta. V. Joshua, b. Mar. 30, 1843.

vi. JosiAH, b. July 25, 1S45 ; m. ; d. Nov. 11, ISSO, in Windham.

vii. Hannah Janette, b. Jlay 1, 1850; m. Dec. 11, 1807, William Brown and
resides in Windham ( Jenningsville P. O.).
797b. viii. John, b. Sept. 23, 1852.

is. Elisha Harrison, b. Oct. 11, 1854.

470. Harry Trowbridge (Daniel-^'', Stephen^'"^ , James^-^, DanieP-'^'', Janies^"^,
William'^'"', Thomas^), bom February 1, 1810, in Pompey Hill, N. T. ;* died May
10, 1SS8, in Syracuse, N. Y. ; married .

Harry Trowbridge lived for some years in Jersey City, N. J., before removing
to SjTacuse, N. Y., where he died.

children born in JERSEY CITV, N. J.?:

i. Henry John,! b. , 184-?; resided in Linden, Pa.

ii. Mart Jane, b. , 184^?; m. Hunsinger and resides in Linden.

471. Stephen Trowbridge (Daniel-", Stephen'^^'', James^-^, DanieV-'^",

James^"^, William^'"', Thomas^), born , 1812, in Pompey Hill. N. Y. ;

died July 4, 1864, in Syracuse. N. Y. ; married in New Hartford, N. Y.,

Mary Dunlap, bom , 1824, in New Hartford ; died January 19, 1896, in

Roosevelt, N. Y.

Stephen Trowbridge settled in Oswego county, N. Y., and was a farmer. His
farm was one and a half miles from the village of Caughdenoy. He lived there
about twenty years. The last three years of his life were passed in Palermo
Center in the same county. He sold his farm there, and went to Michigan for
the purpose of buying a farm. He was not suited, and, while on his way home,
died at the home of a niece:}: in Syracuse, N. Y.

NO children, int adopted:

i. Cornelia.5 b. Aug. 8, 1845. in Palermo, N. T. ; ra., 1st, July 21, 1869, Theo-
dore Pickard of Schrouppe, N. Y. ; m., 2d, June 14, 1893, Augustus Durgan
and resides in Fulton, N. Y.

472. Alonzo Trowbridge (Daniel^", Stephen^^^, James^-^, Daniel^^", James^"^,
'Willia-m}'"', Thomas^), born January 12, 1823, in Berksliire, Vt. ; died January

15, 1897, in Bakersfield, Vt. ; maiTied , 1S50. in Enosburgh, Vt., Elvira

Tracy, daughter of Daniel and Hannah ( ) Tracy, born , 1829,

in Enosburgh ? ; died May 15, 1882, in Montgomery, Vt.

Alonzo Trowbridge was a farmer in Enosburgh, Montgomery and Bakers-
field, Vt.


798. i. Orrin Sylvester, b. , 1851.

ii. Lorenzo, b. , 185- ; d. young.

iii. Phoebe, b. , 185- ; d. young.

iv. Cynthia, b. . 185- ; d. aged about 18 years.

V. Eunice, b. , 186- ; d. very young.

vi. Orville, b. . 186- ; d. aged about 13 years.

vii. Otis, b. , 1SU-: d. aged about 18 years.

viii. Edward, b. Aug. 10, 1869; is farming in Bakersfield, Vt. ; unm.

• It is possible that the remainder of what is printed under this number refers to No. 167, v.
Descendants failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t "Henry J. Trowbridge, otherwise WiUiamn, of Linden, Pa.," at the time his father's estate
was settled. [Onondaga County, N. T., Surrogate Records.]

I No. 274, 11.

§ Daughter of Francis and Sally (Denton) Perren.

II Except viii, who w-as born in Montgomery, Vt.


473. Seymour Trowbridge (Daniel-", Stephen^'"^, James^-\ Daniel"'',
James^"^, TWiZiawi^"", Thomas^), bom March 4, 1829, in Berkshire, Vt. ; died
April 5, 1902, in Newport Centre, Vt. ; married January 4, 1856, in Enosburgh,
Vt., Hannah H. Martin, daughter of Anthony and Nancy (Brown) Martin,
born March 11, 1833, in North Bolton, Canada. She resides in Newport Centre.

Seymour Trowbridge settled in Enosburgh, Vt., and engaged in farming. He
was a soldier in the Civil War, enlisting June 3, 1862, for three years in Com-
pany A, 9th Vermont Infantry. He was transferred to Company B, and back
again to Company A on September 1, 1864. He was wounded in the left hand
while on duty at Harper's Ferry. He was taken prisoner in 1864; was paroled
and sent back to his regiment September 14; and was discharged for disability
June 5, 1865.* Some years after the war he removed to Newport Centre, Vt.,
where he owned a nice farm near the railroad station.


799. i. Edmund Seymour, b. Oct. 22, 1S5G.

ii. Clinton Daniel, b. Apr. 10, 18G0 ; was engaged in farming with his father
until he was nineteen years old. when he entered tlie employ of the Boston
and Lowell Railroad Company, with which he remained until his death. He
d. Oct. 7, 1893. in Lowell, >Iass. ; unm.

SCO. iii. William Carl, b. JIar. 11, 1802.

474. Stephen Dunwell Trowbridge (Eli-^", Seth^^^, James^-^, Daniel"",
James'^o^, William'"''', Thomas'), born June 15, 1818, in Phelps, N. T.; died
March 9. 1S93, in Solon. Ohio; married June 30, 1837. in Chagrin Falls, Ohio,
Mehetabel Ballou Gariield.t daughter of Abram and Elizabeth (Ballou) Garfield,
bom January 28, 1821, in Independence, Ohio. She resides in Solon.

Stephen D. Trowbridge came to Ohio when a young man and taught school for
a number of years prior to his marriage. He settled in Solon, Ohio, and was a
fanner. During the Civil War he enlisted August 24, 1861, for three years
and was appointed a corporal of Compimy K, 2d Ohio Cavalry. He was trans-
ferred to be coi-poral of Company H on February 17, 1S63. He had much illness
while in the army and participated in no battle, and was discharged after eighteen
months' service. After leaving the army he returned to his farm in Solon, where
he lived the remainder of his life.


i. Anna Eliza, b. Sept. 12, 1S39 ; m. Dec. 15, 1SS3, William Olds and resides
in Solon.

ii. Mary Elvira, b. Mar. 4, 1842; m. Jan. 1, 1802, Firman Bradford McConner
and resides in Bedford, Ohio.

iii. Melvin Milton, b. Oct. 14, 1845 ; was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted,
giving his age as eighteen, Aug. 24, 1801. as bugler in Company K, 2d Ohio
Cav.ilry. He was discharged for disability June 20. 1802. He re-enlisted
in Company E. 1st Michigan Engineers, and was taken sick and died in a
field hospital in Bridgeport, Ala., Mar. 11, 1804; unm.

iv. Altie Estella, b. Sept. 11, 1800; m. Dec. 23, 1880, John R. Hawkins of
Sundance, Wyo.

475. Rev. Orrin Trowbridge (Minor-"', Seth'"', James'^^, Daniel"", James'"^,
William'"", Thomas'), born October 29, 1809, in Tully, N. T.; died April 5, 1891,
in Newark, N. T. ; married June 14, 1842, in Dix, N. Y., Martha Ann Ganung,
daughter of John Ganung, born December 22, 1819, in Somerstown, N. Y.;
died April 6, 1892. in Newark.

Orrin Trowbridge was a minister of the Central New York Conference of the
Methodist Episcopal Church.:}:

* By his own account: May 11, ISO.i, by the adjutant general's report.
t A sister of the late President .Tames A. Garfield.
t No data furnished for a biographical sketch.




800a. i. Francis Emory, b. Apr. 13, 1843, in Painted Post, N. Y.

ii. Mart Elizabeth, b. June 0, 1840. in Sardinia. N. Y. ; m. Nov. 20, 1867,

Wilbur F. Nutten, M.D., of Newark, N. Y.
iii. Ella Louisa, b. May 2.5, 1848, in Aurora, N. Y. ; m. Aug. 9, 1876, Hon.

Warren JI. Bateman of Glendale, Ohio.

476. Seth Trowbridge (Minor^", 5'e//i'<*\ James'-'"\ Daniel"", Jarnes^"^,
William^'"', Thomas^), bom July 28, 1811, in Newark, N. Y.; died November 22.
1883, in Lima. N. Y. ; married April 15, 1839, in Shelby, N. Y., Nancy Minerva
Jackson, daughter of Philip Burr and Sarah (Christie) Jackson, born September
IS. ISll, in Plattsburgh, N. Y. ; died July 16, 1902, in Kirksville, Mo.

Seth Trowbridge for the ten years succeeding- his marriage lived in the village
of Newark in Arcadia, N. Y., his native town. He then removed to Shelby,
N. Y., and in 1861 to Lima, N. Y., where his children were put in college and
where he resided the remainder of his life. He was a farmer in early life and in
later years a merchant. He was an active member of the Methodist Episcopal
church in Lima.

children born in NEWARK, N. Y. :

i. Sarah, b. May 9, 1841 ; in. Aug. 13, 1803, Rev. Edwin Walter Hall of Green-
ville. Ky., and resides in Kirksville, Mo.
801. ii. Burr Jackson, b. July 28, 1843.

477. Seymour TRO\VBRiDaE (Minor-'^^, Selh'^'^'^, James^-', Daniel"", James^"^,
William'^"", Thomas''), bom May 20, 1813, in Newark, N. Y.; died June 8, 1899,
in Cleveland, Ohio ; married Febiiiai-y 6, 18.34, in Newark, Sally Maria Johnson,
daughter of Henry and Sally (Taylor) Johnson, born February 12, 1816, in
Newark; died March 2, 1902, in Cleveland.

Seymour Trowbridge and his wife lived near their childhood's home until
September, 1835, when they emigrated to Ohio and settled near Solon in Cuya-
hoga county. When they first settled there the surrounding country was a wilder-
ness, and on the farm of 200 acres which they bought not a tree had been cut.
"The farm was so dense a forest that Mr. Trowbridge was compelled to call his
Tincle to his assistance to locate his farm. They spent nearly one day and
finally found it by a line of blazed trees made by the surveyors. Here he built
his log house and felled the mighty forest with his strong and sturdy arm, until
he had cleared it to raise crops for himself and young wife." He. lived there
until April, 1863, when he sold his farm and removed to Brooklyn village, now
included in the limits of tlie city of Cleveland. He purchased a farm near the
Calvin Institute on Pearl street, and lived in the house near the comer of Trow-
bridge avenue which is now standing. He lived there four years, and then he
sold his farm and purchased the residence at the corner of Pearl street and
Archwood avenue where he lived until he died. , ■ ■

Mr. Trowbridge was progressive and was for many years actively ' engaged in
enterprises having for their object the improvement of the incorporated village of
Brooklyn. He was several times elected to positions of trust, serving as mayor
of Brooldyn village for two terms, township tiiistee, etc., positions he always
filled to tlie satisfaction of the people and honor to himself. He was one of the
organizers of the Brooklyn Street Railroad Company, and was its only president
until the purchase of the same by Hon. Tom L. Johnson, the deal being
negotiated by Mr. Trowbridge.

He and his wife were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, with which
Mr. Trowbridge united in 1836, ever since which time he had been a consistent
member and had served on its official board for a number of years. He and his
wife were in all probability the oldest married couple in Cuyahoga county, having
celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary at their home on Pearl street the
February preceding his death.




802. i. Wesley, b. Nov. 28, 1SS4. in Newark, N. Y.

ji. DEBOitAH. b. Feb. 28, 1837, in Solon, Ohio ; m. Jan. 1, 1860, John Thompson
and resides in Solon.

478. Alpheus Smith TROWBRrocE (Minor-^'^, Seth^^^, James'^^^, Daniel"",
James^"^, William^'"', Thomas^), bom September 4, 1821, in Newark, N. Y. ; died
ifarch 10, 1895, in Rutland, Vt. ; married January 15, 1846, in Sodus, N. T.,
Ann Isabella Fellows, daughter of John Kicholas and Mariah (Coleman)
Fellows, bom November 5, 1S25, in Livingston Manor, N. Y. She resides in
Chicago, HI.

Alpheus S. Trowbridge followed the occupation of farming all his life. He
settled after his marriage near the village of Xewark in his native town, Arcadia,
N. Y. In 1S55 he moved to Clinton Junction, Wis., and in 1860 to Janesville,
Wis. He enlisted in the Civil War September 14, 1861, for three years or
during the war, in Company A, 13th Wisconsin Infantry. He acted in the
capacity of hospital nurse the greater part of his time of service, and was greatly
beloved by the sick and dying, ministering not only to their bodily needs, but also
to their spiritual welfare. He was promoted August 24, 1864, to be second
lieutenant of Company L, 1st Wisconsin Heavy Artillery, but, on account of
failing health, he only served with that command for three months and was
discharged January 30, 1865.

31r. Trowbridge removed in 1868 to St. James, Minn., which was then the
frontier, and took a homestead near that town. While living there he held the
office of justice of the peace. He was unable to endure the hardships of frontier
life and, therefore, in 1881 he left his farm and went to Minneapolis, where two
of his daughters resided at that time. In 1888 he decided to try the South for
the sake of his health, and he located in Lawtey, Fla. He died while on a visit
at the home of his youngest daughter in Rutland, Vt He was a member of
the Methodist Episcopal Church and ser\'ed as class leader, trustee and Sunday
school superintendent. He was loyal to his church and led the life of a Christian.


i. Charlotte Louisa, b. Apr. 10, 1847 ; m. Dec. 30, 1867, Horace Clark Smith

and resides in Chicago, III.
ii. Leontdas Hamune. b. Oct. 5. 1S49 ; was named for Bishop Hamline of the

M.E. Church. He was a high school graduate, and at the time of his death

was employed in the bookstore and bindery of Dearborn & Co. in Janesville,

Wis. He d. there Oct 5, 1866.
iii. Alice Amelia, b. Aug. 15. 1851 : m. Dec. 26, 1870, Willis Greenleaf Bundy

and resides in Minneapolis. Minn,
iv. Hattie Cedelia, b. Dec. 5, 1854; m. Mar. — . 1872, Charles R. Bacon, M.D.,

of Minneapolis.
V. Nellie, b. Oct. 8, 1859; m. Nov. 16, 1880, William Porter Cady and resides

in Rutland, Vt

479. Noble Palmeter TRO^VBRIDGE (Minor-^^, Seth^^'^, James^-^, Baniel"",
James^"^, JVillMm'^'"', Thoinas"^), bom September 22, 1830, in Newark, N. Y.;
died February 22, 1883, in Newark; married December 5, 1850, in Sodus Point,
N. Y.. Mary Robinson, daughter of Gideon and Hannah (Coleman) Robinson,
bom June 8, 1828, in Greenfield, Pa. She resides in Lyons, N. Y.

Noble P. Trowbridge was engaged in farming all his life near the village of
Newark in his native town, Arcadia, N. Y. He was a member of the Methodist
Episcopal Church, of which his widow is also a member.

* Except T. who was born in Clinton Junction, Wis.



480. TTtram Trowbridge (John-^^, Selh^^'', James^-^, DanieP^", James^"^,
William^'"', Thomas^), bom September 15, 1S21, in Preble, X. Y.; died Xovem-
ber 22, 1S96, in Mount Pleasant, Mich.; married Xovember 24, 184-3, in Kirt-
land, Ohio, Laura L. Stamiard, daughter of Henry and Margaret (HofEman)
Stannard, bom November 26, 1822, in Kirtland; died January 22, 1597. in
Cleveland, Ohio.

Hiram Trowbridge came ia boyhood with his father to Solon, Ohio. After his
marriage he settled in Chagrin Falls, near Cleveland, Ohio, and passed the
latter years of his life in that city. He died while on a visit at Mount
Pleasant, Mich.


i. Feasceua M.. b. Mar. 5, 1850; m. Nov. 11, 1869, George B. Huston and
resides in Cleveland. Ohio.

481. Mahatn- Troavbridge (John^"-, Seih^^^, James'^-'^, Daniel^^", James^"^,
WiUiam^o". Thomas^), bom May 2, 1825, in Preble, X. T.; died October 10,

1900, in Bluffton, Minn.; married , 1S47, in Solon, Ohio, Mary EUza

Daniels, daughter of Sylvester Daniels, bom March 24. 1827, in Solon; resides
in. WiUiston, X. D.

Marvin Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to Solon, Ohio, where
he learned the trade of a blacksmith. He lived in Solon until 1854, when he
emigrated with his family to Elk township. Delaware county. Iowa. During the
Civil War he enlisted from that town May 18. 1864, for "100 days" in Com-
pany F. 46th Iowa Infantry. He moved to Bluffton, Minn., some years prior
to his death-


i. Pamelia. b. May 24, 1849; m. May 12, 1867. Samuel Royer Tavlor of Mill-
bank, S. D.

803. ii. Philaxdee Maevtx, b. June 25. 1851.

iii. Chables Abthub, b. May — , 18.5.3 ; resides in Esmond. S. D.*
iv. Ella, b. Oct. 12, 1S54 ; m. Jan. 17, 1870. John Earahart and resides in Bluff-
ton. Minn.

804. V. Horace S., b. July 25. 1856.

vi. Nellie, b. Mar. — . 1858; m. . 1883, Alexander Shaw and resides in

South Seattle, Wash.t
vii. Marcia. b. Mar. — . 1861; m. , 1SS9, Patrick L. Devine and resides in

Milwaukee. Wis.t
viii. Howard, b. July — . 1865 ; resides in South Seattle.t

482. Henry Trowbridge (JoJin-^-, Seth^^^, James^-^, DanieP^", James^^^.
WiUiam^oo, Thomas''), bom October 7, 18.30, in Preble, X. Y.; resides in Solon,
Ohio; married December 14, 1849, in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Lavinia BisselL*
daughter of Enos and Corinthia (Phelps) BisseU, bom November 5. 1827. in
Aurora, Ohio; died August 12, 190-3, in Solon.

Henry Trowbridge was brought in childhood by his parents to Solon, Ohio,

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