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viii. Thomas Jefeerson, b. Nov. 14. 1803; d. young, probably. tt

1065. ix. Samuel Gilson, b. Feb. 28, 1806.

X. Rebecca, b. Mar. 10, 1812; d. May 10, 1812.

xi. John Gilson, b. Nov. 30, 1813; was a blacksmith in Greenwich, j\ and

Hollis, N. H., living in the latter town twenty-five years ; d. June 25, 1886,

in Grassmere, Ilillsboro county, N. H. ; unm.

1028. JONA.S Trowbridge (Thomas'''^*, Caleb^'"'^, James'""''', Thomas^), born
October 19, 1773, in Groton, Mass.; died September 2, 1853, in Ashby, Mass.;
married December — ,tt 1815, in Groton, Hannah Simonds,§§ who died
September 8, 1865. in Ashby.

Jonas Trowbridge followed the trade of a wheelwright in his native town
prior to his marriage. In 1799, and later, he was a fifer in the Groton "South
Militaris- Company," Capt. Timothy Bigelow.|||| After his marriage he removed
to Ashby, Mass., where he lived the rest of his life, following in later years
the trade of a housewright.

• Date not found.

t By family record. Not mentioned in his mother's will, dated .\pr. 11. 181.'!). which states
that her son "Bela has not been heard from in fifteen years and is believed to be dead."
i "New Hampshire Revolutionary Rolls," vol. ."J. p. 1.52.

§ His nami- was unknown to a grandniece, a daughter of No. 1027, i, who at the age of
90 wrote to the compiler in 1000.

II By family records. Buried Dec. 4. 1820. in Hollis, N. H.. by town sexton's book of
Pepperell. Mass. ** The town record adds her date of death as if unm.

+ t Descendants of the other children, one born in 1800. had never heard of him.
tt Announcement published in the Boston Cciitiiirl of Dec. 20. 1815.
§§ Her parentage and date of birth were not found.
nil "Groton in the Revolution," p. 208.



i. Abigail, b. Aug. 12. ISIG; m. Atherton Munroe of Ashby?

ii. Susan Simonds, b. July 29, 1817 ; m. Oct. 16, 1851, George M. Wooster of

iii. Lydia Augusta, b. Jlay 30, 1810 : d. Oct. 19, 1821.
iv. Lysander Dealing, b. Dec. 8, 1821 ; d. Dec. 26, 1833.
V. A child, b. Jan. 7, 1824 ; d. that day.

1029. Capt. John Trowbridge (Jo/m^"", John^<">\ Thomas'^'"'-, Jarnes^'""',
Thomas^), bom February 12, 1752, in Framingham, Mass.; died July 28,* 1825,
in Framingham; married April 23, 1776, in Sudbury, Mass., Mary Bent, daugh-
ter of John and Molly (Stacey) Bent, bom October 29, 1755, in Framingham;
died January 30, 1844, in Framingham.

John Trowbridge was living in his father's home in Framingham when the
news from Lexington reached there on the morning of April 19, 1775, and he
marched in Capt. vSimon Edgell's company of minutemen to Concord. f He
took part in the battle of Concord:}: and followed the British to Cambridge and
Charlestown, continuing doing duty there until he enlisted in the first eight
months' service. He enlisted May 4, 1775, and was coi-poral in Capt. Thomas
Drury's company, Col. John Nixon's regiment,§ Massachusetts Line, and was in
the battle of Bunker Hill,^ where his regiment took a leading part.|| He con-
tinued in the seiwice at or near Cambridge until he came home the last week
of February, 1776.:^ He re-enlisted in the three months' service and was orderly-
sergeant in Capt. Hezekiah Broad's company, in Col. Samuel Thatcher's
regiment, and marched for Providence in the first week of December, 1776 ; was
at Norwich, Hartford, Danbury, North Castle, Tarrytown, White Plains, Phillips
Manor, Fishkill, the Jerseys and other places until his term expired at Wood-
bridge, N. J., about March 1, 1777, when he came home, having been in a skir-
mish with the enemy the morning of his discharge.:}: On June 11, 1778, he was
commissioned first lieutenant of the Second Company (the North Company of
Framingham), Capt. Lawson Bnckminster, 5th Regiment, Middlesex county
militia.:f He was called out at the "Rhode Island alarm, about haiwest time
in 1779," and was second lieutenant of the last-named company, which was
quartered at Tiverton and jjerformed its duty principally at Newjiort.:): After
being there about two or three weeks, the company was dismissed, but the very
night he returned home his company was called back again, and he was on
duty in all at least thirty days.:}: He was commisioned first lieutenant of the
aforementioned company on December 31, 1779.** His name appears with this
rank in the roll of his company. Captain Buckminster, Col. Abner Perry, which
marched to Rhode Island in an "alann" in the summer of 1780. He enlisted
July 28, 1780, and was discharged August 7,

John Trowbridge settled on a part of his father's homestead in Framingham
that had been purchased by the latter in 1747.^$ He taught school before 1792. §§
Like his fatlier. Colonel Trowbridge, he took an important part in town affairs.
He was elected a selectman in 1792, and held that office seven years, 1792-7 and

* By family and TJ. S. Pension Office Records : 29 by Temple's "History of Framingham."
t Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls, vol. 12, roll 84.

;i: Ills widow's declaration and affidavits supporting the same in V. S. Pension Office Records.
*! Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls, vol. 14, roll 81 ; vol. 56, roll 27. Roll dated 'rt'inter
Hill. September 30, 1775.

I] "We were both marksmen and stood sidt by side at the Battle of Bunker Hill, and with
a steady aim we leveled the enemy." [AfiBdavit of his comrade Ebenezer Eaton in U. S.
Pension Office Records.]
** Massachusetts Rcvolutionarv Rolls, vol. 28, roll 42.
tt Ditto, vol. 1. roll 102.

tt Now or recently the home of Nathaniel Bowditch.

5S The compiler is indebted to Temple's "History of Framingham" tor much data for this


ISOij. In 1798 he was chosen one of a committee "to inspect and regulate the
schools" and continued a member of it for several years. He was representative
to the Massachusetts General Court for eleven years, 1809-13 and 1816-21. In
1820 he was a delegate to the Massachusetts state convention.

For twenty-five years he was town treasurer, halving been first elected to that
office in 1799. Up to 1822 tlie town treasurer had not been required to furnish
bonds, but in the spring of that year Captain Trowbridge proposed to the town
tliat the treasurer should be required to furnish sureties, adding, that he would
hold the office one more year, cheerfully give such bonds and thus establish a
precedent; and tlie town so voted. His record as treasurer shows his integrity
of character and the trust placed in his judgment by his fellow townsmen. He
was also a director of the bank in Cambridge. He was one of the associates of
the Eev. David Kellogg in the building of Framingham Academy, organized in
the spring of 1792, of which he was a trustee for twenty years and to which he
left by his will $500 as a fund in aid of Framingham boys preparing for college,
the interest of which has since been applied agreeable to the directions of the
donor. He was held in general esteem and confidence, and his death closed a life
of usefulness.

The Trowbridge tomb (see plate) is located in the old burying-ground, now
known as Church Hill cemetery, in Framingham and was erected in 1810 by
Capt. John Trowbridge (No. 1029) and Lieut. Joshua Trowbridge (No. 1030),
and their remains lie within it.


lOGil. i. Edmund, b. Apr. 29, 1777.

1007. ii. John, b. June 12, 1778.

10G8. iii. JosiAH, b. Sept. 28. 178.5.

10G9. iv. William, b. June 20, 1791.

1030. Lieut. Joshua Trowbridge (./o/uii"=, John'-'"'', Thomas^'"'-, James^'">\
TJiomas'). bom February 20, 1756, in Framingham, Mass.; died December 9,
1824, in Framingham; married* Anne Stone, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca
(Clark) Stone, born October 1, 1752, in Framingham; died April 30, 1836, in

Joshua Trowbridge, like his older brother, reported for duty at the Lexington
alarm of April 19, 1775, and marched that morning in the same company with
him, Capt. Simon Edgell's Framingham minutomen. He was in the battle of
Concord and marched to Cambridge, returning home the next day.f He
enlisted in the same company and marched January 29, 1776, to Cambridge,
where he did duty until the expiration of his term of service, April 1, 1776.:}^
At the Rhode Island alarm in 1780, he enlisted July 28, and was sergeant
in Capt. Lawson Buckminster's company (the 2d), Col. Abner Perry's regiment
(the 5th). Middlesex county militia. He was in service two weeks and was
discharged August 7, 1780.§ His name appears as lieutenant of Capt. John
Hayward's company. Colonel Webb's regiment, in which he enlisted July 5, 1781.
He was discharged November 30, 1781. ||

Lieutenant Trowbridge, as he was known in Framingham, sotttled on part of
his father's homestead and was a farmer. For four years, 1798-1801, he was a
selectman of the town.


• Date not found.

t Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls, vol. 12, roll 84.
t Fratninghara Revolutionary Records.
§ Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls, vol. 1. roll 102.
II Ditto, vol. 20, roll 2 ; vol. 2D. roll 274.
•* But adopted his niece No. 1031, v.


1031. Damel Trowbridge {John^'''^'% John'^<"'\ Thomas^'"'-, James'^'""',
Thomas'^), born February 1, 1704, in Framingham, Mass.; died March — , 1825,
in Junius. N. Y. ; married, first, June — , 1785, in Natick?, Mass., Prudence

Badger, daughter of John and Prudence ? ( ) Badger, who died ,

1794, in Westmoreland, N. Y. He married, second, Hetty* .

Daniel Trowbridge, when a youth of seventeen, enlisted in the army towards
the close of the Revolution. He enlisted March 7, 1781, in Capt. Staples Cham-
berlain's (Holliston) company. Col. Isaac Dean's regiment, that marched that
day for service in Rhode Island and did duty for a week at Tiverton, being
discharged March 14, 1781. f He enlisted August 21, 1781, for three montlis
in Capt. John Hayward's company. Colonel Webb's regiment, and served three
months and twenty days, being discharged December 1, 1781.:):

He settled in Framingham, Mass., aft«r his marriage and engaged in farming.
In 1792 he emigrated to the recently organized town of Westmoreland, Oneida
county, N. Y. A few years later he removed to Johnstown, Montgomery (now
Fulton) county, and from there to Junius, Seneca county, where he died. He
was a fanner.


Hi/ first marriage:]]

i. Elizabeth, b. , 1780; d. , 1810, in Johnstown, N. Y. ; unm.**

ii. Luther, b. ,1787; d. in .lohnstown; unm.** tt

1070. iii. Windsor Stone, h. .Tan. 1, 1780.

iv. Mary. b. , 1790; d. , 1810, in John.stown ; unm.**

V. Martha, b. May 20. 1792 ; m. Dec. IG, 1819, Mattliew Gibb.s of Framingham.

vi. David, b. , 1794; d.

1032. Capt. Luther Trowbridge (T/iomn*''"", Jo/ui'"", Thomas'"'''-,
James"""', Thomas'), born June 3, 1756, in Framingham, Mass.; died February
24, 1802, in Albany, N. Y. ; married March 15, 1778, in Albany, Elizabeth Till-
man, daughter of Major John Christopher Tillman, born September 21, 1761, in
Strasburg, Germany ;:j::j: died October 9, 1845, in Detroit, Mich.§§

Luther Trowbridge came at the age of sixteen with his father from Framing-
ham. Mass., to Fitzvvilliam, N. H. He learned the shoemaker's trade from his
father, and was following it, at the same time assisting his father in the manage-
ment of the farm, at the outbreak of the Revolution. On hearing tlie news from
Lexington and Concord, he hastened to volunteer in the forces being raised near
his home and enlisted April 23, 1775, in Capt. Jonathan Whitcomb's company
(the 5th), Col. James Reed's regiment.|| || He held the rank of corporal and
was at the battle of Bun]<er Hill, in which his regiment took a leading part. His
period of service was three months and sixteen days. In the fall of 1775 he was
corporal in Capt. Samuel Ward. Jr.'s, company, which accompanied Col. Benedict
Arnold's perilous expedition against Quebec, and struggled up the Kennebec river
and across what is now the state of Maine.

* By an affidavit in the Seneca rounty Surrogate's Records at Waterloo, N. Y. Her name
is Hitta in a deed in which he calls himself "Daniel Trowbridge of Johnstown, Montgomery
Co., N. Y.. Gent."

t Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls, vol. 1. roll 175 ; "time of service eleven days, 4
days' travel included."

t Ditto, vol. -20, roll 2; vol. S. roll 1.
§ Except vi. who was born in Westmoreland. N. 1'.
II No children by second marriage by record of descendants of iii.
** By "Trowbridge Family."
tt r.y record of descendants of his brother iii.
tt By a granddaughter. Miss Mary A. Trowbridge. No. 1072. iv.
H At the home of her youngest son.

II II The sketch of the military career of T.uther Trowbridge is based on data obtained from
over fifty references in the Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls and from the pension declara-
tion of his widow and the affidavits supporting the same on tile in the V. S. Pension Office,
where his original commissions are also on- file; "New Hampshire Revolutionary Rolls," vol.
1, pp. 92, 94, 213, 221 ; and the "History of Fitzwilliam, N. H." p. 241.




Luther Trowbridge continued in the service throughout the war. On January
1, 1777, he was commissioned second lieutenant of the 9th Company, commanded
by Lieut. Jonas Parl^er, Gth Middlesex County liegiment, Col. Ichabod Alden,
Massachusetts militia, and joined Washington's army on the Hudson. This
regiment became the 7th in the Massachusetts Line. He was in the army of
General Gates at the defeat and surrender of General Burgoyne. His marriage
occurred early in the spring of 1778, and after that event he rejoined his regi-
ment, which was stationed at Fort Herkimer and later at Cherry Valley.
Colonel Alden was in command at the latter place and was killed in the assault
on it by the Lidians and Tories under Butler and Brant on .September 10, 1778.

Lieut. -col. John Brooks was placed in command of the regiment and Lieutenant
Trowbridge continued to serve under him until the close of the war.* He was
promoted July 5, 1779, and conunissioned first lieutenant September 29, 1779, and
served with General Sullivan in his expeditions against the Indians in Western
New York after the massacre of Wyoming. He was with his regiment through-
out the year 1780, during the last four months of which he was adjutant on
Colonel Brooks' staff. The regiment was at Camp Totoway in October and
November and Camp Hutts in December, and went into winter quarters at New
Windsor, General Washington's headquarters. During the year 1781 he was on
command at West Point. He was stationed at Peokskill from July to September.

"Wliile Lieutenant Trowbridge was at West Point, his wife, then a youtliful
matron, paid him a visit, while General Washington was at his headquarters at
Newburgh, and she recalled in later years the pleasant manner in which that
distinguished soldier served his table with his battered camp equipage, polished
until, he claimed, it might pass for silver." The regiment went into winter
quarters at York JIutts in December. On February 5, 1782, Lieutenant Trow-
bridge received a furlough permitting him a visit of several weeks at his home
in Albany. He then returned to his regiment and was stationed at West Point
until midsummer. He was in the action at Croton river on October 17, 1782.
He was commissioned quartermaster of the 1st Massachusetts Brigade on
November 12, 1782. He fulfilled his duties at the camp at New Windsor until
the sununer of 1783, when he was furloughed. On October 10, 1783, he was
commissioned captain by brevet in the TI. S. army.

At the close of the war Captain Trowbridge settled in Albany, like all Conti-
nental soldiers, poor in purse but rich in the satisfaction of having done their
part in the great struggle for independence. Here he was engaged in various
enterprises and was interested in some land purchases. He held various offices
by appointment of the governor and council, and numbered among his personal
friends many of the public men of the time ; among whom may be mentioned :
Mr. Van Rensselaer — the patroon — for whom his son Stephen was named,
Elkanah Watson, Abraham Van Vecten and Chancellor Kent. The latter, in
after years meeting with Mr. C. C. Trowbridge, referred with much pleasure,
ajiparently, to his friendship with the latter's father and entertained him with
stories of hunting expeditions on Patroon creek, where Captain Trowbridge won
some reputation with a little gun, carved in the stock in the shape of a dog's
head, which had been presented to him by a French officer during some one of his
campaigns. This gxni is still in the possession of his family. For some time
previous to his death Captain Trovpbridge was clerk of the Board of Onondaga
Commissioners, appointed to settle the disputed claims to land in the military
tract of the state of New York.


i. Hannah, b. .Tuno IS, 1782 ; m. , 1800, .Tames Kasson Guern.sey of

Lima, N. Y.

•The captains of his company were successively, .Tonas Parker (1777-81), Jonathan
Maynard (1781-82), and Nathaniel Allen (1782-83).



ii. Edmund Augustus, b. Dec. 14, 1784; went to sea; was captured by pirates;
was rescued ; and, cured of his love of sea life,, entered into business with
his brother-in-law Mr. Guernsey, a merchant in Lima, N. Y. He joined
the army in the War of 1812 as a volunteer, became commissary on the
lake frontier, and died in the service, , 1813 ; num.

iii. John Valentine, b. Feb. 14, 17S7; d. in infancy.

iv. Eliza Susannau, b. Dec. 18, 1788 : d. July 2, 18G5, in Detroit, Mich. ; unm.

V. John Thomas, b. Mar. 21, 1701 : after the death of his father was adopted
by General Norton, a warm friend of the latter and a merchant in Bloom-
field, N. Y. He entered the army as a volunteer during the War of 1812
and died in the service on the lake frontier, , 1813 ; unm.

1071. vi. Stephen Van Rensselaer, b. July 4, 1794.

vii. Margaret, b. June 24, 1790; d. , 1800.

viii. Ann Maria, b. Sept. 7, 1798; d. June 14, 1800.

1072. i.x. Charles Christopher, b. Dec. 29, 1800.

1033. Thomas Trowbridge (Thomas^"^", John^°°\ Thomas'""'-, James""'',
Thomas'^), born Juno 5, 1768, in Framingham, Mass.; died January 30, 1828,

in Swanzey, N. H. ; married , 1792, in Keene?, N. H., Arethusa Frink,

daughter of Calvin and Sarah (Wyman) Frink, born May 9, 1773, in Swanzey;
died August 24, 1829, in Swanzey.

Thomas Trowbridge came in boyhood with his father to Swanzey, N. H., and
inherited the latter's homestead, where he was engaged in fanning the remainder
of his life.

children born in swanzey, n. h.:*

i. Belinda, b. Mar. 11, 1793; m. Holcomb of Wyoming county, N. Y.

ii. Melissa, b. Nov. 1, 1797; m. Williom D. Popiile of Milton, N. Y.

iii. Calvin, b. Mar. 31, 1800.

1073. iv. Thomas, b. Dec. 10, 1804.
v. George, b. Jan. 22, 1807.

vi. Sarah Louisa, b. Sept. 8, 1808; m. William D. Popple (above).
vii. Adeline, b. Aug. 22, 1812; m. William D. Popple (above).

1034. Joseph Trowbridge (^7^omasl"^ John'""'', Thomas'"'"-, James^"'"',
Thomas^), born May 25, 1770, in Framingham, Mass.; died November 25, 1808,
in Marlborough, Mass.; married April 27, 1788, in Marlborough, Lucy Barnes,
daughter of Frederick and Mary (Howe) Barnes, born September 16, 1767, in
Marlborough; died June 10, 1839, in Holliston, Mass.

Joseph Trowbridge appears not to have remained on his father's farm in New
Hampshire and was working on a farm in Marlborough, Mass., at the time of
his marriage. So young was he at that time, that it was deemed necessary, for
him to have a guardian, and he chose John Stow of ilarlborough.t He con-
tinued farming thus until he came of age, when he bought a farm on which
he lived until his death. He was loiown as "Lieutenant" and was styled
"gentleman" at the settlement of his estate.


1074. i. William Frederick, b. July 11. 1789.
ii. Betsey, b. Apr. 3. 1791 ; d. young?

iii. Mary, b. May 23, 1793; m.. 1st. Apr. 20, 1812, James Symmes ; m.. 2d,
Sept. 7, 181.5, Ben.iamin Bigelow of Marlborough.

1075. iv. Ephraim, b. Nov. 15, 1795.

v. Lucy, bapt. June 24, 1798 ; d. Oct. 20, 1802.

1076. vi. Luther, b. Sept. 13. ISOl.

vii. Lucy, b. Aug. l."i, 1803 : m. ,i 1821, Francis Andrews of Walpole, Ma.'ss.

viii. Elmika, bapt. June 7, 1807 ; m. Nov. 1, 1825, Asa Taintor of Medway, Mass.

* The following register from "nistory of Swanzey." The above children, except i and iii.
were parties to a deed in 1S3.>. fMiddlesex ("ounty. Mass.. Hegistry of Deeds.]

t ".Tospph Trowbridg(^ of ftlarlhni-ongh. son of Tliomas Trowbridge. late of Framingham.
now of New Hampshire, and husband of Ijiicy Rarnes, chose John Stow of Marlborough as
his g\iardian, May 6. 17S0."

i Intention of marriage published .Tune 3, 1.S21, in Walpole.


1035. WiLLARD Trowbridge (James^''^^ Daniel""'\ James'0'>\ James'"'"',
Thomas'^), born September 15, 1767, in Pomf ret, Conn. ; died December 7, 1837,
in Delta, Ohio ; married* January — , 1791, in Ashford, Conn., Mehitable Sum-
ner, daughter of Capt. Jolm and Mehitable (Perry) Sumner, bom April 29, 1769,
in Ashford; died September — , 1838, in Delta.

Willard Trowbridge settled after his marriage near his father-in-law in Ash-
ford, Conn., the town adjoining his native place, and engaged in farming. In
1802 he removed with his family to Edinburgh, Saratoga county, N. Y., where
his father-in-law. Captain Sumner, had bought seven farms, one for each of his
children, soon after the organization of that town in 1801. His house, built
about 1802, stands on the west side of tlie highway, two and a half miles south
of Edinburgh and about the same distance north of Northampton post ofEce.f

In the summer of 1837, with his wife, two youngest sons and youngest daugh-
ter, he followed his two oldest sons to Ohio. The latter had settled about three
years previously in the wilderness of the valley of the Maumee, in what is now
Delta, York township, Fulton county, where they had taken up a large tract
of land. Their father took up 80 acres of woodland with a log house on it and
about three acres of it ''girdled." The crevices between the logs of the house
were "chinked," the floor was made of slabs, and a few logs cut from one end
formed a fireplace. He had accomplished but little in clearing his farm before
he was killed by a falling tree. The tree he had felled lodged in another and,
in extricating the tangle, it is supposed, a sapling whijiped around and struck
him on the temple, killing him instantly. He was found, sitting up at the foot
of a tree, dead, with no other mark upon him.

Willard Trowbridge imited with the Northampton and Edinburgh Presbyterian
church about 1812 and continued one of its members until 1832, when he joined
the Edinburgh Methodist Episcopal church, continuing in that connection until
his removal to Ohio, where he was a member of the church of the same


i. Betsey, b. Dec. 2, 1701 ; m. , 180S, Rowl.and Robertson of Edinburgh,

N, T.§
Elisha, b. Apr. 22, 179.3.
Willard, b. Feb. 1, 1796.
Alansox, b. May 12, 179S.
James, b. Feb. 1, 1803.

Ann Eliza, b. Nov. 20, 1S07 ; m. , 1832, Arad Copeland of Edinburgh.

AnALiNE, b. May 4, 1814 ; m. Nov. 11, 1832, John A. Chambers and resides in

Plainwell, Mich.
Delotia Kies, b. Sept. 4, 1815; m. Apr. 21. 1835, John R. Kennedy of Delta,


1036. Dea. Eusha Trowbridge (.7ame.s"'>^ Daniel''"'^, James^'"'^, James'"'"',
Thomas'), bom March 3, 1771, in Pomfret, Conn.; died Eebruary 25, 1856, in
Eastford, Conn.; married May 1, 1793, in Ashford, || Conn., Esther Work, daugh-
ter of Ingoldsby and Esther (Bugbee) Work, born June 11, 1772. in Ashford ;||
died April 8, 1852. in Eastford.

Elisha Trowbridge settled in Eastford society in the town of Ashford, Conn.,
and was a fanner. He was a deacon of the Eastford Congregational church for
many years and up to his death.

• "In his twenty-fifth year." by family records. Not recorded in the Ashford Town Records.

t The photograph of the house was furnished by Mr. .1. W. Latcher. who resides in it.
He was born .Tuly 30. 1S36, in Oberweye, Berne, Switzerland, and m. Kosena A. Copeland,
a daughter of No. 1035. vi.

t i-iv born in Ashford, Conn. ; the others in Edinburgh, N. Y.

§ See No. 1181.

II Eastford parish, now Eastford.













i. Esther, b. Mar. 7, 1794; m. Mar. 29, 1S18, Charles Fish of Tolland, Conn.

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