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988. Carl Hoyt Trowbridge (Samuel i?.^=\ Ilorace'^'", Jahez""^, James^^",
Stephen''^-, Samuel^^", Sam.ueP"*, William^'"', Thomas^), bom October 24, 1874,
in West Westminster, Vt. ; resides in Brevard, N. C. ; married June 27, 1905, in
Palmyra. Mo., Emily Bond Lanius, daughter of Prof. James xVndrew and Eleanor
(Bird) Lanius, bom March 19, 1876, in St. Louis, Mo.

Carl IL Trowbridge was brought up in the homo of his parents in Glasgow,
Mo. He was graduated with high honors from Pritchett College in that place
in 1893 with the degree of A.B. The following year he taught a country school.
From 1893-5 he was teacher of natural science in the Slater, Mo., high school.
During the year 1895-6 he was principal of the graded school in Gilliam, Mo.
He was then for three years in charge of the department of natural and physical
sciences in Central Female College, Lexington, Mo., and during the summer of
1896 studied science at Chicago TTniversity. From 1900 until 1902 he was a
student in Harvard University, receiving the degree of A.B. in 1901 and that of
A.M. in 1902. In Septeml)er, 1902, he began his work as instructor of chemistry
in the manual training school of Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. He
held this position until June, 1907, when he was appointed by the Woman's
Board of Home Missions principal of their training school for boys and_ girls,
known as Brevard Institute, at Brevard, N. C, with the duties of which position
he is at present occupied.


989. Leroy GooDitiE Trowbridge (Samuel H.^^^, Horace^'"', Jabez^"^,
James^^", Slephen^'-'-, Samuel'^'-^, Samuel^"*, William^'"', Thomas^), born January
17, 1877, in Glasgow, Mo.; resides in Chicago, 111.; married October 19, 1904,
in Glasgow, Eva Taylor Martyr, daughter of James E. and Willie Ann Agnes
(Carter) Martyr, born March 23, 1879, in Glasgow.

Leroy G. Trowbridge attended Pritchett College in his native place until the
close of the college year of 1894. The following August he went to Chicago, 111.,



to engage in business in the large produce commission office of A. H. Barber &
Co., a maternal uncle being one of the firm. He entered as errand boy, and has
been promoted from time to time until he is now one of the four bookkeepers
employed by the firm.

Mr. Trowbridge is a member of Plymouth Congregational Church, Chicago.
He is also an active member of the Christian Endeavor Society and is quite
largely engaged in city mission work during his spare hours.


j. Evelyn, b. Oct. 6, 190G.

990. "William Henry Trowbridge (Lyman .4.*^-. Amasa T.''"'. Lyrnarv'-'^,
Oliver'^'*'', Seth^^^, Samuel^'^^, SamueP"*, William'""', Thomas'^), bom January 26,
1858, in Newark, N. J. ; resides in Miles City, Mont. ; married, first, January
25, 1883, in Miles City, Helen Anne Oleson, who died November 22, 1888, in
Helena, Mont., aged 28. He married, second, December 24, 1889, in Helena,
Emma Granville Shimp, daughter of John and Emma (Johnson) Shimp, born
July 26, 1862, in Lewistown, Pa.

William H. Trowbridge was left an orphan when very young, and he and his
sister were taken to be brought up by a sister of their mother, Mary Wade Dean,
and her husband, William Morgan. He received a common school education
and at the age of seventeen started to learn the printing trade in the job office
of Ward & Titchenor in Newark, N. J. He served an apprenticeship of three
years, later working in New York, Washington and other large cities. He came
to Miles City, Mont., in 18S2 witli John X. Davidson to start a paper. The Press,
which was uphill work in that country, where soldiers, Indians and buifalo were
the principal inhabitants. Shortly after his man-iage the paper was sold and
he left for Livingston, Mont., where he was on the staff of the Enterprise, just
started, and where he remained for a few months. He then went to Helena,
Mont., working on the Herald for five years, when with others he started a job
printing office and the pul)lication of the Montana Mininri Review. In the
spring of 1S9.3 he sold his interest in the jjrinting business and shortly afterward
received a good offer to come back to Miles City and tal^e charge of the Yellow-
stone Journal office, which position he lield until 1903, when he organized the
Independent Publishing Company, in which he is at present interested, being one
of its directors and holding the position of treasurer and manager.

Mr. Trowbridge and his family are members of the Episcopal church in Miles
City, of which he has been treasurer for the past twelve years.

child born in HELENA, MONT. :
Bi) first marriage:"
i. Gertrude May, b. Oct. 22, 18S5.

991. Melvin Carpenter Trowbridge (Theodore B.^~^, Amasa T.'""\ Lyman^-^,
Oliver^^', Seth^^^, Sam,uel"^, Samuel^"*', Wj'ZZiam^'"', Thomas'-), bom December
lY, 1863, in Sodus, N. Y. ; resides in Sodus; married Eebmary 17, 1892, in Fair-
ville, N. Y., Elizabeth Debrulia, daughter of Paul and Elizabeth (De Hunt)
Debrulia, bom December 18, 1870, in Wesber, Holland.

Melvin C. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in Sodus, N. Y. He is a
prosperous farmer and cultivates the large farm left him by his father.


i. Earl Durfee. b. Nov. 24. 1892.
* No children by second marriage.


992. Charles Henry Trowbridge (Chester M.'^'', Charles i?.""', Lyman"-^,
Oliver^^'', Seth^-"'. Sayniien", SmnueV-"'^, \YilHam^'">, Thomas'^), bom June 29,
1870, in Oonneaut. Ohio ; resides in Bolivar, N. Y. ; married July 2, 1891, in
Bolivar, Katherine Elvira Cowles, daughter of Warren and Mary (Hendrakes)
Cowles, born March 20, 1873, in Bolivar.

Charles H. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in Bolivar, N. Y.


i. Chester Wakren, b. Mar. 31, 1893.

993. WiLLU-M IIexry Trowbridge (Elmer S.^'^*. Henry A.^'^-, Augustus^-^,
Oliver''^'. Seth"'>, Samuel^^^, Samuel'-''*, William""', Thomas'-), bom June 1,
1886, in Jackson township, Linn county. Mo. ; resides in Linneus, Mo. ; married
February 3, 1907, in Limieus, Stella May Wilson, daughter of George W. and
Mary Etta (Lemon) Wilson, born February 29, 1892, in Linneus.

William H. Trowbridge lost his mother when less than two years of age and
was brought up by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas, near Meadville,
Mo. He is now engaged in farming near Linneus, Mo.


994. E-\RL Trowbridge (Edward A.""*. William A."'-'. Joseph Br^', David''\
Daniel'^'', David"*, Joseph'-"^, William'^'"', Thomas'), bom July 7, 1875, in
Ottumwa, Iowa; resides in Ottumwa; married January 24, 1900, in Ottumwa,
Clara Eopheen Rush, daughter of William Jackson and Mary (Shirley) Rush,
born May 19, 1879, in Ottumwa,

Earl Trowbridge lives in his native place, Ottumwa, Iowa, and is a brakeman
on the Chicago, Milwaukee and St, Paul railway.


i. Mart Emelijte. b. Dec. 7, 1900.

994a. Edward Alonzo Trowbridge (Edward A.^"*, William A.''^', Joseph B.^",
David'^^, Daniel"^, David"*, Joseph^"^, William''"', Thomas'), bom April 1,
1877, in Ottumwa, Iowa; resides in Chicago, 111.; married November 18, 1899,
in Hyde Park, HI., Anna Sophia Frieda Witt, daughter of Frederick and
Frederica (Stuyvesant) Witt, bom April 11, 1876, near Berlin, Germany.

Edward A. Trowbridge is employed in the yards of the Chicago, Rock Island
and Pacific Railway Company in Morgan Park, Chicago, 111., and resides in
that city.

During the Spanish-American War he enlisted May 18, 1898, in Company G,
50th Iowa Infantry, and was in camp with his regiment at Jacksonville, Fla.,
until November, 1898, when it was sent home to Des Moines and mustered out
December 1, 1898.


995. Ch.^ Henry Trowbridge (Waller A.^"^, William A.^'^', Joseph B.^^',
David'^^, Daniel'"^, David"*, Joseph'"^, Wiltiam"">, Thomas'), bom April 26,
1883, in Seven Mile, Ohio; resides in Middletown, Ohio; married November
22, 1902. in Hamilton, Ohio, Ruby Maud Smith, daughter of Wilson Bums and
Anna (Patton) Smith, born June 13, 1883, in Seven Mile.

Charles H. Trowbridge after leaving school was employed by the Hamilton
Outfitting Co., a retail furniture house of Hamilton, Ohio, from October, 1901,
to August, 1903. That month he and his father and others foi-med a stock
company known as the Strauss Furniture Co., located in Middletown, Ohio, and
in this company he holds the office of vice-president and position of manager.
He joined Middletown Lodge, 257. B. P. O. Elks, on January 16, 1908.



i. Louis Smith, b. Aug. 25, 1903.
ii. Louise, b. Oct. 10, l'J04.

!)!)5ii. Frank Hodgson Tkowbiudge {Charles W.""'', Augustin B."",
Shubael-'^-, Aiigustin^^^ Shubael^^\ David^'^*, Joseph'^"^, William^^'', Thomas'-),
bom September 3, 1881, in Mt. Freedom, N. J. ; resides in Los Angeles, Cal. ;
married April 10, 1907, in Los Angeles, Hilda Amelia Larson, daughter of
Alexander and Maria (Olsen) Larson, bom October 31, 1886, in New York City.

Frank H. Trowbridge is a carpenter in Los Angeles, Cal.

NO children.

9951). Lloyd Lewis TiiowBiirocE (John L.^^*^, Alvah i.."'*, Stephen'^^,
Augustin''-^^, ShuhaeP^'', David^''^*, Joseph^"^, William'^'"', T/iomas^), bom June 18,
1875, in Port Oram, N. J.; resides in Jersey City, N. J.; married December
25, 1895, in Jersey City, Maud Cornelia Perry.*

Lloyd L. Trowbridge is a plumber in Jersey City, N. J.


i. Lloyd Spencer, b. Nov. 3, 189G.

ii. Florence Perry, b. July 29, 1898.

iii. Hattie May, b. Feb. 14. 1900 ; d. June 30, 1900.

990. Whitfield Dickerson Trowbridge {Charles /^."i", Alvah A.^''*,
Stephen^^^, Augustin^^", Shuhael"'', David^^*, Joseph^"'^, William^'"', Thomas'-),
bom September 28, 1873, in Dover, N. J. ; resides in Dover ; married August 24,
1899, in Kenvil, N. J., Julia Wilhelmina Strumpf, daughter of Conrad and
WiUielmina (Sehodner) Stmmpf, born Septemer 4, 1870, in Kenvil.

Whitfield D. Trowbridge is in business in Dover, N. J.


997. Eev. James Walker Trowbridge (George W.^", James W.'^', Joseph^^^,
David-"^, David'-^^, David'-'-*, Josejih'-"^, William^'"', Thomas'-), bom May 25,
1875, in Brownstown, Ind. ; resides in Otisco, Ind. ; married December 25, 1899,
in Vallonia. Ind., Vinnie Lillian Reinbold, daughter of George Washington and
Almyra Matilda (Gray) Iteinbold, born April 20, 1879, in Medora, Ind.

James W. Trowbridge was for ten years engaged in teaching and then entered
the ministry. He is at present pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church in
Otisco, Ind.


i. Beulah LoruENE. b. Dec. 11, 1900.

998. Edwin Archibald Trowbridge (David G.^*^, James W.'"^^, Joseph^'^^,
David-"^, David"^, David'-'-*, Joseph*"^, William^'"', Thomas'-), bom July 29,
1870, in Vallonia, Ind. ; resides in Decatur, 111. ; married October 7, 1893, in
Vallonia, Mary Florence Phillips, daughter of James and Rowena Jane
(Spurgeon") Phillips, bom February 11, 1871, in Washington county, Ind.

Edwin A. Trowbridge is a printer. He has worked at his trade in Vallonia,
Ind., and then in Carlock, 111., six years. He went to LeRoy, 111., in 1902 and
was there until September, 1906. He was then for a few months in Pulaski,
111., and then came to Decatur, 111., where he lives at present.

* He failed to answer the compiler's letters. Register sent b.v his father.



i. Kay Ouva. b. Aug. 6. 1S94.

ii. A son. b. June lU, 1S9G : d. Aug. 9, 1S9G.

iii. t)uiA Fkkn, b. July 18. 1S9T.

iv. Ol^vf Hazel, b. Aug. 23. 1899.

998a. Frank Burkell Trowbridge {David (?."*", James W."", Joseph^"^,
David-'"', David^-'^, David^^*. Joseph'^'>'\ William^'"', Thomas'"), bom November 8,
1876, in Vallonia, Ind. ; resides in Iroquois, S. D. ; married April 27, 1901, in
Bloomin^on, 111., Minnie May Munden, daughter of Archibald and Fetna
(Brewer) Munden, born March 9, 1875, in Vallonia.

Frank B. Trowbridge came with his parents to Danvers, 111. He lived there
until September, 1902, being in the employ of the Big Four Railroad Company,
and then moved to LeRoy. 111., where he lived and continued to work for the
railroad until March 1. 1903. He then moved onto a farm where he lived until
October, 1906, when he moved to Iroquois, S. D., and was manager of Hotel
La Crescent until March, 1907, when the hotel firm was dissolved. He then
purchased some lots there and built a home for himself, also securing a good
position in the Fisher & Greer hardware store in Iroquois, which he at present


999. David Warren Trowbridge (Jerome EX^\ Dillard'^-'' , Joseph^^^, David-"",
David"-^^, David"*, Joseph"'>^, William'""'. Thomas^), bom November 18, 1872,
in Xenia, Mo. ; resides in Armourdale, Kan. ; married February 19, 1898. in
Argentine, Kan., Rosa Lea Carr, daughter of Joseph and Xenia (Worls) Carr,
born April 8, 1882, in Grinter, Kan.

David W. Trowbridge is in the employ of the Wyandotte Gas Company of
Kansas City, Kan., in which he has been since 1905. He resides in Armourdale,


999a. Arthur Jesse Trowbridge (James W."'", Ahsalom''''-, Jaines'''^, Silas'^"^.
David^^^, David'"''*, Joseph'""^, William'"'"', Thomas^), bom February 24, 1876, in
Center township. Rush county, Ind. ; resides in Mays, Ind. ; married December
28, 1898, in Rush county, Bertha Maud White, daughter of William Nelson and
Amanda Jane (Gartin) White, born January 9, 1877, in Henry county, Ind.

Arthur J. Trowbridge is engaged in fanning and stock raising near Mays, in
Center township. Rush county, Ind. In 1900 he built a house on the home farm
of his father and since then has purchased 40 acres of the same farm, where he
now resides.


i. Grace Helena, b. Dec. 14, 1899.
ii. Jessie Gartin, b. July 8, 1902.

999b. Charles Marshall Trowbridge (James W.^''", Ahsalom''*-, James'^^,
Silas'"^, David>^^, David"'"*, Joseph"-"^, WilUain"'"'. Thomas'"), born January
13, 1878, in Center township, Rush county, Ind.; resides in Mays, Ind.; married
May 17. 1899, in Jackson township, Rush county. Ruby Moore, daughter of
James O.f and Lucy (Souder) Moore, born October 23, 1880, in Posey township.
Rush county.

* Except i, wbo was born in .Tacbson county. Ind.
t Initial only.


Charles M. Trowbridge attended the district schools and took a three years'
course at the Carthage, Ind., high school. He has spent his life on a farm,
except the winter of 1898-9 when he taught at Kennings schoolhouse in Jack-
son township, Rush county. He resides on his farm one mile west of Mays,
Rush county, Ind. He united with the Chinstian church on November 23, 1901.


i. Eakl Moore, b. Oct. 24, 1906 ; d. that day.


Of Newton, Mass.,

1000. Dea. James Trowbridge (Tliomas'^) , born , 163C,* in Dorchester,

Mass. ? ;t baptized there in 1637 or 1638 ;$ died May 22, 1717, in Newton, Mass. ;§
married, first, December 30, 1659, in Dorchester, Margaret Atherton, daughter of
Major-gen. Humphrey and Marj' (Wales) Atherton, bom April 30, 1638, in
Dorchester ; died Aiigust 17, 1672, in Newton. He man-ied, second, January 30,
1674, in Newton, Margaret Jackson, daughter of Dea. Jolm and Margaret

( ) Jackson, bom June 20, 1649, in Newton; died September 16,§ 1727,

in Newton.

James Trowbridge came in early childliood with his father to the ijlantation of
New Haven in the colony of that name. About two years later his father
returned to England, and he and his two older brothers were left in charge of
their father's steward, who proved so unfaithful in his duties towards the three
little boys that the town authorities intervened and placed them under the care
of their father's friend Sergeant Thomas Jeffrey and his wife. It was in their
home in New Haven that James Trowbridge passed Lis childliood and youth,
receiving his early education in the local school which was in charge of the
well-known schoolmaster Mr. Ezekiel Cheever.

James Trowbridge inherited' his father's lands in the town of Dorchester,
Mass., and on coming of age he went there to occupy and manage them, settling
there after his marriage. In 1664 he removed with his family to Cambridge
village, now Newton, Mass. He was made a freeman of Massachusetts May 3,
1665. In 1675 he purchased of Deputy-governor Danforth "the now mansion
place of the said Trowbridge, with house, barn, outhouses, and 85 acres of land
bounded with the narrow lane north; Samuel Hyde and a highway west; a
highway; and laud of the said Danforth east; the dividing line being straight
through the swamp." He resided there the remainder of his life, occupied
with the care of his fann and his public duties. He was one of the early
members of the Newton Congregational church, to which his first wife was
dismissed from the church in Dorchester on September 11, 1664. She had been
admitted a member of the latter March 9, 1661-2. After the death of his
father-in-law. Deacon John Jackson, in 1675,. he was chosen to succeed him as
deacon of the church in Newton and he discharged the duties of that office until
his death, a period of over forty years.

James Trowbridge was a soldier in King Philip's War. At a special Court
called by the governor and held at Boston on February 21, 1675-6, he was
appointed lieutenant of the Cambridge village company of foot. He served
during the war in the Middlesex county regiment under Major Daniel Gookin.||

♦ For his gravestone recorcls he was "aged SI" at his death in 1717.
t Probably, as he was baptized there.

t By Dorchester First Church Records. Probably the former year, if his year of birth is
correctly stated.

§ By Newton Town Records.

II "Soldiers in King Philip's War." p. 448.



His resignation was accepted October 10, 1677. In that year he. was one of a
committee of four to settle by reference the line dividing Cambridge and Cam-
bridge village, two referees to be chosen by Cambridge and two by the village,
they to choose a fifth. His name is in the list of inhabitants of the village who
petitioned on May 8, 1678, for separation as a distinct town. The general court
granted the jDetition and at the first town meeting of the town of Newton, held
July 27, 1679, he was elected a member of the first board of selectmen,* and held
this oiBce for nine consecutive years. He was on the grand jury of Massachusetts
Bay in 1683. He was elected clerk of the writs in 1692 and 1693. He was
elected to the general court in 1700, 1701 and 1703.

Deacon Trowbridge disposed of much of his property during his lifetime by
gifts among his children, and the inventory of his estate amounted to a little
over £240, and included "his purse and apparel, £16 ; books, £3 ; lands, £29 ; bills
and bonds to be paid after the widow's death, £156; livei-y, 35s; furniture, £16;
pewter, £2; brass, £5; ironware, £2; minor household articles and a musket,
£2." The debts and funeral expenses amounted to £36.

The Will of Deacon James TROWBRinriE.

"In the name of God. amen, the 7th day of June. Anno Domini 1709. I. .lames
Trowbridge, of Newton, in the county of within the Province of the Massa-
chusetts Bay, in New England, deacon, being of weakly body, and under the decay of
nature, but of disposing mind and memory, thanks be to Almighty God for it, and
knowing that it is appointed unto man once to die. do make this my last will and testa-
ment, that is to say, first of all. I give and recommend my soul into the hands of God
that gave it, and my body I commit to the earth, to be buried in Christian manner, at the
discretion of my executors after-named, having hope in Christ that, by the mighty power
of God, I shall receive the same again at the general resurrection, and inherit everlasting
life. And touching such worldly estate as it hath pleased God to bless me withal, I give
and dispose of the same in the following manner :

Imprimis, my will is that my debts and funeral charges shall be paid by my executors
out of my estate.

Item. I give unto Margaret, my dearly beloved wife, £10 annually during her natural
life, such room or rooms in my dwelling-house, and such other things as is to be done
for her, mentioned and specified in the conditions of our obligation, bearing date 20 May,
1709, under the hand and seal of my son James Trowbridge; and further, I do give unto
her one-third part of my household goods or stuff, as she shall make choice of it, to be
at her dispasal ; and further, I do give unto my said loving wife £15 in, or as money,
to dispose of by will to whom she please.

Item. I do give uirto my eldest son, John Trowbridge, £00, which he hath already
received, as appeareth by my books.

Item. I do give unto my second son, Thomas Trowbridge, the eldest son of Margaret,
my now beloved wife, £60, part of w-hich is in land, and part in moveables, already
received by him.

Item. I give to my third son, James Trowbridge, the sum of £30, already received.

Item. I give to my fourth son. William Trowbridge, £30, already received by him.

Item. I give to my youngest son. Caleb, all the cost and charge that hath been to bring
him up to learning, and my will is that he shall be kept at the college still, at the charge
of my estate, until be hath taken his first degree, and that he shall have £.5, in money,
within one year after.

Item. I do give to every one of my daughters, viz., Elizabeth Mirick, Mindwell Fuller,
Margaret Stone, Thankful Ward, Mary Stedman, Hannah Greenwood, Deliverance
Wardr^so* much as will make up what they have already had. the sum of £30. their
several receivings appearing upon my books : and likewise. I do give unto the children
and heirs of my daughter. Experience Wilson, deceased, so much as will make up what
hath been already received, the sum of £30, which such sums to be paid to my daughter,
not to be paid until it be done by an obligation from my son .lames Trowbridge.

My will is that, whereas Abigail, my youngest daughter, hath not yet received anything
toward her portion, out of my estate, yet. she shall have her wedding, when she shall
marry, bought or provided for her by my executors, and out of my estate, over and
above her £30, which said £30, shall be paid her, viz., £20 thereof on her marriage day,
and £10 within 7 years and one day month after the decease of me, .said James Trowbridge

* The other members were Capt. Thomas Prentice, distinguished in King Philip's War, and
John Ward, Esq.



and of Margaret, my beloved wife ; and, further, my will is that, in case my daughter
Abigail do prove weakly in her unmarried state, that there shall l>e allowed her out of
my estate what my executors and trustees of this my ^¥ill shall think fitting and needful
for her help and assistance, no deducting anything from her portion of the £30, of what
is so spent, there be not enough besides, every one of my other children shall bear a
share, proportionable, out of what they have yet to receive. And my will is, that what
rights of land I have in the town of Dorchester, that came by my own father, Thomas,
shall be equally divided to and amongst all my children, and that all the rights to any
lands that came by my father-in-law. Major Humphrey Atherton, shall be divided
amongst my first wife's children and heirs.

I do give unto our faithful and reverend Pastor, Mr. Nehemiah Hobart, as a token of
my love and respect for him, £5, in money, to be paid by my executors ; and, further,
I do give him 20s., in money, to buy ve-ssels for the church in Newton for the iLse of the
Sacrament, which, with the f.j to Mr. Hobart, shall be paid within one year after my

And I do appoint my beloved brother-in-law Abraham Jackson and my son Thomas
Trowbridge to be my executors and my dear and loving wife to be my executrix to this
my last will and testament, and appoint my truely and well beloved friends, .John Ward
and John Hide, to be overseers of this my will, and in case of any emergency, or
difference shall arise, then they shall have full power to decide, determine, and issue
the same according to the true intent and meaning of this my last will ; and, whereas,
there is a tract of land at Oakhill yet undisposed of, I do fully empower the executors
to sell the same for defraying all necessary charges.

James Trowbridge [Seal]*
John Spring i

Ebenezer Stone ■ Witnesses
John Staples \

Whereas, I, James Trowbridge, of Newton, in the county of Middlesex, in New

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