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of Michigan, wliere he was graduated with the degree of Pharmaceutical
Chemist in 1S9G. He was manager of a pharaiacy on the corner of Sixth
avenue and West 42d street. New York City, until 1899, when he became
assistant chemist and bacteriologist for Merk & Co. on 8th street in that
city. On June 1. 1005, he accepted a position with the Cutter Chemical
Company in Berkeley, Cal., which he has since held. He is unmarried.

vii. Milton Lyman, b. Sept. 20, 180.3 ; twin ; was graduated from the University
of Michigan with the degree of Pharmaceutical Chemist in 1890. He was
in the pharmacy business with his twin brother for about eight and a half
years and then became chemist for a water filter company in Cincinnati,
Ohio. He recently returned to his home in Syracuse, in which city he is at
present in business as a chemist in the laboratory of the Solvay Process
Company. He is unmarried.

515. Jame.? Thomas Trowbridge (Daniel-'''-, Daniel'^^*, James^-^, Daniel"",
James^"^, William^"", Thomas''), bom August 5, 1825, in Tully, N. T. ; died

December 24, 1884, in Cockrum, Miss. ; married, first, ■ , 1850, Margaret

O'Neil, who died , 187-, in Memphis, Tenn. He married, second, July

22, 1878, in Cockrum, Sallie (Stallings) Coleman, widow of .James Coleman and
daughter of Green and Amy (Jones) Stallings, born March 1, 1845, in Raleigh,
N. C. She married, third, September 22, 1887, in Cockrum, James Odom and
resides in Buntyn Station, Tenn.

James T. Trowbridge in his youth went to sea as a sailor. He then learned
the painter's trade, and in 1852 engaged in it in Chicago, 111., and later in Cairo,
111. During the Civil War he was employed in the navy yard at Memphis, Tenn.
From the time of his second marriage until his death he was engaged in farming
in Cockrum, Miss. He and his family were all members of the Methodist
Episcopal Church.

children :t

Bji first marriage:

A child, b. , 18,5- ; d. in infancy.

i. Daniel, b. , 185- ; d. young.

ii. Thomas, b. , 1.S.5-; d. young.

V. William, b. , 1S.5-; d. young.

V. Maryette, b. ■ . 180- ; m. , 1SS2, Thomas Perryman and resides

in Robinsonville, Miss.

vi. Caroline, b. . ISO- : d. young.

vii. George, b. , 180- ; d. young.

B;/ second marriage:
viii. Ella Elizabeth, b. Oct. 22, 18S0; m. Dec. 8, 1890, John H. Perryman and

resides in Robinsonville.
ix. Florence Louise, b. .Tune 8, 18S2 ; resides in Memphis, Tenn. ; unm.

' i. iii. T-vii born in Syracuse. N. Y. : ii in Phoenix, N. Y. ; iv in Binghamton, N. Y.
i-vil born in Memphis, Tenn. ; viii-ix in Coclirum, Miss.


516. Aaron Trowbridge (Daniel-'-, DanieP", James^-^, Daniel'-^'', James^"^,

William^'"', Thomas^), bom , 1S4-, in Eipley, N. Y.?; died December

23, 1884, in Sacramento, Cal. ; married Helen .*

Aaron Trowbridge was broiig'ht in childhood by his parents to Owosso, Mich.
He lived on a farm there until February, 1866, when he went to California.


i. Nellie, b. , ISO-?.

ii. Carrie, b. , ISG-?.

iii. George, b. • , 187-?.

iv. Mary, b. , 187-?.

V. Elizabeth, b. , 187-?.

517. AusTix Trowbridge (Daniel"-, Daniel^''*. James^-^, Daniel'^'"', James'""',

William'^'"', Thomas'^), born •, 184-, in Eipley, N. Y.?; resides in Perry

township (Morrice P. O.), Mich.; married, first, Louisa Waters. He married,
second, Adelaide I. Waters, a sister of his first wife.*

Austin Trowbridge was brought by his parents to Owosso, Mich., and was
reared on his father's farm near there. He is supposed to be the man of his
name who enlisted from Sliiawassee county during the Civil War in Company H,
2.3d Michigan Infantry, and was mustered out June 28, 1865. He is a fanner
near Morrice, Perry township, in that county.*

Bij first marriage:
i. Edith Ellen, b. , 187-?.

518. George Duane Baker Trowbridge (George W.-'*, Daniel^^*, James^-^,
Daniel^^'>, James'^o', William^'"', Thomas'-'), born April 29, 1844, in Preble, N. Y.;
resides in Conneaut, Ohio; married January 29, 1887, in Gananaqua, Canada,
Margaret Lyons, daughter of John and Mary (ilurray) Lyons, born September 1,
1854, in Kingston, Canada.

George B. Trowbridge when a little over seventeen years of age became a
soldier in the Civil War. He was enroUedf at Elmira, N. Y., May 13, 1861, for
three months as a private in Company D, 12th New York Infantry, which had
been organized April 23 at Homer, N. Y. He was in the first battle of Bull Kun
and received a cut in the face from a sabre. He re-enlisted at Homer November
1, 1861, for three years in Company E, 76th New York Infantry, and participated
in the battles of Fredericksburg, where he was shot in the right knee. Stone
Eiver and Gettysburg, where he was shot in the breast. He was also in many
other engagements. He is proprietor of the Travelers' Hotel in Conneaut, Ohio.

NO children.

519. Frank Clark Trowbridge (George W.= '*, DanieV^K James^-^, Daniel'^",
Jamfsios, William^'"^, Thomas^), born June 15, 1851, in Preble, N. Y.; resides
in Hamilton, N. Y. ; maiTied January — , 1880, in Syi-aeuso-. N. Y., Elizabeth

Hull, daughter of Perry and Elizabeth ( ) Hull, born November 14, 1854,

in Syracuse.*

Frank C. Trowbridge is proprietor of a sanitarium in Hamilton, N. Y.


i. Harriet, b. July 29, 18S3.
ii. Jennie, b. Sept. 21, 1885.

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t He was called simply Duane Trowbridge at his enrollment.


520. Edward IlADLEy Trowbeidge {Philander-''\ Asaliel'^"'^, William^-^,
Daniel^^", Ja»ies^°^, William^'"', Thomas'^), bom Jaiuiai-j- 19, 184G, in LaFayette,
N. Y. ; resides in Dowagiac, Mich. ; married December 25, 1867, in Decatur,
Mich., Athelia Edith Frances Rogers, daughter of Stilhnan Mansfield and Sarah
Ellen (Runkle) Eogers, born August 3, 1845, in Monterey, N. Y.

Edward H. Trowbridge came in childliood with his parents to Decatur, Mich.
Most of his life has been spent in a store, and he is at present a meat and
provision dealer in Dowagiac, Mich.


i. Eva Lavebne, b. .Jnue 20, 1874.

521. Theodore Trowbridge {Philander-''^, Asaltel^'^'', Williavi'^-^, Daniel^^",'-''^ William'^oo, Thomas'-), bom June 23, 1849, in Tully, K". Y. ; resides
in Decatur, Mich. ; mai-ried January 7, 1880, in Perry, N. Y., Sarah Emily
Bartlett, daughter of John Waters and Betsey L. (Bliss) Bartlett, bom
February 28, 1848, in Homer, N. Y.

Theodore Trowbridge came in early childliood with his parents to Decatur,
Mich., where he has since resided, and where he is at present engaged in the
grain arid commission business.


i. Bessie Rebecca, b. Sept. 16, 1881.
ii. Charles Bartlett, b. Jan. IG, 1884.

522. Harvey Trowbridge (PhUatider-'^, Asahen"''; WiUiam^"-^ Daniel"^
James^"", WilUam.'"'', Tliomas'^), bom October 17, 1851, in Tully, N. Y. ; resides
in Los Angeles, Cal. ; married August 27, 1873, in Macedon, N. Y., Mary Lydia
Chase, daughter of Benjamin and Lucretia (Laphain) Chase, born August 8,
1849, in Stillwater, N. Y.

Harvey Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his parents to Decatur, Mich.
He was for many years in the general mercliandise business and is at present a
grocer in Los Angeles, Cal. He and his family are members of the Presbyterian

children :

i. Harvey Lorenzo Chase, b. .July 24. 1874. in Lake Station, lud.
ii. Carrie Adelaide, b. Dec. 27, 1883, in Jackson, Mich.

523. Frank Edgar Trowbridge {Demelrius JV.-'*, AsalieP'^'^, \V illiam}'^ ,
Daniel^^'', James^"^, William''^'"', Thomas'^), bom November 10, 1852, in Lockport,
N. Y. ; resides in Toledo, Ohio; married February 9. 1875, in Lockport, Myra
Knowles, daughter of Jailey Philotus and Almira (Perry) Knowles, bom
August 29. 1856, in Lockport.

Frank E. Trowbridge was in the lumber and stave business in Northwestern
Ohio from 1874 until 1905, being associated with his father in that business. In
1880, upon the exliaustion of the timber, he engaged in life insurance business
and is at present special agent of tlie Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
Company of Milwauliee, Wis. He resides in Toledo, Ohio.

children born in TOLEDO, OHIO :

i. Mtra Charlotta. b. Nov. 30, 1870.

ii. Irene Helen, b. Feb. 1, 1880; ni. Sept. 1, 1900, Hal Bailey Browuell, 5I.D.,

and resides in Buffalo, N. Y.
iii. Donald Nettleton, b. Aug. 2, 1890.


52+. WiLLU.M BuRDicK TiiowBRiDGE (Theron"^'-, William^"', William'^-^,
Daniel'"', James'"'-', WilUam">", Thomas'), bom June 23, 1847, in Tully, i\. Y.;
resides in Topeka, Kan. ; married December 29, 1869, in McLean, N. Y., Laura
Aylcsworth Clark, daughter of Charles Volnoy and Eliza Ann (Hogeland)
Clark, born December 4, 1850, in Buffalo, iST. Y. ; died February 21, 1903, in

William B. Trowbridge attended tho public school in his native town until
he was fourteen years old. He was then for two terms at Cortland Academy and
took a course at Eastman's Business College in I'ouglikocpsie, N. Y". He then
went into railroading in Syracuse, N. Y. In 1873 he removed with his family to
Topeka, Kan., his present residence. He is a baggage master on the Santa Fe
railroad. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., the A. O. U. W. and the
K. and L. of S.


833. i. CuARLES R.,* b. Oct. 2, 1871.

625. Irving Trowbridge {Theron-^', William"'', William'-^, Daniel"",
James'"", William^"", Thomas'-), born October 2, 1856, in Tully, N. Y. ; resides
in Topeka, Kan. ; married February 17, 1884, in Carbondale, Kan., Amelia Hile,
daughter of John and Nancy Eansom (Smith) Hile, bom January 6, 1850, in
Groton, N. Y.

Irving Trowbridge for some years engaged in office work for the Railroad
Association at Topeka, Kan. He then bought a half-interest in a grocery busi-
ness in that city, with which he has since been occujiied. He is a member of the
I. O. O. F., the Woodmen and the A. O. U. W. In January, 1893, he united with
tlie Westminster Presbyterian Church of Topeka.


520. Aloxzo Smith Trowbridge (Seymour-'^-, William"''', William'-^,
Daniel"-", James'"", William""', Thomas'-), born January 27. 1850, in Clinton,
Wis. ; died January 12, 1898, in Syracuse, N. Y''. ; married October 15, 1872, in
Tully, N. Y., Ella Amelia Jones, daughter of Edmund Gillett and Eunice Ann
(Holly) Jones, born February 12, 1853, in Fabius. N. Y. She resides in Syracuse.

Alonzo S. Trowbridge after his marriage went to live in Syracuse, X. Y. He
was employed as a bookkeeper in that city until his death.


527. Isaac Longdvke Trowbridge (7s(w,c=«*, Ralph^"^, Ralph'^^, Calel'-'-'-,

James'"", William'"". Thomas'), born , 184-, in Olive, N. Y. ; died

February 25, 1885, in Shandaken. N. Y. ; married •, 186-, in Olive,

Emily Smith, who resides in Chichester, N. Y.f

Isaac L. Trowbridge was a farmer in his native town.

Edith, b. . 1869.

Edwix. b. . 187-.

Minnie, b. . 187

Kate, b. , 1S7-.

Isaac, b. . 188-.

children :

• Initial only.

t Failed to answer the compiler's letters.


528. Luther Trowbridge (Simeon''^^ Balph^^^, Balph^-^ Caleh"\ James^<>\
WilUam^'"', Thomas^), born March 17, 1843, in Stone Eidge, N. Y. ; resides in
Stone Eidge; married July 3, 1869, in Stone Eidge, Elizabeth Palen, daughter
of Hiram and Jane Maria (Wood) Palen, born Sei^tcmber 13, 1853, in Stone

Luther Trowbridge is a farmer in his native town. Stone Eidge, N. Y.


i. Russell, b. Sept. 6, 1S70 ; resides in Kingston, N. \'., where he is district

manager for the Equitable Life Assurance Company of New York ; unm.
ii. Lizzie, b. Mar. 27, 1872 ; d. Mar. 15, 187.5.
iii. Levina, b. July IS, 1874 ; d. Sept. 27, 187G.
iv. Hazzie John, b. Jan. 2, 1882.
V. Dory, b. July 29, 1887.

528a. Alonzo Tro\\'bridge {Hiram"^'', RalpK^'^'^ , Enlph^-^, Caleh'^'^'^, James^"^,
William^'"', Thomas^), born Seiatember 3, 1856, in Freeport, 111.; resides in
Toddville, Iowa; married April 5, 1885, in Cedar Eapids, Iowa, Euby Mills.

Alonzo Trowbridge is a farmer in Toddville, Iowa.*

children :

i. John, b. ■ , 188-.

ii. A daughter, b. , 188-.

529. Edward Alexander Trowbridge (John-'^''^, Elislia^'°, Caleb'^", Caleb^'^''-,
James'^o^ William'^'"', Thomas^), born August 3, 1835, in Waterburgh, N. Y.;
died December 31, 1905, in Englewood, N. J.; married May 4, 1868, in East
Bloomfield, N. Y., Helen Amelia Crooks, daughter of William Knox and Phebe
Levisa (Fisher) Crooks, born August 6, 184-1, in Warsaw, IS!". Y. She resides
in New York City.

Edward A. Trowbridge was a school-teacher forty years. He was a graduate
of the first advanced class of the Oswego, N. Y., normal school in 1868, and
taught in the Oswego public schools. He married and went to Keokuk, Iowa,
where he and his wife were for a number of years principal and precejitress,
respectively, of the Keokuk high school. He also studied under Dr. Lowell
Mason and taught vocal music and violin in the East.

children :

834. i. John William, b. Aug. 18, 1870, in Keokuk, Iowa.

ii. Edward Crooks, b. May 8, 1876, in Waterburgh, N. Y. ; resides in New York
City ; unm.

530. John Caleb Trowbridge {CaleV^, Elisha'-'"', Caleb^", Caleb'-^\ James"-"^,
William'^'"', Thomas^), bom April 14, 1847, in Clynier township,t Pa.; died
February 28, 1S79, in Ellc township,! Pa.; married January 4, 1871, in Elk,
Carrie Eliza Maynard, daughter of Dr. John and Abigail (Wliitney) ilaynard,
bom December 12, 1852, in Shippen township,t Pa. She married, second,
February 27, 1884, in WeUsborough, Pa., John Marion Purhen and resides in
Marshfield, Pa.

John C. Towbridge received his education at the high school in Westfield, Pa.,
and the Union Academy in Knoxville, Pa. He was a lumberman in his younger
days, but later in life was a farmer in Clymer and Elk townships, Pa. He
inherited his father's musical talent and like him was a good violinist.


835. i. Edward Caleb, b. Nov. 21, 1871.

ii. Grace Anna, b. Mar. 16, 1878; d. Oct. 20, 1878.

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters,
t Tioga county.


531. Samuel Dow Trowbridge (Caleh-'^^, Elisha^''", Calel'^", Caleh'^'^\

James^"^, William}'"', Thomas'^), born , 1850, in Clymer township,* Pa.;

died November 1, 1885, in Clymer; mai-ried May 17, 1880, in Sabinsville, Pa.,
Cora Putnam, daughter of James W. and Julia Ann (Melon) Putnam, born
December 10, 1859, in Woodhull, N. Y. She resides in Knoxville, Pa.

Samuel D. Trowbridg-e was a farmer in Clj-mer, Pa. Ho was fond of music
and was considered a good violinist.


i. Mabel Gekaldine, b. Mar. 21. 1881.
ii. Anna Dolores, b. Nov. 1, 1885.

532. WiLLUSi Sherman Trowbridge (Michigan-'"', Elisha}'", Caleb''-'',
Caleb'", James">\ William"">, Thomas'), born Febi-uary T, 18C5, in Meadville,
Pa.; resides in Meadville; married October '2, 1891, in Meadville, Ella McLaugh-
lin, who died September 8, 1906, in Meadville.

William S. Trowbridge is the proprietor of a large candy business in Meadville,
Pa., and manufactures the confection kno\vii as "Trowbridge's Chocolate Chips."


533. Prank Trowbridge (WiUinm £■.=", Elixha''"', Caleb'-'', Caleb""-, James">\
William""', Thomas'), born ^Mareh 22. 1869, in Ulysses, N. T. ; resides in Ulysses
(Perry City P. O.) ; married May 19, 1895, in Mecklenburgh, N. Y., Elizabeth
M. Bi-yan, daughter of Eugene and Hattie (Havens) Bryan, bom June 4, 1877,
in Mecklenburgh.

Franlc Trowbridge is a farmer and lives on the old Trowbridge homestead in
Ulysses, N. Y.


i. Clara Aliene, b. Aug. 31, 1896.
ii. William Eugene, b. Dec. 9. 1897.
iii. Nellie May, b. Aug. 30, 1S99.

534. Dr. Edward Gilbert Trowbridge (David-^-, Elisha'-''" , Caleb'-'', Caleh'"\
Jaines'"^, William""', Thomas'), bom Februai-y 7, 1S55, in Ulysses, N. Y. ;
resides in Chicago, 111. ; married April 26, 1898, in Chicago, J^ydia Hayes Jones,
daughter of William Patterson and Mary Elizabeth (Hayes) Jones, bom August
28, 1859, in Evanston, 111.

Edward G. Trowbridge during his youth lived at home in Tompkins county,
N. Y., where he attended school winters and worked on a farm by the month
during the summer. In 1876 he taught his first term of school, and during tlie
winters of 1876-7 and 1877-8 he taught in district schools. In the spring of
1879 he began attending the state normal school in Cortland, N. Y. He left
that institution in February, 1881, and went to the state normal school in
Ypsilanti, Mich., where he was graduated the following June. For the next
ten years he taught as principal in the graded schools of Michigan. In 1891 he
went to St. Paul, Minn., where he remained until 1894, a portion .of the time
being engaged in the stationery business. In the autumn of 1894 he entered the
Bennett Medical College in Chicago, 111., where he was graduated in 1897, and
then became house physician in Bennett Hospital. He is at present engaged in
the practice of his profession in Chicago.

NO children.
• Tioga county.


535. Elisha Owen Trowbridge {David-''-, Elisha^'", Caleh^-'', Caleh^'''^,
James^"^, William^'"', Thomas'^), bom January 9, 1859, in Ulysses, N. Y. ; resides
in St. Paul, Minn.; married July 7, 1885, in Newark Valley, N. Y., Matie
Evangeline Cole, daughter of William Ileni-y and Bessie Rounsville (Watson)
Cole, born July 7, 1867, in Owego, N. Y.

Elisha O. Trowbridge began teaching a district school near his native place
in Tompkins county, N. Y., in 1876. In 1878 he entered the state normal school
in Cortland, N. Y., and was graduated from that institution in 1881. He was
principal of the public school at McLean, N. Y., 1881-2; principal of the
Xewark (N. Y.) Academy, 1882-5; and principal of the public school at Smith-
boro, N. Y., 1886-8. In 1889 he entered the United States army as quarter-
master's agent at St. Paul, Minn., and served there until August, 1898. He was
ordered to Santiago, Cuba, August 15, 1898, and served in the quartermaster's
department, establishing a system of records for the new Department of Santiago.
He was on duty there until November 1, 1898, when he was taken ill with fever
and returned to St. Paul on November 10. He was ordered to Chickaraauga Park
January 15, 1899, and toured all the Southern military camps as chief clerk to
inspector, U. S. A. He was ordered to Cuba with Secretary of War Alger,
accompanying him on his inspection tour of Cuba, Jamaica and Porto Rico,
from March 6 to May 15, 1899. On July 1, 1899, he returned to his former
position at St. Paul. Minn., where he at present resides and holds the position of
chief clerk. United States army.


i. Elisha Haydn, b. June 7, 1886, in Meadville, Pa.; was graduated from the
St. Paul higb school in 1003 and from Minnesota State University in 1907.
While at the latter institution he was elected a member of the Alpha Tau
Omega fraternity. He is studying for the medical profe.ssion.

ii. William Kenneth, b. Jan. 30, 1898, in St. Paul, i\Iinn.

536. Daniel Ellsworth Trowbridge (David-^-, Elisha^'". Calel^"'', Calch'^^^,
James^"'', William'^°<', Thomas^), born October 22, 186.3, in Hector, Schuyler
county, N. Y. ; resides in Ganges, Mich.; married October 25, 1887, in Ganges,
Zelda Allen Jolmson, daughter of Capt. Alexander Allen and Lucretia (Cook)
Johnson, born September 8, 1867, in Ganges.

D. Ellsworth Trowbridge came to Michigan when he was a young man. He
is at present a provision dealer in Ganges, Mich.


5368. Fred Carlton Trowbridge (Levi H.-^^\ Elisha"", Caleh^-\ Cnleh^",
James"-"^, WiUiam^'"', Thomas^), born November 10, 1868, in Waterburgh. N. Y.;
resides in Eochester, N. Y. ; married July 4. 1906, in Eochester, Lillian Bundy
(Deyo) Cortright, daughter of Jeremiah M. and Emeline A. (Bundy) Deyo, born
July 12, 1875, in Eochester.

Fred C. Trowbridge is in business as a decorator and paper hanger in
Eochester, N. Y.


i. George Carlton, b. Mar. 13, 1907.

536b. Isaac Wlxom Trowbridge {Erasius-^-^. _ Sereno'^''^, Caleh'^-', CaleV^\
James''°\ William'""'. Thomas'), born September 22, 1826, in Wliitch.all. N. Y.;
resides in Hornellsville. N. Y. ; married Mary Jane Miller, daughter of Philip
Miller, born , 1820. in ; died May 21, 1907, in Hornellsville.


Isaac W. Trowbridge was for many years engaged in the blacksmith's business.
He has now retired and is residing at the home of his daughter in Homellsville,
N. Y. He is a veteran of the Civil War.*


836. i. Hiram, b. May 5, 1SG2.

ii. Olin, b. ■ , 186-?; is himbering in Wallow.a county. Ore.

iii. Mary, b. , 186-?; m. George JI. Everett and resides in Plornellsville,

N. Y.
Nine more children are deceased.

537. Caleb Dyer Trowbridge (Cyrenus-"^, Sereno'^''^, Caleb^-', Ca7e/)"\
James^"'', WilUam''"'', Thomas^), bom June 17, 1S26, in Howard, N. T. ; died
March 13, 1865, in Andover, N. Y. ; married March 5, 184C, in Howard, Elizabeth
Morgan, daugliter of Eeuben and Mary (Springer) Morgan, bom September
19, 1821, in Andover?; died April 13, 1874, in Avoca, :Nr. Y.

Caleb D. Trowbridge was a farmer first in Howard and later in Andover, N. Y.


837. i. James Ladroit, b. June 8, 1848, in Howard, N. Y.

ii. Mary, b. May 12, 1851, in Andover, N. Y. ; m. Apr. 5, 1SC8, Jobu II. Salmon
and resides in Corning, N. Y.

538. Calvin Ziba Trowbridge (Cyreiius-^^, Sereno^'^. Caleh^-'. Caleh^^^,
James^"^, William-""', Thomas'-), born March 5. 1829, in Howard, N. Y. ; resides
in Howard; man-ied October 1, 1849, in Howard, Henrietta Celia Trow-
bridge (No. 292b, v), daughter of Erastus and Susan? (Pratt) Trowbridge, born
January 21, 1829, in Whitehall, N. Y. ; died March 21, 1872, in Howard.

Calvin Z. Trowbridge has always engaged in farming, following that occupa-
tion in Allegany and Steuben counties, N. Y. He is at present residing with hia
youngest daughter in Howard, IST. Y.


i. Lucy Drucilla, b. Aug. 4, 1850: m., 1st, Mar. 5, 1872, Frank P. Rider of
Neils Creek, N. Y. ; m., 2d, Sept. 21, 1882, Holman Morgan; m., 3d, Dec.
30, 1905, Ezra Smith and resides in East Charleston, Pa.

ii. Augusta Acelia, b. Dec 7, 1854: m. July 13, 1882, Joshua W. Culver and
resides in Howard, N. Y.

838. iii. Lavern. b. Feb. 7, 1862.

iv. Forrado Fremont, b. Dec. 9, 1805 ; is a carpenter in Buffalo, N. Y. ; nnm.

539. Byron Harlow Trowbiudge (Cyrenus-^^, Screno"'-, Caleb^"~, Caleh'^'^,
James-'o'', William'^''", Thomas'), bom January 3, 1832, in Howard, N. Y. ; died
November 3, 1899, in Homellsville, N. Y. ; married October 12, 1856, in Howard,
Byanca Conderman, daughter of Abraham and Mahaley (Sweet) Condemian,
born October 28, 1840, in Howard. She resides in Homellsville.

Byron H. Trowbridge was a farmer and teamster for nian.v years in Howard.
N. Y. The latter part of his life he lived in Homellsville, N. Y.

children -.t

S.39. i. Robertson Fay, b. July 12, 1858.

ii. Caroline, b. June 3. 1861; d. Oct. 13, 1871, in Homellsville, N. Y.

840. iii. Ray, b. Feb. 26, 1862.

841. iv. James, b. Jan. 20, 1865.

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters, thus making it impossible to complete the records
of several generations of this branch of the family.

t i born in Burns, N. Y. ; ii in Wellsville, N. Y. : iil-Iv in IToivard, N. Y.
t i, il and iv born in Howard, N. T. ; iii in Anderson, N. Y.


540. Erastus Burl Trowbridge {Cyrenus-^^, Sereno"^, Caleh'^-', Caleh^'^'^,
James^'^', Vi'illiam'^^'', Thomas^), born March 15, 1834, in Howard, K". Y. ; resides
in Wellsville, N^. Y. ; married February 10, 1S61, in Almond, N. Y., Mary Maria
Cooper, daughter of James and Olive (Barnes) Cooper, born August 20, 1844, in
Williamsville, Pa.

Erastus B. Trowbridge is a carpenter and joiner. He is working at his trade
in Allegany and Steuben counties, X. Y., and resides at present near Wellsville
in the former county. -


S42. i. William Ellsworth, b. Mar. 29, 1862.

ii. Ida Mat, b. Jan. 12, 18C5; m. Aug. 6, 1882, Harry Wightman and resides in

Wellsville, X. Y.
iii. Floea Bell, b. May 20, 1868 ; m. Oct. 20, 1884, Richard Welch and resides
in Scio, N. Y.
843. iv. James Cyrekus, b. Aug. 12, 1871.
843a. v. Caleb Bltil, b. Oct. 20, 1873.

vi. Mary ELizABEin, b. Aug. 6, 1883 ; m. , 1902, Frederick Elvins and

resides in Bolivar. N. Y.t

541. Joseph Bartholomew TROWBRrocE (Cyrenus-^^, Sereno^''^, Caleh^-',

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