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bought of Abiel Lyon a valuable farm of 100 acres in the western part of Pom-
fret, bordering on the Mashomoquet river. He built a housef and other build-
ings on his farm, and later a savrmill and a cider mill. His farm was included
in the tract of land that became in 1749 the second society, or Abington, in

On January 14, 1751, he was chosen one of a committee of five to build a
meeting-house in the new society. He continued to be a progTessive citizen and
active in town affairs. During the Eevolution he served on various patriotic
committees, and in the fall of 1777 he and his sons John. James and Caleb were
among the twenty-four residents of Pomfret who contributed about £70 "to
chai-ter or purchase ... a vessel ... to send immediately to the
West Indies for salt and other necessities." Although too far advanced in years
to enlist himself in the war, two of his sons represented him in the patriot army.
He lived to see his sons occupying farms around him and he left a numerous

Bii first marriage:\\
i. Daniel, b. Jan. IS, 1734-5 ; d. in infancy,
ii. .TOANNA, b. May 3, 173G; d. Aug. 25, 1741.
3017. iii. Daniel, b. July 20, 1738.
1018. iv. .Tames, b. Feb. 15, 17.39.
3019. V. John, b. Apr. 11, 1742.

vi. Ephraim, b. June 10, 1744; a farmer; d. Sept. 17, 1773, in Pomfret; iiniii.
vii. Hannah, b. Aug. 14, 1740 ; d. Oct. 19, 1748.

1020. viii. William, b. May 1, 1748.

ix. Hannah, b. Feb. 14, 1752 ; m. Dec. 29, 1774, Pliilip Pearl of Hampton, Conn.

1021. X. Caleb, b. Dec. 21, 1754.

xi. Elisha, b. Oct. 23, 1750 ; d. Jan. 19, 1709.

1010. James Trowbridge (William^'"'*, James^'*'"', Thomas^), born April 28,
1717, in Newton, Mass. ; died July 21, 1806, in Worcester, Mass. ; married, first,
January 18, 1739-40, in Newton, Jerusha Park, daughter of Ensign Eichard and
Sarah (Fuller) Park, bom November 22, 1722, in Newton; died April 26, 1756,
in Worcester. He married, second. January 11, 1757, in Worcester, Mary
Killey.** He married, third, June 22, 1779, in Worcester, Lydia (Mower**)
Ward, widow of Henry Ward of Worcester.

James Trowbridge learned the trade of a wood turner in his native town,
Newton, Mass., and inherited from the estate of his maternal grandmother the
shop, tools and the timber in the shop, formerly owned by his grandfather. Soon
after his marriage he sold his shop and removed to Worcester, Mass., where he
was engaged in farming the remainder of his life. He bought in 1739 from
Matthew Clark for £360 the hatter's farm of 60 acres in the southwesterly part of
the town, afterwards adding many acres by purchase from other parties. He was
a well-known and respected resident of Worcester. He held the office of tax

• "Daniel Trowhridge. hiislmndman. of Newton," received a deed of land there from his
mother, Mrs. Hannah P,ownian. on July 6. 17.'52. [Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Deeds.]

t A part of this house Is still standing although the original structure has been too mucli
remodeled to make a characteristic photograph.

t Miss Larned's "Ilistory of Windham County, Conn.." has been of service in preparing this

§ Abington parish. The family register was copied from one in their father's own hand-
writing in one of his account books.

11 No children by second marriage.
** Her parentage, birth and death were not found.


collector in 1784. The section of the town where he lived came to be called
Trowbridgeville, by which name it is still known, although none of his
descendants live on the old homestead.

By first marriage:
i. William, b. July 10, 1741 ; d. July 7, 1748.
ii. Sarah, b. Jan. 7, 1743 ; m. Nov. 7, 171)5, William Ward of Cummington,

iii. Mary, b. Feb. 25. 1745 ; m. Zerubabel Snow of Chesterfield, N. H.
iv. Abigail, b. Oct. 12, 1747 ; ra. Jan. — , 1772, ,Ionathan Park of Boston, Mass.
1022. V. William, b. Mar. 20. 1751.

vi. Lydia, b. Apr. 7, 1754 ; m. Dec. G, 1773, William Farr of Chesterfield.

By second marriage:^
vii. Elizabeth, b. Sept. 7, 1758; m., 1st, Sept. 1, 1778, Josiah Rice of Worcester;

m., 2d, .Jonathan Cobleigh of Newfane, Vt.
viii. DoLLY', bapt. Oct. 13, 1765 ; m. , 1783, Oliver Morsman of Stratton, Vt.

1011. Thaddeus Trowbridge (William^'"'*, Jaines'^"'"', Thomas^), born Novem-
ber 20, 1728, in Newton, Mass.; died January 6, 1777, in Newton; married
November 20, 1749, in Newton, Mary Craft, daughter of Moses and Esther
(Woodward) Craft, bom April 11, 1731, in Newton. She married, second,
October 1, 1780, in Newton, Lieut. John Rogers of Newton, and died April 9,
1813, in Newton.

Thaddeus Trowbridge was sixteen years old when his father died and he chose
as his guardian his cousin Edmund Trowbridge, Esq., the well-known lawyer. On
■coming of age he received his inheritance, consisting of his father's homestead
in Newton, Mass., and the latter's one-quarter interest in the gristmill. He
was engaged in farming throughout his life. His son Samuel inherited his


i. Mary. b. Nov. 1, 1750: m. Mar. .30, 1700. Capt. Joseph Hall of Croydon,
N. H.
1028. ii. Edmund, b. Oct. 3. 1752.

iii. Esther, b. Dec. 30, 17.54 : m. .Time 30, 1774. John Wiswall of Newton.
1024. iv. Samuel, b. June 24, 1757.

1012. Caleb Trowbridge (Caleh'^'"^^, James^""'', Thomas^), bom August 6,

1719, in Groton, Mass.; died , 17 [9-?], in Groton?; married September

18, 1738. in Groton, Elizabeth Houghton.§ who died October 25, 1760, in Groton.

Caleb Trowbridge settled in his native town, Groton, Mass., where he was given
by his father a piece of land with a dwelling house and bam near the meeting-
house, on the west side of the road next his own home. From 1744 to 1754 he
was a licensed inn-holder in Groton, his tavern being one later kept by Samuel
Bowers, Jr., and lately occupied by the Chamjiney family. || He then gave up
inn-keeping and engaged in trading for a short time, finally, in 1756, taking up
farming in Groton. He may have occupied his father's lands in Rumford,
N. H., for a few years** and was laterft living in Hillsborough county, N. H.
He returned to Groton, where he was admitted a member of the Congregational
church September 14, 1794.

♦ By Worcester Town Records. The "Trowbridge Family" adds a son "James, b. 1756."
No such child is mentioned in Worcester records or Dea. Otis Trowbridge's history of the
family, or known to descendants of the other children,
t No children liy third marriage.
t By Newton Town Records.
§ Her parentage and birth were not found.
II "Groton Historical Series." I, viii, p. 4.
** He was not in Groton to sign the petition of his father's heirs, dated Feb. 1. 1701.
tt In 1779.




1025. i. J01I^^ b. Apr. 8, 1739.

ii. Hannah, b. July 1.5, 1741; m. Timothy Perkiu.s of Middleton, Mass.

iii. Elizaeetii, b. Nov. 3. 1743 ; m. Jlay 17, 1700, Isaac Comings of Westford,

iv. Sarah, b. Oct. 4, 174.5.

V. Susanna, b. June 8, 1747 ; m. Nov. 1, 1707, Elijali Alexander of Northfield,

vi. Rebecca, b. May 3, 1749 ; d. Jan. 4. 1753.

vii. Lyuia, b. Apr. 3, 1751; d. Jan. 4, 1753.

viii. Edmund, b. Apr. 8, 1753 ; was a soldier in the Revolution. He enlisted
from Lower Coos (Haverhill i, N. H., June 1, 1775, and served as a
bombardier in Capt. John Popkin's company. Col. Richard Gridley's regi-
ment of artillery, for a period of eight mouths in all.* His name appears
on a return of men enlisted with the Continental army in Captain Blood's
company. Col. Jonathan Reed's (6th Middlesex) regiment; "roll dated,
Littleton, May 29, 1777, and Sept. 17, 1777; enlisted from Groton for
three years."t His name appears on a roll of his old company. Captain
Popkin's, dated Sept. 27, 1778.t He probably died in the army in 1779;

ix. Rebecca, b. May S, 1754.

1013. Nehesiiah Trowbridge (Caleh'^'"'^, James'^'""', Thomas^), bom October
14, 1722, in Groton, Mass.; died January 11, 1796, in Groton; married January
12, 1758, in Groton, Abigail Farnsworth, daughter of Ezra and Abigail (Pierce)
Farnsworth, bom July 26, 17.")6. in Groton; died October 14, 1814, in Groton.

Nehemiali Trowbridge settled on a farm in his native town, Groton, Mass.,
and lived there all his life. He was a soldier in the Revolution. He enlisted
March 31, 1778, and served until July 4, 1778, in Capt. Isaac Wood's company,-
Col. Jonathan Heed's regiment of guards, stationed at Cambridge. || He enlisted
July 2, 1778, and served seven days in Lieut. John Dix's company. Col. Jacob
Gerrish's regiment of guards, performing seiwice at Fort No. 2 in Cambridge.**

children born in groton, StASS. :

i. Abigail, b. June 11. 1765; m. Dec. 23, tt 1780. Frauds Champney of Groton.
ii. Mary, b. June 27, 1776; m. Jan. 12, 1815, Jonathan Loring of Boston, Mass.

1014. Thomas Trowbridge {Caleh^^"^, James'^'""'. Thomas'^), born November
12, 1734, in Groton, Mass.; died September 22, 1820, in Groton; married, first,
October 29, 1761, in Groton, Lucy "Woods, daughter of Jolm and Sarah (Lonley)

Woods, born May 18, 1735, in Groton; died , 1769, in Groton. He

married, second, July 15, 1773, in Groton, Ruth Nevers, daughter of William and

Rebecca ( ) Nevers, bom May 31, 1753, in Groton; died Augiist 8, 1836,

in Groton.

Thomas Trowbridge was a joiner and cabinetmaker by trade. He settled after
his marriage in Shirley, Mass., which was a part of Groton when his father was
ordained. He had inlierited his father's interests there, namely, a house, saw-
mill, gristmill, and 100 acres of land, but sold them soon after his removal to
John Row of Boston and went to live on the east side of Catacoonamaug brook
near the lower mill pond. In 1765 he returned to Groton, where he lived the
remainder of his life.$:j:

* Massachusetts Revolutiimary Rolls, vol. !.">. roll 04. and vol. .TT. file 2S ; "Now Hampshire
Revolutionary Rolls." vol. i, p. 751. and vol. R. p. G79.
t Ditto, vol. 5.3. roll 205. and vol. 27. roll 131.
t Ditto, vol. 56. roll 273.

§ Administration on the estate of Edmund Trowbridge, late of Groton. shop-joiner, is granted
to Caleb Trowbridge [his father] of Hillsborough county, N. H., Aug. 17, 1779.
II Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls, vol. 46. roll 23.
*» Ditto, vol. IS. roll 165.

tt By Groton Town Records : 20 by Boston Town Records.

tt He or his son of the same name was one of the "Presbyterian petitioners" in Groton in


B\i first marriage:
i. Lydia, b. Dec. 25, 1703 ;t m. Nov. 23, 1784, Caleb Symmes of Westford, Mass.
102G. ii. Oliver, b. Oct. 23, 1764.

1027. iii. Thomas, bapt. Dec. 1, 1765.

By second marriage:

1028. iv. Jonas, b. Oct. 19, 1773.

V. RUTii, bapt. Apr. 28, 177C ; m. Nov. 2.5, 1798, Joel Davis of Bakersfield, Vt. ?

vi. .Lucy, bapt. Sept. G, 1778 ; m. Jau. 17, 1813, Elijab Learned of Cambridge-
port, Mass.

vii. Rebecca, bapt. Oct. 10, 1779: m. Oct. 20, 1799, Sampson Tuttle of Littleton,

viii. Hannah, bapt. Aug. 12, 1781.

ix. Sarah, bapt. July 13, 1783 ; m. Mar. 11, 1809, Willard Moore of Boston,

X. Martha, bapt. Oct. 21, 1798.

xi. Abigail, bapt. Oct. 21, 1798.

1015. Col. John Trowbridge {Jolin^'">', Thomas^""-, James^"'"', Thomas'"),
born May 22, 1730, in Framingliam, Mass. ; died May 21,:j: 1807, in Framingliam ;
married, first, March 27, 1751, in Framing-hani, Margaret Farrar,§ who died

, 17G0, in Framingham. He married, second, , 1761, || Martha?

Fisher,§ who died March 6, 1774, in Framingham, aged 45 years. He married,
third. February 23, 1775, in Wahhani, Mass., Elizabetli (Upham) Fiske, widow of

Abijah Fiske of Waltham and daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth (( )

Billiard**) Uphani, bom January 15, 1724, in Weston, Mass.; died April 24,
1828, in Framingham.

John Trowbridge settled in his native place, Framingham, Mass., and at his
father's death in 1762 inherited all of the hitter's real estate. After his marriage
he went to live on part of his fatlier's estate, the present Russell place, and
engaged in farming; and there, prior to 1757tt and for many years afterwards, he
kept a tavern. He was a prominent man in the town and active in its affairs.
He was elected one of its selectmen in 1769, and held that office for a number of
terms. During the Revolutionary period he was among the active members of
the more important committees of the town. On June 12, 1752, he was admitted
a member of the First Congregational Church of Framingham.

John Trowbridge's military career began during the French and Indian War,
when liis name appears on "A list dated, Framingham. April 26, 1757, of foot
officers and men in Col. Joseph Buckminster's (Framingham) company, inider
the command of Jeremiah Bellcnap, captain-lieutenant, reported among alarm
men between the ages of 16-60.":]::^ His name appears on "A list of officers
commissioned for the South Part, 3d Regiment of Militia in the county of
Middlesex, August, 1771," with the ranli of lieutenant in Capt. Benjamin
Pepper's troop of horse in Framingham, Col. John Noyes' regiment.§§ lie was
appointed major of the Framingham company of minutemen, organized October
26, 1774. On January 2, 1775, Major Trowbridge was chosen chairman of the
"Committee appointed to collect subscriptions in Framingham for contribution
for the town of Boston in its present distress." For that year he was also a
member of the committee of correspondence.

* i-ii born in Shirley, JIass. ; the others in Groton. Mass.

t By "History o( Shirley" : 1762 by "Symmes Genealogy."

t By gravestone ; 22 by town record.

§ Her parentage and birth were not found.

II Place unlinown.
** Widow of .John DuIIarfl. maiden name not found.

tt "History of Framingham" : but in a deed from his father in 17.58 he is called "yeoman."
$t Massachusetts Archives, vol. 05, p. 315.
§§ Ditto, vol. 99, p. 419.


He was commissioned second major of the 5th Middlesex county regiment,*
Col. Samuel BuUard, on February 7, 1776, and on November 3 of that year is
reported for "three months service in the Jersies." At a town meeting held
June 23, 1777, Major Trowbridge was chosen as its agent "to inspect any person
who should be thought enemical to the United States of America as provided by
a law of the Great and General Court." He was major in Col. Benjamin
Hawe's regiment, which was ordered out July 28, 1778, for service in Khode
Island, and was on duty for six weeks, being discharged on September 12. He
was commissioned on May 1. 1779, lieutenant-colonel of the 5th Middlesex Regi-
ment,! and went with it to Ehode Island at the "alarm" that year.:]:

On March 13, 1780, the town voted, "that the nine militia officers be a com-
mittee to hire men into the public service the present year." The convention
"to prepare a constitution or form of government" met September 1, 1779, and
on May 22, 1780, Colonel Trowbridge was appointed one of the "Committee of
fifteen to examine the new constitution and report to the town at the next
meeting."§ In the Rhode Island alarm of July 22, 1780, his regiment, he
being second officer under Col. Abner Perry, was "ordered out on the 23, marched
on the 27, was engaged on the 28, and wa-s discharged on August 7, after a
service of fourteen days."|| This last service seems to have closed his military
duties in the field. Colonel Trowbridge resided the remainder of his life in
Framingham, where he enjoyed the friendship and respect of his fellow citizens.

By first marriage:

1029. i. John, b. Feb. 12. 1752.

ii. Margaret, b. Mar. 17, 17.54 : m., 1st, , 1771, Abel Stoue of Framing-
ham ; m., 2d, May 9. 1803, Lieut. John Jones of Framingliam.

1030. iii. Joshua, b. Feb. 20. 175G.

iv. Mary, b. July 10, 1758; m. Feb. 27, 1777, Lutlier Stone of Fitchburg, Mass.

By second marriage:**
V. Martha, b. Feb. 8, 1702 ; d. May G, 17G2.

1031. vi. Daniel, b. Feb. 1, 17G4.

vii. Martha, b. Oct. 7, 1700; m. 1st, Dr. Samuel Gamell of East Amherst,

Mass. ; m., 2d, Azel Dunbar of East Amherst,
viii. Nelly, b. Feb. 7, 1709; d. Feb. 18. 17(19.
ix. Lydia, ( twins, d. yonng.
X. Nelly, \ b. Oct. 4, 1770 ; m. , 1701, Aaron Pike Edgell of Framingham.

1016. Thomas Trowbridge (John'"'"'. Thomas^""-, James'^'""', Thovias^). born
April 1, 1734, in Framingliam, Mass. ; died January 12, 1804, in Swanzey, N. H. ;

mai-ried , 1755, in , . Hannah Perry ,tt who died December

2, 1809, in Swanzey, aged 74 years.

Thomas Trowbridge learned the shoemaker's trade and followed it for a few
years in Framingham, Mass., his native town. In 1757 his father made him a
present of one of his farms and from that time he confined himself to farming
the remainder of his life. He was admitted a member of the First Congrega-
tional Church in Framingham March 20, 1752, and his wife July 9, 1758.

During the French and Indian War his name appears on an "Alarm List,
dated, Framingham, April 26, 1757, of foot officers and men in Cul. Josejih Buck-
minster's Framingham company of militia under command of Jeremiah Belknap,
captain-lieutenant."^:]: In 1758 the province of Massachusetts raised forces for

•Massachusetts Revohitionary Rolls, vol. 27, roll 217; vol. 41. r. 146; vol. 43, p. 311J.

t Ditto, vol. 222. p. 231.

X V. S. Pension affid.ivit filed by his son John's widow.

§ The articles, except the ones on representation and qualifications of voters, were accepted.

II Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls, vol. 2ti. p. 2S2.
** No children by third marriage.
tt Her parentage and birth were not found.
}t Massachusetts Archives, vol. 05, p. 314.


the reduction of Canada, and Thomas Trowbridge was appointed ensign in Capt.
John Taplin's company. Col. Jonathan Bagley's regiment.* The regiment was
ordered out March lo, 1758, and served until December 5, 1758, and was probably
engaged in the expedition against Ticonderoga and Fort Du Quesne.

In 1772 Thomas Trowbridge removed with his family to Fitzwilliam, N. H.,
where he was admitted a member of the Congregational church in 1772.t He
was engaged in farming there a few years and then settled in Swanzey, N. H.,
where he lived the remainder of his life. His fami was about half a mile north
of the center, and at his death descended to his son Thomas.:}:


1032. i. Luther, b. June 3, 1756.

ii. HANNAn, b. Dec. 19, 1759; m. Nov. 22, 1781, Jonathan Whiting. Jr., of

Swanzey, N. H.
iii. EDMUiM), b. Mar. 2, 17G2 : d. Nov. 2G, 17G6.1I

iv. Mehitaule, b. Feb. G. 17G4 ; m. July 1, 1781, Abijah Wetherbee of Swanzey.
V. Polly, b. June G. 17GG : m. Page of , Ohio.

1033. vi. Thomas, b. June 5, 1768.

1034. vii. Joseph, b. May 25. 1770.
Margaret, b. Apr. G, 1771; m. Nov. 1. 1796. Elijah P.elding of Swanzey.


ix. Martha, b. May 10, 1778; m. Jonathan Whitcomb of Dummerston. Vt.

1017. Daniel Trowbridge (Daniel^o"^, James^""^, James'-'""', Thomas'-), born
July 20, 1738, in Pomf ret,** Conn. ; died October 2, 1776, in New Haven, Conn. ;
married, first, December -t. 1760. in Pomfret,** Phebe Paine,+t who died March
14, 1769, in Pomfret.** He married, second, February 15, 1770, in Hampton,
Conn.. Mary Pearl. ff

Daniel Trowbridge was a farmer in the parish of Abington in his native town,
Pomfret, Comi. He and his wife were received into full communion in Abing-
ton Congregational church November 22, 1761. During the Eevolution he
enlisted in the army. He was sergeant in the Eighth Company, Capt. Zebadiah .
Ingalls, 11th Eegiment, Connecticut militia, which marched to Westchester,
N. Y., in the sununer of 1776.:}::|: While on his way home, he was taken ill and
died in New Haven, Conn.

children born in pomfret,** conn. :
By first marriage:
i. Joanna, b. Sept. 22. 17G1 : m. Sept. 28. 1780. Benjamin Fuller of Pomfret.
ii. Daniel, b. Nov. 30, 1763 : d. Dec. 6. 1763.
iii. Hannah, b. Sept. 7. 176G ; m. Apr. 12, 1787, Eleazer Baker of Tolland,

iv. Phebe, b. Feb. 13, 1760 ; d. Apr. 7, 1769.

By second marriaf/c:
V. Mart. b. Feb. 9, 1771; m. Feb. 23, 1791, William Warner of Windham,
Conn. At-sJlt^u^^'^-i-v-i'r,:^ „.i ^ip'7:3_ i/. . s /l

Phebe. b. Apr. 17. 1772 ; m. ^ Mtrrtin.Sl ^ /'^^ I -rT ' c^^^JU C,^,^ /r , r

Daniel, b. Nov. 21, 1773 ; d. Feb. 25. 1777. ^■^^■

Abigail, b. Sept. 10, 1775 ; m. Sept. 10. 1795, Rufus Hewit of Wards-



borough, Vt.
LoRA.IIll b. Mar. 23, 1777: m. Smith.***

• Massachusetts Archives, vol. 96, p. 4S2.

t "History o£ Fitzwilliam, N. H.." pp. 152. 773.

I "History of Swanzey. N. H.," p. 503.

§ i-vii born in Framinsham. Mass. : viii-ix in Fitzwilliam. N. H.

II Bv familv records and Temple's "History of Framingham." The "History of Fitzwilliam,
N. H.." p. 240, states that he "d. Dec. 26. 1776, in the army in New Jersey." Barry's
"History of Framingham" gives no date of death, nor was any found on record there. See
No. 1012, viii.

•* Abington parisli.

tt Her parentage and birth were not found,
tj "Connecticut in the Revolution." p. 463.

§8 Possibly, as "Trowbridge Family" confuses these daughters' husbands.
nil By town record ; Laura by "Trowbridge Family."
*•• By "Trowbridge Family."


1018. James TROWBRrocE (DanieP""', James'^'"'^, James^"'"', Thomas^), born
February 15, 1739, in Poml'ret,* Comi.; died Docember 17, 1820, in Pomfret;*
married, first, December 4, 1766, in North Stonin^on, Conn., Frances Darrow,
daughter of George and Phebe (Palmer) Darrow, bom March 1, 1748, in North
Stoning-ton; died July 2, 1782, in Pomi'ret. He married, second, August 29,
1782, in Pomfret. Mary Kendall,t who died March 4, 1801, in Pomfret', aged
48 years. He married, third, November 26, 1801, in Windham, Conn., Rachel
Stiles, daughter of Samuel and Huldah (Durkee) Stiles, bom April 5, 1745, in
Windliam; died December 30, 1808, in Pomfret.

James Trowbridge settled as a farmer in his native town. His farm of 400
acres was in Abington parish and was close to the line dividing Pomfret and that
part of ancient Ashford which is now Eastford. He and his wife were received
into full communion in Abington Congregational church October 16, 1768, and
he became an active member of that congregation. In 1787 he was one of a
conuuittee to divide the town into highway districts. His son Elisha inlierited
and lived on tlie old homestead. The old house built for James Trowbridge
was taken down in 1876 by his grandson Andrew J. Trowbridge (No. 1093), who
erected a modem dwelling on its site.

Ii]i first marriage:

1035. i. WiiXARD, b. Sept. 15, 17G7.

ii. Phebe, b. Apr. 2, 17G0 ; m. Daniel Mastcraft of Woodstock, Conn.

1036. iii. Elisha. b. Mar. 3, 1771.

1037. iv. Clement, b. June 27, 1774.

V. Fbances.J b. May 14, 1776; m. Nov. 27, 1708, Rev. Augustus BoUes of

Ashford, Conn,
vi. LuciNDA, b. Apr. 10, 1782 ; m. Feb. 9, ISOG, Thomas Fiske of Framingham,


By second marriage:i

POLLT, b. Oct. 27, 1783 ; m. Jan. 31, ISOS, James Lyon of Eastford. Conn.

.Tames, b. Feb. 28, 1785.

John, b. Nov. 28, 1780.

Ephraim, b. Aug. 4, 17SS.

Amos, b. Oct. 10, 1790.

Stephen, b. Mar. 31, 1793.

1019. Dea. John TROWBRrooE {Daniel^""^, James^""^, James^"'"', Thomas^),
bom April 11, 1742, in Pomfret,|| Conn.; died March 5,** 1831, in Pomfret;)|
mi^rried November 27, 1766, in Pomfret,tt Anne:}::^ Ivinne, daughter of Capt.
Amos and Sarah (Palmer) Kinne?, born about 1748 in Preston (Griswold),
Conn.; died January 17, 1837, in Pomfret,|| "in her 89th year."

John Trowbridge was a farmer all his life in his native town, Pomfret, Conn.
His farm was in the parish of Abington. He and his wife were received into
full communion in Abington Congregational church March 27, 1768. He was
later chosen one of its deacons and was one of the leaders of its congregation.
In 1795 a district school society was organized in Abington and he was one of
the first school committee. He enjoyed during life the respect and confidence of
his fellow townsmen.

"Deacon John Trowbridge, as my great-grandfather was called, must have
been a power in the community where he lived. To him his neighbors came
in any disagreement among themselves and his decisions were always considered

• Abington parish. "Aged 82," at death, Ijy Abington Congregational Church Records.

t Her p.n rentage and birth were not found.

t By Abington Congregational Church Records ; Fauna by Pomfret Town Records.

§ No children by third marriage.

II Abington parish.
** By gravestone and family record: 4 I)y AI)ington Congregational Church Records.

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