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during her widowhood as aforesaid) untill she come to ye age of twenty one yeares as
aforesaid and then I give and bequeath the said house, barne, homlott and all appurtu-
nances to my sonns Caleb and Daniel Trowbridge their heirs and assignes for ever.
My will furthermore is yt my executors pay to my wife or who else shall have ye care
of my daughter Hannah ten pounds a yeare in provision value out of my estate towards
the bringing up of my said daughter until she arrive at ye age of sixteene .years, my will
further is yt if it please God yt my daughter Hannah dieth before her mother and
before she be capable by law to make her will, that then all ye Real Estate bequeathed
to my said daughter be & remain in ye use and improvement of her said mother for her
sole profit, during her natural life and after to return to my sonns in equale proijortion
and ye remainder of the personale estate given to my said daughter, I leave to my wifes
discretion to dispose of to which of my children she please.

Item. I give to my sonne Thomas Trowbridge his heirs assignes forever forty acres
of Wilderness land formerly ye Reverend Mr Samuel Streets of Walinford. twenty five
acres Third Division land formerly Widow Ilotchkiss'. Edward Kelie's Third Division
lott. and Henry Gibons Third Division lott, twelve acres of meadow and clear ground be
it more or less upon ye East River, neere ye Brick Kilne Point, alsoe a parcele of salt
marsh meadow, lying near ye Black Rock, ye bounds and quantity of said parcells of land
and meadow being now particularly expressed in my deeds of gift to my s* sonne which
above said parcells of land and meadow to my said Sonn Thomas is not to be accounted
as part of his portion.

Item. I give to my sonne in law Mr Richard Rosewell his heirs and assigns forever
(not to be accounted as a part of his portion) one hundred and ten acres of land for-
merly belonging to Ensign Munson situate on ye East Side, also twenty five acres of land



formerly Samuel Hiimei-stone's, twenty six acres of land formerly John Culver's Third
Division land on West Side, and two acres of salt mai-sh meadow joining to Caleb
Trowbridge's meadow in ye Indian Field, ye bounds of said parcels being expresst particu-
larly in my deed of gift to my said sonne.

Item. I give my son Mr John Hodshon his heirs and assignes forever (not to be
accounted a part of his portion) two hundred & fifty acres of land formerly belonging
to Mr James Bishop deceased situated by Pilgrims Harbor, and four acres of meadow
lieing at Malbon's Cove which was Nathaniel ICimberlie's meadow.

Item. I give to each of my grand children surviving at my decease (to whom I have
not expressly in this my will already given) twenty shillings in silver to each, among
whom I intend Mehittable Collins.

Item. I give to my two daughters, Lydia Rosewell and Elizabeth Hodshon ten pounds
to each in current money. These sevorall proportions thus made even as aforesaid, my
■further will is that then the remainder of all my estate both real and personall whatso-
ever be equally divided to and among all my present surviving children. And I desire
nominate and appoint my three sons Thomas Trowbridge, Caleb Trowbridge and Daniel
Trowbridge to be executors of this my last will and testament and I doe hereby revoke,
disannull and make void all former wills and testaments by me heretofore made in witness
whereoff I the said Thomas Trowbridge Sen.r to this my last will and testament (being
contained in four sheets of paper) have hereunto sett my hand and seal this eleventh
day of November in y yeare of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and one and in y^
thritenth yeare of y^ reigne of our soveraigne Lord, William ye third of England, King,
Defender of ye Faith &e

Signed sealed & published to be ye last will & testa- )
ment of s<3 Mr Thomas Trowbridge Senr in ye presence ■ Thomas Trowbridge [Seal]
of us witnesses )

Jonathan Atwater )
Rotherford Hall [•
Moses Mansfield )

Att a Court of Probate Sept.r l-l'ii 1702. Then appeared Jonathan Atwater, Rother-
ford Hall and Moses Mansfield aforesaid and made solemn oath that they saw ye said
Mr Thomas Trowbridge Senior, signe, scale and publish ye above written as his last
will and testament and that he was of sound mind (according to ye best of their judge-
ment I when he so did, which said will is proved and approved for record.

An inventory of Thomas Trowbridge's, Esq^., Estate taken by
underwritten November ye S'"^, 170"2.

Imprimis. In the Hall :
Wearing clothes and linen
More linen and one pair gloves
Broadcloth coat 5f cloak 4£ coat 25' coat 2£
Vest 303 cloth coat If vest 2f broad cloth coat 1£
Breeches 15= vest ;>0s pr breeches 15s breeches 3^
A wastcoat 3'' 2 pair worsted stockings H^ .
2 hatts 2£ : 5' an old hatt 2' cane 1£ : 12' : QA sword
Hamacker 2£ quilt 4f green serge 4f : 11^ .
Bastard cheney 6' glass case 18'
A large looking glass 6£ : 15 case bottle 1£ : lO'
Pr large handirons 35' snuffers 2' : 6'
6 cane chairs 5£ : 11' leathern chair 6£ : S' .
Stone table & frame 3£ large square table 30'
Cypress Chest 3£ : 35' in sugar 2 jugs 9' gallon bottle 3' ; 3<l
21 bottles IQs : 6^ cartridges shott and powdh 5' cutl' 16' .
A white mortar 7': Gd Jarr 2' honey 10' 1': C^ graf
In ye Hall Chamber :

Curtains valens beds, bedsteads, bolster and other furniture 18£
Pair large handirons 32' brass fire shovell tongs 2-4'
Looking glass 2£ chist of drawers 5f table 8'
A carpett 6' 3611" loaf sug' 4£ cushion 5' .
To 4 large chairs 32' 3 turned chairs 7' :6a
In ye clossett 30' more in ye clossett 8' : Od
In ye Porch Chamber :
Bedstead furniture 12£ : 9' .
Seal skin trunk 26' smoothing iron heater 12'
In Mr Calebs Chamber :
A trunk 1.5' Trunlr 14' : 6'' .

A small red trunk 12' handirons fire shovell tongs 10'
2 small curtain rods 3'; (M coverlett 2f : 10 quilt 24'

us whose names are









7— OS—





Blankett IS^ feather bed of bolster 24s curtains 3£

Head clotli and tester 1£ beadstead 12^ 5 pair of sheets 10£ : 2 : G

11 napkins Kis 1 dozen napkins 24s damask table cloth If .

Diaper table cloth lis fringe diaper table cloth 7s

A narrow diaper table cloth H)s diaper table cloth 6s

Damask towell 4s : G<3 10 bead work napkins 10s ; gd

4 sheets 4f a paire fine sheets 2f : 12s ; tya py ting sheets If : 7s

Pr fine holland sheets 2f : IQs pr of sheets 2£ : IQs

Pr holland sheets 2f : 10s pr. holland sheets 2£ : IQs pr sheets 30^

Pr old sheets 25s table cloth lis square table cloth 8s ditto 5s

Table cloth 8s : 6ti 2 napkins 14s 2 napkins 8s 2 napkins 3'

7 pillow-biers 49s § pillow-biers 3£ : 4s 2 pillow-biers 8s

2 pillow-biers C' 5 pillow-biers 13s : yJ two pillow-biers 4s

3 old pillow-biers 7s : 6<i 3 pillow-biers 10s : yd 3 napkins 6'
17 napkins 1£ 4 napkins IGs 8 napkins 36s
An old cotton mantle 5s ... .
In ye Middle Garrett :
A large bedd 5f : 7s : Gd
A small bed 3f : 2s : G^ another bed 4£ : 15s
A pillow Gs:9d pillow 5s pillow Gs : 9d pillow 4s
A bolster IGs pillow 4s : 6<1 pillow 5s : Gd pillow 4s
A pillow 5s bed of : 16s coverlid 2 blanketts 1£ : 14s
A trundle bed 9s green rugg 35s quilt 22s .
Red ruggs If 2 peices If : 4s

2 window curtains 14s old curtains 7s a peice red cloth 16'
6 cushions 2f : 2s a wainscoatt chist 10s chist 12s
In the South Garrett :
A small bed & furniture 4f : 10s .

2 small coverlids 3f 2 blue ruggs 35s carpett 25s
Y« black cloth If : .5s a large chist 12s chist 4s
A box 2s a trunk 13s a large bible 25s
Ye 10 Virgins 10s bed of spices 6s New Testament 5s
To 16 small books 23s An old hysteria 2^ : 6<l
An old Sea Marriner 12s saddle 30s
A Table 14s an old cabinett 2f warming pan ISs
An iron pott Os 119lbs lead 2f : 7'i flints & needles 18»
Bees wax, a little bay tallow 3s : 9d peices leather 3=
A parcell of old fashion buttens 10s
In the North Garrett :

3 old coverletts 2£ : IQs
An old table 13s a chist 14s wainscott 14s 3 old chists 123

2 old wheels 8' 3 old chairs Gs 2 frames IQs
Hops 4s an old stool 8s old Iron Is .
A silk blankett 2f counterpin 25s goloome 24s
Silk 12s pins ribbin 3s : 4d thread & laces 7s : 6d cotton ribbens If
85 pound pewter 14f : 17s : 6d old pewter 3£ serge 2.3s : 43
Pillion & pillion cloth 32s a baskett & brush 2s

3 pr of cotton sheets 5£ : 14s a pr of courser sheets 323
Pr of sheets 30s pr of linen sheets 323
Pr of sheets (linen') 32s pr of sheets SOs .
Pr of sheets 3Gs pr of sheets 283 pr sheets 36s
Lb old pewter 2£ : 7s
In ye North Garrett :
A pr of sheets If pr sheets 243

Pr sheets 36s pr sheets 24s pr sheets 303 pr ditto 30s
Sheets 24s pr sheets .343 sheets 2f one sheet 143
2 table cloths tow 8s 2 small table cloths 8s
A large table cloth Ss : 6i3 8 napkins 12s old napkins 09d
Napkins 2l3 : 3tl old napkins 4s : 6d
4lti of wool 6s other things .5s : 6<J linen Gs : 6d
A bolster 123 nails 23s : G<J .
In ye Cock loft :

10s a still 38s other things 33s .. .

A lock 33 earthen dish 8<' old handirons 8^
In ye Dwelling Roome :

5 old leathern chairs 353 ....

Table with drawyer ISs wainscott chairs 9s
5 turned chairs IQs small table 9s joint stool 3s


f s d

11—14 — OG

3—00 — 00


10 — 00



5—00 — 00









6-00 — 00


3 — 02 — on



IG— 00






Case of knives G^ small scale and weights 123

Severall small things in y" clossetts 15^

Trumpett, muskett, gun 2f short musquett 1£

Mnskett with a broken stock 25^

A blunderbusse 1£ : 18^ carbine 25^ pistoU 12<

Pr of cast handirons 12^ 2 pr of tongs 9^

A fire shovell (P cast goos IS" 7 Turkee work cushions 3' : <)<l

Old cushions 3^ : Stl bolsters 2^ : 6<i looking glass & hour glass lO^i

2 juggs 3s 1/2 doz trenchers 3s 2 table cloths 12^

4 napkins 10" fine old napkins 7^ : tW -1 cours towells

Several of linen on ye hedge 3£ : 15^

In ye Kitchen :

Jack spitt and other furniture

4 chairs S' joint stoole 2^ : G<3 smale handirons 4s

Ye fender tosting iron 7^ ; G'l tine tramills 25'

Old iron mortar 9* slicer 7^ lanthorne 3* .

Sieve 2^ lignum vitae mortar 7^ brass mortar Gs

An old bell mettle pott 18^ 3 iron potts 28^

A new bell mettle skillett Kjs broken skillett 10^

2 small brass skillets 12s 2 iron candle sticks 2s : 6d

3 brass candle sticks 24s an old kettle with cover Gs

2 brass chaffing dishes IGs an iron candle stick 1G>1
Small things 2s : G<i frying pan Ss choping knife ]s
Au old kettle lS<i severale things 7s dripping pan 4s
Culpepper's English I'hisician 9^ mouse trapp 8<1 .

3 cusons ISs chist IQs table things 6s
Old barrells tubbs & tobacco 12s pewter 11£ : 9s : 6<l
31") old pewter 2£ : 6s old trumpei-y in Kitchin 1£ : 12s

4 cushions 7' 2 paire stilliards 32s 1 pr scales IQs .
A p"' of money scales 6s pumkins 2s
4 Juggs of hey 3£ salt 11£ bolting mill 3£ : 10s
Malt 1£ barley 1£ : 17s

One bushell & Vo of wheat 7£ flax 3£ : 10s 1 bush, barley 5s
Ruffe tallow 6s baggs 2£ : 5s old baggs 17s ; 6d candles 4s
Barrill of beef 2£ : 5s tallow 2s : 6<i lumber 15s
21211) of lead at 4£ : 8s six & 1/0 bushs of dirty salt 22s
Beetle & wedges 6s iron ladle 3s old kettle 18s
Pan 2f : 10 brass pan 28s old kettle 18s 2 small kettle 18s
2 cows 7£ : 15s 2 acres of land 6£ in ye Governors (.Quarter
Dung 8 load 8s swine 22s scow 9£ .
\Vm Gibbous lott 24£ steer 2£ fowls 3s : 6<i
2 old hods 4s 2 axes 7s 2 broken jacks 1£ worsted yarne 3s
Au old cask 2s chamber pott 16<l 2 shovells 2*
Stuff 1£ : 14s : c.d 2 half hundred 25s
Pr 12 bushells ashes 4s lader 6s . .

Pr 1 Acre of meadow, at Oyster Point 9£ 3 acres Vi meadow at

Bridge at 8s pr acre 26£
Land in Coopers Quarter 10£ : 10s In Governor's Quarter land 8£
Land in ye Neck 5£ Land at Mile Hill 5£ .
Land att Wallingford 15£ ....
Dwelling IIous, Lott and Barne 2S0£
Small 'tr'rcll att ye end of homelott 2£
Glovers Warehouse with ye land belonging to it 5£
The old Warehouse with the land to it 55£
New Warehouse with land belonging to itt 65f
New House lott & barne 120f
Land on ye West Side 14£

To 3 books 15s . . .

To 1011) of iron 5s 2 capps 2s : 6d
To -/s of a cribb of glass 3£ ...

To an half bushell 6s 2 pr snuffers 3s 2 pr spectacles 6s
To a pr of bodies 9s !{. yd & naile ffrench drugget 5s


c West

£ s d







3— 10— 0{>















11— 1)6













5— 10— f)0











280 — 00 — 00

2 — 00 — 00



65— OtI — 00

120—00 — 00






Summe totall in jiay 1124£:18s:7d

r44— 05— 04

>Tirvxy>*> - vfy

Owned by William 1). Curtis of Leuox, Mass.. « yrauilson of No. 11. ix.



£ s d

An Account of Money and Debts due to ye said Estate in Cash 341£ : IT^ 341 — 17 00

Buttens and Clypt Englisli Money at G" : Sd pr ounce . . . 25 13 04

Seald Ring 1£ : S3 . . . . . . . . i_o8 - 00

175 ounces of wrought plate at 6" : S^ pr ounce and yo fashiouing some

of it .

Due from Mr Thomas Codriugton of New Vorlc in this money
Due from Mrs Rebeccah Giners 17£ ....

Due from Thomas Liffengwell 10£ .....

Due from James Trowbridge 3£ : 12^ ....

Due from Mr John Hodshon 12£ .....

Brought from ye other side .....






Mrs Hannah Trowbridge )

& Mr Caleb Trowbridge \ "^"''■"'^ '° ^^ presentment

Capt Nathan Andrews ( sworne to ye Apprizment of s<l estate
Mr William Thompson )" at a court of probate Nov 10, 1702.

The Will of Mrs. IIax^jah Ti;owi)i;iik,e.*

"In the name of God, amen. I, Hannah Trowbridge, of New Haven, widdow, being
weak of body, but of sound understanding and memory, and not knowing how short my
time may be, do make and declare thi.s to be my last will and testament. Imprimis, I
give my soul to God who gave it, hoping in the merits of Jesus Christ my blessed
Redeemer for a glorious resureetion, and my body to the dust, to be decently hurried at
ye discretion of my executors hereafter named. And as for that temporall estate that
God hath entrusted me with, ray will is. after my just debts and funeral charges be
paid, I give unto my loving sister Mary Payne my best silk hood and best silk scarflf.
also my best black sute. Ut. I give unto my loving sister Sarah Yale my next best
black sute, also a colloured sute and two thin shifts. Itt. I give to my dear daughter
Hannah Trowbridge two red petticoats, and two white petticoats and one damask petti-
coat, and all my bought shifts, and all my cloathing that is in my ciele skin trunk, and
what other clothing of mine she shall see cause to take, and the remainder of my cloath-
ing I give unto my loving sister Mary Pa.vne ; also I give unto her the said Mary Payne
ten pounds of my inventoried estate. Also I give unto my cosen [niece] Sarah Payne
ten pounds of my inventoried estate, to be paid at the discretion of my executors. And
all the rest of my estate, of what nature or kind soever, I give unto my dear daughter
Hannah Trowbridge and to the heirs of her body, and if she die without issue, then the
estate to return to my sister Mary Payne and her daughter, if living, and if they be
dead, then to return to my kinsman Mr. John Ailing and his heirs. And my will is.
and I do appoint and desire my loving kinsman Mr. .John Ailing and the Reverend James
Pierpont and the Reverend Jlr. Joseph Moss of Derby, immediately after my decease,
to take care of my dear daughter Hannah Trowbridge and also of her estate, desiring
the Reverend 5Ir. James Pierpont to take into his family, and under his care, my dear
daughter, Hannah, and also my mulatto maid.

And I do hereby nominate and appoint Mr. .John Ailing aforesaid sole executor of this
m.v last will and testament, revoking all former wills and testaments by me at an.v time
made. In testimony whereof I the said Hannah Trowbridge have hereunto sett my
hand & seale, dated at New haven, the Twentieth day of .Tanuary Anno Domini, one
thousand seven hundred & seven or eight.

Signed sealed & delivered in presence of ( tt i ^^m m i -i rc< i i

Peter Carrington. John Morris. John Winston \ Hannah HJ^ Trowbndge [Sele]

At a court of probate 1st Monday of March 1707-8 the witnesses to ye said will
appeared & made oath that they saw Mrs Hannah Trowbridge aforesaid sign seal &
deliver ye s<l will as her last will & testament & tliat she was of sound mind & memory
when she so did according to ye best of their .iudgments

Approved & ordered on record the o"^ Tuesday of March 1707-S.

Test John Winston. Clerk."

• New Haven Probate Records, vol. 3. p. 1^1. The Inventory of her estate shows 56
ounces of plate.



By first marriage:
i. Sarah, b. Nov. 7, 165S ; d. Mar. 20, 1675-6, in New Haven ; unm.

3. ii. John, b. Dec. 23, 1661.

4. iii. Thomas, b. Feb. 14, 1063-4.

iv. Lydia, b. June 7, 1666; m. Dec. 22, 1681, Richard Rosewell of New Haven.

5. V. Caleb, b. Oct. 28, 1670.

vi. Daniel, b. Jan. 5, 1672-3 ; mariner ; d. Feb. 29, 1739-40, in New Haven ; unm.
vii. Elizabeth, b. June 30, 1676 ; m. Apr. 5, 1691, John Hodshon of New Haven,
viii. Sarah, b. Sept. 24, 1080; d. Dec. 29, 1090.

By second marriage:
ix. Hannah, b. Mar. 30, 1090 ; m. Jan. 30, 1709-10, Joseph Whiting, Esq., of New

3. John Trowbridge (Thomas-, Thomas'^), born December 23, 1661, in New

Haven, Conn. ; died , 1689,t at sea ; married November 19, 1683, in

New Haven, Ann Leete, daughter of Gov. William and Ann (Paine) Leete, born
March 10, 1661, in Guilford, Conn. She married, second, May 9, 1696, in Nevp
Haven, Capt. Ebenezer Collins of New Haven, and died August 2, 1747,$ in
New Haven.

John Trowbridge settled in his native town. He learned the joiners trade,
but did not follow it for any length of time. He became a prominent merchant
and had the title of "Mr." He died at sea, leaving a good estate. His inventory
included the homestead, warehouse, one-fourth of a vessel, the Pinke, and a
mulatto girl. His wife was admitted a member of the First Church May 15,

children born in new haven, conn. :*

0. i. John, b. Nov. 2, 1684.

ii. Ann, b. July 20, 1688 ; m. Nov. 30, 1708, Rev. Samuel Cook of New Haven.

4. Thomas Trowbridge (Thomas-, 2'homas^). bom February 14, 1663-4, in New
Haven, Conn. ; died September 15, 1711, § in New Haven ; married October 16,
1685, in New Haven, Mary Winston, daughter of John Winston, born June 24,
1667, in New Haven; died September 16, 1742,§ in New Haven.

Thomas Trowbridge was graduated in 1677 from Hopkins Grammar School,
his father being one of its patrons and later one of its trustees. He settled in
New Haven, where he learned the cooper's trade and conducted a prosperous
business in that line. He was interested also in the West India trade, and is
described in the records of that day as "gentleman, planter and merchant." He
went to live soon after his marriage in a house built for him and given him by
his father on Meadow street. || His cooperage shop and warehouse were at the
head of the wharf. At his death he left an estate of £1285, the largest estate
left in New Haven up to that date.

Mr. Trowbridge was admitted a member of the First Church December 25,
1689. His wife was admitted March 11, 1691. He was a trustee of the Hopkins
Grammar School from 1695 until his death, and its treasurer from 1703. He
and his wife are buried under handsome monuments in Center Church crypt.

* By New Haven Town Records.

t The inventory of his estate was taken .Tune 10, 16S9.

t By gravestone in Center Church crypt.

§ By monument In Center Church crypt. Administration on his estate was granted Oct.
23. 1711. [New Haven Probate Records,' vol. 3. p. 2P6 ; vol. 4, pp. 197-8. 275.]

II This house was built in 1684. It is still standing and is the oldest house in New Haven.
It has been removed to the rear of the state armory, raised on a new foundation, has had
a metal roof put on it and is in other respects so greatly altered in appearance that a
picture of it is omitted from this volume.

^ 5

3 >



i. Sarah, b. Nov. 26, IGSO ; m. Dec. 17, 1707, Col. John Russell of Branford,

7. ii. Stephen, b. Sept. 7, IGSS. ,

iii. Mary, b. Apr. 9, 1691 ; m., 1st, Oct. 27, 1715, Stephen Ailing of New Haven ;

m., 2d, Nov. 11, 1730, Miles Merwin of Milford, Conn,
iv. Elizabeth, b. Mar. 29, 1693; m., 1st, Mar. 20, 1717-8, Joseph Miles of New

Haven ; m., 2d, Aug. 21, 1758, Stephen Howell of New Haven.
V. Thomas, b. Dec. 20, 1695 ; a cooper ; d. in 1722 at sea ; nnm.

8. vi. Joseph, b. Apr. 1, 1609.

vii. Twins, b. Nov. 16, 1701 ; d. soon, without names.

9. viii. Daniel, b. Oct. 25, 1703.

o. Caleb TROWBRrocE (Thomas-, Thomas'^), born October 28, 1670, in New
Haven, Conn.; died September 10, 1704,t in New Haven; married July 19,

1704, in Boston, Mass., Mary Lilly, born , 1670, in Boston. Sbe

married, second, September 24, 1708, in Boston, Capt. Thomas Gilbert of Boston,
and died there December 30, 1733.:}:

Caleb Trowbridge was educated in his native town, being graduated from
Hopkins Grammar School in 1684. Prior to his marriage he received from
his father a "mansion house, barn and tract of adjoining land" on the east
side of New Haven Harbor, which land his father had bought from tlie Indians.
He was a merchant, naval officer and collector of the port of New Haven. He
enjoyed the title of ''Gentleman"§ in the official documents of his time.
He left a large estate.]] A substantial tablet monument marks his grave in
Center Church crypt.

NO children.

6. John Trowbridge (Johiv', Thomas-, Thomas^), born November 2, 1684, in
New Haven, Conn.; died December 11, 1739,** in New Haven; married October
26, 1710, in Guilford, Conn., Rebecca Eliot, daughter of Rev. Joseph and Mary
(Wyllys) Eliot, bom , 1690, in Guilford. She married, second, Novem-
ber 11, 1740, in New Haven, Ebenezer Fisk of New Milford, Conn. She married,
third, September 18, 1749, in Guilford, Capt. William Dudley of North Guilford,
and died there Februaiy 9, 1782.

John Trowbridge received his education at Hopkins Grammar School, being
graduated in 1696. He resided in New Haven. He was a joiner by trade, but
was also interested in a grist mill below the Todds' mill and owned a warehouse
near the head of the wharf. He was appointed ensign of the 2d Company, a
trainband, of New Haven May 10, 171G, and was confirmed lieutenant of the same
May 12, 1726. He was propounded sheriff of New Haven county and approved
June 1, 1724, and at a meeting of the general assembly held at Hartford July
31, 1724, he was accepted. He served up to the year 1729. He was a member
of the assembly the year of his appointment to the shrievalty. His wife was
admitted a member of the First Church Novemlier 26, 1724.


7. Lieut. Stephen Trowbridge {Thomas*, Thomas-, Thomas^), born Septem-

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