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ii. Mary, b. Mar. 1, 1858 ; m. jSIar. 1, 1877, David Spencer Kibler and resides in

Wade, III.
iii. Anna, b. Mar. 11, 1860; m. Feb. 11, 1883, George Washington Laws and

resides in Wade,
iv. Kate Alice, b. Nov. 21. 1868: m., 1st, Apr. 6, 1892, Tyra K. Ransford of

Wade ; m., 2d. Nov. 10, 1897, Peter Johnson and resides in AA'ade.
V. Jane, b. Aug. 3. 1871; m. Oct. 21, 1891. Harrv Allen Todd and resides in

Grayville, 111.

656. Lorenzo Sidney Casset Trowbridge (Joseph _B.^=\ Dnvid^"''. Daniel'^"''',
David^'^*, Joseph^"'-, William^'"', Thomas^), born December 18, 1819, in Taylor's
Creek, Ohio ; died September 25, 1892, in Cowan, Ind. ; married January 25,
1846, in Milan, Ind., Mary Jane Isgrigg, daughter of Elijah and Eleanor
(Anderson) Isgrigg, born June 18, 1827, in Moore's Hill, Ind.; died April 7,
1902, in Cowan.

Lorenzo S. C. Trowbridge was engaged iu farming in Cowan, Delaware
county, Ind.

NO children.

657. Rev. Willlmm Alonzo Trowbridge (Joseph B. ■'"*'. David'^^^, DanieP^'^,
David^". Joseph'"'''. William'"'"', Thomas"), bom October 26, 1821, in Taylor's
Creek, Ohio; died June 25, 1893, in Muncie, Ind.; married October 8, 1848, in
Cincinnati, Ohio, Mary Arm Pease, daughter of Dr. David Allen and Sophia
(Wilcox) Pease, born September 22, 1830, in Rochester, N. T. She resides in
San Jose, Cal.

William A. Trowbridg'e, being left motherless when about five years of age,
was taken into the home of his uncle Archibald Trowbridge. As a youth he
taught school in Millcreek valley, between Cumminsville and Cincinnati. He

* i-iii horn in Edinliurgh, Ind. ; iv in Greenwood, Ind. ; v-vii in Fenn's. Ind.






assisted his uncle in the grocery business and afterwards in tlie pork packing
business, finally becoming junior partner in the fimi of Beatty, Trowbridge & Co.,
pork packers, in Cincinnati. The grocery business went on also and he subse-
quently owned it entirely, giving up his interest in the packing business. In
1857 he moved to Alexandria, Madison county, Ind., where he engaged in
mercantile business and preached in the Christian Church for the next four or
iive years. Then he moved to Seven Mile, Ohio, and was engaged in business
there until the spring of 1SG9. From 1869 up to the day of his death he devoted
his entire time to the ministry, preaching in Southern Ohio, iSTorthem Kentucky

and Indiana.

cniLDREN :*

904. i. Edward Alonzo, b. Apr. 3, 1850.

ii. William Tease, b. Feb. 17, 1852; d. .July 6, 1852.
005. iii. Walter Allen, b. May 8, 1853.

iv. Florence Ameoa, b. Jan. 12, 1S56 ; m. Dec. 19, 1870, Charles M. Flickinger
and resides in Atwood, III.
900. V. Lewis Henry, b. Apr. 19, 1858.

Charles Albert, b. Aug. 12. 1800 : d. Aug. 22, 1860.

Jeanette Rebecca, b. Nov. 20, 1801 ; m. Sept. 20, 1885, John Henry Corrick
and resides in Culbertson, Neb.
007. viii. Joseph Archibald, b. Apr. 9, 1866.

658. Dh. David Linley Trowbridge {Joseph Br^\ David^^', DanieV-^'',
David^'^*, Joseph^"\ William^'"', Thomas^), bom February 1, 1834, in Boone
county, Ky. ; resides in Napoleon, Ind.; married, first, February 28, 1854, in
Newcastle, Ind.. Eebecca Elizabeth Stout, daughter of Elijali and Sallie

(Williams) Stout, born May 26, 1837, in , Ohio ; died August 18, 1870,

in Cowan, Ind. He married, second, October 10, 1877, in Cowan, Amanda
Clevenger, daughter of Job and 'Elizabeth (Bowers) Clevenger, born March 14,
1857, in Delaware county, Ind.

David L. Trowbridge came to Indiana with his father. He remained with his
parents until he attained his majority, his boyhood days being spent upon the
farm. When he became of age he engaged in farming near Newcastle, Henry
county, Ind., but in a few years he sold this place and removed to Blountsville,
Ind. He there became interested in a sawmill, which he continued to operate
until its destruction by fire one year later. This left him with but little money,
but he rebuilt the mill and continued the business for nine years. About the
time of the burning of tlie mill he began the study of medicine, also practicing a
little among the neighbors in 1867 in Randolph county. In 1868 he changed
his location to Cowan, Delaware county, where he remained until 1881, when he
located in Muncie. Ind. He is now living in Napoleon, Ind.

Both Doctor Trowbridge and his wife are members of the Christian Church, in
which body the doctor is a prominent factor. His first wife was also a member
of the same denomination.

children :t

By first ninrriage:
i. Alice Viola, b. Dec. 28, 1855: m. Nov. 23, 1873, Emerson Bennett Case and

resides in Canon City, Colo,
ii. Sarah Ruhamah, b. Apr. 8, 1858 ; m. Aug. 26, 1877, Smith Childs and resides

in Muncie, Ind.
iii. Merritt Earl, b. Oct. 7, 1860; d. Dec. 11, 1863.
iv. LuzELLA Ethelyn, b. Jan. 28, 1860 ; m. Feb. 22, 1890, John Wesley McKin-

ley and resides in Canon City.
V. William Alberti-s, b. Oct. 7. 1809 ; d. Oct. 30, 1882.
vi. Ernest Linley, b. July 27, 1876 ; d. Aug. 7, 1876.

* I-iT born In Cincinnati, Ohio ; v-vi in Alexandria, Ind. ; vli-viii In Seven Mile, Ohio.
t 1 born in Newcastle, Ind. ; ii-iv In Blountsville. Ind. ; v-vii In Cowan. Ind. ; the others in
Muncie, Ind.


By second marriage:
vii. Jessie, b. July 24, 1880.

viii. Barton \Villiam><. b. Aug. 15, 1881 ; reside.s in Muncie.
ix. Laura May, b. Dec. 23. 1887 ; m. S. F. Lehman and resides in Terre Haute,

X. Dale, b. July 20, 1893.

659. Joseph Beers Trowbridge (Joseph B?^^, David^"^, Daniel^^", David^^*,
Joseph''°'-, William^^", Thomas''), born January 22, 1844, in Milan, Ind.; resides
in Muncie, Ind. ; married January 19, 1875, in Anderson, Ind., Alzora Puebla
Anderson, daughter of James Ballard and Martha Jane (Lefeber) Anderson,
born February 2, 1850, in Dupont, Ind.

Joseph B. Trowbridg-e is a handle finisher by trade and resides in Muncie, Ind.


660. Ja.sper J.* Moss TROWBRrooE (Joseph £.''^\ David^^^, DanieP^^, David''*.
Joseph^"^, William'""', Thomas^), born September 15, 1849, in Milan, Ind.; died
May 6, 1881, in Cowan, Ind. ; married October 12, 1871, in Pleasant Grove,
Minn.. Sarah Sibeck, daughter of Frederick and Martha (Miller) Sibeck, bom
January 3, 1853, in Cook county. 111. She married, second, March 8, 1893, in
Benton Harbor, Mich., J. Grafton Couch and resides in Benton Harbor.

Jasper J. M. Trowbridge was graduated in music at Valparaiso, Ind., in 1870,
and from that time until his death taught vocal and instrumental music in
several towns in Indiana.

children :

i. Zelma, b. Feb. 7, 1873, in Marion, Ind. ; ra. Feb. 23, 1897, William Frederick

Roeseler and resides in Benton Harbor, Mich,
ii. JIargrye. b. Seirt. G. 1875. in >Larion ; m. Jan. 26, 1897, Herbert E. Mielke

and resides in Ironwood, Mich.
908. iii. Gilbert Earl, b. June 11, 1878, in Newcastle, Ind.

661. George Washington , Trowbridge (Archihald^^'-, David'^^, Daniel'^",
David"^*, Joseph'"'^, 'William""', Thomas'), bom June 4, 1830, in Cincinnati,
Ohio; resides in Union towniship (Sharonville P. O.), Ohio; married January 7,
1852, in Cincinnati, Rebecca Frances Sims,+ daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
(Brown) Sims, born December 17, 1832, in Baltimore, Md.

G«orge W. Trowbridge received his education at Woodward College, Cin-
cinnati, Ohio. He entered the counting room of Beatty, Trowbridge & Co., pork
packers, on the corner of Race and Canal streets, Cincinnati, in 1847. On the
death of his father, Arcliibald Trnwliridge, a member of the firm, in May, 1853,
he became a partner with James Beatty, under the firm name of James Beatty
& Co., and continued his interest in this business until 1878, when it was
closed up.

Mr. Trowbridge moved in Ma.y, 1866, to the farm where he now resides in
Union towiiship, Butler count.v, Ohio. From that time he has always taken an
active interest in agriculture and horticulture, especially in the latter. He
has long been a prominent member of the Cincinnati Horticultural Society and
the Ohio State Horticidtural Society, and is a life member of the American
Pomological Society. He has repeatedly expressed his interest in the work of
compiling this genealogy and has rendered assistance by furnishing much
information about his branch of the Trowbridge family.

* Initial only.

t A sister of the husband of No. 353, Iii.




i. Archibald Owen. b. Apr. 12. 185G ; d. Oct. 20, 18.58.
900. ii. George Joseph, b. Jan. 2(1, 1850.

iii. James Sims, b. Dec. 17, 18G2 ; d. Nov. 20, 1887, in Union town.slaip, Ohio;
910. iv. Francis Charles, b. Feb. 11, 1865.

662. Archibald C. Trowbridge (Matihew L.^^*, DaviiP^-'. Daniel"^, David^^*,
Joseph^"-'. William^'"', Thomas'^), born August 18, 1852, in Cinciimati, Ohio;
resides in St. Louis, Mo.; married October 12, 1892, in Chicago, 111., Maria G.
Brownell, born May 20, 1853.

Archibald C. Trowbridge was for some time superintendent of the Chicago
Directory Company and at present is manager of the addressing department of
the Gould Directory Company, Chicago, 111.*

663. William Lewis Trowbridge (WilUam L.^'■^ David^'>\ Danien'"'', David''*,
.7 (yscp/i '"■■■, William""', Thomas'), born October 20, 1847, in Vicksburg, Miss.;
resides in Vicksburg; married November 29, 1869, in Vicksburg, Harriet
Eosanna North, daughter of John Wesley and Mary Elizabeth (DeKnight)
North, born July 15, 1852, in Pittsburg. Pa.

William L. Trowbridge attended the public schools of his native city until
his sixteenth year, when he was sent to St. Louis, Mo., to complete his education
at St. Louis University, from which he was graduated with higli honors in 1868.
He was connected with the hardware firm of Hoifman & Co., Vicksburg, from
1869 to 1874, when he severed his connection with it and assumed charge of the
Trowbridge House, one of the most popular hostelries of those days.

Mr. Trowbridge has long been identified \vith the politics of Vicksburg. He
uas elected an alderman and in 1890 was elected president of that board. In
1892 he was elected mayor of the city, and served six consecutive terms in that
office, until January 1, 1905. Of his election in 1900, the Vicksburg Evening
Post of January 8, 1901, said: "Mr. Trowbridge's election was a victory for good
politics and good government, and will have an excellent effect on the politics of
the state." Mr. Trowbridge is an important factor in Vicksburg's progi-ess. He
is a member of the Vicksburg Board of Trade and the Cotton Exchange, the
Red Lights and Ben Bolians, two prominent local social organizations, and the
Knights of Pythias. He worships in the Roman Catholic church. He is
thoroughl.v domestic in his tastes, devoted to his wife and children, and his home
life is particularly happy.

children born in VICKSBtJRG, MISS. ;

i. Mary Katharine, b. .Time 6. 1871 ; m. Feb. 5, 1896, Robert Lee Groome and

resides in Vicksburg.
ii. Addie Josephine, b. Jan. 8. 1873 : d. June 29, 1900, in Vicksburg ; unm.t
iii. William Lewis, b. Jan. 13, 1878.

664. Henry James Trowbrrige {William L^''\ David">'-. Daniel' - '', David"*,
Joseph'"^, Wiiliam""', Thomas'), born April 1, 1851, in Vicksburg, Miss.; resides
in Vicksburg; married October 19, 1892, in Rolla, Mo., Ella Frances O'Brien,
daughter of Patrick and Ellen (Carroll) O'Brien, born July .30. 1869. in Rolla.

Henry J. Trowbridge attended the public schools of Vicksburg and finished
his education at St. Louis University, St. Louis, Mo. Beginning in a clerical
position after his return from school, he became deputy sheriff of Warren county,

• He failed to make his register complete. lie did not mention any children,

t Miss Trowbridge christened the U. S. S. Vicksburj/ when it was launched at Bath. Me.


Miss., and served in tliat office four years. He was then, in 1880, elected city
clerk of the city of Vicksburg, which position he now holds, having been
continuously elected to that position since that time.

Mr. Trowbridge is a member of the Red Lights and Ben Bolians of Vicksburg
and the Knights of Pythias. He worships in the Roman Catholic cliurcli.


i. Heney Anthony, b. .July 20. 1893.

665. Benjamin Trowbridge (Abner^''^, SamueV^'^, Vaniel^'"'^, David}'^*,
Joseph^"^, William^"?, Thomas^), born December 31, 1826, in Wayne, Morrow
county, Ohio ; died April 28, 1897, in Fairfield, Mich. ; married October 24,
1850, Keziah Banbury.

Benjamin Trowbridge was a tailor for many years. Later in life he took up
farming, in which he was engaged until his death.


i. Frank, b. , 185-.*

ii. Mary, b. , 185- ; m. Warren Corp and resides in Owosso, Mich.*

iii. Jabez, b. , 18G- ; d. in childhood.

911. iv. Adolpiiias Clark, b. Jan. 18, 1807.

666. William Trowbridge {Ahner^^", SamueP^\ Danien^", David'-'-*,
Joseph'^"^, William'-'"', Thomas^), bom April 19, 1833, in Wayne, Morrow county,
Ohio; resides in Upper Sandusky, Ohio; married, first, July 4, 1856, in Morenci,
Mich., Mary Ann Earick, daughter of Henrj' and Amelia (Dennen) Earick,
born February 24, 1835, in Carlisle, Pa.; died May 11, 1894, in Fayette, Ohio.
He married, second, February 9, 1899, in St. Johns, Mich., Sarah Adelaide

(Dawson) Lyon, widow of Louis S. Lyon, born March 18, 1847, in ,

Ind. ; died January 22, 1902, in Saginaw, Mich.f

William Trowbridge taught writing school in his younger days. He is a
general wood workman, carpenter and joiner, millwright, cabinetmaker and
pattern-maker. He settled after his marriage in Fayette, Ohio. During the
Civil War he went to the camp at Cleveland in December, 1863, and enlisted in
the 128th Ohio Infantry, but was not accepted, as he was just recovering from a
two and one-half years' illness. In September, 1900, he sold his property in
Fayette and removed to Upper Sandusky, Ohio, where he resides at present.


By first marriage :t
i. Marzellah, b. Apr. 28. 18.j7 ; m. Dec. 7, 1882, Franklin Felger and resides
in Fayette.
912. ii. Guilford Denman, b. Aug. 21. 18.59.

iii. Mattle Bell. b. Mar. 23. 1807 ; m. .June 15, 1887, Henry J. Bachman and
resides in Wauseon, Ohio.

667. JuDSON Teowbkidoe {Ahner^^'^, Samuel''^'', Da-niel'-^^, David'-'^*, Joseph'"'^,
William'-'"', Thomas^), bom April 30, 1839, in Middlebury, Knox county, Ohio;
died September 10, 1906, in Fayette, Ohio; married September 30, 1860, in
Morenci, Mich., Frances Amelia Cottrell, daughter of Erastus and Emily
(Rogers) Cottrell, born August 25, 1842, in Gorham township, Fulton county,
Ohio. She resides in Fayette.

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t While on a Tisit at the home of a daughter.

+ No children by second marriage.

^ix<i?6<^^ytn. ^^c



Judson Trowbridge until his twelfth year busied himself abovit his fathers
sawmill in his native town, where he displayed, even at that early age, an intense
love for machinery. He went with his father to Williams county in 1S51 and
to Fulton county in 1S55. He helped his father on the farm in Gorham township,
near the present city of Fayette, cutting timber, logging and doing the otlier
hard work incident to a new and heavily timbered country.

He continued his farm work after his marriage and until October, 1864, when
his iimate love for machinery prevailed over him, and he moved into the village
of Fayette to take a place in the saw and grist mill of J. O. Allen & Co. He
soon became a partner in the business, and, in looking after the two splendid
engines that furnished the power to the mills, he seemed to have found the;
occupation for which he was fitted. He ran these powerful machines, without an
accident or a break of consequence, for a period of thirty-three years — a thir<l
of a century — and by his intelligent supervision he left them, on his retirement
from the mills, in apparently as good condition as when first taken from the

In the year 1880, while still engaged with the work of the mills, Mr. Trow-
bridge helped to organize the Bank of Fayette, becoming a stockholder in it witli
a one-quarter interest. He was chosen one of its directors, and continued a
stockliolder and director until his death. He was also half-owner of the fine
bank building. His latter years were passetl quietly in his pleasant home in
Fayette. He gave valuable assistance to the compiler of this genealogy by
collecting the records of his branch of the Trowbridge family.

Mr. C. L. Allen of Fayette, his friend and partner in banking, wrote this
tribute to his memory :

"Judson Trowbridge was a citizen of which any city might justly have been
proud. He was not a member of any sectarian chnreh, for his church was the
world, and his membership and creed were to be a helpful factor in the world.
He was public-spirited, generous and kind-hearted. Possessed of a happy,
joyous disposition, he wants no better epitaph than that the world has been made
just a little happier for his having lived in it. In political faith he was born and
reared a Democrat, but during the Civil War he was what was known as a War
Democi-at, and his heart and purse were at the call of his country; and in all
political struggles since that time his politics were — his country."


i. Mertie Ja>-e. b. Mar. 3, 1S62 ; m. Mar. S, 1SS3, John Asahel Noble and

resides in Toledo, Ohio,
ii. Emily Rosella, b. Dec. 25, 1864; d. Mar. 5, 1868.
iii. Ida Loltclla, b. July 26, 1866 ; d. Nov. 22, 1871.
iv. Pernina Estella, b. Mar. 30. 1871 : m. Dee. 5, 1803, Carman Francis Trac?,v

and resides in Ft. Wayne, Ind.

668. Alva Daewix Trowbridge {DavicP''', Samuel^^'^, Daniel"'^, David"*.
Joseph^"^, William'^'"', Thomas'^), bom March 23, 1856, in Butler, Ind.; resides
in lola, Kan. ; married December 26, 1882, in Auburn, Ind., Esther Elizabeth
Shook, daughter of Ira and Eliza Elvira (Williams) Shook, bom May 24, 1864,
in Coldwater, Mich.

Alva D. Trowbridge is a stationary engineer. He lives at present in lola, Kan.


912a. i. William Edward, b. Aug. 2. 18S1, in Waterloo. Ind.
ii. Dora May. b. May 21. 1886. in Kingman. Kan.
iii. George Fra>klik. b. Nov. 11, 18n3. in Colony. Kan.


669. Amariaii Trowbri]X!E {Benjamin^-'^, Ahner'^-''', DanleP^'^, David}^*,
Joseph^"-'. William'^''", Thomas^), born June 4, 1830, in Painted Post, N. Y.;

died June 15, 18S6, in Rochester, Mich. ; married, first, -. He

married, second, September 21, 18.51, in Royal Oak, Mich., .\nna Pace, daughter

of Frederick and Nellie (Chapell) Pace, born , 183-, in Port Huron,

Mich.; died Auj^rust 18, 1881, in Rochester.

Amariah Trowbridge came to Oakland county, Mich., with his parents, who
were among the early pioneers of the county and settled in Royal Oak. He
settled after his marriage in Rochester, Oid^land county, and was engaged in
farming tliere up to his entering the army during the Civil War. He enlisted
in July, 18G2, in Company G, 22d Michigan Infantry, was transferred to Com-
pany G, 29th Michigan Infantry, and was mustered out September 6, 1865.
Soon after leaving tlie army he went to work in the paper mill of Barnes Bros,
in Rochester, in whose employ he continued until his death.


It ij marriaffc:

i. SoriiY. b. , 184- ; ui. Tarry and resides in Oxford, Mich.*

Bi) second marriage:

ii. Frederick, b. , 185- ; i.s in business in Chicago, 111.*

iii. Edith, b. , 185-; d. young.

iv. Ethel, b. — , 185- ; m. Bert AVadsworth of Lapeer, Mich.

HI.'?. V. William Sheridan, b. Mar. 28, 1S.">'.».

vi. Sherman, b. , 18H-: is a teamster in Detroit. Mich.*

vii. LaFayette, b. . 18(!- : is at the Klondyke gold fields.*

viii. Sadie, b. Dec. 15, 18G4 ; m., 1st. Aug. 26, 188:?!, Julian Emeric Moore of Fair-
port, X. Y. ; m., 2d, ■ — Tobias and resides in Niagara Falls, N. Y.*

ix. Benjamin, b. , 186- ; d. young.

670. James Henry Trowbridge {Amariah C'""', Ahner^^''. DanieP^^, David"*,
Joseph^"'. Willinm^'"', Thoman^). born Januarj' 10, 184.3, in Troy, Mich.; resides
in Big Rapids, Mich. ; married November 14, 1871, in TTtica. Mich., Minerva
Elizalieth Whitney, daughter of Chauncey Wright and Phebe Ann (Leach)
Whitney, born November 26, 1845, in Royalton Centre, N. Y.

James H. Trowbridge settled after his marriage in Evart, Mich., where he was
engaged in the manufacture of lumber and sliingles until 1880. He was pro-
prietor of the Evart House there in 1874. In 1880 he removed to Big Rapids,
Mich., where he has since been engaged in the lumber business.

CHILD born in evart, MICH. :

. i. Addie May, b. Sept. 23, 1872; m. .\ug. 7, 1895. George Ferdinand Fairman
and resides in Big Rapids, Midi.

671. George Willaro Trowbridge {Amariah C?''", Ahner'^". Daniel^^^,
David'^^*, Joseph^"^, William'^'"', Thomas^), bom January 6, 1845, in Troy, Mich.;
resides in Big Rapids, Mich.; married January 11, 1882, in Big Rapids. Eva
Rachel Bovee, daughter of Harper and Sarah Jane (Hills) Bovee, born June 6,
1858, in Northville, Mich.

George W. Trowbridge is engaged in the lumber business in Big Rapids, Mich.,
where he has resided since a few years before his marriage.

children ROR.N in liKi rapids, MICH. :

i. WiLLARD Fay. b. Oct. 4. 1883.

ii. Nellie Beatrice, b. Dec. 28. 18.S,\

iii. George Wendell, b. Nov. 14, 18!).">.

♦ Failed to answer the compiler's letters.


672. Almond Carey Trowbridge (Joh'-"''^, Abner^^'', Daniel^'^, David'^*.
Joseph^"-', William^'"', Thomas^), born September 13, 1849, in Eochester, Mich.;
resides in Evart, Mich.; married June 12, 18G7, in Evart?, Louise Bowers,
daughter of Jacob and Sarah (Bankhart) Bowers, born September 8, 1845, in
Lakeville. ilich. ; died January 5, 1887, in Evart,*

Ahnond C. Trowbridge is a bkicksraitli in Evart, Mich., where he has been in
business for many years.


914. i. JIoouiE Bell, b. Jan. 11, 1874.

673. Augustus B.\iley Trowpridge (Shuhael^'''-, Augusfin'^^'^, ShuhaeP'-'''.
David^^*. Joseph^"-', William'^'"', Thomas'^), bom March 2, 1816, in Morristown,
N. J. ; died January 25, 1898, in Mt. Freedom, N. J. ; married April 10, 1839,
in Mt. Freedom, Rebecca Pleddeii, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Byram)
Heddeu, born July 26, 1817, in Centre Grove, N. J. ; died August 22, 1887, in
Mt. Freedom.

Augustusf B. Trowbridge was a farmer in Mt. Freedom, N. J.


i. Hann.a^ii Maria, b. Aug. 23, 1840: d. Nov. 11. 1851.

ii. Theodore .Tames, b. Deo. 12. 1842 : was a soldier in the Civil War. He was

enrolled Sept. (J, 1862. in Company I. 2t>th New .Jersey Infantry. He

received wounds in action near Fredericksburg. Va., and died in the military

hospital there May 4, 1863 : unm.
iii. George Langfare, b. Jan. 21. 1844: was a painter; d. Dec. — , 10(m;. in

Newark, N. J. ; unm.
iv. Sarah Jane. b. June 8, 1846 ; m. Oct. 28, 1866, George D. Coe and resides

in Mt. Freedom.
V. Caroline Vicoria, b. Sept. 16, 1848 : d. Sept. 1, 1849.
vi. Elizabeth Ellen, b. Sept. 16, 1S.">() : m. .Vpr. 8, 1868, Charles Henry Guerin

and resides in Morristown, N. .1.
914a. vii. Charles Wesley, b. June 17. 18.")3.

viii. Horace Bailey, b. Dec. 26, 1856 ; is a contractor in Chicago, 111. : unm.

674. Alvaii Arven Trowbridge (Stephen^'''^, Augustin''^^, ShuhaeP^'', David^^*.
Joseph'^"'^, William^'''', Thoinas'^), born April 4, 1817, in Dover, X. .J.; died
November 30, 1872, in Port Oram, N. J. ; married June 2, 1838, in Randolph,
N. J., Mary Alger Vail, daughter of Thomas and Catharine (Alger) Vail, born
August 26, 1822, in Morristown, X. J. She resides in Dover.

Alvah A. Trowbridge lived after his marriage in Dover, N. J., where he was
coimected with the iron industry. He became superintendent for the Boonton
Company at Port Oram, N. J., which was a mining place owned by that company
and when he went there consisted of four houses and a weighing scales.

Mr. Trowbridge was a member of the Methodist Church for thirty years. He
was the founder of the Port Oram Methodist church, holding all of its offices
and being sui)eriutendent of its Sunday school. He saw the school increase,
until at the time of his death it numbered four hundred. He was a thoroughly
conscientious man and was ever seeking to do good in the community where he

children born in DOVER. N. .1. :

i. Sarah Elizabeth, b. .Tune 29. 18:^.0; ni. Nov. 17, 1857. Edward King and
resides in South Orange. N. J.

ii. Stephen Coe. b. July 22, 1S41 : d. June 14, 1S42.

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