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than all the rest. He devoted himself with singular zeal and perseverance, not
only to the building of the monument in its imperfect shape, but to securing
its final completion by the addition of all the statues first contemplated. He
found more work than most men could perfoiTn in looking after the interests
of persons who had been fortunate enough to secure his kind offices, and in
administering charitable and religious trusts. Tie was always attentive to the
poor. He always found time to receive kindly and entertain cheerfully the
numerous visitors who sought information or help from him. His long expe-
rience and his systematic researches had given him a minute familiarity with the
history of this region, and he was very liberal in imparting his knowledge and
in aiding the researches of others. He was a ready writer, and was fond of
noting down such matters as interested him. He had the unconunon gift of
a very accurate verbal memory, which enabled him to preserve the language as
well as the substance of conversations and interviews. He was the author of a
"History of the Episcopal Church in Michigan" and "Detroit Past and Present.''


His disposition was gentle and affectionate, with great candor and frankness.
People in trouble or perplexity were continually applying to him for advice and
sympathy, and he never turned away his face from anyone who sought a hearing.
And so it was by universal approval, that in the evening of his days he received
such a testimonial of the lo^e and admiration of his fellow-citizens as few living
men receive who have spent their lives in quiet.

On his birthday at the end of his 82d year, the 29th of December, 1882, as
many guests as the Eussell House could readily provide for met at a banquet in
his honor. They were from all parts of Michigan and from other states, and
they were, with scarcely an exception, personal friends of many years. The
company included many of the French inhabitants of the ancient stock and
adopted citizens of other nationalities as well as natives. It included dis-
tinguished soldiers and citizens honored in public and in private life. And
letters of congratulation came in from other parts of the Union, from men
famous in civic and militarv' station, who had at some time in their lives enjoyed
his friendship and appreciated it The words written and the words spoken on
that occasion were the honest expressions of gratitude and admiration for a man
who was recognized as a living blessing to the community in which he had
spent more than three score years of an upright, pure and noble manhood. From
that deserved ovation he retired modestly and quietly into the ordinary course
of his daily pursuits. His cheerful energy never abated, and his industry never
slackened, until the final summons came. A few days of illness, from which his
old age gave him no suiEeient vigor to rally, and he gently yielded, and passed
with clear vision into the better world. Such a life is its own best eulogy. His
living presence was a delight to all who knew him, and his influence will con-
tinue in many good works and institutions that owe their strength and success
to his generosity and wisdom. The community that cherishes his memory will
always be the better for his part in it. A commonwealth that had its foundations
laid by such citizens should be enduring.


i. Frederick Sibmy, b. , 1827: d. , 18.32. <~^

ii. Katherixk Sproat. b. Oct. 9, 1829 : m.. 1st. . 18.5.5. Lieut. Henry

Rogers. U. S. X. ; m., 2d, , 1861, Sidney Davis Miller and resides

in Detroit,
iii. Elizabeth Cass. b. Oct. 2". 1832; m. July 18, 1854, Col. William Duncan

Wilkins and resides in Detroit,
ir. Mary ArcrsTA, b. Sept. — , 18.34 : resides in Detroit : unm.
1170. v. Charles Frederick, b. May 12. 1&S7.

vi. Hexrt Alexander, b. . 1840: d. . 1841.

vii. Sarah Sibley, b. Aug. 22, 1843: m. Oct. 31, 1805, George Hendrie and

resides in Detroit.

viii. Louisa Montgomery, b. . 1846: d . 1849.

ix. Louisa, b. . 1849: d. , 18.50.

X. Henry Hamilton, b. . 1851 : d. . 1887, in Detroit.

1073. Col. Thom.\s Trowbredce (^;^omasl<'3^ rTiomasi"",./©/! «"">•, r7iOJnas>»«=,
Jatnes^"'"', Thomas^), born December 10. 1804, in Swanzey, X. H. ; died April
26, 1842. in Swanzey; married July 3, 1836, in Swanzey, Harriet Prime, daugh-
ter of Thomas and Kachel (Holbrook) Prime, bom March 4, ISIO, in Swanzey.
She married, second, April 27, 1851, in Swanzey, Thomas Trowbridge Wetherbee*
of Swanzey. and died August 17, 1874, in Swanzey.

Thomas Trowbridge was engaged in farming during all of his life in his native
town, Swanzey, X. H. He lived about one mile north of the center. He was
at one time colonel of the 6th Eegiment, Xew Hampshire militia, and was known
from that time by his military title.

• A son of No. 1016, iv.



i. EiXEX Haeriet. b. June 30, 1S37 : m.. 1st. July 9, 1860. Henry O. Coolidge

of Keene. X. H. ; m., 2d. Oct. 2.5. 180.5. Stephen Streeter of Swanzey.
ii. Sakah Louise, b. Dec. 24. 1838; m. Mar. 12. 1856, George T. Elliot of

Warsaw. N. Y.
iii. George Thomas, b. Dec. 23, 1840 : was a soldier in tbe Civil War, being

mustered into the 3d Xew Hampshire Infantry Aug. 24, 1801. and killed

May 13, 1864, at Drury's Bluff, Va. ; unm.

1074. WiLLUM Frederick Tro\tbridge (Joseph^"^*, Thomas^'>^^, John}'"'\
Thomas^o"-, James^'>'>'>, Thomas^), bom July 11, 1789, in Marlborough, Mass.;
died January 23, 1863, in Hudson, Mass.; married first, December 11, 1816, in
Marlborough. Mary Stevens, daughter of Daniel and Levina (Barnard) Stevens,
bom July 14, 1793, in Marlborough; died February 1, 1831, in Marlborough.
He married, second, Xovember 12, 1831, in Cleveland, N. T., Sarah Sinnock
Cramp, daughter of James and Sarah (Siimock) Cramp, bom July 30, 1807, in
London. England; died March 5. 1897, in Hudson.

William F. Trowbridge learned the machinist's trade and became a master
mechanic while still a young man. He moved from one town to another, more
or less frequently, as his business necessitated. He lived about a year after
his marriage in Marlborough, Mass., then for a few years in 'Worcester, Mass.,
and then returned in 1826 to Marlborough. After his second marriage,
in 1831, he removed to Hull. Canada, He returned to the States in 1846,
and lived in Auburn and Seneca Falls, X. T., and in Feltonville (now Hudson),
Mass., where he subsequently died.

Mr. Trowbridge was a man of considerable inventive genius and did a great
deal towards starting machinery in the shoe business. He attended the Epis-
copal Church, in which his children were baptized, before going to Hudson, but
there he and his family became identified with the First Unitarian Church. He
was a thirty-third degree Mason, being a member of Doric Lodge, F. and A. M..
and Trinity Commandery, Knights Templar.

chxldrex :*
By first marriage:
i. Mary Ste\"EXS. b. Sept. — . 1817 ; d. Apr. 14. 1829. in Marlborough. Mass.

1171. ii. WnxiAM Fr.EDERiCK. b. Sept. 24. 1820.

1172. iii. Joseph Stetexs, b. May 20. 1823.

iv. Maria Louisa, b. . 1825 : d. May S. 1829.

T. Harriet Levixa. b. June — . 1828 : d. July 15. 1829.

By second marriage:

vi. Adelaide, b. Aug. 7, 1835: m. Sept. 23. 1857, Henry Gleason and resides
in New York City.

vii. jAstES Cramp, b. Oct. 29. 1838; lived with an aunt. Mrs. James Brown, in
Oswego. X. Y.. until he was sixteen years old. when he went to Hudson,
Mass.. and learned the shoemaker's trade. He was a soldier in the Civil
War. enlisting for 100 days and being mustered July 19. 1864. in Company
I, 5th Massachusetts Infantry, and being mustered out Nov. 16. 1864. He
resumed work at his trade in Hudson and later traveled extensively. He d.
May 30. 1899. in Hudson: unm.

1173. viii. Frederick Witliam. b. July 1. 1841.

1174. ix. Augustus Sixnock. b. Apr. 27. 1.844.

X. Hexrietta. b. Feb. 2. 1847 : m. May 19. 1869. Savillian Arnold and resides
in Hudson.

10T5. Ephraim Trowbridge (Joseph^o^*. Thom^s^o^", John^'>'>', Thomas^""-.
James'^'""'. Thomas^), bom Xovember 15. 1795, in ^Marlborough. Mass.; died
March 16. 1S40, in , X. T. : married January 27. 1819. in Stowe, Mass.,

• i-iv born in Worcester. Mass. ; v in Marlborough, Mass. ; ri-ix in Hull, Canada ;
s in .\ubnrn. N. Y.


Martha (Eogers) Holland, widow of Samuel Holland of Boston, Mass., and

daughter of Abraham Foster and (Faulkner) Eogers, bom October — ,

1787, in Littleton, Mass. ; died March 19, 1875, in West Somerville, Mass.

Ephraim Trowbridge was a woolen merchant in his native place, Marlborough,


1175. i. Joseph ADI1Iso^-, b. Feb. 20, 1S20.

ii. Martha Maria, b. Dec. S, 1S21 ; d. Apr. 8. 180G. in Framingham, Mass.;

iii. Eliza Anx. b. Dec. 15, 1823 ; m. Apr. 2. 1814, Edmund B. Fay and resides

in Framingham.
iv. Augusta Carolixe, b. May 12, 1827; m., 1st. , 1859, John Lewis

Young of Marlborough ; m., 2d, June 15, 18C7, Charles Henry Lewis of

South Framingham, Mass.

1076. Luther Trowbridge (.7osep/i^» - *, Thomas^'>^'^, J ohn'^'"'' , Thomas^'"'-,
James^^"", Thomas^), bom September 13, 1801, in Marlborough, Mass.; died

November 20, 1S69, in Millbuiy, Mass.; married , 1826, in Stowe?,

Mass., Sarah Hastings,* born , 1806, in Stowe ; died , 1870, in

Worcester, Mass.

Luther Trowbridge was a carpenter. He followed his trade in Stowe, Mass.,
for about ten years after his marriage and then for many years in Millbury,
Mass. He was in New Haven, Conn., from 1858 to 1861, and then returned to
Millbury, where he died.


i. Jonathan, b. , 1827; d. in infancy.

1176. ii. Charles Nelson, b. Aug. .3, 1829.

iii. Sarah Elizabeth, b. Jan. 13, 1831 ; m. , 1853, Joseph Addison

Knight and resides in Worcester, Mass.

1177. iv. John Hastings, b. Aug. 3, 1833.

V. Luther Stedman,! b. July 1, 18,39; a machinist; d. Dec. 17, 1861, in New

Haven, Conn. : unm.
vi. Francis, b. July 3, 1841; a machinist; d. , 1861, in Worcester; unm.

1077. Elisha Trowbridge {Willard'^'^''^, James^^'^^, Daniel^""", James^""^.
James'^^"", Thomas^), bom April 22, 1793, in Ashford, Conn.; died September
4, 1856, in Delta, Ohio; married January 1, 1816, in Edinburgh, N. T., Ruth
Cole,* bom , 1795, in Edinburgh?; died November 4, 1858, in Delta.

Elisha Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to Edinburgh, N. T.,
where he was brought up on his father's farm and settled as a farmer after his
marriage. In 1823 he removed with his family to Lewis county, the Black River
Country as it was called, and settled in the village of Houseville in the town
of Turin, where he cleared a farm and lived about eleven years. His brother
Willard went to the Maumee Country, as it was called, in Ohio in the spring of
1834 to select a new home, and when the latter returned there with his family
the following October Elisha and his family accompanied them. They settled
in the wilderness, twenty miles west of Maumee City, near what is now the
village of Delta, York township, Fulton county. Two years later they were
joined by their parents and two other brothers. The brothers all cleared exten-
sive farms. Government land there sold at ten shillings an acre, and Elisha
and his brother James at one time owned the village of Delta.

* Parentage not found.

t i-Iv horn in Stowe, Mass. : v-vi in Millbury, Mass.

t Stedman L. in New Haven Town Records.


Elisha Trowbridge resided on his farm half a mile west of Delta. He was a
local Methodist minister, and in connection with his duties as such was wont
to travel over a wide area of country to visit the sick and preach funeral sermons
over the dead. lie resided in Delta until his death.


i. CABOUtx-E Louisa, b. Sept. 23, ISIG; m. Jan. 1, 1839, William Fewlass of

Delta, Ohio,
ii. Emeuxe Cordelia, b. July 3, 1818; m. , 1838, Daniel Bryant of

iii. David Kies, b. June 5, 1820 ; d. Oct. — , 18.34, in Maumee, Ohio,
iv. WiiXAKD Nelsox, b. Feb. 8, 1822 ; d. Sept. 21, 1843. in Delta : unm.
T. Rowland Robertsox, b. Nov. 26. 1824; d. May 12, 1845, in Delta; unm.

1178. vi. Leonard Humasox. b. May 27. 1827.

vii. Adeline Asexatu. b. Oct. 3, 1829; m. Nov. 11, 1855, Abner Partridge

Brainard of Wateriille, Ohio,
viii. Catharine Eliza, b. June 27, 1832; m. June 1, 1854, William Ram.sey,

M.D., and resides in Delta.

1179. ix. James JIcCi^un, b. Jan. 14, 1835.

X. Lacra Elizabeth, b. Feb. 14, 1840; ra. JIar. 20, 18G4, Franklin Briggs of

1078. WiLLAED Trowbridge (Willard^o'-; James^'>'-\ DanieP^o^ James^'"'\
James'^'""', Thomas'^), bom February 1, 1796, in Ashford, Conn.; died Decemlser
19, 1885, in Delta, Ohio; married, first, January 7, 1816, in Edinburgh, IST. T.,

Amy Sprague, bom Jime 4, 1795, in , E. I. ; died November 24, 1S31, in

Houseville, X. Y. He married, second. March 5. 1832, in HouseviUe, Lydia

Sackett, daughter of Joel and Abigail (Sheldon) Sackett, bom , 1811,

in Westfield?, Mass.; died August 1, 1840, in Delta. He married, third, June
24, 1841, in Delta, Catharine Doolittle, who died April 1, 1843, in Delta. He
married, fourth, November 23, 1S44, in Portage, Ohio, Mary Ann Hesser,
daughter of Jacob and Lydia (Glenn) Hesser, who died September 6, 1883, in

Willard Trowbridge came in early boyhood with liis parents to Edinburgh,
X. y.. and grew up on his fathers farm in that town. At the age of eighteen
he became a soldier in the "War of 1812. He enlisted at Albany September 8,
1814, in Capt. Jamesf Morrill's company. Colonel Colden's regiment of artillery.
New York militia. He was stationed with his company at New York City,
where he performed his whole term of service, nearly three months, and was
discharged tliere November 26, 1814. On account of his services in the war he
received a grant of 160 acres of land, and late in life applied for and received
a pension.:];

He settled in Edinburgh Iiis marriage, removing two years later to the
village of HouseviUe, Turin to^niship, Lewis county, N. Y. It was a new
country, then known as the Black River Coimtry, and there he built a log house
and cleared a farm. In the spring of 1S34, accompanied by "William Fewless,§
he went to Ohio to select a new home in the Mamnee Country, They made their
way through the woods out into the wilderness to the vicinity of what is now
Delta, York township. Fultx>n county.] | and arrived at a Mr. Meeker's clearing,
about two miles east of Delta, on Saturday evening. Both Mr. Trowbridge and
Mr. Eewlass were church members and on Sunday morning they held a little
prayer meeting at ^Mr. Meeker's, the first prayer meeting ever held in that

• i-iT and viii born in Edinburgh. N. T. ; v-vii in Houseville, N. T. ; ix-x in Delta, Ohio.

t Or George.

t tJ. S. Pension Office Records. On the roll of the company his name is incorrectly written

5 He became the husband of Mr. Trowbridge's niece Caroline (No. 1077. i).
n Then Lucas county.


Mr. Trowbridge entered a piece of land, and then returned to New York for
his family, arriving with them in Delta the following October. He soon had a
log cabin erected on his farm, a mile west of Delta, and then began the task
of clearing up the land. He was surrounded by Indians and wild beasts, every
foot of ground was covered with heavy forests, and the first winter there he
killed seven wolves and a bear. By hard work, prudence and economy he soon
placed himself among the foremost of the new country, and he always kept him-
self there. In the early days, before roads were cut, it was necessary for him to
take a bushel of wheat on his shoulder and walk ten miles to the nearest mill.
He assisted in cutting a road from Providence, Lucas county, for the first wagon
that ever came through that part of the country. He lived on this farm until
about 1875, when he and his wife came to reside in the village of Delta. After
I'.er death he made his home with his son-in-law Mr. Haubiel on Wood street.
He retained wonderful physical strength and activity until two or three days
before his death.

He was one of the first board of trustees of York township. He was well
qualified to hold, and might have held, many important offices in the town and
county, but he always had a strong aversion to office holding, nor did he wish
his sons to accept office. When the plank road was projected from Toledo to
Angola, he took a thousand dollars' worth of the stock, and by his personal
solicitations obtained a great deal which the company could not otherwise have
obtained, besides building one mile of the road himself.

ilr. Trowbridge was a professor of Christianity for sixty years, during all of
which time his life was never a reproach to his profession. About the year
1S26 he joined the Methodist Episcopal Church in Lewis county, N. Y., and
after coming to Ohio he was one of the organizers and first members of the
First Methodist Church in Delta. For over half a century he was identified
with the early settlement and growth of what is now Fulton county. He was
able to give a farm to each of his children that grew up and married.

By firxt marriage:

USO. i. John Sumxer. b. Nov. IS. 1810.

ii. Jordan .Tames, b. Jan. 30. ISIS: d. Oct. ?; 38.39. in Delta. Ohio; unm.

iii. EimY, b. Oct. 29. 1820; in. Jan. 15, 1S16, Peter Haubiel of Delta.

1181. iv. Anson, b. Nov. 1, 1822.

1182. V. Allen Smith, b. Oct. 3. 1825.

1183. vi. Cornelius, b. Feb. 20, 1828.

By second marriage:

1184. vii. Luther Henry, b. May 10, 183.3.

viii. Hester Ann. b. Jan. 2, 1837 ; m. Benjamin Biddle and resides in
Toledo, Ohio.t

By third marriage:
is. Catharine, b. Apr. 1. 1843: d. Feb. 5, 1845.

By fourth marriage:
X. William Holland, b. Apr. 19, 1848; resides in Delta. t

1079. Alanson TROWBRIDC.E (Willard'-''^'', James^"^^, DanieP""^, James^""^,
James'^ooo, Thomas''), bom May 12, 1798, in Asliford. Conn.; died June 11, 1885,
in Centreville, Mich. ; married October 15. 1821. in Edinburgh ?, N. Y., Polly
Deming, daughter of Solomon and Eunice (Caulkins) Deming, bom November
16. 1800, in Greenfield, N. Y. ; died October 14, 1873, in Delta, Ohio.

• i-ii born in Edinburgh. N. T. : iii-vil in Houseville, N. T. ; viil-x in Delta, Ohio.

t Failed to answer the compiler's letters.


Alanson Trowbridge came in cliildhood with his parents to Edinburgh, N. Y.
He lived there a few years after his marriage and then removed, like his brothers,
to Lewis county, N. T. In the sunmier of 1837, in company with his parents
and younger brother, he followed his older brothers to Delta, Ohio. He there
cleared a farm and lived many years. After the death of his wife he went to
pass the remainder of his days at the home of his son Dr. George M. Trowbridge
in Centrevillc, Mich. He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church in


llSo. i. William Ciiestek. b. Sept. 13. 1821.

1186. ii. Solomon Demixg. b. May 10. 1828.

iii. Sylvester Edwin, b. Nov. 22. 1830 : was a soldier in the Civil War. He
enlisted Mar. 2. 1864, in Company II. G7th Ohio Infantry, was wounded
May 9. 1804. in action near Chester Station, Va., and was mustered out
Sept. 14. 1865. He is a farmer and resides in Vermontville, Mich. ; unm.

1187. iv. George MAUim, b. Apr. 6, 1833.

V. Fanny Delotia, b. May 6, 1&35 ; m. Dec. 12, 1858, Abisha Smith of Delta,

vi. John Willis, b. May 1, 18.38 ; was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted

Mar. 21, 1864, in Company H. 67th Ohio Infantry, and d. Oct. 3, 1804, of

wounds received in action in Fortress Monroe, Va. ; unm.t
vii. Charles Wesley, b. June 24. 1840 : d. Apr. 8. 18.55. in Delta,
viii. Betsey Mehetable, b. .July 11. 1843: m. .Tune 17. 1806. Jlelville Bell Foote

and resides in Ayr. Neb.

1080. .James Trowbridge (W iUard^""'' , James^'>^\ Daniel'""', James^°''\
Jamesio'"', Thomas^), bom Febroary 1, 180.3, in Edinburgh, N. T.; died March
16, 1887, in Delta, Ohio; married April 1, 1824, in Edinburgh, Laura Butler,
daughter of Martin and Lydia (Hill) Butler, born April 14, 1801, in Great
Barrington, Mass. ; died December 27, 1887, in Delta.

James Trowbridge was the youngest son of his father, and he remained with
him in Edinburgh, N. Y., after the older sons went to Lewis coimty. In the
summer of 1837 he accompanied his parents and brother Alanson to Delta, Ohio.
They arrived at his brother Elisha's on July 7, and he and his family went to live
in his father's log house. He had lirought some merchandise with him. and
he kept store for a time, trading with the few whites there and the Indians,
buying furs and skins, wild animals being plentiful at that time. He was also
busy in clearing up the farm. After a few years he and his brotliers Elislia and
Willard and a Mr. Hobart of Pike formed a company and bought of Mr. Lewis
the old mill site above the town and a considerable tract of land and erected a
saw mill. Some years later he acquired this mill, he had always practically run
it himself, with SO acres of land. He continued to own and conduct it as long
as it stood.

Mr. Trowbridge was active in local jwlitics. He was a justice of the peace
for York township for many years and was elected to other town offices, among
which were those of township clerk and treasurer. He was also infirmary
director of Lucas county before the county wa.s divided. Soon after he came
to Ohio he united with the Methodist Episcopal Church and when the Protestant
Methodist church was organized he joined that and remained a member of it as
long as that organization continued. His life was intimately connected with
the jiioneer history of Fulton county. He was very active in building roads
and churches, and gave his time and money freely to anything that would tend
to improve tlie county. He had great hopes in it« future and lived to see his
hopes realized. His original 80 acre farm is in the incorporated village of

* i born In Edinburgh. N. Y. : ii-v in Houseville. N. T. ; vi-viii in Delta, Ohio.

t His name is incorrectly printed J. W. Tniebridge. Company H. 61st Ohio, in "U. S. Roll
of Honor."


Delta, the Lake Shore railroad runs through it, the long distance and local
telephone lines run past it, and Delta is a thriving village, with five churches,
public buildings, mills and stores.


i. EiiiLY Eliza Mama, b. Oct. 21, 1825; m., 1st, Aug. 22, 1840, Daniel H,
Pettys of Beatrice, Neb. ; m., 2d, Jan. 6, 1901, Rev. Edmund Erb and
resides in Beatrice.
1188. ii. James William Wallace, b. June 12, 1830.

iii. Francis Orlando Clement, b. May 4, 1842 ; d. Oct. 8, 1844.

1081. JoHX Work Trowbridge (,Elisha'^'>'"\ James'^"'^^, DanieP""^, James^""^,
James^"'"', Thomas^), bom May 2, 1805, in Asliford,t Conn.; died November 5,
1890, in New Haven, Conn. ; married April 10, 1827, in Ashford,t Delotia Lyon,:j:
daughter of Amasa and Keziah (Knowlton) Lyon, bom October 15, 1811, in
AshforJit died September 28, 1890, in ^Yest Haven, Conn.

John W. Trowbridge grew to manhood on his father's farm in that part of
Ashford, Conn., that became Eastford. As a young man he taught school in
Eastford society, among his scholars during his first year of teaching being his
future wife. He settled in his native place after his marriage. He served as
justice of the peace of Ashford in 1846 and of Eastford from 1848 to 1854.
From 1853 to 1856 he held the office of assessor in Eastford.

About this time he removed to Hartford, Conn., as that city offered him
better opportunities in his trade, that of an expert pattern-maker. In 1864 he
removed to New Haven, Conn., where he bought a plot of land and built the
first house erected on Cottage street. Soon after this he retired from business.
In 1884 he removed to the suburb of West Haven, where he was among the
best-known residents. His last illness and death occurred at the home of his
son Elisha in New Haven. He was very fond of reading, and was well informed
in literature and the current topics of the day.

children born in ashford, t CONN.:

11S9. i. Amasa, b. Feb. 10. 1S31.

1190. ii. Elisha, b. Apr. 25, 1833.

1082. PurLAXDER Trowbridge {Elisha>''-'^, James'^°^^, DameV"^, James^""^,
James^"'"', Thomas^), born November 26, 1S07, in Ashford,t Conn.; died Novem-
ber 28, 1891, in Pomfret, Conn. ; married March .30, 1834, in Killingly, Conn.,
Harriet Durfee,§ daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Carder) Durfee, born
September 23, 1811, in Killingly; died August 24, 1888, in Pomfret.

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