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whenever the regular minister was not present, growing into such favor that
they chose him to minister to them regularly. In addition to his work at the
church, he would have some place for afternoon preaching, and in this way he
carried on an extensive missionary work. He was a constant student of the
Word of God, and taking his Testament to the field he woiild search the Scrip-
tures while resting his horses. No time was idled away. When he had a
moment, while waiting for his meals or of an evening, lie had a book or paper
and was reading. Thus he prepared himself for his Sunday preaching.

The first ten years of his ministry were spent without remuneration, and he
labored with his hands to support his family. He preached in barns, school-
houses and dwellings — anywhere he could find an opening to sound the Gospel
call. He preached the first sermon that was delivered in the village, now city, of
Wenona, the meeting being held in the Illinois Central railroad depot. In 1850
a cooperation was formed among the Christians of ^Marshall. LaSalle, Woodford
and Livingston counties for the extension of Christ within their borders.
Brother Trowbridge was chosen president of this association for seven consecutive
years, and served several times later in the same office. This work took him
away from home to visit among the people wherever work was to be done.
Associated with him in this work were the three Houstons, Washington, John Q.


and Jefferson, William Thompson, U. H. Watson, Walter Boles, M. D. Sharpless,
Festus Burg, Joseph Johnson, E. B. Nevell, D. Ledgerwood, John McCleary,
George W. Minier and B. Carter. The churches in eouperation and organized
by it were : Pattonsburg, Ancona, Osage. Pontiac, Long Point, Amity, Scattering
Point, Diamond Creek (now Dana), Nebraska (now Flanagan), Minonk, Kut-
land, Antioch (now Toluca), Washburn, Shaw's Point, Vania and Streator.
Some of the churches have ceased to exist, but the larger number are still doing
work for the Lord.

These pioneers found many bitter prejudices against their work. The sectarian
spirit was vei-y strong and many church doors were closed against them. The
religious world did not know that these preachers of the Restoration came with
a message of love and union for all of God's people. As the Savior and Apostles
were not understood by the people to whom they ministered neither were these
men. They had learned that the truth once planted would grow to a bountiful
harvest in honest and loving hearts. They were content to labor and wait.
Many of them lived to see the places where they labored so patiently occupied by
flourishing churches and the prejudices allayed. The Antioch church was
organized in a schoolliouse one mile north of the farm of llr. Trowbridge in
1862, and it was from this church, at the suggestion of Jonas Ball, Sr., that he
received his first pay for preaching. The mission at Rutland steadily grew into
an active and strong churcli, and is now the leading Protestant body of wor-
shipers. This church received very much of the attention of Brother Trow-
bridge. In 1868 it was deemed best to remove to Rutland and take full pastoral
care of the congregation. This work was continued until the winter of 1871-2,
when he moved his family to Eiireka to give the children better school privileges.
In the spring of 1872, the year that his son Thomas was graduated from Eureka
College, he again returned to the farm.

Wliile Brother Trowbridge was laboring with these churches, he traveled over
a large scope of country, giving his attention often to three or four churches.
There are very few churches within a radius of fifty miles of his home that have
not enjoyed the blessing of his ministry. His first preaching in Minonk was
done in the dining-room of Macey's hotel, then they went to the schoolliouse,
continuing there until the congregation was able to build a house of worshiji.
W^ith the assistance of Charles Roe, the Sharps, father and son. J. Carroll Shark
and others ministering to this church, it grew to be an important factor in the
city's forces. In 1879 he was again called to the ministry of this church, which
service was continued until the spring of 1882, when he again returned to the
farm. While at Minonk he and his family took the larger part of tlie burden of
the church. The ministry, the music, the janitorship and management of the
finances seemed to fall to their share.

In the autumn of 1885 he again left the fami to reside in Rutland, where he
continued to live the remainder of his days. The death of his wife the year
following caused a great cloud to come over his life. She had been to him all
that he could expect a wife to be. She had entered fully into all of his work
and bore her share of the hardships of the pioneer preacher's life. On January 1,
1887, to occupy his mind with some additional work, he began a sketch of his
life and work, and continued it quite fully until he had reached the year 1895 of
his pilgrimage, when illness caused him to relinquish the work for a season,
ex]>ecting as soon as he recovered to finish it. He never comjilcted it. so we have
but little account of the greater part of his public ministi-y. He kept no records
of his work as a preacher, so we can only estimate the additions to the Lord's
work in his service. Those who knew most of his life report many hundreds.
Rev. Mr. Trowbridge was among the few ministers who are successful farmers
or business men and enjoy a conipet«nce earned outside of the profession. He
owned a large farm having good improvements and when not at work in the


ministry followed the plow or the reaper. He gave valuable assistance to the
compiler of this genealogy by collecting the records of his brajich of the family.
"Brother Trowbridge was a minister in all the hearts of the people. The
Bible was his book of study and preaching. He contributed liberally to the
support of the gospel, and returned to tlie church, its local and missionary enter-
prises, more than he ever received for his ser^-ices. After bodily infirmities kept
him from the active ministry, he still contributed largely to the support of the
church. He educated his children so that they all took honorable places in the
church and the activities of life. He was a man of great faith. He loved his
brethren, and was a peacemaker in all his associations with men. He was a
friend to the helpless, and tJae young preacher always found in him a true friend
and wise counselor. He has left a monument more lasting than granite or
marble in the affection and esteem of his brethren. He rests from labor, and his
works will follow him."


By first marriaric:*
955. i. Thomas Lindsey, b. Feb. 23. 1S.T2.

ii. Mart Louis.\, b. Apr. 22, 185-4: m. June 12, 1872, Perry Maguus Evans,
M.D., of Jlinonk, 111.

iii. Xaomi Lucretia. b. Mar. 30, 1857 ; m. .Tune 30, 1885, Edward Litchfield and
resides in Flanagan. 111.

iv. Sarah Lizetta, b. Sept. 8, 1802: m. Dec. 25. 1888. Thomas A. Edwards.
M.D., and reside.s in New York City. Mrs. Edwards is a well-known vocal
teacher. She first studied several seasons in Boston. Mass., after which she
went to Paris, where she was a pupil of Delle Sedie, and at a later date
studied with some of the most prominent teachers on the continent. She is
a soprano soloist of marked ability, and in both church and concert work
has achieved success. In addition to her other accomplishments, Mrs.
Edwards is a pianist and organist of much more than ordinary ability.

723. James Martin Trowbridge (Dempscii^"', David-"'''. Davi(P^^. David^^',
Joseph^'*^, WiJUam^'"', Thomas'^), born December i:^, 1834, in Salem, Ind. ; resides
in Bethany, Neb.; married October 21, 1863, in Eldora, Iowa, Delia Frances
Hitte, daughter of James Lawrence and Caroline TTallie (Crain) Hitte, born May
18, 1S4G, in Martinsville. Ind.

James M. Trowbridge received a good commtui school education and in the
early part of his life made the teaching of music his profession. In the spring
of 18G4 he went with his wife to Nemaha county. Neb., and settled on a farm
near Nemaha City. About ten years later he moved to Brownville in the same
county, where he lived three years. He then removed to Wymore, Gage county,
Neb., where he was engaged in the milling business for ten years. On ^larch 25,
IflOO, he came to Bethany, Lancaster county. Neb., where he has since resided and
been engaged in farming.

Mr. Trowbridge since coming to Bethany has served as one of the elders in the
Christian churdi in that place, and held the same office in the churches in
Nemaha City and Brownville during his residence in those towns.


i. Lerot Harris, b. Feb. 20. 1805. in Nemaha. Neb. : d. Feb. 22, 1866.

ii. Grant Walpo. b. Mar. 8. 1867, in Nemaha : d. June 14, 1874.

iii. Carrie, b. May 10. 1877. in Brownville. Neb. : d. May 26, 1877.

iv. Grace Louise, b. Sept. 18. 1880, in Brownville.

724. Demptsy Harris Trowbridge (Dempsey^^^, David-"'^. David^^^, David^^*,
Joseph^"', WiUiam'^'"'. Thomas^), bom April 6. • 1839, in Salem, Ind.; died
December 3, 1903, in Wymore, Neb. ; married April 13, 1870, in Bloomington,

• No children by second marriage.


111., Carrie Webb, daughter of Isaiah and Martha (Sears) Webb, born September
12, 1842, in Madison county, Ky. She resides in Denver, Colo.

Demptsy H. Trowbridge was educated in the sciences at Eureka College and
Indiana Normal University, Normal, 111., and received a musical education
under the direction of George F. Eoot, II. E. Palmer, Professor Luddin and
others in Chicag-o, 111. He then taught public school for five years. He devoted
the last forty years of his life to teaching vocal and instrumental music. He
was a member of the Christian church in the towns where he resided. He died
suddenly at the home of his son. Doctor Trowbridge.


956. i. Demptsy LeRoy, b. ilay 14. 1872, in Lincoln. III.

ii. Pearl JIaeth.^ Emxii, b. Feb. 25, 1S77. in Lincoln : d. Sept. 20, 1881, in

Minonli, 111.
iii. Elmer Garfielu, b. Feb. 24. 1880. in Eureka. Ill; d. Sept. 30, 1881, in


725. William Haerison Trowbridge (Linzey'''"", David-"'', David"^, David'^'^*,
Joseph'-"^, William'^'"', Thomas'^), bom January 21, 1840, in Putnam county,
Ind. ; died January 11, I'JOl, in Lompoc, Cal. ; married May 20, 1860, in Boon-
ville. Mo., Eliza Jane Elliott, daughter of George and Catherine (Brent) Elliott,
born September 22, 1S44, in Zanesville, Ohio. She resides in Lompoc.

William H. Trowbridge came in childhood with his parents to a farm near
West Liberty, Putnam county. Mo. For tlie first eight years succeeding his
marriage he was engaged in farming there and in Jasjwr county. In 1868 he
moved to Kansas, but returned to Missouri two years later, living on a farm most
of the time. In 1878 he decided to cross the plains in company with a number
of friends. They started on their journey April 15 and arrived at their
destination on July 6. He made his home in Idaho for the following five years,
and tlien removed to Lomiwc. Santa Barbara county, Cal., where he arrived
at the end of June, 1883. He lived on his ranch there until his death. He and
his family have always been members of the Christian churches in the towns
where they have resided.


i. Catherine, b. Feb. 0, 1804; m. .lune 5. ]8S1. William Parsons and resides in

Ashland, Ore.
ii. William IIe.xry. b. Deo. 22. ISIIC; d. Jan. 17. 1878.
iii. King Jacob, b. Feb. 4, 1872 ; d. Oct. S, 187:5.
iv. Ella, b. Jan. 9, 1870 : d. July 29, 1870.

V. Ollie, b. Nov. IS. 1877: d. Mar. 6, 1901. in Lomjioc. Cal.: unm.
vi. Della, b. June 23, 1880 : m. Oct. 30, 1900, Alexander Scolari and resides in

Tiburon. Cal.
vii. May, b. Nov. 3. 1885.

72G. David Iv,\rxes Trowbridge {Limey'^", David-'"': David''^^, David^'^*,
Joseph^°^, William'''"'. Thomas''), bom September 27, 1842, in Henry county,
Iowa ; died October 14. 1877, in Terre Haute, Mo. ; married January 18, 1866,
in Unionville, Mo., Susan Lucinda Smith,t daughter of William and Nancy
(Goodman) Smith, born April 24. 1841, in Charleston, 111. She married, second,
December IS, 1881. in Terre Haute. George Franklin Stivers, of Garfield. Wash.,
where she died June 22, 1906.

David K. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to Putnam county.
Mo. After his marriage he settletl near Terre Haute in that county, and lived
tliere until his death. He was engag-ed in farming all of his life. He and his
family were all members of the Christian church in Terre Haute.

• i born in Putnam county. Mo. ; ii-iv in .Tasper county. Mo. : v in Carthage. Jasper
county : vi in Bellevue. Idaho : vii in I^ompoc. Cal.
t A sister of the wife of his brother No. 7"J7.



i. Sarah Xaoma. b. Dec. 19, 186G ; m. Feb. 18, 1887, James M. Chasteen of

Garfield, Wash,
ii. SiEMMA Alta, b. July 19, 18G8; m. Dee. 11, 1892, J. Wilbur Callison and

resides in Green Acres, Wash.

957. iii. LiNDSEY Simpson, b. July 31, 1870.

iv. Liny Franklin, b. Nov. 10, 1872 ; d. Sept. 19, 1874.

958. V. Leroy Elbert, b. Mar. 22, 1875.

vi. Levi Benton, b. Mar. 21, 1877 ; was brought by his mother and step-father
to Texas in February, ISSl. In the summer of 1880 they moved to a farm
two and one-half miles south of Fayetteville, Ind. In January, 1889, they
removed to Garfield, where Mr. Trowbridge ha.s since resided. After
finishing his school da.vs he became a painter, paper hanger, and decorator,
and worked at that business for a number of .years. Painting not agreeing
with him, he took up photography, in which business he has been engaged
since 1900. He has owned studios in Athena, Ore., and in Palouse and
Garfield, in the latter of which places he is now in business. He is

727. Franklin Hamilton Trowbridge (Linzey^"", David-"'', David"", David^'^*,
Joseph'^"'-, William^'"', Thomas'-), bom October 25, 1855, in West Liberty, Mo.;
died October 20, 1885, in Chico, Tes. ; married October 17, 1875, in Blanco,
Tex., Charlotta Smith,* daughter of William and ISTancy (Goodman) Smith,
bom November 12, 1855, in Charleston, 111. She married, second, September 27,
1899, in Lewiston, Idaho, Robert Wesley Pinnell, and resides in Portland, Ore.

Franklin H. Trowbridge settled in Texas, where, with the exception of a few
years, he was engagetl in farming until his death. He and his family were
members of the Christian Church.


i. Laura Alice, b. Aug. 5, 1876 ; m. Sept. 10, 1896, Harry Elwin Reeves and
resides in Woodburn, Ore.

959. ii. Joseph Melford, b. Aug. 18. 1878.

iii. Bertha Olive, b. Dec. 1, 1880 ; m. June 10, 1903, Francis R. Reeves and

resides in Portland. Ore.
iv. Lulu JIay, b. Sept. 10, 1883.
V. Franklin Hamilton, b. Apr. 20, 18SG; is a clerk in a department store in

Portland ; unm.

728. Eobert Walker Trowbridge (David^'>\ David-o\ David"", David^^*,
Joseph^"^, William'^'"', Thomas^), born October 14, 1832, in Salem, Ind.; died
February 12, 1899, in Fairfield, Iowa ; married September 7, 1856, in Salem,
Eliza Ellen Sage, daughter of William and Emily Thomas (Paine) Sage, born
July 25, 1839, in Salem. She married, second, John Lewis and resides in
Ottumwa, Iowa.

Robert W. Trowbridge after his marriage removed to Henry county, Iowa,
where he lived near the village of Rome and followed his trade, that of a
carpenter. The last twenty years of his life were passed in Fairfield, Iowa. He
held no political offices, but had the esteem of all who knew him.

children born in henry county, iowa :

i. Lewis Edgar, b. .Tune 1, 1858 : is a carpenter in Kansas City, Mo. : unm.

ii. Emily Maria, b. Feb. 20, 1860; m. Dec. 25, 1879. James C. Bargar of Fair-
field, Iowa.

iii. David William, b. Feb. 27, 1802; w.ns a carpenter; d. May 11, 1888, in
Fairfield ; unm.

iv. Newton Lycuhgus, b. Mar. 20, ISCA ; d. Feb. 7, 1865.

V. Margaret Ann, b. Mar. 13, 1860 ; m. , 1885, Robert Hewlette and

resides in Pittsburg, Pa.

• A sister of the wife of his brother No. 726.

t i born in Blanco, Tex. ; ll-lii in Terre Haute. Mo. ; iv-v in fhico. Tex.


vi. LiNDLET Erastus, b. Sept. 22, 1868: d. Mar. — , 1900.

vii. John Henky. b. Mar. 20, 1871 ; is a cari)eiiter in Douds Station, Iowa.*

960. viii. Edwakd Sylvester, b. May 2.5, 1873.

ix. Rosa Bell, b. Mar. 24, 1S7C; d. Mar. 28, 187G.

X. Leatda Bell, b. Mar. 29, 1878: m. Oct. 1, 1803. Tlioma.s P. Poulton of

728a. Newton Crawford Trowbridge {David^^\ David-"^, David^^", David^^*,
Joseph'"''-, William^'"', Thomas'^), born March 29, 1842, in Salem, Ind. ; died
September .30, 190.3, near Tampico, Ind. ; married March 18, 1866, in Tampico,
Louisa Mary Starr, daughter of Thomas and Nancy Ellen (Dorton) Starr, born
August 25, 1841, near Tampico; died October 11, 1890, near Tampico.

Newton C. Trowbridge was brought in childhood by his father to his farm
in Jackson county, Ind. He became a soldier in the Civil War, enlistingf for
three years August 15, 1861, in Company B, 22d Indiana Infantry, and being
mustered out August 22, 1864. On December 24, 1864, he was commissioned
first lieutenant of tlie "Tampico Guards," Indiana Legion, and was in service
until the close of the war. He then engaged in fanning in Grassy Fork town-
ship, Jackson county, near Tampico, Ind., and was so occupied until his death.

children born in JACKSON COUNTY, IND. :

i. A daughter, b. JNIar. 24, 18C7 ; d. that day.

ii. Mary Hester, b. Aug. 22, 1869 ; m. Pearson Waskom of Salem, Ind.

iii. Edith Anna, b. Oct. 22, 1872 ; d. July 17, 1898 ; unm.

iv. Florence Elstine, b. Dec. 10, 187G ; d. Mar. 9, 1879.

960a. V. Ira Otis, b. Apr. 14, 1881.

vi. LoRA Ellen, b. Feb. 24, 1883 ; m. Apr. 9, 1905, John Henry Leerkamp of

Crothersville, Ind.

vii. Loren Ethan, b. Oct. 27, 1886 ; d. Nov. 10, 1887.

729. David Freeman Trowbridge (David-"^, David-"", David^^^, David^'^*,
Joseph'"'^, William^"'', Thomas'^), born July 1, 1847, in Jackson county, Ind.;
died February 8, 1903, in Jackson county; married, first, April 15, 1877, in
Crotliersville, Ind., Nancy Matilda McGill. daughter of Martin and Sarah
(Johnson) McGill, born November 22, 1855, in Crothersville; died April 6, 1885,
in Jackson county. He married, second. May 11, 1899, in Brownstown, Ind.,
Sarah Catharine (Bryan) Peugh, widow of James Franklin Peugh of Delaney,
Ind., and daughter of Francis Marion and Louisa Catharine (Payne) Bryan, born
January 31, 1874, in Vallonia, Ind.; died July 25, 1907, in Little York, Ind.J

David F. Trowbridge was a carpenter by trade, but gave most of his time to
farming, following liis trade usually in the fall and winter. He also at various
times taught music, both vocal and instrumental. He lived all his life in
Jackson county, Ind., living first near Crothersville and later, after his father's
death, removing to the latter's farm, near Tampico, where he resided the rest of
his life. He was a member of the Christian church in Tampico.


By first marriage:
i. Della May, b. Nov. 20, 1877: m. Oct. 9, 1902, Luther Franklin Gross and
resides in Washington, Ind.

By second marriage:
ii. Alma Freida, b. Dec. 26, 1901.

* He failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t Incorrectly printed Nelson C. in the Indiana Adjutant General's Report.

t At the home ot her mother.


730. Erastus Lixsey Trowbridgf, (David""^, DavkV^"'^. David}^", David'^',
Joseph'^"'\ William^'"', Thomas^), bom October 12, 1856, in Jackson county, Tml. ;
resides in Allerton, Iowa; married September 16, 1888, in Warsaw, Iowa,
Fannie Belle Allen, daughter of Pailman and Mary Tabitha (McCrary) Allen,
bom Decemlier 13, 1S63, in Genoa, Iowa.

Erastus L. Trowbridgre taught school from 1884 to 1892. He then engaged in
carpenter work at Harvard, Waj'ue county, Iowa, where he had located after his
marriage. He recently removed to Allerton, in the same county, where he is
engaged in tlic poultry and egg business. He and his wife are members of the
Methodist Protestant Church, and he has been secretary of the Northern Missouri
Conference of that church. He has long been a member of the I. O. O. E., and
has passed through the chairs in that fraternity.


i. A child, b. Aug. 30, 1890 ; d. Aug. 31, 1890.

ii. LEL.VH Tabitha. b. Oct. 8, 1891.

iii. Lotus W..* b. June 24, 1893 : d. July 22, 1894.

iv. Iris Pailman, b. Feb. 4. 1895.

V. OciE Elizabeth, b. Jan. 25, 1897.

731. Charles Wesley Trowbridge (DavuP"'^. Davld-"^, David^^^. David'",
Joseph'"^, William^'"', Thomas'^), born August 17, 1860, in Jackson county, Ind. ;
resides in Moscow, Kan. ; married November 22, 1885, in Tampico, Ind.,
Martha Elizabeth Killey, daughter of Levi and Sarah Elizabeth (Johnson)
Killey, born September 21, 1863, in Tampico ; died January 17, 1889, in Tampico.

Charles W. Trowbridge settled after his marriage in Tampico, Jackson county,
Ind., and was there engaged principally in the carpenter's business; also doing
some farming. In 1905 he removed to Kansas. He resided one year at King-
man and then took a claim at Moscow, Stevens county, where he has since been
engaged in farming.

child born in tampico, ind. :

i. Dailet Oscar, b. Jan. 11, 1889 ; is farming near Brownstown, Ind. ; unm.

731a. Benjamin Ellis Trowbridge (Williani L.'"^^, Jonathan-"'', David'''^,

David^'^K Joseph^"^, William^'"', Thomas'^), bom , 1819, in Owen county,

Ky. ; died January 29, 1890, in New Home, Mo. ; married, first, , 1851,

Barbara Ellen Deavers, daughter of Samuel and Lucy (Cox) Deavers, born in
England. He married, second, Martha Ann Stump of Johnson county. Mo.

Benjamin E. Trowbridge was a carpenter and cabinetmaker by trade, and was
so employed in Kentucky. Afterwards he removed to New Home, Mo., where
he followed fanning as an occupation until his death.

children :t
By first marriage:
i. Lucy Delia, b. Feb. 20, 1853; m. Henry Timpelman and resides in Chatta-
nooga, Tenn.
ii. William S., b. Oct. 8, 1855 ; is a carpenter and builder in Cincinnati, Ohio.

By second marriage:

iii. Arabella Bardell, b. , 185- ; m. Perry Rhodes and resides in ,


iv. Virgil Edward, b. , 185- ; resides in New Home, Mo.

v. Sherman Greene, b. • , 186- ; d. in childhood.

Nina, b. , 186-

vii. William Henry, b. , 180-.

* Initial only.

i-ii born in ryntbiana, Ky. : the others' I:)irthplace not reported. They failed to answer

the compiler's letters.


viii. LaFayette, b. , 186-.

ix. Sylvestek, b. , 187-.

X. Florence, b. , 187- ; m. Charles Edwards and resides in Joplin, Mo.

xi. Effie, b. , 187- ; m. Myers and resides in Longmont, Colo.

731b. JosErii F. Trowbridge (William L.^"'", Jonathan-'>\ David^-^'^, David^^*,
Joseph'"'', ^Yilliam''">, Thomas^), born October 29, 1S29, in Owen county, Ky.;
resides in Lebanon, Ind. ; married April 6, 1856, in Marion, Ind., Martha J.

Montague, daugliter of Jolui and Phoebe ( ) Montague, born December

27, 1835, in Owen county; died Sei^teraber 4, lOOfi, in Lebanon.

Joseph F. Trowbridge settled after his mari-iage in Marion county, Ind., where
he engaged in farming. He at present resides in Lebanon, the county seat of
Boone county, Ind., where he holds tlie office of justice of the peace.


i. LuCETTlE G., b. , 18ij8 ; m. Marcellus Ilolliugsvvorth and resides in New

Augusta, Ind.

ii. Pacific M., b. ,18(50; m. Carlos Crull.

iii. Artaxerxes, b. Dec. 12, lSti4 ; resides in Lebanon, Ind.; unm.

iv. Darius Ethelbert, b. , 18G- ; m. Alice Sandere and resides in Lebanon.

731c. James Henry Trowbridge {William /y.^^'", Jonathan^"'', David^'^,
David'^'^*, Josepli'^"^, William''^''", Thomas^), bom January 15, 1841, in Owen
county, Ky. ; died September 19, 1893, in Springdale. Ark. ; married first,
January 2, 1873, in Landersdale, Ind., Margaret Alice Goodpestt'r,t daughter of
Marshall and Nancy (Oakley) Goodpester, bom May 2, 1857, in Brooklyn, Ind.;
died March 15, 1874, in Lander.sdale. He married, second, September 19, 1881,
in Prairie Grove, Ark., Annie Buchanan, daughter of William and Nannie
(Bean) Buchanan, bom January 4, 1862, in Boonsborough, Ark. She married,
second, August 30, 1906, in Springdale, Daniel Dillman Plumer and resides
in Springdale.

James LI. Trowbridge was brought in boyhood to Indiana by his parents.
Later in life he was engaged in farming, first in Landersdale, Morgan county,
Ind., and then in Prairie Grove and Springdale, Washington county. Ark. At

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