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1815, when he removed to Boston. Mass., where he resided until his death. ||

children rorn in watertown. mass. :**

1115. i. Edmund, b. Sept. 13. 1801.

ii. Lucy Peirce, b. Oct. 20. 1803 : m. , 1829, Augustus Baird of Boston,

* A sister of the wife of his brother No. ]0.t2.

t Except i. who was born in Charlestown, Mass.

t Intention published Nov. 8. ISS.i.

§ A sister of the wife of his brother No. 10.^1.

II No data fnr a biographical sketch were furnished. In a dood made in 1.817 he is described
as "Edmund Trowbridge of Boston. fJent."
•* Except vii. who was born in Boston. Mass.
tt See No. 1131.












lllfi. iii. Charles, b. Sept. 15, 1805.

1117. iv. James, b. Dec. 28, 1S07.

V. Axx Mama, b. Mar. lU. 1810 ; d. Sept. 10, 1821.
vi. William, b. Apr. 12, 181.'! ; d. Feb. 1, 1814.

1118. vii. William IIemry, b. .Jan. •.), 1823.

1053. Col. William Trowbridge (EdmniuPo-^ Thaddeus''>'\ WilUam""'\
James""", Thomas'^), born November 23, 1779, in Newton, Mass.; died July 18,
1S2C, in Newton ; married November 18, 1806, in Newton, Anna Woodward,
daughter of Dea. Ebenezer and Catliarine (Fuller) Woodward, bom January 5,
1782, in Newton; died May 28, 1S5S, in Newton.

William Trowbridge resided all his life in his native town, Newton, Mass.
lie held the office of school commissioner and was also a colonel in the Massa-
chusetts militia.


1110. i. Otis. b. Jan. 18, 1808.

ii. Ll'cy Woodward, b. Oct. 3, 1811; m. Nov. 10, 1831. .loel Jenison of Newton.

1054. Nathaniel Trowbridge (Edmund^"^^, Thaddeus^"^^ , William^'>°\
James'^'""'. Thomas'-), born July 7, 1784, in Newton, Mass.; died October 23,
1842, in Newton; married December 21, 1800, in Boston, Mass., Martha Hall,

daughter of Moses and ilartha ( ) Hall, bom ilareh 7, 1780, in Medford,

Mass.; died February 27, 1851, in Newton.

Nathaniel Trowbridge resided all of his life on a farm in his native town,
Newton, Mass. He was also in business there as a carisenter and builder.

children :*

1120. i. James NiVTHANIel, b. Jan. 19, 1808.

ii. Mary Hall, b. July 31, ISO!) ; m. Sept. 28, 1828, Riifus Newcomb of Boston,

1121. iii. Almarin, b. Nov. 24, 1811.

iv. Louisa Hall, b. Jlay 22, 1814 ; m. Aug. 10, 1847, Samuel Carr of Charles-
town, Mass.

V. Martha Hall, b. June 6, 1816 : m., 1st, Sept. 20, 1838, Jonathan Newcomb
of Boston; m., 2d, Apr. 8, 1845, Capt. John Randolph Drake of Easton,

1122. vi. John, b. May 3, 1817.

vii. Anna Woodward, b. Dec. 3, 1820; m. Oct. 3, 1843, Daniel Jacobs Brown of
Roxbury, Mass.

1123. viii. William, b. Apr. 17, 3822.

ix. Frederick Jones, b. Feb. 15. 1824; d. Jan. 2, 1888, in Bath, Ga. ; unm.

1124. X. Isaac Cofein, b. Aug. 20, 1826.


Catharine Woodward, b. May 1, 18.32 ; m. Jan. 0, 1.S69, Sidney Gould and
resides in Jersey City, N. J.

1055. Eeuben Trowbridge {Edmund'"'-^, Thaddeus'^'"-^, WilUam'^'>o*, James^o'"',
Thomas^), bom August 13, 1789, in Newton, Mass.; died February 10. 1876, in
Baltimore, Md. ; married December 31, 1817, in Baltimore, Eliza Smith, daugh-
ter of Enoch and Eliza ( ) Smith?, born January 9, 1790, in Newton?;

died October 2, 1854, in Baltimore.

Eeuben Trowbridge learned the trade of a cai-penter. In early manhood he
removed to Baltimore, Md.. and for many years followed his trade in that city,
living a quiet and uneventful life.

During the War of 1812 he was one of the defenders of Baltimore at the time
of the bombardment of Fort McHenry by the British. He enlisted August 19,
1814, in Capt. Andrew Smith's company, 5th Regiment, Maryland militia. He

* i born in Boston. Mass., by his death record : the others in Newton, Mass., except iii, who
was born during a temporary stay of his parents in Quebec, Canada.



participated in the battle of North Point, September 12, 1814, and later served in
the defence of Fort McHenry. He was in the service ninety- two days and was
discharged November 18, 1814.* He was for many years and up to the time of
liis death a member of the Old Defenders' Association, a body composed of those
survivors of the battle who lived in or near Baltimore. For his services in the
war he was awarded a pension in 1871.


1125. i. James Armitage, b. June 2, 1830.

1056. Elisiia Trowbridge (Edmimd'"'-^, Thaddeiis^''^\ William^'""^, James'^<">o,
Thomas^), born August 3, 1797, in Newton, Mass.; died February 16, 1880, in
Portland, Me. ; married June 13,t 1822, in Boston. Mass., Margaret Stimpson,
daughter of William and Catharine (Rappalyc) Stimpson, born November 4,
1799. in Charlestowm, Mass.; died August 10, 1885, in Portland.

Elisha Trowbridge settled soon after his marriage in Portland, Me., where he
established himself in the chandlei-y business. His eldest son in due time became
associated with him and they had an extensive trade, shipping their candles to
all parts of the United States and abroad. After the former's death Mr. Trow-
bridge sold his factory and retired from active business life. He continued to
reside in Portland, however, until his death about ten years later.

Mr. Trowbridge was a very superior man and was a prominent and highly
respected citizen of Portland for more than fifty years. He went there a young
man, and from that time took an active part in the affairs of the city. He held
many offices of imblic trust and was a member of the Maine legislature for many
years. He was several times nominated for mayor of Portland, but always
declined that honor, as one exacting too much time for the interest of his busi-
ness. He was also an active and influential member of the old Third Congre-
gational Church, with which he had united soon after his arrival in Portland.


112G. i. Edward Robdins, b. Mar. 12, 1823.

1127. ii. Henry Elisha. b. Mar. 5. 1825.

1128. iii. William Stimpson. b. June 3, 1827.

1129. iv. George Newell, li. Mar. 24. 1831.

v. Mary Elizabeth, b. May IG, 1833 : resides in Portland ; unra.
vi. Margaret IjOUISa, b. Aug. 17, 1835 ; m. Feb. 19, 1807, John Q. A. Hanson
of Dover, N. H.
11.30. vii. Charles Irving, b. May 21, 1837.

1057. Stephen Winchester Tuowhridoe (Edinund^°-^, Thaddeus^"'^''-,
ir/W/aMji""*, Jarnes^'"'''. Thomas^), born June 20, 1802, in Newton, Mass.; died
October 10, 1853, in Newton ; married May 4, 182C, in Boston, Mass., Sarah
Emmons Murdock, daughter of Amasa and Sally (Crane) Murdock, bom March
13, 1806, in Boston; died June 4, 1886, in Newton.

Stephen W. Trowbridge lived all of his life in his native town, Newton, Mass.,
where he followed the trade of a wheelwright. He served the town as a selectman.

children born in NEWTON, MASS. :

i. Sarah Murdock, b. Mar. 7, 1827; m. Apr. 2, 1840. Etlian Wetherbee and

resides in Newton.
ii. Adeline Fuller, b. Oct. 23, 1828; m. Aug. 18. 1852, George W. Hall of

iii. Eliza Davis, b. Apr. 4, 1,831; m. May 29, 1849, Benjamin S. Wetherbee and

resides in Newton.

1131. iv. Stephen Winchester, b. Oct. 5, 1834.

1132. V. Francis Mortimer, b. Nov. 10, 1839.

1133. vi. Theodore William, b. June 5, 1845.

* D. S. Pension Office Records ; "Muster Roll of Citizen Soldiers at North Point and Fort

t By family records ; Nov. 21 by Boston City Records.


1058. Samuel Trowbridge (SamueP"-*, Thaddeus^'"-'^ , William^'"'*, James^""",
Thomas^), bom March 19, 1784, in Newton, Mass.; died June 3, 1875, in New-
ton; married April 24, ISOS, in Newton, Dorothy Richards, daughter of James
and Dorothy (Packard) Richards, born August 5, 1789, in Newton; died
December 21, 1847. in Newton.

Samuel Trowbridge learned the mason's trade and was engaged in that busi-
ness in his native town, first in Newtonville and later in Newton Center. He
held the office of selectman and was a member of the First Baptist Church.


i. EVKLINA. b. Sept. 8. 1809; m. Mar. 21, 1839, Ramsay Hope Bacon of

1134. ii. Asa Richards, b. Mar. 2G. 1811.

1135. Hi. ALPnEUS, b. Feb. 14, 1814.

iv. Dorothy, b. July 1, 181.5 ; d. Aug. 28, 1815.

V. Samuel, b. .luly 15, 1817: d. Dec. S. 1817.

vi. Lucius Fuller, b. Apr. 12, 1831 : .served in the Civil War in Company K,

32d Ma-ssacliusetts Infantry, being mustered in Aug. 13, 1SC2. He d.

Dec. 29. 18G2. in the army hospital in Fa!mo\]th, Va. ; unm. His name

is on the Soldiers' Monument in Newton cemetery.

1059. Nathan TRowBRmcE (Samven"-*. Thaddeiis'"''''^, William^'*''*, James^'">",
Thomas'-), born August 20, 1788, in Newton, Mass.; died December 14, 1873, in
Newton; married, first, April 21, 1814, in Newton, Charlotte Wiswall,t daughter
of William and Elizabeth (Craft) Wiswall. born April 20, 1791, in Newton;
died .January 27. 1837, in Newton. He married, second, October 25, 1838, in New-
ton, Beulah Ward, daughter of Samuel and Esther (Murdoch) Ward, born June
2, 1795, in Newton; died September 27, 1878, in Newton.

Nathan Trowbridge was engaged in fanning all of his life in his native town,
Newton. Mass. He inlierited his father's homestead, the original Trowbridge
farm. He was a selectman of the town.

By first marriagc't
i. Eliza Wi.swall. b. Jan. 5, 1815: m. Mar. 6. 1839, Charles S. Pulsifer of
Newtonville, Mass.
113C. ii. George, b. Dec. 18. ISIG.

iii. Reubex. b. June 14. 1821; was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted
Dec. 20, 18G1. in Company E, 12th Maine Infantry, wa.s transferred Nov.
19, 18C4. to Company C, 12th Regiment, and was mustered out Mar. 15,
1865. He was for a time in the coal business, but for many years prior
to his death had been in no active business. He d. Feb. 27, 190G, in
Boston, : unm.

1137. iv. Ebexezer Davis, b. Julv 2, 1823.

1138. V. Asa. b. July 12. 1825.

1139. vi. .Tames Bates, b. May 9, 1827.

1140. vii. Edward Brooks, b. Nov. 20, 1829.

1060. Asa Trowbridge (SnmueP"-*, Thaddeus^"" . William^'"'*, James^"'"',
Thomas''), bom !^^arch 20, 1793. in Newton, Mass.; died January 20, 1825, in
Waltham, ; married May 7, 1815, in Newton, Nancy Ann Wiswall,§ daugh-
ter of William and Elizabeth (Craft) Wiswall, born March 12, 1796, in Newton.
She married, second. February 15, 1834, in Newton, Edward Dexter Brooks of
Newtonville, Mass., and died February 19, 1867, in Newtonville.

• i-iv born in Newtonville : the otliers in Newton Center.
t A sister of the wife of his brother No. in60.

t No childron by second m.irriage. The births of i-ii .ire not on record; iii-iv born in
Newton Corner ; the others in Newtonville.

§ A sister of the wife of his brother No. 1059.


Asa Trowbridge settled in his native town, Newton, Mass., and there conducted
a soap chandlei-j' business. He died by accident in the neighboring village of
Walthani, Mass.


114]. i. William Wiswall, b. Mar. 2, 1816.

ii. EuwiN N.,* b. Deo. 19, 1817; was in the soap business with his brother;
Icilled by lightning June 12, 1838, in Newton ; unm.
11-12. iii. Henky, b. Aug. 31, 1819.

1143. iv. Charles Pelham, b. Sept. 11, 1821.

1144. V. Joseph Craft, b. Sept. 1, 1823.

1061. John- Trowbridge (John"'^'% Caleh^"^-, Ca^e^)l»»^ Jttme.s'""'', Thomas'-),
born Januai-y 18, 1762, in Grotou, Mass.; died July 3, 1828, in Waldoboro, Me.;

married , 17SG, in Waldoboro?, Sarah Soule. daughter of Nathan and

Sarah ( ) Soule, bom , 1703, in Duxbury, Mass.; died January

3, 1847, in Waldoboro.

John Trowbridge at the age of fifteen years became a soldier in the Revolution.
He enlisted in Groton, Mass., his native place. May 10, 1777, for two months in
Capt. John Minott's company. Col. Josiah Whitney's regiment, Massachusetts
militia, raised for service in Rhode Island. He was stationed at Warwick Neck,
and was discharged June 9. 1777.t He re-enlisted July 7, 1777, for six montlis
in Capt. Nathaniel Lakin's company. Col. John Robinson's regiment, which was
raised for defense of Boston Harbor, and during the latter part of his term of
enlistment was stationed at North Kingston, R. I-X He re-enlisted March 31,§
1778, for three months in Ca])t. Isaac Wood's company. Col. Jonathan Reed's
regiment, tJie 1st Regiment of guards, which was on duty at Cambridge.|| He
re-enlisted July G, 1778, for six months and was drummer in Capt. Joseph Boyn-
ton's company. Col. Nathaniel Wade's regiment, raised for service in Rhode
Island, was stationed at East Greenwich, and was discharged January 1, 1779.**
He re-enlisted July 1, 1779, for nine months and sei-ved as drummer in Capt.
Edmund Munro's company. Col. Timothy Bigelow's (15th Massachusetts) regi-
ment, and was discharged April 20, He re-enlisted July S.XX 1780, for
six months in Capt. Joshua Benson's company. Col. Rufus Putnam's (5th Massa-
chusetts) regiment of light infantry, served at the Garrison at West Point, and
was discharged there January 9, 1781. §§

John Trowbridge went to Maine in 1784 and settled in what is now Waldoboro,
I;incoln county. He there bought a farm and engaged in farming, being thus
occupied until his death. His homestead lay two miles out of Waldoboro village,
in the so-called "Slaigo" district on Medomak Bay.

* Initial only. These children were bapt. as "child of Asa deceased and Charlotte" (their
aunt, wife of No. 1059). fFirst Congregational Church Records.]

t Massachusetts RevohUionary Rolls, vol. 2. roll 213. It would lie natural to suppose
that "John Trowbridge of Groton" who performed the above term of service as well as the
next two terms was his father rather than he. were it not that the roll of this company
was signed "John Trowbridge, Jr." ["Groton During the Revolution." p. 141.] These first
three terms of service were not mentioned in his widow's application for a pension.
t Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls, vol. 2, roll 184 ; vol. 41, roll 125.
§ Apr. 1 by Ditto, vol. 24, roll 5G ; "From Apr. 2" by Ditto, vol. 46, roll 23.
II He served three months and four days by Ditto, vol. 24, roll 56 : Ditto, vol. 46, roll 23 ;
Ditto, roll 24; "New England nistorical and Genealogical Register." vol. 50, pp. 18, 478.

••Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls, vol. 1, p. 63; (his name also appears as John Stroiv-
hridfie in another muster roll during this period of service;) U. S. Pension Office Records,
where his widow shortly before his death filed an application for a pension on the grounds
of this last service.
tt U. S. Pension Office Records.

tt July 4 by Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls, vol. 4, p. ,S1 ; July by V. S. Pension
Office Records.

§§ Massachusetts Revolutionary Rolls, vol. 50, file 0. "Time of arrival at Springfield, July 0,
1780 : 11th Division ; marched to camp July 11, 1780. under command of Ensign Bancroft.
Received of Justin Ely, Commissioner, by Brig.-Gen. John Glover, at Springfield. July 11,
1780." [Ditto, vol. ?,5. p. 102.] "Return dated. Camp Totoway, Oct. 25, 1780," [Ditto, vol.
25, p. 224.] Also Ditto, vol. 27, p. 12 ; Ditto, vol. 54, part 3, file 7,



1145. i. John, ( twins.

114G. ii. .Tames. (' b. Oct. 15. 1787.

iii. AYiLLiAM, / twins,

iv. Caleb, \ b. Jan. 2, 1791 : "both died in early childhood."*

T. Sabra, b. , 179.3 ; d. aged about 75 years in Waldoboro ; unm.

vi. Clarissa, b. , 1796 : d. Mar. 11, 1805.

1147. vii. Nathan Soule, b. Aug. 28, 1800.

1062. PHiNEAst Trowbridge (John^o-': Caleh^"^-, C aleh^""'" , James'-'""',
Thomas'), bom September 2, 1775, in Groton, Mass.; died April 19, 1834, in
Westford, Mass.; married , 1818, in Dunstable, Mass., Eebecea (Nut-
ting) Emerson, widow of Jonathan Emerson of Dunstable and daughter of

Daniel and Mai-y (Lawrence) Nutting, bom , 1784, in Groton; died

March 16, 186G, in Leominster, Mass.

Phineas Trowbridge went to sea at the age of sixteen and followed that occu-
pation until he was forty, becoming first mate under Captain Delano. lie settled
after his marriage in Westford, Mass. He later went to Boston, Mass., where
he opened the Roebuck Tavern. By its destruction by fire a few years later he
lost most of his property, and he returned to Westford, where he was engaged in
farming until his death.

children born in westford, mass. :

1148. i. Albert Blake, b. Sept. 11. 1819.

ii. Eliza Ann. b. Nov. 19. 1820: m. Mar. 23. 1841. Charles Gould of Leo-

1149. iii. Phineas Parker, b. Sept. 3. 1822.

iv. Ann Maria, b. Nov. 11, 1824: m. Jan. 28. 1848, Abram DeCamp of Leo-

1150. V. Charles A^•ERT, b. June 12, 182G.

1063. jEPTH.\n Trowbridge {Jolin">-'^, Caleh'"'-, Caleb"">\ James'"'"',
Thomas'), born November 13, 1783, in Groton, Mass.: died July 21, 1825, in
Westford, Mass. ; married November 10, 1816, in Westford, Parmelia Chandler,
daughter of William and Joanna (Eecd) Chandler, bom March 30, 1793, in
Westford. She married, second. May 24, 1829, in Westford, Ebenezer Tidd of
Westford, and died August 26, 1841. in Westford.

Jepthah Trowbridge was a carpenter by trade and went to sea in that capacity
at the age of twenty, making eleven voyages to China. He then settled in
Westford, Mass., where he died a few years later.


1151. i. John. b. June 27, 1817.

11.52. ii. Georoe Nelson, b. Jan. 13. 1819.

iii. Cemantha. b. JIar. 4, 1820; m. Apr. 27. 1840, Dexter B. Sprasue of
Phillips, Me.
1153. iv. WiLLLAM. b. Oct. 8, 1821.

V. Jepthaii. b. May 14, 1823 : a soldier in the Mexican War ; d. Oct. 15. 1847.
in the City of Mexico; unm.

1064. Capt. Luther Trowbridge {Thomas'o-' , Thomas'"^*, Galeh""''^
Jozies"""', Thomas'), bom October 22, 1797, in Pepperell, Mass.; died May 30,
1881, in Clarkstown, Tenn. ; married November 15, 1822, in Westford, Mass.,
Abigail Prescott, daughter of David and Mai-y (Blood) Prcscott, born Febitiary
IC, 1793, in Westford; died July — , 1881, in Clarkstown,

* Inscription on the gravestone of their sister Clarissa. They were killed while coasting
on Thomas hill near their home.

t He is stated to have had a middle initial "P." by his widow in her declaration for a
pension for services of her first husband in the War of 1812, but he had no such initial by
the family register.


Luther Trowbridge is supposed to have been the man of his name who served
in the War of 1812 from August 3, 1813, to September 16, 1813, in Capt. Abra-
ham Hubbard's company, Connecticut militia.* He served from July 30, 1814,
to November 3, 1814, in Capt. Abel Tarbell's company, Massachusetts militia,
being stationed during the whole of his term of service at Fort Warren in Boston
IIarbor,t at the time when an attack on the city was confidently expected. He
was awarded a pension.

He settled in Westford, Mass., where he owned and conducted an iron forge
at Forge village, his being one of three forges in the town. About 1840 he
removed with his family to Warren, Mass., where he engaged in farming. About
1856 he removed to Clarkstown, near Sparta, White county, Tenn., where he
l^assed the remainder of his life as a farmer.


i. Abigail Prescott, b. Jan. 31, 1824 ; m. Dec. 5, 1844, Chauncey Davjs of

Entield, Conn,
ii. LrDiA Ann, b. July 20, 1S25; ni. Dec. 28, 1843, David Arnold Burroughs of

Warren, Mas.s., and resides in West Townshend, Vt.

1154. iii. Luther Prescott, b. June 6, 1827.

iv. Samuel Olivek. b. , 1828; d. Nov. 4, 1842, in Warren.

1155. V. Andrew Jackson, b. June 2, 1832.

vi. Alonzo, b. , 1834; d. aged 1 month.

1066. Samuel Gilson Trowbridge (Thomas^'*-', Thomas^o^\ CaleV'"^,

James^''"^", Thomas'^), bom February 28, 1806, in Pepperell, Mass.; died ,

183-, in , Ark. ; married , 1830 ?, in Fair Haven % Vt., Rebecca

Dodge, daughter of Noah and Rebecca (Cameron) Dodge, born , 1812, in

Glover?, Vt. She married, second, Alfred Ward of Hampton, N. T. She
married, third, William Poore of Poultney, Vt.

Samuel G. Trowbridge went West soon after his marriage. He was of a rov-
ing nature and continually pressed on towards the frontier. He is thought to
have died in Arkansas, where it is said he was mayor of a town and was confined
in prison during some political controversy of that day.$


i. Eleanor, b. about 1830 ; d. agetl about 2 years.

10fi6. Edmund Trowbridge (John''"-^, John^"''^, John^""', Thomas^""-,
James''-'""', Thomas^), born April 29, 1777, in Framingham, Mass.; died February
7, 1865, in Framingham; married March S, 1800, in Westem,§ Mass., Hannah
Wheeler, bom Februaiy 1, 1777,|| in Western; died June 6, 1857, in Framingham.

Edmund Trowbridge passed his life as a farmer in his native town, Framing-
ham, Mass. He lived about two miles out of the village. He was a pleasant,
genial man and lived a quiet life. He was afflicted with blindness for about eight
years before his death, but took his misfortune very eahnly. He was a member of
the Congregational church, and, after his age and blindness prevented his attend-
ing church, he greatly enjoyed the prayer meetings frequently held at his home,
which were well attended, his minister being usually present. His house was
presided over by his kindly daughter Anna, and his city grandcliildren always
looked forward with pleasure to the summers they spent at his home in

* "Connecticut Mon in the War of 1812."

t D. S. Pension OfBce Records, which credit him with service to Nov. 3. although he states
he received his discharge at Fort Warren on Oct. 10. He states ; "The enemy's vessels were
in sight all the time, but we had no engagements."

t His silver-trimmed bowie knife is in the possession of relatives of his widow in Poult-
ney, Vt.

§ Now Warren.

II According to her age given at her death : "SO years, 4 months and 5 days."



i. Louisa, b. Nov. 20, 1800 ; m. William Jordan of Framingham.
11.5G. ii. Charms, b. Oct. 1, 1802.
ll.jT. iii. George Avery, b. Mar. 26, ISOo.

iv. AiiTNE Frax-ces. b. Aug. IG, 1807; m. Mar. 2. 1824, Col. William Hem-

menwav of Framingham.
V. Mart Bent. b. July 31, 1811 : m. Dec. 1, 183G, Edward Goodnow of

vi. John, b. June 21, 1814 : d. Aug. 1, 1815.

vii Anna Stone, b. Mar. IS, ISIG ; d. Mar. l.o, 1880. in Framingham ; unm.
viii. Sarah Axvord, b. Sept. 8, 1818 ; m. Apr. 30, 184.5, Charles Brown of CK>rda-
ville, Mass.

1067. John Trowbridge (./o/in"-^ John^o^', John''">\ Thomas^oo-, James^"'"',
Thomas^), bom June 12, 1778. in Framingham, Mass.; died January 28, 1841,
in Cambridgeport, Mass.; married May 6, 1804, in Framingliam, Sally Howe,
daughter of Col. Ezekiel and Sarah (Kead) Howe, bom November 22, 1780, in
Framingham; died October 15. 1S39, in Cambridgeport.

John Trowbridge went to Cambridgeport, Mass., where he established himself
as a merchant before his marriage. He was highly successful in his business and
largely increased the property that he inherited from his father. He resided
in Cambridgeport until his death.


i. EsrERT, b. May 28, 180.5; d. Sept. 2. 1.S05.
1158. ii. John Howe, b. May 9, 1807.

iii. Sarah Read, b. Mar. IS, ISOO; m. Nov. 11, 1835, Dr. Charles F. Chaplm

of Cambridgeport.
iv. Mart Emery, b. June 22. ISll ; m. June 19, 1833, Newell Bent of Cambridge.

V. Charles Sylvester, b. July 20, 1814; a merchant; d. Mar. 30, 1846, m

Boston, Mass.

1068. Dr. Josuh Trowbridge (Jolin^''-^ John^o^^ John^""', Thomas^"^"-,
James^""'', TJiomas^), born September 28, 1TS5, in Framingham, Mass.; died
September 18, 1862, in Buffalo, N. Y. ; married September 22, 1813, in Buffalo,
ilargaret Wintermute, daughter of John and Mary Jane (Smith) Wintermute,

bom , 1797, in Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada; died October 24, 1863, in


Josiah Trowbridge* remained on his father's fann until the age of fifteen,
when, farm work proving too laborious, he took a position as clerk with his
elder brother John, who was engaged in mercantile business in Cambridgeport,
near Boston, Mass. Tiring of this, and desiring to see more of the world, he
shipped for Holland in 1800 and, after a most tempestuous return voyage, the
vessel reached Charleston, S. C, in a disabled condition. He returned to his
home and undertook a course of preparatory studies, with a view to the adoption
of the medical profession. Commencing liis readings with Doctor Willard of
Uxbridge, he finished them with Doctor Kittredge of Framingham. ^ During this
time he taught school two winters, one in Southboro, and the nest in his native

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