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has been in that business for himself in Bladen, Gallia county, Ohio.


i. ROSALIE, b. Dec. 1. 1903.

ii. Mary Ellen, b. Apr. 14, 1906.

777b. Albert Rov Trowbridge (Francis M.*^', Jacoh-*^, Levi*^', IsraeP-",
Isaac*"", James*"-\ William''"", Thomas*), bom March 27, 1875, in La Grange,
Lucas county, Iowa ; resides in Miami, Tex. ; married, first, September 10, 1902,
in Canadian, Tex., Katie Edna Cain, daughter of James Wiley and Mattie
(Robinson) Cain, born March 30, 1880, in Jack county, Tex.; died April 1,
1904, in Canadian. He married, second, December 26, 1905, in Wellington,
Kan., Eva Maude Dilley, daughter of Charles Alexander and Lillian (Mont-
gomery) Dilley, born March 5, 1881, in Jacksonville, Minn.

Albert R. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his father to Maple, Ark., and
lived there until he was nearly twenty-one. He left there in August, 1895, and
went to Higgins, Tex., and resided near there for three years. He then resided
in Day county, Okla., for five years. He then went to Canadian, Tex., where
he lived three ye^rs. On September 1, 1906, he went to Miami, Tex., his
present residence, where he is manager of a retail liuuber yard.


cniLnREN :
By first marriage:
i. Francis Talbkut, b. June 30, 1U03, in Canadian, Tex. : d. Jan. G, 1904. in
Colorado Spi-ings, Colo.

By secoiul marriayc:
ii. Lillian Frances, 1). Dec. 6, IIIOO. in Miami, Tex.

778. EoYAL Dayton Trowbkidc.e {Charles D.*''-, Stephen fi.-**, Ehenezer'^^^,
Danien-\ Daniel^'", James^"''-. [VilUam^"", Thomas'), bom May 31, 1S31, in
Palmyra, Ohio; died January 23, 1899, in Edinburg, Ohio; married December
19, 1S52, in Edinburg, Louisa Lydia Gilbert, daughter of George Seeley and
Electa Minerva (Eno) Gilbert, bom August 24, 1832, in Palmyra. She resides
in Edinburg.

Royal D. Trowbridge was about two years old when his father died, and his
mother and her children went to live with his grandparents. When he was four-
teen years old his grandfather died, and after that he worked and managed for
the family, as his older brother had left home to leam a trade. After his
marriage he settled on the old homestead of his grandfather Trowbridge in his
native place. Palmyra, Ohio, where he was engaged in farming up to the time
of the Civil War. He enlisted in the army at Cleveland in August, 1862, as a
teamster, preferring to act in that capacity as the term of that service was
shorter and he had a wife and two small children, as well as his mother, to
support. He and his cousin Newell Collins were wagon-masters together and had
charge of one hundred and thirty men. He followed General Buell into
Kentucky, the soldiers and wagons making a train eighteen miles long. He
arrived on the battle gTound at Perrjwille a day after the battle and never forgot
the awful scene. He did not go farther south than Nashville, Tenn., as he
became ill from exposure from sleeping on tlie ground in frosty weather, and
Captain Warren gave him his discharge. He returned home in November, 1862.
On his return from the army he was engaged in farming in Palmyra until June
15, ISTO, when he removed with his family to Edinburg-, Ohio, where he resided
the rest of his life. He and his family became members of the Disciples' church.


978. i. Stephen Addison, b. Dec. 13, 1S53.

ii. Frank Dayton, b. Oct. 28, IS.jS: d. May .5. 1861.

iii. Mary Electa, b. .\pr. 28, 1801; m. Jime 1, 1880. Stuart Linn Wilson and

resides in Edinburg. Ohio,
iv. Oli\-e Eva, b. July 11, 1807: ra. Sept. 27, 1003, Charles Edwin Cleverly and

resides in Edinhurs.
V. Alta May, b. Oct. 28, 1871; m. Dec. 31, 1891, John Adam Lowrie and resides

in Ravenna, Ohio.

779. Daniel TRowBRmcE (Asa iJ.^^s. Banid-*^, Ehenezer'^^^, Danlel'-\
Daniel''^'', James'^"^, William'^'"', Thomas'^), boni Februai-y 5, 1837, in Edinburg,
Ohio; died May 19, 1862, in Corinth, Miss.; married May 20, 1860, in Pijie-
stone, Mich., Mary E. Lewis.t daughter of Jesse and Esther (Gallup) Lewis,
born May 28. 1838, in Columbia, Ohio. She mai-ried, second, April 20. 1871. in
Grav&sville, Wis., Charles E. Beach of Eaii Claire, Wis., where she died .Tauuai-j-
2, 1901.

Daniel Trowbridge at the age of fifteen years went with his parents to Cleve-
land, Ohio, where he grew to manhood. He entered the army during the first
year of the Civil War. ITe enlisted September 2, 1861, for three years and was
appointed conioral of Company D. 41st Ohio Infantry. He died of wounds
received at the battle of Shiloh.


* Except V. who was born in Edinburg. Ohio.

t A sister of the second wife of his uncle No. 457.


780. Charles Daniel TROWBRrocE (Daniel E.*'^*, Daniel-*^, Ehenezer^'^^ ,
Vanien-K Da)ueP'">, James'^<"\ William'"", Thomas^), bom jSTovember 27, 1844,
in Edinburg, Ohio; resides in Hinton, Okla. ; married, first, November 27,
1867, in Niles, Mich., Alwilda Ann Davis. He married, second, Mrs. Anne

Charles D. Trowbridge went in childhood with his parents to Berrien county,
Mich., and grew up on his father's farm near Pipestone. He was a soldier in the
Civil War. He enlisted early in 1862 in Company K, llth ilichigan Cavalry.
He became ill with fever and was sent home, and was discharged July 9, 1862.
After he had recovered he re-entered his company. He was transferred July 20,
1865, to Company A, 8th Michigan Cavalry. He participated in forty-two
engagements, including Shiloh, being once slightly wounded. He was taken
prisoner and was confined in xVndersonville three months and ten days, when,
having been detailed to care for the Confederate, sick, he made his escape. He
\\-as mustered out September 22, 1865. After his first marriage he settled in
Michigan and engaged in farming. In 1879 he removed to Schuyler, Neb. ;
removed to Leigh in 1881; and from there to Banner coimty, near Heath, in
1889. In 1896 he returned to Schuyler, where he lived for several years. At
present he resides in Hinton, Okla. He is a farmer.

By first marriage:

i. Frank, b. , 18G9.

ii. JiAUDE May, b. , 1ST- ; m. W. II. Stratton.

iii. Austin, b. , 1S7-.

iv. Clinton, b. , 187-.

781. Oliver Daytox Trowbridge (Daniel H.*^*. Daniel'-*^, Ehenezer^^^,
Daniel'^-^, DanieP^", James^"^, WiUiam'^'"', Thomas''), born February 25, 1847, in
Edinburg, Ohio; resides in Miami, Okla.; married September 6, 1808, in Pipe-
stone, Mich., Emeline Brandt, daughter of Horace and Caroline (Brandt)
Brandt, born December 2, 1845, in Ionia, Mich.

Oliver D. Trowbridge was brought in childhood by his parents to their farm
near Pipestone, Mich., where he lived until he entered the army during the
Civil War. He sei'ved two and one-half years in Company K, 12th Michigan
Infantry. He was in no important engagements and was mustered out February
15, 1866. He settled after his marriage in Pipestone, where he was engaged in
farming until 1879, when he moved to Neljraska. He was engaged in farming
in Schuyler, Neb., until the spring of 1901, when he removed to Miami, Okla.,
where he has since resided. He is now retired.

children BOKN in PIPESTONE, MICH. :

i. Addie Mat, b. .Tune 2. 1809 : m. .Tan. 1, 1891, David Jlulrtrew and resides in

Springdale, Ark.
ii. Myrtle Lee. b. May 7. 1871 ; m. Feb. 22. 1892. Jobn Maynard and resides

in Heath. Neb.
iii. Daisy Dean, b. Mar. 10, 1S74 : m. June 11, 1892, George B. Fravert and

resides in Rifle, Colo.

782. John Wordsworth Trowbridge (Daniel fl".*"', Daniel-*^, Ehenezer'^'^,
Daniel'-', Daniel"", James">\ }yilliam'"'', Thomas'-), bom March 15, 1849, in
Edinburg, Ohio; resides in Heath, Neb.; married May 24, 1808, in Pipestone,
Mich., Emma DeLong, daughter of Jesse and Mary (Davis). DeLong. bom
, 1853, in Berrien, Mich.

Jolm W, Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his parents to Pipestone,
ifich., where he grew up and married. He was engaged in farming there for a
good many years. He then followed his brothers to Nebraska, and is at present
engaged in farming in Heath, Neb.

• He failed to answer the compiler's letters.



i.* Artiiuk, b. May 2, 1S71 ; is a farmer in Ileatb, Neb.; num.

ii. Effie, b. ilar. 25, 1875; m. Pec. 4, 1892, William W. .Miller of Elbridge,

iii. Elma, b. Nov. 19, 1877.

783. Stephen Dol'Gl.\s Tbowbkidge (Daniel H.*'*, Daniel-*^, Ehenezer'^''^,
Daniel^", Daniel^^", James'-'"', William^'"', Thomas'^), born I^ovember 1, 1857, in
Pipestone, Mich. ; resides 'in Heath, Xeb. ; married June 17, 1877, in Benton,
Mich., Emma Sherman, daughter of Henry Booth and Maria (Tubbs) Sherman,
born October 15, 1858, in Sodus, Mich. ; died October 10, 1889, in Heath.

Stephen D. Trowbridge was brought up on his father's farm in Pipestone, Mich.
He lived the first four years after his marriage in Michigan and in 1881 removed
to Leigh, Neb. He removed to Banner county in 1889 and to Schuyler, Neb., in
1896. In the summer of 1897 he returned to Banner county, where he lives at
present, near Heath. He is engaged in farming and stock raising.


i. LoRETTA, b. Jan. 27, 1879 ; m. June 4, 1902, Lincoln W. Cox and resides in

Scott's Bluffs, Neb.
ii. EsTELLA, b. Apr. 22, ISSl ; m. Apr. 1, 1900, Frederick Gilman and resides

in Redington. Neb. ,

iii. Blanche, b. Feb. 22, 1885 ; ni. Jan. 15, 1907, William Tinheart and resides

in Heath, Neb.
iv. Grace, b. Apr. 15, 1SS7; m. July 4, 1905, John Bibey and reside.s in


78i. Arteiion EicnARD Trowbridoe (Stephe/i*^'^. Daniel-*^, Ehenezer'^^*^,
Daniel^-'^, Daniel^^°, James'^'>\ William''-'"', Thomas^), born June 9, 1852, in
Portage county, Ohio ; resides in Kalamazoo, Mich. ; married December 16, 1875,
in Berrien county, Mich., Elma DeWitt, daughter of Philip and Sarah Ann
(Martin) DeWitt, born November .30, 1852. in McCutcheonville, Ohio.

Artemon K. Trowln-idge was brought by his parents to Pipestone, Mich. He
grew up and married there and lived there until about 1882. He then removed
to Kalamazoo, Mich., where he resides at present. He is owner of the Kalamazoo
Tuljular Well Company.


979. i. Waldo Corbett, b. Jan. IS, 1877. in Pipestone, Mich.

ii. Jack DeWitt, b. Nov. 2, 18S1, in Pipestone; is in his father's employ in

Kalamazoo, Mich. : unm.
iii. Mabel Valentine, b. Feb. 14, 1888, in Kalamazoo.

785. Wallace Northrop TROWBRrocE (Stephen-'^'^, Daniel-'*'^, Ebenezer''^^,
Daniel^-'-, Daniel^'"', Jatnes^'"', William^'"', Thomas'-), born September 10, 1859,
in Pipestone, Mich.; resides in Dowagiac, Mich.; married October 2-3, 1888, in
Silver Creek, IMich., Cynthia Jane Gushing, daughter of Dexter and Perussia
Jane (Gilbert) Cushing, born January 20, 1866, in Silver Creek.

Wallace N. Trowbridge has lived all his life on a farm. He settled after his
marriage in his native town, Pipestone, Mich., living there, except three years
which he spent in the town of Dowagiac, ^Mich., up to 1903. He then sold out
his farm in Berrien county and bought a farm in Cass county, near Dowagiac,
where he lives at present. He is a member of Nucleus Lodge, No. 348,
I. O. 0. F., of Pipestone, and Bound Oak Camp, No. 167, Modern Woodmen of
America, of Dowagiac.

* i born in Bainbridge, Mich. ; ii-iv near Leigh, Neb.



i. William Wallace, b. Oct. 10. 1890, in Pipestone, Mich,
ii. Olive Cu.shing, b. July 11, 189G. in Dowagiac, Mich,
iii. LiLA Ella, b. July 24, 1898, in Pipestone.

786. Thomas Eussell Trowbridge {Harry*'-". Daniel-*^, Ehenezer^-'^,
DntiieP", Daniel^^°, James^"'', William^'"', Thomas^), bom February 14, 1853,
in Pipestone, Mich. ; resides in Mantua, Ohio ; married March 5, 1884, in
Mantua, Mira May Halstead, daughter of Reuben Oliver and Maria (Frost)
Halstead, bom December 30, 1860, in Mantua,

Thomas R, Trowbridge left his native place at the age of fourteen, in Septem-
ber, 1867, and went to Palmyra, Ohio. He lived there until April, 1875, when he
came to Mantua, Ohio. He lias lived in that place ever since, being engaged in
general farming.

NO children.

787. George Randolph Trowbridge {Harry*'"'', Daniel'*", Ebenezer^^^,
naniel''-\ Daniel'''^'', James^" - , ]\'Uliam'^"o, Thomas^}, bom February 22, 1859, in
Pipestone, Mich. ; died December 25, 1896, in Bear Lake, Mich. ; married
January 1, 1888, in Bear Lake, Nettie Bartlett, daughter of Samuel and Hannah
Maria (Hockenburger) Bartlett, bom June 7, 1863, in Van Buren, Ohio. She
married, second, November 1, 1905, in Hillsdale, Kan., Absalom Napoleon
Protzman and resides in Hillsdale.

George R. Trowbridge married and settled in Bejir Lake, Mich., where he con-
tinued to live until liis death. He was engagetl in farming there. He was
ordained an elder of the Seventh Day Adventist church of Bear Lake several
jears before his death.


i. Ernest Eugene, b. Oct. 12, 1889: is a school-teacher in Jlianii county, Kan.,

and resides in Hillsdale, Kan. : unm,
ii. Jessie Pearl, b. Sept. 20. 1891.
iii. Francis Emory, b. July 2.5, 1893.
iv. George Willis, b. Aug. 18. 1895,


788. Charles Sherman Trowbridge {Nelson D.*^^, A. Dayton-^" h Ehenezer^'-",
DanieP-*. DanieU^". James^""; W{lliam'^'>'>. Thomas'^), bom February 10, 1834,
in Woodbury, Conn. ; resides in South Norwalk, Conn. ; married December 5,
1854, in Bridgewater, Conn., Harriet Orinda Merwin, daughter of Daniel and
Amy (Peck) Merwin, bom November 12, 1834, in Bridgewater.

Charles S. Trowbridge received his education in the schools of his native town.
He lived for several years after his marriage in New Milford, Conn., and then
removed to Brooklyn, N. Y., in both of which places he was engaged in mercan-
tile business. In 1881 he removed to South Norwalk, Conn,, where with his
son he establislied the firm of C. S. Trowbridge & Son, manufacturers of paper
boxes and wood cases. He has continued this business in tliat city up to the
present time.

Mr. Trowbridge held the office of water commissioner in South Norwalk for
twelve years, from January 1, 1888. He also served several years as fire marshal
in tliat cit.v. Pie has been a member of the Masonic fraternity since 1862.

children :

980. i. George Sherman, b. Sept. 4, 1S,")S, in New J[ilford, Conn.

ii. Flora Amy. b. Dec. 24, 1800, in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; m. Nov. 8, 1882, William

Andrew Clark and resides in South Xorwalk, Conn,
iii. Nellie, b. July 7, 1803. in Brooklyn ; m. Feb. 25, 1885, George Whelpley

and resides in South Norwalk.


789. Henry George Trowbridge (Nelson D.*^'^, A. Da!/foii-^''h Ehenezer^^''',
Daniel^-\ Daniel"'^, James^"^. WiUiam^'"', Thomas^), bom Januarj' 5, 1841, in
Woodbury, Conn.; died April 16, 1898, in New York City; married April 3,
1SC4, in Brooklyn, N. Y., Annie (Rowland) Lewis,* widow of Enoch Craig Lewis
and daughter of William and Mary (Wareliam) Rowland, born March 12, 1835,
in Patchogue, N. Y. ; died February 11, 1876, in Astoria, N. Y.

Henry G. Trowbridge was educated in the common and high schools of his
native place. He was an artesian well engineer and was engaged in that busi-
ness at home and abroad. He was made a member of the Masonic fraternity in


790. Charles Arthur Trowbridge (Junot F.'"^", Wheeler^^^, Ehenezer^^^,
Daniel^^^, Daniel"", James">\ WilUnm^'"', Thomas^), born July 20, 1848, in
Fowler, Ohio ; resides in Fowler ; married December 24, 1874, in Fowler, Myra
Clawson, daughter of William Harrison and Malinda (Hummason) Clawson,
bom January 22, 1S57, in Jackson, Pa.

Charles A. Trowbridge received his education in the common schools of his
native towii. Fowler, Ohio, and then taught school tliere four years. He settled
in Fowler after his marriage and has lived there ever since. He has for many
years and up to the present time held the offices of justice of the peace and
township clerk.


i. Mabel Emilt, b. Nov. 23, 1870; m. Dec. 29, 1898, Howard Frank Rathhurn

of Hartford. Ohio,
ii. Grace Florence, b. Nov. 17, 1878.
iii. Frank Calvin, b. May 19, 1882.
iv. Inez, b. Feb. 25, 1899.

791. John Fitsland TROWBRnjGE (DornV?'"^, Whceler-^^. Ehenezer'^^^,
DanieP-^. Daniel^^", Jamcs^"''\ WiJlirim^"", Thomas'^), horn September 19, 18.53, in
Fowler, Ohio; resides in Piqua, Ohio; n^arried September 2.5, 1873. in Warren,
Ohio, Lucy Alice Burnett, daughter of Seth and Mary Ann (Shaff) Burnett, bom
March 7, 1854, in Hubbard, Oliio.

John F. Trowbridge is a manufacturer of and dealer in lumber, being for the
most part engaged in the wholesale trade. He resides in Piqvia, Ohio.


981. i. Lloyd Daniel, b. Apr. 10, 1S7.5.

792. Ernest Addison Trowbridge (Danic!*", ]Yheeler-", Ebenezer^^^,
Daniel"\ Daniel"", James^'>\ William'^'"', Thomiis'-). bom December 27, 1863,
in Fowler, Ohio; resides in Fowler; married December 2. 1SS3. in Vienna, Ohio,
Ruth Cooper, daughter of Moses and Sarah (Griffith) Cooper, bom March 11,
1862, in Harbor Springs, Mich. ; died March 11, 1907, in Fowler.

Ernest A. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in his native place. Fowler. Ohio.

children :

i. Edna Ann. b. Oct. 12. 1884. in .Tohn.'ionville. Oliio; m. .Tulv 28. 1903. Homer

Milton Boner .and resides in Fowler, Ohio,
ii. Jessie Pauline, b. May 21, 1899, in Fowler.

* Her daughter Marii Lewis took the name of Trowbridge. She m. William A. Beers of
Hridgewater, Conn., and resides in Nortbfield, Mass.


792a. Carlton Eugene Trowbridge (Daniel*"^, ]yiieeler-^^, Ebenezer'^^^,
DanieP^^, Daniel'^^'', James^"'-', William'-'"', Tlromas'-), born August 30, 1872, in

Fowler, Ohio; died June 5, ISf'G, in Fowler; married , 1893?, in

Fowler?, Mina Eatliff, daughter of Cyrus EatliflF. She married, second,

Battels and resides in Warren, Ohio.*

Carlton E. Trowbridge lived all of his life in his native town, Fowler, Oliio.
He was a farmer.


i. Haret, b. Nov. 20, 1894; d. in infancy,
ii. Howard Carlton, b. .June 17, 1800.

793. Lucius Atwater TROWBRrocE (Malthew T.-"*-, Thomas B.^", Matthew'^''
-1"?, Daniel'^", James^'>\ William^''", Thomas'), born April 19, 1847, in

Danbury, Conn. ; resides in Evanston, 111. ; married June 9, 1881, in Creston, 111.,
Caroline Frances Cobb, daughter of George Barker and Caroline Matilda
(Potter) Cobb, born August 12, 1858, in Sauquoit, N. Y.

Lucius A. Trowbridge at the age of fourteen years came with his parents to
Eoekford, 111. He, was educated in the common and high schools in that city,
and in 1863 became a clerk in the Third National Bank of Eoekford. He
received several promotions in the bank and was finally made cashier. He
resigned this position January 1, 1891, to engage in banking in Chicago. In
July, 1893, he established the private bank of Trowbridge & Co., Inc., of Chicago.
He later organized the firm of Trowbridge, McDonald & Niver, which subse-
quently became The Trowbridge & Niver Co., dealers in municipal and corpora-
tion bonds, with head offices in Chicago and branch offices in several other cities.
Mr. Trowbridge has held the office of president of these companies since their

Mr. Trowbridge in March, 1864, became a member of the State Street Baptist
Church in Eoekford, 111., with which he was connected until his removal from
that city. He served twenty years as superintendent of the Sunday school in
that church. Mr. Trowbridge is a man of strong domestic tastes and has never
held public office. His home is in Evanston, 111.

children born in rockfokd, ill. :

j. Lucie Alice, b. July 7. 1888.
ii. .Tes.sIe- Gray, b. Sept. 13, 1891.
iii. Carolyn, b. Mar. 12, 1899.

794. GuYTHEL B.t Trowbridge (Henry 1.*°^, Thomas B.-^^, Matthew'^",
-^ - ?, Daniel''"', James'"'', William'-'"', Thomas'^), born December 4, 1857,

in Weston, Conn. ; resides in Bridgeport, Conn. ; married, first, April 19, 1878,
in Salem, N. Y., Adeline Estelle Beers, daughter of James Merwin and Mary
Jane (_Squires) Beers, bom July 11, 1860, in Weston; died January 28, 1881,
in Bridgeport. He married, second, June 1, 1889, in New York City, Julia
Elizabeth Barrett, daughter of Michael and Joanna (Conners) Barrett, bom
May 1,1866. in Warren, Conn.

Guythel B. Trowbridge resides in Bridgeport, Conn. He has been for nearly
twenty years a member of the Bridgeport Fire Dejiartment and at present holds
the position of driver of Hose Company No. 3. He served seven years, 1882-89,
in the Sedgwick Guards, Company B, 4tli Eegiment, C. N. G., being promoted
corporal and later quartermaster-sergeant.

* She failed to answer the compiler's letters,
t Initial only.



By first marriage:
i. Ora May, b. Apr. 6, 1870; m. Ain-. L'7, is:is, ironiiMii Philip Felsing and
resides in Rowayton. Conn.
982. ii. Henry Merwin, b. Jan. 21. 1S81.

By second marriage:
iii. Roy Albert, b. July 4, 1890 : d. Feb. 14, 1893.
iv. Ruth Abigail, b. Jlar. 28, 1894.

795. Thoma.? Arthur Trowbridge {^yill^a■m P."', Thomas B.-^'\ Matthew^",
^"?- Daniel^'"', James"'", William^'"', Thomas^), bom June 25, 1876, in

Laurelville, Pa.; resides in South Omaha, Neb.; married December 2.3, 1903, in
New Haven, Pa., Nannie Moreland, daughter of Jolui and Mary (White) More-
land, born July 29, 1875, in New Haven.

Thomas A. Trowbridge at the time of his marriage was a foreman in the beef
department of Swift & Co. in South Omaha, Neb., and remained in tlieir employ
imtil Mai-ch, 1906. He then became a partner in a hand laundry in that city,
a business in which he has since continued with success.


i.- Mart Eleanor, b. Mar. 16, 1905.

796. Frank Andrew Trowbridge (William P.^", Thomas B.-^^, Mattheiv'^",
-1"?, Daniel^^", J«mes"^ William^'"', Thomas^), bom November 30,

1882, in Kecksburg, Pa. ; resides in Rochester, Pa. ; married December 22, 1903,
in Dawson, Pa., Jessie Augusta Bush, daughter of Isaac and Mary Augusta
(Rodgers) Bush, bom September 26, 1881, in New York Hill, near Dawson.

Frank A. Trowbridge settled after his marriage in Rocliester, Pa., where he at
present resides. He is employed as a cutter by the Fry Glass Company in that

child born in ROCHESTER, PA. :

i. Mabel Augusta, b. May 17, 1905.

797. John Martin Trowbridge {William P.«^ Thomas £."^ Matthew^",

!"?_ BanieV^", James^"^, William^'"', Thomas'-), bom September 25,

1884, in Kecksburg, Pa. ; resides in Rochester, Pa. ; married August 22, 1905,
in Cumberland. Md., Emma Lee, daughter of Roliert Thompson and Eleanor
Cannon (Findley) Lee, bom March 10, 1886, in Rillton. Pa.

John M. Trowbridge learned glass cutting in Mount Pleasant, Pa. After his
marriage he settled in Rochester, Pa., where he is following his trade in the
employ of the Fry Glass Company. He is a member of the Modem Woodmen of
America and the Odd Fellows of Pennsylvania.


i. Irene Lee, b. Aug. 14, 1906.

797a. Joshua Trowbridge (./o/irt*"", Daniel-^', Slephen'^^^, James''-'', Daniel''"',
James^"^, William'""', Thomas''), born March 30, 1843, in Windham township.
Wyoming county, Pa. ; resides in Windham (Jenningsville P. O.) ; married
, 1865, in Windham, Lucia Allen.

•Except i, who \vas born in Weston, Conn.


Joshua Trowbridge at about the age of eighteen years became a soldier in the
Civil War, enlisting October 11, ISGl, in Company B, 52d Pennsylvania Infantry.
He was wounded in the battle of Fair Oaks, June 1, 1862, and served until the
close of the war, receiving his discharge at Harrisburgh, Pa., July 12, 1865. He
I'esides in Jermingsville, Pa., where he conducts an agency for the sale of
caiTiages, harnesses, etc.


797b. John Trowbridge {John*''''', Daniel-'"'', Stephen'^-'^, James^-^, Dnniel'^'^'',
James'"'^, WiZham'"", Thoynas^), born September 23, 1852, in Windham township,
Wyoming county. Pa. ; resides in Le Raysville, Pa. ; married July 2, 1872, in
WincUiam, Francelia Wliite, daugliter of Albert and Mary (Titus) ^^^lite, born
in Herrick, Pa.

John Trowbridge is engaged in farming in Le Raysville, Pa.


i. William, b. Jan. 23, 1874.

ii. Harry, b. Jan. 13, 1877.

iii. Stephen, b. Apr. 4, 1881.

iv. Andrew, b. .Tuly 27, 1884.

v. Lloyd, b. June 3, 18SG.

vi. Mary, b. Sept. .30, 1800; m. Oct. 1, 1006, Melviu Rockwell and resides in

Le Raysville. Pa.
vii. Delos, b. Aug. 4, 1802.
viii. Jacob, b. Mar. 20, 1804.

798. Orrin Sylvester Trowbridge {Alonzo*''-, Daniel-^'', Sfeplien}'"^, Jaines^-^,

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