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i. Noble, b. June — . 1849 : d. Oct. 10, 1850.
808. ii. Frank Logan, b. June 5, 1851.













604. Gr.\nt Baldwin Trowbridge {NoUe'-'', Oliver^^', Seth"^, Sarauel^^^,
Samuepo\ William^'"'. Thomas'"), bom June 6, 1812, in Great Bend, Pa.; died
October 21, 1891, in Great Bend; married April 22, 1840, in Kirkwood, N. Y.,
Love Lee Ensign, daughter of Charles and Selina (Clark) Ensign, bom June 18,
1S19, in Salisbury, Conn.; died Slarch 2, 1902, in Great Bend.

Grant B. Trowbridge lived in his native place, Great Bend, Pa. He carried
on the old Trowbridge farm for some tinie and then began manufacturing wagons
in the town. Later on his son Frederick was admitted to partnership, under the
iirm name of 6. B. Trowbridge & Son, and they continued in this line and
afterwards added the lumber business. The iirm continued in business until the
failing health of Mr. Grant Trowbridge caused it to be discontinued a short
time prior to his death.


i. Charles Ensign, b. Apr. 14, 1842 ; enlisted at the first call for troops during
the Civil War. Apr. 24, 18G1, from Walton, Wis., in Company H, 2d
Wisconsin Infantry, and was transferred to the regimental band. He was
captured at the first battle of Bull Run and was confined in Libby Prison,
where he d. Oct. 8, 1801 ; unm.

Grant Lee, b. Feb. 17, 1844 ; d. Aug. 16, 1846.

Louisa .Iane, b. Dec. 28, 1845; m. Nov. 8. 1860, Richard S. Clark and
resides in Great Bend.

Martha Parmelia, b. Apr. 7. IS^IS ; m. Nov. 9. 1870, Philander Herbert
Lines and resides in Great Bend.

Mary Love, b. Jan. 20, 1^0 ; d. Jan. 22, 18.52.

Frederick Goodrich, b. June 10, 1854.

Herbert Lee, } twins,

Albert Herman, \ b. July 1, 1856 ; d. Feb. 24, 1874, in Great Bend ; unm.

William Grant, b. Mar. 7, 1861.

605. Henry Trowbridge {Nolle'-', Oliver''^', Seth^^'\ SamueV^^, SamueV-"*,
William^'>'\ Thomas^), born March ■ — , 1815, in Great Bend, Pa.; died June 9,
1845, in Great Bend; married July 1. 1840, in New Milford, Pa., Laura Braisted,
daughter of Benjamin and Betsey (Beardsley) Braisted, bom August 20, 1820,
in Howard, N. Y. She married, second, Oliver Trowbridge (No. 603).

Henry Trowbridge was engaged in mercantile business in Great Bend, Pa. He
was a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Great Bend.

children born in great bend, pa. :

i. Parmeha Eliz.\beth, b. June 1. 1841; d. Jlar. 21, 1842.

ii. Henrietta Rebecca, b. Jan. 6, 1843 ; m. Nov. 12, 1861, Samuel Henderson

Dotterer of Carbondale, Pa.
iii. Lydia Jane, b. Dec. 20, 1844 ; d. July 28, 1845.

606. Amasa Tiiaver Troavbridge {Lyman^-^, Oliver'-^'', Seth^''^, Samuel"^,
SamueP"*, William'^'"', Thomas^), bom June 13, 1807, in Great Bend, Pa.; died

December 18, 1888, in Great Bend; married, first, , 1833, in Great

Bend?, Mandana Blanding, who died March 10, 1852, in Great Bend. He
married, second. May 27, 1856, in Florida. N. Y., Mary Elizabeth (Goble)
Scoville, widow of Henry Scoville and daughter of William and Martha Marj'
(Price) Goble, born May 21, 1824, in , N. J. She resides in Great Bend.

Amasa T. Trowbridge was engaged in f.Tnuing all his life in Great Bend. Pa.
x\bout 1832 he bought a fann of 160 acres adjoining his father's farm, where he
built a house and lived until his death.

* Except 1, who was born in Wyalusing, Pa.


By first inarriayc:

872. i. Lyman Augustus, b. Mar. 29, 1834.

ii. Jane Ellen, b. Mar. 19, 1836 ; m. John Broadfoot of Great Bend.

873. iii. Theodore Bubk, b. Dec. 23, 1837.

iv. James MEL\aN, b. Jan. 3, 1842; during the Civil War enlisted in the fall
of 1801 in Company E, 50th Pennsylvania Infantry, but on account of
poor health was only on duty one night, when he was taken ill and was
sent to a hospital, from which he returned home and d. Sept. 1, 1802, in
Great Bend ; unm.

V. JtTLlETTE, b. Nov. 22, 1844 ; d. Nov. 25, 1849.

vi. Amelia, b. Apr. 11, 1847; is a school-teacher; resides in New Milford, Pa.;

vii. Emm.\, b. Aug. 30, 1848 ; m. Nov. 4, 1875, Eugene L. Aldrich and rasides in
New Milford.

874. viii. William Blair, b. Jlar. 4, 1852.

By sccand marriage:

875. ix. Henry Price, b. May 3, 1858.
870. X. Charles Amasa, b. June 10, 1802.

607. Charles Hatch Trowbridge (Lyman^^^, Oliver^^'', Seth'^'-"', SamueV-^^,
SamiteP"*, William^'"', Thomas^), bom December 11, 1813, in Great Bend. Pa.;
died October 31, 1890, in Great Bend; married October 17, 1838, in Great Bend,
Rosina Brown, daughter of Ebeiiezer and Catharine (Clark) Brown, born June
25, 1812, in Great Bend; died May 30, 1873, in Great Bend.

Charles II. Trowbridge was engaged in farming in his native town, Great
Bend, Pa.

children :*

877. i. Chester Mun.son, b. Aug. 21, 1841.

ii. Hiram 0.scar, b. Oct. 14, 1845 ; was a soldier in the Civil War. He was
mustered Aug. 25, 1802, in Company F, 141st Pennsylvania Infantry, and
was killed in the battle of Chancelloi-sville, May 3, 1863; unm.t

878. iii. Charles Ransom, b. July 24, 1846.

iv. SY'L\aNA Augusta, b. Apr. 21, 1849 ; d. Nov. 13, 1867, in Great Bend, Pa.
V. Elizabeth Maria, b. .July 25, 1851 ; m. .Tune 12, 1875, Frank Lukene Brown

and resides in Elmira, N. Y.
vi. Sarah Elma, b. Sept. 30, 1833 ; m. Jlay 29, 1880, Richard Oliver and resides

in Elmira.
vii. Katie Louise, b. Nov. 21, 1857 ; m. Feb. 13, 1877. George Young Preston and

resides in Hallstead, Pa.

608. La Fayette Trowbridge (Lyman^-'^, Oliver^'''', Seth^^^, SamueP'^',
Samuel^"*, William^'"', Thomas'^), bom June 11, 1824, in Great Bend, Pa.; died
September 3, 1890, in New York City; married, first, Sarah Brandt of New
Milford. Pa. He married, second, Mrs. Annie E. Wood.

La Fayette Trowbridge was proprietor of a restaurant in New York City at the
time of his death.

By first marriage:
i. Lyman Augustus, b. , 185-.t

609. Austin' Bierce Trowbridge (Augufslus'-^, Oliver'^", Seth''^^, Samiiel'^",
SamueP"*, William^'"', Thomas'^), bom June C. 1816, in Windsor, N. Y. ; resides
in Lee Centre, 111. ; married May 7, 1837, in Harmony, Pa., Ann Lewis,§ daughter

* iii and v-vii born in Great Bend. Pa. : iii-iv in Tioga, N. T.

t His name is given as Oscar in the roll of the regiment, and as Oscar C. in the regimental

J. Only child montioned in his father's will, which states that he is also known as Lyman
Brandt, residing in Detroit. Mich., at the time of the testator's death. [New York City
Surrogate's Records. Liber 448, p. TO.]

§ A sister of liis step-mother and of the first wife of his brother No. 610.




of Kev. Natliaiiiel and Sarah (Stowe) Lewis, born February 4, 1814, in Hamiony;
died February 11, 1880, in Lee Centre.

Austin B. Trowbridge was engaged in farming in his native town, Windsor,
N. Y., until 1845, when in company with his parents and other members of his
family he emigrated to Lee Centre, 111., where he has since been engaged in


i. Nathaniel Augustlls. b. Nov. .3, IS.'JS; was engaged in school-teaching until
1859. when he went to California with three of his uncles to dig for gold.
His health failing, he gave up mining and turned to speculation in mines,
buying and selling with great success up to the time of his death. He was
a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church and an earnest Christian. He
d. Jan. 23, 1SC4, in San Francisco. Cal. ; unm.

ii. Sarah Jane. b. June 16. 1S44 ; m. June 5, 1873, Elijah Lyman King and
resides in Lee Centre, HI.

iii. Flora Arura, b. Sept. 29, 1851 ; d. July 2. 1S.5G.

iv. Frank Miles, b. Apr. 15, 1854 ; d. Apr. 15, 18G4.

610. Sabin Hatch Trowbridge (Augusius'^-^, Oliver^^', Setli^^^, Samuel'-^^,
Samuel'-''*, WilUam^<">, Thomas'-), born February 7, 1821, in Windsor, N. Y.;
died February 5, 1884, in Lee Centre, HI.; married, first, April 23, 18.39, in
Harmony, Pa., Sarah Lewis,t daughter of Rev. Nathaniel and Sarah (Stowe)
Lewis, born May 1, 1805, in Harmony; died December 8, 1861, in Lee Centre.

He married, second, December 16, 1862, in , Sarah M. Bodine, widow of

Capt. Vincent Bodine of Staten Island, N. Y.. who died July 16, 1873, in Lee
Centre. He married, third, November 6, 1875, in Lee Centre, Catalina Wendell
Clapp, daughter of Alfred and Anna Lansing (Wendell) Clapp, born March 4,
1857, in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; died August 10, 1907, in St. Louis, Mo.

Sabin H. Trowbridge was engaged in farming all his life. He lived after his
marriage in his native place, Windsor, N. Y., until October, 1842, when he
emigrated to Lee Centre, 111. He was engaged in farming there the remainder
of his life. He was postmaster at Lee Centre for twenty-one years. He was a
prominent Mason and was buried witli Masonic honors.

By first marriage:
i. LuNiRA, b. Dec. 23. l.?39 : m. Mar. 21. 1858, Lvraan Randall of Lee county,

ii. Lucy Ann, b. July 14, 1843 : m. June IS. 1868, Gustave Weimer of Dixon,

iii. Lewis Augustus, b. Sept. 5. 1845 ; wa.s a soldier in the Civil War. He
enlisted June 4, 1862, for three months in Company K, 69th Illinois
Infantry. He re-enlisted Mar. 2. 1863, for three yeai-s. and was appointed
corporal of Company 51. 16th Illinois Cavalry. He was taken prisoner
and confined for two months at P.elle Isle, and then on Jan. 3, 1864. w,as
transferred to Andersouville, where he died of starvation Apr. 26, 1864 ;

Bif third inarriagc:^
878a. iv. Prentiss Sabin, b. June 24, 1878.
878b. V. Charles Waterbury, b. Feb. 26, 1881.

vi. Lucy Catalina, b. May 23, 1882 ; d. Aug. 16, 1882.

611. Reuben TROWBRrocE (Augusfus"'-^, Oliver'^', Seth'-^^, SamueV",
Samuel'-''*, William""', Tliomas''), bom October 4, 1823, in Windsor, N. Y.; died
November 3, 1901, in Eldena, 111. ; married April 1, 1855, in Dixon, 111., Mary

* i born in Binghamton. N. Y. ; ii in Windsor, N. Y. ; iii-iv in Lee Centre, II

t See footnote § on preceding page.

t Except i. who was born in Windsor. N. Y.

§ No children by second marriage.


Ann Warner, daughter of David and Mary (Shaw) Warner, bom October 23,
1835, in Washington county, Md. She resides in Eldena (Dixon P. O.)-

Reuben Trowbridge when about twenty years old went with his parents and
other members of his family to Lee county. 111. Pie lived on his father's farm in
Lee Centre until his marriage and then settled on a farm in Eldena, six miles
south of Dixon, 111. He was engaged in farming there the remainder of his life.


i. Harriet Zerwah, b. Aug. 13. 18r)6; m. Jan. ;U, 1877, Frank Stewart Oort-
right and re.sides in Dixon, 111.

879. ii. Reuben IIolbrook. b. ,Tuly IS, 18.j8.

880. iii. Henry Bradford, b. Mar. lf>, 18G0.

iv. Mart Luella, b. Nov. 30, 18G3 ; m. Sept. 3, 1881, Casimir Terrier Jackson
and resides in DeKalb, 111.

881. V. Austin Lee, b. Mar. 26, 18G8.

vi. Clara May, b. Apr. 25, 1873 ; m. June 6, 1895, Albert Henry Hammarstrom
and resides in Parker, S. D.

612. Henry Augustus Trowbridge (Augustus'^-^, Oliver^'^'', Seth''-^^, Samuel^",
Samuel^"*, ^Y^Uam^">'>. Thomas^), born March 20, 182S. in Windsor, N. Y. ; died
April 24, 1870, in Lee Centre, 111.; married August 31, 1848, in Dixon, 111.,
Anna Doan, daughter of John and Charlotte (Odell) Doan, born January 3,
1827, in Wayne county, Ind. ; died June 11, 1906, in Purdin, Mo.

Henry A. Trowbridge accompanied his father to Lee Centre, HI. He lived
tliere until about three years after his marriage and then moved to a farm about
ten miles southeast of Mendota, in Ophir township, La Salle county, 111. In 1868
he removed with his family to a farm near Linneus, Linn coimty, Mo. A few
years later he removed to Linneus where he was engaged in mercantile business
for three years and up to the time of his death, which occurred at Lee Centre
while he was on a business trip.


i. Alice Elizabeth, b. Oct. 5, 1850; m. Sept. 11, 1867, James Washington
Dodge and resides in Purdin, Mo.
Nelson Bradford, b. Nov. 23, 1854.
Noble Henry, b. Sept. 2. 1857.
Elmer Scott, b. Mar. 7, 1861.
John Frederick, b. Deo. 20, 1803.

613. RoYCE Dickinson Trowbridge (Atiijusfus''-^, Oliver'^'^', SetV^^, Samuel''-''',
SamueP"^, William'^''^, Thomas''), bom April 4, 1830, in Windsor, N. Y. ; died
July 25, 1865, in Dixon, 111. ; married April ■ — , 1852, in Eldena, 111., Delia
Newcomb Shew, daughter of Tunis and Electa (Newcomb) Shew, bom December
4, 1834, in Shew Hollow, Schoharie county, N. Y. She married, second,
December 11, 1867, in Dixon, Frank Babbitt of Dixon, where she died August 9,

Eoyce D. Trowbridge went in boyhood with his parents to Lee Centre, HI. He
learned the trade of a joiner and carried on that business for many years in
Dixon, 111. He was a member of Dixon Lodge, No. 39, I. O. O. F.


i. Ella Mary, b. Dec. 6, 1852, in Eldena, 111. ; m. Jlay 4. 1871. Oscar Adelberl

Webb and resides in Fairhope, Ala.
ii. ROTCE Elwood, b. Aug. 15, 1855, in Dixon, 111. ; d. July 3. 1865.
iii. Charles Henry, b. Oct. 23, 1857, in Dixon : d. July 28, 1864.

* Ophir township.

t Except 1. who was lioru in I.oe Centre. 111.







<.^^^, .^^-^^-i^^/^yi^:^ - ^


614. Kev. Xoble Alexander Trowbridge (Augustus^-^, Oliver^^', Seth^^^,
SamueP^^, SamiieV"*, V^'illiam^'"', Thomas^), bom March 21, 1832, in Windsor,
N. T. ; died January 12, 1894, in Longmont, Colo.; married December 2, 1868,
in Seward, 111., Maria Louise (Holmes) Alyea, widow of Isaiali Alyea of New
Boston, 111., and daughter of Jolm How and Rhoda Louise (Bennett) Hohnes,
born June 8, 1834, in Syracuse, N. Y. She resides in Longmont.

Noble A. Trowbridge went at the age of thirteen years with his parents to Lee
county. 111. He spent some years on his father's farm in Lee Centre and then
attended Rock River Seminary at Mt. Morris, 111., after which he again engaged
in farming. In 1859 with his brothers Lyman and Bradford he crossed the plains
with ox-teams to the Pacific coast. He and his brothers were engaged in mining
in Yreka, Cal., until the summer of 1SG2, when they started for Oregon. They
arrived in what is now Grant county and Noble took up what is known
as tlie Trowbridge farm on July 19. He taught school in John Day and also
singing school at Canyon City, and was superintendent of the Sunday school for
some time at that place. He was also interested in mining. He was elected
justice of the peace, when honesty and capability were demanded by the hardy
mining population. He was soon after appointed deputy sheriff by Nate Olney,
tlien sheriff of Wasco county, and in the winter of 1863 he was appointed by
Governor Gibs as enrolling officer. This position, as well as that of deputy
sheriff, during the early mining days and while the battles of the Civil War were
being fought, called for a cool head, a brave heart, and an honest and
conscientious man, and Noble Trowbridge had these qualities.

While he was acting as enrolling officer, a committee waited on him and
acquainted him with the fact that they had been appointed at a meeting held for
that purpose to demand the enrollment papers. On his refusing to surrender
them, one of the committee told him that the streets would run with blood and
that he would probably lose his own life, if he did not accede to the request. His
answer came quick and firm: "My life and blood are no better than thousands
that have laid do-u-n their lives for this cause, and when called to lay it down in
defense of my country it is ready." His firm but courteous action, the inune-
diate call to friends of the cause, the cooler judgment of afterthought, and the
organization of a body of men to act in an emergency, saved bloodshed. By
riding day and night, he reached The Dalles, two hundred miles away, and thence
rode on to Portland and Salem. Governor Gibs issued his proclamation, pro-
claiming that peace and quiet would be enforced by the militia, if necessary;
but the firm action taken at the commencement had borne its fruit, and the
proclamation was, we believe, the only one of its kind issued in Oregon during
that eventful period. Mr. Trowbridge refused office when Grant county was
organized in October, 1864. He closed up his business in 1866 and went hack
to his old home in Illinois.

Mr. Trowbridge had joined the Methodist Church when he was about sixteen
years old. He had been licensed as an exhorter in that church in 1859, and when
he crossed the plains to the coast he carried with him a well-established Christian
character. He sought out the few followers of Christ wherever he dwelt, and
organized Sunday schools and held religious services as occasion offered.
Wliile thus engaged, he felt called to the ministry and, in order to be better fitted
for the work, returned to Illinois and entered the theological department of the
Northwestern University at Evanston. He joine*! the Rock River Conference
in 1808. He was at once appointed to Courtland and the next year to Byron. In
1870 he was left without appointment, at his own request, that he might try the
climate of Minnesota. He serv^ed Fairmont, Minn., as a supply, and in 1871 was
transferred to the Minnesota Conference. He there served Fairmont three
years and Madelia and St. James three years. For pers0n.1l reasons, he took a
supernumerary relation and went into business in Fairmont. The next year he


was made efiective and appointed to Shakopee. On account of throat trouble, he
took a certificate of location at the close of this year. He soon after went into
the railway postal service, but after more than four years' work he relinquished
his place, and in 1886 removed with his family to LongTQont, Colo., and was
engaged for a few years in the furniture business. He continued preaching
occasionally, and was always active in the Sunday school and prayer meeting.
During the last tliree years of his life he was a great suiforer, but he endured all
with Christian fortitude.

An intimate friend of Mr. Trov\'hridge writes of him thus : "Xoble Trowbridge
showed his Christian character in everyday life. He was an honest, upright
citizen, a loyal friend, a noble son and brother, an affectionate husband, and a
true Christian, who never tired of telling of his Maker's love and goodness.
Being an intimate friend of his, I can say for truth he was one of God's


(>15. Lyman Benjamin Trowbridge (Auyustus^''^, Oliver^^'', Setli^^^, SamueP",
Samuel'"'*, William^'"', Thomas'), born August 22, 18.34, in Windsor, N. Y.; died
Sejjtcmber 16, 1902, in Portland, Ore.; married, first, June 29, 18.')4, in Homer,
111, Elizabeth R. Gillette, daughter of Thomas Gillette, born January — , 1834,
in Hartford, Conn.; died April 28, 18,57, in Lee county. 111. He married,
second, Susan Baughman, daughter of Samuel Baughman, born in Mount
Sterling, 111.

Lyman B. Trowbridge was eleven years of age when he accompanied his
parents to Lee county. 111. He settled after his marriage on a farm six miles
south of Dixon, 111. In 1859 with his brothers Noble and Bradford he
crossed the plains with ox-teams to California. They settled in Yreka and lived
there vuitil 1862, when they emigrated to Oregon, arriving in Grant county on
July 19, 1862, and taking up what is known as the Trowbridge farm. He
resided in Canyon City for a good many years, removing from there to Monta-
villa. Ore., and afterwards to Portland, Ore., where he died. He was engaged
in farming and mining, and practiced medicine to some extent.

By first marriage:
88G. i. Wilbur Eugene, b. Apr. 24, 1S57, in Araboy township, Lee county. III.

Bji second tnarriaye:
ii. Noble Alexander, b. Aug. 7, ISOO, in Canyon City, Ore.; was a sailoi-; d.
Aug. 23, 1890. in Tacoma, Wash. ; unm.
887. iii. Henrt Howard, b. Mar. 4, 1809, in Canyon City.

616. Bradford Cornelius Trowbridge (Augustus''-^, Oliver''^'', Seth''^^,
Samvel'^'^, SamueP"*. William'""', Thomas'), bom September 20, 1836, in Wind-
sor, N. Y. ; resides in John Day, Ore. ; married January 1, 1888, in Canyon City,
Ore., Marjory Milnie. daughter of James Alexander and Marjory (McGilvray)
Milnie, bom August 10, 18.50, in Bedivochal, Glenlivet, Scotland.

Bradford C. Trowbridge went in boyhood with his parents to Lee county. 111.,
and grew tip on his father's farm in Lee Centre. In 1859 he accompanied his
elder brothers. Noble and Lynian, to California. They started for Pike's Peak,
but as they went along the Platte river they heard so many discouraging reports
that they kept on to California. They were six months by ox-team on the road
from Illinois to Siskiyou county. Cal. Mr. Trowbridge was there engaged in
gold mining in Yreka until the spring of 1862. He then went with his brothers
to Grant county. Ore., where they arrived July 19, and where he has since been
engaged in farming and stock raising. He resides in John Day, Ore.

cA^T^ ^. ^



i. Cabbie Beatrice, b. Jlay 2G, 1S91, in Grant county. Ore. ; d. Jan. 4, 1S93.
ii. Charles Augustus, b. Aug. 26, 1892, in John Day, Ore.

617. Ira Cooke TKowBRmcE (Heniy'<-''', Oliver^^', Seth^^", ,S?aJn!(e^"^
SamueP"*, ^YilUam'""', Thomas''), born ilarch IG, 1823, in Lisle, K". Y. ; died
October 3, 1893, in Waseca, Minn.; married August 31, 1846, in Lisle, Judith
Church, daughter of James Blakslee and Sarah (Matthews) Church, born
September 28, 1826, in Marathon, IST. Y.; died May 6, 1906, in Waseca.

Ira C. Tro-n-bridge went to Chicago, 111., in 1844, at the age of twenty-one,
and engaged in the boot and shoe trade on Lake street. Chicago seemed to him
such a swamp that it could never be a progressive town, so after one year there
he went on by stage to Woodstock, 111., fifty miles northwest of Chicago, where
he located. He went back to Xew York to be married and immediately returned
to Woodstock, where he owned a shoe store and wfls also in the real estate busi-
ness. In July, 1866, he purchased of Mr. Meyers a farm which is the present
site of Waseca, Minn., and removed his family there in 186". He was virtually
the father of the town, having seen it grow from a wheat field to its present
condition. He was three times its mayor and always manifested a deep interest
in its welfare and advancement.

Mr. Trowbridge was an active man, rarely failing in any project he undertook.
As an instance of this, the people of the county retii-ed one night with the county
seat in a neighboring town and woke up to find it had been moved in the night
to Waseca, owing to the efforts of Ira Trowbridge. He had large interests in
Waseca, and was very well laiown in the country round about. He was a good
friend, warm-hearted, and generous to the tmforttinate. He was upright in all
his dealings and his word was as good as his bond.


i. Augusta Maria, b. Sept. 27, 1847 ; m. Dec. 9, ISO". Joseph Henry Jenkins

and re.sides in Waseca, Minn,
ii. Henry Adolphus. b. Apr. 24. 1S49 ; d. Apr. 21, 1873. in Waseca: unm.
iii. EixA CoRBiN. b. Jan. 13. ISol ; m. Dec. 9, 1867, William Grosvenor Ward

and resides in Waseca.
888. iv. Edgab Chubch, b. Apr. 6, 1853.

618. Adolphus TR0WBRnx3E (Henry"^", Oliver''^', Seth'^^^, Samuel''^''-',
Samuel''''^ WilUam'""', Thomas'^), born October 5, 1841, in Lisle, X. Y.; died
June 13, 1873, in Cedar Falls, Iowa; married April 20, 1864, in Waterloo, Iowa,
Helen Aurelia Chapman, daughter of Hon. Leander and Caroline (Pray) Chap-
man, born September 3, 1841, in Jackson, Mich. She married, second, August
29, 1S7S, in Chicago, 111., Col. Oliver Stevens !Musser and resides in Chicago.

Adolphus Trowbridge was about five years old when he went with his fatlier
to Woodstock, 111. He located in the early '60s in Cedar Falls, Iowa, where he
did a large business as a wholesale and retail boot and shoe dealer, and was in
this line up to the time of his death. For tlie three years preceding his death he
was a commercial traveler in the boot and shoe trade, and made a great success
in this business, making many friends in the states he traveled through.

ilr. Trowbridge was a capable business man, and was considered an honorable
and upright citizen. He was a great sportsman, a fine singer, and a lover of
jokes, and was a very popular man. He was a member of the Masonic fraternity
and was a Knight Templar, and was buried with Masonic honors, his remains
being followed to the cemetery by the largest concourse ever assembled up to

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