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the latter place he was also largely occupied with fruit growing.

cutldben :
By first marriage:
i. Squire Ellis, b. Feb. 8, 1874, in Landersdale, Ind. ; d. July 28, 1874.

By second murriage:
ii. WiLLi.\M Henry', b. June 2G, 1.S82. in Prairie Grove, Ark. ; is farming in

Peary, Okla. ; unm.
iii. Mack, b. Sept. 23, 1S.S9, in Springdale. .\rk. ; is farming there ; unm.

731d. Eev. John William Trowbridge (William 1/.^"^^, Jonathan-"'', David"",
David"*, Joseph'"^, William'"", Thomas'), born October 21, 1844, in Owen
coimty, Ky. ; resides in Carthage, Mo. ; married May 4, 1871, in Anderson, Ind.,
Martha Frances Goodpester,:[: daughter of Marshall and Nancy (Oakley) Good-
pester, bom July 6, 1850, in Brooklyn, Ind.

John W. Trowbridge was eleven years of age when his father settled on his
farm near Indianapolis. The death of his fatlier in 1858 compelled him to take
a man's place in the family, and thus his school advantages were limited.
Towards the close of the Civil War he enlisted from Marion county, Ind.,
Januar.v 21, 1865, for one year as fifer of Company A, 14Sth Indiana Infantry.

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t A sister of the wife of his brother No. 731d.

XA sister of the lirst wife of his brother No 731c.


He served with his regiment until he was mustered out, September 5, 1865. lie
settled after his marriage in Morgan county, removing from there to Arkansas.
In 18S4 he moved to Carthage, Mo., his present residence. He is a minister of
the Christian church in that city.


i. NoRAu PuKCELL, b. Feb. ]S, 1S72. in Morgan county. Iml. ; m. .Vpr. (5. 1892,
James Ellsworth Reno and resides in Carthage. Mo.
960b. ii. Thomas jNIarshall. b. Feb. 1.S, 1S7G. in Jlorgau county.
960c. iii. Otto. b. Mar. 20, ISSl, in Prairie Grove, Ark.

iv. Elmer Best, b. Dec. 13, 1883, in Springdale, Ark. ; is a clerk with the Car-
thage Furniture Co. in Carthage. He has been trumpeter of Company A,
2d Regiment, M. N. G., since 1003. lie is unmarried.

732. George Jacob Trowbridge {Joseph""-. Jonathan-"'', DavicP-^^, David^^*,
Josepli^"^, 'William^'"', Thomas''), born March 19, 1837, in Palmyra, Ind. ; resides
in Concordia, Kan. ; married, first, September 30, 1858, in Palmyra, Eliza
Jane Clark, daughter of Jacob and Rachel (Villom) Clark, born June 26, 1841,
in Palmyra ; died June 18, 1890, in Republic county, Kan. He married, second,
June 22, 1893, in Cloud county, Kan., Sally Monroe, daughter of Silas and Lucy
(Nethers) Monroe, bom December 13, 1862, in Rappahannock, Va.

George J. Trowbridge settled near Talmo, Republic county, Kan. He lived
there until 1900, when he removed to his present home, Concordia, the county
seat of Cloud county, Kan. He has always been engaged in farming.

By second marriage:*
i. Ida, b. June 28, 1894.
ii. George Ellis, b. Jan. 24, 1898.

733. Henry Trowbridge (Joseph''^-. Jonathan"''''. David''-'^, David'",
Joseph'"'', William""'. Thomas''), born April 7, 1845, in Palmyra, Ind.; died

March — , 1878, in Palmyra; married , 187—, in Palmyra?, .

She married, second, Coleman and "went West."

Henry Trowbridge after his marriage removed to Kemp, 111., where he engaged
in farming. He died while on a visit at his old home in Harrison county. Ind.
It is said that during the Civil War he served in an Indiana regiment.

children born in KEMP, ILL. :

i. LiLLiA Belle, b. . 187-.

ii. George, b. , 187-.

iii. John, b. , 1S7-.

734. Jonathan Trowbridge (Joseph'"-, Jonathan-"''. David'^", David"*,
Joseph'"^, William'"", Thomas'), born October 16, 1846, in Palmyra, Ind.;
resides in Palmyra; married, first, November 10, 1867, in Palmyra, Martha Ann
Garrison, daughter of George and Ellen (Reeves) Garrison, born March 15, 1849,
in Palmyi-a ; died Februai-y 12, 1870, in Palmyra. He married, second, Decem-
ber 25, 1887, in Palmyra, Emma M. Haun, daughter of John and Sarah E.
(Crandall) Haun, born March 4, 1868, in , 111.

Jonathan Trowbridge at the age of seventeen enlisted in the army during the
Civil War. He was enrolled August 24, 1864, in Company B, 16th (Veteran)
Kentucky Infantry. For the greater part of his term of service he was very
ill in the hospital, but was discharged from there in time to be present at the last
battle that was fought at JSTashville, which was the only engagement in which he

• No children by first marriage.


participated. He was mustered out with his regiment June 21, 1865. He settled
in his native town. Palmyra, Ind., where he has been engaged in farming most
of his life. For about ten years he also ran a sawmill. He is a member of the
Christian church in Palmyra.


By first marriage:

i. William Riley, b. Jan. 15, 1869; was a lawyer; d. Jan. 1, 1895; unm.

By second marriage:
ii. George Horace, b. Sept. 1. 1888 ; d. Oct. 11, 1889.
iii. Hattie Alma, b. Mar. 23, 1891.

735. David Trowbridge (Josepli,^^-, Jonathan-"', David^^^, David^'^*. Joseph''-''^,
William^"'', Thomas^), born March 18, 1851, in Palmyra, Ind.; resides in
Palmyra ; married November 19, 1871, in Palmyra, Martha Jane Mott, daughter
of Amos Travis and Sarah Ann (Elsion) Mott, born October 22, 1855, in
, Tenn. ; died January 25, 1901, in Palmyra.

David Trowbridge has been engaged in farming all of his life in his native
town. He lives three miles southwest of Palmyra, Ind.


William Emanuel, b. .\ug. 28, 1872.

Amos Travis, b. Oct. 28, 1873.

Malinda Catherine, b. Sept. 20, 1875 ; m. Sept. 16, 1895, James Brimer and
resides in Hancocls, Ind.

Charles David, b. Oct. 28, 1877.

George Roy, b. Aug. 24, 1879 ; d. Oct. 6, 1885.

Daisy Ann, b. Feb. 1, 1882.

Ezra Columbus, b. Aug. 19, 1884.
viii. James Woodward, b. Nov. 3, 1880 ; d. Jan. 23, 1S89.
ix. Clarence Evert, b. 13. 1889.
X. Alva Ward, b. Aug. 17, 1891 : d. June 14, 1892.
xi. Lottie Bell, b. Apr. 19, 1893.
xii. Emory Frank, b. Dec. 1, 1896.

735a. Jonathan Dillard Trowbridge {Isaac^"-^, Jonathan-"'. David^^^,
Davld^^*, Josci)h^"^, William'^'"', llwmas^). bom September 25, 1834, in Kenton
county, Ky. ; resides in Duvall, Ivy. ; married, first, January 17, 1855, in Pendle-
ton county, Ky., Elvira Towsey Smith, daughter of Larkin and Nancy (Ford)
Smith, born August 30, 1834, in Pendleton county; died April 25, 1865, in
Pendleton county. He married, second, August 3, 1865, in Pendleton county,
Ruth Ann Reed, daughter of Joseph and Rebecca (Middleton) Reed, born
January 29, 1847, in , Tenn.

.Jonathan D. Trowbridge came as a young man to Pendleton county, Ky. He
left there in 1883 and moved to Kenton county, Ky. He lived there two years
and then removed to Grant comity. Ky., where he lived si.x years. In 1891 he
came to Scott county, Ky., where he has since resided. He has always been
engaged in farming.

Bu first marriage:
963a. i. Isaac Larkin, b. Aug. 31, 1856.

ii. Mary Ann, b. Dec. 5, 1859 ; m. Nov. 18, 1885, Joseph Dunn and resides in

DeMossville, Ky.
iii. Almeda Thomas, b. Nov. 16. 1862 ; m. Mar. 15, 1882, James Harrison

Powers and resides in Dry Ridge. Ky.
iv. Elmina Ellen, b. Apr. 8, 1865 : m. Dec. 25, 1884, Thomas Jefferson Black-
burn and resides in Rushville, Ind.












By sccuitd marriage:

9G3b. V. William Henky, b. July 14, 18G6.

vi. Rebecca Jane, b. Oot. 5, ISOS ; m. Mar. 10, ISSS, Robert Henry Race and

resides in Jlorgan, Ky.
yii. Ida Lke, b. Sept. 9. 1870; m. June 2G, 1887, William Richard Penick and

reside.s in Olympia, Ky.
viii. Makgaket Fraxcew, b. June (i. 1.872 ; d. May 3, ll.t02.
;iG3c. is. James Harrison, b. Jvily -1. 1874.
'JtiSd. X. Albert Luthei!, b. May 10, 1870.

xi. John Wesley, b. Feb. 1. 1878; i.s a farmer with his father: unm.

736. Granville Gasto-N Thowbridge (Jonathan^^", Igaac-°^, David^-^, David^^*,
Juseph^"^, Williain^°'\ Thomas^), born March 28, 18^.5, in Montgomery county,
Ky. ; died December 12, 1907, in Lawrence, Kan. ; married August 14, 1866, in
Danville, III, Hannah Jane Birch, daughter of Eev. Thomas and Elinor (Honce)
Birch, born January 29, 1S30, in Attica. Ind. ; died February 9, 1894, in

Granville G. Trowbridge settled after his marriage in Champlain, 111.,
removing from there to Lawrence, Kan., which continued to be his residence
until his death. He was a millwright and builder in his younger days, later was
a dealer in drugs and medicines, and then engaged in the mercantile business.
He was successful in his undertakings and had been retired from active business
for several years prior to his death.

children born in champlain, ill. :

i. Minnie Burdell, b. Pec. 12, 1SG7 : d. Apr. 16, 1S68.

ii. Lena Jane, b. June 4, 1809 : d. Apr. 28, 1870.

iii. Harry Camprell, b. Oct. 12. 1871 ; was a photogr.<ipher for some years, but

for the last years of his life was a hospital nurse ; d. June 24, 1005, in

Ramona, Kan.*

73". Gordon Trowbridge {Ehenezer'^^', Isaac-'^^, David^'-^^, David^^*, Joseph'^"^,
William?-'"', Thomas^), born September 29, 1849, in Mackville, Ky.; resides in
Clay county (Noble P. O.). 111.; married, first, March 25, 1873, in Pixley town-
ship, Clay county. 111., Minerva McMullin, daughter of Marlin and Kosanna
(Yocam) McMullin, born October 25, 185G, in Clay county; died February 19,
1877, in Clay county. He married, second, August 13, ISSO, in Olney, 111., Laura
Samantha Adkins, daughter of Josephus and Julia Ann (Kerrans) Adkins, bom
November 25, 1859, in Knox county. 111.

Gordon Trowbridge has always been engaged in farming. After his marriage
he settled in Pixley township. Clay county. 111., where ho has since resided.

By first marriayr:
i. John Henry-, b. Jlay 31, 1875 ; d. July 10, 1875.

By second marriage:
ii. Delphia Ethel, b. Apr. 0. 1884.
963e. iii. Francis Adkins, b. Aug. 1.^. 1886.
iv. Lucy Arraty'. b. Sept. 5. 1888.
v. Arthur Lee, b. Mav 13, 1891.
vi. ROMIA Omar, b. Mar. 3. 1893.
vii. ViRGEL Irene, b. Feb. 27, 1805: d. July 8, 1805.
viii. Edna Isabelle, b. July 3, 189G.
ix. Ola Myrtle, b. Nov. 7, 1808.
X. Emma Gertrude, b. Nov. 7, 1901.
xi. Hazel Allene, b. Oct. 7, 1905.

* His widow resides in nenver. Colo., and failed to answer the compiler's letters.


738. Calvin Trowbridge {Ehenezer^^^, Isaac-"^, David'-^^, David^'^*, Joseph^"^,
WiUiain^'"', TJiomas^), born April 22, 1S57, in Orangeville, Ind.; died May 25,
1901, in Clay county, 111.; married December 3, 1884. in Clay county, Amanda
Elizabetb Patterson, daughter of Knfus and Mary (Reynolds) Patterson, bom
November 29, 1865. in Knox county. 111. She resides in Parkersburgh, 111.

Calvin Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his parents to Clay county,
111. After his marriage he settled on a farm near Sailor Springs in that county.
He lived there until the last of April, 1895, when he moved to Edwards county
and took a fanu about twelve miles from Albion, the county seat. In March,
1897, he removed to Parkerslmrgh, Richland county, where he lived until a
month previous to his death, wliich occurred at tlie home of his brother in Clay
county. He was a farmer all of his life. On February 17, 1900. he and his wife
became members of the United Brethren church in Parkersburgh.


i. Holla Cassius. b. Sept. 24, 1SS.5.

ii. Roy Rufus, b. Mar. 4, 1887.

iii. Mary Edna, b. Apr. 11, 1889 ; d. Aug. S, 1904.

iv. Harvey Eknest, b. Feb. 2, 1891.

V. Lewis Evart, b. Oct. (i. lfS'.l2 ; d. .lune 20. 1895.

vi. Jessie Fern. b. June 3. 1896.

vii. Charles Ivan. b. Feb. 14, 1899.

739. George Merritt Trowbridge (Joseph"^'^, Isaac-°'^, David^^^, David'^^*,
Joseph'"'', William'^'"', Thomas'^), bom January 6, 1838, in Mercer county, Ky. ;
resides in Washington, Ind. ; married August 23, 1860, in Washington county,
Ky.. Margaret Wliite, daughter of John and Samantha (Clem) White, bom
Februaiy 6, 1839, in Bail county, Ky.

George M. Trowbridge settled after his marriage in Washington county, Ky.,
and engaged in farming. lie joined the Union army in the Civil War, enlisting
at Lebanon August 15, 1862, for three years and being appointed corporal of
(/ompany F, 6th Kentucky Cavalry. He served the whole of his enlistment in
the Army of the Cumberland and was in the battles of Perryville, Chickamauga,
the siege of Atlanta, and Wilson's raid through Georgia. He was discharged
July 14, 1865.

After leaving the army he returned to his farm in Kentucky, where he lived
about two years, then removing to Lawrence county, Ind., where he was engaged
in farming for about fifteen years. He then removed to a farm in Daviess
county, near Washington, the county seat, where he has since lived.

children :t

i. Nancy Jane, b. Apr. 11. 1861 : d. Aug. 4, 1862.

Nancy Jane, b. Nov. 25, 1862 : d. Feb. 15, 1863.

Sarah McClean, b. Nov. 1, 1864 ; m. Levi Salters and resides in Wasbing-
ton. Ind.

John Alex.\nder. b. Oct. 9. 1866.

Joseph Luther, b. Feb. 24. 1869.

George Parker, b. Slay 14, 1871.

Mandville Henry, b. Apr. 16. 1873 ; is a coal miner in Wasbington : unm.

Lawrence Dow, b. June 4. 1875 ; d. Nov. 10. 1809. in Washington : unm.

Emma Ellen, b. Sept. 1, 1877 ; m. Henry A. Zollars and resides in Wash-
X. Edward Linton, b. Fell. 20, 1880 ; is a coal miner in Washington : unm.
xi. Mary Etta, b. Jan. 24, 1884.

740. .John Alexander Trowbridge (Joseph'^'"^. Isanc-"'^, Dai'tfZ"". David'^'^*,
JosepW^"^, William''''"', Thotnas''), bom February 7, 1840, in Perryville, Ky. ;
resides in Mitchell, Ind.; married , 1859, in Springfield, Ky., Mary

* i-v born in Clay county. lU. ; vi in Edw.ards cniinty, III. : vii in Richland county. III.
t i-iv born in Washington county, Ky. ; the others in Lawrence county. Ind.























Jane Taylor, daughter of William and Amanda (White) Taylor, bom April 1,
1842, in Mercer county,* I\y. ; died May IS, 1892, in Mitchell.

John A. Trowbridge settled after his marriage near Harrodsburgh, Ky.,
moving from there in 1865 to near Owensboro, and from there to near Lincoln
City, Ky., in 1871. A few years later he removed to a farm in Lawrence county,
Ind., where he lives at present. lie was engaged for many years in the timber
business, but is now a farmer.


William Alex.\nder, b. July 19, 1860.

SAii.\ii Emma. b. May 3, 1862 ; d. Oct. 9, 1880, in Mercer county ; unm.

Joseph Merritt, b. July 24, 1864.

Amanda Jane. b. Dec. 20, 1866; d. Jan. 3, 1867.

Parilla, b. May 11, 1869 ; d. Oct. 24, 1869.

Charles Hollman, b. Sept. 12, 1870.

Mary Ellen, b. Nov. 24, 1872; m. Nov. 11, 1890, John Isom and resides in
Georgia, Ind.
viii. Maria, b. May 21, 1875 ; d. Aug. 16, 1897. in Mitchell, Ind. : unm.
ix. Eva Catharine, ] twins, m. Dec. 2. 1896, Charles Hall and

I resides in Orleans, Ind.

X. Effie Susan, | b. Aug. 31, 1877; in. Dec. 24, 1899, Lawrence B. Sanders

J and resides in Mitchell,

xi. Simpson, ( twins. d. July 1. 1880.

xii. EUSEBA, ■( b. May 16. 1880; d. Feb. 19. 1881.

741. Joseph Terry Trowbridge (Joseph^^^, Isaac-"^, David'^^^, David'-^*,
Joseph''''^. William,'^'"'. Thomas'^), born July 29, 1842. in Washington county, Ky. ;

died N^ovember 5, 1866, in Danville, Ky. ; married . 1S62 ?, in Jensonton,

Ky., Malinda Boswell, daughter of Kichard and Lucy (Gabord) Boswell, born
, 1845, in Washington county; died , 1885, in Jensonton.

Joseph T. Trowbridge at the age of nineteen joined the Union army in the
Civil War. He was enrolled September 9, 1861, for three years in Company I,
1st Kentucky Cavalry. He was in the battle of Perry ville and was discharged
for disability February 7, 186.3. As he bore the nickname of "Dick," he was
probably the Richard J. Trowbridge who was enrolled October 30, 1863, for one
year in Company A, 13th Kentucky Mounted Infantry, and was mustered out
April 18, 1865.$

Soon after leaving the army he married and settled in Boyle county. Ky.,
where he died the following year. He was a farmer.


i. Maria Jane, b. Oct. 11, 1866 ; m. Apr. 19, 1S83, Charles William Green and
re.sides in Jensonton (Texas P. O. ) , Ky.

7i2. Absalom Trowbridge {James^^^, Silas-"'^, David^"''>, David'^'^*, Joseph^"^,
William^'"', Thomas'^), bom May 25, 1823, in Scott county, Ky. ; died August — ,
1902, in Knightstown, Ind.; married, first, November IS, 1845, in Center town-
ship. Rush county, Ind., Sarali Wells, daughter of Hardy and Sarah (Felts)

Wells, born , 1829, in Surry county, N. C. ; died March 10, 1866, in

Hancock county, Ind. He married, second, .

Absalom Trowbridge went in early manhood from Kentucky to Indiana. He
settled after his marriage on a farm in Center township. Rush county, Ind.
About five years later he removed to a farm in Greenfield. Hancock county,
where he was engaged in farming until late in life.

* Near Harrodsburgh.

t i-iv horn near Harrodsburgh. Mercer county. Ky. : v-vi near Owensboro. Daviess county,
Kv. : vii near Lincoln Citv. Spencer countv. Kv. : the others near Georgia. Lawrence county,
Ind. ' .

t By "Adjutant General's Report for Kentucky." No "Itiihard .1." appears on the roster at
Washington. D. C.



By first marriage:

i. Martha Emeune, b. Feb. -1. 1S47; m., 1st. , 1865, Thomas Crabb of

Hancock county, Ind. ; m., 2d, , 1S70, John Baldwin of Hancock

070. ii. James William, b. Nov. lo. 1S49.

iii. Louisa Jaxe, b. June 29, 1851; m. . 1870, Pierce West of Hancock


971. iv. JOHX Dempsey, b. Nov. 17, 1854.

972. V. Albert Elihu, b. June 3. 1858.

vi. Charles Euward, b. Oct. 25, 1862; d. Dec. 2G, 1865.

By second marriage:
vii. Sarah Florence, b. June 29, 1871 ; d. Sept. 25, 1874.

743. WiLLL\ji Bradford Trowbridge (James^^^, Silas-"^, David"^, David^^*,
Joseph"^"^, IViV/iam^"", Tho7nas^), born January 28, 1827, in Boone county, Ky. ;

died October 2, 1898, in Henry county, Ind. ; married , 1853, in Hancock

county, Ind., Julia Ann Duncan, daugbter of John E. and Sarah (McCormick)
Duncan, born January 10, 1837, in Hancock county; died January 10, 1860, in
Hancock county.

William B. Trowbridge went from Kentucky to Indiana when he was a young
man. He married and settled near Greenfield, Hancock county, where he was
engaged in farming the rest of his life.

children born in HANCOCK COUNTY, IND. :

973. i. John James, b. Feb. 28, 1854.

ii. William Grant, b. Sept. 10, 1864 ; is a farmer in Greenfield, Ind.t

744. James Trowbridge (James^^'^, Silas-"^, David'-^'^, David^^*, Joseph^"'',

Williani^''°, Thomas^), bom — , 1830, in Boone county, Ky. ; died

September — , 1878, in Hancock county, Ind. ; married , in Hancock

county, Margaret Ann Wiggins.

James Trowbridge went with his older brothers to Hancock county, Ind., where
he lived until his death. He was a farmer.


i. Belle, b. , 185- ; d. young.

745. Francis M.\rion Trowbridge (James^^'^, Silas^"^, David'^^^, David^^*,
Joseph^"', Tr/Z/mm^"", Thomas'^), born August 28, 1856, in Rush county, Ind.;
resides in Grant county (Point Isabel P. O.), Ind.; married February 4, 1885,
in Swayzee, Ind., Laurentine Huldah Ve^tch, daughter of Joel Thompson and
Hannah Jane (Grume) Yeatch, born Februai-y 28, 1860, in Decatur county, Ind,

Francis M, Trowbridge went in early manhood to Grant county, Ind., where
he has since been engaged in farming near Point Isabel.


i. BiRDiE Aretta, b. Aug. 30, 1885.

ii. Flossie Esther, b. Sept. 25, 1887.

iii. James Tuompson. b. Jan. 22. 1891.

iv. Zella Beatrice, b. Apr. 26, 1893.

V. Susan Jant:, b. Sept 1, 1895.

vi. Charles William, b. Apr. 25, 1897; d. Sept. 7. 1899.

vii. Nellie, b. July 28, 1900 ; d. Dec. 18, 1900.

• i-ii born in Center township. Rush county. Ind. : iii-vii in Greenfield. Hancock county, Ind.
t Failed to answer the compiler's letters.


7-46. James Willum Trowbridge (Isaac'""', Silas-"^, David}^^, David>^*,
Joseph'^"''', 'W ilUam^"'^ , Thomas^), bom June 9, 1841, in Scott county, Ky. ; died

November 13, 1S93, in Henry county, Ind. ; married, first, , 186-, in

Rush county?. Ind., Louisa Sabastian. He married, second, , 1869, in

Eushville, Ind., Sarah (Armstrong) Walker, born ■, 184-, in Eush

county; died October 4, 1879, in Henry coimty. He married, third, Jane

James W. Trowbridge was brought in early childhood by his parents to
Indiana. After his marriage he settled in Eush county, whence he removed
some years later with his father to Henry county, where he died. He was a


By first marriage:

974. i. Louis William, b. May 7, 18G-.

By second marriage:*
ii. Belle, b. Dec. 24, 1870 ; m. Aug. 18, 1895, Stephen Mack Steele and resides
in Raysville. Ind.

iii. Elmer, b. , 187-.

iv. HoEME, b. , 187-.

V. Chakles. b. , 1S7-.

7-47. JoHX Calvix Trowbridge (Isaac""", Silas-"", David^-", David^^*,
Joseph^"^, WilUa7n'^''", Thomas'^), bom Febmary 7, 1843, in Scott county, Ky. ;
resides in Rush county, Ind. ; married January 6. 1867. in Eushville, Ind., Phebe
(Cook) Trowbridge, widow of John Trowbridge (Xo. 400) and daughter of Giles
and Martha (Brown) Cook, bom ilarch 10, 1S36, in Cass county, Ind.; died
July 26. 1900, in Eush county.

John C. Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his parents to Indiana. After
his marriage he settled in Eush county, near KJnightstown, where he has since
been engaged in farming.


975. i. Aiiisox Cook, b. Apr. 23. ISGS.

ii. MiLLA Jax-e, b. Oct. 26, 1869; m. June 3, 1890, Henry McMullen and resides

in Knightstown, Ind.
iii. A son, b. Jan. 12, 1871 : d. Jan. 13. 1871.
iv. Ida Mat, b. Nov. 5, 1873: m. May 2.5, 1892, Charles Xewby and resides in

v. Phebe Maltd, b. Nov. 24, 1876 ; d. July 6, 1891.

748. Frank Trowbridge (John*"". Silas-"", David^^", David^^*, Joseph^"',
William'^"", Thomas'^), bom June 16, 1864, in Eush county, Ind.; resides in Rush
county; married December 9, 1885, in Eush county, Genoa Florence Eeeves,
daughter of Ila and Eliza (Apple) Eeeves, bom October 24, 1867, in Eush county.

Frank Trowbridge has lived all of his life in his native place, Eush county,
Ind., and is a farmer.


i. Eabl. b. Jan. 26. 1887: d. Feb. 22. 1SS7.
ii. EsTiE, b. May 10, 1888.

748a. George Hexry Trowbridge (Joseph*"^^, ChiKon-'^'', Absalom^*",
David^^\ Joseph''"''; Williain^"", Thomas^), bom December 13, 1867, in Hacketts-
town, N. J. ; resides in Mt. Freedom, N. J. ; married July 2, 1888, in Eockaway,

• No children by third marriage.


N. J., ^lary Adella Beach, daHgLter of John Henry and Florence (Hoffman)
Beach, born February 5, 1871, in Eockaway.

George H. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in Mt. Freedom, N. J.


i. Joseph Henry, b. .Tan. 0, 1890.

ii. Mabel Adella. b. Nov. 28, 1891.

iii. William Harrison, b. Feb. 13, 1893.

iv. Nellie, b. Dec. 15, 189.5.

V. Mazie. b. Sept. 13, 1899; d. Sept. 22. 1899.

vi. George Washington, b. Oct. 10. 1900.

vii. Gilbert Hunterdon, b. Nov. 30. 1901.

viii. Raymond Black, b. Mar. 25, 1903.

ix. Franklin, b. May 30, 190C.

748b. George Henry Trowbridge (George yi.*""^, Chilion,'^'', Absalom^*",
David"*, Joseph"-"^, WiUiam'^'"', Thomas^), born May 25, 188.3, in Morristown,

N. J.; resides in Morristown; married ■ , 1905?, in La Fayette, N. J.,

Emma Space.f

George H. Trowbridge is a phimber and resides in Morristown, N. J.

child born in MOKIilSTOWN. X. J. :
i. Merwin, b. June 10. 190G.

749. Joseph Gordon- Trowbridge (Henry U.*"-, John-", Joseph^*-, David"*,
Joseph^"^, William^^", Thomas'-), born May 25, 1859, in Van Buren township,
Darke county, Ohio; resides in Brock (Stelvideo P. O.), Ohio; married Decem-
ber .30, 1882, in Franklin township, Darke county, Millia Mandville Evitts,
daughter of Daniel Washington and Eliza Jane (Ballinger) Evitts, born March 5,
1859, in Newberry township, Miami eountj', Ohio.

Joseph G. Trowbridge is engaged in fanning in Brock, Darke county, Ohio.
He has been a member of the Christian church since 1887.

NO children.

750. Emmam'el Hexry Trowbridge (Henry H.*"-, John-", Joseph^*^,
David"*, Joseph'^"'^, William^'"', Thomas'^), born November 23, 1862, in Poplar

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