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1855, in Attica, Ind.

Franklin II. Trowbridge came in childhood with his parents to Waupun, Wis.
In early manliood he went to Iowa, and married and settled in Stratford,
Hamilton county. He moved from there to Renwick, Humboldt county, and
from there to Kanawha, Hancock county, where he lives at present. He has
always been a farmer.


i. Lena Wood, b. Mar. 23, 1879 ; m. May 17, 1897, Edward Ijoobey and resides
in Renwick, Iowa.

563. Alfred Jay Trowbridge {Pardon^"*, Bufns^'"^, Keeler^-^, Calel^'^'-,
James^'"-, William^'"', Thomas^), born October 5, 1855, in Janesville, Wis.;
resides near Yates Center, Kan. ; married December 12, 1870, in Booneville, Iowa,
Rachel Black, daughter of William and Mary (Bernhart) Black, bom October
12, 1858, in Van Meter, Iowa.

Alfred J. Trowbridge loft Wisconsin at the age of sixteen years and went to
Highland Station, Kan., where he worked one year at the blacksmith's trade with
his brother Safford. He then went to Iowa, where he remained until his
marriage. After his marriage he went back to Highland Station and was for a
year in partnersliip with his brother, but then, for the sake of his wife's health,
he returned to Iowa. He lived close to Booneville for four or five years, then in
Stratford two years, and then, in 1886, came to Patterson, where he engaged in
blacksmithing and wagon-making. He held the office of city marshal there for
several years. On November 30, 1907, he removed to Woodson coimty, Kan.,
and bought a house with three acres of land and a blacksmith shop nine miles
nortlieast of Yates Center, where he is cari-ying on his former business. He is a
member of tlie Modem Woodmen of America.

children :*

i. Mary Jane, b. Dec. IS, 1877; m. Nov. 23, 1897, L. Butler Phillips and resides

in Woodson county (Yates Center P. O.^, Kan.

ii. Florence Eliza, b. Jlay 7. 1880 ; d. Aug. 7. 1881.

ill. Rachel Effie, b. Jan. 14, 1882: m. Sept. 19, 1906, Carl E. Bell and resides

in Madison county ( Winterset P. O. ) , Iowa,

iv. Minnie Frank, b. Mar. 0. 1881 ; d. Mar. 28, 1886.

V. Dally Ioma, b. Dec. 23, 1887.

vi. Cl.\ra Emma, b. May 3, 1S89.

vii. Carrie Amy-, b. .Tune 3. 1891.

viii. Edna May, b. July 1, 1893.

ix. Alfred Harold, b. .luly 15, 1895; d. Jlay 25, 1896.

X. Faith Alfreda. b. Dec. 15, 1896.

xi. Jessie Lenore, b. Nov. 4, 1899.

xii. Rebecca Marion, b. May 9, 1904.

564. Henry Olr-er Trowbridge (Hcnry-">\ Henry P.^^", Keehr^-\ Caleb^^^,
James^"'^, William'^'"', Tliomas^). born February 15, 1850, in Jackson township,
Tioga county. Pa.; resides in Jackson township (Millerton, Pa., P. O.) ; married
February 9, 1880, in Millerton, Elvira Seeley, daughter of George and Hannah
(Miller) Seeley, born April S, 1847, in Millerton.

Henry 0. Trowbridge grew to manhood and settled in the township in which
he was born. A year after his marriage he was appointed station agent and
postmaster at Trowbridge, Jackson township. Pa., and held those positions for

* i born in Highland Station. Kan. ; ii in Washington county. Kan. ; iii near Booneville,
Madison county, Iowa ; iv in Stratford, Iowa ; the others near Patterson, Madison county.


eight years. He then purchased two farms one and one-half miles from Trow-
bridge, where he now resides and is engaged in farming and dairying, giving
also some attention to the subject of invention.


i. Candace, b. Apr. 11, 1883 ; m. Harry Hill and resides in Jackson township.

665. Lemuel Albert Trowbridge {Hennf'^, Henry P.^'*, Keeler^^^, Caleb'^'^'^,
James^"^, William'^'"', Thomas'^), born April 13, 1866, in Jackson township, Tioga
county. Pa.; resides in Jackson township; married November 28, 1893, in
Ehnira, N. Y., May Harriet Bailey, daughter of Han-ison and Minerva
(Stoddard) Bailey, born September 19, 1870, in Middlebury, Pa.

Lemuel A. Trowbridge was brought up on the old homestead near Trowbridge,
Jackson township. Pa., where he at present resides. He was appointed post-
master there in 1895, and held tliat position until recently, when that office was
discontinued. He is secretary of the Jackson Center Creamery Company


i. Sara, b. Oct. 15, 1894.

ii. Minerva, b. May 18, 1896.

iii. George, b. Oct. 24, 1898.

566. William Hexry Trowbridge (William H.^"''', Stephen'''"*, Isaac^^'',
Jolui^^", James'"'^, William'-'"'. Thomas''), born June 25, 1845, in Newijort, E. I.;
died December 28, 1886, in Syracuse, N. Y. ; married May 24, 1866, in Syracuse,
Eliza Bail, daughter of John and Elizabeth (West) Bail, born September 1, 1844,
in Syracuse. She resides in Syracuse.

William H. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his mother and step-father to
Syracuse, N. Y. He went to sea at the age of eleven and made a two years'
voyage. He returned to Syracuse, where he passed through the grammar schools
and at the same time learned the silversmith's trade under his step-father,
Stephen Colwell. At the age of sixteen he became a soldier in the Civil War.
He enlisted August 31, 18C1. in Company II. 14th New York Infantry. He
served in the Army of the Potomac and was in all those great battles in which
his regiment participated, and was discharged August 30, 1863.

On reaching home he immediately re-enlisted September 14, 1863, in Com-
pany I, 15th New York Cavalry, in which he was appointed sergeant. He
served in the Shenandoah and adjacent valleys, and participated in all the battles
and skirmishes from Upperville to Lacy's Springs in 1864, including Winchester,
and was with Sheridan from Winchester to Five Forks. He was in all the
engagements up to Lee's surrender, his regiment receiving the first truce sent
out from Lee's headquarters on April 9, 1865. He w-as in the grand review at
Washington, after which his regiment and the 6th New York were consolidated
into the 2d New York Provisional Cavalry and were sent to Louisville, Ky., to
do provost duty. He was mustered out August 9, 1865.

He returned to Syracuse, learned the machinist's trade, and entered the shops
of the New York Central Railroad Company in that city, where he was employed
until his death. He was a member of the Fourth Presbyterian Church of
Syi-acuse and of Root Post. No. 151, G. A. R., of which he was an officer of the
guard at the time of his death.


i. William Henry, b. Apr. 13, 1867; d. .Inly 18, 1867.
ii. Stephen Alonzo, b. Mar. 5, 1870 : d. Nov. IG, 1874.
850. iii. Charles William, b. Nov. 16, 1875.


567. James Hoyt Thovvbridge {Jahez'^"^, James^^", Stephen^^-, Samuel^'^^,
Samuel^"*, William^"", Thomas^), born July 27, 1799, in Bethel, Conn.; died
May 3, 1877, in Bethel ; married Auun^ist 17, 1820, in Bethel, Mary Banks, daugh-
ter of Joseph and Hannah (Hoyt) Banks, born July 4, 1799, in Bethel; died
November 21, 1859, in Stamford, Conn.

James H. Trowbridge in early life was a hatmaker in Bethel, Conn., his native
place. He later engaged in the grocery business in Stamford, Conn., in which
he continued for a number of years. He tlien returned to Bethel, where ho was
engaged in farming up to the time of his death.


851. i. WrtiiAM Henry, b. Feb. 2, 1822.

ii. Mart Jane, b. Sept. 19, 1823 ; resides in Bethel, Conu. : uum.
iii. Samuel Hoyt, b. Nov. 22, 1827 ; d. Feb. 15, 1838.

852. iv. James Augustus, b. Aug. 2G, 183-t.

568. Daniel Davis Trowbridge (Jahez^"^, James^^", Stephen^''-, Samuel^^^,
Samuel'"'^ William^^'o, Thomas^), born May 18, 1801, in Bethel, Conn.; died
November 29, 1884, in Bethel; married August 4, 1859, in Saratoga Springs,
N. Y., Sarahi Stone Judd, daughter of Sherman and Naomi (Hoyt) Judd, born
April 6, 1813, in Milton, N. Y. ; died September 20, 1881, in Bethel.

Daniel D. Trowbridge was engaged in farming all bis life in his native place.
Bethel, Coim.


5<!!). Eli Taylor Trowbridge (Jahez^"^, J«nie.s"", Stephen^^-, SamueP^^,
Samuel^"*, William'""', Thomas^), bom October 2, 1803, in Bethel, Conn.; died
March 3, 1871, in Bethel; married October 4, 1843, in Bethel, Betsey Eliza Judd,
daughter of Phineas and Sarah (Silliman) Judd, born December 23, 1804, in
Bethel; died July 4, 1868, in Bethel.

Eli T. Trowbridge lived all his life in Bethel, Comi., his native place. He
was a farmer.

NO children.

570. Horace Trowbridge (Jahez^"^, James'^^". Stephen^^-, Samu-eP",
SnrrDicl^"*, Willimn^"". Thomas^), born January 17, 1812, in Bethel, Conn.; died
October 10, ISSl, in Bethel; married, first, July 17, 183C, in Newtown. Conn.,
Amanda Benedict, daughter of Elam and Lydia (Beebe) Benedict, born Novem-
ber 26, 1810, in Newtown ; died March 29. 1864. in Bethel. He married, second,
August 28, 1864, in Bethel, Jennette Babbitt, daughter of Isaac and Eimico
(Dunning) Babbitt, born April 26, 1819, in Brookfield, Conn. ; died December 20,
1872, in Bethel. He married, tliird, April 17, 1873, in New York City, Mary
Ann (Baldwin) Hipwell, widow of William Hipwell and daughter of Ambrose
and Abigail (Camp) Baldwin, born August 2. 1812. in Troy, N. Y. ; died
February 27, 188S, in Bridgeport. Conn.

Horace Trowbridge resided all of his life in his native place. Bethel, Conn.
He was a hatmaker by trade and was also engaged in farming. He and his first
wife and sister Laura Trowbridge, and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Benedict, composed
the first Methodist class in Bethel in the winter of 1837. He was unremitting
in the efforts he put forth to build up tlie Methodist Episcopal Church in Bethel.
He had a great love for nature and knew every tree, flower and bird, at least by
their common names. He rarely returned from a walk or drive without wild

* i-ii born in Bethel, Conn. ; iii-iv in Stamford, Conn.


flowers and branches of trcc«, something that had caught his fancy; and it was
a pleasure to go out with him, as nothing escaped his eye. If ho had been trained
he would have been a naturalist. He was especially fond of roses, cultivating
almost every variety. He liked solid reading and liis library consisted mostly of
religious books, books of travel, history and biography. He lived a quiet, modest
life and his influence was always for good.

Bf/ fir!<t }}i(irri(i(/r:*
i. Oscar, b. .July 13, ISi'.S ; d. Sept. l.'i, lS.")!t, iu Ketlipl ; unm.
853. ii. Samuel Hoyt, b. Sept. 12, 1S40.

iii. Caroline Amanda, b. Dec. 14, 18,50 ; il. aged 14 niunths.

Adopted child born in danbury. conn :
iv. Caroline BENEDiCT.t b. June 17, 18.")2 ; is a well-known landscape ai-tist ;
resides in I'hoenix, Ariz. ; umn.

571. Ira Trowbridoe (EliaUm I>.='»^ James^'^'', Stephen'^^^, 8amueU",
Samu-eno\ William^"". Thomas'^), born November 5, 1808. in Bethel, Conn.; died
July 19, 1874, in Bethel; married November 1, 18.31, in Bethel, Mary Susan
Beacham, daughter of George and Lydia (Durant) Bea chain, bom Seiitember
13, 1813, in New York City; died March 7, 1883, in Bethel.

Ira Trowbridge resided all of his life in Bethel, Conn., his native place. He
was a hatter.


i. Ltdia Almera, b. Ang. 14, 1833 ; in. Nov. 10, 1851, Lowell Mason Nichols of

Williamsburgh, N. Y.
ii. Mary Elizabeth, li. .Tune 19, 1830; d. .Tan. 12, ISoC, in New York City; unm.
iii. Helen Amelia, b. Sept. 10. 1838; m. Nov. 19, 1850, Joseph Treadwell of

Danbury, Conn,
iv. Leonora Adelaide, b. Oct. 18, 1842 ; resides in Bethel ; unm.
V. Jerome Bonap.\rte. b. May 12, 1846 ; wa.s a hatter ; d. Apr. 6, 1876, in Bethel ;

vi. .Julia Ellis, b. Jan. 14, 1849 ; m. May 14. 1867. David Munson Wood of

vii. Kate Green, b. Feb. 2, 18.55 ; m. Nov. 26, 1875, Edson Joel Hunt of Bethel.

572. George Stephen Trow'bridge (Elial-im l).'-'"'-'. Jnmes^'''', Stephen"-,
Samuel"^, Samuel^"*, William'^'"', Thomas"^). bom January 15. 1822, in BetJiel,
Conn. ; died April 9, 1882. in Bethel ; married November 5. 1851, in Ridgefield,
Conn., Elizabeth Keeler, daughter of Thomas Smith and Mary Emily (Gilbert)
Keeler, born October 3, 1833, in Ridgefield. She married, second, September
16, 1884, in Malta, 111.. James Orput, and died October 5, 1892, in Malta.

George S. Trowbridge was a hatter. He resided all his life in his native place,
Bethel, Conn.


854. i. Charles Keeli:r, b. Oct. 10. 1852.
8.55. ii. Frank Green, b. Mar. 15. 1850.

iii. Leroy Gilbert, b. June 11, 1863; d. June 2, 1874.

573. Samuel William Trowbridge (Jeremiah T.^'^". SamueP^'^. Stephen"^,
SamueP", SamueV-"*. William'^"°, Thomas'^), bom September 4, 1819, in New-
town, Conn.; died June 17. 1900. in Waterbury, Conn.; married November 26.

* No children by second or third marriages.

t She was Ella Jane Benedict and is a daughter of Luke and Mary H. ( Porter) Benedict,
and niece of No. .570's first wife, who adopted her in infancy after the death of her daughter
No. ill. Mrs. Mary H. ( Porter i Benedict was a daughter of No. 188, i.


1844, in Newtown, Mary Prindle, daughter of Lewis Beers and Betsy (Ferris)
Prindle, born February 23, 1820, in Xewtown; died October 21, 1900, in

Samuel W. Trowbridge married and settled in his native place, Xewtown,
Conn. In 1S55 he removed with his family to Waterbuiy, Conn., and resided in
that city the remainder of his life. He was a bookkeeper.


i. Jtxlia Fraxces, b. Feb. 27, 1S47, in Newtown, Conn. ; d. Oct. 7, 1855.
ii. Chakles Hexby, b. Jan. 3, 1849, in Newtown ; d. Mar. 23, 1854.
856. iii. Frank Hexby, b. June 4, 1856, in Waterbury, Conn.

574. Edwin Booth Trowbridge (Jeremiah T."", Samitel^^'^, Stephen}^-,
Samuel"^, SamueP"*, William^"^, Thomas'), born August 21, 1831, in Newtown,
Conn. ; died August 25, 1869, in Danbury, Conn. ; married November 3, 1852, in

Bethel, Conn., Susan Clarissa Uj'att, daughter of Daniel and Hannah ( )

Hyatt, bom , 183-, in Bethel; died June 18, 1863, in Newto\vn.

Edwin B. Trowbridge learned the hat trade in Bethel, Conn. During the
Civil War he enlisted in the 16th New York Cavalry and was employed princi-
pally in scouting. It was a detachment of Company L of this regiment that
captured John Wilkes Booth, the assassin of President Lincoln. After his
discharge from the anny he returned home and resumed his trade, which he
followed until his death.


i. Susan Clabissa, b. June 18, 1863 ; m. K. S. Cusack and resides in Orange,
N. J.»

575. Nehesiuh Conklek Trowbridge (Stephen 5.'", Stephen}^-, Stephen}^-,
Samuel"\ SamueV^ William^'"', Thomas^), born July 21, 1821, in North East,
N. Y. ; died April 19, 1897, in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; married September 5, 1843,
in Poughkeepsie, Phebe Wilkinson, daughter of George and Khoda (Doughty)
Wilkinson, bom ilarch 22, 1826, in Beekman, N. Y. She residas in Pouglikeepsie.

N. Conklin Trowbridge came at the age of thirteen with his father to Pough-
keepsie, N. Y., and grew to manhood in that city. He became a member of the
firm which was established in 1810 by his uncles Nathan and !Mulford Conklin.
After the retirement of his father, he was associated with his brother John for
some years in the firm of Trowbridge & Co.

Mr. Trowbridge was a man of gentle and retiring disposition and never held
public office. During his business career he was widely known throughout
Dutchess county, and was esteemed by all for his integrity and purity of life.
He was a merchant in Poughkeepsie for over half a century and was one of its
oldest residents at his death.


i. George Wilkinson, b. July 25, 1844 ; d. Jlay 13, 1845.

ii. Eliza Conklin, b. May 20, 1846 ; resides in Poughkeepsie ; unm.

iii. Mary, b. Feb. 22. 1848: m. July 28, 1874, Charles Henry Kirby and resides

in Poughkeepsie.
iv. Phebe Doughty, b. Dec. l.j, 1857 ; resides in Poughkeepsie ; unm.

576. John Trowbridge (Stephen B.^^'^, Stephen'^^-, Stephen"^, Samuel^''-^.
SamueP"*, WilUam^'>'>, Thomas'), bom July 20, 1829, in Washington, N. Y.;
died June 18, 1903, in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. ; married January 18, 1853, in

• Failed to answer the compiler's letters.


FishkiU, X. T., Eliza Kobinson, daughter of Duncan and Mary (Van Voorhis)
Robinson, bom April IS, 1828, in Fishkill; died May 11, 1901, in Pouglikeepsie.

John Trowbridge came in boyhood with his father to Pouglikeepsie, N. T., and
was educated in the schools there and at College Hill. He became a merchant
in that city, being associated for some years with his brother N. ConHin Trow-
bridge, under the firm name of Trowbridge & Co. He retired from business in

Mr. Trowbridge was prominent in Masonic orders for many years, having been
presiding officer of lodge, chapter and commandery. He was a member of the
Second Eeformed Church of Poughkeepsie for nearly forty years.


i. JXart Robixsox, b. Aug. 9. 1854 ; m. June C, ISTU, John Woodruff Pelton and

resides in Poughkeepsie, X. Y.
ii. Ella, b. July 11, 1856; m. Oct. 31, 1882, Samuel Crawford Nightingale and

resides in Wellesley Hills, Mass.
iii. George Shretc, b. Aug. 24, 1858; d. Jan. 25. 1801.

577. Perry Clark Trowbridge (Alexander W.^^'-, Stephen^^-, Stephen"-,
Samuel^", Samuel'^"*, William^'"', Tiiomas^). born January 25, 1827, in K'orth
East, Jf. T. ; died October 24, 1867, in Salisbury, Conn. ; married October 10,
1849, in Amenia, X. T., Sarah Esther Mead, daughter of Jolin King and Jane
Amanda (Sutherland) Mead, bom September 11. 1829, in Amenia. She married,
second, May 6. 1SG9, in Amenia, Edward William Simmons, Esq., of Millerton,
X. Y., where she resides.

Perry C, Trowbridge was engaged in farming nearly all of his life in his
native town, Xorth East, X, T.


i. Mart Mead. b. May ,'51, 18-55 ; m. June 16, 1880, John Rossman Collins and
resides in Tarrytown, X. Y.

578. Walter Trowbridge (Alexander 11',^'=, Stephen'^^-, Stephen"-, Samuel^",
SamueV^, William'""', Thomas^), born July 9, 1830, in Xorth East, X, Y,;
died Xovember 24, 187S, in Xorth East ; married January 29, 1854, in Ancram,
X. Y,, Abbie Engoles, daughter of Peter and Julia (Wood) Engoles, born
Xovember 3, 1830, in Ancram. She resides in Lansingburgh, X. Y.

Walter Trowbridge attended .Amenia College, Amenia, X. Y. After his
niarriage he removed to Pontiac, Mich., and took up farming, which was his
occupation throughout the remainder of his life. He lived for some years on a
farm near Pontiac, and then returned to his native place. Xorth East, X. Y.,
where he died a few years later. He joined Pontiac Lodge, Xo. 21, F. and A. M.,
in 1866. He was postmaster at Husteds, Dutchess county, X. Y., from 1876 to


i. Ida Eliz.\beth, b, June 20, 1861 ; m. Sept. 7, 1S93, William Henry Dennin
and resides in Lansingburgh, N. T.

578a. Charles Barnum Trowbridge (Alexander 1^.^^-, Steplieri^^-, Stephen"^,
Samuel"^ Samuen''^ William^'"', Thomas'^), bom October 5. 1832, in Xorth

East, X. Y. ; dietl . IS — , in Salt Lake City, Utah; married Anna

Ottinger, daughter of William and Elizabeth (ilartin) Ottinger, bom in
Philadelphia,! Pa. She resides in Philadelphia.

* i born in Fislikill. N. Y. ; ii-iii in Poughkeepsie. N. Y.
t Or White Marsh.


Charles B. Trowbridge was what was known as a "freighter" across the plains,
and through Utah and Montana in 1864 and 1865. He became interested to a
considerable extent in real estate in Salt Lake City, and had a high reputation
for honesty as a business man.


579. HiLEN Tkowbridge (Alexander W.^^',' Stephen^^-, Stephen}'^, SamueV-'^^,
Samuel'''*, WilUum^'"', Thomas'), born July 8, 1852, in North East, N. Y.;
resides in Lincoln, Neb. ; married May 24, 1883, in Onarga, 111., Anna Belle
Ludwiek, daughter of Jacob Biglow and Elizabeth Catharine (Lithgow) Ludwick,
born April 27, 1860, in Rimersburg, Pa.

Plilen Trowbridge remained on his father's farm, near Millerton, N. Y., until
he was twenty years of age. He then attendefl Riverview Military Academy in
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. After leaving school he commenced railroading, first as
a brakeman and later as baggage master on the Connecticut Western railroad,
running out of Hartford, Conn. In the year 1878 he was on an excursion train
which was wrecked by going through tlie bridge over the Famiington river at
Tariff\'ille, Conii., when many passengers were killed and injured, he escaping by
climbing onto the roof of the car in which he was riding.

In 1881 he went to Hlinois and entered the employ of the Illinois Central
Railroad Company. He later became messenger for the American Express
Company and ran on three divisions of that road, most of the time between
Oilman and Springfield. In 1884 he went to McCook, Neb., and in partnership
with his brother-in-law engaged in the furniture business, the firm being known
as Ludwick & Trowbridge. In 1889 he sold out and received an appointment
in the railway mail service as a postal clerk, with a run out of Lincoln, Neb., on
the Burlington system. Starting in Class 1, in less than ten years he was
promoted to Class 5 and was clerk-in-ehief of a full railway post office.

Mr. Trowbridge is a Republican in politics and has always voted that ticket.
While he resided in McCook, Neb., he was elected a member of the board of
education, on which he served for two years. He is a member of the Odd Fellows,
the Knights of Pythias and the Ancient Order of United Workmen. He is also
a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. His home is in Lincoln, Neb.


i. Stephen Barnum. b. JIar. 22. 1SS4. in Millerton. X. Y. : d. May 3, 1890.
ii. CnARi-ES. b. .Ian. 20, 18S6, in McCook, Xeb. ; d. Ai)r. IG, 1890.
iii. Dorothy Blanche, b. .Tune 0, 1897, in Lincoln. Neb.

580. William Daniel TROWBRmoE {Seeley^'\ Ahel'^\ 8eth"\ Samu.eP'\
Samuel'"*, William">'>, Thomas'), boni September 2, 1825, in Great Bend. Pa.;
died April 4, 1899, in Des Moines. Iowa; married May 20, 1851, in Salona,
Pa., Frances Ann Furst, daughter of John and Barbara (Shuman) Furst, born
August 20, 1829, in Salona ; died September 7, 1901, in Des Moines.

William D. Trowbridge was engaged in farming all his life, first in
Pennsylvania and from 1855 on the outskirts of Des Moines, Iowa.


857. i. John First, b. May 14. 18.52.

858. ii. Lewis Seeley, b. Nov. 20. 18.53.
850. iii. Shuman Arthur, b. June 17. 3857.
son. iv. Harry Richard, b. Aug. 10. 1859.

V. Joseph Elmer, b. Sept. 1, 18G1 : d. June 10, 18G5.

vi. Charles Wall^vce, b. Nov. 24. ISGG; d. Jan. 13, 1880.

vii. Robert McClure, b. Jan. 10, 1870: d. July 31, 1879.

• i born in Great Bend, Pa. ; ii in .Tacksonville. Centre county. Pa. ; vi in Salona, Pa. ;
the others in Des Moines, Iowa.



581. IIenky Eaxsom Trowbridge {DanieP^*, Ahel'^^^, Seth'^^^, Samuel''^^.
Samuel^"*. lVii/ia»'>'"', Thumas'), born February 20, 1833, in Great Bend, Pa.;
resides in Little Eock. Ark.; married July 14. 1891, in Little Rock, Sarah Ann
(Apperley) Oakley, widow of Frank Koe Oakley of New York City and daughter
of William and Sarah Ann (Wood) Apperley, born .July 29, 1846, in London,

Henry R. Trowbridge went with his father to Trempealeau, Wis., and learned
the trade of a machinist. He went to Mimiesota, where he became an engineer in
a steam sawmill and was so employed at the outbreak of the Civil War. He
enlisted from Jackson, Minn., at Fort Snelling October 23, 1861, and was
appointed a corporal in Company B, Bracket's Battalion, Minnesota Light
Cavalry. He was soon afterwards attached to Company I, 5t.h Iowa Cavalry.
He was at tlie siege of Fort Donelson and the battle of Shiloh. Shortly after
this he was detailed to serve with the LTnited States Telegraph Military Corps.
In the course of his duties in the telegraph service he was through most of the
Southern States and the West. He was wounded several times although not
seriously enough to incapacitate him from duty. He remained with that branch
of the service until the expiration of his term of enlistment and was mustered
out November 29, 1864, at Fort Snelling.

After leaving the army Mr. Trowbridge continued in the telegraph business
some two or three years, first with the Western Union and later with other private
telegraph constructing companies. He then went into railroading, in which he
continued until he was compelled to give it up on account of poor health about
1895. He resides at present in Little Rock, Ark., where he is engaged in the

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