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Frank W. Trowbridge is engaged in the plumbing, steam fitting and gas fitting
business in Minneapolis, Minn.


i. Rot Bukr, b. Feb. 21, 1904.

890a. Smith Cottrell Trowbridge (Charles B.'^ - ^, Ephraim BJ'^-, Ahraham^^^,
John^^\ Samuel^^", Samuel^o\ William^'>o, Thomas'), bom August 28, 1880, in
Mankato, Minn. ; resides in Minneapolis, Minn. ; married June 20, 1905, in
Minneapolis, Hilma Y. Lindstrand.

Smith C. Trowbridge is a glazier in Minneapolis, Minn.


i. Stanley Clifford, b. Oct. 31, 190(1

891. Charles Willum Trowbridge (Samuel 4."-=, Truman''^*, Beuhen'^^^,
John'^\ Samuel"^, Samuel'^*, WiUiam^'"'. Thomas'), born September 14, 1851,
in Danbury, Conn. ; died August 25, 1873, in Danbury ; married July 23, 1873, in
Danlniry, Ella Sturdevant Taylor, daughter of James Seeley and Sarah Lyon
(Sturilevant) Taylor, born October 30, 1853. in Danbury. She married, second,
September 4, 1877, in Danbury, Eugene Jlattliew Bulkley and resides in Danbui-y.

Charles W. Trowbridge was a hatter in his native town, Danbury, Conn.

KO children.

892. Willl^m Augustus Trowbridge (William E. S. ''-*''. Truman^^*, Eeiihen''^^,
John'^\ Samuel''^, Samuel'"*. William""', Thomas'), born July 28, 1859, in
Chicago, 111.; resides in New York City; married March 23, 1881, in Chicago,
Jessie Susan Foote, daughter of David Augustus and Eliza Moore (Trowbridge
(No. 189, xii)) Foote, born July 15, 1863, in Chicago.

William A. Trowbridge came with his parents in 1872 from Eoekford, 111., to
Cliicago. He attended public school there until he was fourteen years old and
spent the next three years at Miami Yalley Institute, near Dayton, Ohio. In the
fall of 1877 he entered business life, and was connected in a clerical capacity
from that time until 1885 with the firms of Henry Disston & Sons and A. H.
Andrews & Co. in Chicago. From 1885 to 1895 he was a commercial traveler and
was connected with three or four large mercantile houses. In 1895 he became
identified as an advertising representative in the magazine field and in this
connection moved to New York City in May, 1897. He has been connected witli
the leading publications, such as Outino. Review of Be views, Evenjiodijs, and
Appletons, and he at present represents the advertising department of Llarper &
Brothers. He resides in New York City.


i. Douglas Stanley, b. Sept. IG. 1888.

893. Charles TJtter Trowbridge (William E. S."-'^. Tniman^^*. Benhen'^",
John'"*. Samuel'"'. Samuel'"*. William'"".'). born June 20, 1868, in
Rockford, 111.; resides in Indianapolis, Ind. ; married June 19, 1895, in Mil-

* He failed to answer the compiler's letters.


■waukee, Wis., Anna Sabina Davenport, daughter of Charles Bailey and Loretta
(Clarke) Davenport, bom May 21, 1871, in Lena, 111.

Charles U. Trowbridge came in childliood with his parents to Chicago, 111.,
where in due time he attended grammar school. At the age of seventeen he
entered as an apprentice the office of W. W. Boyington, architect. Since that
time the greater part of his life has. been connected with architecture or with
building and contracting concerns. He has resided at different times in Chicago,
Louisville, Ky., and Indianapolis, Ind., the latter being his present residence.


i. Ralph Redington, b. Dec. 2, 1807.

894. Georoe Albro Trowbridge (William i?."^^, Phineas B?-'', Alvali^^",
Bilhj^'^^ SamueP^^, SamueV''\ William'""', Thomas^), bom September 20, 1861,
in Pawling, N. Y. ; resides in South Dover (Wingdale P. O.), N. Y. ; married
March 19, ISOO, in South Dover, Eva Lizzie Dutcher, daughter of George Wash-
ington and Nettie (Hill) Dutcher, born February 9, 1871, in Kingston, N. Y.

George A. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in the to^mship of South
Dover, N. Y.

children BOBN in south DOVER, N. Y. :*

i. William Dutcher, b. June 6, 1S91.

ii. Nettie Ann, b. Mar. 4, 1S94.

iii. Gertrude Wheeler, b. Apr. 29, 1901.

iv. George Crane, b. Jan. 5, 1904.

895. William Sherman Trowbridge (Belden C.«='^ William C.^^", AhaV^'^,
Billy^^\ Samuel^'^", Samuel^''*, William^'"'. Thomas^), bom January 11, 1880, in
Pawling, N. Y. ; resides in Pawling; married June 28, 1905, in Pawling, Mildred
Sabin Warner, daughter of Henry Daniel and Harriet A. (Sabin) Warner, born
February 10, 1882, in Lanesville, Conn.

William S. Trowbridge is connected with the office of the auditor of the New
York Central Railroad Company in Grand Central station. New York City. He
resides in Pawling, N. Y.

child born in pawling, n. t. :
i. Marion Warner, b. June 30, 1906.

896. Clifford Arnold Trowbridge (Belden C.'^'-'^, William C.'''°, Alvah'^^'',
Bilhj^^^, SamueP", Samuel^''*, William'^'"', Thomas^), born September 26, 1881,
in Pawling, N. Y. ; resides in New Milford, Conn. ; married December 29. 190.3,
in New Milford, Maude Serena Hill, daughter of Merritt and Ida (Clark) Hill,
born July 28, 1882. in New Milford.

Clifford A. Trowbridge is engaged in the clothing business in New Milford,

child dorn in new milford, conn. :

i. Jean Campbell, b. Mar. 11, 1900.

897. Harry Lynde Trowbridge (John<'"^'>, John"*", BHhj^^\ Billy^^^ Samuel^^\
Samuel^"*, William'^'"', Thomas'^), born May 12, 1874, in Princeton, 111.; resides
in Chula, Va. ; married April 1, 1899, in Omaha, Neb., Eliza J. Daugherty,
daughter of Oliver and Martha J. (Eobinson) Daugherty, born June 28, 1872, in
Indianapolis, Ind.

* Except i, who was horn in Wnllkil], N. Y.


Harry L. Trowbridge and his brother-in-law S. A. Daugherty comprise the timi
of Trowbridge & Daugherty, proprietors of Millswood stock and dairy faiTa in
Chula, Amelia county, Va., and are breeders and dealers in pedigreed cattle and
hogs. He was a soldier in the Spanish-American War and was wounded during
the battle of El Caney while serving with the 12th U. S. Infantry.


898. Louis Taman TROWBRroc.E (Irvin C'.'=*^ Billy S.^*', Levi"-^-, Billy'-'''^,
SamueP^^, Samuel^"*, William'^'"', Thomas'^), bom August 12, 1866, in Conners-
ville, Ind. ; resides in Kansas City, Mo. ; married October — , 1886, in Douglas
county. Mo., Jane Eogers.

Louis T. Trowbridge is a railway mail clerk and resides in Kansas City, Mo.


i. JlART, b. Aus. 7. 188T.

ii. Cakuie, b. May 12. 1889.

iii. Enola, b. Apr. 7, 1891.

iv. IRWN, b. Oct. 11, 1895.

V. Nellie, b. Jan. 4, 1898.

Ti. C.4.KL. b. June 1. 1901.

899. Carl Yaman Trowbridge (Irvin 0."*^ Billy <S.3«^ Levi^^-, Billy"\
Samuel"", Samuel'^'"'. ^Yillianl^'"', Thomas'^), born August 15, 1872, in Fayette
coimty, Ind. ; resides in Kansas City, Mo. ; married April 18, 1898, in Mansfield,
Mo., Delia Baker.

Carl T. Trowbridge is a railway mail clerk and resides in Kansas City, Mo.


900. Jajies ILvrvey Trowbridge (James L.^^'^, Henry B^^", David^"^,
Daniel^^^, David"*, Joseph^"'", William'-'"', Thomas^'}, born August 15, 1857, in
Washington county, Iowa; resides in Selden, Kan.; married January 18, 1887,
in Eexford, Kan., Martha Stapleton, daughter of Frank and Lucretia (Rogers)
Stapleton, born July 27, 1865, in "West Point, 111.; died October 16, 1906, in
Decatur county, Kan. ' ,

James H. Trowbridge came in early manhood with his parents to Decatur
county, Kan., where he settled after his marriage and engaged in farming. He
is now farming in Selden in the adjoining county of Sheridan.


i. Maude Hazel, b. Nov. 21, 1891.

ii. Alva Wayne, b. Sept. 1. 1895.

iii. Frederick D.,t b. Oct. 26, 1897.

iv. Mabel, b. July 3, 1900.

901. James Henry Trowbridge (Charles "17."°=, Henry B.^^", Davld'^^,
Daniel^^^, David"*, Joseph^'''\ William'^'"', Thomas'-), born July 10, 1818, in
Middletown, Shelby county. Ind. ; resides in Illiopolis, 111. ; married, first,
March 28, 1877, in Maroa, 111., Kate Suver, daughter of Elijah and Catherine
(Burger) Suver, bom January 11, 1848, in Springfield, Ohio; died September

* Except vi. who was born in Mansfield. Mo.
t Initial only.


5, 1881, in Maroa. He married, second, January 1, 1884, in Maroa, Nora
Florence Gaskill, daughter of Silas and Elizabeth (Ford) Gaskill, bom January
26, 1855, in Lebanon, 111.

James H. Trowbridge went in childhood with his parents to Jasper county. 111.
He has always been engaged in farming. He settled after his marriage in Maroa,
Macon county, 111., and lived there until 1892, when he removed to Douglas
county. 111. He lived there three years and one year in Argenta, Macon county,
and tlien came to his present residence, Illiopolis, Sangamon county. 111. He
has been a member of the Methodist Church for many years.

Bp first marriage:*
i. CnAiiLE.s Joseph, b. Feb. 5, 3878.
ii. Ellie Frances, b. Mar. 13, 1881 ; d. Aug. 31, 1881.

902. Charles Henry Trowisiudge {Henry O."^*, Henry B.'^", David'"'-,
Daniel'-^'', David^'^*, Joseph^"', William'^'>'>, Thomas^), born October 26, 1860, in
Edinburgh, Ind. ; resides in Curtisville, Ind. ; married January — , 1891, Maggie

Cliarles H. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in Curtisville, Ind.f

903. George Benson Trowbridge {Henry O.'^-'*, Henry B.^^", David^^^,
Daniel^^^, David^^\ Joseph'^"^, William'""', Thomas^), bom August 3, 1864, in
Greenwood, Ind.; resides in Shelbyville, Ind.; married July 27, 1889, in Shelby-
ville, Lj'dia Jane Walton, daughter of Thompson and Nancy A. (Hardwick)
Walton, born October 26, 1867, in Shelby\alle.$

George B. Trowbridge lives in Shelbyville, Ind., and is engaged in farming.

children born in shelbyville, ind. :

i. Viola A., b. , 1S9-.

ii. Harry M., b. , 1S9-.

iii. Florence B., b. , 1S9-.

904. Edward Alonzo TnowBRroGE {William .4.°^", Joseph 5.^^\ David^^^,
Daniel"", David^'^*, Joseph'^o^, William'""', Thomas^), bom April 3, 1850, in Cin-
cinnati, Ohio ; resides in Ottumwa, Iowa ; married August 24, 1871, in Hamilton,
Ohio, Emma E. Young, daughter of David and Ann Caroline (Trine) Young,
bom March 11, 1850, in Fearnot Mills, Butler county, Ohio.

Edward A. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to the village of
Seven Mile, Butler county, Ohio. He has been since March, 1873, connected
with the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad Company and at present is
chief clerk in the oifice of the master mechanic in Ottumwa, 111.

Mr. Trowbridge was made a Mason in 1872 and for two terms, 1895 and 1896,
was master of Ottumwa Lodge, No. 16, F. and A. M. He and his wife attend
the First Presbyterian Church, of which she is a member.

cniLDREN :

i. Verna, b. May 20, 1872. in Colerain, Ohio: m. Dec. 24, 1S99, Wilbur R.
AdauLs .ind resides in Albany, Mo.
994. ii. Earl, b. .July 7, 1875, in Ottumwa, Iowa.
P94a. iii. Edward Alonzo, b. Apr. 1, 1877, in Ottumwa.

• No children by second marriage.

I He failed to answer the compiler's letters. It is not known whether there are children.

+ He failed to answer the compiler's letters.


905. Walter Allex TROWBRrocE (WiUiam A.^^', Joseph i?.'^^, David^^^,
Daniel"", David>'^*, Joseph'^"'^, William'''"', Thomas'), born May 8, 1853, in Cin-
cinnati, Ohio; resides in Middletown, Ohio; married December 15, 1881, in
Hamilton, Ohio, Mary Ann Heater, daughter of Philip and Mary (Heiter)
Heater, born April 29, 1859, in Seven ]^Iile, Ohio.

Walter A. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to Seven Mile, Butler
county, Ohio. In 1ST3 he began teaching school, and for twenty-seven years
and four months he was engaged in teaching in the country and village schools
of Butler county. In August, 1903, he moved to Middletown, Ohio, and with
his son and others formed a stock company, known as the Strauss Furniture Co.,
complete household furnishers, in which he holds the office of secretary.

Mr. Trowbridge held the position of justice of the peace in St. Clair and Wayne
townships, Butler county, Ohio; was twice elected mayor of the village of Seven
Mile; and was appointed in 1889 county school examiner and served in that
capacity for six years.


995. i. Charles Henry, b. Apr. 2G, 1883.

906. Lewis Henry Trq-wbridge (William A.'^^', Joseph B.^^', David'"^,
Daniel"", David"-*, Joseph'"^, William"">, Thomas'), bom April 19, 1858, in
Alexandria, Ind. ; resides in Ottumwa, Iowa ; married December 4, 1886,
in Davis City, Iowa, Rose Amedia Adams, daughter of John Aaron and Susan
Elizabeth (Harrison) Adams, bom April 11, 1870, in Bethany, Wis.

Lewis H. Trowbridge is a machinist by trade and lives in Ottumwa, Iowa,
where he has made his home since his marriage.


i. Carrie JIay. b. Apr. 27, 1888; m. Nov. 28, 1907, Mark Bernard Crane and

resides in Ottumwa.
ii. Florence Magnolia, b. Oct. 3. 1SS9.
iii. CuEssiE Belle, b. Jan. 1, 1S93 ; d. Aug. IG. 1894.
iv. Susan Elizabeth, b. July 3, 1896 : d. Jan. 17. 1S98.
T. William Alonzo. b. July 17, 1S9S ; d. July 20, 189S.

907. Joseph Archibald Trowbridge (Williain A."^~, Joseph B.^^', David'"^,
Daniel'^", David"*, Joseph""^, William""', Thomas'), bom April 9, 1806, in
Seven Mile, Ohio; resides in San Jose, Cal. ; married June 22, 1892, in San
Jose, Margaret Xorton.f

Joseph A. Trowbridge married and settled in San Jose, Cal., where he has
since resided. He is a bookkeeper for A. W. White.

child bokn in san JOSE, cal. :
i. Joseph Arcuibald, b. , 1S9-.

908. Gilbert Earl Trowbridge (Jasper J. M.""", Joseph B."^'^', David'^\
Daniel'^", David"*, Joseph">'\ Winiam">o. Thomas'), bom June 11, 1878, in
Xewcastle, Ind. ; resides in Chattanooga, Tenn. ; married September 7, 1901, in
Covert, Mich., Fern Lockwood, daughter of Charles E. and Isadore (Cheney)
Lockwood, born October 20, 1883, in Covert.

Gilbert E. Trowbridge grew up in Benton Harbor, Mich., where his mother
made her home after her second marriage. From 1900 to 1903 he was of the firm
of Trowbridge & Xorthrop, manufacturers of "Blue Label" cigars, in that city.
Since 1903 he has followed music as his profession. The instruments he plays

* Except iii. who was born in Davis City. Iowa.
t He failed to answer the compiler's letters.


are the violin, clarionet and trap drum, and he is also a piano tuner. lie played
drums with the Conn Band of Elkliart, lud., during the season of 1905 and the
same insti-uments in the Auditorium Theater in South Bend, Ind., during the
winter season of 1905-6. On October 1, 1906, he came to Chattanooga, Temi.,
his present residence, and is a member of Spence's Band and Cadek's Orchestra
of that city.

Mr. Trowbridge served two years in the 4th Division, of the Michigan State
Naval Brigade, 1900-1, while a. resident of Benton Harbor, where he was honor-
ably discharged. . He .is a member o£the Cigar Makers international Union and
the AmericanFederation of Musicians.' He joined the B. P. O. Elks in 1906 at
South Bend, Ind. ' . . .


909. .George 'Joseph Trowbridge (Georfle W."^^; Archihald'^^, David>^^,
Danicn^", David^^*, Joseph^"^, William'""', Thomas'-), born. January 20, 1S59, in
Cincinnati, Ohio; resides in Cincinnati; married July 11, 1SS6, in Denver,
Colo., Zoe Amy Orr, daughter of Jackson and Elvira Elizabeth (Amy) Orr, born
March 14, 1867, in Boone, Iowa.

George J.' Trowbridge resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is engaged in the stock
brokerage business.

cmxDREN :

i. Maud Rebecca, b. Oct. 13, 1SS7, in Denver, Colo.

ii. Zoe Frances, b. Dec. 12, 1S92, in Denver.

iii. James Our, b. June 10, 1S9C, in Union township, Butler county, Ohio.

iv. Elvira JiIabel, b. Jan. 15, 1899, in Union township.

910. Francis Charles Trowbridge (George W.""^, Archihald^^'^, David^^^,
DanieP^'^, David"*, Joseph^"', William^'"', Thomas';), bom February 11, 1S05, in
Cincinnati, Ohio; resides in Hamilton, Ohio; married, first. October 23, 1889,
in Troy, N. Y., Henrietta Margarura Weed, daughter of Henry Elisha and Phebe
Stone (Marvin) Weed, bom October 20, 1860, in Troy; died June 14, 1890, in
Hamilton. He married, second, June 10, 1896, in Hamilton, Mabel Louise
Berry, daughter of Philip Gilbert and Margaret (Hutchinson) Berry, bom
August 5, 1873, in Terre Haute, Ind.

Francis C. Trowbridge was graduated from Chickering Institute, Cincinnati,
Ohio, in 1883. He then went to the Eensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy,
N. T., where he took a special course of three years in mathematics and chem-
istry. He did not graduate, but left in good standing and could have been
graduated Toy attending another year. He was in the class of 1887. He resides
in Hamilton, Ohio, where he has been with the Black-Clawson Company, paper
and pulp mill machinery, about twenty years, employed in various capacities, and
is now the secretary and treasurer of the concern.

children born in HAMILTON, OHIO :

By second marriage:*
i. Francis Berry, b. Aug. 17. 1901.
ii. Frederick George, b. Oct. 10, 1902.

911. ADOLnius Clark Trowbridge (Benjamin^'^^, Ahner^''^, Samuel^^^,
Daniel'-^^, David"*-, J oseph^-"'-' , William'-'"', Thomas'-), bom January 18, 1867, in
St. Johns, Mich.; resides in Lansing, Mich.; married November 1, 1890,
in Fairfield, Mich., Kate Darling, daughter of Butminster and Mary Susan
(Wells) Darling, bom ^March 27, 1867, in Fairfield.

A. Clark Trowbridge is a mechanic in Lansing, Mich.

• No children by first marriage.

yj^a^cc^oc^ 'XP^ v^^T^r^^>^*<^_^



i. Glynn Iu\nN, b. Nov. 24, 1S92.
ii. Gladys Ava, b. Oct. 29, 189-1.
iii. Floyd AVells, b. Apr. 25, 19U0.

912. Guilford Denm.\n TROWBRroc.E (William"^^, Ahner^^^, Samuel^"^,
Daniel"-"", David^'^*, Joseph""', William"'"', Thomas"-), bom August 21, 1S59, in
Fayette, Ohio; resides in Upper Sandusky, Ohio; married August 3, 1885, in
Fowlerville, Mich., G. Anna K'Burg,* daughter of Henry and Eliza Jane
(Chapman) K'Burg, bom Febmary 23, 1808, in Junction City, Kan.

Guilford D. Trowbridge attended school until 1880. He then learned photo-
graphy from J. O. Converse in Morenci, Mich., and has since been engaged in
business as a photographer. He was in business in Fowlerville, Mich., from 1883
to 189-1, and since then has had a studio in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.


i. Dale Guilford, b. Apr. 5, 1887.

912a. WiLLLMi Edward Trowbridge (Alva i).""**, David^^'', Samuel"-^'^,
Daniel"-^<^, David""^*, Joseph"-"'-, \Y illiam"'"' , Thomas"), born August 2, 1884, in
Waterloo, Ind. ; resides in lola, Kan. ; married January 16, 1906, in lola, Nellie
Noll, daughter of Jacob and Ada Pearl (Simpson) Noll, bom September 22, 1889,
in Benton, Kan.

William E. Trowbridge is a farmer in lola. Kan.


913. WiLLiAJi Sheridan Trowbridge (Amuriah'''"'', Benjamin^^^, Ahner^^'',
Baniel^^^, David""*, Joseph"-"'", William'"'"'', Thomas"), bom March 28, 1859, in
Eochester, Mich.; resides in Detroit, Mich.; married September 12, 1900, in
Godrich. Ontario, Canada, Annie Murray, daughter of Angus and Henrietta
(McDonald) Murray, born June 1, 1864, in Godrich.

William S. Trowbridge for ten years, 1889 to 1899, had charge of the gardens
at the summer home of Hon. Don M. Dickinson in Trenton, Mich. Since 1899
he has been a motorman on the Brush street line of the Detroit United railway
in Detroit, Mich.


914. Moodie Bell Trowbridge (Almond C."'-, JoV'<^", Alner'""', Daniel"-^'^,
David"-"-*, Joseph"-"^, William""", Thomas"-), born January 11, 1874, in Evart,
Mich.; resides in Detroit, Mich.; married October 4, 1899, in Cleveland, Ohio,
Elbe Caroline Walter, daughter of Louis and Catharine (Wolff) Walter, bom
November 1, 1875. in Cleveland.

Moodie B. Trowbridge passed through the grammar and high schools of Evart,
Mich., and at tlie age of sixteen years left home and went to Detroit, Mich., to
learn the jeweler's trade. He is proprietor of a jeweh-y store in the Wayne Hotel
Building in that city.


914a. Charles Wesley TnowBRiDGE (Augustus B.^''^, ShuhaeF^-, Augustin"^^,
Shuhael"''\ David""*, Joseph""^, William""". Thomas"-), born June 17, 1853, in Mt.
Freedom, N. J. ; died December 16. 1893. in Morristown, N. J. ; married

* Name so altered from Kruchenburg by her grandfather when he came from Prussia.


, 187—, in Chester, N. J., Sarali Jano Skellenger, daughter of Charles

W. and Nancy ( ) Skellenger, born in ^Morris county, N. J. She resides

in Los Angeles, Cal.*

Charles W. Trowbridge was a carpenter. While following his trade, he fell
from a building on which he was working in June, 1893, and died from the
effects of injuries he then received, while a patient at the hospital in Morris-
town, ]Sr. J.


i. Cora Mat, b. , 187- ; m. Frank W. Smith and resides in Los Angeles,


ii. Nina Rebecca, b. , 187-.

995a. iii. Frank Hodgson, b. Sept. 3, 1881.

iv. Charles Wesley, b. , 188- ; is an insurance agent in Los Angeles ;

V. George Olu'ER, b. , 188- ; d. in childhood.

914b. John Lewis Trowbridge (AJvah A."'*, Stephen^^^, Augustin^^'^,
Shiihael^^\ David^^\ Joseph^"^, William'^^'', Thomas^), born September 7, 1843,
in Dover, N. J. ; resides in Jersey City, N. J. ; married November 24, 1868, in
Washington, N. J., Almira Carter, daughter of William and Jane (Mowder)
Cart<?r, bom November 24, 18.50, in Washington.

John L. Trowbridge is a clerk in the employ of the Pennsylvania Railroad
Company at Piers 27-9, North river. He resides in Jersey City, N. J,


i. Florence Estelle. b. Dec. 13, 1872 ; in. June 30, 1897, William Edward
Bates and resides in .Jersey City, N. J.
995b. ii. Lloyd Lewis, b. June 18. 1875.

iii. Alvaii Ar\'en, b. Sept. 27. 1877 : is in business in .lersey City ; unm.
iv. John Spencer, b. June 21, 1879 ; is in business in .lersey City ; unm.

914c. Charles Firman Tuoavbridoe (Alvah A."'*, Stephen^'^^ , Auoustin}"^,

Shiihael''^'', David^^\ Joseph'^"'-, \Y illiam^'"' , Thomas''), bom November 6, 1846,

in Dover, N. J.; died April 13, 1894, in Dover; married November 1, 1871, in

Dover, Eebecca Prag-nell Dickerson, daughter of William Alfred and Jane Eliza

. (Pragnell) Dickerson, bom Ma,y 7, 1848, in Dover. She resides in Dover.

Charles P. Trowbridge was a clerk in a general store in Dover, N. J.


99G. i. Whitfield Dickerson, b. Sept. 28, 1873.
ii. Nellie Vail. b. June 14. 1876.
iii. Charles Firman, b. July 2, 1880.

915. Charles Henry Trowbridge (Chafles T."'"^, Elijah F.^"*, Augiistin'^^^,
Shuhael'''\ David^^', Joseph'"''^, William'oo, Thomas'-), bom March 5, 1872, in
Brooklyn, N. T. ; resides in Minneapolis, Minn. ; married November 24, 1898, in
Minneapolis, Myrtella Whitsell, daughter of William Meek and Sophia (Petrie)
Wliitsell, bom October 18, 1872, in Steubenville, Ohio.

Charles H. Trowbridge began his education in the public schools of Brooklyn,
N. Y.. and after the removal of his family in 1SS2 to Minneapolis. Minn., con-
tinued in the public schools of that city and prepared for the ^Minneapolis high
school. In the spring of 1886 he was apprenticed to the mason's trade and served
a three year.s' apprenticeship in that city. One term at the high school in the
winter of 1888-89, one term in the Minneapolis Academy in the winter of 1889-90,
and a seven months' course at a commercial college comprises the remainder of

• Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t i born In Washington, N. J. ; ii in Port Oram. N. J. ; iii-iv in Jersey City, N. J.


his educational arlvantagos. Ho is at. present in business as a building superin-
tendent. He joined the Methodist Church in October, 1888, and continued a
member until April, 1896, when he left and joined the Congregational Church of
which he is now a member.


i. Horace Jerome, b. Aug. 24, 1003.

ii. Marion Katherine, b. May 20, 1905.

9ie. WiLLUM Elmer Ford* (Francis G.«", Elijah F.^", Augustin"^,
S7i!(&aeZ"', David^'"'; Joseph^''^ William'-'"', Thomas^), bom February 14, 1868,
in Newark, N. J. ; resides in Carthage, Mo. ; married December 22, 1892, in
Carthage, Wilma Elizabeth Cunningham, daughter of George P. and Wilma E.
(Neely) Cunningham, born January 29, 1S73, in Carthage.

William E. Ford is manager of the Ford Mining & Milling Company in
Carthage, Mo. He also acts occasionally as a consulting engineer and is an
inventor of several machines used in concentrating metaliferous ores.

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