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in 1887 he joined tlie Munn Avenue Presbyterian Church, in which he servetl as
deacon for a term of yfears. He is a member of the New England Society and the
Young Men's Republican Association of Orange, of the Republican Club and the
Town Improvement Society of East Orange, and of tlie Underwriters Club of
New York City.


636. Joseph Allerton Tuowbridge (William C'.^^',' Alvah'^''^,- Billy'^^^.
Samuel^^\ Sa>niieno\ William''"'. Thomas'), born January 22, 3832, in Soutli
East, N. Y. ; died December 14. 1869, in Hackensack, N. J.; married May 30,
1866, in Hackensack, Mary Eliza Munn, daughter of Samuel and Jane (Post)
Munn, born November 1, 1840, in Paterson, N. J. She married, second, January
3, 1876, in Bogota, N. J., Thomas Hathaway Haskell, and died June 16, 1907, in

Joseph A. Trowbridge was a merchant in New York City. During the Civil
War he served for three years as first corporal of Company H, 7th Regiment,
New York state militia, being enrolled May 25, 1862., He was a member of the
Union League Cluli.


i. Munn, b. Oct. 13, 18G7 ; d. Jan. 23, 1893, in Hacken.sack ; unm.

637. Alvah Trowbridge . (William C.^^', Alvah""', Billy''"', 8amuel"\
Samuel'"*, William'O", Thomas'), born June 8, 1835, in South East, N. Y. ; died
September 18, 1907, in JIackensack, N. J.; married October 18,, 1859, in
Milwaukee, Wis., Ada Greene Smitii, daughter of Theodore and Lucinda
( Bryant) Smith, born Eebruary 2, 1835, in Solon, Me. She resides in

Alvah Trowbridge was educated in the public schools of his native town and at
the age of eighteen entered the baidc in Pawling, N. Y., as a clerk. Removing to
New York City, he became paying teller of the National Bank of North America
m 1868. He was appointed its cashier in 1883 and its vice-president in 1897.
His only other occupation after coming to New York was during eight years
when he served as chief of the division of accounts in the subtreasury there.
On June 1, 1899, he became president of the North American Trust Company
of New York City, which under his management took in. the International' Trust
Company, In September, 1900, he was chosen president of the Ninth National
Bank of New York, then being organized, and held that pla,ce until, it consoli-
dated with the Citizens National Banl;. He continued to act as president of the
North American Trust Company and vice-president of the National Bank of
North America until his death. He had mafle his home for many years in
Hackensack, N. J.

Mr. Trowbridge was a member of the American Bankers Association, of which
he was chairman of the executive committee from 1896 until 1899, when he was
elected its vice-president, being elected its president in 1900. He was from
1875 until his deatli an elder in the Second Dutch Reformed Church of Hacken-
sack. He was a member of the Lawyers Club of New York City and the North
Jersey Club. He was a 32d degree Mason and was a member of .Kane Lodge, No.
454, F. and A. M. He was also a member of Mecca Temple, Order of the Mystic
Shrine. Mr. Trowbridge was a man of great force of character. He was one of
tlie most popular bankers, his social qualities being particularly marked.



i. Anna Dana, b. May 11, 1801, in Milwaukee, Wis.; resides with her mother;

ii. Josephine Belden, b. May 18, 1871, in New Yorli City ; m. Oct. 1, 1903,

Henry Wells Durham and at present resides in the Panama canal zone,

where he is resident engineer.

638. Belden Crane Trowbridge (William C.■■^^ Alvah'-'"', Billy^^\ Samuel"^,
Samuel^"*, ^Yilliam^'^'', Thomas^), bom January 14, 1838, in South East, K Y. ;
resides in Pawling, N. Y. ; married June 1, 1879, in Pawling, Josephine Maria
Campbell, daughter of Sherman and Samantha (Ilaight) Campbell, bom July 14,
1S54, in Pawling.

Belden C. Trowbridge is well known as a veteran passenger train conductor on
the Harlem division of the New York Central railroad. His home is in Pawling,
iST. Y.


895. i. William Sherjian, b. Jan. 11, 1880.
89G. ii. Clifford Arnold, b. Sept. 26, 1881.

iii. Ethel Annis, b. Aug. 26, 188.5 ; d. May 10, 1886.

«39. John Trowbridge (John''*'', Billy^^\ Billy'-'^. Samuel"^, Samuel'"'\
William'^'"', Thomas'^), born August 27, 1847, in Southfield, Mich.; died Decem-
ber 22, 1906, in Newcastle, Wyo. ; married June 5, 1872, in Baldwin Place, N. Y.,
Mary Smith Lounsbury, daughter of Isaac and Catharine (Myrick) Lounsbury,
born August 18, 1853, in Baldwin Place. She resides in Pontiac, Mich.

John Trowbridge as a young man was associated in the lumber business with
his uncle Smith Trowbridge in Princeton, 111., in which he continued after tlie
business was removed to Chicago. During the Spanish-American War he
served in the 11th United States Infantry and continued in the service until his

child born in PRINCETON, ILL. :

897. i. Harry Ltnde, b. May 12, 1874.

C40. Frank Charles Trowbridge (Levi''*', Bilhj'^\ Billy"\ Sam.uel**\
SamueP"*, William'*'"', Thomas*), bom June 7, 1844, in Southfield, Mich.;
resides in Detroit, Mich. ; married, first, December 8, 1S69, in Detroit, Mary
Alvord (Knap) Thomas, widow of Frank Thomas of Great Bend, Pa., and
daughter of William Dudley and Mary M. (Kimball) Knap, bom September
21, 1841, in Oxford, N. Y.; died October 22, 1879, in Detroit. He married,
second, November 9, 1881, in Mt. Clemens, Mich., Mary Emily Stephens,
daughter of James and Caroline (Stevens) Stephens, born November 9, 1850, in
Utica, Mich.

Frank C. Trowbridge since leaving school has always been connected with the
lumber business in one capacity or another, except for a short time when he
served in the army during the Civil War. He wanted to go to war from his own
state with schoohnates who were enlisting, but his father thought him too young
and persuaded him not to go. Wliile on a visit in New York, however, he got tlie
war fever, and went up to Kingston and enlisted October 1, 1864, in the 13th
New York Cavalry. He was sent to Hart Island, New York harbor, to await
transportation to his regiment, and was there detailed in the enrolling office as
a clerk, temporarily he thought; but when he applied for an order to go to
his regiment, he was informed that his detail had been made permanent. He
served in that capacity until May 6, 1865, when he received his discharge.


Mr. Trowbridge has long been identified with the lumber trade in Detroit,
Mich. On February 1. 1881, he engaged in the retail lumber business and in 1880
he added a coal business, which he has since been conducting. On January 1,
1905, tlie Trowbridge Lumber Company was established for the purpose of dealing
in hardwood lumber, wholesale and in car lots. lie is president of the company
and all of the business is conducted through his otfice, but the Trowbridge
Company has no connection with his ret-ail lumber and coal business.

Mr. Trowbridge is a member of Detroit Post. No. 384, G. A. R., of which he
was appointed adjutant in 1897 and 1898 and elected commander in 1899. He
has been of great service to the compiler in gatliering data of his branch of the

J} I) first nwrriagc:*
i. Frank Knap, b. Dec. 8, 1873 ; A. Mar. 1.5, 1874.

641. JosEi'ii WiLsox Trowbridge (Samuel-"*-, Billy^'-'\ Billyh"'-', SamueP",
SamueP"'', William^o", Thomas^), born Januaiy 3, 1838, in Wetumptka, Ala.;
resides in Anderson, S, C. ; married November 9, 1805, in Abbeville, S. C,
Jessie E;uney, daughter of Johnson and Lucretia (Hill) Ramey, bom January
21, 1840, in Abbeville.

Joseph W. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to South Carolina.
He sers-etl in the Confederate army during the Civil War. He was taken
prisoner and sent North, being visited while a prisoner by his uncle Smith
Trowbridge. After the war he settled in Abbeville, S. C, where he was engaged
in mercantile business for many years. He is at present q dealer in fruits and
produce in Anderson, S. C.


i. Julia Celia, b. Aug. 30, 1800: d. Aug. 13, 1807.

Jessie Parsons, b. Mar. 10. 1868; m. June 5, 1894. James Thompson Pear-
son and resides in Anderson, S. C
iii. Ellen, b. Nov. IS, 1809; m. Dec. 29, 18.87, Samuel JIaxwell Pickens and

resides in Elberton, Ga.
iv. Samuel Richmond, b. Feb. 29. 1872.
V. Joseph .Ioiix.son. b. Dec. 27. 1874.

Annie Branch, b. May 11. 1870; d. Aug. 24. 1.S77.




642. Charles James Trowbridge (Smitlv>**. Billy"', 5^7?i/l»^ Samuel'^
SamiieP"*, W illiam^'"' , Thomas'), bom Febmary 0, 1851, in Syracuse, N. Y. ;
resides in St. Louis, Mo.; married March 10, 1880, in St. Joseiih, Mo., Amelia
Bayley Neely, daughter of Prof. Edward Bayley and Charlotte (Slagle) Neely,
bom October 23, 1855, in St. Joseph.

Charles J. Trowbridge went in boyhood with his father to Detroit, Mich., and
in 1872 moved to Chicago. Sine* 1872 he has been connected with tlie lumber
business in Chicago, St. Joseph, Mo., and Kansas City. Between 1895 and
1905, while winding up the affairs of a large lumber company with which he had
been connected, he also acted as land commissioner of the Kansas City, Fort
Scott and Memphis Railroad Company. On January 1, 1905, he removed to
St. Louis, Mo., where he has since been connected with the management of the
Monarch Lumber Company and of the A. J. Neimeyer I^imber Company, with
botli of which companies he is still associated.


i. Neely. b. Mar. 14. 1881. in St. .Toseph, Mo.

ii. Jeanne, b. Nov. 27. 1882, in Chicago. 111.

iii. Harold James, b. Jan. 13, 1885, in Chicago,

iv. Mildred, b. Jan. 27, 1887, in St. Joseph.

• No children hy second marriage.


643. Ikvix Cajip Trowbridue (Billy 6"."', Levi^^'', Billij^^'', Samuel'",
SamueP"*, William'''"', Tkomas'), bom May 30, 1837, in Fayette county, Ind.;
resides in Kansas City, Mo. ; married March 2, 1865, in Connersville, Ind., Mary
Ogden (Yaman) Watson, widow of Robert M. Watson of Harrisburgh, Ind., and
daughter of William and Fanny (Ogden) Yaman, born February 9, 183G, in
Franklin, Ind. ; died February 14, 1895, in Douglas county. Mo.

Irvin C. Trowbridge from an early age until he was a man grown was engaged
in farming- with his father in liis native place. During the Civil War he
served eight days (July 10 to July 18, 1863) in Company K, 104th Indiana
Infantry (minutemen), during the Morgan raid in Southern Indiana. For
some years aft^r his marriage he was engaged in farming in Fayette and Grant
counties, Ind., and then moved to a farm near Vera Cruz. Douglas county. Mo.
He there also followed the trade of a carpenter and joiner. He recently removed
to Kansas City, Mo., where he is engaged in farming near the city line.


898. i. Louis Yaman, b. Aug. 12, 1866, in Connersville, Ind.

ii. Pearl Yaman. b. Feb. 27, 1869, in Marion. Ind. : d. Oct. 20, 1869.

899. iii. Carl Yaman, b. Aug. 15, 1872, in Fayette county, Ind.

644. Billy Trowbridge (John DeM?"^, Levi'^^, Billy"'\ Samuel"^ Samuel'"*,
William"'". Thomas'), bom December 31, 1844, in LeRoy. 111.; resides in
Decatur, 111.; married, first, August 26, 1884, in Springfield, 111., Frances
Douglas, who died October 29, 1893, in Decatur. He married, second, Septem-
ber 29, 1895, in Springfield, Bertha (Cloud) Wigand, widow of John Wigand of
Decatur and daughter of Percival and Margaret (Glancey) Cloud, bom January
22, 1862, in Decatur."

Billy Trowbridge was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted from his native
]5lace June 11, 1862, for three months in Company F, 68th Illinois Infantry. He
is engaged in mercantile business in Decatur. 111. lie is a member of the
Dunham Post, 'No. 141, G. A. R., Department of Illinois.


645. Dr. Silas Trowbridge (John DeM.^*^, Levi">-. Billy"^, Samuel"^,
Samuel'"*, WiUiam"'". Thomas'), bom Febmary 27, 1849. in Le Roy. HI.;
resides in Sullivan, 111. ; married, first, September 18. 1884. in Bement, HI.,
EfBe Bridwell, daughter of Elijah and Margaret (Vinsonhaler) Bridwell, bom
November 4, 1859, in Sullivan ; died October 5, 1890, in Sullivan. He married,
second, Febmary 16, 1892, in Sullivan, Sarah J. (Bushiirt) Freeland, daughter
of John and Catherine (Patterson) Bushurt, bom September 23, 1851, in
Circleville, Ohio.

Silas Trowbridge is a dentist. He practiced his profession for several years
after his marriage in Lovington, 111., and since 1889 has been in practice in
Sullivan, 111.

By first marriage:
i. Glenn Clyde, b. Mar. .■'.1. 1885. in Lovington, III.
ii. John Hugh, b. Aug. 13. 1S8S. in Lovington.
iii. Silas BeMott, b. Jan. 9, 1890, in Sullivan, 111.

By second marriage:
iv. Rot, b. Feb. 27. 1803. in Sullivan.

646. Elmer Hyatt Troavbridoe (Edwin N.^*', Levi'"-, Billy"'^. Samuel''^
Samuel'"*, William'"", Thomas'), bom September 17, 1850. in Harrisburgh. Ind.;
resides in Marion, Ind.: married, first, December 23, 1871, in Marion, Martha
Ellen Jackson, daughter of William R. and Delilah (Lucas) Jackson, born
December 19, 1850, in Marion ; died September 5, 1891, in Marion. He married.


second, June 29, 1892, in Columbus City, Intl., ]\[issouria Ann (Cook) Truex,
widow of Oliver Eaj-mond Truex and daughter of William and Sarah Susan
(Daugherty) Cook, born February 20, 1S60, in Georgetown, Ky.

Elmer II. Trowbridge was brought up a farmer, but since 1893 he has been
working at the cai-penter's trade in Marion, Ind. He and his wife are members
of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Marion.

By first marriaflc:*
i. Charles Livingston, b. Oct. 12, 1872, in Banquo, Ind. : d. Apr. 23, 1876,
ii. Susan, ) twins, d. Nov. 5, 1875.

iii. Delilah, ) b. Mar. 24, 187"), in Marion, Ind. : m. Feb. 27. 1897, Ulysses
Andereon Gundy and resides in Huntington county (Warren P. O.), Ind,

647. Charles Trowbridge (Silas r,='*% Levi^^-, Billy'^^^, i?a?n»e?"% Samuel'^'>\
William'^'"'. Thomas'^), bom September 16, 1855, in Decatur, 111.; died June 30,
1897, in Hilo, Hawaiian Islands; married April 3, 1ST9, in Vera Cruz, Mexico,
Katie Stephens, daughter of Kev, Richard and Eliza (Mewton) Stephens, bom
November 15, 1855, in Pachuca, Mexico, She resides in San Francisco, Cal.

Charles Trowbridge served as U. S. vice consul under his father at Vera Cruz,
Mexico, and then became S%vedish and Norwegian vice consul general for Mexico
and filled that position with honor for a number of years. In 1890 he removed
to California, where his health became impaired, and in 1894 he took up his
residence in Olaa, near Hilo, Hawaii, where he became owner of a large eotfee
plantation, which he managed until his death,


i. Nellie Emm.\ Eljza. b. Aug. 28, 1880 : resides in Torreson, Mex. ; unm.

ii. Charles Silas Richard, b. Jan. 10. 1882 : is an architect in San Francisco,

Cal. ; unm.
iii. Frederick George, b. May 12. 188.J : is a bookkeeper with the Hilo Sugar

Company in Hilo. Hawaii : unm.
iv. K.\tie .Tulia. b. .Tune 29. 1887 ; resides in Hilo : unm.
V. William Henry, b. Feb. 9, 1889; is a student in San Francisco: unm,
vi. .John Rockwell, b. Oct. 6, 1890 ; is a student in San Francisco : unm.

648. Dr. John Berthier Trowbridge {HarUif*^. John C^^*, Billy^^^,
Samuel"^ SamueT">*, Winiam^"". Thomas^), bom November 12, 1853, in
Knowlesville, N, T, ; resides in Hayward, Wis. ; married May 13, 1881, in
Cashton, Wis,, Anna Isabelle Clapp, daughter of George Christopher and
Mariette (Warner) Clapp, born July 26, 1860, in Ivasota, Minn,

John B. Trowbridge was brought in 1857 by his parents to Yiroqua, Wis.,
where he passed his youth and received his early education. He was g'raduated
from the University of Wisconsin in 1876 with the degree of B.C.E. and from
Eush Medical College, Chicago, HI., in 1882 with the degree of M.D. The latter
year he began practice in Cashton, Wis. In 1883 he removed to Hayward, Wis.,
where he has since been practicing the profession of physician and surgeon.

Dr. Trowbridge is a member of the American Medical Association, Wisconsin
State Medical Society and Inter-County Medical Society. He has been health
officer for Saw.ver county. Wis., for over twenty years and is county physician.
He is a member of the U. S. pension examining board, local surgeon for the
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Company and examining surgeon for
a large number of life insurance companies, including the New York, Aetna,
Washington, Nortliwestem and Connecticut, He is a member of the First
Congregational Church of Hayward, and the Masonic and Odd Fellows

* No children by second marriage.



i. Helen Blanche, b. Apr. 1, 1882 ; m. June 27. i;)0.5, Elmer E. Larson and

resides in Rice Lake, Wis.
ii. Harley Ge()R(1E. b. Dec. 12, 1884; is a student at Wiscon-sin State University,
iii. IsADORE Maukine. b. Ma.v 24, 18'.M»; is a student at Carlton ('oUege.
iv. Arthur Ray.mond, b. June 7, 180.5.

649. Dr. Charles Henry Trowbridge (Harley'''*^, John C'*, Billy'^^^,
Samuel^^^, SamiieP"*. William^"", Thomas^), born Jtily 26, 1859, in Viroqua,
Wis.; resides in Viroqua; married July 7, 1892, in Madison, Wis., Edith Minnie
Rogers, daughter of Gen. Earl Maiden and Amanda Lura (Williams) Rogers,
born July 17, 1865, in Liberty Pole, Wis.

Charles H. Trowbridge received his early education in the -schools of his native
place and the University of Wisconsin. He was graduated from the Chicago
College of Pharmacy in 1884 with the degree of PIi.Ct. and from the New York
College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University, in 1894 with the
degree of M.D. He at once began practice in Viroqua, Wis., where he has since
been located.

Dr. Trowbridge is health commissioner of Viroqua and local surgeon for the
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway Company.

cuildren born in viroqua, wis. :

i. Dorothy Amanda, b. Aug. 14, 1893.
ii. Delia Louise, b. Oct. 22, 1902.

650. William Bonham Trowbridge (Henri/ fi.^'^", David^'->", Daniel^'-"',
David^^*, Joseph^"-'. William^"'', Thomas^), born April 14, 1815, in Painted Post,

N. Y. ; died April — , 1882, in Jasper county, 111. ; married, first, , 1839,

in Cincinnati, Ohio, Ellen Jones of Baltimore, Md., who died , 1863, in

St. Louis, Mo. He married, second, April — , 1869, in Ja.sper county. 111., Jane

William B. Trowbridge went in boyhood with his parents to Westfield, Pa.,
where he grew to manhood. He removed to Jasper county. 111., and was engaged
in farming near Newton, the county seat.

children :
Bii marriage:f

i. David, b. , 184- ; d. "about 1865" in St. Louis, Mo.t

ii. Florence, b. , 184- ; m. William Crow.sdale of Modesto, Cal.

iii. William Bonham. b. . 184- ; is a blacksmitb iu JIaroa, Ill.§

iv. James Bailey, b. . ]84-.t

V. Ellen, b. , 18.5- ; m. Henr.v Fletcher of Goodland. Kan.

vi. Je.ssie, b. , 185- : m. , 1876, P.aiton Ford of Peoria, 111.

651. James Lawre-Nce Tkowbuipge (Henry B.'''-'\ David^"''. Daniel"", David"*,
Joseph^"'-, William^"", Thomas^), bom February 11, 1817, in Painted Post, N. Y. ;
died January 11, 1897, in Hawkeye, Kan.; married May 7, 1844, in Indianapolis,
Ind., Julia McDowell, daughter of Horatio and Elizabeth (Long) McDowell,
bom April 28, 1826, in Indianapolis. She resides in Selden, Kan.
. James L. Trowbridge went in boyhood with his parents to Westfield, Pa., and
became a farmer and carpenter. In early manhood he went to Marion county,

* Except i, who was born in Cashton. Wis.
t No ciiildron b.v second marriage according to relatives.

t Can he be the man of his Christian name who served in an Illinois regiment in the Civil
War? See list towards the end of tliis bnok.
S Failed to answer the compiler's letters.


Ind., and settled there after his marriage. In IS-U) he moved to a farm nejir
Wassonville, Washinj;t«n county, Iowa, and lived there until 1882, wlion lit;
moved to a farm near Ilawkeye, Decatur county, Kan., whore he lived until his


cmi.DRKN :*

i. Makv Klizaiiktu, 1). Oct. 29, 1847; m. Apr. 2, 1871, S;iiinirl Asli and ivsidrs

in Zula. Okl:i.
ii. Mautha Ax.nk. b. Doc. IS, 1848; iii. May 7. IS7L'. .laiiu's Small of <iuilirir

county, lown.
iii. JllNERVA .Tank. I). Apr. 17, 18.">1 : m. .hin. IS. 1S71.'. Diniid Fnrliiii; and

resides in Ite.xford, Kan.
iv. C'ALVl.v Elliot, b. Sept. 2!l. 18.5:!; d. .Tunc 2'2. ISTri, in I'aTinra. li>wn : uinn.
!)(10. V. .Tame.s IIauvey, b. Aus- 1">. 1857.

vi. Laura Ellen, b. Mar. 18. 18(!0; m. Dec. 2."), ISS:!. Earl Claar and resides in

vii. RouERT ARTurn, b. Oct. 4, LStB ; d. May 2(), l.sdl.
viii. Nora Harriet, b. .Ian. 24, 18(10.

652. David Knox TRowBRrooE (Henry B.-'^", David'^^'\ Daniel^^''', David"*,
Joseph"-"^, William^oo, Thorii.a.s^) , born December 1, 1820, in Painted Post, N. Y.;

died , 1852, in the Gulf of Mexico; married , 1849, in New

Orleans, La., .

David K. Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his parents to Westfield. Pa.
When a young: man he went to New Orleans, La., and at the time of his death
was an engineer on a steamer sailing from that port.

CHILD born in new ORLEANS, LA. :

i. Mary Ellen, b. , 18.50.

C53. Charles Wolcott Trowbridge {Henry B?'''\ David^"^, DanieP'"'.
David"*, Joseph^"''. William^'"', Thomas'^), bom October 4, 1822. in Westfield,
Pa.; died August 31, 18(53, in St. Louis, Mo.; married, first, September 5, 1847,
in Shelby county, Ind., Elizabeth Arm Scott.,+ born September 2, 1825, in

; died August 31, ISCl, in Jasper county. 111. He married, second,

, 1862, Mrs. Susan Myers of Greenup, 111. She married, third, Marion

Lernay, and died February 20, 1901, in Hidalgo, 111.

Charles W. Trowbridge learned the blacksmith's trade in his native place, and
followed it there and in Middletown, Ind., and Newton, 111. He became a soldier
in the Civil War. He enlisted August 12, 1862, in Company B, 97th Illinois
Infantry, and died in the .service the following year, while in .TefFerson Barracks,
St. Louis, Mo.

By firnt marringr:
001. i. Jame.s Henry, b. .Tuly 10. 1848.

ii. Celesta Ellen, b. Sept. .">. 18.55: m. Dec. 24. l.S7<i, William Bradley Gray

and resides in Rose Hill. III.
iii. Mahala Frances, b. .Tnne 21. 18.58: m.. 1st, Mar. 8, 1877, William Ilensly
of Newton, III. ; m.. 2d. .Tune 20, 1888, Lewis Bennett and resides in

Bif second mnrriagc:

iv. Charles, b. . 1803 ; d. . 18P>4.

654. Henry Ossiax Trowbridoe {Henry B - '", David^^K Dcinicl"\ David"*.
Jcseph^o^ TTr7?wm"», Thomas''), born April 4, 1829, in Westfield, Pa.; died
January 20, 1898, in Maroa, 111.; married , 1856, in Shelbyville, Ind.,

* i-ii born in Marion county. Tnd. : the others in W,ishington county. Iowa.
t She was brought up liy tiie Knight family in Waldron. Slielhy county. Ind.
t Except i, who was born in Middletown, Shelby county, Ind.


Rebecca Jane Drake, daughter of John M. and Mary (Martin) Drake. She
married, second, in Slielbjrille, Frank Kyker and resides in Curtisville, Ind.

Henry O. Trowbridge followed his older brothers to Indiana and was a black-
smith. It is said he was a soldier in the Civil War, serving twenty-one months,
and participating in tlie battle of Bull Eun and other engagements. He removed
in middle life to Illinois, and was living in Maroa, Macon county, at the time of
his death.


i. LuELLA. b. , 18.i7 ; d. in infancy.

ii. Alice Lillian, b. Apr. 18, 1859 ; m. Nov. 26, 1870, F. M. Clarkson of ,


902. iii. Charles Henkt, b. Oct. 20, 18G0.

903. iv. George Benson, b. Aug. 3, 1804.

V. Lizzie, b. Sept. 23, 1807 ; m. Jacob Smithson and resides in Curtisville, Ind.
vi. Sarah Jane, b. July 28, 1809 ; d. May 15, 1885.

vii. Annie Benson, b. Aug. 13, 1874; m. Aug. 29, 1892, Simeon Hillard and
resides iu Curtisville.

655. George Trowbridge {Henry B.^^". David^"^, Daniel^^^, David}'^*,
Joseph^"'', William^'"', Thomas^}, bom August 26, 1832, in Westfield, Pa.; resides
in Wade (Willow Hill P. O.), 111.; married February 7, 1854, in Willow Hill,
Sarali Elizabeth Hume, daughter of Lewis and Mary (Roberts) Hume, born
March 12, 1832, in Dearborn county, Iowa; died November 26, 1880, in Wade.

George Trowbridge emigrated in early manliood to Jasper county. 111., where
he has since been engaged in farming in Wade township, near Willow Hill.


i. Flora, b. Nov. 20, 18.54 ; m. Jan. 14, 1875, Frank Stretcher and resides in

Smithville, Ind.

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