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i. Theodore Parker, b. Sept. 4. 1SS7.

ii. Lucy JLvrcia, b. Dec. 20, 1888.

iii. Stuart .Johnston, b. Aug. 24, 1S91.

864. Paul Jones Trowbridge {John C'.-'", C'alvin^^", Seeley^<'\ Selli'''^,
SamueV-''-^, Samuel'^''*, V,' ilUain'^'"' , Thomas^), born December 2, 1856, in Mapleton,
Wis.; resides in Milwaukee, Wis.; married December 29, 1884, in Milwaukee,
Mary Jane Grace.*

Paul J. Trowbridge has always been engaged in farming. He settled after his
marriage in Alexandria, S. D., and is now living near Milwaukee, Wis.

children born in ALEXANDER, S. D. :

i. John Calvin, b. Aug. 7, 1886.
ii. Edward Paul, b. Sept. 30, 1889.

865. Olh^er Augustus Trowbridge (Eli A.^^-, Eli^'^'>, Eli^^^, Seth"^,
Samael^^^, SamaeP"*, WjHwhi"", Thomas^), born June 26, 1846, in Coventry,
N. Y. ; resides in Minneapolis, Minn.; married June 10, 1869, in Louisville, Ky.,
Jane C. White.*

Oliver A. Trowbridge has lived in Binghamton, N. Y., Jackson, Mich., and
Kansas City, Mo. He is at present bookkeeper for a grain concern in Minne-
apolis, Minn.

child born in binghamton, n. y. :
i. Daisy Anna, b. Feb. 5. 1873.

866. Oliver Adin Trowbridge (Oliver'^'', Samuel E.^-*, DanieP^^, Seth"^,
SamueP''^^, Samuel'^''*, WiJliam^'"', Tlwmas^), bom October 17, 1855, in Dearborn,
Mich.; resides in Dearborn; married December 25, 1879, in Dearborn, Grace
Cozbey, daughter of John and Mary (Campbell) Cozbey, born August 7, 1859, in

Oliver A. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in his native place. Dearborn,


i. Russell Adin, b. Dec. G, 1880.
ii. Elmer James, b. May 25, 1882.

S66a. Frank Trowbridge (./. irarj-en-^"", Samuel E.'-'-*, Baniel^^'^, Seth"^,
Samtiel'-^^, Samuel'-''*, William'^'"', Tliomas'-), bom September 5, 1871, in Taylor,
Mich.; resides in Dearborn (Inkster P. O.), Mich.; married July 3, 1904, in
Windsor, Ontario, Canada, Cyntliia Brown, daughter of William and Matilda
(Bates) Brown, born March 4, 1879, in Millington, Mich.

Franlv Trowbridge is a street car man in Wayne county, Mich. His address
is Inkster, Mich.

NO children.

• He failed to answer the compiler's letters.


866b. Samuel Trowbridge (/. Warren^^", Samuel E.^-\ Daniel"-^", Seth"^,
SamueP^^, Samuel^"*, William^'^'', Thomas^), born September 1, 1882, in Taylor,
Midi.; resides in Dearborn (Inkster P. O.), Mich.; married February 16, 1905,
in Dearborn, Mollie xlmelia Steinhauer, daughter of Frederick and Sophia
(Kienle) Steinhauer, born November 1.3, 1871), in Nankin, Mich.

Samuel Trowbridge is a farmer in Dearborn, Mich.


i. Hazel Steinbaueb, b. Jan. 24, 1908.

867. Charles Walter Trowbridge (Zenas R.^^^, Daniel^-^, Daniel^^^, Seth'^^^,
Samiiel^^^, SamueP"*, WilUain''^'"', Thomas^), born January 22, 1855, in Hudson,
Ohio ; resides in Fairfield, Iowa ; married June 18, 1902, in Fairfield, Daisy
Estella Chester, daughter of Simpson Joseph and Olive (Hendricks) Chester,
born October 10, 1874, in Fairfield.

Charles W. Trowbridge was graduated from Western Reserve University in
1876. He then traveled for the United States Mercantile Reijorting Company.
He later was connected with the Headstrom Coal Company in Chicago, 111.
He is at present jjroprietor of the Leggett House in Fairfield, Iowa. While in
college he was elected a member of the Delta Kapi^a Epsilon fraternity.


868. Dr. Frank Logax Trowbridge (OUver<'<'\ NoUe^", Oliver'-^'', 8eth^^\
SamueP^^, Samuel^"', ]YiUiam^"'', Thomas^), born June 5, 1851, in Great Bend,
Pa. ; died August 16, 1886, in Chicago, 111. ; married June — , 1871, in Chicago,

Alicia Aikens, daughter of John Aikens, born , 1850, in Scotland. She

married, second, .

Frank L. Trowbridge was graduated from Jefferson Medical College, Phila-
delphia, Pa., in 1871. He located in Chicago, 111., where he practiced his
profession until his death.


869. Frederick Goodrich Trowbridge (Grant £.""*, Nohle^-'', Oliver^^'',
Seth''^\ SamueP'^ Samuel^'>\ William^'"', Thomas^), bom June 16, 1854, in
Great Bend, Pa.; resides in Great Bend; married October 25, 1876, in Great
Bend, Evelyn Eugenia Banker, daughter of Andrew and Helen (Lines) Banker.

Frederick G. Trowbridge was educated in the public schools of Great Bend,
Pa., and Binghamton, N. Y. He became a partner with his father in wagon
manufacturing, the firm being G. B. Trowbridge & Son, and the business was
carried on until the death of his father caused it to be discontinued. He was
appointed postmaster at Great Bend under President Harrison. He was relieved
(jf tliis office under Cleveland, but was re-appointed under McKinley and is still
holding his postmastership.

children born in great bend, pa. :

i. Helen Lore, b. Mar. 20, 1878; m. Apr. 16, 1002, Francis Gilman Stone and

resides in Curwensville. Pa.
ii. Florence M.-vt, b. Mar. 8, 1883.
iii. Grace E\'ELYN, b. Nov. 7, 1S87.
iv. Ruth, b. June 10, 1891.
V. Grant Wiloam. b. Jan. 18, 1901.

870. Herbert Lee Trowbridge (Grant B.<"'\ Nohle^-\ Oliver^"-, Seth^^K
SamtieP'^'', SamueP"*. W ilUam'''"' , Thomas'^), bom July 1, 1856, in Great Bend,
Pa.; resides in Binghamton, N. Y. ; married September 1.3, 1882, in Strouds-
burgh. Pa., Lizzie Adele Baker, daughter of William T. and Susan (Pi-edmore)
Baker, born May 18, 1859, in Stroudsburgh.


Herbert L. Ti-owbridge was educated in the public schools of Great Bend, Pa.,
and Franklin, N. Y. He then took a clerkship with P. H. Lines & Co., shoe
dealers in Great Bend. In 1S91 he became a traveling salesman for Goff, Crary,
Smith & Co., a Bingiiamton, X. Y., shoe house, with which concern he continued
until it went out of business in 190G. He then took a similar position with the
shoe house of Hurd & Fitzgerald of Utica, IST. Y., with which he is at present
connected. He resides in Binghamton, N. Y.


i. LiNA Bell, b. Nov. 22, 1SS5.
ii. Marguerite, b. Oct. 19, ISSS.
iii. Elizabeth Adele, b. Sept. 21, 1903.

871. WiLLUM Grant Trowbrdjge {Grant B.'"'\ Nohle'-'-', Oliver^"'', Seth^^\
Samuel'-'-^, Samuel"*, William'-'"', Thovias^), born March 7, 18C1, in Great Bend,
Pa. ; resides in Binghamton, N. Y. ; married January 12, 1S86, in Binghamton,
Emilie Brass, daughter of Charles and Anna (Bay) Brass, born Xovember 26,
1S5S, in Bremen, Genmany.

William G. Trowbridge received his education in the public schools of his
native town, Great Bend, Pa. He removed to Binghamton, IST. Y., where he has
since resided. He there successively held clerkships in the office of E. A. Ford, a
coal dealer, and in the freight office of the Erie Railroad Company. He was for
the next seventeen years in the office of Charles E. Lee, a dealer in building mate-
rial, and then became clerk with J. W. Ballard & Co., wholesale dealers in the
same line of business. In 1906 he entered the office of the Nineteen Hundred
Washer Company, and is at present its auditor and head bookkeeper.


i. Anna Love, b. July 1, 1887 ; d. Aug. 8, 1S8S.
ii. Edna Louise, b. Jlay 8, 1891 ; d. June 11, 1891.

872. Lyman Augustus Trowbridge (Amasa 1.^°", Lyman^-^, Oliver^^'', Seth^^"^,
SamueP"-^, Samuel^"*, William'""', Thomas^), born March 29, 1834, in Great Bend,
Pa. ; died August 20, 1862, in Newark, N. J. ; mai-ried Februai-y 22, 1855, in
Newark, Adrianna Banl^er (Dean) Allen, widow of Emory Addison Allen of
Newark and daughter of Daniel and Mai-y (Wade) Dean, born August 20, 1824,
in Newark; died March 1, 1865, in Newark.

Lyman A. Trowbridge remained on his father's fami in Great Bend, Pa., until
he was twenty-one. He then went to Newark, N. J., to leani the hatter's trade.
His health had always been delicate and he died there seven years later.


990. i. William Henry, b. Jan. 26, 1S5S.

ii. Harriet Amelia, b. Oct. 20, ISGl ; d. JIar. 1, 1884, in Newarli ; unm.

873. Theodore Burr Trowbridge (Amasa TS'"'', Lymaii^-^, Oliver^^', Seth'^^^,
Samuel'''^ Samuel'^''^ William^'>°. Thomas^), born December 23, 1837, in Great
Bend, Pa. ; died June 24, 1897, in Sodus, N. Y. ; married January 14, 1862. in
Sodus, Emily Jane Wilcox, davighter of Durfee and Samautha (Welles)
Wilcox, bom May 5, 1839, in Alton, N. Y. She resides in Sodus.

Theodore B. Trowbridge was on his father's farm until he came of age and then
went to Sodus Centre, N. Y., where he engaged in farming with an uncle, Azel
Carpenter. He later married and settled in that town as a farmer, o-wning 71
acres. He was popular in his township and county, and held several offices in
them. He was school director for several years, supervisor for eight years and
deputy sheriff for three years. He was a member of Lodge No. 392, F. and A. M.,
of Sodus.



091. i. Mel\in Cakpenter. b. Dec. 17, 1863.

ji. Maude Emma, b. .Tiily 21, ISO"; in. Dec. 3, 1890, William .Samuel Sherman
and resides in Allegan, JJich.

874. William Blair Trowbridge (Amasa J'.""". Lynunv'"''. Oliver^'''', Seih"',
Samuel^", SamueP''*, ]Yilliam.^'"', Thomas^), born March 4, 1852, in Great Bend,
Pa. ; resides in Hallstead, Pa. ; married September 11, 1879, in Hallstead, Eliza
Decker Fisher, daughter of James B. and Effie Ann (McVey) Fisher, bom
February 20, 1S4.3, in Port Jervis, N. Y.

William B. Trowbridge lived on his father's farm until 1870, when he went
to New Jersey and was for one year engaged in railroading. He then came to
the village of Hallstead, Pa., his present residence. He was there engaged as a
teamster for two years and then became a fireman on the Delaware, Lackawanna
and Western railroad, a position in which he has since continued.

Mr. Trowbridge is a member of Lackawanna Lodge, No. 283, B. of L. F. ;
Friendly Hand Lodge, No. 1009, I. O. O. F. ; Anwana Tribe, No. 361, 1. O. E. M.,
and the degree of Pocahontas; and the Railroad Y. M. C. A. He and his wife
are members of the First Presbyterian Church of Hallstead.


i. JlAUDE (adopted)," b. Sept. 25, 1881.
ii. Amasa Thayer, b. Dec. 13, 1882.

875. Henry Price Trowbridoe (Amasa T.^"", Lyman^-^, Oliver^^'', 8eHi^^^,
Samuel''", Samuel"^"*, WillUim''>'>, Thomas'), born May 3, 1858, in Great Bend,

Pa. ; resides in Hallstead, Pa. ; married , 188-, in Hallstead ?, Georgia


Henry P. Trowbridge after reaching his majority worked for a time at the
caqienter's trade. After his marriage he entered the employ of the Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western Railroad Company as a brakeman. He was advanced
to be a locomotive engineer, a position lie at present holds. He resides in
Hallstead, Pa.


i. Leon, b. , 188-.

ii. Edith, b. , 1S8-.

iii. Edna, b. . 18S-.

iv. Cora, b. , 189-.

876. Charles Amasa Trowbridue (Amasa T.""", Lyman^-^. Oliver'^'. Scth''-^,
SamneP''^, Samiien"*. W>Uiam''">, Thomas^), born June 16, 1862, in Great Bend,
Pa.; resides in Great Bend township, (Hallstead P. O.), Pa.; married April 2,
1885, in Great Bend, Josephine Mericle, daughter of Henry and Margaret
(Smith) Mericle, born August 20, 1861, in Great Bend.

Chai'les A. Trowbridge was brought up on his father's fann in Great Bend,
Pa., and is at present engaged in farming there. Lie was elected supervisor of
Great Bend township in 1889 for a tenn of three years. In 1893 he was judge of
election and in 1894 and 1899 he was inspector of election on the Republican


i. Florence Elizabeth, b. .Tune 3. 1886.
ii. Lawrence FIenry. b. Dec. 27. 1893.

* She was .i daughter of Byrnn and Elizabeth (Fisher) Greene.
t He failed to answer the compiler's letters.


877. Chester Munson Trowbridge (Charles Z?.""*", Lyman^'^^, Oliver^^'',
Se/'/i"', Samuel^", Samue?"'', William'^'"', Thomas'^), bom Au^st 21, 1841, in
Great Bend, Pa.; resides in Findlay, Ohio; married August 31, 1869, in
Couneaut, Ohio, Betsey Isabelle Gihnan,* daughter of Henry Francis and
Lydia (Page) Gihnan, born November 13, 1846, in Haverhill, Mass.

Chester M. Trowbridge is an oil contractor and resides in Findlay, Ohio.


992. i. CUARLES llEXitY, b. .Tune 29, 1870.

ii. Lillian Editu, b. Jan. 28, 1872; in. Oct. 12. 1892, George W. Minp.sinKer

and resides in Findlay, Ohio,

iii. Xellik Mae, b. Aug. 29, 1874.

iv. Hauhy Burton, b. Nov. 30. 1877 ; is a tool dresser in Findlay ; unm.

V. Elmer Chester, b. Oct. 6, 1879 ; is a tool dresser in Findlay.

vi. Clara Ione, b. Apr. 0, 1883.

878. Charles Eansom Trowbridge {Cliarles H.""'', Lymam?-^, Oliver'^^'',
Seth^^^, Samuel^^^, Samuel^^-'^, Willimn'^'"', 2'homas'-), born July 24, 1846, in
Tioga, Pa.; resides in Findlay, Ohio; married April 13, 1871, in Coruieaut,
Ohio, Julia Marie Gilman,'.j: daughter of Henry Francis and Lydia (Page)
Gihnan, born April 15, 1850, in Conneaut.

Charles E. Trowbridge is engaged in oil production and resides in Findlay,

children :

i. Lena May. b. .Tan. 31. 1873, in Shamburg. I'a. ; m. Jan. 11, 1808, Harlan P.

Cherry and resides in Marion, Ohio,
ii. Fr.vnk Henry, b. Jlay 20. 1875, in Millerstown, Pa.; is an oil pumper;

resides with his father ; xnim.

878a. Prentiss Sabin Trowbridge (Sabin, JI.^^", Augustus'''-^, Oliver'^^'',
Seth^"'>, iSamuel"\ Samuel^"*, ^yiUiam^^'>, Thomas^), bom June 24, 1878, in Lee
Centre, 111. ; resides in St. Louis, Mo. ; married June 27, 1906, in St. Louis,
Alice Bayha Bland, daughter of John Henry and Elizabeth Shaw (Bayha)
Bland, born January 30, 1879, in St. Louis.

Prentiss S. Trowbridge is superintendent of the Hj'draulio Press Brick
Company in St. Louis, Mo.


878b. Charles Waterbury Trowbridge (Sahin IJ."'', Augvstus^-^, Oliver'^",
Seth^^^, Samiiel"-\ Samuel^"*, ^yiUiam^'">, Thoina.'^^), born Februaiy 26, 1881, in
Lee Centre, 111. ; resides in St. Louis, Mo. ; married November 3, 1905, in
Belleville, 111., Bertha E. McNamec, daughter of Edward McNamee.

Charles W. Trowbridge was a soldier in the Spanish-American War. He
enlisted May 24, 1898, in the 5th United States Cavalry and was sent to Porto
Rico, where he rose to be a non-conunissioned officer. He is in the jewelry busi-
ness with J. F. Dailey in St. Louis, Mo., and resides in that city.

child bokn in st. louis, xro. :
i. Alfred ChaI!Les. b. July 14, 1000.

879. Eeubex Hch, brook Trowbridge (7?''i/?<r;("'", Angiishis"-^. OJiver''^^~,
Srm^-^, Sa,mueP'^'\ Srrmiicl^o*, Wil]iam^<">, Thomas''), born July 18, 1858, in
Eldena, HI.; resides in McCook, Neb.; married April 8, 1882. in McCook, Ella
McManigal, daughter of Vance and Martha (Enyeart) McManigal, bom April 8,
1863, in Liberty Mills, Ind.

Reuben H. Trowbridge i.s railroailing. TTc lives in ^NfcCook, Neb.

* A sister of the wife of his brother No. S7S.

t i and iii born In Conneaut, Ohio ; Ii in West Freedom, Pa. ; iv in Millerstown, Pa. ; v
in Olean, N. Y. : vi in Bolivar. N. Y.

t A sister of the wife of his brother No. 877.



i. Eakl Austin, b. Apr. 24, 1883.

ii. Ruby Zenoeia, b. Jan. 20, 1880 ; d. Oct. 15, 1892.

iii. Trixie IjAvera, b. Apr. 27, 1888.

iv. Dora May, b. Mar. 1, 1890.

V. Noble Augustus, b. Nov. 19, 1892.

vi. Reuben Vance, b. June 8. 1893; d. Oct. 11, ISO.'i.

vii. Martha Bierce. b. Sept. IT, 1894.

viii. Homer Calvin, b. Jan. 0, 1890.

880. Henry Bradford Trowbridge (Renhen''^^, Augustus''-^, Oliver''-^', Seth"^,
Samuen'^", Samueno^ }Yinunn'""'. Thomas''), bom March 16, 1860, in Eldena,
111. ; resides in Eldena (Dixon P. O.) ; married November 23, 1886, in Dixon,
Emma Hoyle, daughter of Alexander and Caroline (Yonts?) Hoyle, bom
November 8, 1863, in Eldena.

Henry B. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in his native place, Eldena, 111.,
about six miles soiitli of Dixon, 111. He enlisted in the Illinois National Guard
June 8, 1890, and was promoted to second lieutenant in Company G, 6th Eegi-
ment, I. N. G. He served in Cuba during the Spanish-American War.

child born in eldena, ill. :

i. Carrie JIae, b. Dec. 19, 1887.

881. Austin Lee TROWBRrooE (Eeuhen"^^, Augustus^-", Olirer^^'', Seth^^^,
SamueP^\ SamuePo\ William^'"', Thomas^), bom March 26, 1868, in Eldena,
111. ; resides in Dixon, 111. ; married September 3, 1896, in Chicago, 111., Mamie
Kennedy Martin, daughter of Neal Kennedy and Cornelia (Brown) Martin,
born February 10, 1870, in Chicago.

Austin L. Trowbridge was brought up on his fathers farm in Eldena, 111. He
studied stenography and entered the employ of the Missouri Pacific Railway
Company. He is at present and has been for several years past traveling freight
agent for that road. His headquarters have been at Denver and Salt Lake City
and are now at Chicago. He resides in Dixon, 111.


i. Neal Austin, b. June 20, 1897, in St. Louis, Mo.
ii. Lee Reuben, b. Jnl.v 22, 1900, in Denver, Colo,
iii. Ray Martin, b. Jan. 2, 1907, in Dixon, 111.

882. Nelson Bradford TROWBRrocE (Henry ^1."^=, Augustus^-^, Oliver''^'',
Setli^^^, Samuel^''^, Samuel'-''*, Willmm'^'"', Thomas'''), bom November 23, 1854,
in Ophir township, La Salle county, 111.; resides in Hunter, Kan.; married
November 21, 1881, in Linneus, Mo., Ella Blackburn, daughter of Manassa and
Sarali (Cassity) Blackburn, born February 28, 1853, in Sullivan county. Mo.

Nelson B. Trowbridge when fourteen years of age went with his parents to
Linn county. Mo. He settled after his marriage in Hunter, Kan., where he has
since been engaged in the general mercantile business. He has held the office
of postmaster there since its establishment in 1902.


883. Noble Henry Trowbridge {Henry AS'''-. Augusttis^-^, Oliver^^~, SeUi> - ^,
Samuel'-'^'', Samuel'-'''^, William^'"', Thomas''-), born September 2, 1857, in Ophjr
township. La Salle county. 111. ; died December 3, 1906, in Eogers, Ark. ; married
April 7, 1878, in Linneus, Mo., Susie Smith, daughter of Drury and Eebecca

(Bledsaw) Smith, born , 1859, in Unionville, Mo. She resides in

Woodward, Okla.


Noble H. Trowbridge went in boyhood with his parents to Linn county. Mo.
He lived there for a few years after his marriage and then removed to Oklalioma.
Early in 1906, for the sake of his health, he went to Eogers, Ark., where he died
in December of that year. He was a farmer and blacksmith.


i. Ira, b. , 1S8-.

ii. Augustus, b. . 1S8-.

iii. Eva, b. • , 18S-.

iv. Frederick, b. , 1S8-.

88-1. Elmer Scott TROWBRrocJE {Henry .4."'-, Augustus^-^, Ollver^^'^, Seth^^^,
SamueV^, Samuel^"*, ^Yilliam'^'>'>, Thomas^), born March 7, 18G1, in Ophir towai-
sliip, La Salle county. 111. ; resides in Braynier, Mo. ; married, first, February
1, 1882, in Meadville, Mo., Belle Thomas, daughter of William and Sarah (Hisel)
Thomas, born April 10, 18G1, near Louisville, Ivy.; died February 15, 1888, in
Jackson township, Linn county, Mo. He married, second, November 16, 1898,
in Brookfield, Mo., Anna Elizabeth (Busby) Suits, widow of Dr. Hiram Suits
of Cunningham, Mo., and daughter of William and Mary (Mclntyre) Busby,
born December 24, 1854, in Aurora, Ind.

Elmer S. Trowbridge went in boyhood with his parents to Linn county. Mo.
He settled in that county after his marriage and was engaged in farming there
until 1890. The next four years he followetl the canienter's trade. He then
learned photography and was engaged in that business in Linn county until the
spring of 1898, when he went with his brother Frederick to Hale, Carroll county,
Mo. Oh November 1, 1899, he came to Braymer, Mo., his present residence,
where he is a photographer. He has recently erected a two-story brick business
building on Main street, and occupies the upper story as his studio. He owns a
pleasant home two blocks from Main street.


By first marriage:*
i. Alice Alta, b. Dec. 22. 1SS2, in Gransvillc ; m. May 8, 1907, Harley Hugins
Curtis and resides in Jleadville, Mo.
903. ii. William Henry, b. .Tune 1, 1880, in Jackson.

885. John Frederick Trowbridge (Henry A.'^^-, Amiustus''-^, Oliver'^^',
Sethy^^, SamueU^\ Samuel^"*, William'">°, Thomas''), born December 20, 1863, in
Ophir township, La Salle county, 111.; resides in Hale, Mo.; married October
15, 1890, in Linn county. Mo., Mattie Louisa Alexander, daughter of George Gore
and Annie Isabelle (Northcott) Alexander, born May 9, 1868, in Linn county.

John F. Trowbridge came in 1868 with his parents to Linn county, Mo. He
was engaged in fanning there until the spring of 1898, when he came with his
brother Elmer to Hale. Mo., wdiere he has since been a photographer. He owais
a farm in Linn county and a photograph gallery in Hale.


i. Earl Augustus, b. Oct. 28, 1892.
ii. Ray Alexander, b. Dec. 29. 1804.
iii. Ethel May, b. Nov. 13, 1897.

886. Wilbur Eugene Trowbridge (Lyman B."^, Augusius^-^, Oliver'''^'',
Seth'"'-'; Samuel'^'', Samuen"*. William.^'"'. Thomas^), bom April 24, 1857, in
Amboy township, Lee county, 111. ; resides in Dixon, 111. ; married December 29,
1885, in Oregon, 111., Anna Prudence Kested, daughter of James Bouten and
Eebecca Ann (Plantz) Kested, born November 22, 1857, in Tribes Hill, N. Y.

* No children by second marriage.


Wilbur E. Trowbridge was bom on a farm in Lee county, 111. His mother
died when he was an infant. He lived with his father's brothers until he was six
years old and then went to live with his maternal grandparents in Vinton, Iowa.
At the age of twenty-two he entered the U. S. army, enlisting June 25, 1879, in
Company D, 17th U. S. Infantry. He was promoted corporal Janiiai-y 27, 1882,
and sergeant Jauuai-y DO, 1884. He was stationed at Fort Yates, Dakota Terri-
tory, with 8,000 Indians, and was there at the time of Sitting Bull's surrender
and had charge of that chief as a prisoner. lie was discharged after five years'
service June 25, 1884. He married the following year and is now engaged in
fanning in Nelson township, near Dixon, 111. ,


i. Guy James Benjamin, b. Aug. 27, 1886.
ii. William IIorton, b. Nov. 7, 18!)0.
iii. Claude Euuene, b. Oct. 19, 1893.

887. Henry Howard Trowbuidge (Lyman BS'^', Augustus''-^, Oliver'^'^',
(S'e^7l"^ Samuel''", Samiiel'^''*, William''"', Thomas'), born March 4, 1SG9, in
Canyon City, Ore. ; resides in Izee, Ore. ; married January 31, 1900, in Izee,
Minnie M. Laughlin, daughter of Eobert and Sarah (Magill) Laughlin, born
October 12, 1879, in The Dalles, Ore.

Henry H. Trowbridge lived from boyhood until after he came of age with his
uncle Bradford C. Trowbridge. He is now settled as a stock raiser and dealer in
Izee, Ore.


888. Edgar Church Trowbridge (Ira C'."', Henry'-''-"', Oliver"'', Scth'-'^,
Sa-muel"-^, Samuel"'*, William'""', Thomas'), born April 0, 1853, in Woodstock,
Til.; resides in Waseca, Minn.; married May 29, 1901, in Sacramento, Cal., Belle
Stratton, daughter of William C. and Margaret (Le Noir) Stratton, born
in Santa Barbara, Cal.

Edgar C. Trowbridge came at the age of thirteen years with his parents to
Waseca. ]\Iinn., where he has since made liis home. He was engaged in the hard-
ware business there for several years and is now president of the Peoples State
Bank in Waseca.


889. George Orlando Trowbridge (James 0.^-°, Barlow S.^"', A'braham'-^^,
John"'*, Samuel"'-, Samuel'"*, William""', Thomas'), bom April 11, 1856, in
New Fairfield, Conn.; resides in Hyde Park, N. Y. ; married August 19, 1882,
in Pleasant Valley, N. Y., Jennie Dean Frost,* daughter of Andrew and Priscilla
(Frost) Sitzer, bom March 1, ISfiS, in Rock City, N. Y. ; died May 21, 1906, in
Hyde Park.

George O. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to Poughkeepsie, N. Y.
He is a miller and leases the mill kno\vn as the Red Oak mill in Pouglikeepsie
township. He lives in the village of Hyde Park and owns a farm in Lagrange
township. He is a member of Trinity Episcopal Church in Pouglikeepsie and the
Y. P. S. C. E. connected with the church.

♦ Brought up l)y her materual grandmother and took her name.


890. Frank Wilgus Trowbridge (Charles 5.""^, Ephraim B.^^-, Abraham'^'*'',
John^^*, SamueV-'^^, Samuel^"*, William'^'''', Thomas'^), bom November 27, 1874,
in Decorah, Iowa ; resides in Minneapolis, Minn. ; married May 16, 1900, in
Minneapolis, Clara Luella Lunt, daughter of James Albert and Mary Anne
(Roberts) Lunt, boru February 2, 1878, in Panora, Iowa.

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