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i. Wilma Elizabeth, b. Feb. IS, 1S94.

ii. Janet Grace, / twins.

iii. Catherine Laura, ( b. Aug. IG. 189.5.

iv. George Edwin, b. July 8, ISO" ; d. June 24, 1898.

v. Warren .Vrtiti-r. b. Sept. 30, 1899.

vi. JiARY, b. Nov. 30, 1900.

vii. Marguerite, b. Xov. 12, 1901.

viii. Helen, b. Xov. ."., 1902 ; d. Aug. 12, 1903.

ix. Robert Newton, b. Mar. 25, 1905.


917. Alfred Muciimore Trowbridge (Jolm .1.'=", Elijah F.^'^\ Augustin^
Sliubaen^', David^'^*, Joseph"-"''', ^yi.lliam'-'">, Thomas'"), born July 29, 1868, in
Chatliam, N. J. ; resides in Chatham ; married April 8, 1896, in Chatham, Edna
May Fen-is, daughter of Ezra Floyd and Marianna (Gardiner) Ferris, born
April 18, 1871, in Chatham.

Alfred M. Trowbridge resides in his native place, Chatham, N. J., where
he has been successfully carrying on a general contracting and building business
for the past twelve years.

children born in CHATHAM, N. J. :

i. John Howard, b. Apr. 22. 1897.

ii. Alfred Ferris, b. Jan. 2. 1899.

iii. Philip Newton, b. Oct. 7, 1900.

iv. Helen Floyd, b. Sept. 20, 1902.

V. Margrett Gardinor, b. Dec. 11. 1903.

vi. Herbert Douglas, b. Feb. 3, 1905.

vii. Edna May, b. Apr. 27, 1907.

917a. Frank Lum Trowbridge (John A."^, Elijah F.^^*, AugusHii"^^,
ShiihaeP"\ David"*', Joseph""''. WiUiam.""", Thomas^), bom October 2, 1870, in
Chatham, N. J.; resides in Chatham; married October 23, 1895, in Chatham,
Phebe Edith Atteridge, daughter of Stockton Halsted and Phebe Elizabeth
(Earl) Atteridge, born October 20, 1872, in Eahway, N. J.

Frank L. Trowbridge is a general hardware dealer in Chatham, N. J.

children born in CHATHAM, N. J. :

i. Eabl Lum, b. Aug. 27, 1S9C.
ii. Raymond, b. Nov. 29, 1901.

* His name was changed from Trowbridge to Ford. See top of page 385.


918. Fred Augustus Trowbridge {John T."*", David'-'"^, Augustin'^^^,
Shuhacl^''\ David^^^ Joseph""", William^'"', Thomas'-), bom January 12, 1870,
in Morristown, N. J.; resides in Morristown; married October 7, 1897, in
Boonton, N. J., Nellie Augusta Salmon, daughter of Hon. Joshua S.* and
Deborah Virginia (Emmons) Salmon, born July 25, 1872, in Boonton.

Fred A. Trowbridge was brouglit in infancy by his jiarents to Boonton, N. J.
He received his education in the public schools of that town and from his father,
who had for many years taught school himself. At the age of eighteen, on April
19, 1888, he left home to make his own way in life and went to Newark, N. J.,
where he worked as an apprentice at the caqienter's trade until July 16, at which
time he came to Morristown, N. J., and completed his trade with an uncle, George
A. Mills, a contractor and builder. He did not, however, care to follow his trade,
and left Morristowm. August 18, 1891, going to New York City to engage in
business. He started first in the clothing business and then changed to the
wholesale paper business. He was then for five years in the sporting goods busi-
ness on Broadway. On July 1, 1899, he located in Morristo^vn, N. J., where he
is proprietor of the F. A. Trowbridge Co., inc., jobbers and dealers in sportsmen's
goods, automobiles and supplies, etc., with a store, ofiice and garage on South

Mr. Trowbridge served five years in the Gatling Gun Company, a separate
company of tlie New Jersey National Guard, organized at Orange, N. J., in
April, 1895. This company offered its services during the Spanish-American
War, but could not be accepted, as it was not called out by the State of New



Marion Augusta, b. .Tan. 10. 1901.
Robert Salmon, b. Jan. 1, 1903.

918a. William David Trowbridge (Leww'^si^ Eliphalet^^^ , Jahez'^"^, Shuhael"',
David''*, Joseph'"^, William""^, Thomas'), bom January 2, 1859, in Brandon,
Ohio ; died August 8, 1907, in Chesterville, Ohio ; married Emma Laycox. She
resides in Chesterville.f

William D. Trowbridge was engaged in fanning in Chesterville, Ohio.


i. Alpha.

919. Charles David Trowbridge (David i:.«'^ EUphalet^''<', Jahez">\
Shubael'^\ David'-'-*, Joseph"'^, William'"^, Thomas'-), bom January 1, 1863, in
Utica, Ohio ; resides in Indianapolis, Tnd. ; married, first, September 2, 1886,
in Mt. Gilead, Ohio, Maiy Elizabeth Coleman, daughter of William and Anna
Maria (Eollinson) Coleman, born December 28, 1865. in Mt. Gilead. He
married, second, January 1, 1907, Isabel Ellis Smith, daughter of Charles S.
and Kathryn W. (Mann) Smith, bom in Portsmouth, Ohio.

Charles D. Trowbridge at the age of eighteen started on the road as a sales-
man. He was so employed for many years, being a successful salesman, and
always commanding a good salary. Some years ago he established himself in
business in Indianapolis, Ind., as the C. D. Trowbridge Coal Co., miners and
shippers, wholesale coal and coke. He is now recognized as a prominent factor
in the Indiana coal trade, and is one of the best known and most liked coal men
in Indianapolis.

• Initial only.

t Failed to answer the compiler's letters.


In wholesale circles Mr. Trowbridge has established an enviable reputation by
his conscientious efforts to please his customers. In the spring of 1907 he
organized the Traction Coal Company of Indianapolis, with a capital stock of
$100,000, of which he is president and general manager. The company is
designed to include a merger of the retail coal companies of Indianapolis, and
has already purchased the mining property of the Sullivan County Coal Com-
pany, west of Dugger, Ind. Coal men say that the merger is to be an important
one, will give the southern Indiana mines a better outlet, and will give
Indianapolis a more certain supply. It is declared that the new combine also
will reduce the price of coal in Indianapolis.

Mr. Trowbridge some months ago entered the retail field, organizing the Bug-

' bee Coal Company. In the comparatively short time he has been the guiding

spirit of this enteri^rise he has established for it an enviable reputation for

prompt deliveries, full weight and satisfactory service. lie has conveniently

located offices in the Traction Terminal Building.

Mr. Trowbridge has been for three years and is at present secretary of the
Sodaville Tonopah Mining Company, capitalized for $5,000,000. He is also
one of the directors of this company. lie is also secretary of the American
Coal and Mining Company, an Indiana corporation, capitalized for $100,000,
which was organized by him three years ago. In November, 1907, he organized
the Eex Peanut Company, of which he is secretary, a coiijoration capitalized
for $10,000.

Mr. Trowbridge is an active member of the Marion Club and also the
Commercial Club of Indianapolis. As an up-to-date business man, he stands,
in fact, very high in the estimation of the peojile of Indianapolis. He takes a
very active part in St. Paul's Episcopal Church, the leading Episcopal church of
that city.


920. Eliphalet Augustus Trowbridge (Eliphalet A.<"-', EliphaleP^'^, Jahez^^^,
ShulaeP'i', David^'^\ Joseph^'>'\ }VilUam^'>°, Thomas'"), born January 29, 1862, in
Appleton, Ohio; resides in FredericktoAvn, Ohio; married September 29, ISSS,
in Mt. Gilead, Ohio, Mai-y Elizabeth Stilley, daughter of Sampson and Hester
(McCracken) Stilley, bom April 15, 18G9. in Chesterville, Ohio.

E. Augustus Trowbridge is engaged in farming in Fredericktown, Ohio.


i. JlTiKBAY Stiixev, b. Apr. 29. 1890, in Chesterville, Ohio,
ii. Esther Ann, b. Feb. 15, 1894, in Centerburg, Ohio,
iii. Glen Stlvestee, b. May 23, 1903, in Chesterville.

920a. Ernest Clark Trowbridge (Eliphalet A.'^^\ Eliphalet^^", Jahez'^^,
Shuhael^^\ David}'"*, Joseph""^, William"^'"'. Thomas"), born March 1, 1869, in
Utica, Ohio; resides in Chestei-ville, Ohio; married December 24, 1889, in
Chesterville, Jennie Smith.*

Ernest C. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in Chesterville, Ohio.

children born in chesterville, OHIO :

i. Hazel, b. , 1S9-.

ii, Ruth May, b. , 1S9-,

921. George Smoots Trowbridge (Charles S.^^^, Eliphalet^^^, Jalez""^",
Shuhael'"^\ David""*, Joseph"''"', William""", Thomas"), bom August 20, 1866, in
Utica, Ohio ; resides in Utica ; married December 22, 1893, in Utica, Ida May
Fry. daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (Elbert) Fry, born July 17, 1873, in

• He failed to answer the compiler's letters.


George S. Trowbridge attended the grammar and high schools in his native
town. He learned the carpenter's trade from his father and worked at it with
him until the latter's death. Since then he has been in business for himself in
TJtica, Ohio. He is a member of the Utica Lodge of the Knights of Pythias.


i. RALrii Leon, b. Apr. 7, 1895.

ii. George Smoots, b. July 11. 1S9G.

iii. JIary Rodgers, b. May 2, 1898.

922. Le\i Jarrard Trowbridge (John J.''*', Dav'uP'^', Jabez^^^, SliuhaeP^'',
David^^*, Joseph^"'^, WiHiam"'", Thomas'^), bom November 22, 1858, in Center
Grove, N. J. ; died February 4, 1895, in Millbrook, N. J. ; married January 12,
1881, in Millbrook, Georgianna Smith, daughter of Charles F. and ilargaret
(Lyon) Smith, bom February 14, 1862, in Pigeon Hill, N. J. She resides in
Dover, N. J.

Levi J. Trowbridge was engaged in farming all of his life.


i. Frederick, b. JIar. 25, 1882. in Center Grove, N. J.

ii. Carrie, b. Apr. 19, 188.3. in Dover, N. J.

iii. Hattie. b. JIar. 14, 1885, in Mt. Freedom, N. J.

iv. John Jabez, b. Feb. 20, 1889, in Millbrook, N. J.

V. Ella, b. Apr. 1.3, 1891, iu Jlillbrook.

922a. James Dalrymple Trowbridge {John J."*'', Bav'uV''. Jahez^^^,
Shulael^^'', David^^*, Joseph^"'^, William'""', Thomas^), bom April 20, 1861, in
Center Grove, N. J. ; died August 26, 1902, in Dover, N. J. ; married March 22,
1883, in Franklyn, N. J., Mary Ayres, daughter of William and Phoebe (Smith)
Ayres, bom February 21, 1862, in Franklyn. She resides in Dover.

James D. Trowbridge was a farmer in Dover, N. J.

children born in DOVER, N. J. :

i. Edith Maria, b. Dec. 28. 1883.

ii. William Kenneth, b. Feb. 20, 1885.

iii. Hattie May, b. Jlay 10, 1886.

iv. George Ayres. b. Sept. 6. 1887.

V. James Arthub. b. Feb. 10, 1900.

923. Charles Austin Trowbridge (David A.''^^ David^<'\ Jahez^^\ ShnhaeU'>\
David^". Joseph}"'-, WilUam^o". Thomas^), bom June 30, 1852, in Mt. Freedom,
N. J. ; died Augaist 29. 1906, in Rockaway, N. J. ; married November 29, 1879,
in Dover, N. J., Mrs. Delia Gillen. Site resides in Morristown, N. J.*

Charles A. Trowbridge was a farmer.

children :t















And five more

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t Names furnished by a sister of their father.


923a. William Francis Trowbridge (David A.'^^", David'"^'', Jahez^"^,
ShubaeP"'', David'^'-*, Joseph'""', WilUa7n^'"', Thomas'^), bom July 6, 185G, in Mt.
Freedom, N. J. ; resides in Millbrook, N. J. ; married August 20, 1882, in
, N. J., Annie M. Southard.*

William F. Trowbridge is a farmer in Millbrook, N. J.


i. Mahlon, b. , 188- ; d.

ii. Harky, b. , 188- ; d.

iii. Ellwood, b. Dec. 20, 1889.

iv. William, b. . 189- ; d.

V. Myrtle, b. , 189-.

vi. Robert, b. , 189-.

vii. Edward, b. , 189-.

viii. Minnie, b. , 1S9-.

ix. Walter, b. , 190-.

923b. Bryant Trowbridge (David A.«'^», David-"''', Jahez^'*", Shubael^'",
David^'^*, Joseph^"^, William^'"', Thomas'^), born June 29, 1863, in Mt. Freedom,

N. J.; resides in Morristown, N. J.; married February 1, 1888, in ,

N. J., Minnie Moore.

Bryant Trowbridge is a railroad baggage master and lives in Morristown, X. J.J

923c. George Whitfield Trowbridge (David A.^^^, David^^'', Jahez^^^,
Shuhaen'^'^, David^''*, Joseph^"'-, lFt7ham"», Thomas^), bom December 14, 1868,
in Mt. Freedom, N. J. ; resides in Chatham, N. J. ; married June 26, 1895, in
Harrison, N. J., Rachel Ann Sandford, daughter of Napoleon Bonaparte and
Sarah Eveline (Van Riper) Sandford, born November 3, 1ST5. in Harrison.

George W. Trowbridge is a caipenter and is in business in Chatham, N. J.

children :

i. Irving Napoleon, b. Mar. 22, 1898, in Summit. N. J.

ii. Helen May, b. June 4, 1000, in Summit.

iii. Mabel E\'eline, b. Mar. 20, 1003. in Madison, N. J.

iv. Ralph Austin, b. June 0, 1004, in Madison.

v. Laura Coe, b. Aug. 16, 1905, in West Livingston, X. J.

923(1. David Jarrard Trowbridge (David A."*". David^'^'', Jalez^^^, Shu'bael^"'\
David^^*, Joseph''''^ William'^'"', Thomas^), born July 11. 1S75, in Mt. Freedom,
N. J.; resides in Littleton (Morris Plains P. O.), N. J.; married April 18, 1897,
in Mt. Freedom, Maud Bertha Smith, daughter of Warren and Mai-y Jane
(Fables) Smith, born July 11, 1879, in Whippany, N. J.

David J. TroTsbridge is a carriage painter. He lives in Littleton, N. J.


i. Gilbert, b. Jan. — , 1899.
ii. Mabel, b. , 1901.

924. Lewis Henry Trowbridge (John i.'''-". ./o/jh^cs^ .7aiej"», Sh uhael^^'' .
David'-^*, Joseph^"^, Tra/i'am"», Thomas^), bom December 15, 1S56, in Elizabeth,
N. J.; resides in Newark, N. J.; married December 23, 1878, in Elizabeth,
Sarah Keziah Jones, daughter of John David and Sophia (Hudson) Jones, bom
October 12. 1861, in New York City.

. Lewis H. Trowbridge is proprietor of the Bajwiow Hotel in Waverly.
Newark, N. J.

* He failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t Names furnished liy a sister of their father.

t He failed to answer the compiler's letters. They have had children.



i. William Henry, b. Oct. 31, 1879.
ii. Lewis Henkt, b. Mar. 28, 1882.

925. Francis Augustus Trowbridge {Henry A.^^-, John^^^, Jahez'^"^,
ShubaeV-^'', David^'^*, Joseph'^"^, William^^", TJiomas^), bom April 19, 1869, in
Elizabeth, N. J. ; resides in Elizabeth ; married November 13, 1891, in Elizabeth,
Sarah Ann Davis, daughter of John Thomas and Margaret (Peterkin) Davis,
bom April 14, 1873, in Jersey City, N. J.

Francis A. Trowbridge is a carpenter and resides in Elizabeth, N. J.


i. HENRY Arthur, b. Feb. 13. 1893 ; d. Feb. 5, 1894.

ii. Nettie May, b. Jan. 8, 189.5 : d. Dec. 20, 1895.

iii. Francis Augustus, b. Jan. G, 1897.

iv. John Thomas, b. Mar. 12. 1899.

V. Robert Le.sije, b. Aug. 11, 1901.

vi. Henry Arthur, b. Nov. 19, 1902.

926. Charles Ira Trowbridge (James McG.°''^, Samuel G.^'^". David-"",
Samuel^^^, David^'^*, Joseph^o\ William^"", Thomas'^), bom March 24. 1860, in
Kingwood, W. Va., resides in Kingwood; married March 14, 1895, in Kingwood,
Jessie Effie Blaney, daughter of Samuel and Sarah Marinda (Dean) Blaney,
born October 12, 1873, in Morganto\vn, W. Va.

Charles I. Trowbridge is a miller. He resides in Kingwood, W. Va., his native
place. He enlisted i\pril 28, 1890, in the U. S. army and was discharged July 18,
1892. He is a member of the I. O. O. F. and the Modem Woodmen of America.

children :

i. Mamie Pearl, b. June 5, 189C, in Kingwood, W. Va.

ii. Ruth White, b. Jan. 1, 1898, in Kingwood.

iii. Lloyd Warden, b. Oct. 8, 1899, in Grafton, W. Va.

927. Joseph Madison Trowbridge (James McG.^^^, Samuel G.^'", David-"",
Samuel^^^, David^^K Joseph^"^ William^"", Thomas'), bom February 11, 1865,
in Kingwood, W. Va. ; resides in Redondo, Cal. ; married August 30, 1892, in
Clarksburg, W. Va., Zonie Elizabeth (Farnsworth*) Holyfiold, widow of Clark
H. Holyfield of Easton, W. Va., and daughter of Leonard Simon Stout and
Catharine (Padget) Farnsworth, bom September 29, 1858, in Buckhannon,
W. Va.

Joseph M. Trowbridge is a cai-penter in Redondo, Cal., having recently
removed there from Buckhannon, W. Va.

child born in buckhannon, w. va. : *

i. Madison Ellsworth, b. May 4, 1899.

928. David Sylvester Trowbridge (David £."»*, Samuel G."°, David-"",
Samuel"'^, David"^ Joseph'^"^, William'^"", Thomas^), born January 29, 1875,
in Cherokee Nation; resides in Caney (Niotaze P. O.), Kan.; married December
25, 1897, in Caney, Edith Neoma Holeman, daughter of William Riley and
Margarette Jane (Campbell) Holeman. born March 4, 1S82, in Xenia, Kan.;
died July 19, 1899, in Caney.

David S. Trowbridge came with his parents to Caney, Kan., where he is
engaged in farming. He is a member of the Missionary Baptist Church and of.
J. J. Stone Camp, No. 251, Sons of Veterans, Division of Kansas.

child born in caney, KAN. :

i. Syltoster E.,t b. July 14, 1899: d. JIar. 10, 1900.

♦ A sister of the husband of No. 693,
t Initial only.


929. Albert TnowBiiiDCE (David B.^'>\ Samuel G."», David-"", SamueU-'^
David^^*, Joseph^"'% ]YiUiam'^"", Thomas''), bom June 29, 1879, in Grafton,
W. Va. ; resides in Gushing, Okla. ; married July 4, 1900, in Hart, Mo., Barbara
Ellen Luke, daughter of Solomon and Margaret (Donaldson) Luke, born
September 20, 1879, in Palestine, 111.

Albert Trowbridge came with his parents to Caney, Kan. At the age of
sixteen years he became a cowboy, continuing in that occupation four years.
He then took up detective work in Missouri and later was for five years engaged
in farming there. He then removed to Gushing, Okla., and is successfully
running a transfer in that town.


i. Zada Pearl, b. Apr. 2, 1901, in Hart. JIo.

ii. Harry Albert, b. Jan. 24, 1904, in Ciisbiug, Okla.

930. Walter John TROWBRroGE (Jesse J/.""', David L?~-, Jesse-"'', Samuel'^^,
David'''^, Joseph'"-', William''"", Thomas'), born June 23, 1856, in Iowa City,
Iowa ; resides in The Dalles, Ore. ; married December 30, 1874, in Iowa Gity,
Eva Welsh.*

Walter Trowbridge "has held responsible positions in railroads in Oregon. "f


i. Addie. b. Dec. 11. 1875.

ii. LiBBiE, b. • , 187- ; d.

iii. Earl Valentine, b. , 1SS-.

931. James Lanr Trowbridge (Jesse J/.'^^", David L?''-, Jesse""', Samiiel'^^.
David"*, Joseph'"^, William'"". Thomas'), born July 18, 1858, in Iowa City,
Iowa ; resides in Kansas City, Kan. ; married Januai-y 1, 1888, in Kansas City,
Lizzie Bernettie Brown, daughter of Andrew Wilson and Jane Jerusha (Clinton)
Brown, bom January 15, 186G, in Meadville, Pa.

James L. Trowbridge served three years, from 1880, in tlie Texas Rangers, and
has a silver badge given him for meritorious conduct on the field. During the
years 1884 and 1885 he was deputy TJ. S. marshal under General Carroll of the
Western district of Arkansas. He was honorably discharged from both services.
He was then for several years in partnership with his father in the carpenter and
contracting business. In 1894 he came to Kansas City, Kan., where he has since
resided and followed the trade of a carpenter.


932. Benjamin DAvm TROWBBrooE (Samuel 0.""'^, David L?''", Jesse-"',
Samuel'^^, David"*, Joseph'"^, William'"", Thomas'), born May 19, 1877, in
Tama Gity, Iowa ; died June 18, 1907, in Greston, Iowa ; married June 25, 1899,
in Carbon, Iowa, Adelia Clara Wheeler, daughter of Nathan and Adeline Clara
(Parrott) Wheeler, born November 1, 1879, in Exira, Iowa. She resides in
Kansas Gity, Mo.

Benjamin D. Trowbridge was interested with his father in coal lands in
Carbon, Iowa, where they operated a shaft. After his fatlier's death he sold out
his coal mines and engaged in farming in Coming, Iowa. He died in the
hospital in Greston, Iowa.

children :

i. Howard Orrin, b. Feb. 1, 1900, in Carbon, Iowa,

ii. Russell Raymond, b. Apr. 11. 1902. in Carbon,

iii. Goldie JIay, b. Aug. 24. 190,3. in Carbon,

iv. Oriel Gladys, b. .Tan. .5, 190."i, in Corning, Iowa,

v. Grace Adeline, b. July 3, 1907, in Corning.

* He failed to answer the compiler's letters.
t By No. 931.


933. Charles Woiwhingtox Trowbridge (Leander M.'^'">, Hannah^"^''', Jesse^"^,
Sarnuel^^'^, David^^*, Joseph^"^, William'^^'', Thomas^), bom December 24, 1860,
iu Kingwood, W. Va. ; resides in Cottonwood Falls, Kan. ; married October 24,
1888, in Eice, Kan., Ella Eussell.*

Charles W. Trowbridge came West with his parents in 1870. He taught school
several years and then was editor of a paper in Miltonvale, Kan. For the past
fifteen years he has been a railway postal clerk, making the run between Cotton-
wood Falls, Kan., and Superior, Neb. He is a member of the Masons and
Odd Fellows.


934. Spencer Sheridan Trowbridge (Leander ilf."'"', Hannah""^' ', Jesse-"'^,
Samuel'''''', David'-'^*, Joseph'"'^, William^'"', Thomas^), bom January 12, 1866,
in King-wood, W. Va. ; resides in Broughton, Kan. ; married March 25, 1890, iu
Meredith, Kan., Alta Coffin, daughter of Abner and Mary Jane (Noble) Coffin,
born June 17, 1873, in Meredith; died October 24, 1895, in Broughton.

Spencer S. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to Cloud county,
Kan. He has been a farmer in Meredith, Kan., and Dover, Okla,, and is at
present following that occupation in Broughton, Kan.

cniLDEE^f :

i. Maud, b. Aug. 25, 1891, in Meredith, Kan.
ii. Editu, b. May 14, 18<.»3. in Meredith,
iii. Jessie, b. Apr. 1, IS'Jl, in Dover, Okla.

935. John Franklin Trowbridge {Leander J/."''", liannalv^"''''', Jesse-"'',
Samuel''^''. David'''*, Joseph'"^, Win!am'°", Thomas'), born June 1, 1867, in
Kingwood. W. Va. ; resides in Belleville, Kan. ; married March 21, 1894,
in Belleville, Melissa Ann Edgcombe, daughter of Samuel and Nancy Ann
(Parker) Edgcombe, bom September 9, 1873, in Ft. Stanley, Canada.

John F. Trowbridge came in childhood with his parents to Kansas. He
received a good education. He is at present engaged in farming and stock
raising, which has been his chief occupation through life. He has lived in
Concordia, Clay Centre and Broughton, Kan., removing in February, 1906, from
the latter place to a fann six miles from Belleville, Kan., where he resides at

Mr. Trowbridge was elected clerk of Grant township in November. 1899. on
the Republican ticket. He has been a member of the Modern Woodmen of
America since September 18, 1899.


i. IvA MiLORED, b. Dec. 10. 1S94, in Concordia, Kan.

ii. Myrtle Viola, b. Apr. 10. ISOO, in Cla.v Centre. Kan.

iii. Allen Chester, b. Dec. 8. 1807, in Clay Centre.

iv. Harolp Franklin, b. .Time IS, 1809. in Clay Centre,

v. Hazel Melissa, h. Nov. 7, 1004, in Broughton, Kan.

936. Peter Bo-n^EN Trowbridge (Isaac A,""'', Bowen G.^'", Samuel E.-"-.
Samuel"^'', David"*, Josep'h"'^. 'William""'. Thomas'), bom November 11, 1873,
in I^nion Furnace, Ohio ; resides in La Follette, Tenn, ; married June 21, 1903,
in Forkvale, Tenn.. Hettie Alice Ridenour. daughter of Haiwey George and Mary
Catherine (Durham) Ridenour, born March 19. 1886. in Agee, Tenn.

Peter B. Trowbridge came with his father to Agee, Tenn. He remained there
after his marriage and was engaged in farming until January 28, 1906. He was

* He failed to answer the compiler's letters.


then for a year employed as a stationary boiler fireman at Briceville, Tenn. lie
then removed to La Follette, Tenn., his present residence, where he is engaged
in coal mining. He and his wife are members of the Union Baptist Church.


i. Clarence Guy. b. .Tan. 31. 1905, in Agoc, Tcmi.
ii. C0ND.\ Lee, b. Sept. 27, 1906, in Briceville, Tenn.

937. Charles Francis TnowBRrocE (Isaac /l .'"■', Bnwen G.^"", Samuel B.-"",
Samiiel'"-\ DavicP'^ Joseph""'. William^"", Thomas^), born November 13, 1875,
in Union Furnace, Ohio ; resides in Agee, Tenn. ; married January 7, 1902, in
Logan, Ohio, Marguerite Cramblit, daughter of Lewis Carpenter and Margaret
Isabelle (Duffee) Cramblit, bom July 23, 1882, in LTnion Funiace.

Charles F. Trowbridge is engaged in farming near his father in Agee, Camiibell
county, Tenn.


i. Earl Kenneth, b. May 14. 1903. in Elk Valley, Tenn.
ii. Edith Luella. b. Apr. 12. lOO.o. in Tnrloy, Tenn.
iii. Gladys Letitia, b. Dec. 10, 1906. in Agee. Tenn.

938. HoJiER Maurice Trowbridge (Isaac .1. ""•■', Botven G."^, Samuel B.'"-,
Samuel'^^^, David^'^\ Joseph^"^, William^'"', Thomas'^), born April 9, 1881, in
Union Furnace, Ohio; resides in Fork Kidge, Tenn.; married January 28, 1906,
in Fork Kidge, Flora Kunz. daughter of Henry and Tacy Idella (Jones) Kunz,
born February 2, 1886, in Coshocton, Ohio.

Homer IL Trowbridge came in childhood with his parents to Tennessee. He
is now engaged in coal mining in Fork Kidge, Tenn.

NO children.

939. Thomas Benton Trowbridge (Samuel N.'"*, Bowen G.^''^, Samuel B.-"-,
,S'a.mue^l=^ David^^*, Joseph'"'\ WiUiain.""'. Thomas'-), born July 12, 1871, in

Online LibraryFrancis Bacon TrowbridgeThe Trowbridge genealogy. History of the Trowbridge family in America (Volume 3) → online text (page 66 of 115)