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fruit business.


582. Edward Newell Trowbridce {Daniel''^*. Ahel'-^^ ■Seth^''^, 8amuel"\
Samuel"*, WiUiam'^'"', Thomas'-), born December 25, 1834, in Meadville, Pa.;
died January 1, 1900, in Whitehall, Wis. ; married June 25, 1866, in Trempealeau,
Wis., Mary Pine Booth, daughter of Franklin Ephraim and Hannah (Pine)
Booth, born December 6, 1842, in Medina, Ohio. She resides in Wliitehall.

Edward N. Trowbridge went with his father to Trempealeau, Wis. He became
a school-teacher at the age of nineteen, and followed teaching as his profession,
interrupted at short intervals, for over twenty years. He served three years
in the Civil War, enlisting September 7, 1861, in the 1st Battery, Wisconsin
Light Artillery. During his term of service he was engaged in the battle of
Chickasaw Bayou, the capture of Arkansas Post, the actions at Port Gibson and
Black River Bridge, and the siege of Vicksburg, and was promoted coqioral. He
was discharged October 11, 1864.

After leaving the army he resumed school-teaching. He settled after his
marriage in Trempealeau, and engaged in the lumber business. He was tlius
occupied until December, 1881, when he removed to Whitehall. Wis. He was
there elected county clerk and held this office for eight years. He then engaged
in the real estate, insTirance and collection business, which he followed the
remainder of his life. He was chosen vice-president of the Whitehall National
Bank and held that office until his death. He also served as a member of the
school board and of the village! board, and held the office of town clerk. He was
a member of the Baptist church in Whitehall, of which he was a deacon, and also
held the office of treasurer and superintendent of the Sunday school.

Mr. Trowbridge expressed much interest in the subject of this genealogy and
gave valuable assistance to the compiler by collecting records of his brancli of
the family.



861. i. William Mabshai.l, b. Aug. 21, ISO".

862. ii. Haehy Hebbekt, b. Oct. 10, 1S69.

iii. Grace, b. Apr. 25, 1872; d. June IS, 1873.

iv. Edwabd NEWEI.L, b. Aug. 23. 1874 ; d. Feb. 7. 1892, in Whitehall, Wis.

V. Mary, b. July 19. 1881 : resides with her mother ; unui.

583. Hiram Irexeus Tuowbridge (DanieP^*, Ahel'^^^, Seth^^^, Satnuel^^^,
Samuen"*, WilUam'-<"', Thomas'^), born May 15, 1837, in Meadville, Pa.; died
November 23, 1900, in Trempealeau, Wis. ; married April — , 1875, in Trempea-
leau, Eliza Jane Brown, daughter of Robert and Margaret (Burgoin) Brown,
bom July 30, 1849, in Brooklyn, N. Y. She resides in Trempealeau.

Hiram I. Trowbridge went with his father to Trempealeau, Wis. He served
three years in the Civil War, enlisting in 1862 in Company C, 30th Wisconsin
Infantiy. He was promoted to corporal and served until the expiration of his
term of enlistment. After leaving the army he settled in Trempealeau, where
he lived the remainder of his life. He was several times elected to membership
on the school board there and occupied various positions of trust in his
neigliborhood. He was chiefly engaged in farming.


i. Robert Daniel, b. Mar. IG, 1870; is a farmer in Trempealeau.

862a. ii. IIenky Raymond, b. Oct. 20, 1877.

iii. Guy Earl, b. Aug. 13. 1883.

iv. Myrtle, b. ilay 31, 1889.

584. WiLLL\M Trowbridge (ll'iZ/wm"', A&eZ'", Selh"^, Samuel"\ Samueno*.
William'^'"', Thomas^), bom July G, 1836, in Assumption parish, La.; resides in
New Orleans, La. ; married March 1, 1868, in New Orleans, Wilhelmina Martens.

William Trowbridge is engaged in mercantile business in New Orleans, La.


i. William Seymour, b. Dec. 4, 1868 ; d. aged 4 years.

ii. John Charles Frederick, b. May 17, 1870; d. Aug. 22, 1883.

iii. Marinda Lavinia. b. Oct. 1. 1872; d. aged 3 jears.

iv. Phoebe Ann, b. Jan. 7. 1875 ; d. that year.

V. Francis Nichols, b. .\ug. 19, 1876.

585. William Salisbi;ry Trowbridge (CaZtJiV, Seeley^^*, Seth^^', Samuel^",
SamuePo*. M'iUiam'^'"', Thomas^), born December 25, 1812, in New Hartford,*
N. T. ; died September 10, 1886, in Milwaukee, Wis. ; married February 4, 1S37,
in New Hartford, Abigail C.f Richardson, born February 3, 1816, in New
Hartford; died February 6, 1869, in Milwaukee.

William S. Trowbridge learned tlie profession of a civil engineer. He went
to Milwaukee, Wis., in 1834 and in that year made the first^survey of Milwaukee.
In the winter and spring of 1835-6 he surveyed and platted the site of the city
of Sheboygan for the proprietors. In 1836 he entered the Trowbridge homestead,
which his father later purchased from the government, near what became the city
limits of Milwaukee. He was appointed the first civil engineer of the county
and city, and held the latter office until an ordinance was passed which required
the holder of that office to reside within the city limits, wlien, declining to change
his residence, he resigned. He continued to pursue his profession on his own
private account until the end of his active life. He was also a successful farmer

• Then a part of Whitestown.
t Initial only.


and horticulturist, and acquired ample means. He held a high rank in his pro-
fession, and enjoyed the respect and confidence of the entire community. In
politics he was a Republican of the stanchest kind. He resided until his death
on the farm which he located in 1836.


i. ilAET Elizabeth, b. Apr. 2, 183S; m. June 17, 1S79, John L.* Millis and
resides in Milwaukee.

ii. William Edwaed, b. Nov. 1.5, 1841 ; was a soldier in the Civil War. He
enlisted Aug. 1.5, 1S62, in Company B, 21th Wisconsin Infantry, and was
appointed third sergeant. He joined the Army of the Cumberland and was
thereafter in all of its battles, being wounded at Missionary Ridge. He was
promoted Feb. IS, 18G4, second lieutenant of Company B. 16th Wisconsin
Infantry, and was with Sherman in his march through Georgia, acting as
forage master. He was mustered out July 12, 1865, at the expiration of
his term of seiwice. After leaving the army he was for some time engaged
in mining in Montana. He then returned to his father's farm near Mil-
waukee. Wis., where he has since resided, engaged in farming". He is

iii. Habriet Richardsox. b. Mar. 2, 1811; d. July 5, 1899, In Milwaukee; unm.

iv. Lucy Abigail, b. Mar. 7, 1846 ; d. June 6, 1857.

T. Hexry. b. Sept. 28, 184S ; is farming near Milwaukee ; unm.

vi. Alice, b. Jan. 8, 1851 ; d. July 6, 1866.

586. ilABTix Luther Teow-bridge (Calvin^^^, Seeley'^^*, Seth'^^^, Samuel^",
SomueV-"*, ^^^7^^■am"^ Thomas^), born December 10, 1S18, in Xew Hartford.
N. T. ; died September 10, 1900, in ililwaukee. Wis. ; married, first, December
9, 1845, 'Lucinda Snell. He married, second, April 1, 1856, Minnie L. Page,
daughter of Greenleaf and Lucy Ehnira (Powers) Page, bom in Augusta, Me.
She resides in ^Jlilwaukee.f

Martin L. Trowbridge took possession of his fathers claim in Milwaukee, Wis.,
in the fall of 18.36. and began to clear the place, his father and other members
of the family arriving in 1837. He was engaged in farming there most of his
life, with the exception of some years when he conducted a ranch near San Jose.


By second marriage :t
i. Grace Darling, b. Apr. 6. 1857.
ii. Lucy Adele. b. Oct. 12, 18.59.
iii. Josephine Page. b. May 12, 1860.
863. iv. Paeker Theodobe, b. Sept. 10. 1862.

V. Lincoln, b. Feb. 9, 1866 ; resides in Milwaukee.t

^ 587. John Calvin Trowbridge {Calviri^^^, Seeley'^^*, Seth^^^, Samuel^^^,
SamueP"*, 'William'^'"'. Thomas^), bom September 6, 1823, in Eugene, Ind. ; died
August 21, 1884, in Prairie du Chien, Wis. ; married September 12, 1847, in
Milwaukee, Wis., Louisa C. Hastings, daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth
(McKillip) Hastings, bom October 26, 1823, in Euijert, Vt. She resides in

John C. Trowbridge came with his father to a farm near Milwaukee, Wis.
He went to work in the Sentinel printing office as soon as it was started and is
thought to have been the first printer's "devil" in Milwaukee. He became a
farmer and was occupied with farming the remainder of his life.

* Initial only.

t Failed to answer the compiler's letters. Family register dates as printed in •'Trowbridge

i No children by first marriage.



i. Maetha Ann, J twins, m. July 2, ISTl, Warren Foster Cook of

>• Prairie du Chien. Wis.

ii. Mary Ann, ) b. Aug. 11, 1848; d. Nov. S, 184S. in North Trairie, Wis.
iii. Zylpiiia Beebe. b. Nov. 21, 1851; resides in Mihvaul<i-e, Wis.; unm.
iv. Margaret Euz.ibetii. b. May 20, 1853; m. Apr. 22, ISSO, James Peter
McKillip and resides in Bard, S. D.
8G4. V. Paul Jones, b. Dec. 2, 1856.

588. Fraxk Perry Trcavbridge (Sefh"\ Seeleif*, Seth'^^^, SamueP^^,
Su7nueU"\ WiUiam^'X', Thomas'), bom August 6, 1847. in New Hartford, N. Y.;
resides in Oneida, N. Y. ; married March 17, 1S90, in Peterhoro, N. Y.. Clara
Phillips, daughter of John Herbert and Frances (Sherman) Phillips, bom March
14, 1872, in Oneida.

Frank P. Trowbridge is a farmer in Oneida, N. Y.

children born in ONEIDA, N. Y. :

i. IlARHY Philups, b. Jan. 12, 1892.
ii. UiTii, b. June 10, 1901.

589. Egbert Perry Trowbriix;e (Setlt^^'', Seeley^^*, Seth^'^, SamueU",
SamiieP"*. William^"", Thomas'), bom September 18, 1855, in Wampsville,
N. Y.; died July 30, 1892, in Oneida. N. Y.; married, first, Novemter 20, 1880,
in Oneida, Katberine Crimmin.s, wlio died January — . 1887. in Oneida. He
married, second. May 12. 1888, in Oneida, Lillian Ada Collins, daught-er of Alfred
and Elizalx'th (Doty) Collins, born July 26, 1870, in Higginsville. N. Y. She
resides in Perry\dllo, N. Y.

Robert P. Trowbridge was a farmer in Oneida. N. Y.

By first marriage:
i. Katherine Albertine Esther, b. May 23, 1882 ; m. Abner Black and resides

in Philadelphia. Pa.
ii. Grover Cle\t:land, b. Apr. 20, 1884; is in the XJ. S. navy,
iii. Frances Folsom, b. Sept. 12, 188C; d. Dec. 9, 1886.

By second marriage:
iv. Francls, b. May 16, 1890.
V. EsTELLA, b. Aug. 16, 1892.

590. Alexander Hamilton Trowbridge (John F.^'". Seeley'^^*, Sefh'^',
SamMel''\ Samuel"'*, William""', Thomas'), born October 18. 1818, in New
Hartford, N. Y. ; died June 10, 1903, in Surprise. Neb. ; married August 16,
1849, in Lafayette, Wis., Hamet Bentley, daughter of Robert and ilaria (Burse?
Bentley, bom August 16, 1831, in Goshen, Conn. She resides in Surprise.

Alexander H. Trowbridge at the age of twenty-three went to Milwaukee, Wis.,
where for seventeen years he was engaged in business. He then engaged in
farming in Walworth, Wis. In the spring of 1869 he emigratetl to Butler county.
Neb., and located on a farm where he continuously resided until his death.

Mr. Trowbridge was for nine .years postmaster at Cottonwood, Neb., but, with
tJie founding of Surprise, Neb., the post office was transferred to that village.
He was a man of s.ympathetic nature, ever compassionate toward the suffering
and distressed. He was a kind and helpful neighbor, a loving husband, and a
man who made strong friendships — in fact he was a model citizen.

* i-ii born in Sugar Creek. Wis. ; iii-iv in Milwaukee, Wis. : v in Mapleton, Wis.
t Except i, who was born in Durhamville, N. Y.


NO CHILDREN, hut adopted:

Nellie.* b. June 14. 1854. in I'enn Yan. N. Y. ; m. June li), 1ST4, James

Patterson and resides in Hotclikiss. Colo.
Robert Hamilton. t b. Jan. Itj. ISTl, in Wayne county, Midi.; resides in

Surprise, Neb. ; unm.


591. Capt. Joseph Mott TisowBRroGE (John F.^^", Seeley^'**, Seth^
SamiieP^', Samuel'^"*, WilUam^"", Thomas^), bom April 26, 1824. in Bridgewater,
N. T.; died April 9, 1901, in Broolilyn, N. Y. ; married, first, November 9, 1854,
in Columbus, Ohio, Adele Henrietta Brockway, who died February 13, 1858, in
Chicago, 111. He married, second, February 1, 1859, in Lawrenceburgh, Ind., Ada
Josephine MeCormick. daughter of James and Amanda Clendenning (Young)
McCormiek. born Febraary 1, 1842, in Grecnsburgh, Ind. She resides in
Wayne, Pa.

Joseph M. Trowbridge was educate<:l at West Point Military Academy. After
his graduation he followed the profession of a civil engineer until the outbreak of
the Civil War. He volunteered at the first call for troops and was appointed
from Ohio captain in the 16th U. S. Infantry on May 14, 1861. He was for
some months aid to General Rosecrans, in the engineering department in the
Army of Tennessee, and was mustering and disbursing oflicer at Milwaukee for
a year and a half. He participated in several smaller engagements, and in the
general battle of Chickamauga he had the honor to obtain special mention for
meritorious conduct. He was entrusted at that battle, by the conunanding
general, with the delivery of the last order, directing General Sheridan, com-
manding the reserves, "to bring forward all his troops with the utmost possible
dispatch." The execution of this order involved special peril — being exposed,
mounted and alone, to the fire of the enemy's sharpshooters, at short range. He
delivered the order, saw it executed, and escape<l unhurt, his clothes much cut;
and had in his possession a sword, the scabbard of wliich bears the indentation
of a rifle ball received at that time. After this, his health failing, he resigned
in the spring of 1864. He resided in Milwaukee. Wis., Staten Island, N. Y., and
Brooklyn, N. Y.

By second marriage:^
i. Adele. b. Sept. 28, 1861 ; m. Jan. 10, 1880, Commander George Roberts Salis-
bury. U. S. N.. and resides in Wayne. Pa.
ii. John Foote. b. Mar. 7. 18G3 : d. June 3. 1803.
iii. Anita Rcsamond. b. Sept. 23. 1870: d. Apr. 13. 1874.

iv. Ethel Clendenning, b. Feb. 9, 1875 ; m. June 20. 1900. Lieut. Commander
Thomas Gaines Roberts, U. S. N., at present stationed at New Orleans. La.

592. Eli Augustus Trowbridge (Eli^'"', Eli^'''-. Seth^''^, Samuel'''^ Samuel^'>\
]Yiniam'">o. Thomas^), born December 22, 1815, in Cairo, K Y.?; died March 3.
1876. in Greene, N. Y.; married April 9, 1840, in Coventry, N. Y., Maria W.
Cornish, daughter of WTiiting and Temperance (Wylie) Cornish, born May 26,
1812, in Coventry; died January 29, 1893, in Greene.

Eli A. Trowbridge was engaged in farming most of his life in Coventrj', N. Y,

children born in COVENTRY, N. T. :

i. Sarah Maria, b. Nov. 13. 1842 : m. Oct. 2. 1873. LeRoy D. Race and resides
in Greene. N. Y.
865. ii. Oliver Augustus, b. June 26. 1846.

iii. Frank W.. b. Sept. 17. 1853 ; is a proprietor of a hotel in (ireene : unm.

• Name so changed from Ella Snyder.

t Name so changed from Oliver Francis Doig.

t i-ii born in Milwaukee. Wis. : iii-iv in Ettingville. Staten Island. N. Y.

§ No children by first marriage.


593. Oliver Trowbridoe {Samuel E."-*, Daniel^'''', Seth"\ Samuel'^\
Samuel">\ William^'"', Thomas^), bom August 5, 1833. in Phelps, N. Y.; resides
in Dearborn, Mich. ; married December 31, 1854, in Nankin, Mich., Jane Hix,
daughter of Benjamin and Electa (Fester) Hix, born September 15, 1832, in
Orleans, N. Y.

Oliver Trowbridge went as a young man to Michigan. He settled soon after
his inarriage in Dearborn, Wayne county, where he at present resides. He is
a farmer.


866. i. Oliver Adin, b. Oct. 17, 1855.

594. Miles Trowbridge (Samuel E.^-*, Daniel^^^, Seth"^, Samuel^^^,
SamueP"*, William^'"', Thomas^), born April 10. 1837, in Phelps, N. Y. ; resides
in Olive (Merlebeach P. O.), Mich.; married November 13, 1867, in Lansing,
Mich., Ellen (Harger) Wixom, widow of Grover B. Wixom and daugliter of
Seeley and Arvilla (Seeley) Harger, born February 10, 1834, in Wilson, X. Y.

Miles Trowbridge went to Michigan at the age of fifteen with his father and
has been engaged in farming in that state ever since. He is a practical farmer
find conducts a farm of 290 acres in the town of Olive, Clinton county, Mich.

KO cnirjJKEN.

595. William H.\rrison Trowbridge (Samuel E.-'-*, Vaniel'^^", Seih^^^,
Samuel'^^'-', SamueP"*, William^''°, Thomas^), bom November 9, 1840, in Phelps,
N. Y. ; resides in Cohoctah, Mich. ; married July 25, 1803, in Brighton, Mich.,

Mary Susanna Anstberry, daughter of Joseph and Josephine ( )

Anstberry, born October 6, 1846, in Germany.

William H. Trowbridge at the age of twelve went with his father to Dearborn,
Mich. In 1855 he went to Livingston coimty, Mich., where he was engaged in
farm work for several years. After his marriage he bought a sawmill in Genoa
township and lived there fifteen years. In 1878 he removed with his family to
Cohoctah, where he at present resides. He there owns a sawmill, cider mill,
feed and general merchandise store, and is postmaster of the town.


i. Charles Elmer, b. .\pr. 14, 1S67.

ii. Fannt, b. Dec. 26, 18G9 ; d. Jan. 1. 1870.

iii. Jenny Terressia, b. .July 29. 1871 ; d. Oct. 3, 1873.

iv. William Harrison, b. Sept. 30, 1875.

V. Seeley .Toseph, b. Aug. 11, 1878.

vi. Bertha Susanna, b. Sept. 30, 1886.

596. Joseph Warren Trowbridge (Samuel E.''-*, Daniel^^^ .?e<A"3^ Samuel^^\
SamMel'^"*, WilUam'^'^''. Thomas''), bom October 6, 1845. in Phelps, N. Y. ; resides
in Dearbom (Inlcster P. O.), Mich.; married March 22, 1868, in Wayne county,
Mich.. Ann ]\Ii)ynehan, daughter of Peter and Mary (Moynehan) Mojmehan,
bom , 1846, in Dearbom.

J. Warren Trowbridge came in childhood with his father to Dearborn, Mich.,
which has been his home since that time. He served for nearly four years in the
Civil War. He enlisted in August, 1801, in Company E. 16th Michigan Infantry,
participated in tlie engagements of the Army of the Potomac, and was discharged
December 21, 1863. He re-enlisted as a veteran and was mustered out July 8,
1865. He engaged in farming after he returned home from the war and has
been thus occupied ever since. He has served as school officer, highway
commissioner and constable of the town.

* i-iv born in Genoa. Mich. ; T-vi in Colioctah, Mich.



i. Florence, b. Apr. 26, 1869 ; m. Apr. 8, 1891, Arthur Harrison and resides
in Inkster, Mich.
866a. ii. Frank, b. Sept. 5. 1871.

iii. Jennie, b. May 16. 187-1 ; m. Aug. 24, 1897, Norval Iloaglaud and resides in

Detroit, Mich.
iv. Daisy, b. Aug. 6, 1876.

V. Fannie, b. Nov. 30, 1878 : m, .Ian. 13, 1898, John Osborne and resides in
Ford Cit.y, Wyandotte Nation.
S66b. vi. Samuel, b. Sept. 1, 1882.

597. Thomas Scott TEOWBRmoE (DanieP - ', Dani.el'^^'\ Seth}^^, Samiiel^^^,
Samuel^"*, William'""'. Thomas^), born November 11, 1823, in Phelps, N. Y.;
died March 22, 1856, in Hudson, Ohio ; married October S, 1851, in Kavenna,
Ohio, Lnthera Taft Day, daugliter of David and Ehoda (Wheelock) Day, bom
September 29, 1826, in South Granville, N. Y. ; died May 15, 1862, in Ravenna.

Thomas S. Trowbridge came as a young man with his father to Ravenna, Ohio.
After his marriage he settled in Hudson, Ohio, where he lived the remaining
years of his life. He was a cooper by trade. The last two years of his life he
lield the position of engineer in the Hudson Flouring Mills Company.

children born in HUDSON, OHIO :

i. William Henry, b. Jlar. IS. 1S53 ; d. Aug. 12. 1853.

ii. Charles Henry, b. Sept. 8, 1854; was a machinist: d. Apr. 10, 1SS4, in
Chicago, III. ; unm.

598. Zexas Riggs Trowbridge (DanieP-=, DanieV'*''. Seth''^', Samuen^^,
SamueW*, William^'"', Thomas'-), born June 4, 1827. in Phelps, K". Y. ; resides
in Hudson. Oliio ; married August 31, 1852, in Al^ron, Ohio, Sarah Ann Perkins,
daughter of Allen T. and Asenath (Cobb) Perkins, born January 13, 1833, in

Zenas E. Trowbridge came in early boyhood with his father'to Ravenna, Ohio.
Ho settled after his marriage in Hudson, Ohio, which is his present residence.
He is a carpenter by trade.


i. Helen Maria, b. Aug. IS, 1853 ; m. July 3, 1877, George Parsons Denman
and resides in Hudson.
867. ii. Charles Walter, b. Jan. 22, 1855.

iii. Mary Pauline, b. Mar. 14, 1861 ; is a milliner in Hudson ; unm.

iv. Sarah Lucile, b. June 23, 1876 ; is a school-teacher iu Hudson ; unm.

599. James Taylor TnowuRiDGE {Daniel^-', Dcuiiel'^^, Seth'^^^, Samuel''^,
Samuel'"*, William""', Thomas'), born May 4, 1834, in Ravenna, Ohio; resides
in Akron, Ohio; married October 12, 1860, in Al^ron, Harriet Eliza Spicer,
daughter of Avery and Harriet (King) Spicer, bom April 13, 1836, in Akron;
died February 24, 1900. in Alcron.

James T. Trowbridge at the age of sixteen went to Salem, Ohio. He was
apprenticed to learn the machinist's trade, after completing which he went into
railroading and for twelve .years was a locomotive engineer. He was running
a train in Alabama on the Memphis and Charleston railroad when the Civil War
broke out. Ho then came Xorth and went on the Atlantic and Great Western
railroad. He left that road in 1864 to take charge of the Toplin, Rice & Co.
machine shop in Akron, Ohio. Since 1868 he has been in business for himself,
excepting for one year, 1880, when he had charge of the Akron Iron Company
works in the Hocking valley. He is a dealer in pumps, farm implements, seeds,
etc., in xVkron.

Mr. Trowbridge served six years, 1876-82, as trustee of Buchtel College in
Akron. lie also held for a short time the office of assistant fire chief and was
a member of the equalizing board in Akron. He was an honorary member for


a number of years of the Akron City Guards. He lias had several inventions
in farm machinery patented. He is one of the charter members of the First
Universalist Chun-li in Akron.


000. Luther roiiKUOV Trowbridge {Silas F.'^-", DanieW*", Selh^-^-\ SamueU",
SamueP"*, William'"'", Thomas^), born Ajn-il 6, 1822, in Buckland, Mass.; died
January 29, 1897, in Buckland; married March 12, 1868, in Buckland, Rhoda
Cordelia Purinton. dau^htt'r of Marcus and Sarah (Smith) Purinton, born
October 10, 1840. in Colerain, Mass. ; died April 14, 1875. in Sublette, 111.

Luther P. Trowbridge removed after his marriage to a farm in Sublette, Lee
county, 111. After the death of his wife he returned to his father's farm in his
native town, Buckland, Mass., where he lived the rest of his life.


i. Marcus Sil.\s, b. June 22, 1870; d. Aug. 2(>, 1888, in Iveyvillo, Iowa: unm.

(>(U. ,Tamks TuowuHiDijE {Silas FJ^^", Daniel^"", Seth^^'\ Samuel^", Samuel'"*,
William'"", Thomas'), born May 16, 1824, in Buckland. Mass.; resides in
Charlemont, Mass.; married January 15, 1850. in Slielbunie, Mass., Olive Ann
Wilder, daught<?r of Joshua and Lovina (Long) Wilder, born March 1, 1824, in
Conway, Mass.

James Trowbridge is a farmer in East Charlemont, Mass.

NO CHILDREN, hut aduijtrd :

i. Ella Lavinia, b. Apr. 1, 1854, in Si)rinsfi<?ld, Mass.; m. Nov. 27, 1879,
James Duncan and resides in East Charlemont, Mass.

(i02. John Tuowbridge {Silas 7*'.^-«, Daniel'^", Seth"^, Samuel", Samuel'"*,
William'"", Thomas'), born January 1, 1833, in Buckland, Mass.; died March 12.
1862, in the army; married October 1, 1861, in Sublette, III, Ellen Ilalbert.

John Trowbridge went in early manhood to Subkittc, 111., and was engaged in
farming up to the time he volunteered as a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted
for three years September 15, 1861, and was appointed corporal of Company D,
46th lUinois Infantry. He participated in the attacks on Fort Henry and Fort
Donelson. His deatli was the result of a cold which he contracted during this
campaign. He died in an anny hospital on the Tennessee river and was buried
in Savannali, Tenn.


603. Oli\'er Trowbridge {Nolle''", Oliver^^\ Seth"'\ Samuel"^, Samuel'"*,
William''"", Thomas''), bom January 1, 1805, in Great Bend, Pa.; died October
30, 1888, in Chicago. 111.; married March 22, 1848, in Great Bend, Laura
(Braisted) Trowbridge, widow of Henry Trowbridge (No. 605) and daughter
of Benjamin and Betsey (Beardsley) Braisted, bom August 20, 1820, in Howard,
N. T. She resides in Wapwallopen. Pa.

Oliver Trowbridge was a merchant in Great Bend, Pa., for several years. He
then moved to the old farm that his father had owned, buying out the other
heirs. He kept a hotel and stage house for the stages that ran between New-
burgh and Binghamton. In 1871 he sold out his interests in Great Bend and
removed to Chicago. 111., where he resided the remainder of his life. He was a
Mason and a member of the Episcopal Church.

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