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CaZefei", James'^''^, WiUiam'">o, Thomas'^), born October 20, 1842, in Howard,
]Sr. Y. ; resides in Hornellsville, N. Y. ; married January 1, 1862, in Cohoc-
ton, N. Y., Calista Arabell Palmer, daughter of James Hamilton and Lucia
Abigail (Peck) Palmer, born May 13, 1846, in Howard.

Joseph B. Trowbridge is a carpenter and lives in Hornellsville, N. Y.


S44. i. Dell Hamilton, b. Aug. 5, 1865, in Howard. N. Y.

ii. Anna Bell. b. Feb. 17, ]80S, in Hornellsville, N. Y. ; m. July 5, 1884, Hawley
Solomon Pettibone and resides in Hornellsville.

541a. Wn.LL\M TROWBRrooE (David^^'^, Eeman^'-, Caleb'^-', Caleh^'''^, Jaines^'"-,

'William'^'"', Thomas^), bom July 14, 1846, in , Va. ; resides in Mozier,

HI. ; married , 1871, in Carrollton, HI., Nancy Lavinia Middaugh,

daughter of Benjamin and Anna (Hildreth) Middaugh, born September 1, 1855,
in Brown county, 111.

■William Trowbridge was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted March 10,
1865, as a private in Company G. 15th Hliuois Infantry, and was mustered out
September 16, 1865. He resides in Mozier, 111.$


i. Elmer, b. . 18 — ; m. , 1896, Susie Barnes and resides in Mozier,

ii. Altie. b. . 18 — ; m., 1st. , 1892, Wesley Clendenny of Mozier ;

m., 2d, , 1901, Thomas Barnes and resides in Mozier.

542. W.^TSOX Trowbridge (Theron-^^, Heman^'-, Caleh^-', Caleh^'^'^, James^"^,
WiUiam'^'"', Thomas'^), bom December 23, 1842, in Denmark. Iowa; resides in
Denmark; married November 22, 1882, in Quincy, 111., Clara Barbara (Luten-
berg) Fell, widow of James Fell and daughter of Charles and Margaret (Clem?)
Lutenberg, bom October 1, 1846, in St. Louis, Mo.; died July 12, 1902, in

* i born in Wellsville. N. Y. ; ii in Andover, N. Y. ; iii in Howard. N. X. ; iv-v in Alfred,
N. T. ; vi in Ward, N. Y.

t Failed to answer the compiler's letters,
t He failed to complete his family record.


Watson Trowbridge was a soldier in the Civil War, enlisting at the age of
nineteen from his native place in Company I, 30th Iowa Infantry. Prior to his
marriage he came to Quincy, lU., where he lived until recently, when he removed
to his present residence, Denmark, Iowa, where he is in business as a machinist.


i. Edward Watson, b. Sept. IS. 1SS3 ; is a draughtsman in Newark, X. J.

543. John Browx TROWBRrocE (Theron-^\ Heman^'-, Caleh^-', Caleh^^'^,
James^"", William'""', Thomas^), bom August 23, 1850, in Denmark, Iowa;
resides in Denmark; married, first, March 23, 1S76, in McAlester, Ind. Ter.,
Daisy Larry Jones, who died August 23, 1878, in Denmark. He married, second.
May 18. 1879, in West Point, Iowa, Elizabeth Christina Krehbiel, daughter of
John Charles and Katherine Barbara (Kaber) Krehbiel, bom May 15, 1855, in
West Point.

John B. Trowbridge has always lived in his native town, Denmark, Iowa, and

is engaged in the weU-drilling business.


Bp second marriage:*
i. Chablotta Ankis Dora, b. Apr. 11, ISSl; m. Mar. 25, 1903, Charles Henry

Wilson and resides in West Point, Iowa.
ii. Edith Maria, b. Feb. 1, 1SS3.
iii. LeRot John, b. Jan. 23, 1886.
iv. MTBrLE Agnes, b. June 11, 1898.

544. Charles Henry TEO^VBRIDGE (Watson-^^, Eeman^'-, Caleh'^-', CaleV'^'^,
James^"", William^'"', Thomas^), bom Jime 15, 1847, in Cincinnati, Ohio;
rpsides in Hannibal, Mo.; married April 6. 1869, in Quincv. 111.. Xancv Jane
Duffy. ...

Charles H. Trowbridge was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted from
Quincy, 111., May 10. 1864, for "100 days" in Company A. 137th Hlinois
Infantry. He was mustered out May 21, 1865, as a prisoner of war. He is a
member of tlie Duffy & Trowbridge Stove Manufacturing Company of Quincy,
m., makers of the "Golden Eule" stoves and ranges. His residence is in
Hannibal, Mo.f

545. Edward Watson Trowbridge {Watson-^^, Eeman^'-, Calel^-'. Caleh'^".
Jumes^"^, William'^oo, Thomas^), bom April 15, 1860, in Quincy, lU.; resides
in Quincy; married Xovember 19, 1886, in Quincy, Lucy Wells Benneson.

Edward W. Trowbridge resides in Quincy, lU., and is secretary of the Quincy
Towing and Coal Company.^

546. Clark Trowbridge {George TF.^'". Caleh^'^, Calel^^', Caleh"'^, James^°^,
William^'"', Thomas^), bom March 17, 1857, in Otsego township. Steuben county,
Ind.; resides in Dover township (Luther P. O.), Mich.; married October 21.
1893, in Cadillac. Mich., Carrie Ketcham. daughter of Eugene and Jane (Irwin)
Ketcham. born March 24, 1875, in Wexford county.* Mich.

Clark Trowbridge came at the age of thirteen with his father to Dover town-
ship. Lake county, Mich., near the present town of Luther, and is entitled to be
ranked as one of the pioneers of that coimty. He has lived there ever since.

* No children by first marriage.

t He failed to answer the compiler's letters, so It is not known whether thev had any

t Near Cadillac.


engaged in farming. He has a good farm of eighty acres, forty of which are
cleared and in fine state of cultivation, producing all the ordinary crops usually
grown on first-class land. He was a surveyor for two years in Minneapolis,
Minn., and has also been in the real estate business.

Mr. Trowbridge is regarded by his friends as a good neiglibor and is considered
a valuable citizen. He has held a number of town and county ofiices. He has
been a grand juror, highway commissioner, justice of the peace for eight years,
and is at present treasurer of Dover township and comity health officer. He is
also at present chairman of the Lake County Board of County Commissioners
and a member of the Lake County Eepublican Committee. He is also candidate
for the office of county sheriff, to which he will probably be elected. He has
always been fond of and prominent in athletics, and he is considered the best
boxer in his section of Michigan.


i. John Lawrence, b. Aug. IS, 1894.

ii. Samuel J.,* b. Dec. 11, 1895.

iii. Edward, b. July 24, 1807.

iv. Bertha Elizabeth. *. Way 15, 1809.

V. Irwin, b. Feb. 15, 1001.

vi. Gertrude, b. Nov. 9, 1005.

547. Morgan TROwBRroGE (Watson-^^ Caleh"^, CaIeh^-\ Calch^^\ James^"^,
William^'"', Tlwmas^), born July 3, 1857, in Metz, Ind. ; resides in Angola, Ind. ;
married December IG, 1883, in Metz, Althea Ann Shai-p, daughter of John and
Polly (Peters) Sharp, born May 21, 1862, in lleiz.

Morgan Trowbridge is a farmer in Angola, Ind.f

548. John M.*. Trowbridge {Morgan"^'*, Caleh^'\ Caleh^-', Caleb^^^, James"'^,
William^'"'. Thomas'^), born May 10, 1843. in Morgan county, Ohio; resides in
Wolcottville, Ind. ; married, first. May 25, 1SG4. in Lagrange, Ind., Margaret M.*
Davidson, daughter of Ephraim and Priscilla (Pitman) Davidson, born March 5,
1842, in Stark county, Ohio; died April 12, 1868, in Lagrange. He married,
second. May 25, 1870, in Flint, Ind., Mary W.* Keasey, daughter of David and
Margaret (Miller) Keasey, born June 15, 1844, in Franklin county. Pa. ; died
October 15, 1896, in Flint. He married, third. February 28, 1897, in Hamilton,
Ind., Susan (Haekett) Eoan, widow of Philip Roan and daughter of John and
Polly (Yockey) Haekett, born March 5, 1842, in Stark county. Ohio.

John M. Trowbridge attended the high school in Ontario, Lagrange county,
Ind., at that time the best school in Northern Indiana. He was a soldier in the
Civil War and was mustered in at Indianapolis May 28, 1864, as a recruit in
Company E, 100th Indiana Infantry. He marched 4,000 miles during his term
of service. He was in Sherman's march and was on the skirmishing line about
one-quarter of the time. He was sunstruck July 4, 1864, while on a forced
march between Marietta and the Chattahoochie river, Ga., and was struck on the
head by a musket ball at tlie battle of Atlanta. July 22. 1864. He was transferred
to Company A. 48tli Indiana Infantry, May 30, 1865. and was mustered out .luly
15, 1865. After leaving the anny he returned to his farm in Lagrange county.
After his second marriage he settled in Flint. Steuben county, where he lived a
number of years. He at present resides in Wolcottville, Lagrange county, Ind.

* Initial only.

t He failed to answer tlie compiler's letters, so it is not l;nown whether they had any


By first marriaye:
i. Morgan E.,t b. May 26, 1S6G ; resides in Wolcottville, liid.
ii. John M.,t b. Feb. 2S, ISOS ; d. Oct. 30, 1SS9.

By second niarriuge:t
iii. Symia Ellen, b. Jan. 23, 1S72.

iv. Nancy Jane, b. Oct. 2.5, 1S74 ; d. Jan. 12, 1809, iu Flint, lud. ; iinm.
V. Flora, b. Sept. 5, 1870.
vi. Watson, b. Aug. 8, 1880.

549. Albert Dork Trowbridge {Asher B.-'°", Watson^~*, Caleb^-', Galeh"'^,
James^"'", }ViUia7n'"'", Thomas^), bom October 16, 1871, in Clymer, Pa.; resides
in Clymer (Westfield P. O.) ; married July 3, 1894, in Corning, N. Y., Grace
Wright, daughter of James and Anna (Barlow) Wright, born October 9, 1875,
in Burdctte, N. Y.

Albert D. Trowbridge is associated with his father in conducting their farm of
ISO acres near Westfield, Pa., and their herd of registered cattle and sheeii. He
and his father also own a feed mill and cheese factory there.


550. Ray Robert TROWBEmcE {Onan^"^, Watson^'*, Caleh^-', Caiel*"^,
James^"^, William^'"', Thomas^), born August 7, 1874, in Clymer, Pa.; resides in
Clymer (Lansing P. O.), Pa; married August 24, 1895, in Troupsburgh, N. Y.,
Nora Belle Gamet, daughter of Albert and Arsula (Baker) Garnet, born
September 17, 1877, in Westfield, Pa.

Ray R. Trowbridge is a well-to-do fanner in Clymer township, near Westfield,
Tioga county. Pa.

children born in clymer, pa. :

i. Merle Onan, b. June 17, 1807.
ii. Carl, b. Aug. 24, 1900.

561. John Ernest Trowbridge {Onatv'O-^, Wa«so?ii", Caleh^-'', Calel"\
Jawies^"", William^'"', Thomas'^), bom January 5, 1876, in Clymer, Pa.; resides in
Potter Brook, Pa. ; mai-ried January 5, 1897, in Penn Yan, N. Y., Iva May
Havens, daughter of David Wilber and Rosetta (Gibson) Havens, born June 1,
1879, in Sunderlinville, Pa.

.John E. Trowbridge lived on a farm in Clymer until he was married, and
then moved to a fami in Hector, Pa., where he lived two years. In 1899 he
removed to Potter Brook, Tioga county. Pa., where he is at present engaged as a
speculator and dealer in live stock, hay and grain.

NO children.

552. WiLLL\M Ezra Trowbridge (Onaw-"'^, Watson"-'-^, Caleh^-', Caleh^'K
James'-''^, WiUinm'^'"', Thomas''-), born September 14, 1877, in Clymer, Pa.;
resides in Cljmier to\vmship (Westfield P. O.) ; married December 24. 1898. in
Mixtown, Pa., Fannie Ida Barber, daughter of ^lyron Patrick and Ida Margarita
(Davis) Barber, born May 14, 1883, in Jilixtown.

William E. Trowbridge is a farmer in Clymer township, near Westfield, Pa.

child born in clymer, pa. :
i. Basil Edwin, b. June 22, 1901.

* i-il born in Lagrange, Ind. ; iii-vi in Flint, Ind.

t Initial only.

4: No children by third marriage.



553. Henry Harrison Trowbridge (SamueV^"", Bufus^'"^, Keeler^-^, CaleV
James^"", William'""', Thomas^), bom September 16, 1840, in Bombay, N. Y.;
resides in Chester (Waupun P. O.), Wis.; married, first, September 21, 1867, in
Burnett Comers, Wis., Marianna Jones, daughter of John Jones, a native of
England. He married, second, April 2.5, 1875, in Burnett, Wis., Martha

Solmialiug, daughter of and Johaimah (Stock) Schmaling, bom

November 30, 1854, in Milwaukee, Wis.

Plenry H. Trowbridge came in 1855 to Wisconsin with his father, who settled
the following year near the present village of Waupun. Soon after the outbreak
of the Civil War he enlisted August 30, 1861, in Company G, 1st Wisconsin
Infantry. He served with the regiment until September 20, 1863, when he was
captured at the battle of Chickamauga. He was confined in Libby, Pemberton.
Danville, Andersonville (from March until September), Charleston and Florence;
and was exchang'ed December 13, 1864, having been a prisoner of war for 450
days. He received his discharge December 30, 1864. After leaving the army he
settled near Waupun, where he has since been engaged in farming. He is a
member of the I. O. O. F. and the G. A. E.

By first marriage:
i. Henry Lionel, b. Sept. 21. 1868; is a stationary engineer and electrician and
travels extensively installing engines and machinery in different parts of the
world ; resides in Waupun, Wis. ; unm.

By second marriage:
ii. Lydia Ann, b. June 1, 1876; m. Oct. 3, 1900, Adolph Frederic Schnasse and

resides in Boyd, Wis.
iii. Madel Johannau, b. Mar. 16, ISSl ; m. Apr. 9, 1903, Harvey James Haskins

and resides in Muscoda, Wis.
iv. Bertha Alice, b. Mar. 3, 1883 ; d. May 17, 1899 ; unm.
V. Anah Tracy, b. Nov. 12, 1889.
vi. Mildred Vivien, b. Aug. 1, 1891.

554. Edgar Lucius Trowbridge (SamueP"-, Rufus^'-', Keeler'^-^, Calel"'^,
James^"^, William'-'''', Thomas'), born Jidy 24, 1845, in Canton, N. Y. ; resides
in Waupun, Wis. ; married April 4, 1871, in Waupun, Mary Hamilton, .daughter
of Joseph and Lydia (Cook) Hamilton, born May 6, 1848, in Winhall, Bennington
county, Vt.

Edgar L. Trowbridge when he was ten years old came with his father to a fann

near the village of V.^aupun, Wis., where he married and has lived ever since.

He is a farmer.

children born in waupun, wis. :

i. Alonzo, b. Feb. 15, 1880.
ii. Frank, b. Aug. 20, 1883.

555. Sidney Samuel Trowbridge (Samm-l-"'-, Rufus''\ Keeler'-^, Calel'"'-,
James'"^, William'""', Thomas^), bom August 1, 1852, in Canton, N. Y.; resides
in Seymour, Wis. ; married November 28, 1876, in Beaver Dam. Wis., Henrietta
De Young, daughter of Joseph and Levina (Horn) De Young, born October 15,
1853. in Beaver Dam; died December 26, 1902, in Seymour.

Sidney S. Trowbridge came in childhood to Wisconsin with his father, who
settled on a fann in Chester township, near the present village of Waupun. He
grew to manhood, married, and settled in that township. He was engaged in
fanning there until a few years ago. He then bought a farm near Seymour,
seventeen miles west of Green Bay, Wis., where he lives at present. His farm is
near tlie town, in which he also owns otlier property.















i. Elmer Jay, b. June 27, 1878.

ii. Lucy Ann, b. JIar. 11, 1884.

iii. Sherman Samuel, b. Jan. 22, 1801.

556. EuFUs Trowbridge (Prosper^"^, Bufus'^'^, Keeler^-^, Caleh'^^'^, James^"^,
William^'"', Thomas^), bom April 4, 1838, in Edwardsville, N. Y. ; resides in
Beaver City, Neb. ; married October 11, IStil, in Waterloo, Iowa, Nancy Jane
McCutcheon, daughter of George and Elizabeth Baird (Fraim) ilcCutcheon,
born May 29, 1848, in Onarga, 111. ; died November 26, 1898, in Wikonville, Neb.

Eufus Trowbridge has always been engaged in farming. When about twenty-
one years of age he went with his mother and step-father to Waterloo, Iowa. He
settled there after his marriage, removing in 187.3 to Wilsonville, Neb., where
he lives at present.


i. Levi Alvaro, b. Oct. 13, 1SG2 ; is farming witli his next brottier in Decatur,

Neb. ; unm.
Prosper Franklin, b. Jan. 27, 1865.
Social Sheridan, b. Jan. 21, 1867.
Clarissa Orvilla, b. Jan. 31, 1870 ; d. Apr. 1, 1890, in Wilsonville, Xeb. ;

Winnie, b. Dec. 31, 1872 ; d. Mar. 17, 1S73.
iliLLicENT Amy, b. Jan. 19, 1874 ; m. Apr. 0, 1902, Albert DeWitt and resides

in South Omaha, Neb.
W'lLLiAM Tracy, b. Jan. 29, 1877; d. Nov. 27, 1882.
RUFUS Ray, b. Dec. 24, 1879 ; d. Sept. 2, 1883.
Walter Adelbert, b. Sept. 27, 1882 ; d. Apr. 7, 1884.
Grace Annabel, b. Sept. 23, 1885.
Edith Hope, b. Mar. 20, 1889.

557. William Trowbridge (Prosper^"^, Eufus'^'^, Keehr^-^, Cale'b'^'-^, James^°'\
^^illiam^'"', Thomas^), born October 20, 1847, in Edwardsville, N. Y. ; resides in
Carroll, Iowa; married September 17, 1879, in Carroll, Ida lirtiey Gilley. daughter
of William and Leah (ilohler) Gilley, born October 1, 1860, in Carrollton, Iowa.

William Trowbridge was about twelve years old when he went with his mother
to Waterloo, Iowa, and he worked on the farm near there up to 1862. On
September 6, 1862, he tried to enlist in the army, but was rejected as too young,
he not being quite fifteen years old. He cooked for the soldiers, however, until
they were ordered to the front, and then came home and worked on the farm until
February 24, 1864. He enlisted that day for three years in Company C, 32d
Iowa Infantry. He served seventeen months, and was then promoted to corporal
and was transferred to Company II, 8th Iowa Infantry. He was in all the
battles, skirmishes and marches in which his command participated during the
last eighteen months of the war, among which were Tupelo, Miss., Old Town
Creek, the battle of Nashville, Price's raid and tlie siege of Mobile, being in the
charge on Fort Blakely.

After returning home, he again took up farming. In 1873 he engaged in the
hardware business in Carroll, Iowa, and conducted it until 1893. Since then he
has been in the general real estate and fire insurance business in Carroll. He
was elected for three terms to the city council of Carroll. He was then elected
county treasurer for two terms, four years, on the Republican ticket, his county
at that time having a Democratic majority of five hundred. He recently com-
pleted a three-year term as a member of the hoard of supervisors of Carroll
county. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity. He has taken much interest
in the compilation of this genealogy.

* i-v born in Waterloo, Iowa ; the others in Wilsonville, Neb.



i. Blanche Leah, b. Aus. 10, 1880; m. .Time 20, 1907, Jonathan Edward

Brunei', M.D., and resides in Carroll,
ii. Emma Margaret, b. Aug. 2"J, 1882; m. June 7, 1905, Clarence Orlo Dawson

and resides in Mason City, Iowa,
iii. William Harrison, b. Mar. 13, 1893.

558. John Sharp Trowbridge {Prosper'"'^, Rufus^'^, Keeler^-^, Caleb^^\
James^^, WiUkim'""', Thomas'^), boni Au^st 3, 1848, in Edwardsville, N. T.;
died August C, 1900, in Carroll, Iowa; married July 24, 1879, in Des Moines,
Iowa, Melissa Viola Townsend,* daughter of Jonathan and Rachel (Eidgeway)
Townsend, bom January 14, 1854, in Monrovia, Ind.; died June 1, 1901, in

John S. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his mother to Waterloo, Iowa, and
was brought up on his step-father's farm. After his marriage he engaged in the
restaurant business in Hampton, Iowa, until 1887, when he returned to Waterloo,
where he continued in the same business for one year. He then sold out, and
lived on a farm near Waterloo until his removal to Lake City, Iowa, in 1897. He
was there engaged in fanning at the time of his death, which occurred at the
home of his brother William in Carroll, Iowa. He was a member of the
Methodist Episcopal Church.


i. Nelson Claud, b. June 7, 1880.

847. ii. Clifford John, b. Aupr. 13. 1882.

iii. Clyde Morris, I). Oct. 8. 1884.

iv. Clayton George, b. Jan. 27, 1888.

V. William Clarence, b. Sept. 15, 1891.

. 559. Nelson Trowbridge {Prosper^"^, Rufus^'^, Eeeler'^-^, Galeb'^'^'^, James^"^,
William'^'''', Thomas'^), born May 8, 1850, in Edwardsville, N. Y. ; resides in
Sanborn, Iowa; married August 5, 1883, in Hartley, Iowa, PrisciUa Thomas,
daughter of Eev. Thomas and Marie (Owens) Thomas, born January 9, 1854,
in Wales.

Nelson Trowbridge came in childhood with his mother and step-father to
Waterloo, Iowa, and he grew to manliood on their farm. He learned the barber's
trade and has been in that business for about thirty-five years in Sanborn, Iowa.

children born in SANBORN, IOWA :

i. Robert, b. June 8, 1885.

ii. Tracy, b. Sept. 11, 1888.

iii. Ida, b. Aug. 19, 1891.

iv. Farley, b. Mar. 12, 1894.

v. George, b. June IS, 1897.

560. Safford Wood Trowbridge {Pardoii^"^, Eufiis'^''. 7iee/er'-*, Caleh'^'^'^,
James^"^, William'^'"', Thomas'^), born .January 18, 1845, in Bombay, N. T. ; died
February 1, 1890, in Highland Station, Kan. ; married November 12, 1872, in
Muscotah, Kan., Ellender Wills, daughter of Alexander and Sarilda (Abeney)
Wills, born August 14, 1853, in Irvine, Ivy. She married, second, November 29,
1899, in White Cloud. Kan., William Tracy. She married, third, March 19, 1907,
in Troy, Kan., Isaac Jackson and resides in Seibert, Colo.

Safford AV. Trowbridge at the age of ten years went with his parents to
Wisconsin. He was brought up on his father's farm in Chester township, near

* A sister of the wife of No. 1377. the latter and No. 55S not being related by Trowbridge

t i-iii born in Hampton. Iowa ; iv-v in Waterloo, Iowa. They are all farming in Seneca
township (Bancroft P. O.), Kossuth county, Iowa, and all but 11 are unmarried.


Wanpim. He enlisted there for three yeaI•^; during tlie Civil War in Company A,
32d Wisconsin Infantry. He was with his regiment during its term of service
and was mustered out June 12, 1865. He learned the trade of a blacksmith in
Waiipun. In the fall of 1808, in company with his brother Charles, he went to
Highland Station, Kan., where he settled after his marriage. He followed his
trade io that town until his death. He united with the Methodist Episcopal
Church when he was about seventeen years of age. He was a member of the
I. O. O. F. and the Encampment.


i. Alfred James, b. Sept. 10, 1873 ; d. Aug. 12, 1874.

ii. Katie Elizabeth, b. Aug. 2. 1875: m. Aug. 11. 1891, Loren Peabody Myre

and resides in Highland Station.
848. iii. William Thomas, b. Oct. 24, 1877.

iv. Sarah Eliza, b. Sept. 19, 1879; m. Mar. 14, 1894, David Guy and resides

in Highland Station.
V. Effie Mae, b. Mar. 2. 1881 ; m. Oct. 31, 1899. Marvin Wesley Blackmer and

resides in Center, Colo,
vi. Mabel Clara, b. Apr. 19, 1883: m. July 4, 1899, John Nowles and resides

in Highland Station,
vii. John Safford. b. Apr. 24. 1885 : is a dry goods clerk in St. Joseph. Mo. ; unm.
viii. Hester Ellen, b. Aug. 5. 1890; m. Mar. 9, 1907, Albert Zimmerman and

resides in Highland Station.

561. Johx TROWBRrocE (Pardon^"*, Riifiis'^'^. Keeler^"^, CaZefo"',
James'^"\ WIUlam''-^°. Thomas^), bom September 10, 1849, in Bombay, N. Y.;
died March 3. 1905, in York, Xeb. ; married July 4, ISTT. in Hopkins, Mo.,
lieliecca Susan Dilley, daughter of Koah and Judy (Montgomery) Dilley, born
February 20, 1857. in Kirksville, Mo. She resides in York.

Charles J. Trowbridge went in boyhood with his parents to their farm near
Waupun, Wis. His parents died when he was a little past seven years of age,
and shortly after their death he went to live with Luther Butts, about two and
one-half miles from Waupun. He lived with him until February, 1866, when he
and his brother Saflford went t-o Minnesota and spent that summer in the little
to\vn of Plainview. In the fall the latter returned to Waupun and he went to
work on the farm of his sister Mrs. Duer near Trempealeau, Wis. He remainetl
there until the fall of 1868, when he and SafTord went to Troy. Kan. He learned
the blacksmith's trade and lived in Kansas and Xebraska until April. 1875, when
he went to Hopkins, Mo., remaining there until September. He then went to
Conway, Iowa. He continued to live there after his marriage and until March,
1884. when he came back to jSTebraska and entered the employ of the Burlington
and Mis.souri River Railroad Company. He and his family lived at Teeumseh,
Neb., until the sjiring of 1885, when they moved to Humboldt. He removed from
there to McCool, York county, jSTeb., in January, 1888, and from there in
October. 1S91. to York. Neb., where he made his home the remainder of his life.

children :*

849. i. Albert Pete. b. Mav 12, 1878.

ii. James, b. Feb. 4. 1880: d. Sept. 21. 1880.

iii. Herman, b. Aug. 3. 1881 : is a locomotive fireman. He was for one year in
the employ of the Chicago and Northwestern Railway Company, before going
to Two Harbors. Mich., three years ago. where he has since been in the
employ of the Duluth and Iron Range Railroad Company. He is a member
of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen. He is unmarried.

iv. Blanche, b. May 1, 1885.

• i-iii born in Conway. Iowa : iv in Humboldt. Neb.


562. Franklin Henry Trowbridge (Pardon^"'^, Bufus^''^, Eeeler'' - ^, Caleh^'^'^,
James^"^, William'^"°, Thomas-), bom January 14, 1853, in Bombay, N. Y. ;
resides in Kanawha, Iowa ; married March 11, 1877, in Stratford, Iowa, Jessie
Love Ross, daughter of Iluitt and Sarah (Sargent) Ross, bom September 17,

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