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Joseph""^, William"'"', Thomas"), born May 10, 1819, in Mt. Freedom, N. J.;
died February 1, 1S72, in Center Grove, N. J. ; married February 28, 1845, in
Mt. Freedom, Eunice M. Dalrymple, daughter of Henry and Harriet (Hoagland)
Dalrymi)le, bom August 25, 1821, in Dover, N. J.; died August 18, 1900, in

John J. Trowbridge was engaged in farming all of his life in Morris
county, N. J.

* i born in Utica. Ohio : ii in Homer, Ohio ; iii in Appleton. Ohio ; iv-vii in Utica. Ohio ;
viii-ix in Chesterville, Ohio.

t One child by first marriage died a few hours before its mother.



i. Hauriet Anna, b. Feb. 3, 3S4G; m. July S, ISCG, Thomas Horatio Wliitford

of Camden. N. .T.
ii. George WiiiTriEHJ, b. Nov. 23, 1847 ; d. Dec. 12, 1868, in Center Grove,

N. J. ; unm.
iii. Emily Frances, b. Apr. 27, 1S49 ; m. Dec. 20, 1871, Cliarles Carter DeHart

and resides in Philadelphia, Pa.
iv. Henrietta, b. .Tune 17, 1851 : d. Apr. IG, 1874, in Center Grove ; unm.
V. Mary .Tane, b. Apr. 16. 1853 ; ni. Oct. 3, 1872, Charles E. Clark of Dover.

922. vi. Le\t Jarrard, b. Nov. 22, 1858.
922a. vii. James Dalrymple, b. Apr. 20, 1861.

688. Charles Lewis Trowbridge {David?'^', Jabez''^^, ShubaeP^'', David^^\
Joseph'^'>\ WiHiam'"". Thomas'-), born August 21, 1821, in Mt. Freedom, N. J.;
died May 29, 1880, in Dover, N. J.; married February IS, 1854, in Dover?,

Charlotte Kitheart, daughter of Joseph and Mary ( ) Kithcart, who died

March 12, 1866, aged 40.

Charles L. Trowbridge was a carpenter by trade and lived in Millbrook, near
Dover, N. J.

children eokn in D0\'ER. N. J. :

i. A daughter, m. Dayton Lawrence and resides in Dover.t
ii. A daughter.

G89. David Austin Trowbridge {DavicU'^\ Jahez^^^, Shubael^^\ David^^*,
Joseph'"'^, Winiam^'>o, Thomns^), born February 21, 1828. in Mt. Freedom, N. J.;
died July 4, 1899, in Parsippany, N. J. ; married February 21, 1850, in
Mt. Freedom, Catherine Caroline Coe, daugliter of Peter and Ehoda Ann
(Drake) Coe, born October 24, 1832, in Mt. Freedom; died February 14, 1898,
in Littleton, N. J.

David A. Trowbridge was a cariJenter by trade. He was for many years the
sexton of the First Presbyterian Church of Mt. Freedom, N. J., of which he
and his wife were both members.

He was a soldier in the Civil War. He eidisted for nine months and was
enrolled September 3, 1862, in Company B, 27th New Jersey Infantry, and was
mustered out July 2, 1863.


i. Armina Gertrude, b. Dec. 26, 1850; m. Dec. 13, 1868, John Lloyd and
re.sides in Kearney, N. J.

923. ii. CiiARLE.s Austin, b. June 30, 1S52.

iii. Rhoda Ann. b. Sept. 3, 1854: ra.. 1st. Apr. 20. 1872, Jeremiah Wiggins; m.,
2d, May 27, 1877, Jesse Lake of Washington, N. J.
923a. iv. William Francis, b. July 6, 1856.

V. Malitta, b. Oct. 13, 1858 ; m. June 27, 1882, Walter V. Mesler and resides

in Morristown, N. J.
vi. Laura Ella. h. Nov. 17. 1860; m. Nov. 17. 18S5, Joseph Matthew Moody
and resides in Morristown.
Bryant, b. June 29. 1863.
Sarah Jane, b. Feb. 4, 1866 : m. Feb. 16. 1888. Abram Sanford Su.vder and

resides in New Vernon (Millington P. O. K N. .7.
George Wiiitfielp, b. Dec. 14, 1868.

Emma Frances, b. Mar. 25, 1871 ; m. Nov. 19, 1893, Walter Scott Mingus
and resides in Jlorris Plains, N. J.
923d. xi. David Jarrard. b. July 11, 1875.

600. Edwaud Youngs Trowbridge (David"'', Ja'bez^'>^, ShuhaeP^\ David'"-*,
■Joseph'"^, William'""', Thomas'-), born May 16, 1832, in Mt. Freedom, N. J.;
died August 7, 1891, in Millbrook, N. J. ; married, first, February 15, 1854, in

• i-ii born in Succasunna, N. .T. ; iii-iv in Mt. Freedom, N. J. ; v-vii in Center Grove, N. J.
t Failed to answer the compiler's letters.








Millbrook, Phebe Bryant, daughter of Joseph and Mary ( ) Bryant,

who died December 31, 1S59, aged 25. He married, second, in Dover, N. J.,
Catharine King.

Edward Y. Trowbridge was a cari'enter in Millbrook, near Dover, N. J.
He was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted for one year and was enrolled
September 5. 1864, in Company K, 39th New Jersey Infantrj', and was mustered
out June 17, 18G5.


i. Anna?, m. Moore and resides in Dover, N. J.*

ii. A daughter.

<>!>!. John Lewis Trowbridge (Jo/i?r"", Jahez^"", ShuhaeP^'', David^^\
Joseph^"'', William^'"', Tliomas^), born October 30, 1827, in New Providence,
N. J.; died December 29, 1887, in Elizabeth, N. J.; married March 17, 1853,
in Elizabeth, Ann Whyman, daughter of Henrj' and Elizabeth (Taylor)
Whyman, born March 12, 1831, in Xingswood, N. J.; died July 31, 1904, in

John L. Trowbridge lived all his married life in Elizabeth, N. J. He was a
teamster for two years and was then appointed superintendent of the almshouse.
He later engaged in business as a fish dealer, in which he continued for about
thirty years. He was a very genial man and was liked by all who knew him.


i. Mary Elizabeth, b. Dec. 7. 185:5 ; m. May 10. 1.ST3, (Jeorge Van IVlt and

resides in Elizabeth.
924. ii. Lewis IIenrv, b. Dec. 15, 1S.5G.

iii. Harriet May, b. Jan. 8, 18.50 ; m. Apr. 28, 1881, Albert Grote and resides in

iv. Julia Ann, b. June 7, 1801 ; m. Mar. 2'.i, 1883, Reuben Savage and resides in

V. Frakci.s William, b. Sept. 19. ISOf. : d. Nov. 23. 18(58.
vi. Nellie Frances, b. Oct. 19, 18(;fS; d. Mar. 31, 1870.
vii. Emma Frances, b. Dec. 23, 1870.
viii. Harry Clifford, b. Oct. 31. 187.3 ; is engage<l in the real estate and insurance

business in Elizabeth ; unm.
ix. Clarissa Hand, b. Mar. 11, 1876.

692. Henry Augustus Trowbridge (Jolm'^'^'*, Jahez'^^^. ShuhaeP^'', David^'^\
Joseph^"^, Williain^'"', Thomas'^), born July 17, 1835, in New Providence, N. J.;
died November 20, 1898, in Elizabeth, N. J. ; married May 14, 18(58, in Elizabeth,
Mary Ann Metz, daughter of Anton and Elizabeth (Marlow) Metz, bom April 3,
1843, in New York City. She resides in Elizabeth.

Henry A. Trowbridge went in 1852 to Elizabeth, N. J., where he served a
three-year apprenticeship at carpentry. In 1855 he went to Davenport, Iowa,
where he worked at his trade four years, then returning to Elizabeth, where he
continued working at his trade until the smiuner of 1862, when he enlisted in
the army during the Civil War.

He was enrolled August IG, 1862, for three years' service in Company C, 14th
New Jersey Infaaitry. He participated in the battles of Locust Grove, Mine Run,
Winchester, Cedar Creek and the Wildernes.s. He was wounded during the
battle of Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864, receiving a gunshot wound through both
thighs. He was mustered out June 18, 1865.

After his discharge from the army he returned to Elizabeth, where he subse-
quentl,y married and where he continued to follow his trade the remainder of his
life. He was a member of Ulric Dahlgren Post, G. A. E.. of Elizabeth.

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters.



925. i. Francis Augustus, b. Apr. 19. 1869.

ii. Nettie May. b. July '-'4, 1>ST(»; is a sohool-teather in Elizabeth; iinra.

iii. Priscilla Ella, b. Jan. 7, 1873 ; d. Nov. 23, 1873.

iv. Henry Arthur, b. Feb. 12, 1875: tl. July 10, 1892.

V. Elizabeth Edith, b. JIar. 10. 1878; resides in Elizabeth; unm.

vi. Helen Grace, b. Apr. 3, 1880 ; m. June 19, 1907, Harry Wilson Gehm and

resides in Elizabeth,

vii. Alice Ruth, b. May 13, 1882 ; d. Jan. 28. 1887.

693. James McGrew Trowbridge (Samuel G?'", David-"", Samuel"^,
David^^*, Joseph^"'"', William^"", Thomas^), born January 24, 1826, in Kingwood,
W. Va. ; resides in Kingwood (Albright P. 0.) ; married November 18,
1850, in Fayette county. Pa., Sarah Ann Snyder,* daughter of Samuel and
Elizabeth (Albright) Snyder, bom July 26, 1834, in Green Glades, near Terra
Alta, W. Va.

James M. Trowbridge has lived all of his life in his native place, Kingwood,
W. Va. He is a farmer and miller.

children born in kingwood, w. v.\. :

i. Albert, b. Aug. 27, 1851 ; d. May 5, 1850.

ii. Mary Ellen, b. Jan. 15, 1854; m. May 25. 1870. William Hunter McClain

and resides in .\lbright, W. Va.
iii. Anzoretta I»ersis, li. June 10. 18.50; m. June 0. 1881, Benjamin Franklin

Dernberger and resides in Marietta, Ohio,
iv. Catharine Isabella, b. Feb. 20. 185,s ; m.. 1st, May 24. 1883, George Gerald

Sledge of Washington, L). C. : m.. 2d, Jan. 15, 1885, Edward Patrick Cotter

and resides in Keedsville, W. Va.

926. V. Charles Ira, b. Mar. 24. 1800.

vi. Sarah Jane, b. Dec. 29, 1801 ; va. Oct. 5, 1879, Albertis Slawter and resides

in Clio, W. Va.
vii. Luvenia Margaret, b. Feb. 12, 1804; m. June 20, 1880, Nathaniel Westfall

and resides in Bell's ilills, W. Va.

927. viii. Joseph Madison, b. Feb. 11, 1805.

ix. SiGNORA, b. Mar. 10, 1870; m. Sept. 18, 1889, Thomas Othello Farnsworth

and resides in Kuckhannon, W. Va.
X. TiiUKMAN. 1). Nov. 29. 1873; is a farmer in Kingwood; unm.
xi. Georgia I'earl, b. Nov. 23, 1880.

694. Davh) Boyd Trowbridge (Samuel G."'", David-"", Samuel^^'^, David^'^*,
Joseph''"''. William'"", Thomas'), born January 15, 1S30, in King-wood, W. Va.;
died April 20, 1902, in Caney, Kiin. ; married, first, March 11, 1855, in Geneva,
Pa., Mary Sophia Snyder,t daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth (Albright)

Snyder, born , 1S36, in Green Glades, W. Va. ; died July 19, 1860, in

Kingwood. He married, second, July 5, 1867, in Morgantown, W. Va„ Margaret
Walls, daughter of James and Nancy (Joseph) Walls, bom March 21, 1849,
in Morgantown. She resides in Caney, Kan.

David B. Trowbridge was a millwright and cari)enter. He settled after his
marriage in his native place, Kingwood, W. Va., where he was engaged at his
trade. During the Civil War he entered the Union army, being mustered into
service October 21, 1862, in Company B, 3d West Virginia Cavalry. He
jiarticipated in thirteen battles and was dangerously wounded. He was dis-
charged June 6, 1865. He went West after his second marriage, finally locating
in Caney, Kan., where he resided until his death.

* A sister ot the first wife of his brother No. 694.
t A sister of the wife of his brother No. 693.



By first marriage:

i. Margaret Elizabeth, b. Nov. 19, 1855; m. Loiiis Kamayer of Sacramento,

ii. Clark McClure, b. June 21. 1858 ; was eight years old when his mother died
and he was taken into tlie home of Ellis Forman and his wife Lydia
(Gribblel Foi-mau. After their death he served a three years' apprentice-
ship at the blacksmith's trade in Terra .Vita, W. Va., going to his trade
Nov. 7, 1877. He then worked at his trade either for private companies or
railroads in Grafton and Terra Alta, W. Va., Deer Park, Md., Piedmont,
W. Va., Grantsville, JId., William, Harableton. Thomas and Parsons, W. Va.
He then went to St. .Joseph, Mo., where he worked in a machine shop. He
enlisted Nov. 3, 1887, at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., in Company I, Gth U. S.
Infantry, and served three years. He was then for a year in the employ of
the West Virginia Central Railroad Company at Elkius, W. Va. In
November. 1901, he enlisted at the V. S. Military Prison as a guard, and
was detailed to riin the electric plant, but vas discliarged for disability after
seven months in the hospital, .Tune 2, 190.3. Since then he ha.s worked at
his trade or at electric work, or on the farm in Terra Alta, which is his
permanent home. Since June, 1907, he has been employed as fireman of the
heating plant of the U. S. Military Home in Washington, D. C. He has
the reputation of lieing a man of exemplary habits. He is unmarried.

iii. Edward Alonzo, b. Mar. 1, 1860; is a blacksmith in Newport, Ky.

Bii scco7id marriage:
iv. Jane, b. Sept. 10, 1870.

928. V. David Sylvester, b. Jan. 29, 1875.

929. vi. Albert, b. June 29, 1879.

vii. Ethel Gertrude, b. Oct. 14, 1890 ; m. .\pr. 25, lOOG, Robert Henry Simpson
and resides in Jones, Okla.

G95. Edgar Clark Trowbridge (Samuel G."°, David-"", Samuel^'^^, David'^",
Joseph^"^, Williarn^"", Thomas^), born June 13, 1834, in Kingwood, W. Va. ;
resides in Los Angeles, Cal. ; married October 26, 1866, in Kingwood, Sadie
Elizabeth Ziem, daughter of Hon. Peter and Charlotte (Matlick) Ziem, bom
December 26, 1848, in Kingwood.

Edgar C Trowbridge lived part of his youth with his parents and part with his
maternal uncle, Hon. J. C. McGrew, in Kingwood, W. Va. Both families being
strict Methodists, he received a good moral and religious training, for which he
has always been thankful. Wliile still unite a young man he engaged in the
lumber and stave business, his market being Baltimore for lumber and Cuba for
staves. At this business he was reasonably successful and followed it until the
breaking out of the Civil War in 1S61, but as his base of operations was in the
disputed territory he lost about all he had made. In the spring of 1861 he gave
up his business and assisted in recruiting two companies of the 3d West Virginia
Infantry for the Union army. He expected to be mustered into Company C,
Imt shortly before the company was organizoil he, was taken ill with the measles,
and when he recovered he was partially deaf, in consequence of which he could
not be received into the regular volunteer service.

In June, 1861, General Roseerans was in command, with headquarters at
Clarksburg, W. Va., part of his command being at Weston, W. Va., and badly
in need of supplies, for which the government did not have transportation. In
this emergency Mr. Trowbridge collected a number of volunteer teams and
furnished the necessary supplies. After this .nnd until e^rly in December he fur-
nished sui>])lies in the same way to General Reynolds' command at and near
Huttonsville, W. Va. About this time he was relieved by regular government
transportation and he then went in charge of government transportation, with

* i-iv born in Kingirood, W. Ya. ; v in Cherokee Nation ; vi in Grafton. W. Va. ; vii in
Bloomfleld, Ark.


Capt. A. P. How, comniandiiig Company G, U. S. Artillery, first to Ronncy,
W. Va., and from there to Washington, D. C. He then assisted in the organiza-
tion of the transportation of the artillery reserve under Gen. H. J. Hunt, and
went in charge of it tln-ough the Peninsular campaign, and remained in tliat
capacity in the Army of the Potomac until after tlie battle of Frederielislnirg.
He then went witli General Burnside when he was placed in command in East
Tennessee. In 1863 and 1SG4 he was engaged in transporting supplies from
Kentucky to Tennessee, and afterwards was chief of transportation for the 23d
A. C. until November, 1864, at which time it was transferred to the Army of tlie
Cumberland at Chattanooga, Tenn., and he went via Washington, D. C, into
North Carolina to join Sherman. In Washington he assisted in the organization
of new transportation for tlie 23d A. C. and shipped it on transports to Morehcad
City, N. C. He then went to the front, joining the army at Goldsborough, N. C,
and from there to Ealeigh, N. C, where he remained in charge of transportation
and assisted in the sale of transportation and army supplies until October 23,
1865, at which time he was discharged and returned to his home in West Virginia.
During all this time he was in active service as an employe. At two different
times he was offered a connnission, but refused to accept.

After retiring to civil life he engaged in mercantile pursuits in Williamsport,
W. Va. In 1869 he removed with his wife to Kahoka, the county seat of Clark
county, Mo. He lived there si.xteen years, part of the time engaged in merchan-
dising and part of the time as agent for the Keokuk and Western Railroad
Company. He then moved to Wellington, Kan., where he was in mercantile
business about twenty years. He recently removed to Los Angeles, Cal., where
he is engaged in the grocery business.


i. Edgar Joy. b. July 18, 1870 ; d. Sept. 24, 1877.

ii. Park Griffin, b. July 24, 1873; is a jeweler aud oculist in Glenwood Springs,

696. John Willum Barker Trowbridge (Malin P.^'\ Jesse-"^, SamueU^^,
David"*, Joseph'"'^, William'^'"', Thomas^), born December 22, 1836, in Kingwood,
W. Va. ; resides in Nicklow Mills, W. Va. ; married January — , 1865, Frances
B. Carr, daughter of David Carr.*

John W. B. Trowbridge was brought up on his father's fann near Kingwood,
W. Va. He was a soldier in the Union army, being mustered into service June
28, 1861, for three years in Company C, 3d West Virginia Infantry, which later
became Company C, 6th West Virginia Cavalry. He participated in the battles
of Bull Run, Cross Keys, Antietam, Winchester and many others. He is a
farmer near Nicklow Mills, Barbour county, W. Va.


697. Jesse Monroe Trowbridge (David L?'-, Jesse-'"^. Samuel'^"^, David"*,
Juseph^"^, William^'"', Thomas^), born Februai-y 29, 1832, in Kingwood, W. Va. ;
resides in Bonner Springs, Kan. ; married Jainiary 1, 1856, in Iowa City, Iowa,
Sarah Jane Salisbury, daughter of Henry and Margaret (Conway) .Salisbury,
born June 20, 1834. in Clyde, N. T.

Jesse M. Trowbridge received a good education in the schools of his native
place and then learned the trade of a caiijenter. In early manhood he went West
and settled in Iowa City, Iowa, of ^vhich place his uncle Samuel C. Trowbridge
was one of the founders. He there became a fanneff and stock raiser on an

* He failed to answer the compiler's letters.


extenusive scale. He held several offices there, among which were justice of the
peace for eight years, town clerk for four years, and assessor for two years.
About 187S he removed with his family to Harrisonville, Mo., and a few years
later to Bonner Springs, Kan., near Kansas City, where he resides at present,
being engaged in business as a contractor and builder. He is a member of the
Masonic fraternity and lias been a master mason for aliout forty years.


930. i. Walteu John. b. June 2o, l.S.")G.

931. ii. James Lane, b. July 18. 18.58.

iii. Eugenie (.Jennie), b. July 11, 18G0 ; is a telephone operator in Denver,

Colo. ; num.
iv. MoLLiE Anna, b. Oct. 12, 1862.
V. Marguerite, b. Aug. 14, IStiti;' m. Sept. 24, 1885, Samuel Chester Summerwell

and resides in Denver,
vi. Lizza, b. Nov. 0. 1869: d. Aur. Hi, 1870.
vii. Nettie Marie, b. June 22, 1871: m. June 21. 1888, Charles Belleau and

resides in Hill City, Kan.
viii. David Edward, b. Dec. 14, 1874; d. Feb. 28, 1875.
ix. Adella, b. June 21, 1876.

X. William Henry, / twins, d. Dec. 4. 1880.

xi. Elsie Maud. ) b. June 21. 1880: m. Dec. 25, 1890, Walter L. Dunlap

and resides in Bonner Springs, Kan.

698. Sami'El Orrix Trowbridge (David L.^'-. Jesse-"'^, SamueP''''*, David^^*,
Joseph^"^, WUUam'^"'', Thomas''), born June 3, 1830, in Kingwood, W. Va. ; died
Febnuiry 28, 1904, in Carbon, Iowa; married March 1, 1864, in Iowa City, Iowa,
Bertlia Ellen Farley, daughter of John and Louvina (Sutten) Farley, born
January 30, 1840, in Stafford, Ohio; died August 14, 1900, in Carbon.

Samuel O. Trowbridge when a young man went to Iowa City, Iowa, where his
brother also lived. After living there for some years, he removed with his
family and finally settled in Carbon, Adams county, Iowa. He was there
engaged for many years in coal mining, operating a shaft in partnership with
his eldest son.


i. Jane Louvina, b. Dec. 19, 18t>l ; m. May ], 1882. John Scanlon and resides

in Fremont, Neb.
ii. Ella May. b. Jlay 11. 1.S66 ; m. Aug. 21, 1887. Beecher Emmons and resides

in Lawton. Okla.
iii. Clara Emma, b. Nov. 19, 1868 ; m. Apr. 7, 1897, William Willison and resides

in Arlington, Neb.
iv. Nora. b. Feb. 28. 1871 : m. May 25. 1896, Rollie Ellis and resides in Carbon,

V. Celia Ann. b. Jlar. 3. 1873; ra. Oct. 11, 1891, George Riley Wheeler and

resides in Carbon,
vi. Minnie Oli\T5, b. Mar. 17, 1875 ; m. Jan. 15, 1894, John Logan Byers and

re.sides in Elkhart. Iowa.

932. vii. Benjamin Dawd. b. May 19, 1877.

viii. Samuel Kirkwood. b. .luly 27, LSSl : is farming in Corning. Iowa: unm.

699. Leander Marion Trowbridge (Hannah-"'^-'', Jesse^"'^. Saniuel'^^^, David^'^*,
Joseph'"''^, William^'"\ Thomas^), born February' 1, 1837, in Kingwood, W. Va.;
resides in Clay Centre, Kan. ; married April 5, 1860, in Kingwood, Dorothy
Casseday, daughter of James and Frances (Snyder) Casseday,.bom December 12,
1833, in Preston county, W. Va. ; died September 22, 1904, in Clay Centre.

Leander M. Trowbridge was brought up by his grandfather Jesse Trowbridge
in his native place, Kingwood, W. Va. He settled there after liis marriage and

* i-ix born in Iowa City, Iowa : .\-xi in Harrisonville. Mo.

t 1, iii and iv born in Iowa Ci(y. Iowa; ii in ilorfordsville, Iowa; v-vii in Tama Cit.v,
Iciwa ; viii in Hill City, Kan.


was engaged in scliool-teaching up to the time of the Civil War. He enlisted
September 5, 1861, for three years in Companj' V, (Jth West Virginia Infantry-,
and was mustered out as a eorporal at the expiration of his term of service. On
liis way home, he was in a train wreck near Wheeling, W. Va., and was almost
burned to death by a stove tipping over on him, one leg being so badly injured
that it had t« be amputated. The first amputation he performed himself, before
he was carried to the hospital at Grafton, where two more amputations were
found necessarj-. I^otwithstanding his injuries and an attack of typhoid fever,
through which he also passed at the hospital, he was able to return in sixty days
to his home in Kingwood. He again taught school Tintil his health failed. He
then went West, in 1870, and next year bought a farm near Meredith, Cloud
county, Kan., where he lived until 1891. He then, in order to give his four
yoimger sons school advantages, removed to Clay Centre, Kan., where he has
since resided. He and his family are members of the Methodist Episcopal
church in Clay Centre.


933. i. Charles Worthixgton, b. Dec. 24, IStiO.

ii. Frances Addeen. b. Dec. 7, 1801 : m. Oct. 20, 1880, Charles Treadwell and

resides in Clay Centre, Kan.
iii. Alice Kos,\lette, b. June 23. 1803 : m. Oct. 21. 1SS2, D. A. Myres and resides

in Hollis. Kan.

934. iv. Spencer Sheridan, b. .Jan. 12. 180G.

935. V. John Franklin, b. June 1, 1807.

vi. Hannah Leota, b. Nov. 10. 1808: d. Sept. .5. 1870.

vii. Emily Vik(:ini.\, b. Apr. .5, 1870; m. Sept. 2, 1S92, George JIcElroy and

resides in Aurora, Kan.

viii. Jesse Walker, b. Aug. 14, 1871.

ix. Willis Chester, b. Oct. 24. 1873.

X. James Allen, b. .\ug. 7. 1875.

xi. Leander. b. Mar. 27. 1877.

xii. A child, b. Jan. 31. 1879; d. Feb. 5, 1879.

700. Albert Gall.vtix Trowbridge {George McC.^~'', Jesse-"'-, Sarnuel'^^,
David"*, Joseph^"'', W ilUam'-'"' , Thomas'"), born May 17, 1853, in Tunnelton,
W. Va. ; resides in Tunnelton; married July 9, 1876, in Tunnelton, Mary
Frances Taylor, daughter of Samuel and Selina (Weaver) Taylor, born
February 28. 1858, in Wood county, W. Va.

Albert G. Trowbridge has always lived in his native place, Tunnelton, W. Va.
He is a coal miner.


i. IIOMER, b. Mar. 17. 1880.

ii. (JRACE, b. Oct. 21, 1882; m. Charles F. Wolf and resides in Tunnelton.

iii. Alheht Gallatin, b. Oct. 5, 1883.

iv. Clara Belle, b. .June 1, 1885.

V. William Harvey, b. Jlar. 30. 1887.

vi. Grover Cleveland, b. Dec. 10, 1888 ; d. Feb. 14. 1004.

vii. Sylvanus, b. June 5. 1891; d. Feb. 4, 1907.

viii. George McClusky, b. Dee. 20, 1895.

ix. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 27. 1898.

X. Jessie, b. July 28, 1899.

701. Sherman Sedox Trow-bridge (George McC.^'^, Jesse™'", Sarntiel"^^,
David""*, Joseph""^. William""". Thomas"), born December 18, 1854, in Tunnel-
ton, W. Va. ; resides in Howesville, W. Va. ; married Novemljer 25. 1883, in
Tunnelton, ilattie Duff, daughter of George B. and Latha (Pratt) Duff, born
March 23, 1865, in Preston county, W. Va.

* i-vii born in Klngnood. W. Va. ; viii In Harrisonville, Mo. ; ix-xii in Jleieditb, Kan.


Sherman S. Trowbridge lived in his native phice until October, 1884, when he
moved with his wife to Austen. Preston county, W. Va. He was employed in the
coke works there for a time and then bought property there. He sold this later
and in September, 1903, bought a farm near Howesville, Preston county, where
he lives at present. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal church in


i. EujAH Bledso, b. Aug. 10, 1888.

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