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Goodrow, bom February 1, 1868, in Watertown, Wis.

Walter S. Trowbridge was in his seventh year when his parents came to Ober-
lin, Ohio, and he tliere attended the public schools. He later went with his
parents to Elgin, HI., and from there to Prairie Plains, Tenn. In his twenty-
second year he went to Nashotah House, Wis., and was- graduated from the
preparatory department in 1893 and the theological seminary in 1896. He was
made a deacon in the Episcopal Church in June, 1896, and was ordained a priest
in December of the same year for the diocese of Fond du Lac. The following
June he accepted a curacy at St. Elizabeth's Church, Philadelphia, Pa. From

• No children by second marriage.

tl-iv born in Big Valley. Tex.; v in P.Iair. Okla.; vi-vil in Frederick, Okla.


there lie went to St. John's Church, Springfield, Mo., as rector in November, 1898.
He removed to Chicago in January, 1905, and became rector of the Church of the
Good Shepherd, resigning after ten months to accept the rectorship of St.
Bartholomew's Church in that city, which incumbency he is now filling.


817. David B.^rlow Trowbridge (Gardner C.*"*, Stephen-'^^, Seth^^'-, James^-^,
DanieP^", James'^"', William'-'"', Thomas^), bom November 14, 1873, in Tahle-
quah, Ind. Ter. ; resides in Mangum, Okla. ; married September 12, 1894, in
Selma, Ala., Edna Asenath Bachelder, daug'hter of Sias and Diania (Shonyo)
Bachelder, born May 4, 1874, in Mason City, Iowa.

David B. Trowbridge passed his boyhood and youth with his parents in Oberlin,
Ohio, Elgin, 111., and on a farm near Prairie Plains, Tenn. He continued to be
engaged in farming in the latter place after his marriag-e and until 1903, when
he removed to a farm in Mang-um, Okla., where he lives at present.


i. David Farris, b. Nov. 26, 189.5.

818. Kichard Bariiyte Trowbridge (Slephen*'>^, Stephen-'^''', Seth^'^', James^^^,
DanieP^'', Jamcs^"", WiJliam'"", TJiomas'), born Seistember 3, 1872, in Bloomfield,
Ark. ; resides in Indei)endeiiee, Mo. ; married November 23, 1898, in St. Louis,
Mo., Bessie May Bond, daughter of Myron Henry and Frances Belle (Hand)
Bond, born May 5, 1876, in Painesville, Ohio.

Richard B. Trowbridge came as a young man to St. Louis, Mo., and became a
clerk in the traffic department of the Missouri, Kansas and Texas railway in
that city. Six years ago he went to Independence, Mo., where he is conducting
a successful real estate and fire insurance business, under the name of the
Independence Eealty Company, in the Wliite-Trowbridge Building.


i. Myron Bond, b. Aug. 23, 1809.

ii. Richard Stephen, b. Sept. 25, 1901.

819. Granville Sherwood Trowbridge {Stephen^^^, Stephen^^^, Seth^'^''-,
James^-^, Daniel^^", James^'''\ WiUiam'"", Thomas'^), born November 22, 1878, in
Galveston, Tex. ; resides in St. Louis, Mo. ; married December 26, 1900, in St.
Louis, Myrtle Ivy Mowry, daught<?r of Daniel M. and Sophia Auretta (Burkhart)
Mowry, born December 9, 1881, in Dennis, Kan.

Granville S. Trowbridge holds the position of rate clerk in the offices of the
St. Louis Southwestern Railroad Company in St. Louis, Mo.

children born IN ST. LOUIS, MO. :

i. Myrtle Margaret, b. .Tan. 3, 1902.

ii. Kenneth Archibald, b. Aug. 19, 1900.

819a. William Sherwood TROWBRroGE (Levereit H.*^", Stephen-''^, Seth^'^';
Jaines^-'\ DanieP'^'\ James^"^, William^'"', Thomas^), born March 17, 1864, in
Saratoga, Minn. ; resides in Leeds, N. D. ; married August 14, 1905, near
Leeds, N. D., Martha Muer, daughter of John Muer, born March 2, 18S0, in

William S. Trowbridge is engaged in farming on a large farm that he owns sis
miles from Leeds, Benson county, N. D.



i. Alice, b. Apr. 2G, I'JOC.
ii. A son, b. Mar. 5, 190S.

820. Frank Adonis Trowbridge (GouhP"'^, Adonis-'^^, John^^^, James^-^,
Daniel^^", Jame.s"^ William'^'"', Thomas'^), born September 21, 1855, in Adams,
K. Y. ; resides in Adams Centre; married, December 6, 1881, in Adams, Ettie
Elinor ilills. daughter of Lyman Eiley and Ann (Wakefield) Mills, born July 14,
1858, in Adams.

Frank A. Trowbridge was educated in the common school and at H. C. I. in
Adams, iST. Y. At the age of nineteen he commenced teaching district school
and continued to teach for three years. Since then he has been a farmer and
breeder of high-class horses, training some of them for speed. For a short time
a few years ago he was locally connected with the New York Life Insurance
Company. He resides in Adams Centre, N. Y.

NO children.

821. Philander Addison Trowbridge (Dwight^'"', Adonis-''^, JoJin^'^^, James' - ^,
Daniel^^", James'^'>\ William^'"', Thomas''), bom March 15, 1852, in Verona,
N. Y. ; resides in Chicago, 111. ; married May 31. 1873, in Chicago, Geertje
Tillema, daughter of Anmeco and Anje (Husinga) Tillema, born April 18. I'^Sl,
iu ITlruin, Netherlands.

Philander A. Trowbridge went in boyhood with his parents to Odell, 111. He
lived there a few years after his marriage and then removed to Chicago, 111.,
where he lives at present. He is a XJainter by trade.


i. Lewis Livinostox. b. Apr. IT, 1ST4 ; .1. Nov. 18, 1889.

ii. George, b. Apr. 10. 1877 ; d. Axv^. 10. 18S.">.

iii. DwiGHT Addiso.n. b. Apr. 21. 1884; is a clerk in t'liic:iKO. 111.; nnm.

iv. Harry, b. May 20. 1886 ; d. Mar. •2r^. 1887.

v. John, b. Dec. 29, 1890 : d. Apr. G. 1891.

822. Jajies Leander Trowbridge {Dwiglii ■''"', Adonis-^^, John^'^^, James^-^,
Daniel^'", James'""^, WiUiam'^"'', Thomas'"), bom March 11, 1854. in Verona,
N. Y. ; resides in Chicago, 111. ; married March 30, 187G, in Odell, 111., Sarah
McDaniel, daughter of Ivory and Sarah (Hanscum) McDaniel, born August 26,
1856, in Hollis Centre, Me.

James L. Trowbridge went in boyhood with his parents to Odell, 111. He
settled soon after his marriage in Chicago, 111., and has since lived in that city.
He is a mason by trade.

children ;

i. Bertha, b. Apr. 25. 1882, in Odell, 111. ; d. .July 15, 1887.
ii. Flot, b. Aug. 13, 1886, in Cbicago. 111.

82.3. Charles Adonis Trowbridge (Samuel F.^"'", Adonis-^^, John>'^^, Janies'"-^,
Daniel'"". James""^, William'""'. Thomas"), born September 13, 1867, in Odell,
111.; resides in Minooka, 111.; married September 10, 1895, in Joliet, 111., Martha
Ann Buckley, daughter of James and Ami (Vernon) Buckley, born January 29,
1871, in Minooka.

Charles A. Trowbridge was brought up on his father's stock farm, first in
Odell and later in Minooka. 111. He settled in the latter town after his marriage
and has since resided there.

* i ii born in Odell, III.; lii-v in Cliicago. 111.


Mr. Trowbridge was appointed postmaster at Minooka in January, 1903, and
was elected village clerk in April, 1906, and still holds those two offices. He is
also local agent for the Elgin, Joliet and Eastern Railway Company, a position
he has filled for fifteen years.


i. Leon Vernett, b. Oct. 24, 1896.
ii. May Alberta, b. Sept. 5, 1898.

824. Frederick Orlando Thowbridge (James F.^°-, Adotiis^"^, Jolin^'^^,
James^"^, Daniel^''-'', James^"'', William'-^'', Thomas^), born January 19, 1875, in
Odell, 111. ; resides in Como, Colo. ; married October .30, 1906, in Argentine,
Kan., Martha Alice Jennings, daughter of Edward K. and Cynthia Ann (John-
ston) Jennings, born December 28, 18S3, in Springfield, Ohio.

Frederick O. Trowbridge came in childhood with his parents to Rich Hill. Mo.
In 1891, before he was sixteen years old. he enlisted for tliree years in Company
H, 7th U. S. Cavalry, General Custer's old regiment. He sei"ved three years and
was discharged in November, 1894. He has since been engaged in railroading,
being at present a brakeman in the employ of the Denver and Rio Grande
Railway Company. He resides in Como, Colo.


825. LoRiN Trowbridge (James L.^"*, Lorin^"^, John''^^^, James'' - ^, Daniel^'^°,
James^"^. William^'"', TJiomas^), born September 14, 1870, in Washington, 111.;
resides in Williamsfield, 111. ; married, first, February 11, 1892, in Washburn, 111.,
Carrie Harbar, daughter of Frederick Jacob and Anna Maria (Welles) Harbar,
born December 12, 1871, in Lind township, Woodford county. 111. ; died October
11, 1893, in Washburn. He married, second, March 5, 1895. in Pona, 111., Lena
Harbar, a sister of his first wife, bom March 29, 1875. in Lind township.

Lorin Trowbridge has always been engaged in farming. He settled after his
first marriage in Wasliburn, Woodford county. 111. After his second marriage
he lived for several years in his native place, Washington, Tazewell county, HI.,
and then removed on March 1, 1907, to his ]iresent home near Williamsfield, Knox
county, HI.


Bit first marriage:
i. James Lorin, b. June 15, 1893 ; d. Feb. 1, 1904.

Bi/ second marriape:
ii. Frederick George, b. Apr. 15, 1897.
iii. Mabel Augusta, b. Mar. 5. 1899.
iv. Anna Maria, b. Mar. 1.3, 1003.
V. Theodore Edward, b. Apr. 1, 1905.

826. George Washington Trowbridge (James LJ'"*. Lorin-^", Joh-n}^^,
James''-\ DanieP'^", James^"-'^, William^'"', Thomas'^), bom September 23, 1872,
in Washington. 111. ; resides in Metamora, 111. ; married November 19, 1896, in
Washington, Sarah Diama Marshall, daughter of Edwin and Adeline Augustia
(Genoways) Marshall, born January 8, 1877, in Spring Bay. 111.

George W. Trowbridge is a section foreman in the employ of the Chicago and
Alton Railway Company. He lived for a number of years after his marriage
in Washington, 111., and has recently removed to Metamora, HI.

* Except i, who was born In Washburn, III.



i. Hazel Irene, b. Aug. 15, ISO".

ii. Stella Lagora, b. Aug. 25, 1S',)0.

iii. George Edwin, b. .Tuly 23, ]'.i(il; il. Mnr. 11, 11103.

iv. Elmer Lorin, b. June 17, 1"J04.

V. Bernice Lucella, b. Aug. 5, 190G.

827. Robert Wilson TROWBRrooE (James L.'-"\ Lorin-'^^, John^^^, James^-^,
Daniel^'^'', James^'''\ William'^'"', Thomas'-), bom Jiily 20, 1875, in Wasliington,
111.; resides in Washington; married December 14, 1S98, in Washington,
Margaret Jane Ryan, daughter of William and Bridget (Keating) Ryan, born
September 18, 1874, in county Queens, Ireland.

Robert W. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in his native place. His farm
is five and a half miles from Washington, 111.


i. Clarence Robert, b. July 2, 1899.

ii. James William, b. July 1, 1901.

iii. Prudence Anna, b. Apr. 29, 1903.

iv. Augustus Emler, b. .Tuly 21, 1905.

V. Agnes Viola, b. Nov. 17, 1906.

828. Sherman Randall Trowbridge (Williavi B.^"'', Oirin A.-'°, John'-'^^,
James''-'', Daniel"", James'"", William"'", Thomas'), born April 18, 1874, in'
Adams Centre, N. Y. ; resides in Adams Centre; married December 26, 1893, in
Chicago, III, JMiriam Louese Webster, daughter of John Wesley and Lucy Ann
(Dodge) Webster, born September 16, 1S74, in Hinsdale, 111.

Sherman R. Trowbridge lives in his native place, Adams Centre, N. Y., and is
associated with his father in the business of buying and shipping stock.

children born in adams centre, n. y. :

i. William Wesley, b. Nov. 25, 1894.
ii. Sherman Donald, b. Aug. 15, 1897.

829. LoREN Frank Trowbridge (Loren J.^"^, Orrin A."'">, John'^'^, James'-",
Daniel"", James'-"', William."'", Thomas'-), born April 24, 1884, in Chicago, 111.;
resides in Chicago; married June 28, 1906, in Chicago, Lena Braun, daughter of
Joseph and Mary (Angel) Braun, born April 31, 1882, in Chicago.

Loren F. Trowbridge is a pattem-malver by trade and resides in Chicago, 111.

NO children.

830. Orrin Alonzo Trowbridge (Eli SJ'"", Orrin /!."», John''^", James'-",
Daniel'"', James"", William'"", Thomas'-), born October 23, 1877, in Plymouth,
Cal. ; resides in Bandon, Ore.; married November 30, 1899, in Lookout, Cal.,
Odessa Brown, daughter of Hiram Sahnon and Catharine Ann (Wheeler) Brown,
bom October 18, 1879, in Woodland, Cal.

Orrin A. Trowbridge, after finishing the public schools of Modoc county. Col.,
attended Ilealds Business College in San Francisco, from which he was graduated
in May, 1898. He tlien returned to Lookout, Modoc county, and worked in his
father's store until March 23, 1899. when ho engaged in the general merchandise
business for himself in Bieber, Lassen county, Cal. He stayed thei-e until
August 19, 1905, when he sold out to the Big Valley Cooperative Association,
and then came to Bandon, Ore., and bought J. Denliolm's general merchandise
business, on September 19, and is doing a nice business.

child bokn in bieber, cal. :
i. Stencer Raker, b. Jan. 25, 1902.


831. George Alexander Trowbridge (Milo D."*, Aaron S.-''-, DanieP'^*,
Janu's^-'^, DatueP^", James^"^, WiUiam^'"', Thomas^), born May 22, 1849, in Syra-
cuse, N. Y. ; died October 19, 1904. in Ilion, N. Y. ; married Marcb 8, 1873, in
Syracuse, Phoebe Elizabeth Chapman, daugliter of Joseph and Harriet (Breeze)
Chapman, bom September 15, 1852, in Wolverhampton, England. She resides
in Ilion.

George A. Trowbridge lived after his marriage in Ilion, N. Y., and was
foreman for the Remington Tyjaewriter Company.


i. Dean Burgess, b. Jan. 29, 1874 : d. Dec. 6, 1800, in Ilion.

ii. Inez, b. Sept. 13, 1875; m. Sept. 13, 1902, George Byron Brand and resides

in Ilion.
iii. Myra. b. Nov. 1, 1879 ; m. May 27, 1902, Harry Dwight Matteson and resides

in Utica, N. Y.
iv. Edna, b. Apr. 23, 1883 ; m. Sept. IG, 1903, Henry Benjamin Williamson and

resides in Ilion.

832. LoRiN Lee Trowbridge (Milo DJ""^*. Aaron S.-''-, DanieV-^*, James"'',
DanieV^", James^'>\ William""', Thomas'), bom July IS, 1851, in Phoenix, N. Y.;
resides in Syracuse, N. Y. ; married January 21, 1888, in Spokane, Wash.,
Minei"va Jane (Shondy) Sweeting, widow of Edwin N. Sweeting of Geddes,
N. Y., and daughter of Henry and Ellen (Dennick) Shondy, born December 11,
1851, in Rochester, N. Y.

Lorin L. Trowbridge in the early '70s was a freight brakeman three years and
a freight conductor for one year on the Eastern division of the New York Central
railroad. In 1875 he went West and lived in Nebraska City, Neb., twelve years.
He came home in January, 1887, and the following January went to Spokane,
Wash. He took up 160 acres of timber about fifteen miles north of the city,
built a log house, and was there fifteen months, when he returned home. In the
early winter be went on the Western division of the New York Central as a
freight brakeman again, continuing in that employ two years. He then became
a stationary engineer for the Solvay Process Company, a position he holds at
Xjresent. He resides in Syracuse, N. Y.


833. CHARLE.S R.t Trowbridge (William £."*, Theron-^\. William'",
William''"^, Daniel''", James""", William^'"', Thomas^), bom October 2, 1871. in
Onondaga Valley, N. Y. ; resides in El Paso, Tex. ; married November 4, 189G.
in Topeka. Kan., Margaret Finlay Boyle, daughter of James Allen and Margaret
(Finlay) Boyle, bom May 16, 1874, in Topeka.

Charles R. Trowbridge when two and a half years of age was taken by his
parents to Topeka, Kan., and grew up in that city. He lived there until Sejitem-
ber, 1895, when he moved to Arkansas Cit.y. Kan., where he was chief clerk for
the master mechanic of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company.
In July, 1901, he was transferred to Cleburne, Tex., as chief clerk to the mechan-
ical superintendent of the Gulf, Colorado and Santa Fe Railway Company. In
August, 1902. he went to Denver as chief clerk for the superintendent of motive
power of the Colorado and Southern. In September, 1903, he returned to Topeka
as general clerk in the store department for the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe.
In Septemlier, 1904, he moved to Douglas, Ariz., and took position as chief clerk
to the superintendent of motive power of the El Paso and Southwestern Rail-
way Conipan.y. In October, 1906, he was transferred to El Paso, Tex., in the
same capacity for the same road, in which position he still continues.

* Except i. who was born in Syracuse, N. Y.
t Initial only.



i. Margaret Laura, b. Feb. 27, 1906.

834. John William Trowbridge {Edward .-1.^="", John-"''', Elisha'^''', Caleb^-'',
CaleV^'-, James^'>\ William'""', Thomas^), bom August 18, 1870, in Keokuk, Iowa;
died August 1, 1900, in Englewood, N. J. ; married January 24, 1891, in Newfield,
N. Y.. Mildred Stamp, daughter of Jonathan D. and Mary (Miller) Stamp, born
September 10, 1871, in Newfield. She married, second, A. G. Marion and resides
in Brooklyn, N. Y.

John W. Trowbridge was from 1895 until his death one of the leading news-
paiier artists of New York. He was art manager of the New York World,
manager of the art department of the New York Journal and American, and art
director of the New York Herald. He was one of the pioneers of color work as
applied to the Sunday newspapers and his work was well known on the Pacific
coast through the columns of the Anaconda (Mont.) Standard.

i. John Stamp, b. Dec. 15, 1892, in New York City.

ii. Harold Crooks, b. Aug. 10. 1894. in New York City.

iii. Leigh, b. Nov. 3. 1'890 ; d. Dec. IS. 1900, in Englewood, N. J.

iv. Helen, b. Nov. 3, 1898, in Englewood.

835. Edward Caleb TROwBRiDfiE (John C. '■'">, Caleh-''^, Elisha^">, Calel"^
Caleh'^'''''; Ja»les"'^ William^'^"'. Thomas^), born November 21. 1871, in Elk town-
ship, in Tioga county. Pa.; resides in Gaines township (Marshfleld P. O.). Pa.;
married September 2, 1896, in Elmira, N. Y., Phebe Anna Mourey, daughter of
John Saunders and Eliza Irene (Toles) Mourey, born August 24, 1869, in Little
Marsh, Pa.

Edward C. Trowbridge was bom at the home of his grandfather. Dr. John
Maynard, his parents' home at the time being in Clymer township, Tioga county,
Pa., and was seven years old when his father died. He then lived with his
maternal grandmother and attended the conunon schools, later going to the
AVilliamsport high school. He has since devoted his attention to farming and
lumbering and has lived in Gaines to^^mship. Tioga county. He has a farm in
Elk township in that county. He and his wife are members of the Methodist
Episcopal church at Marshfleld, Tioga coimty.


836. Hiram Trowcridge {Isaac W.'^^-'b, Erastus"-"^'^, Sereno-"", CaleV\
CaleV^^, James'">\ William'""', Thomas'^), born May 5, 1862, in Adrian, N. Y.;
resides in Portageville, N. Y.; married September 12, 1885, in Canisteo, N. Y.,
Cora Walrath, daughter of Jacob and Sarah (Walrath) Walrath, bom February
16, 1866, in Dansville, N. Y.

Hiram Trowbridge is a prosperous blacksmith in Portageville, Wyoming
county, N. Y.


837. James Ladroit Trowbridge (Calel D.^". Cyrenus-'''', <S'erc«o"i. Cale'h'^-'',
Cnleh'''^^, James'""', William'""', Thomas'"), bom June 8, 1848, in Howard, N. Y.;
died September 19, 1887, in Birdsall, N. Y. ; married June 3, 1872, in Andover,
X. Y., Amanda Vanrelzor. daughter of Madison and Huldah Maria (Wilcox)
\'anrelzor, born September 1. 1845, in Clarksville. N. Y. She married, second,
June 2. 1901. in Grove, N. Y., Enos Marcellus Halbert,* Esq., and resides in

• Father-in-law of her son.


James L. Trowbridge was a farmer, first in Andover and later in Birdsall,
Allegany county, N. Y.


i. Hattie May, b. May 24, 1S73, in Andover, N. Y. ; m. Dec. 31, 1893, Arba

Palmer Luther and resides in Birdsall, N. Y.
984. ii. Caleb Dee, b. Jan. 20, 1S7.5, in Andover.

iii. Anna Belle, b. July 1, 1879, in Birdsall; m. Mar. 18, 1903, Floyd Baxter

Davis and resides in Andover.

838. Lavern TROWBRrocE (Calvin Z.^^^. Cyrenus"^^, Sereno'^''^, Caleb''-',
Calel'^'-, James'-'^^, Willmm'''">, Thomas^), born February 7, 1862, in Howard,
N. T. ; resides in Wellsville, N. Y. ; married February 8, 1892, in Wellsville,
Minnie L. Dunn, daugliter of Eobert and Madeline (Cook) Dunn, born November
4, 1876, in Wellsville.


i. Pauline S., b. , 1894.

ii. Freida C, b. , 1899.

iii. Laura M., b. , 1901.

839. Robertson F.\y Trowbridge (Byron H.^'^, Cyrenus^^^, Sereno'''"-, Caleh'-',
CaleVK Jnmes^"\ William^'"', Thomas'), born July 12, 1858, in Howard, N. Y.;
resides in Homellsville, N. Y. ; married September 18, 1884, in Dansville, N. Y.,
Hattie Wliiteman,t daugliter of Samuel Whiteman.

Robertson F. Trowbridge is a grocer in Horuellsville, N. Y.


840. Ray Trowbridge (Byron ^.5»^ Cyreniis''^^, Sereno''", Caleh'-\ Caleh"\
James'°'\ William""', Thomas''), born Februai-y 26, 1862, in Anderson, N. Y.;
resides in Homellsville, N. Y. ; married, first, February 26, 1883, Emma

( ) Cook, who died February 3, 1892, in Homellsville. He married,

second. May 30, 1894, Ida Hallett.f

Ray Trowbridge is a locomotive engineer on the Erie railroad. He resides
in Homellsville, N. Y.


841. James Trowbridge (Byron H.^^°. Cyrenus-^", Sereno''". Calel'-'',
Caleb'", James'"^, William"''', Thomas''), bom January 20, 1865, in Howard,
N. Y. ; resides in Homellsville, N. Y. ; married September 6, 1885, in Dunkirk,
N. Y., Fene Vandervelt ?.t

James Trowbridge is in the livery business in Homellsville, N. Y.


842. WiLLL4M Ellsworth Trowbridge (Erastus B.''*", Cyrenus-^^, Sereno''"-,
Caleb'", Caleb'"-, James"'\ William.""', Thomas'), bom March 29, 1862, in
Wellsville, N. Y. ; resides in Alameda, Cal. ; married February 22, 1888, in Wells-
ville, Emily Selvina Rosell, daughter of Philander and Emily (Holly?) Rosell,
born November 20, 1849, in Bingham. Pa.; died January 20, 1894, in Wellsville.

William E.' Trowbridge is a caqjenter and joiner by trade. He lives at present
in Alameda, Cal.


• Their father failed to send complete records,
t He failed to answer the compiler's letters.


843. James Cyrenus Tkowbridge {Erastus B.^*", Cyreniis-^^, Sereno^'^,
Caleb''-', Caleb''', James'"'-', William"">, Thomas'), bom August 12, 1871, in

All'red, N. Y. ; resides in Wellsville, N. Y. ; married , 1904, in

Wellsville?, Ehea Taylor.

James C. Trowbridge is a fanner and teamster in Wellsville, N. Y.*

843a. Caleb Burl Trowbridge (Eraslus BJ"*", Cyrenus'^^^, Sereno'''', Caleb'-'',
Caleb"'. James'"'-', William"">, Thomas'), bom October 26, 1873, in Alfred,
N. Y. ; resides in Wellsville, N. Y. ; married November 17, 1896, in
Andover, N. Y., Marion Kellogg.

Caleb B. Trowbridge is a carpenter in Wellsville, N. Y.*

844. Dell Hamilton Teowbkidge {Joseph B.'-", Cyrenus-^^, Sereno''",
Caleb''-'', Caleb'", James'-"'', William'"", Thomas'), born August 5, 1865, in
Howai-d, N. Y. ; resides in Prattsburgh, N. Y. ; married July 24, 1883, in
Hornellsville, N. Y., Kosa May Jobnson, daughter of Ralph and Sarah Ann
(WiUiins) Johnson, bom Jvuie IS, 1863, in Burns, N. Y.

Dell H. Trowbridge is a farmer in Prattsburgh, N. Y.


i. Jay Earl, b. Jan. 5, ]SS5, in Elm Valley, N. Y.
ii. Ralpu Leo, b. Mar. 0, 1803, in Hornellsville, X. Y.
iii. Hawley Pettibone, b. Mar. 15, ISOO, iu Hornellsville.

845. Prosper Franklin Trowbridge (Enfus'^'-''^, Pro.sper''"'-', Eiifus''"^, Keeler''-^,
Caleb"'-, James'"'-', ^Yilliam'"", Thomas'), bom January 27, 1865, in Waterloo,
Iowa ; resides near Decatur, Neb. ; married January 16, 1890, in Pittsburgh, 111.,
Mary Eliza Hull, daughter of John Wyatt and Lucy Jane (Ferguson) Hull, born
August 10, 1871, in Hopkins, Mo.

Prosper F. Trowbridge has been engaged in fanning all his life. He is at
present following that occupation near Decatur, Neb. He is a Republican in
politics and a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church.


i. Edna Jane, b. Oct. 5, 1890.

ii. LuvERNiE Joyce, b. June 1, 1802.

iii. WvATT Hull, b. Oct. 26, 1803.

iv. JouN KuFUS, b. Dec. 20, 1895.

V. Clara Amy, b. Oct. 2, 1807.

vi. Ray Hull, b. Alar. 14, 1000.

vii. Arthur Hull, b. Jan. 20. 1002.

viii. James Tkomas, b. June 20, 1004.

ix. KuBY Henrietta, b. Mar. 30, 1007.

846. Social Sheridan Trowbridge {BMfus'f'", Prosper""", Buftis'''', Keeler'-^,
Caleb"', James'"-'-, 'WilUam'"", Thomas'), born Januaiy 21, 1867, in Waterloo,
Iowa; resides in Wilsonville, Neb.; married June 3, 1897, in Beaver City, Neb.,
Mary Lydia (ilelroy) Rodfern. widow of .John Michael Eedfern of Exeter, Neb.,
and daughter of William and Lucinda (AA'riglit) !Melroy, bom May 19, 1S66, in
Eedrock, Iowa.

Social S. Trowbridge is engaged in farming near Wilsonville, Fumas county.

Online LibraryFrancis Bacon TrowbridgeThe Trowbridge genealogy. History of the Trowbridge family in America (Volume 3) → online text (page 62 of 115)