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Eidge, Ohio; resides in Miami county (Tippecanoe City P. O.), Ohio; married
July 29, 1893, in Tippecanoe City, Mary Ea.vmer, daughter of Frederick
and Sophia (Swartz) Eaymer, bom March 17, 1S72, in Frederick, Ohio; died
June 4, 1904, in Miami count.v.

Emmanuel H. Trowbridge is a farmer near West Z\Iilton. !Mianii county, Ohio.
He is a member of the I. O. O. F.


i. Robert Isaac, b. Sept. 3. 1894.

751. Simeon Allswortii Trowbridge (Henry H.*"'-, John'", Joseph''-*',
David"*, Joseph^<"-, William^o", Thomas^), bom April 17, 18(i8, in Poplar Eidge,
Ohio; resides in Miami county (Kessler P. O.), Ohio; married November 23,
1895, in West Milton, Ohio. Lulu Belle Yohr. daughter of George and Catherine
F. (LeCrone) Vohr. born November 30, 1877, in Miami county.

Simeon A. Trowbridge is a farmer near Kessler, Miami county, Ohio. He is
a member of the Christian church.


i. Joseph Gordon, b. Dec. 15, 1896.

• i and v-ix born in Mt. Frecflom. N. J. : ii-iii in Littleton. X. .7. ; iv in Shongiim. N. J.
t He failed to answer the compiler's letters.


752. Joii-N" Trowbridge (Ddvid*"^, John-", Joseph'^^-, David"*, Joseph''"^,
William'^'"*, Thomas^), born February 28, 1858, near Arcanum, Ohio; resides in
Gettysburgh township (Greenville P. O.), Ohio; married February 13, 1879, in
Ked River, Ohio, Marj- Ann Long, daughter of Andrew Jackson and Mary
(Caudle) Long, born October 2, 1859, in West Alexandria, Ohio.

John Trowbridge is engaged in farming in Gettysburgh township, Darke
county, Ohio.


i. Daisy Odell. b. Deo. 22. 1879; ra. Feb. 22, 1899, Albert Draving and reside.s

iu Red River, Ohio,
ii. Alba Esteixa, b. Aug. 12, 1883.
iii. George Ward, b. Dec. 19, 1886.
iv. IIakuy GoitsETH, b. Jan. 11, 1895.

753. William Ossie Ola Trowbridge {Simon*"''', John'", Joseph^*-, David"*,
Joseph^"^, }YiUiam'""', Thomas'^), bom May 28, 1875, in Center, Ind. ; resides in
Center; married March 24, 1897, in Oakford, Ind., Minnie Pearl Wilson, daugh-
ter of Isaac Dillard and Dulcenia (Eatery) Wilson, born September 20, 1875,
in Oakford.

William O. O. Trowbridge is engaged in fanning in his native place, Center,
Howard comity, Ind-. He is a member of Rose Lodge, No. 638, I. O. O. F.

children borx in center, ind. :

i. Trela Vashtie, b. Oct. 12, 1898.
ii. Ferne Louetta, b. May 7, 1902.

754. Frederick Louie Trowbridge {George E.*"''. Eli-'^ - . SamiicV**,
William"K Wimam"", Thomas^"-, William'^'"', Thomas^), bom October 25, 1857,
in New Haven, Conn, ; resides in New Haven ; married June 4, 1884, in New
Haven, Elizabeth Darling Baird, daughter of John Darling and Margaret
(Jeffrey) Baird, bom August 3, 1858, in New Haven.

Frederick L. Trowbridge received his education in the public schools of his
native city. When a young man he became a clerk in the First National Bank
of New Haven, in which he has risen to be assistant cashier and paying t«»ller.

Mr. Trowbridge is president of the New Haven Building and Loan Association,
and is a memlier of the L'nited (Congregational) Church, the Sons of the
American Revolution, the New Haven Colony Historical Society, the Union
League Club and several fraternal societies.


765. Charles Herbert Trowbridge {James*"", Jnmes-'^^. Thomas'^*'",
William"\ WilU^im^"''. Thomas^"-, Wi.Uiam"'\ Thomas^), bom May 11, 1853.
in Litchfield, Conn.; resides in Columbia township (Tama P. O.), Iowa; married
December 30, 1884, in Tama, Mary Elizabeth Iloman, daughter of Frederic and
Mary Elizabeth (O'Neill) Homan, bom December 2, 1857, in Howard tovmship,
Tama county, Iowa.

Charles II. Trowbridge when three years old was brought by his parents to
Columbia townsliip. Tama county, Iowa. He lives five miles from Tama on an
excellent farm which he inherited from his father.


i. ITarold LeRoy, b. Dec. 7, 188.5.
ii. Floy Hoiian, b. May IG, 1892.

* Except il, who was born in Poplar Ridge, Ohio.


756. Edward Gillette Teowbridge (George //.■"", Henry P.'-^". Thomas^*^,
William^^^^, Winiam'<'<', Thomas^''-, William^"", Thomas^), bom February 26,
1870, ia Litchfield, Conn. ; resides in ISTew York City ; married October 22, 1902,
in New Havou, Conn., Hattie Barker, daughter of James Percival and Lydia
(Atwater) Barker, bom January 10, 1862, in New Haven.

Edward G. Trowbridge received his education in tlie coromon and high schools
in his native village. When a young man he went to New York City, where he
has since resided. He is bookkeeper for the Columbia Hosiery Company.


to'. Cornelius Miller Trowbridoe (Hohart"^, Charles^^'^, Justus^*^,
William.^^^, William^'"', Thomas^"'', WilUam'"". Thumas^). born January 21, 1869,
in Hudson, N. Y. ; resides in Lake Forest, 111. ; married September 14, 1897, in
Lake Forest, Harriet Allen Durand, daughter of Calvin and Sarah Gould
(Downs) Durand, born February 20, 1872, in Chicago, 111.

Cornelius M. Trowbridge came at tlie age of tliirteen years with his mother
and step-father to Chicago, HI., and attended the Lake Forest Academy. He
started in business in Chicago as office boy for French, Potter & Wilson, china-
ware merchants, in 1886. He continued with them until the firm was changed
to the French & Potter Co., in 1891, when he assumed charge of their hotel
business, continuing with them until he entered the employ of Burley & Co., also
chinaware merchants. He was taken into the firm in 1904 as second vice-presi-
dent. This firm was succeeded in 1907 by the Burley & Tyrrell Co., in which he
retains the same interest. His home was in Evanston, III., from 1897 until 1902,
in which year he moved to Lake Forest, 111., where he has settled permanently.

cniLnUEN :

i. Calvin Durand. b. Aug. 24, 1898, in Evanston, 111.

ii. Cornelius Miller, b. Sept. 8, 1901, in Evanston.

iii. Katiierine Van Wagenen. b. Sept. 16, 1003, in Lake Forest, 111.

758. Charles Augustus Trowbridge (Charles A'.^^*, Edmund - ', Johti^*^,
Samuel"\ James'^'"', James^"', WiUiam^"", Thomas''), bom January 30, 1843,
in Tecumseh, Mich. ; resides in Auburn, N. Y. ; married April 18, 1895, in
Ossining, N. Y., Matilda Eomer Clark, daughter of Stephen Augustus and
Mary Elizabeth (Foshay) Clark, bom September 25, 1859, in Golden Bridge,
N. Y. ; died March 20. 1897. in Auburn.

Charles A. Trowbridge has resided most of his life in Aubum, N. Y., where
he is considered a man of good business ability and reputation.


i. Charles Augustus, b. Jan. 14, 1897; d. JIar. 25, 1897.

759. David Henry Trowbridge {.Charles 5."% Edmund - '. John"^*", Samuel''^',
James'"'', James'"", William""'. Thomas'), bom August 29, 1851, in Auburn,
N. Y. ; resides in Syracuse, N. Y. ; married April 23, 1883, in Famier City, HI.,
Mary Eveline Wliitney, daughter of Lorenzo and Mary (Johnson) Whitney, bom
April 18, 1853, in Holly, N. Y.

David H. Trowbridge is a clerk in mercantile business in Syracuse. N. Y.
He has the reputation of being a good business man.

children :

i. Frances May, b. Oct. 8, 1885, in Sodus. N. Y. : d. Apr. 5, 1889, in Auburn,

X. Y.
ii. Jessie Matilda, b. Oct. IS, 1887, in Auburn,
iii. Charles Samuel, b. May 13, 1891, in Sodus: d. June 16, 1891. in Sodus.


760. Hexry Treat Trowbridge {John*^^, John-^, Jolm^*", SamueP^'',
James^'>\ James^"^, WiUiam'^^">, Thomas^), born March 8, 1852, in Roxbury,
Conn. ; resides in Atlanta, Ga. ; married July 7, 1SS5, in Atlanta, Janet Barclay
Miller, daughter of Juhn and Margaret (Nicholson) Miller, born October 28,
18.")3, in Geneva, N. Y.

Henry T. Trowbridge left his native place, Koxbury, Conn., in 1871 and went
to Atlanta, Ga., where he has since made his home. In 1873 his father and he
established the J. & H. Trowbridge Furniture Co., which was afterwards incor-
porated as The Trowbridge Furniture Co., with his father as president and
himself as manager. They continued in business together until 1893, when his
father retired from business. Mr. Trowbridge is at the present time secretary of
the Southern Terra Cotta Works in Atlanta.


i. SlALCOLJi Ca:meron. b. . ISSG.

ii. Ruth JIiller, b. Oct. 13, 1888; d. Aug. G, 18i)0.
ill. Kenneth Miller, b. Mar. 2.^, 1890.

"61. James Trowbridge (Sylvester'' - , Samuel-^", James^^", SamueV-",
James^o^, James''^'\ }Yilliam.'^'">, Thomas'-), born August 21, 1839, in Albany,
K. Y. ; died July 24, 1867, in Sacramento, Cal. ; married Angeline J. Prothero of
Michigan Bar, Cal.

James Trowbridge was in mercantile business in Sacramento, Cal.


762. John Plume Trowbridge (John H.*"*, Samud-^", James'^^", Samwe?'^',
James'^"^, James"'. WiUiam^"^, Thomas''), born May 24, 1852, in Albany, N. Y.;'
resides in Jersey City, N. J. ; married August 10, 1882, in Albany, Ella Loretta
McDonald, daughter of Cornelius and Ella (McMahon) McDonald, bom August
20, 1860, in Albany.

John P. Trowbridge is a salesman and resides in .Jersey City, N. J.


i. CATHARINE LoriSE, b. Oct. 24. 1883.

ii. JOHX IIarius, b. Oct. 25. ]S85.

iii. Isabella Rose. b. Aug. 10, 1888.

iv. Weber James, b. June 5, 1890.

763. Hexry Wilkixsox Trowbridge (John H.*"*. Samuel-^", James'^",
Samuel^", James'"'^, James'-'"', William""', Thomas^), bom September 6, 1859,
in Albany, N. Y. ; resides in New York City; married September 5, 1882, in
Albany, Ida Clara Young, daughter of John Christie and Mary (Sigoumey)
Young, bom December 6, 1859, in Albany.

Henry W. Trowbridge is a stockbroker in New York City, where he resides.


i. May Young, b. July 0. 1884.

ii. Harold, b. Mav 10, 1880.

iii. Alva Harriet, b. Deo. 10. 1899.

"64. Stephen Trowbridge {John J.*-^. Stephen-^-, Samuel'-^'-, Samuel"-',
James'"'^. Jamcs^'"'. William""', Thomas''), bom May 20, 1869, in Monticello,
N. Y. ; resides in Monticello: married October 11, 1893, in Monticello, Anna
Euddick, daughter of John and Susan (Eeed) Euddick, bom Febraary 4, 1869,
in Forestburgh, N. Y.

Stephen Trowbridge has always resided in his native place, Monticello, N. Y.
He is engaged in the lumber business and is the leading dealer in that commodity
in the town.



i. John Ruddick, b. Feb. 11, 1895.
ii. Louise May, b. Aug. 30, 1896.

765. CL.i^RENCE MoRTiMKK Tkowbridge (Miner''", Henry-'-'*, SamueV-'-'''-,
Samuel^'^'', Jame's^"*, James^"^, William^'"', Thomas^), born September 11, 1864,
in Astoria, N. Y. ; resides in Plainfield, N. J.; married April 19, 1897, in
Brooklyn. N. Y., Kate Louise Colville, daughter of Charles George and Mary
Louise (Tui)per) Colville, born January 10, 1869, in New York City.

Clarence M. Trowbridge after being graduated from St. Paul's School,
Concord. N. H., in 1880, took a clerkship with Brown Bros. & Co., bankers, in
New York City and remained with them ten years. He is now with Mahon & Co.,
stockbrokers, in that city. His home is in Plainfield, N. J.


i. Miner, b. May 20, 1898.

765a. GuioN Trowbridge (Aliner*", Henry-^*, Samiiel^^'^, Samu.eV-'^' , James^"'^,
James»'-\ William}'"', Thomas''), bom December 30, 1807, in Astoria, N. Y.;
resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; married October 31, 1900, in Brooklyn, Ethel Mcrritt,
daughter of John and Ellen Edwards (Bacon) Merritt, born January 23, 1875,
ill Brookl.-sai.

fruion Trowbridge has been for over twenty years with the Mutual Life
Insurance Company in New York City, in which he holds the ofiice of registrar.
His home is in Brooklyn, N. Y.


i. WiNTHROP, b. July 12, 1902.

766. Edwin Moore TROwmtroCE {Elihu*^*, Philemon-*^, Philemon'^-, Josep'h}'^^,
Isaac'"^, James""', William'""', Thomas'), bom February 23, 1854, in Marshall,
N. Y. ; died August 9, 1886, in Mexico, N. Y. ; married July 11, 1877, in Mexico,
Adelma I. Webb, daughter of Edgar I. and Matilda (Benedict) Webb, born
August 23, 1852, in Cicero, N. Y. She resides in Mexico.

Edwin M. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his father to Mexico, N. Y.,
where he lived for the rest of his life. He conducted a farm there with his
father and lived in a house which he built on a part of the farm.


i. Anna. b. May 4. 1879.

ii. John Tracy, b. Apr. 25. 1880.

iii. Lena JIay, b. May 17, 1885.

767. William Taylor Trowbridge (Eli B*^'\ Philemon'^*', Philemon'^^,
Joseph"^. Isaac'O", James""', William""', Thomas'), born January 18, 1849, in
Clinton, N. Y. ; resides in Clinton; married March 27, 1877, in New Hartford,
N. Y., Catharine Maria Palmer, daiighter of William Tenbrook and Margaret
Maria (Schuyler) Palmer, bom May 6, 1849, in New Hartford.

William T. Trowbridge has been engaged in farming all his life in his native
town, Kirkland, near the village of Clinton, N. Y.


i. C5LINT0N Schuyler, b. Feb. 22, 1879.
ii. Laura Belle, b. Jan. 17. 1883.


768. Charles Francis TROWBRrocE {Eli BS'^, Philemon-", Philemon^^-,
Jo«ep7^l^^ Isaac'"^, James^"^, ^yilUam^'>'\ Thomas^), bom May 14, 1853, in
Clinton, N. Y. ; resides in Clinton; married October 15, 1885, in Clinton, Mary
Anna Toomer, daughter of William Henry and Margaret (Burgess) Toomer,
born October 15, 1807, in Clinton.

Charles F. Trowbridge lives near Clinton in the town of Kirkland, N. T.,
where he is engaged in farming. His farm has descended to him from his grand-
father. He was elected a justice of the peace in the fall of 1898.


i. Grace May, b. Apr. 9, 1887 ; m. Nov. 27, I'.IOO, Hart P.. Van \-echten and

resides in Clinton,
ii. Ada Elizabeth, b. Apr. 29, 1889.
iii. DOROTUY Bartlett, b. Oct. 15, 1897.
iv. Francis, b. May 19, 1907.

769. D.wiD Francis Trowbridge (RolUn M.**'-. David-"', Lev?^'-, Israel^-",
Isaac^"^, James^"^, yViniam^"", TJiomas^), born March 12, 1862, in La Grange,
Iowa; resides in Hobsonville, Ore.; married July 2, 1893, in Tyrone, Iowa,
Minnie Jane Derby, daughter of John Chadric and Mary Ann (Miller) Derby,
born August 5, 1809, in Iconium, Iowa.

David F. Trowbridge at the age of fourteen started to make his own way in
life. He engaged in steamboating for a time and then took up railroading, which
he followed imtil the time of his marriage. Since that time he has been engaged
in various occupations. He lived the first year after his marriage in Bay City,
Ore., and then moved to Moravia, Iowa, where he spent two years. He then
removed to Lyons, Iowa, and from there to his present residence, Hobsonville,


i. Francis Floyd, b. Apr. 16, 1S91, in Bay City, Ore.

ii. At.ta May, b. Aug. 17, 1896, in Moravia, Iowa; d. June 13, 1897.

770. Myron Cvrexus Trowbridge (Rollin M.**-, David'-*'', Levi^'^, Israel^-",
Isaac^"", James^"". Winiain^"". Thomas^), born February 20, 1807, in La Grange,
Iowa ; resides in Tillamook. Ore. ; married January 3, 1897, in Tillamook, Sarah
Eandall, daughter of David George and Martha Elizabeth (Trask) EandaU, born
August 25, 1807, in Tillamook.

Myron C. Trowbridge when a young man came to Tillamook, Ore., where he
married and became a clerk in a general merchandise store. A few years since
he took up farming near there, which is his present occupation. He is a member
of the local lodge of the I. 0. O. F.


i. George Rollin, b. May 2, 1905.

7 71. Dr. Dwight Howe Trowbridge (David S."^ David-", Levi^^^, Israel^-",
Isaac'^'>^, .James^"'\ William.""', Thomas''), bom September 1, 1870, in Columbus.
Ohio; resides in Fresno, Cal. ; married .Tanuary 1, 1895, in Rio Vista. Cal.,
Margaret Ann McCormack, daughter of Duncan and Caroline (Cook) McCor-
mack, born February 27, 1870, in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Dwight H. Trowbridge was graduated in medicine from tlie medical depart-
ment of Tulane I^niversity, Louisiana, in 1893. From then until November,
1897, he practice<l his profession at Fowler, Cal. During the winter of 1898 he
took a course in the Post Graduate iledieal School and Hospital in New York
City. He then located at Fresno, Cal., where he resides at present and is
practicing his profession as a jihysician and surgeon.



i. Elizabeth Grace, b. Sept. 0, 1903.
ii. DwiGHT Howe, b. June 10, 1906.

772. WiLLiAji Allen Trowbridge (Levi**''', Jacob-*'", LevV-^^, Israel^-", Isaac'^"",
James^"^, William*'"', Thomas*), bom September 10, 1844, in Gallia county,
Ohio ; resides in Winchell, Tex. ; married July 37, 1862, in Marysville, Iowa,
Amanda Helen Morris, daughter of Benjamin and Amanda (Sissol) Morris, born
July 21, 1841, in Davis county, Ky. ; died January 17, 1904, in Niwot, Tex.

William A. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his father to La Grange, Iowa
At the age of seventeen he entered the army in the Civil War as a volunteer.
He enlisted August 10, 1861, for three years, or during the war, in Company I,
8th Iowa Infantry, and was discharged at Sedalia, Mo., February 4, 1862. He
returned to his home in Iowa, where he was married and where he lived for two
years. He re-enlisted as a recruit in Company D, 33d Iowa Infantry, and at the
battle of Jenkins' Ferry on the Saline river. Ark., April 30, 1864, he received a
gunshot wound through the head, just behind and a little below the eye, blinding
him in the left eye. lie was captured there, while wounded, and was held as a
prisoner at Camp Ford prison, Smith county. Tex., for 392 days. He was then
released, the war being over.

Mr. Trowbridge removed with his family to a fami in Williamson county,
HI., where he lived tliree years. He next moved to a farm in Benton county,
Kan., where he lived three years, going from there to a farm in Johnson county.
Mo., whei\=' he lived ten years. In 1882 he emigrated tfl Texas. He was
engaged in farming in Coleman county until 1893, when he opened a general
merchandise store at Niwot in that county, being also ajipointed postmaster there.
In January, 1904, he removed to Brown county and has since been engaged in
fanning near Winchell. Mr. Trowbridge became a member of the Masonic
fraternity in 1871 and joined the Church of Christ on September 9, 1887.


i. Mary Lena, b. May .5, 1S(13 ; m. Sept. 27, 1885, Reed Y.iuce Cupps and resides

in Niwot, Tex.
ii. Clara Ann, b. May 10, 1866; m. Aug. 16, 1883. James Byram Killraer and

resides in Wincbell, Tex.
iii. Charles Christopher, b. Oct. 3, 1871 : resides with his fatlier ; unm.
iv. Permelia Amanda, b. Aug. 27, 1876; m. Dee. 4, 1808, George Tellie Allison

and resides in Niwot.

773. Asa Hiland Tro\vbru)ge (Ferguson H.**', Jacoh-*^, Levi*^^, Israel*-",
Isaac*o^, Jaines*"^. William*'"', Thomas*), born June 20, 1848, in Crown City,
Ohio; resides in Crowai City; married, first. April 7, 1872, in Crown City, Rhoda
Pickett.t daughter of Libni and Harriet (Henry) Pickett, bom March 22, 1852,
in Crown City; died June 6. 18S5, in Crowm City. He married, second,
February 14, 1900, in Cincinnati, Ohio, Salena Pickett, a sister of his first wife,
bom April 21, 1851. in Crown City.

Asa H. Trowbridge lives in his native place. Crown City, Ohio. He was a
soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted Februarj- 15, 1865, in Company G, 195th
Ohio Infanti-y, and was mustered out May 25, 1865. After the war he was in
business as a carpenter, but for the past twenty years has been engaged in the
\mdertaking business. He has been elected for more than ten successive terms
of two years each a justice of the peace of Guyan township, Gallia county, Ohio.

* 1 horn near La Grange, Iowa ; ii in Williamson county. III. ; iii in Benton county. Ark. ;
iv in Johnson county. Mo.

t A sister of the liusband of No. 447, viii.


By first marriage:*
i. Grace, b. May 10, 1S74; m. Dec. 19, 1900. William R. Coon and resides in

Gallipolis, Ohio,
ii. Carrie, b. Mar. 6, 1877 ; m. Oct. 5, 1907, George Elem and resides in

, Mich.

975a. iii. Charles G., h. .lime 14, 1881.
975b. iv. Olivtsr Otis, b. Sept. 9, 1883.

774. Zebulon Henry Trowbridge (Feri/uson 1I.'*~, Jacoh"*^, Levi^^^, Israel^-",
Isaac''^'"', James^°^, William'^''", Thomas''-), bom January 10, 1856, in Crown City,
Ohio; resides in St. Albans, W. Va. ; married May 10, 1877, in Crown City,
Lillian Shaw, daughter of Capt. James Claudius and Lutitia (Haines) Shaw,
bom August 28, 1857, in Chaftibersburgh, Ohio.

Zebulon H. Trowbridge learned the trade of a millwright in his native place,
Crown City, Ohio. He settled after his marriage in St. Albans, W. Va., where
he has since made his home. He owns and conducts a large farm there and is
also a member of the firm of Trowbridge & Halstead. He served ten years as
deputy sheriii of Kanawha county, W. Va., and one term as deputy tax com-
missioner at Charleston, W. Va.

children born in st. alrans, w. va. :

976. i. Calvin, b. Apr. 24, 1878.

ii. Kittie JIay, b. Feb. 24, 1880: m. Sept. 27, 1897, Albert Thomas Halstead
and resides in St. Albans.

977. iii. Malcrom, b. Sept. 30, 1881.

iv. James Claudius, b. Feb. 18, 1884 ; is a brakeman and resides in Russell,

Kv. ; unm.
V. Nelue, b. Apr. 24, 1886 ; d. Aug. 5, 1886.
vi. A son, b. Aug. 22, 1887: d. Auji. 30, 1887.
vii. Zebulon Henry, b. Sept. 20, 1888.
viii. Frederick, b. Oct. 10, 1889.
ix. RoscoE, b. Jan. 5. 1892.
X. Glenn Earl, b. July 27, 1893.
xi. Bertle Edna, ) twins, living'.

xii. Beulah Adna, (" b. Sept. S, 1895 ; d. June 8, 1896.
xiii. Alldra Ruth, b. Jan. 6, 1898.

775. Almon Carroll Trowbridge (Lemuel**^, Jacob-'^'", LevP-'"^, IsraeV-^°,
Isaac'"'^, James^"^, Williai-n}'"', Thomas^), bom January 29, 1857, in Paris, HI.;
resides in West Plains, Mo. ; married August 13, 1899, in West Plains, Sarah
Emma Kinkead, daughter of Samuel Alexander and Hannah Maria (LeFever)
Kinkcad, bom April 8, 1870, in Brown's Mills, Ohio.

Almon C. Trowbridge came with his father to West Plains, Mo., where he has
since lived. He is engaged there in manufacturing carriages and wagons and
a general blacksmitliing business in partnership with George Hartz, the firm
name being Trowbridge & Hartz.

children born in west plains, 110. :

i. Pauline, b. Nov. 27. 1900: d. June 22, 1901.
ii. Bernice, b. Aug. 23, 1902.

776. Hugh Herbert Trowbridge {Lemuel**^, Jacoh-*'^, LevP^^^, Israel^-",
Isaac''-'", James^"^. WilUam'""', Thomas^), bom Januarj' 2, 1880, in Paris. 111.;
resides in West Plains. Mo.; married April 18, 1901, in Newport, Ark., Maud
T.ourey, daughter of William P. and Sarah E. (Brown) Lourey, bom December
29, 1879, in Howell county, Mo.

Hugh H. Trowbridge came with his father to West Plains, Mo., where he lives
at present. He is engaged in the painting business.

• No children by second marriage.



Ralph, b. Jan. 15, 1902.

A daughter, b. Aug. 28, 1907.

776a. James Thomas Trowbridge (Isaac**", Jacoh-*^, Levi*^^, Israel-",
Isaac'^'"', James*'^^, William*'"', Thomas*), born May 1, 1878, in Swan Creek,
Ohio; resides in Swan Creek; married May 27, 1901, in Swan Creek, Lizzie
Wray, daughter of John and Sarah (Ross) Wray, bom May 4, 1884, in Swan

James T. Trowbridge is fanning in his native place, Swan Creek, Gallia
county, Ohio.


777. Wesley TROWBRmoE {John*-'", Jacoh-*^, Levi*^^, Israel*-", Isaac*"',
James*"^, William*"", Thomas*), born March 5, 1876, in Swan Creek, Ohio;
resides in Milford, Iowa; married July 18, 1897, in Siloam, W. Va., Margaret
Grimm, daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Rawlings) Grimm, born April 27,
1874, in Mason county, W. Va.

Wesley Trowbridge was engaged for several years in teaching in country
schools in Ohio and West Virginia. He moved from his birthplace to West
Virginia in October, 1896, and after his marriage went to Meigs county, Ohio,
He resided there until jMarch, 1899, when he moved to Arlee, W. Va. He resided
there until recently, when he removed to Milford, Iowa, where he is at present
engaged in farming.


i. Etort Lee, b. Feb. 10, 1899.

777a. Jacob Trowbridge {John*'"", Jacoh-*^, Lcvi*^^, Israel*-", Isaac*"",
James*"'', William*"", Thomas*), born November 20, 1882, in Swan Creek, Ohio;
resides in Bladen, Ohio ; married March 7, 1903, in Bladen, Malzena Lewis,
daughter of Rev. Samuel and Sarah Ellen (Wallace) Lewis, bom September 21,
1885, in New England, Ohio.

Jacob Trowbridge learned the trade of a miner and since reaching his majority

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