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that time in Cedar Falls.



i. Harriet Chapman, b. Feb. 17, 18G5; d. Sept. 28, 386.5.

ii. Harry Chapman, | twins, d. Nov. 24, 18CG.

iii. Merta Lelle, ( b. Mar. 26, 1866; resides in Chicago, III.; unm. "She is
a New Thought woman, highly gifted and with a mind richly endowed. She
is a worker for humanity and represents in Cliicago the Battle Creek Sani-
tarium. She fills her position with grace and rare judgment, and many are
there that bless her for her timely assistance and advice which have restored
them to perfect health. From the maternal side she inherits the gift of the
sixth sense and has wonderful powers to read the physical condition of those
who come to her place of business, diagnoses with the best of physicians,
and never studied a medical book, more than to read one, in her life. She is
quite a musician, as is her mother, who is a composer of music and a New
Thought woman to tlie fullest degree."*

619. WiLLL\M Burr Trowbridge (Barlow 5'.°''^, Ahraham^^^, John^^*,
Samuel'''^^, Samuel^"*, Wiitiani^"", Thomas^), born January 5, 1829, in New
Fairfield, Conn.; died June 0, 1901, in Danbury, Conn.; married Frances E.

William B. Trowbridge lived for many years in his native town, New Fairfield,
Conn., where he was iu business as a shoemaker. The latter part of his life was
passed in the King Street district in Danbury, Conn.


i. A son, d. young.

ii. A daughter, d. young.

C20. James Osborne Trowbridge {Barlow <S.^-", Ahraham^^'', John"*,
Samuel^", Samuel^"*, William^'"', Thomas'), born June 10, 1830, in New
Fairfield, Conn. ; died January 6, 187.3, in Pouglikeepsie, N. Y. ; married, first.
May 10, 1852, in Danbury, Conn., Celia Ferguson, daughter of Edward and Mary
(Osborne) Fergruson, born October 14, 1829, in Danbui-y; died November 23,
1868, in Poughlvcepsie. He married, second, , 1869, Mrs. Sarah Palnier.f

James O. Trowbridge was a shoemaker by trade. He followed that business
for a few years after his marriage in Danbury, Conn., and then returned to his
native town, New Fairfield, Conn., where he was also in business for a number of
years. He then removed w^ith his family to South East, N. T., a short time
before the commencement of the Civil War. He enlisted there August 12, 1862,
for three years in Company G, 135th New York Infaiitry, and was with his
regiment until the expiration of his term of service. In September, 1865, he
removed to Poughkeepsie, N. Y., where he resided until his death. He was a
member of the First Methodist Church of that city.

By first niarriage:t
i. Edward Osborne, b. JIar. 29, 1854, in Danbury, Conn. ; is a cigar-maker iu
Hudson, N. Y. ; unm.
889. ii. George Orlando, b. Apr. 11, 1856, in New Fairfield, Conn.

iii. Estella Olivia, b. . 1862, in New Fairfield ; d. , 1876.

621. Henry Wilson Trowbridge {Barlow S.^^', Abraham'^^^, John"*,
Samuel^'^, SamueP"*, William'^'"', Thomas'^), born February 21, 1839, in New
Fairfield, Conn. ; resides in Roxbtiry, Conn. ; married April 25, 1877, in Roxbury,
Cordelia Ann (Evans) Adams, daughter of John and Sally Sophronia (Squire)
Evans, bom June 24, 1851.

* Letter from Mrs. Helen A. Musser, her mother.

t It is thought that she married a third time and removed to New Jersey.

t No children by second marriage.


Henry "W. Trowbridge came to Koxbury, Conn., in the fall of 18G2 and
engaged in tlie wagon-making business, with which he is still occupied, but of
late years his work has been principally repairing.

Mr. Trowbridge united with the First Methodist Episcopal Church in Roxbui-y
in the spring of 1876. lie has held tlie office of steward of the church since 1884
and that of trustee since 1897, and has been superintendent of the Sunday school
since 1889. He has also been prominent in town affairs, having been grand
juror, registrar of voters and justice of the peace, each for two terms. He
represented the tovm of Eoxbury in the Connecticut General Assembly in 1885.


i. Jennie Evans, b. Mar. 2G, 1878.

622. Theodore Monson Trowbridge (Barlow S."^'^, AhraJiam'^'^^, John.'^'*,
SamueP", iSamuel^''\ William'""'. Tliumas'^), bom December 11, 1841, in New
Fairfield. Conn. ; resides in Bridgeport. Conn. ; niari-ied September 28, 1878, in
Now Milford, Conn.,. Eliza Alzora Schultz, daughter of Asa and Nancy
(Cununius) Schultz, bom February 17, 1847, in New Milford.

Theodore M. Trowbridge was brought up on his father's farm in Neiy Fairfield,
Conn. In the spring of 1865 he went to New Milford, Conn., where he was
engaged in the carriage painting business about ten years. He then went to work
as a toolmaker in the ivory button factory of Bostwick Bros., and when that
firm removed to Bridgeport, Conn., in 1884 he went with them and continued in
the same position until the business was sold to Massachusetts parties. He then
went to Stratford, Conn., where he lived about ten years, working for five years
at carriage painting there and then five years in Bridgeport. He moved his
family to that city in April, 1907, and at the present time is employed at the
factory of the American & British Manufacturing Company, manufacturers of
Ordnance, in Bridgeport.

Mr. Trowbridge during his residence in New Milford was master of St. Peter's
Lodge, No. 21, F. and A. M., in 1879 ; esteemed knight of Ousatonic Chapter,
No. 33, E. A. M., in 1882 ; and secretary of The Good Shepherd's Lodge, No. 65,
I. O. O. F., in 1882. He was also in 1882 secretaiy of Water Witch Hose
Company of New Milford.


i. Theodore Erwin, b. .\pr. IS. 1881 ; is electrician with the American Tube &
Stamping Company in Bridgeport, Conn. ; iinm.

623. Capt. Charles Burr Trowbridge (Ephraim B.^ - , Ahraham'^^^, John}''*,
SamueP", Samuel'"'*, ^yilliam''^'", Thomas"^). born October 23, 1837, in Buffalo,
N. Y. ; resides at tlie National Soldiers' Home in Milwaukee, Wis. ; married
June 18, 1869, in Hannibal, Mo., Anna Hazzard Taft Cottrell, daughter of
Simon Smith and Amy Gardner (Eimis) Cottrell, born July 12, 1843, in
Narragansett, R. I. She resides in Minneapolis, Minn.

Cliarles B. Trowbridge received his early education in the grammar and high
schools in his native city. At the age of seventeen he was sent to the academy at
East Bloomfield, N. Y., from which he was graduated three years later. Lie then
became bookkeeper for a commission house in Buffalo. This proved too con-
fining, and it was finally decided that he should learn a trade. He took naturally
to painting, and was soon at work learning that trade. He served an apprentice-
ship of about two years with E. G. Buchanan and then went to New Orleans to
work on boat work. This was in 1859. He remained there that winter, return-
ing to Buffalo in the early spring of 1860. He remained there until after the
election of President Lincoln, w-hen he returned to New Orleans and resumed


work on boat painting. After the Louisiana legislature passed the ordinance of
secession, he decided to return to the North. The embargo on all persons trying
to leave was very strict, but he finally made his escape in the coal hole of the old
steamboat Olive Branch, which carried him to St. Louis, aud from there he
returned to his home in Buffalo.

About the time of his arrival home the 21st New York Infantry was being
organized and he at once offered to enlist, but he was rejected by the surgeon as
lacking in physical ability. He remained in Buffalo, however, until July, 1862,
when he again offered himself as a volunteer and was accepted. He enlisted for
the term of three years, or during the war, and was enrolled at Buffalo July 31,
1862, in Company E, 116th New York Infantry. His regiment was ordered to
the front, and he soon found himself again in New Orleans with his regiment.
They wintered at Baton Rouge and early in the spring of 1863 were ordered to
Port Hudson under Gen. N. P. Banks. He was in the fight at Plains Store, near
Port Hudson, on May 9, 1863, and in the two assaults on the fort proper on
May 21 and June 14. He later participated in the battle of Donelsonville.
With the exception of a few skirmishes, this was the end of their engagements
for that year. He was at this time offered, and he accepted, a commission as
lieutenant in a colored regiment, which was being organized by the adjutant of
his regiment, and of which the latter was made colonel. While acting as
enlisting officer for this regiment, he had an e.^citing experience with a squad of
Confederates and only escaped on account of the sujierior speed of his horse.
He then resigned his commission as lieutenant aiid returned to his old regiment.
In the spring of 1864 he was in the army of the Department of the Gulf and was
in the disastrous raid up the Red river, and was engaged in the battle of Sabine
Cross Roads, Pleasant Hill and Cane River, which were the principal battles of
that campaigii. His regiment was then transferred to Virginia, and was with
General Sheridan at the battles of Winchester and Cedar Creek. He later
received his discharge at Fort Porter, Buffalo, June 28, 1865, having partici-
pated in nine battles, besides a number of skirmishes. He was never excusetl
from duty on account of sickness but one day during his two years and ten
months of service.

Mr. Trowbridge resided in Buffalo until 1867, when he went with the tide of
emigration towards the South. He passed the winter at Quincy, 111., and the
following spring went down the river twenty-five miles to Hannibal, Mo. He
there met his future wife, who at that time was a mission teacher in the free
colored schools of Missouri. They resided in Hannibal only about two years after
their marriage, when, because of the failure of Mrs. Trowbridge's health, they
were advised to go North, which they did, going at once to Mankato, Minn., where
they lived until about 1895, when tliey came to Minneapolis, Minn. In May,
1900, he removed to Anoka, Minn., seventeen miles from Minneapolis, where he
began poultry raising on a large scale. He continued in that business until a
few years ago, when he entered the National Soldiers' Home in Milwaukee, Wis.
He has been captain of a company at the home for the past two years and still
holds that position, with a prospect of its indefinite continuance. Captain
Trowbridge voted for Stephen A. Douglas in 1860 and has been a consistent
Democrat ever since. He has never allied himself with any church denomination,
but has always believed in and practiced the Golden Rule.


i. Anna Peakl, b. .lime 12, 1870; d. Nov. 4, 1870.

ii. CoTTKELL Burr, b. Ma.y 4, 1872 ; is a painter in Minneapolis, Minn. ; unm.

iii. Bessie Gaedner, b. Apr. 27, 1873; d. Jan. 9. 1880.

•i horn in Hannibal. Mo.; ii anil vii-viii in ManUato. Minn.; iii-v in Docorah. Iowa; vi
in Sleepy Eye, Minn.


890. iv. Prank Wilgus, b. Nov. 27, 1S74.

V. Rolf Caeter, b. Feb. -1, 1875 ; is a compositor in Minneapolis ; unm.
vi. Bertha Ennis, b. Nov. 20, 1878.
890a. vii. Smith Cottrell, b. Aug. 28, 1880.

viii. Beulah Marvin, b. Nov. 2G, 1882 ; m. Cliarles Kjelstrup and resides in

624. Adelbert Burr Trowbridge {John jS'.'^^, Ahraham^^^, John^^*, Samuel'^^^,
Samuel^"*, William'^'"', Thomas^), born August 21, 1838, in New Canaan, Conn.;
died January 10, 1868, in Willimantie, Conn. ; married December — , 1804, in
Willimantie, Ellen F. Turner. She resides in Willimantie.*

Adelbert B. Trowbridge is thought to have been a clerk in mercantile business
in Willimantie, Conn.


i. Adelbert, b. , 1865 ; is a clerk in Willimantie*

625. Samuel Augustus Trowbridge {^^*, Reuhen>^^, John'^^*,
Samuen^". Samuel'^''*, William'"''', Thomas'-), born November 12, 1825, in Dan-
bury, Conn. ; died August 4, 1858, in Muscatine, Iowa ; married June 1, 184T,
in Danbury, Mary Amelia Moore, daughter of Alfred and Amelia (Ferry)
Moore, bom April 1, 1827. in North Salem, N. Y. ; died March 2, 1895, in

Samuel A. Trowbridge was by trade a hat finisher and was so engaged in
Danbury, Conn. A few years prior to his death he removed to Muscatine, Iowa,
where he was a member of the firm of Trowbridge & Anthony, dealers in hats,
caps, furs, etc.


i. Alfred Augustus, b. Apr. 17, 1848; is a hatnuiker; resides in Danbury, unm.

891. ii. Charles William, b. Sept. 14, 1851.

626. Willl\m Eugene Sutphin Trowbridge {Tnimaii""*, Reuhen'^^, John'-^*,
Hamuel"-'\ Samuel'"*, William""', Thomas'), born October 13, 1832, in Danbury,
Conn. ; resides in Downers Grove, 111. ; married October 20, 1858, in Rockford,
111., Harriett Lorain Utter, daughter of Isaac and Eliza (Smith) Utter, born
May 24, 1838, in Angelica, N. Y.

William E. S. Trowbridge has resided in or near Chicago for over fifty years.
He came to that city from Eockford about May 1, 1872, and his present residence
is in Downer's Grove, 111. He has devoted more time to art work than to any
other business.


892. i. William Augustus, b. July 28. 1859, in Chicago, III.

893. ii. Charles Utter, b. June 20, 1868, in Rockford, 111.

627. Erancis Henry Trowbridge (Truman""'. Renben'^^. John'"*. Samuel"^,
Samuel'"*, William">", Thomas'), born February 20, 1841, in Danbury, Conn.;
died December 25, 1874, in Hudson, N. Y. ; married February 15, 1863, in
Hudson, Elizabeth McCabe, daughter of Henry and .Jane (Johnson) McCabe,
born April 26, 1845, in Peekskill, N. Y. She mai-ried, second, October 16, 1878,
in Danbury, Arthur Eeed of Danbury, where she resides.

Francis H. Trowbridge was a traveling salesman in the dry goods business.


!. Mary Elizabeth, b. May 1, 18G4 ; d. Sept. 4. 1SG4.

ii. Edith Eliz.\beth, b. Sept. 11, 1805 ; d. .luly 1."), 1878.

iii. William Frank, b. Mar. 25, 1867 ; d. Nov. 2. 1874.

iv. Julia Stevens, b. Dec. 16, 1872 ; d. Mar. 2, 1808, in New York City ; unm.

* Failed to answer the comijiler's letters.


628. Olhtsr Edward TROA\T{RroGE (Truman^^*, Reuhen^^^, John^^*, Samuel^''-',
Samuel^"*, WilUarn'^'"^, Thomas^), born December 3, 1843, in Danbury, Conn.;
resides in South Xorwalk, Conn. ; married, first, December 3, 1803, in Danbury,
Julia Ann Hoyt, daughter of Henry Andrew and Rebecca Starr (Banks) Hoyt,
bom June 12, 1843, in Xewtown, Conn. ; died Xovember 8, 1885, in South
IS'orwalk. He married, second, June 30, 1887, in Fairfield, Conn., Mary Alice
Green, daughter of Samuel and Susan (Stow) Green, bom November 18, 1848,
in Milford, Conn.

Oliver E. Trowbridge learned the hatter's trade as a youth in his native town
and was so employed up to the time lie entered tlie army during the Civil War.
He enlisted in Danbury August 28. 18G2, in Company B, 23d Connecticut
Infantry, and went to !Js^ew Orleans with General Banks' expedition in December,
1862. The regiment was detailed to guard the New Orleans, Opelousas and
Great Western railroad, running from New Orleans to Brashear City, Company
B being stationed at La Fourche Crossing. There they were attacked by the
enemy June 21, 1863, and he was severely wounded, and reported dead. The
Union forces evacuated the place June 25, taking all the wounded except the
subject of this sketch. The enemy entered next day, taking him, with the
surgeon and nurse, prisoners, and they were held for several weeks. After this
he was taken to New Orleans, and while there, in the St. Louis Hospital, the
regiment came home, leaving him behind. He was wounded by a minie ball
which entered his right side near the hip, passed through his bowels, and came
out on the left side of the spine.* He finally arrived at Danbury on September
10, 1863, when he received his discharge, the regiment having been mustered
out August 31, 1863.

Mr. Trowbridge remained in Danbury until October. 1865. when he removed to
South Norwalk, Conn., where he has since resided. Up to August, 1898, lie was
engaged at his trade, that of a hatter, most of the time in the capacity of foreman.
In August, 1898, he received an appointment in the New York Custom House,
where he is still employed as clerk in the U. S. appraiser's office on Washington
street, going there daily from his home in South Norwalk.


By first marriage:^
i. Anna Banks, b. Nov. 3. 1806: d. July 1, 1871.
ii. Frank Henry, b. Jan. 10, 187.5 : d. Apr. 9, 1877.
iii. Oliver Edward, b. Mar. 17, 1878 ; d. Nov. 7, 1892.

629. Theodore Francis Trowbridge (Alvah^'-'^, Reiihen^^^, John}^*, SamiieP^^,
8amuel^'>*, William'">'', Thomas'^), bom September 28, 1829, in Danburj', Conn.;
died December 12, 1897, in Princeton, 111. ; married, first, October 25, 1854, in
Kenosha, Wis., Sarah Eliza Hugunin. daughter of Edward and Euby (Bristol)
HugTiniu, bom September 18, 1836, in Chicago, 111. ; died July 18, 1859, in
Muskegon, Mich. He married, second, September 25, 1873, in Princeton. 111.,
Cedelia Olivia Jones, daughter of William and Lucretia (Johnson) Jones, bom
March 9, 1838, in Town Line, N. Y. She resides in Princeton.

Theodore F. Trowbridge went in boyhood with his father to Hlinois. In early
manhood he engaged in the milling business with his father in Muskegon, Mich.,
and later with him in the lumber business in Chicago, 111., and he continued in
this business until the outbreak of the Civil War. He enlisted in Chicago
January 29, 1862, and was appointed corijoral of Company A, 65tli Illinois

• A description of tlie wound and its treatment was written hy Dr. William H. Trowbridge
< No. S51). surgeon of tlie regiment, and printed in tiie "Medieal History of the War," vol. 2,
part 2, p. 77. case 237.

t No cliildren by second marriage.


Infantry. He re-enlisted as a veteran ilarch 31, 1864, and was transferred to
Company H (as consolidated) and was mustered out July 13, 1865, at the
expiration of his time of service. In 1870 he went to Princeton, HI., which
continued to be his permanent residence until his death.

ilr. Trowbridge was a man of fine natural instincts and gentlemanly in his
bearing toward all. He was an excellent mechanic and a fine business man.
He was methodical, upright and honest in all of his transactions. He was
intellectual in his mental pursuits and very thoughtful of the comfort of others.
He was a member of Ferris Post, G. A. E., of Princeton, HI.


By first marriage:
i. Nellie Theodora, b. Aug. 20, 18.55, in Kenosha. Wis. ; m. Apr. 20. ISSO.

Webb Nicholson Pearce and resides in Oakland, Cal.
ii. Sarah, b. , 1859, in Kenosha; d. Jul.v 20, 1869.

By second marriage:
iii. DoTTiE Jones, b. Apr. 26, 1876, in Princeton, 111. ; d. Aug. 12. 1876.

630. Charles Broas Trowbridge (ff. BenedicP^^, Beuben^^^, John}^*,
Samuel'-^^, Samuel^'>\ William'-'''', Thomas^), bom January 26, 1852, in
Waukegan, HI. ; resides in Magnolia, Minn. ; married May 15, 1879, in Wheeler
township, Lyon county, Iowa, Letta Eugenia Hollister,* daughter of Samuel
Bacon and Sarah Ann (Hollister) HoUister, bom July 1, 1S62, in Manston, Wis.

Charles B. Trowbridge passed his boyhood and youth with his father, and in
early manhood went with him to Wheeler township, Lyon county, Iowa. He
settled there after his marriage on a farm seven miles from Hull, where he was
engaged in farming about thirty years. He there held the offices of assessor and
road overseer. On January 1, 1901, he left Iowa and removed to Magnolia,
ilinn., where he resides at present and is engaged in farming.


i. Mabel Victorix-e, b. Mar. 20. 1881 ; d. Apr. 15, 1889.

ii. George Orvtl, b. Oct. 17. 1883.

iii. Efete Edith, b. Oct. 20. 1887; m. JIar. 22. 1905, Guy Eugene Smith and

resides in Worthington, Minn.
iv. Roy Elbert, b. Jul.v 29. 1889.
V. Levia Lois. b. Apr. 3. 1899.

631. Fred Clark Trowbridge (E. Benedict^^\ Reuhen^^^^, Jdlui^^*, Samuen^^,
Samuen"*, William'^'"', Thomas'^), bom July 5, 1866, in New Lisbon, Wis.;
resides in Wheeler township (Larchwood P. O.), Iowa; married March 23, 1892,
in HuU, Iowa, Julie Field, daughter of Hiram and Harriet (Abbey) Field, bom
March 29, 1868, in Hopkinton, Iowa.

Fred C. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his father to Wheeler township,
Lyon county, Iowa, where he has since been engaged in farming. He is a
member of the Modem Woodmen of America.


i. Hettie May. b. Aug. 15, 1893.
ii. Robert, b. Dec. 27, 1894.

632. Edwix Montgomery Trowbridge (^Phineas B.^"', Ah-ah'^^'^, Billy^^^,
Samiiel'-'^^, Samuel^"*. William'""'. Thomas'-), bom November 1, 1824, in Carmel,
N. T. ; died August 29, 1854, in South East, N. T. ; married September 13, 1846,

* A sister of the husband of No. 3."6. iii.

t i-iii and v born in Wheeler to\vnship ; iv in Garfield township.


in Carmel, Sarah Drueilla Marsh, daughter of Horace and Fanny (Sherman)
Marsh, born September 28, 1823, in Gaylordsville, Conn. She married, second,
December 8, 1864, in South Dover, N. Y., Lewis Judd, and died April 30, 1898,
in Ansonia, Conn.

Edwin M. Trowbridge was a farmer in South East, Is. Y.


i. Mary Cornelia, b. Oct. 1.5. 1S40 ; m. May 15, 18C5, Charles French and
resides in Ansonia, Conn.

633. William Eaymond Trowbridge (Phineas i?.-''", Alvah^^", Billy"'^,
SamueP'^^, Samuel^'", William^'"', Tlwmas^), born May 6, 1833, in Carmel, N. Y;
died May 22, 1906, in South Dover, N. Y.; married October 20, 1857, in South
Dover, Maria Wing Sheldon, daughter of Albro and Eliza (Edmonds) Sheldon,
bom May 4. 1840, in South Dover. She resides in Wingdale, N. Y.

William R. Trowbridge was a farmer in Pawling and Wingdale, South Dover,
N. Y.


i. Cora Bell. b. Sept. 10, 18.58 ; m. .June 21, 1879. .\rthin- I )orn and resides in
Springfield, Mass.
894. ii. George Albro, b. Sept. 20. ISGl.
iii. Ada Elizabeth, b. Dec. 27, 18C3.
iv. Eliza Sheldon, b. Apr. 17, 18G6.

634. Austin Coe Trowbridge (AUerton M.^^\ Alvah^^", Billy^^^ SamueV-^^,
Samuel^"*, William^'"', Thomas^), bom January 4, 1844, in South East, N. Y.;
resides in East Orange, N. J. ; married, first, .June 20, 1876, in New York City,
Julia Eleanor Bogardus, daughter of Eiehard and .Tuliet (Logan) Bogardus,
bom October 9, 1845, in New York City; died April 30, 1879, in New York City.
He married, second, .Tune 12, 1884, in Tarrytown, N. Y., Sarah Sarven, daughter
of John and Sarali Elizabeth (Norton) San-en, born May 28, 1850, in Columbia,

Austin C. Trowbridge is engaged in the dry goods commission business with
the firm of James Talcott in New York City, and has been connected with the
same firm and at the same address for the past forty years. His residence is in
East Orange, N. J.

Mr. Trowbridge was deacon for several terms of the Fniversity Place Presby-
terian Church in New York City prior to 1881 and held the same office in the
Munn Avenue Presbyterian Church in East Orange, N. J. He is a charter
member of the Arlington Avenue Presbyterian Church in East Orange, organized
in 1892, in which he at present holds the office of trustee.

CHILD born in new YORK CITY :

By fint marriage:!
i. Irwng Bogardus, b. Apr. 27, 1879; d. July 31, 1879, in Tarrytown, N. Y.

635. Charles Allerton Trowbridge (AUerton If.^^*, Alvah^^", Bilhj"^,
SamueV-'^^, SamueP"*, }¥iUiam'"">, Thomas^), bom June 15, 1860, in Patterson,
N. Y. ; resides in East Orange, N. J.; married September 21, 1892. in East
Orange, Mary Jones Harrison, daughter of Lewis Dodd and Phebe Amelia
(Mandeville) Harrison, born December 31, 1859, in East Orange.

Charles A. Trowbridge was educated at private schools in Pouglilceepsie, N. Y.,
and in October, 1876, entered the dry goods business in New York City, in which
he continued for about six years. He then went into the insurance business and

• Except i. who was born in South Dover, N. Y.
t No children by second marriage.





^Xt'X^ -^N^^HPP











^^k . . I '^^idMfaa.



has remained in it ever since, having been during that time associated with the
same firm, George A. Stanton & Co. He is deputy attorney and assistant
manager of the undervpriters at American Lloyd's.

Mr. Trowbridge while a resident of New York City was a member of tlie
University Place Presbyterian Church, but when he moved to East Orange, N. J.,

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