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DanieJ^'^". James^"^. WiUkim^"", Thomas^), born , 1851, in Enosburgh,

Vt. ; died May 2, 1890, in Enosburgh ; married, first, , 1879. in Mont-
gomery, Vt., Ella Tyler, daughter of Williajn Tyler, who died November 25,
1883, in Newport Centre, Vt. He married, second, Mrs. A. M. Ladd of Enos-
burgh Falls, Vt. She married, third, Merrill Jeffords and resides in Enosburgh,

Orrin S. Trowbridge was engaged in fanning nearly all of his life, first in
Newjiort Centre, Vt., and later in his native t«wn, Enosburgh, Vt.

children born in NEWPORT CENTRE, VT. :
By first ii>(irriagc:t
i. Maude Mabel, b. Oct. 22, 1880; d. Mar. 12, 1895.

ii. Luna May, b. Apr. 7. 1883; m. Dec. 25, 1000, Perle.v Adams and
resides in Newport Centre.

799. Edmund Seymour Trowbridge (Seymour'^''^, BanieP^'', Stephen}^",
Jnmes''-^, Danicl''^'^'\ James^'''\ WiUiam'^'^'', Thomas^), born October 22, 1856, in
Enosburgh, Vt. ; died December 10, 1901, in Newport Centre, Vt. ; married
January 1, 1878, in Newport Centre, Isabella Malinda Larrabee, daughter of
Hardin Allen and Martha Annett (Rubier) Larrabee, born June 3, 1856, in
Newiiort Centre. She married, second, August 5, 1903, in Barton, Vt., James
H. Martin and resides in the city of Newport, Vt.

Edmund S. Trowbridge was engaged in farming with his father nearly all of
his life in Newport Centre, Vt.

children born in NEWPORT CENTRE, VT. :

i. Grace Gertrutde, b. July 20, 1879.

ii. Mattie .Tennette, b. May 14, 188C ; m. Dec. 27, 1000, Fred Earl Wilson and
resides in Newport, Vt.

♦ Except il, who was born in Herrick, Pa.
7 No children by second marriage.



C^W*-^*^ i/^^TThr/^^


800. William Carl Trowbridge (Seymour*'''', Daniel-'''', Stephen^-'^, James''-^,
Daniel^'"', James^''^ William^''", Thomas'-), bohi Mareli 11, 1862, in Enosburgh,
Vt. ; resides in Waverley, Mass. ; married April 5, 1886, in Stoneham, Mass.,
Celia Patience Cleveland, daughter of Lester and Diana Patience (Meacham)
Cleveland, born December 31, 1865, in Newport Centre, Vt.

William C. Trowbridge is a clerk in a provision store in Waverley, Mass.*


i. JIkble .\lice, b. , 1SS-.

ii. Hazel Doms, b. , 189-.

iii. Vernie, b. , 189-. . .

800a. Francis Emory Trowbridge iOirin"'^, Miiwr"'^', Seth^'^'^, James^'-^,
BanieV-'^'', James^°\ William'''"', Thomas'-), born April 13, 1843, in Painted Post,
N. Y. ; resides in New York City; married December 23, 1907, in New York
City, Minnie Laura Hackett, daughter of Recorder John K. Hackett.

Francis E. Trowbridge prepared for college and entered Genesee College, but
completed the course of study as a non-resident by the aid of private tutors. He
then entered Syracuse University, from which he was graduated with the degree
of B.A. in 18G2. He was a teacher in the public and private schools in Lyons,
N. Y., and Lock Berlin, N. Y., 1861-63, and was in charge of a private school
in Garrisons, N. Y., 1863-64. He was a clerk in the Methodist Book Concern in
New York City, 1864-68, and was cashier of the Asbury Life Insurance Company
of that city, 1868-70. From 1870 to 1876 he was secretary and treasurer and a
director of tlie Wisconsin Eailway Company and the West Wisconsin (now the
Chicago, St. Paul, Mimieapolis and Omaha) railroad. He traveled in. Europe,
1876-77. From 1877 to 1891 he was engaged in the banking and brokerage busi-
ness in New York City and was a member of the New York Stock Exchange.
He was also a director of the Merchants Exchange National Bank, the American
Savings Banlv and the American Safe and Deposit Company, and president of
the International and Eastern Telegraph Company.

Mr. Trowbridge has been on the editorial staff of the New York Sun. and
since 1893 has been on the editorial staiJ. city department, of the New York
Tribune. He has contributed many articles to leading daily papers. He is
second vice-president of the International North and South America Transporta-
tion and Express Comjiany. In 1895 he received the degree of A.M. from
Syracuse LTniversity, and was a member of the board of trustees of that imiver-
sity, 1886-90. While a student there he was elected a member of the Psi Upsilon
fraternity. He resides in New York City and is a member of the Union
League Club.


801. Burr Jackson Trowbridge (Seih*'"'', Minor-'^^, Seth'-^', Jatnes^^^,
Dnuicl"". James""', William'""', Thomas^), born July 28, 1843, in Newark, N. Y.;
resides in Kirksville, Mo.; married May 25, 1873, in La Plata, Mo., Angeline
Minard, daughter of David and Sarah Jane (Brinckerhoff) Minard, born
January 10, 1853, in Poughkeepsie, N. Y.

Burr J. Trowbridge received his education in Lima, N. Y.. to which place
his father had removed to educate his children. He entered his father's store in
that town where he continued until he entered the army during tlie Civil War.
He was enrolled September 23. 1864. in Company C, 90th Battalion, New York
Infantry, and was discharged June 3. 1865. He removed in early manhood to
Jlissouri and was engaged for some years in fanning in Love Lake, Macon

* He failed to answer the compiler's letters.


county. He then came to Kirksville, Mo.. hi,s present residence, and he is
there engaged in the grocery business, under the firm name of Swords &

Mr. Trowbridge served as justice of the peace in Macon county in 1883 and
1884. He has been a member of the Masonic fraternity for many years and is a
member of Cori^oral Dix Post, No. 22, G. A. R., Deiiartment of Missouri.


i. Lena Minekva, b. Dec. 12, 1874 ; m. Charles H. Payson and resides in

Kirksville, Mo.
ii. Seth Minabd, b. Oct. 28, 1876.

802. Wesley Trowbridge (Seymour"\ Minor-'^^, Seth^'^'^, James^", DanieV^",
James^"^, William^'"', Thomas'-'), bom November 28, 1834, in Newark, N. Y.;
resides in Cleveland, Ohio; married, first, September 30, 1858, in Brooklyn
(Cleveland), Elizabeth Brainard Foster, daughter of Daniel Carr and Eunice
Rebecca (Brainard) Foster, bom August 31, 1838, in Brooklyn; died July 26,
1876, in Painesville, Ohio. He married, second. May 1, 1877, in Newark, Susan
Frances Galusha, daughter of Abram Fisher and Esther (McCoUum) Galusha,
born June 29, 1838, in Sodus, N. Y.

Wesley Trowbridge came with his parents to Ohio in 1835 and was brought
up on his father's farm in Solon. He attended the district school in that town
until he was sixteen years of age and then was for four terms at the academy
in Chagrin Falls. Ohio. He commenced teaching school the day he was nineteen
years old and taught school four winter terms. After his marriage he lived on
a farm in Solon imtil he entered the army during the Civil War. He enlisted
August 13, 1863, for three years in Company D, 103d Ohio Infantry. He was
with his regiment until April, 18G3, when he was taken sick and was sent to a
hospital. He did not fully recover his health, and was detailed for hospital
duty at the United States General Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio, where he
continued until he was mustered out of service May 30, 1865.

After leaving the army Mr. Trowbridge resided for nine years with his parents
iu Brooklyn village (now Cleveland), Ohio, and tlien removed to his fanu of
207 acres in Concord, Lake county, Ohio, where he was engaged in farming until
after the death of his father. He then removed to the latter's old home in
Cleveland, where he at present resides. He and his wife are both members of the
Methodist Episcopal church.


Bi/ firxt marriaf/c't
i. Russell Minor, b. Aur. 22, 38.59 ; d. Auk. 1. 1861.
ii. Elmer Ellswortu, b. Oct. IG, 1861; d. .Tuly 19, 1890, in Painesville, Ohio;

983. iii. George Grant, b. Apr. 25, 1864.
iv. Seymour Daniel, b. Aug. 12. 3866.
V. Almina Maria, b. A\ig. 31, 1868; m. Pec. 25. 1888, Alonzo Fortney Walter

and resides in Allentown, Pa.
vi. Alberta Eunice, b. Nov. 27. 1870; d. Apr. 1. 1886, in Painesville; unm.
vii. Warner Wesley, b. June 25, 1875 ; is a farmer in Concord, Ohio ; unm.

803. Philander Marvin Trowbridge (Marvin*", John-^-, Soth'^''', James'"'-,
Daniel''"', James'"'^, William'""', Thomas'), bom June 25, 1851, in Solon, Ohio;
resides in Millbanlv, S. D. ; married November 4, 1875, in Clay Centre, Kan.,
Annie Petersen, daughter of Frane Petersen, born January 18, 1855, in Sweden.

Philander M. Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his parents to Delaware
county, Iowa. After his marriage he was engaged in farming in Bremer county.
Iowa, and Clay county. Kan., for a few .years and then removed to Grant county,
S. D., where he is at present engaged in farming near Millbank.

* i-ii born in Solon. Ohio ; iii-vi in Brooklyn village (Cleveland), Ohio; vli in Concord, Ohio.
t No children by second marriage.



i. Cakkif: Stella, b. Dec. 25. 1S70, in BreiiuT touuly, Iowa,
ii. Mabel Mary, b. Dec. 12, 1880, in Clay county, Kan.
iii. Ralph, b. Nov. 13, 1SS7, in Grant county, S. D.

804. H0R.4CE S. Trowbridge iMarvin^^\ John-"-, Seth^o\ James^-\ Daniel"'>,
James^"^, William^'"', Thomas'^), bom July 25, 1856, in Delaware county, Iowa;
resides in Esmond, S. D.; married September 16, 1888, in Grant county, S. D.,
Nellie May Brooks, daughter of David Edward and Sylvia Adella (Davis)
Brooks, born February 24, 1870, in Cannon River Falls, Minn.

Horace S. Trowbridge went with his brother to Grant county, S. D., where he
married and settled. He was engaged in farming there for a few years and then
removed to Benson county, N. D., and lat«r to Esmond, Kingsbury county, S. D.,
where he lives at present.

chiloren :

i. Minnie, b. June IS, 1891, in Grant county, S. D.

ii. Archie, b. Oct. 21. 1893, in Grant county.

iii. Wesley, b. Dec. 21, 1895, in Otter Tail county, Minn.

iv. Robert, b. June 20, 1900, in Benson county, N. D.

805. Eljier Ellsworth Trowbridge (Ilennj*"-, John-"-, Seth'^"^, James^^^,
DanieV^o, James^"^, WiUiam^"", Thomas'^), bom May 27, 1863, in Solon, Ohio;
resides in Oakland, Cal. ; married October 18, 1897, in Cleveland, Ohio, Cora
Belle Phillips, daughter of Judge George Lemon and Margaret (Wortman)
Phillips, born January 31, 1865, in Cambridge, Oliio,

Elmer E, Trowbridge received his education in the common schools of his
native town and at Hiram College, Ohio. Directly after leaving college he went
to New York City and was engaged in tlie stock brokerage business there for
about sixteen years. He then went to Cleveland, Ohio, where he lived a few
years and was clerk of the public water works department. In 1900 he returned
to New York City, where for the succeeding five years he was general eastern
manager of the W. V. Smith Co., ore producers. In 1906 he removed to Oak-
land, Cal., where he resides at present and is engaged in the real estate business.


i. George Phillips, b. July 27, 1899.

806. Granville Sherwood Trowbridge (Philander D.*^^. John-"-, Seth>"^,
James'^-^, DanicP'^'^. Jamt'S^'", William'^'"', Thoma.'!'^). born September 9, 1853, in
Solon, Ohio; resides in AUiambra, Cal,; married August 13, 1881, in Dubuque,
Iowa, Laura Helen Fogg, daughter of Joseph and Amelia (Randall) Fogg, born
March 3, 1854. in South Montville. Me,

Granville S, Trowbridge at the age of six months was brought by his parents
to Delaware county, Iowa, and was reared on his father's farm near the village
of Greeley. At the age of twenty-two he left home to complete his education and
was graduated from Iowa State University in ISSO. Since that time he has
been engaged principally in educational work as superintendent of schools. His
first educational work was as principal of the Aokley School and ho then held the
same position in the school at Manchester. Iowa, He then became president of
Epworth Seminary. In March, 1887. he removed to California, in which state
he has since resided. He was principal of the school in Long Beach for several
years and then, in 1S9S, became principal of the school in National City. In
1899 he became principal at Fernando. In 1903 he became principal and
instructor of history and botany in the Union High School in Santa Paula. He


resigned liis position there in 1906 to become business manager for the Occi-
dental College in Los Angeles. He resigned this position September 1, 1907, to
accept the superintendency of the city schools in Alhambra, Cal., where he at
present resides.


i. Vehona Meeby, b. June 22, 1887.

80Ca. JoHx BissELL Trowbridge (Philander D.*^^, John-^-. Selh^''^, James^^^,
Daniel'^'^'', James"^"", William^'"', Thomas'-), born July 3, 1868, in Elk township,
Delaware county, Iowa ; resides in Chicago, 111. ; married June 10, 1907, in
Ankeny, Iowa, Mary Cynthelia Wall, daughter of Oliver Hazard Perry and
Heni'ietta Maria (Fleming) Wall, bom March 22, 1879, in Des Moines, Iowa.

John B. Trowbridge was graduated from Cornell Musical Conservatory,
Cornell, Iowa, in 1894 and from Cornell College in 1896. He was then for two
years secretary of the Y. M. C. A. in Sioux City and Manchester, Iowa. He
then removed to Chicago, 111., where he has since resided and where he is
teacher of singing and chorus conductor on the staff of the Moody Bible Institute.


i. Margaret Wall, b. Mar. 6, 1908.

807. Elbert Philander Trowbridge (Philander D.*^^, John-"-, Seth^'^',
James^-^, Daniel''^'', James^"^, William'^'"', Thomas^), born October 22, 1875, in
Elk township," Delaware county, Iowa; resides in Perry, Iowa; married June 11,
1896, in Colesburgh, Iowa, Eoxana DeLong, daughter of Oliver Perry and Lydia
Jane ( ) DeLong, bom October 17, 1876, in Colesburgh.

Elbert P. Trowbi-idge was brought up on his father's fami near Greeley, Iowa,
and settled after his marriage in Manchester, Iowa. He was a soldier in the
Spanish-American War. He enlisted May 6, 1898, as bugler in Company E,
49th Iowa Infantry, and went with his regiment to Cuba in December. He was
mustered out Januai-y 11, 1899. On his return from the army he went into
railroading as a fireman, his headquarters being at Marion, Iowa. He is at
present a locomotive engineer on the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad
and resides in Perry, Iowa.


i. Elbert Carl, b. Oct. 20, 1898.

808. James Lucullus Trowbridge (Ifiio**'*, James-"^, Seth'^"^, James'-^,
Daniel''^", James^"^, William^''". Thomas'), bom iSTovember 22. 1845, in TuUy,
N. T. ; resides in Anita, Iowa, married September 16, 1865, in Oberlin, Ohio,
Laura Hoyt, daughter of John and Sarah (Standish) Hoyt, born March 25, 1849,
in Oberlin,

James L. Trowbridge went in childhood with his parents to Oberlin, Ohio. He
there grew to manhood and was engaged in farming until the spring of 1887,
when he sold his fann of 125 acres there and moved to Anita, Iowa, where he is
engaged in farming at present.


i. MiLO Eugene, b. Sept. 2.5, 1806 : resides in St. James. Jlinn. : num.

ii. Nina Ethel, b. .Tune 22. 1808; ra. July IS. 1889, George Jewett and resides

in Anita, Iowa,
iii. LoULS .Tames, b. Feb. 1, 1870 ; resides in St. James : unm.
iv. Viola Phoebe, b. Aug. 11, 1871; m. June 10, 1895, Daniel David Duff and

resides in St. J.imes.
V. Charles Elwyn, b. July 20, 1873.
vi. Frank Homer, b. Apr. 8. 1877.


809. Frederick Nelson TEOWBnmaE (Jl/iZo**\ James-"^, Seth^'^^, James^'",
Daniel"", James^"^, William""', Thomas^), bom June 4, 1S71, in Oberlin, Ohio;
resides in Cleveland, Ohio; married September 28, ISO'J, in Cleveland, Clara
Grace Wood, daughter of Charles H. and Carrie (Imeson) Wood, born December
1, 1877, in Newburgh, Ohio.

Frederick IST. Trowbridge lived on the family farm in Oberlin, Ohio, until
after the death of his father in 1887. He then left home for the purpose of
teaching school. He had received a certificate, but, age and size being against
him, he failed to get an appointment. He then was a book agent, timekeeper,
and machinist in turn at various towns in Xorthern Ohio. In 1889 he went to
Wakeman, Ohio, and superintended the building of a home for his mother. In
1890 he went to Cleveland, Ohio, and having learned among other things tele-
graphy, he acted there as manager of a branch office of the Western Union
Telegraph Company. In 1892 he accepted a position with the Mechanical
Rubber Company, with which he has since been connected in the positions. of file
clerk, telegraph operator, price clerk and department manager, the latter of which
he holds at present.

ilr. Trowbridge during this time had attended college, studying shorthand and
later law. He organized the ISiewburgh* (Ohio) Republican Club and acted as
district supervisor. In 1903 he ran for the office of auditor of the city of New-
burgh on the Republican ticket, but was defeated. He has been a notary public
for Cuyahoga county for ten years. He has held executive positions in impor-
tant clubs in his vicinity and is secretary of the Cleveland Law and Order
League. Upon the failure of the Cuyahoga Savings and Banking Company in
190.3. afFeeting about two thousand depositors, he was elected chairman of the
people interested, which position he still holds, but is about completing his work.
He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, was recording steward of
Femcliffe Methodist Episcopal Church and was also president of the Epworth
League at that place. He is also president of the Cleveland Office Baseball


Vera Isieson. b. Oct. 2, 1900.
Mtland Woon. b. July 11, 1902.

810. Charles Fremont Trowbridge (Ralert C.<", Milo-"*, Seth^", James^-\
Danid"", Jomc.s"'. WiUiam^"", Thomas'^), bom August 3, 1854, in Tully, N. T.;
resides in Parish, N. Y. ; married October 10. 1870. in Parish, Sarah Ann Snell,
daughter of Lorenzo Dow and Sarah (Mosher) Snell, born April 19, 1854, in
Oppenheim, N. Y. ; died January 14, 1906, in Tully.t

Charles F. Trowbridge was educated in the State Normal School in Cortland,
N. Y. In 1874 he moved to Parish, N. Y., and was there engaged in the drug
business about eight years. Daring this time he was postmaster and was elected
supervisor of the town. He resigned the postmastership in 1882 to enter the
United States railway mail service, a position he still holds. His run for many
years was on the "fast mail" between New York .City and S;sTacuse on the New
York Central railroad. His present run is from Auburn to Ithaca on the I^high
Valley railroad. His wife was a member of the First ilethodist Episcopal
Church of Parish, N. Y.


i. Robert Lorenzo, b. .Tiily 19, 1879 ; d. .Tiil.v 23, 1879.
ii. A daughter, b. Mar. 15, 188G : d. that day.

iii. Bessie Blanche, b. Mar. 5, 1888; m. Dec. 24, 190G. Roy X. Vrooman and
resides in Parish.

• Part of the metropolitan district of Cleveland, being Station F of the Cleveland post office,
t Very suddenly, while on a visit to her father-in-law.


811. Eev. Will Salisbury Trowbridge (Minor S."», Milo-^\ Seth^'^\ James^^^,
DanieV-^", James^"', William'^'"', Thomas'^), bom December 22, 1860, in Darling-
ton, Wis. ; resides in Lordsburg, Cal. ; married October 21, 1891, in Colorado
Springs, Colo., Mai-y Ann Curtis,* daughter of Stephen Burbank and Martha
(Dunham) Curtis, born May 29, 1856, in Carmel. Me.

Will S. Trowbridge attended the Wisconsin State Normal School until he was
fifteen years of age, when he entered a printing office as an apprentice. About
this time he served an enlistment in the Wisconsin National Guard. He lived
in Wisconsin, Dakota, Minnesota and Michigan from 1879 until April, 1890,
when he went to Colorado Springs, Colo., where he married the following year.
He was active in the I. O. G. T. several years, holding various offices and
acting as organizer and lecturer one and a half years in Wisconsin and a short
time in Colorado. He removed to Fort Collins, Colo., in 1892, but returned to
Colorado Springs in the fall of the same year. For the next four years he
printed, edited and published Hie Plain Dealer in Colorado Springs. The paper
was published to teach Christian citizenship and was nicely established, when he
was obliged to leave that city on account ' of his wife's health. He therefore
removed in the fall of 1896 to Petaluma, Cal., and in the following spring to
Albion, Cal., and in the following fall to Guerneville, Cal., preaching in the two
latter places for the Methodist Episcopal Church. In the fall of 1898 he moved
to Tustin, Cal., where he was pastor of the Advent Christian church. He
removed to Colton and from there to LordsViurg, Cal., where he is pastor of the
Advent Christian church at the time.


812. George Washington Trowbridge (Barlow*^^, Stephen^^'^, Seth'^^'^,
James^-^, Daniel^''-'', James^''^, WilUam''-'"', Thomas^), born February 21, I860, in
San Saba, Tex.; resides in San Saba county; married November 4, 1881, in San
Saba, Louisa Etlileen Johnson, daughter of Calvin and Margaret Jane (Dye)
Johnson, born November 25, 1865, in Hartford, Mo.

George W. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in San Saba county, Tex.


i. Fannie Jane, b. Oct. 10, 1882.

ii. George Hembry, b. July 21, 1884.

iii. Verdie Adline, b. Dec. 1.5. 1885.

iv. Pearl Louisa, b. Aug. G, 1891.

V. Calvin Barlow, b. Mar. 3, 1892.

vi. Albert Keitiily, b. Aug. 26, 189.5.

813. Granville Sherwood Trowbriduk {Barlow*^^, Stephen^'^'', SetK^^^,
James^"^, Daniel^^", James'^"", WiTHam}'"', Thomas'^), bom June 21, 1862, in San
Saba, Tex. ; died December 12, 1907, in Big Valley, Tex. ; married, first,
September 27, 1883, in San Saba, Lou Ella McCurdy, daughter of Elijah Eowan
and Keziah (Ellis) McCurdy, born March 25. 1862, in Manhattan, Kan.; died
December 5, 1902, in Big Valley. He married, second, February 10, 1907, in
Mills county, Tex., Mary Francis Brooks, daughter of William Henry and
Martha (Simmons) Brooks, bom January 6, 1865, in Collin county, Tex. She
resides in Big Valley.

Granville S. Trowbridge was one of the best-known farmers in Mills county,
Tex., and lived on the Colorado river in Big Valley, near Goldthwaite.

• A sister of the husband of his sister No. 489, t.

ajtCZ\j <2y. Q^

TRO^Y^.RI^)GE genealogy 441

By first marriage:*
i. Valley Lou Ella, b. Jan. 15, 1SS5; ra. Dec. 28, 1907, Charles Smith aud

resides in Bis Valley,
ii. Ellis Granville, b. Dec. 4, 1887; d. Oct. 22, 11)07, in Big Valley; iinm.
iii. Bessie Lee, b. Sept. 30, 1801.
iv. INA LUCILE, b. Jan. 27, 1000.

814. WiLLUM Barlow Trowbridge {Barlow**^, Stephen-^^, Seth^", James^^^,
Danien^", Janies'"'^. William^'''', Thomas'"), bom April 16, 18G7, in Maysville,
Ark.; resides in Big Valley (Goldthwaite P. O.), Tex.; married January 'i,
1901, in Big Valley, Millie Francis Walker, daughter of John and Martha
Emily (Eiley) Walker, bom March 10, 1882, in Brazils, Ark.; died December 16,
1903. in Big Valley.

William B. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in Big Valley, Tex.


815. Ch.'^rles Fairchild Trowbridge (Barlow*"^, Stephen-''^, Seth'"^'", James^-^,
DanieV-'"'', James"'^^, IViHiam""', Thomas^), bom November 27, 1869, in Maysville,
Ark. ; resides in Floydada, Tex. ; married November 26, 1891, in Big Valley, Tex.,
Lillie Bickham, daughter of William Thomas and Mary jVnn (Flowers) Bickham,
bom February 28, 1872, in Caddeau parish, I^a.

Charles F. Trowbridge has always been engaged in farming. He lived in
Big Valley, Tex., until December, 1899, when he moveil with his family to Blair,
Greer county, Okla. In March. 1902, he removed to Frederick, Comanche
county, Okla., where he lived until March, 190."), when he came to what is known
as the Staked Plains, Floyd county, Tex., where he lives at present near Floydada.
He was made a master Mason in July, 1903. He and his wife are members of
the Order of the Eastern Star.


i. Ethel Adeline, b. Sept. 6, 1892.

ii. IVA Irene, b. Aug. 23. 1804.

iii. Stella Salexa, b. Feb. 21. 1896.

iv. Coka Lee, b. Aug. G. 1898.

V. Floyd Bickham. b. July 17, 1900.

vi. Clifford Barlow, b. July 30, 1902.

vii. William Cakrol, b. .\ug. 19, 1904.

81G. Eev. Walter Stephen Trowbridge {Gardner C.*"*, Stephen-^^, Seili'"",
James'^-^, DanieP'"'', James'^"'-', William''^'"', Thomas"), born December 12, 1869,
in Bloomfield, Ark. ; resides in Chicago, 111. ; married July 24, 1901, in Elgin,
111., Charlotte, Frances Goodrow, daughter of Jacob and Amelia Ann (Lyndon)

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