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where he has since made his home, leading the life of a farmer. He was a
soldier in the Civil ^Yar. He enlisted August 7. 1S62. for three years in Com-
pany D, 103d Ohio Infantry. He was captured in action November 13, 1S63,
and sent to BeUe Isle and later to AndersonviUe ; being finally exchanged
November 24, 1864, after being a prisoner f(jr over a year. He was mustered out
June 5, 1865. He then returned to his farm in Solon, where he has since resided.


i. Georgia>-n-a Marcia. b. Aug. 2, 1852; m. Mar. ,8, 1876, George A. Robertson
and resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

• i-lii bom in Solon. Ohio ; iv-viii in Delaware county, Iowa.
7 Failed to answer the compiler's letters.
{ A sister of the wife of his brother Xo. 4S3.


ii. Mat Estelle, I). Sept. Irl, 1857 ; is in tlie Cuyahoga County Probate Office in
Cleveland ; resides with her father ; uum.

805. iii. Elmeb Eixswortii, b. May 27, 1803.

483. Philander Dawley Tkovvbridge {John-^-, Seth^^'^, James^-^, Daniel"'^,
James^'", William^'"', Thomas'^), born September 2, 1832, in Preble, N. Y.;
resides in Holtville, Cal. ; married September 12, 1852, in Solon, Ohio, Augusta
Bissell,* daughter of Enos and Corinthia (Phelps) Bissell, born January 15,
1832, in Aurora, Ohio.

Philander D. Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his parents to Solon,
Ohio, and engaged in farming there after his marriage. In the spring of 1854
he emigrated with his wife and infant son to Elk township, Delaware county,
Iowa, and bought a farm near the village of Greeley. In the spring of 1898 he
sold his farm there and removed to Manchester, the county seat, where he
resided until November, 1906, when he removed to his present home in Holtville,
Gal. He and his wife joined the Methodist Episcopal church in Greeley in 1857,
iu which they still hold their membership.


806. i. Granville Sherwood, b. Sept. 9, 1853.

ii. Alena Gertrude, b. Oct. 22, 1854 ; ra. Oct. 27, 1872, Marcellus Sargent and

resides in Holtville, Cal.
iii. LiLLiE Belle, b. Sept. 29, 1865; m. Sept. 18, 1884, Philip H. Ansman and

resides in Earlville, Iowa.
806a. iv. John Bissell, b. July 3, 1868.

807. v. Elbert Philander, b. Oct. 22, 1875.

484. MiLO Trowbridge (Jawies-"^, SeWi^'S Jatnes^-^, DanieP''-'', James'^"'-',
Willkim.^'>°, Thomas'^), bom September 21, 1817, in Arcadia, N. Y. ; died Novem-
ber 4, 1887, in Oberlin, Ohio ; married, first, December 27, 1843, in Tully, N. Y..
Harriet Comstock,:!: daughter of Jason and Philura (Cravath) Comstock, boi-n
January 25, 1814, in Tully; died January 15, 1867, in Oberlin. He married,
second, July 28, 1868, in Oberlin, Emma Czarina Smith, daughter of John Mesler
and Emeline (Rowland) Smith, born March 26, 1836, in Clarksfield, Ohio; died
November 3, 1906, in Wakeman, Ohio.^

Milo Trowbridge a few years after his marriage emigrated to Lorain county,
Ohio, then the Far West. He settled in Oberlin, where he remained all his life,
engaged in farming. He was a member of the First Congregational Church of

children born in oberlin, ohio:§

By first marriage:

808. i. James Lucullus, b. Nov. 22, 1845.

ii. Philura Saloma. b. July 13, 1850 ; d. Aug. S, 1852.

iii. Saloma Luella. b. May 23, 18.53 ; m. Nov. 16, 1876, Silas Wright Weaver and
resides in Oberlin.

By second marriage:
iv. George Henry, b. Oct. 24, 1870 ; d. Nov. 8, 1873.

809. V. Frederick Nelson, b. June 4, 1871.

485. Seth Trowbridge (James-^^, 5'ei/i"\ James^"', DanieZ"", James^"^,
Willium^o", Thomas'^), bom July 1, 1828, in Preble, N. Y.; resides in Madelia,
Minn.; married, first, August 18, 1850, in Preble, Angeline Electa Comstock,||

• A sister of the wife of his lirother No. 482.

t Except 1, who was born in Solon. Ohio.

t A sister of the wives of Nos. 485 and 266, and of the husband of No. 263, iii.

§ Except i, who was born in Tully, N. Y.

I A sister of the wife of No. 484. See footnote t above.


daughter of Jason and Philura (Cravath) Comstock, born March 22, 1831, in
Tully, N. Y. ; died October 22. 1894, in Independence, Kan. He married,
second,* January 8, 1868, in Saratoga, Minn., Clarissa Augusta Brown, daughter
of Jonathan Corydon and Harriet Louisa (Hurlbut) Brown, born June 3, 1836,
in Spring Hill, Pa.

Seth Trowbridge was thro'svn on his own resources when very young. At the
age of seventeen he left his native place for the West and finally settled in
Oberlin, Lorain county, Ohio, in 1850. In 1850 he removed to Saratoga, Winona
county, Minn., and from there in 1870 to Madelia, Watonwan county, where he
at present resides. He has always been engaged in farming.

By first marriage:
i. AzuiA, b. Nov. 9, 1851 : d. Oct. 1. 1867.
ii. Zeneixa LuRI^'nA. b. .Tune a, ISMI : m. Oct. 27, 1887, George Clay Lawson

and resides in East Townsend, Ohio,
ill. Elizabeth Cois.NELtA, b. Apr. 21, ]8fil ; d. Apr. lo, 1S9G, in Elgin, III. ; unm.
iv. Alice Vev.\. b. Feb. 19, 1863 ; m. Feb. IS, 1897, George Henry Adams and
resides in Madelia, Jlinn.

By sccotid marriage:
v. Minnie, b. June 27, 1869 ; m. May 26, 1888, James Joseph Manning and

resides in St. James, Minn,
vi. Hattie M.4.T, b. Jlay 12, 1872 ; m. Aug. 27, 1891, Charles L. Anderson and

resides in Chicago, 111.
vii. John James, b. J\ily 15, 1877; is in the restaurant business in Madelia; unm.

486. Alexander Davis Trowbridge (James-'^^, Seth''-'^'', James^-^, DanicP'^",
James^°\ William^'"', Thomas^), born May 3, 1835, in Tidly, N. T, ; resides in
Winona, Minn. ; married Sarah Shelton.:}:

Alexander D. Trowbridge emigrated with his brother Seth to Winona county,
Minn., in 1856, since which time he has lived near Winona, the county seat. He
is a farmer.


486a. William Henry Trowbridge (James-'^^. Seth'^'^'-. Ja7nes'^-^, Daniel"'^,
James^''^ William^'>°, Thomas^), born June 29, 1845, in Tully, N. Y. ; resides
in Des Moines, Iowa ; married, first, September 9, 1867, in Marengo, Iowa, Mary
Ann Metcalf, daughter of George Atwood and !Mary Ann (Ransted) Metcalf,

born September 7, 1851, in Bremen, Ind. He married, second, , 1902,

Mrs. Laura Ann Stroup.:]:

William H. Trowbridge came in early childhood with his father to Cedar
Eapids, Iowa. He enlisted from there in the Civil War October 1, 1861, as a
private in Company D, 12th Iowa Infantry. He was captured at the battle of
Shiloh, being later exchanged and returned home. He re-enlisted December 25,
1863, in Company D, 12th Veteran Iowa Infantry, and was mustered out at
Memphis, Term., January 20, 1866, He is a driver for a business firm in
Des Moines, Iowa,

He is believed to have had the following


i. Stella, b. , 18 — : m. Gilbert and resides in Follis, Okla.t

ii. A daughter, b. , 18 — ; m. J. K. Benton aud resides in Oklahoma City,


* Having been divorced from his first wife, who married, second. James Avery.
t i born in Oberlin. Ohio ; ii-iv in Saratoga, Minn. ; v in Feldon, Minn. ; vi in St. James,
Minn. ; vii in Madelia. Minn.

t Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

§ Order and dates of births unknown to the compiler.


4S7. Robert Cbavath Trowbridge (Milo-'^*, Seth^^^, James^-'-', DanieV^",
James"^-', William^"", Thomas'-), born October 14, 1823, in Tully, N. Y.; resides
in Tully; married March 2, 1850, in Tully, Betsey Richardson Wooster,* daugh-
ter of Murray and Betsey (Richardson) Wooster, born January 6, 1828, in
Middlebury, Conn.; died November 17, 1905, in Tully.

Robert C. Trowbridge was raised on his father's farm in Tully and was
educated in the common schools of that town. He has chiefly followed farming,
but for a time was engaged in the lumber business. He served more than five
years as one of the keepers of the Onondaga County Penitentiary at Syracuse,
N. Y., under Superintendent J. J. Williams, and served as supervisor of Tully
for one year. He came to reside in the village of Tully in 1808, and the follow-
ing year built a house there, in which he is passing his declining years very
quietly. The death of Mrs. Trowbridge, two years ago, terminated a married
life of over fifty-five years. Five years previously their golden wedding
anniversary was the occasion of a large gathering of their friends and neighbors
to exisress the friendship and esteem in which Mr. and Mrs. Trowbridge were
held in Tully.

Mr. Trowbridge is a Republican in politics, taking a deep interest in his
nation's welfare, and has strong faith in protection to American industries. He
is not a member of any church; but believes that right doing, right living, and
just dealing between man and man, is the rule by which one should conduct his
life. He has been of great assistance to the compiler of this genealogy by his
indefatigable efforts to gather the information that has made so complete the
records of the branch of the Trowbridges who descend from his grandfather.


i. RoixiN Sanford, b. Sept. 14, 1851 : d. Aug. IS, 1853.

ii. JIURRAY Wooster, b. Sept. 20. 1852 ; d. Aug. 17, 1853.

810. iii. Charles Fremont, b. Aug. 3, 1854.

iv. A son, b. June 20, 1858 ; d. July G, 1858.

488. Oren Clinton Trowbridge (Milo^'^\ Seth'-'^'-, James^-^, Daniel'-'"',
James'-^", IFi7?wto"°, Thomas'), bom AugiLSt 15, 1829, in Tully, K Y.; died
August 16, 1872, in Council Grove, Kan. ; man-ied Januai-yf 26, 1851, in Preble,
N. Y.. Lucy Ann Cummings, daughter of Edward and Abigail (Robertson)
Cummings, born May 20, 1830, in Preble; died September 27, 1906, in Truxton,
]S!. T.

Oren C. Trowbridge settled in his native town, Tully, N. Y., where he was
engaged in farming nearly all his life.


i. MiLNOB Cummings, b. Feb. 22, 1853 ; d. Jan. 13, 1869.

ii. RosELLA BuRNETTE, b. Sept. 28, 1858; m. Jan. IS, 1882, Frederick Irving
Woodward and resides in Truxton, N. Y.

489. Minor Stephen Trowbridge (Milo-"'', Seth'-'"-, James^-'^, Daniel'-'-'',
James'-"^, William^"", Thomas'^), born January 21. 1832, in Tully, IST. Y.; .re-sides
in Lancaster, Wis. ; married, first, October 5, 1854, in Tully, Emmarancy Eliza
Carpenter, daughter of Samuel Salisbury and Prudence (Cummings) Carpenter.
bom March 19, 1838, in Tully; died April 1, 1884, in Lancaster. He married,
second, October 14, 1885, in Ellenboro, Wis., Irene Lucretia Ailing, daughter of

Almon and Almeda? ( ) Ailing, bom August 15, 1847, in Ellenboro;

died January 28, 1908, in Lancaster.

Minor S. Trowbridge was brought up on his father's farm in Tully. ~N. Y. In
the spring following his marriage, that of 1855, he emigrated with his wife to
La Fayette county. Wis., and settled on a farm near Darlington, the county

• A half-sister of the wife of No. 492.

t By family record ; June by "Cummings Genealogy." which spells his name Orrin.


seat. He had received a good education, which he put to a practical use as a
school-teacher during several of the first winters that he passed there. Political
offices were offered to him, hut he always declined, preferring to devote himself
entirely to his home; and his time was thus occupied until the spring of 18C9,
when he moved with his family to Platteville, Wis., so that his older children
might attend the state normal school located there. This necessitated a change
in various ways, and lie finally became interested in the handling of butter and
eggs on a large scale, a business with which his name has since been associated.
He returned to Darlington in 1878, where he spent one year, and in 1879 removed
to Lancaster, Wis., his present residence, where, besides dealing in the aforesaid
commodities, he owns a grocery business, in the managemenr of which he is
actively engaged.


By first 7narriage:'i
i. Phebe Emmakancy, b. .Tiily 15, 1855; ra. Apr. 15, 1S7S, N. Rube Black and

resides in Long Beach, Cal.
ii. Albina Rosalia, b. Mar. 32, 1858 ; m. Sept. 4, 1878, John Jay Reway and

resides in Platteville, Wis.
Sll. iii. Will Salisbuky, b. Dec. 22, 1800.

iv. Laura Lavilla, b. Mar. 7, 1SG9 ; m. July 3, 1890, Frederick Chase Miles and

resides in Fennimore. Wis.
V. Velma Vena, b. Mar. 22, 1872; m. Mar. IS, 1890, Dana Gardner Curtis and

resides in Long Beach.

400. Samuel Cone Trowbridge (Milo-'^*. Seth'-'''^. James^-^, Daniel^'^'',
James'"'', William^"", Thomas'), born April 12, 1842, in Tully, N. T.; died
September 12, 1892, in Brown's Valley, Minn.; married June IS, 1SG8, in
Syracuse, N. Y., Lydia Peri-y Knapp, daughter of Joel Edwin and Mary
(Smith) Knapp, bom November S, 1844, in Edwardsburg, Mich. She resides in
Camillus, N. Y.

Samuel C. Trowbridge passed his youth on his father's farm in Tully, N. Y.
He was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted August 8, 1862, for three years,
and was appointed first sergeant in Company K, 122d New York Infantry, and
served until the expiration of his term of service. Soon after his marriage he
emigrated to Platteville, Wis., where his elder brother. Minor, was then living.
He was engaged in farming there until his removal to Brown's Valley, Minn., a
few years previous to his death.


i. Mary Sara, b. Oct. 12, 1870; m. Aug. 1, 1895, Frederick Hiram Watkins and

resides in Brandt, Pa.
ii. Florence Edwina, b. Nov. 8, 1872.

JOl. Lorenzo Dow Trowbridge (Hiram-"^, Seth"'', James'-^, Daniel''",
James'"'', William'"", Thomas'), bom July 29, 1823, in Preble, N. Y.; died

August 13, 1SS4, in Tully, N. Y.; married , 184-, Esther Elizabeth

Fuller,:}: who died August 12, 1896, in Tully, aged 69 years.

Lorenzo D. Trowbridge was engaged in farming all liis life. At an early age
he joined the Presbyterian church in Tully. After the removal of that church,
which occurred after his marriage, he joined the Church of Christ in Tully, of
which his wife and her family were members. He was esteemed in his neighbor-
hood for his Clu-istian life and character.§

• Except V, who was born in Platteville, Wis.

t No children by second marriage.

t Her relatives tailed to answer the compiler's letters.

§ He Is said to have had children : Ikving, Annie and Jenny, who all died in eai'ly youth.


492. Dr. Newton Trowbridge (Eiram"^^, Seth}^'^, James''-', DanieP^",
Jamcs'^'''-', WiUiam'<">, Thomas'^), born July 1, 1832, in Preble, N. Y.; died
December 12, 1902, in Tully, N. Y.; married November 17, 1853, in Tully, Eliza
Mabetabel Wooster,* daughter of Murray and Eliza (Richardson) Wooster, bom
September 22, 1834, in Bethlehem, Conn. She resides in Kansas City, Mo.

Newton Trowbridge first began the study of medicine at Palmyra, N. Y., under
Dr. Melvin, with whom he remained two years. At the age of nineteen he began
to study at Rush Medical College, Chicago, 111., at the same time being assistant
in the office of Dr. Evans, who was a professor in the college. He entered into
practice in Tully, N. Y., where he remained one year, and then spent two terms
in the Cincinnati Medical College, where he was graduated with an honorary
degTee. He then resumed practice in Tully, and met with marked success for
several years. About the year 1858, when the diphtheria was so fatal in adjoining
towns, only one case under the doctor's charge proved fatal out of more than
seventy which he treated. His healtJi failing, he took a trip west to the moun-
tains, crossing the plains several times, which restored in a measure his health,
when he again returned to Tully, where he continued to practice for some years.
In 1870 his healtli failed him again and he moved with his family to Kansas,
v.'here he was engaged in farming and stock raising for fifteen years. He then
moved to Council Grove, Kan., and engaged in the drug business. He built
several fine buildings there and continued in active business life until the spring
of 1900, when he returned to his old home in Tully to siaend his remaining days.

As a physician. Doctor Trowbridge was an intelligent, conscientious and care-
ful practitioner, whose services were in great demand by a large majority of
people of his own and adjoining towns. He received great honor from these
patients; and it is not an unusual thing now to hear some one tell what Doctor
Trowbridge did more than forty years ago for him or some member of his family.
He had a well-cultivated mind and took pleasure in research and investigation.
His mind was unusually clear, and his reasoning powers of the highest order.
He was a man more noted for good deeds than for many words. He was fair
and candid to an eminent degree, courteous and respectful to all, and attentive
to all who had claims on him. He was a kind and indulgent husband, and a
watchful and affectionate parent. He was a correct and conscientious citizen,
and a lover of his country, being much interested in the reforms and improve-
ments of the age in which he lived. He was a just and faithful friend, one by
whose deeds and services this world is made better for his having lived in it.
He leaves a memory behind him that can be most fondly cherished.


i. Ella, b. 8, 18."j.5 ; d. Aug. 8, 185.5.

ii. Murray Woolston. b. .Tan. 25, 1858 ; d. Jan. 24. 18G1.

iii. Helen Bu^^^che, b. Jan. 1, 18(52; m., 1st. Aug. 10. 1885, .lobn M. Ilenson of

Council Grove, Kan. ; m., 2d, Jan. 6, 1903, Albert B. Rose and resides in

Kansas City, Mo.

493. Barlow Trowbridge (Stephen-^^, Seth'^"'', James'-', Daniel''". James'"',
William""', TJwmas'), born October 30. 1829, in Sparta. N. Y. ; died February
12, 1897, in Big Valley, Tex. ; married May 1, 1859, in San Saba, Tex., Adeline
Matilda Harkey, daughter of Matthias and Catharine (Furr) Harkey, born
January 3, 1841, in Dardanelle, Ark. She resides in Big Valley.

Barlow Trowbridge was about eighteen years of age when his father emigrated
to Ohio. He received his education in Oberlin College, working during his
vacations on his father's farm which was eight miles away. He studied survey-

* A half-sister of the wife of No. 487.

^^ y^. C'^^rv^y^.rUT-icUc.JL^


ing, and with his brother Gardner went into Texas and settled in San Saba
county in 1856. He resided in Texas, with the exception of a few years when he
lived in Arkansas, the rest of his life, and was engaged in farming and stock
raising in Big Valley, near Goldthwaite. He was a Free Mason.


812. i. George Washington, b. Feb. 21, 1800.

813. ii. Granville Sherwoou, b. June 21, 1802.

iii. Stephen Matthias, b. Aug. 12, 18G4 ; was a farmer in Big Valley, Tex.,
where he tl. Oct. 20, 1891 : unm.

814. iv. William Barlow, b. Apr. 16. 1867.

815. V. Charles Fairchild. b. Nov. 27, 1869.

vi. Almeda Catharine, b. Nov. 9, 1871 ; m. Nov. 13, 1890, Henry Ezzell and

resides in Big Valley,
vii. Mary Asenatii, b. Apr. 23, 1875; m. Nov. 15, 1891, Keith Ezzell and resides

in Big Valley,
viii. Samuel Hay.s, b. July 4, 1878 : is a farmer in Lawton, Okla. ; unm.
ix. ROXY Ollie, b. Feb. 29, 1884 ; d. Apr. 9, 1884.

494. Gardner Clark Tro\vbridge (Stephen-'^'', Seth'^^'^, James^-^, Daiiiel'^'^'',
James^"^, William'''"', Thomas^), born November 1, 1835. in Sparta, N. Y. ; died
December 2, 1897, in Prairie Plains, Temi. ; married December 8, ISGfi, in
Henrietta, Ohio, Mary Elisabeth Barhyte,t daughter of Richard Van Rensselaer
and Rosella (Mapes) Barhyte, bom March 7, 1839, in Birmingham, Ohio ; died
February 29, 1904, in Prairie Plains.

Gardner C. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his father to a farm near
Oberlin, Ohio, and he was educated at Oberlin College. A few years previous to
the outbreak of the Civil War he went to Texas with his brother Barlow. After
the war broke out, he could not get back home and, as he would not fight against
the North, he took up school-teaching, with which, and with assisting his brother
in farming and stock raising, he was occupied until 1866. He returned home
that year, married, and taught school in Americus, Kan., for two years, and then
in Bloomfield, Ark., until the fall of 1873. He then removed to Tahlequah,
Indian Territory, where he was a district teacher in the Cherokee Nation, and
later became principal of the male seminary there. In 1876 he removed to
Oberlin, Ohio. In 1882 he went to Elgin, 111., where he was connected with the
watch factory for about two years. In 1884, feeling the need of a more healthful
occupation, he removed to a farm near Prairie Plains, Tenn., where he resided
until his death. He became a Free Mason in early manhood. He and his wife
were confirmed in the Protestant Episcopal church in Oberlin, Ohio, by Bishop
Bedell in 1877.

children :

i. Richard Barhyte, b. Oft. 19, 1807, in Americus, Kan. ; d. that day.

816. ii. Walter Stephen, b. Dec. 12, 1869, in Bloomfield, Ark.

817. iii. T)KYi\i Bahlow, b. Nov. 14, 1873, in Tahlequah, Ind. Ter.

495. Dr. Stephen Trowbridge (Stephen-'^'', <Se//i"', Janies'^-^, DanieW",
James^^^, William^'''', Thomas'^), born May 14, 1839, in Sparta, N. T. ; resides in
Independence, Mo. ; married November 27, 1864, in Henrietta, Ohio, Margaret
Ann Barhyte,:): daughter of Richard Van Rensselaer and Rosella (Mapes)
Barhyte, born June 4, 1841, in Birmingham, Ohio.

Stephen Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to Wakeman, Ohio.
He was educated at Oberlin College, which was about eight miles from his
father's farm. He studied dentistry and in 1862 began the practice of that

* i-iii and vii-ix born in San Saba. Tex. ; iv-vi In Maysville, Ark.
t A sister of the wife of his brother No. 405.
t A sister of the wife of his brother No. 494.


profession, in which he continued most of the time for thirty-five years, at
Oberlin, Ohio; Davenport, Iowa; Leavenworth, Kan. ; Bloomfield, Ark. ; Galves-
ton, Tex. ; and Parsons, Kan. He then movt'd to Green Cove Springs, Fla.,
where he was engaged in farming, small fruit culture and bee-keeping for several
yeai's. He is at present retired and lives with his oldest son in Independence, Mo.


i. ASENATH RosElx\, b. Dec. IV, 1S6G ; m. Apr. 8, 1896, John W. Buchert and

resides in Arcadia, Kan.
11. Beetha Almeda, b. Nov. 22, 18T0 ; m. .Tune 17, 1897, Whittier C. Mitchell

and resides in St. Louis, !Mo.

818. 111. Richard Barhyte, b. Sept. 3, 1872.

Iv. William Stephen, b. June 12, 187(i ; is a draughtsman in St. Louis ; unm.

819. V. Gran\'ille Sherwood, b. Nov. 22, 1878.

vi. Louis Edward, b. .\ug. 28, 1882; is a clerk in the offices of the Wabash Rail-
road Company in St. Louis ; unm.

496. Leverett Hull Tuowbridge (Stephen"'"^, Seth^"'^, James^-^, Daniel^'",
James^"''', Williani^'^'', Thomas'-), born January 10, 1841, in Sparta, N". Y. ; resides
in Dunseith, N. D.; married July 2, 1860, in Pittsfield, Ohio, Sarali Ann Smith,
daughter of John and Lydia (CoUer) Smith, bom July 28, 1838, in Wellington,

Leverett H. Trowbridge came in childliood with his parents to Wakeman, Ohio.
While his brotliei-s were attending Oberlin College, it remained for Leverett to
help his father in the management of the farm. He continued on the farm until
he entered the army soon after tlie outbreak of the Civil War. He enlisted
August 21, 1861, for three years in Edgerton's Battery, Company E, 1st Ohio
Light Artillery. He assisted in the capture of Bowling Green, Ky., and was in
nmnerous engagements with the Army of the Ohio through Tennessee and
Alabama, including the bombardment of Chattanooga, where he received injuries
in the head, causing deafness. He marched back to Louisville, Ky.. under
General Buell, commanding the Army of the Ohio, and then to Nashville. He
was in the Ai-my of the Cumberland, under General Rosecrans, at the battle of
Stone River, and was discharged for sickness and general disability February 2,
1863, at Nashville, Tenn.

In the fall of that year he emigrated with his family to the Northwest and
settled on a farm in Saratoga, Minn. He re-enlisted there in the army April 9,
1865, as a private in Company I, 1st Minnesota Infantry, and was discharged
by general order July 14, 1S65, at Fort Snelling. In 1885 he removed to
Dunseith, Russell township, Rolette county, N. D., where he became a farmer
and ranclunan, and at present resides. He owns 640 acres of land there, but has
withdrawn from active business and is taking life easily, having sold most of
his cattle and rented out his farms.

Mr. Trowbridge was ordained a teacher in the Eeorganizcfl Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter Day Saints in 1877 and was ordained a priest in that church in
1881. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity and the Grand Army of the

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