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Ind.; resides in Palmyra; married February 17, 1901, in Palmyi'a, Mary
Elizabeth Keehn, daughter of John and Anna Margaret (Stoltz) Keehn, bom
September 26, 1879, in Morgan township, Ind.

Amos T. Trowbridge is a farmer in Palmyra, Ind., his native place.


963. CiiAELES Da\td Trowbridge (David'^', Joseph^^-, Jonathan-"'', Bavid"^,
David"^"^*, Joseph'^"'", William''"'', Thomas'^), born October 28, 1877, in Palmyra,
Ind.; resides in Pahnyra; married November 20, 1898, in Blue River. Ind.,
Nellipha Jane Voyles, daughter of Irven and Louisa Ann (Burrell) Voyles,
bom November 28, 1883, in Blue Eivcr.

Charles D. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in Hancock, Ind.


i. Ada Bell, b. June 0. 1899.
ii. Olive, b. , 180-.

963a. Isa.^c Larkin Trowbridge (Jonathan D.'"'^, Isaac"^'-"^, Jonathan-"'',
David^^^, David^^\ Joseph''"^. William.^"", Thomas'^), born August 31, 1856, in
Pendleton county, Ky. ; resides in Covington, Ky. ; married September 12, 1880,
in Pendleton county, Joan E. Adams, daughter of Thomas D. and Lucretia
(Adams) Adams, bom November 1, 1863, in Pendleton county.

Isaac L. Trowbridge is a house cari^enter by occupation and resides in
Covington, Ky.


i. Alexander, b. Dec. 0, 1881 ; resides in Portlaucl, Ky.

ii. Thomas Wili.iam, b. Apr. 9, 1884; is a furniture finislier in Rushville, Ind.

iii. Maxtde Ann. b. Apr. 21, 1890.

iv. Cora Mat, b. Aur. 10, 1892.

v. JiARY Almeda, b. Feb. 13, 1902.

963b. WiLLUJt Henry Trowbridge (JonafJian Z'.'"^ Isaac''"-'', Jonathan'^"',
Bavid'-^^, Bavid^''^*, Joseph'-"^, William'-"", Thomas''), bom July 14, 1866, in
Pendleton county, Ky. ; resides in Duvall, K.y. ; married, first, October 20, 1886,
in Pendleton county, Martha Race, who died November — , 1888, in Pendleton
county. He married, second. Seiitember — . 1890, in Scott county, Ky., Bertha
Jane Simpson, daughter of William and Elizabeth ( ) Simpson.f

William H. Trowbridge is engaged in farming near Duvall, Scott county, Ky.

* 1 born in Pendleton county, Ky. : ii In Covington, Ky. : iii-iv in Georgetown, Ky. ; v in
Dry Ridge, Ky.

t Failed to m.ake his record complete.



By first marriage:
i. Clarence Richard, b. , 1887.


liy second marriage:
ii. Edith Frances, b. May 10, 1892.
iii. EVEET Lee, b. Feb. 2(5, 1896.
iv. Lula Bektha, b. Aug. 16, 1899.
V. William, b. Mar. 4, 1901.

963c. James Harrison Trowbridge {Jonathan !>.'«% Isaac'-'^-^ Jonathan-"',
David^^^, David'^\ Joseph^"'-, William'""', Thomas^), bom July 4. 1874, in
Pendleton county, Ky.; resides in Duvall, Ky.; married September — , 1896,
in Scott county, Ivy., Ellen McKiiiney.'"'

James H. Trowbridge is farming near Duvall, Scott county, Ky.


i. Nettie May, b. , 1898.

9G3(1. Albert Luther Teowbeidge (Jonathan D.'"'^'-, Isaac'^-'', Jonathan-''',
David^^^, David^^*, Joseph^''\ }Yilliam^'">, Thomas^), bom May 10, 1870. in
Pendleton county, Ky.; resides in Scott county (Paynes Depot P. 0.), Ky.;
man-ied November 9, 1898, in Versailles, Ky., Nannie Bell Stewart, daughter of
David and Lucy (Hamilton) Stewart, born December IS, 1878, in Falmouth, Ky.

Albert L. Trowbridge is engaged in famiing in Paynes Depot, Scott county, Ky.


963e. Prancis Adkins Trowbridge (Gordon''^'', Elenezer^^'-, Isaac-"", David'^'^",
David'-^^ Joseph''"^ William''"", Thomas^), horn August 15. 1886, in Clay county,
ill.; resides in Noble, 111.; married Jime 3, 1906, near Bogota, Jasper county.
111.,' Bertha Worthey, daughter of Elijah and Sarah Ann (Gippson) Worthey,
bom October 31, 1886, in Jasper county.

Francis A. Trowbridge is a farmer by occupation. He lives in Clay ceunty,
near Noble, 111.


i. Gainal. b. Mar. 3, 1907.

ii. Lawrence Edward, b. Feb. 17, 1908.

964. John Alexander Trowbridge (George M.' - \ Joseph^"", Isaac-"^ David"",
David''*, Joseph">\ William'"". Thomas'), born October 9, 1866, in Washington
county, Ky.; resides in Washington, Ind.; married December 20, 1886, in
Daviess county, Ind., Jane Ann Crauch. .daughter of William and Dorothy
(Brown) Cranch, bom Augaist 27, 1868. in Daviess county.

Jolm A. Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his parents to Indiana. He is
a coal miner in Washington, Ind.


965. Joseph Luther Trowbridge (George ilf.■■"'^ Joseph^"^, Isaac-"", David'^^
David"*. Joseph'"'^ William'"". Thomas'), bom February 24, 1869, in Lawrence
county, ind.; resides in Washington, Ind.; married December 24, 1890, in
Washington. Lizzie May,+ daughter of Henry and Mary (Konkler) May, bom
July 17, 1870, in Dubois county, Ind.

Joseph L. Trowbridge is a coal miner in Washington, Ind.

* Failed to make his record complete.

t A sister of the wife of his brother No. 066.



i. P.ESSIE Ethel, b. Nov. 23. 1892.

ii. William Eakl. b. Aug. 5, 185)5.

iii. Pearl Agnes, b. Sept. 12, 1807.

iv. Olley Linton, b. Jul.v 19, 1900.

966. George Parker Trowbridge (George M.'-^'-', Joseph'-^'-''', Isaac-"^, David"^,
David'^^*. Joseph^"^, William^'"^, Thomas'^), boni May 14, 1871, in Lawrence
county, Ind. ; resides in "Washington, Ind. ; married December 7, 1896, in
Washington, Belle May,* daughter of Henry and Mary (Konlder) May, born
September 1, ISSl, in Washington.

George P. Trowbridge is a coal miner in Wa.shington, lud.

children BOKN in WASHINGTON. IND. :

i. Otto, b. Oct. 17, 1S97.

ii. DoviE Josephine, b. Feb. 15. 1900.

967. WiLLiAit Alexander Trowbridge (John AJ*", Joseph^^^, Isaac""^,
David'"''. Dnvid.'^'\ Joseph^"'. William'-'"'. Thoina.s'). bom .July 19, 1860. near
Harrodsburgh, Ky. ; resides in Huron, Ind. ; married Xovember 8, 1884, in
Georgia. Ind.. Roselia Blevins.f daugliter of Willougliby and Mary Ann (Bland)
Blevins, born May 20. 1868, in Georgia.

William A. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to Lawrence county,
Ind. He settled after liis marriage near Huron, in that county, where he has
since resided. He is a farmer and dealer in lumber.


i. John Willoughby, b. June 28, ISSG.
ii. Mary Maud, b. Aug. 5, 1890.

968. Joseph Merritt Trowbridge (John A."*", Joseph-^^, Isaac-"^, David'-^^,
David''-*, Joseph'"^, William""'. Thoma.'<'), bom July 24, 1864, near Harrods-
burgh, Ky. ; resides in Georgia, Lid. ; married November 7, 1886, in Georgia,
Sarah Florence Blovins,§ daughter of Willoughby and Mary Ann (Bland)
Blevins, bom September 3, 1866, in Georgia.

Joseph M. Trowbridge came as a child with his jjarents to Lawrence county,
Ind. He is a farmer and a dealer in and contractor for timber. He resides in
Georgia, Lawrence county, where he settled after his mai-riage. He held the
office of postmaster there from October 11, 1893, to October 7, 1897.


i. Terry Tilden, b. Aug. 11, 1887.
ii. Estella May. b. May 4, 1889.
iii. Cora Ethel, b. Sept. 11, 1891.

969. Charles HoLLiNiAN Trowbridge (John A.'*", Joseph^^", Isaac-"''. David'^^,
David"*, Joseph'"'^, William""', Thoinas'), bom September 12, 1870, near Owens-
boro, Ky. ; resides in West Baden, Ind. ; married October 4, 1891, in Lawrence
county, Ind., Rebecca Ann Wilson, daughter of Isaac and Nancy (Ball) Wilson,
bom February 16, 1871, in Huron, Ind.

* A sister of the wife of his brother No. n05.
tA sister of the wife of his brother No. 968.
t i near Georgia : ii near Huron.
§ A sister of the wife of his brother No. 967.


Charles H. Trowbridge was brought in childhood by his parents to Lawrence
county, Ind., where he grew iip, settling after his marriage in the village of
Georgia in that county. He later removed to the adjoining county, Orange,
where he resides at present, his home being in West Baden. He is a manu-
facturer of and contractor for all kinds of lumber. He at present holds the oifice
of trustee of Northwest township. Orange county, Ind.


i. LuMNDA RUTIT. b. .Tilly 21, 1892.

970. James William Trowbridge (Ahsalonv*-, James"^^, Silas-"", David>^",
David^'^*, Joseph'"'^, William''-''", Thomas''-), born November 13, 1849, in Center
township. Rush county, Ind.; resides in Rush county (Mays P. O.), married,
first, January 24, 1875, in Jackson township. Rush county, Sarah Hannah
Gorman, daugliter of Jolin M. and Mary (Oldham) Gorman, born February 3,
1S50, in Jackson; died August 2, 1890, in Center. He married, second. May 19,
1891, in Center, Hester Aiin McDaniel. daughter of William and Leah (Oldliam)
McDaniel, born May 2, 1852, in Center.

James W. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in his native place in Rush
county, Ind.

By first murrUiije:*

999a. i. Arthur Jesse, b. Feb. 24, 1870.
999b. ii. Charles Marshall, b. Jan. 13, 1878.

iii. ESTELLA Maud, b. Feb. 27. 1879 ; m. Sept. 7, 1898, Merrie D. Leisure and
resides in Farmerton, Ind.

iv. Herbert Gorman, b. May 26, 1883.

971. John Dempsev Trowbridge {Ahsalom'*-, James^"'^, Silas-"", David'''^",
David'^*, Joseph''^"^, William''"". Thomas''-), bom November 17, 1854, in Green-
field, Ind. ; resides in Summitville, Ind. ; married September 18, 1878, in
Greenfield, Cena Bridges, daughter of William and Hester (Johnson) Bridges,
bom April 2, 1862, in Center township, Rush county, Ind.

John D. Trowbridge is a tile maker and is engaged at his trade in Summitville.


i. Mabel, b. Unr. 18. 1881 : m. Mav 8. 1899. Henry Wliite of Knightstown.

ii. Fannie, b. Sept. 29. 1883.

iii. TiLLiE, b. Aus. 9, 1890.

iv. Ruth, b. .Tulv 21, 1893.

V. Ruby, b. Oct. 11, 1898.

972. Albert Elihu Troavbridge (Absalom''''-. James^"^, Silas'^"^, David^^",
Bavid'''*, Joseph''"'^, William''"", Thomas''), bom June 3, 1858, in Greenfield,
Ind.; resides in Morristown, Ind.; married September IS, 1892, in Rush county,
Ind., Lucy Thickston, daughter of Isaac and Mary Ellen (Bass) Thickston, born
December 10, 1873, in Jennings county, Ind.

Albert E. Trowbridge has always been a farmer. He settled after his
marriage in Rush county, Ind., removing in 1901 to Hancock county and recently
to Shelby county, Ind., near Morristown.


i. Sylvia May, b. Nov. 26, 1893.
ii. Clinton Bryan, b. Oct. 12. 1896.
iii. Alice Goldie, b. Apr. 12, 1899.

• No children by second marriage.


973. John James TROWBRmcE (William -B."'-', James^^^, Bilas""'^, David^^^,
David^^*, Joseph^"^, William^'"\ Thomas^), bom February 28, 1854, in Hancock
county, Ind. ; resides in Knightstown, Ind. ; married October 22, 1876, in Rush
county, Ind., Sarah Elizabeth Trowbridge (No. 400, i), daughter of John and
Phebe (Cook) Trowbridge, born November 15, 1859, in Rush county; died
January 8, 1890, in Hancock county.

John J. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in lianoock county, near Knights-
town, Ind.

c^ILDRE^' :

i. CuESTER Manforu, b. .-Vpr. 20, 1878. in Rush county, Ind.

ii. Arthur M.\?;\'EL, b. May 1, 1883, in Hancock county, Ind.

iii. Asa Oma, b. Dec. 28, 1889, in Hancock county ; d. Feb. 4, 1890.

974. Louis Williah TnowBRrooE (James }Y.~^'', Isanc''^^, Silas-"^, David^^^,
David^^^, Joseph^"-'. Williaiii^'"-. Thomas'^), bora May 7, 1S6-, in Rush county,
Ind. ; resides in Indianapolis, Ind. ; married May 2, 1900, in Hancock county,
Ind., Maud Ora Morgan, daughter of Simpson and Handy (Allison) Morgan,
bom October 8, 187-, in Hamilton county, Ind.

Louis W. Trowliridge is a laborer in Indianapolis, Ind.


975. Allison Cook Trowbridge (John C.'*', Isaac''^'>, Silas'^"^, David^^^,
David^'^*, Joseph^'^^, William^'"', Thomas^), born April 23, 1808, in Rush county,
Ind.; resides in Knightstown, Ind.; married December 6, 189.3, in Rushville,
Ind.. Laura Coralinn DeLashmit, daughter of William and Adeline (Trevillion)
DeLaslmiit. born May 2(3, 1868, in Rush county.

Allison C. Trowbridge is engaged in fanning near Knightstown, Hancock
coimty, Ind,


975a. Charles G.* Trowbridge (Asa H.''''^, Ferguson H.*", Jacoh-^^, Levi^'^,
Israel}-", Isaac'^"^, James^"'^, William''^'"', Thomas''-), bom June 14, 1881, in Crown
City, Ohio; resides in Caledonia, Ohio; married Myrtle Brown.

Charles G. Trowbridge is a carpenter by trade and resides in Caledonia, Ohio.
He has completed the required course in civil engineering at Valparaiso, Ind.

xo children.

9751). Olher Otis Trowbridge (Asa H.''^, Ferguson H.*", Jacoh-*', Levi'^^^,
IsraeV-'*, Isaac^"^, James^"'', William'-'>'>. Thomas'-), born September 9, 1883, in
Crown City, Ohio ; resides in Portsmouth, Ohio ; married January 30, 1907, in
Portsmouth, Minta Ouey Roberts, daughter of Newell G. and Elizabeth A.
(Thompson) Roberts, bom September 23, 1886, in Poplar Flat, Ky.

Oliver O. Trowbridge is" a machinist, and is also connected with inventions
and improvements along the lines of his trade. His home is in Portsmouth,


i. Lillian JIarie, b. Dec. 19, 1907.

976. Calvin Trowbridge (Zehuloii II.''*, Ferguson H."', Jacoh-*^, Levi'^',
Israel''^-", Isaac^"^, James^"'', William'""', Thomas^), born April 24, 1878, in St.
Albans, W. Va. ; resides in Co.alburgh, W. Va. ; married December 24, 1897, in
Ironton, Ohio, Fannie Rutherford, daughter of George Hansford and Nicy
(McCoy) Rutherford, bom March 10, 1876, in Wayne county, W. Va.

* Initial only. Ho f.iiled to complete his family rogistei*.


Calvin Trowbridge is a mechanic by trade and for several years conducted a
blaeksmithing business in Spring Hill, W. Va. For the past five years he has
been a locomotive engineer on the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad. He resides
in Coalburgh, W. Va.


i. Roman Rutherford, b. Nov. 5, 1S9S. in St. Albans, W. Va.

ii. Clyde Arnold, b. .Tune 1. 1000, in Sprinc; Hill, W. Xa.

iii. Zebulon Hansford, b. Feb. 2, 1904, in Huntington, W. Va. : d. Dec. 1, 1906.

iv. Emma Frances, b. Feb. 22, 1906, in Huntington.

977. Malcrom Trowbridge (Zehulon 77.'", Ferguson HM'', Jacoh-*'^, Levi^^^,
Israel^-", Isaac'"'^, James^"^, William^'"', Thomas^), born September 30, 1881,
in St. Albans, W. Va. ; resides in Huntington, W. Va. ; married July 19, 1903, in
St. Albany, Norah Kate Samms, daughter of George W. and Margaret (Holland)
Samms, born October 18, 1885, in St. Albans.

Malcrom Trowbridge is a conductor on the Chesapeake and Ohio railroad. He
resides in Huntington, W. Va.


978. Stephen Addison Trowbridge (Eoyal DJ'^, Charles D.*^", Stephen 7?.-*^
Ehenezer^^^, DanieP"^, Daniel^^", James'^''^, William''-'"', Thomas^), bom December
13, 1853, in Palmyra, Ohio ; resides in Edinburg, Ohio ; married May 25, 1886,
in Ravenna, Ohio, Harriet Adelaide Byers, daughter of Frederick and Anna
Mary (Eeichard) Byers, born April 10, 1854, in Fredericksburgh, Ohio.

S. Addison Trowbridge was graduated from the commercial department of Mt.
ITnion College in 1874 and commenced the scientific course, but his health failed
at that time and he was obliged to return home. He overworked, and had to live
in Georgia about a year for his health. He built a house down there, but sold
it after he got bettter and moved to Ravenna, Ohio. After resting about three
years in tliat place, he recovered his health and moved back to his farm in
Edinburg. He was secretary and treasiirer of a knitting mill in Demorest, Ga.
He is now engaged in farming in Edinburg, Ohio.


979. Waldo Corbett Trowbridge (Artemon B.'^*, Steshen*^^, Daniel-*^,
Ehenezer^^^, DanieV-'^''-, DanieP''-'', James''-''', 'William'^'"', Thomas''), bom January
18, 18Y7, in Pipestone, Mich. ; resides in Kalamazoo, Mich. ; married August 17,
1903, in Sodus, Mich., Clara Louise Baringer, daiigbter of Joseph and Ellen
Frances (Wagle) Baringer, born April 7, 1883, in Chicago, HI.

Waldo C. Trowbridge is associated with his father in the Kalamazoo Tubular
Well Company in Kalamazoo, Mich.


i. Mildred Louise, b. Apr. 7, 1905.

980. George Sher^ian Trowbridge (Charles S.'"'". Nelson T).*", A. Dayton'^''l
E'benezer^'^^, DanieP-K Daniel'-'-'', James^"'. 'William'""', Thomas''), bom Septem-
ber 4, 1858, in New Milford. Conn.; died July IG, 1900. in South Norwalk,
Conn.; married October 24, 1877, in Brooklyn. N. Y., Marj- Dora Hatfield,
daughter of Spencer and Martha (Van Size) Hatfield, born May 8, 1859, in
Jersey City, N. J. ; died September 27, 1899, in South Norwalk.

George S. Trowbridge received an education in the public schools. He was
associated with his father in the paper box manufacturing business in South
Norwalk, Conn.


Mr. Trowbridge was a member of the South Norwalk city coimcil in 1892,
1893 and 1897. He was a member of the Odd Fellows, Koyal Arcanum, Red
Men, the South Norwalk Club and tlie South Norwalk Volunteer Fire


i. Charles Shermat.-, b. Dec. 17, 1878, in Bi'ooklyn, N. T. : is an a-ssistant
foreman in one of tlie departments of the Yale and Towne Manufacturing
Company in Stamford, Conn. ; unm.

ii. Carrie Edna, b. June 1, ISSl, in Broolslyn : nnm.

iii. Nellie Mabel, b. Jan. o, 18SG, in South Norwalk, Conn. ; unm.

iv. Arthur Merwin, b. Mar. 18, 1890, in South Norwalk ; d. May 20, 1891.

981. Dr. Lloyd Daniel Trowbridge (John FJ^\ Daniel*''\ Wheeler'^\
Ehenezer^^". Daniel'^^''-, Daniel^'^'', James^"^, William^'"', Thomas''), bom April 16,
1875, in Bristol, Ohio; resides in Piqua, Ohio; married September 12, 1895, in
Brownsville, Pa., Coral May Goe, daughter of Eobert Smith and Hettie (Higgin-
botham) Goe, born May 13, 1874, in Tippecanoe, Pa.

Lloyd D. Trowbridge attended school in Warren, Ohio, going from there to
Hiram College. He was graduated in 1897 with the degree of B.A., pursuing his
studies there the following year and receiving the degree of M.A. He then
entered the Cleveland College of Physicians and Surgeons, from which he was
graduated witli the degree of IM.D. in 1899. He then was appointed on the staff
of St. Alexis Hospital in Cleveland and held that position two years. In 1901
he located in Piqua, Ohio, where he has since been engaged in the practice of
his profession.

children :

i. Della Lucile. b. Jan. 23, 1900. in Cleveland. Ohio.
ii. Catherine Goe, b. July 11, 1903, in Piqua. Ohio,
iii. Elizabeth Esther, b. June 4. 1906, in Piqua.

982. PIenuy Merwin- Trowbridge (Guythel B.'^\ Hcnnj /.■'<=■•, Thomas 5."',

Matthew''^'-, 1==?. DanieP'"'. James'">\ WilUam">o, Thomas''), bom

January 21, 1881, in Bridgeport. Conn.; resides in Weston (Westport P. O.),
Conn. : married June 8, 1904, in Weston, Sadie Jane Beers, daughter of Howard
and Lillie (Bedient) Beers, born July 3, 1887. in Weston.

Henry M. Trowbridge is a fanner and mason in Weston, Conn.

child bokn in weston, conn. :
i. PANsr, b. Jan. 15. 1907.

983. George Grant Trowbridge CWesley^^-, Seymour*'''', Minor-^^, Seth^'^^,
James'-^, Daniel"", Jamcs^"^. WilUam'""'. Thomas''), born April 25, 1864, in
Brooklyn Village (Cleveland), Ohio; resides in Concord, Ohio; married May 11,
1893. in Sodus, N. Y.. Mary E. McKinney, dangliter of Johnson T. and Phebe A.
(Case) McKinney, born May 9, 1861, in McHenry. HI.

George G. Trowbridge is engaged in farming and fruit growing on his 40 acre
farm on Johnny Cake Ridge in Concord, Lake county, near Painesville, Ohio.
He and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church.

NO children.

984. Caleb Dee Trowbridge (James i.^^', Cale'b D.^", Cyrenus-^^, Serena"^,
Calel'-'. Caleh'"', James'"'\ 'William'""', Thomas^), bom January 20, 1875, in
Andover. N. Y. : resides in Angelica, X. Y. ; married June 1, 1897, in Angelica,
Minnie Irene Halbert, daughter of Enos Marcellus and Emma Jane (Perry)
Halbert,* bom January 3, 1873, in Almond, N. Y.

• Mr. Halbert married. 2d. the mother of his son-in-law above.


Caleb D. Trowbridge is a section foreman on the Pittsburg, Shawmut and
Northern railroad. lie resides in Angelica, N. Y. He worked for the railroad
at Birdsall, N. Y., as a trackman for three years before being advanced to his
present position.


i. Gladys Peaul, b. Sept. 5, 1001, in Alfred, X. Y.
ii. Carl La Veene, b. Aug. 23, 1005, in Birdsall, N. Y.

985. Dudley Seluen' Trowbridge (WiUiam fl'.«", James E.^^', Jahez^"^,
James^'*", Stephen'^'-'-, tiarrmeP'^' - , Samuel^"*, William'^"'', Thomas'^), born July 8,
1845, in Chester, N. Y. ; resides in South Norwalk, Conn.; married, first,
August 17, 1S71, in Portland, Me., Clara Bomford Paine, daughter of John and
Ruth Theodora (Bomford) Paine, born July 5, 1846, in Washington, D. C. ; died
August 6, 1886, in Greenwich, Conn. He married, second, December 10, 1887,
in Scranton, Pa., Mai-garet Wilsey, daughter of William and Sophia (Mason)
Wilsey, born May IS, 1863, in Windsor, N. Y.

Dudley S. Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his parents to Stamford,
Conn., where his father settled as a physician. He made his home in Green-
wich, Conn., until the death of his first wife. After his second marriage he went
to resides in Glenbrook, near Stamford, living there mitil 1904, when he removed
to South Norwalk, Conn.

Mr. Trowbridge was for many years in business as a newspaper publisher,
issuing the Stamford Standard every Saturday and the Norwalk Express every
Friday. Since coming to South Nonvalk to reside he has been engaged in the
real estate business.


By firnt marriage:
i. IvATE Theodora, b. Apr. 2.i, 1873 ; m. Aug. 27, 1896, Ernest Smith ajid

resides in Talcottville, Conn,
ii. Clara Bomford, b. Sept. 9, 1875 ; is a school teacher in Stamford, Conn. ;

iii. Theodore Paine, b. Aug. 15. 1877: is a carpenter in Eastport. Md.
iv. William Hallam. b. Oct. 27, 1879; d. Aug. 5, 1886.
v. Lily Louisa, b. Oct. 1, 1881; d. Aug. 2, 1886.
vi. James Husted, b. July 5, 1883; d. Aug. 6, 1886.
vii. Alice Ilsley. b. Deo. 4. 1885 : ni. Sept. 4. 1005. Edwin W. Davids, Jr., and

resides in New York City.

/>// .scrniul vnirriagc:
viii. Frank Rowland, b. Apr. 17, 1889: is with his brother in Eastport. ild. ; unm.
ix. Hazel JlARiiUEHiiE, b. Mar. 28, 1892.

986. Wilbur Couch Trowbridce {James A.^^-, James H.^^', Jabez^"',
James^'^'^, Stephen^^-. Samuel'^", SamueP°K William^'"', Thomas^), bom March
20, 1860, in Bethel, Conn. ; resides in San Francisco, Cal. ; married September 7,
1893, in San Francisco, Annie Parsons Cokayne, daughter of Thomas William
and Harriet (Hazeldine) Cokayne, bom January 24, 1864, in Warwickshire,

Wilbur C. Trowbridge lived in Bethel, Conn., his native place, until he was
twelve years of age, when his mother removed with her sons to New Haven,
Conn., to give them the benefit of the schools of that, city, and he there obtained
a good common school education. In 1884 he and his mother left New Haven,
his brother having returned to Bethel, and located in Highlands, Macon county,
N. C. He there purchased a saw and planing mill, which he conducted for five

* i-Tii born in Greenwich, Conn. ; viii in Philadelphia. Pa. ; ix in Stamford, Conn.


years. He then went to California, wliero ho has followed the same business up
to the present time. He resides in Mill Valley, a suburb of San Francisco.

Mr. Trowbridge joined City Lodge, No. 36, 1. O. O. F., in 1882, while a resident
of New Haven, in which he still retains his membership.


987. Myrox James TROWBRroGE (James A.^^-, James f/.^"', Jahez^-"^, James^^",
Stephen^-^-, Samuel'^", Samuel'^''*, William^'"', Thomas^), born September 21,
1861, in Bethel. Conn. ; resides in Bethel ; married Februaiy 9, 1888, in Betliel,
Harriet Amelia Gilbert, daughter of Henry and Mary Battison (Joyce) Gilbert,
born July 9, 1861, in Bethel.

Myron J. Trowbridge came in boyhood to New Haven, Conn., where he was
educated in the public schools. In 1879 he returned to his native place, Bethel,
Conn., and learned the hatting trade, which he has since followed. He resides
on the fann of his great-great-grandfather in Grassy Plain street in Bethel,
on which six generations of the family liave lived. His house, which ho built
in 1891, stands about 300 feet in the rear of the old house of his great-grandfather
Jabez Trowbridge.


i. .James Henry, b. Apr. 10, ISS'J.

ii. Clamce Amelia, b. Mar. 19. 1891.

iii. Geouiie Myron, b. Mar. ,5. 1894.

iv. Marion Gilbert, b. Sept. 22, lltOO.

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