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Philander Trowbridge was brought up on his father's farm in that pai-t
of Ashford, Conn., that became Eastford. He was a farmer and always resided
in his native town until 1867, when he changed his residence for a home in
the adjoining town of Pomfret, where he spent his declining years until his
death. He was a selectman of Eastford for five years, 1853-56 and 1860, and
held the ofiice of justice of the peace in 1856.

children born in eastford, conn. :

i. Frederick Augustus, b. Jan. 20, 1835: billefl by the railroad cars at
Worcester, Mass., while on his way home from his third voyage to the
East Indies, after an absence of three years, Sept. 3, 185G ; unm.

ii. Ingoldsry Lucian. b. Apr. 20. 1836; d. June 14, 1837.

iii. Sarah Durfee. b. May 20. 1840: d. July 12, 1848.

1191. iv. Ingoldsbt Work. b. Jlar. 9. 1845.

1192. V. John Phllo, b. Dec. 10, 1849.

* i-ii born in Edinburgh, N. Y. ; iii in Delta, Ohio.

t In the part now Eastford.

tA sister of Gen. Nathaniel Lyon.

§ A sister of the first wife of his brother No. 10S3.




^^ IHf

* i

^ -


{ci^Pl^%£^ /V.^y'??-5/->V-7-rw*£




1083. Asaph Trowbbidge (Elisha'^'>'<^, James'">'^^, DanieP'>'>^, James^""^,
James^""", Thom-as^), bom December 3, 1S13, in Askford,* Conn.; died October
26, 1874, ia Eastford, Conn.; married, first, Xovember 1, 1837, in Killingly,
Conn., Sarah Durfee.i' daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Carder) Diirfee, bom

. 1S13, ia Killingly; died May 14, 1840, in Ashford.* He married,

second. March 20, 1849, in Warehouse Point, Conn., Delia Ann Hunt, daughter
of WiUard Hunt, bom June 5, 1831, in East Long Meadow, Mass.; died AprU
24, 1892, in Norwich, Conn.

Asaph Trowbridge was reared on his father's farm in that part of Ashford,
Conn., that became the town of Eastford. He settled there after his marriage
and resided there until his death. He was a farmer. He was elected a grand
juror in 1851 and a constable in 1856.

By second marriage:*

1193. i. WiiXABD. b. June 6, 18-51.

1194. ii. Mtbox Asaph, b. Aug. 16, 1853.

iii. Fredebick Eusha, b. Oct. IS. 1856; a boxmaker: unm.S
iv. Sabah Delia, b. Oct. 6, 1860; m. Mar. 1, 1882, Frederick Winenger of
Norwich, Conn.

1084. Xelson Clemext Teowbridge ((7?emen(^°^S James'^"'^^, Daniel^""^,
James^'"'^, James^'""', Thomas^), bom July 8. 1815. in Cambridge, Yt.; died
April 23, 1879, in Canton, Miss.; married Xovember 10, 1836, in Augusta, Ga.,
Evelina Frances Olive, daughter of Capt. John and Sarah (Magmda) Olive,
bom July 5. 1820, in Augusta ; died AprU 3, 1S80, in Xew York City.

Xelson C. Trowbridge received his early instruction in business ia his
fathers store in Medina. X. Y. In 1S35 he went to the South and engaged in
mercantile business for himself in Augusta, Ga. Subsequently he was engaged
in planting and in operating ia real estate in the South and in Xew York City.


i. MiKiAM Adelixe. b. Apr. 15, 1S40 ; m. Charles James Osbom of Xew

York Citj".
ii. Leila Olive, b. Aug. 10, 1842; m. Aug. 21, 1861. William Henry Henriques

and resides in New York City,
iii. JIabt Augusta, b. Aug. 1. 18i5: m. Apr. 27, 1893. Henry Hobart Mason

and resides in New York City.

1195. iv. Clemext Jobdax. b. Feb. 5. 1851.

V. Grace Evelixa, b. July 11, 1857; d. Mar. 4. ISSO. in New York City; unm.

1085. James Smith Trowbridge (CJement^o^', James^'>^% Daniel^'"". James^""^,
James'^'""', Thomas^), bom December 4. 1816, in Cambridge, Yt,; died June 15,
1896, in Berkeley. Cal.; married April 5. 1841, in Albion, Mich.. Mary Ann
Seymour, daughter of Miles and Anne (Southmaid) Seymour, bom May 30,
1S17, in Ithaca. X. Y. ; died December 19. 1874, in Jackson, Cal

James S. Trowbridge passed his boyhood in his native place and in Medina,
X. Y., at his fathers home, and in early manhood accompanied him to Albion,
Mich. He married and lived there until 1844. when he removed to Battle
Creek. Mich., being engaged in mercantile business. He had been brought up an
Episcopalian and was chosen a vestryman of St. Thomas's Church in Battle
Creek in 1849. In 1852 he helped to oi^anize a large company of his fellow

* In the part now Eastiord.

t A sister of the wife of his brother No. 10S2

t No children by first marriage.

§ Residence unknown to his brother.

H Except V, who was bom in New York City.



townsmen who, like himself, had resolved to cross the plains to California, and
they arrived tliere in the fall of that year, after a prosperous journey of six

Mr. Trowbridge settled in Jackson, the county seat of Amador county, then
a typical mining town. For twenty-five years he was identified with all the
early progressive history of the town, and was always esteemed as a valued,
enterjjrisiug citizen. By his energy he soon provided for his family a home,
with surroundings and comforts unusual in those days; and he was considered
iiuite in advance of the times when he procured the first sewing machine tlie
town had seen, and undertook to bring a piano iuto the mountains by the difficult
means tlien available. He provided the first school-teacher for Jackson (.in the
person of his wife) and promoted the building of a schoolhouse and church and
also the maintenance of public worsliip. Reared an Episcopalian, he was inter-
ested in all churches, and nowhere was a clergyman of any denomination more
cordially welcome, nor more likely to be found, than at "Deacon" Trowbridge's
home. In later years he and his wife united with the church of her choice,
the Presbyterian, and he continued in that denomination while he lived.

After tlie death of his wife and youngest son, his active interest in most of
tlie affairs of life declined, and he withdrew himself more and more from busi-
ness and social intercourse with others, living quietly with his children. The
one interest which best survived the past was his concern in the political
situation of the country, and to this he gave great attention, always contending
earnestly for the principles of the Republican party and hoping for their triumph.
Mr. Trowbridge was a man of great refinement of character, with all the instincts
of a geutlemaii, and a heart as tender and sympathetic as a woman's. He united
with tlie First Presbyterian Churcli of Berkeley, Cal., December 4, 1892, and
of him his pastor, the Rev. H. A. Ketchum, said, "I have the utmost coirfidence
in his Christian character."


i. Clement Seymour, b. Apr. 23, 1842; d. Aug. 6, 1842.

ii. Mary Eloise, b. Nov. 22, 1843; m. .Tiily 12, 1805, Rev. Ilugli Hillis Dobbins

and resides in Berkeley, ('al.
119G. iii. Nelson Seymour, b. July G. 184.5.
1197. iv. Edward Clement, b. Mar. 29. 1847.

V. Eva CATnEHiNE, b. Oct. 10. 1848; m., 1st. May 30, 1807, Otto Walther of

Sacramento, Cal. ; m.. 2d, May 30, 1888, James Rye and resides in

Oakland, Cal.
vi. William, b. Sept 25, 1857 ; d. Oct. 3, 1857.
vii. James Le.slie, b. Mar. 23, 1S(!3 ; d. Dec. 17, 1882, in Oiikland: unm.

1086. Horace Trowbuipge (James'^''^^. James'-"'^^, Daniel^""^. James^'"''\
James^'>"'\ Thomas''), born May 28, ISIO, in Ashford, Conn.; died May 7, 1888,
in Central Falls, R. I.; married August 30, 1836, in Ashford, Lucy Bumliam,
daughter of Jotham and Betsey (Gaylord) Bumliam, born December IS, 1817, in
Ashford ; died August 22, 1887, in Central Falls.

Horace Trowbridge spent his early years on his father's fai-m in Eastford
society in Ashford, Conn. For a few years after he was twenty he taught school
in the neighboring village of Westford. The year succeeding his man'iage, 1837,
lie went to Lonsdale, R. I., where he kept a grocery store for about five years.
He was at that time a member of the Lonsdale Cornet Band. He removed in
1842 to Central Falls, R. I., where he also had a grocci-y store for a number of
years. While residing there he was a member of the Pacific Fire Engine Com-
Iiany and on the to-mi's board of fire wardens. He was also a justice of the peace
of Smithfield township for three years, 1847-9. About the year 1856 he went to

• i-il born in Albion, Mich. ; iii-v in Battle Creek, Mich. ; vi-vii in Jackson, Cal.


Saylesvillc, R. I., where for a number of years he was overseer of the finishiiiR
room of the Sayles' Bleachery Company. He later returned to Central Falls,
where he passed the remainder of his life. His wife united in 1845 with the
Central Falls Congregational church.


i. Lucy Theresa, b. Apr. 28. 1838, in LotL-idalp, R. I. ; d. Aug. 20. 1848.

ii. Ellen Elizabeth, b. Apr. 21, 1840, in Lonsdale; m. May 22, 1873, Gu.slavus
Arnold I'aiue and resides in Central Falls, U. L

iii. John Burnham. b. Feb. 12, 18.")1, in Central Fall.s; received bi.s education
in the grammar and high .schools of his native place, .\fter lenvinw school
he went to work as a brass finisher for the Providence Steam and Gas Pipe
Company in Providence, R. I., and remained in their employ for a number
of years. In 1883 lie went to work for the Falos & .Tenks Machine Com-
pany in Central Falls, and has continued in their employ up to the present
time. He is not a church meuilicr, but has attended the Central Falls
Congregational church and the First Methodist Episcopal Church of Paw-
tucket, R. I. He resides in Central Falls and is unmarried.

1087. James Trowbhidge (James"""', Jnmes'"", Danicl'oo", James^'""',
James'^'""', Thomas^), born June 13, 1817, in Ashford. Conn.; died December 5,
1882, in Aslif ord ; married December 16, 1846, in Ashford, Catharine S. Works,
dausjhter of Benjamin and Mary (Davis) Works, born January 0, 1818, in
Ashford; died March 21, 189G, in Ashford.

James Trowbridge was a life-long resident of Ashford, Conn, lie was an
honest, conscientious and hard-working farmer. He and his wife wore members
of the Ashford Congregational church, and he was one of its deacons for many
years. He gave both his time and means to make it a blessing to his town, and
lie was loved and respected by the entire connnunity.


1088. Edwari. Trowbridge (Ephraim'"*", James^"^ Daniel^o"", James""'\
James^<">«, Tliomas^), born March 29, 1832. in Eastford,* Conn.; died February
22 1858, in Eastford; married June C, 18.53, in Southbridge, ilass., Louise
Maria Lyon, daughter of Nathaniel and Elvira (Whittemore) Lyon, bom
September 19, 1835, in Dudley, Mass.; died September 9, 1885, in Eastford.

Edward Trowbridge was a farmer in his native place, Eastford. Conn.


i. MARY Ann, b. Dec. 4, 1855 ; m. July IS, 1875, Elisha Windsor Sherman and
resides in Eastford.

1089. IlEXRV Trowbridge (Ephraim^"*", James">'\ Daniel'^'"'\ James''"'\
James^o^o r/, born August 14, 1837, in Eastford,* Conn.; resides in
Eastford ; married February 24. 1874, in Eastford. Laura Fitts (Boutclle) Day,
widow of Abel Day of Chaplin, Conn., and daughter of Thomas Ewing and Sarah
(Butler) Boutclle, born March 29, 1842, in Eastford;* died September 8, 1903,

in Eastford. . -.^ ^r i n

Henry Trowbridge has always resided in his native place, Eastford, Conn
where he owns and cultivates a farm of 68 acres. He was elected constable
in 1865 and has held other town offices, being at the present time and for
several vears past one of the auditors of the town of Eastford. He is a member
and deacon of the Eastford Congregational church, and for some years has also
held the office of clerk of the church.


• Then a part of Ashford.


1090. Charles TEOWBRrocE (Ephraim^"*", James^"'^^, Daniel^""^, James'^'"'^,
Ja77ies^<"">, Thomas'"), born April 20, 1840, in Eastford,* Conn.; died March 31,
1S63, in Eastford; married March 1, 1861. in Southbridge, Mass., Hannah
Eosalie Eindge, daughter of Jonathan and Ann (Griggs) Eindge, born in East-
ford. She married, second, December 4, 1867, in Eastford, Andrew Jackson
Bowen, Esq., and resides in Willimantic, Conn.

Charles Trowbridge was a farmer in Eastford, Conn., his native place.


i. Lena Hannah, b. Sept. 26, 1861 ; d. July 25, 1862.

1091. Marcus Trowbridge (Amos^'^*'^, Jamesi'^', Daniel^"'"', James'^'"'^,
James^"^", Thomas'"), born November 27, 1816, in Ashford, Conn.; died about
1847 in Chandlerville, 111.; married in the fall of 1839 in Chandlerville ?, Lydia

Marcus Trowbridge in early manhood emigrated to the West. He settled in
Chandlerville (originally Panther's Creek), 111., where he was engaged in
farming until his death.


i. Edward, b. , 1840 ; d. in infancy.

ii.? Dausliter, b. , 1843.

1092. Amos Trowbridge (Amos""*", James"""", Daniel""'"'^, James"""",
James"""", Thomas'"), bom November 8, 1822. in Ashford, Conn.; died May 11,
1905, in Wellsville, Mo.; married September 12, 1852, in Plymouth, Ohio,
Cornelia Clark, daughter of Eli and Mary (Howard) Clark, bom September 29,
1826, in Ashford. She resides- in Wellsville.

Amos Trowbridge was always engaged in farming. He settled aft«r his
marriage in his native place, Ashford, Conn. He left there in the summer of
1868, and lived for two years in Ohio, nine years in Indiana, and then came to
Wellsville, Mo., which continued to be his residence until his death.. He became
a church member in 1840. and he was, and his family are, members of the
Methodist Episcopal church in Wellsville.


i. Susie Cornelia, b. Sept. 11. 1854 : resides in Chicago. III. ; unm.

1198. ii. Charles Russell, b. Aug. 27. 1858.

1199. iii. Andrew Clark, b. Jlay 30. 1802.

iv. Abel Dow, b. Apr. 24, 1864 : d. Aug. 27. 1867.

v. John Amos. b. July 11. 1868; is in the grocery and market business in
Chicago ; unm.

1093. Andrew Jackson Trowbridge (Stephen""*-, James'""'"'*, Daniel^""",
Jamas'"""^, James"""", Thomas'"), bom September 15, 1835, in Pomfret, Comi. ;
resides in Pomfret; married .Tune 18, 1857. in Pomfret, Sarah Ann Turner.:}:
daughter of Calvin and Mary (Wilson) Turner, born March 2, 1837, in Mendon,

Andrew .J. Trowbridge has always lived in his native town. He owns and lives
on the farm that his grandfather owned and on which his father was bom and
died. His farm of 180 acres is in Abington society in the western part of
Pomfret near the Eastford town line. The old house, built for his grandfather,
was torn down in 1876 and on its site Mr. Trowbridge has erected a modem

* Then a part of Ashford.

t Of whom no further particulars were found.

t A sister of the wife of his brother No. 1094.

^^^^^^^tj'^^ ^/::^^



i. Laura Josephixe, b. Dec. 14, 1858; d. Dec. 29, 1873.

ii. Sabah Ixa. b. Mar. 26, 18G2 ; m. May 17, 1887, Abram Lunger Xunn and

resides in Pomfret.
iii. Makt Isabel, b. Jan. 2, 1871; m. Mar.. 15, 1894, John Alfred West and

resides in Pomfret.

1094. DA^^D Latos Trowbridge (Stephen^'"-, .7amesl"^ DanieP'>''',-James^'"'',

James^'"^". Thomas^), born July 7, 1S3S, in Pomfret, Conn.; resides in Pomfret;
married September 6, 1S60, in Mendon, Mass., Georgianna Augusta Turner,*
daughter of Calvin and Mary (Wilson) Turner, born April S, 1839, in Mendon.
David L. Trowbridge is a farmer in his native town, Pomfret, Conn., where
he owns and cultivates a farm of about 60 acres.


i. Fraxces Adelaide, b. Aug. 21, 1861; m., 1st. Dec. 24, ISSO. John Foster
Deans of Eastford, Conn.; m., 2d, Jan. 9, 1895, Henry Clayton Phillips
and resides in Utica, N. Y.

ii. LucT Jaxe. b. May 17, 1864; m. May 12, 1887, Ira Albertus Porter of
Thompson, Conn.

1095. Dk. Willum Eipley Tuo-mBRiDGE (Amasa^"*'^, WilHam^"-", DanieP""^.
James^""^, James'^'""', Thomas^), born August 22, 1816, in Watertown, N. T.;
died August 19, 1886, in Watertown ; married September 24, 1848, in Watertown,
Louise Marie Smith, daughter of Sylvester and Eose (Tuttle) Smith, born April
1, 1825, in Dover, X. H. She resides in W-'atertown, N. Y.

William E. Trowbridge received the advantages of the best schools in Water-
town, X. Y., and started out in boyhood with the determination to be the archi-
tect of his own fortunes. He commenced as a clerk in a store in Brownsville
in his native county, was next clerk in the post office in Eemsen. Lewis county,
and later a clerk in a store in Utica. He then went to Xew York City and
entered the employ of a wholesale house, where his ability was such that when
he became twenty-one his employers recommended him to a dry goods establish-
ment in St. Louis, Mo., of which he later became a partner. He had been in
St. Louis but four years when the death of his elder brother. Dr. Amasa Trow-
bridge, Jr.. recalled him to W^atertown.

Although his early inclination was not towards the life of a physician and
surgeon, his desire to take his deceased brotlier's place with his father, one of
the most eminent surgeons in the country, led him to enter the latter's office and
begin the study of medicine. He received his diploma from Willoughby Univer-
sity and entered into a partnership with his father in 1846. From that time
he advanced in his profession until he ranked amoiig the most active and eminent
physicians in his county. The practice of himself and his father was very large,
and after the latter's death he continued it alone. He was one of the most
skillful surgeons in Northern Xew York and his reputation as a physician was

Doctor Trowbridge served as examining surgeon in the Civil War, and was
appointed surgeon of the ISth District Eegiment, New York Volunteer Infantry,
in 1862. He was at one time a very enthusiastic naturalist and an amateur
taxidermist of great skill. He was long a member of the Jefferson County
Medical Society. He was also prominent in Masonic circles. He was raised to
the degree of Master Mason in Watertown Lodge, F. and A. M.. March 21, 1855 ;
was made a Eoyal Arch iMason in Watertown Chapter March 24, 1S5S : and was
knighted in Watertown Commandery. No. 11, September 1. 1S65. At the time of
his death he was the oldest citizen of Watertown who was bom within its limits.
His funeral was largely attended, and societies and individuals united in
honoring his memory.

• A sister of the wife of his brother No. 1003.



1200. i. Edward William, b. July 10, 1849.

ii. Helen Rose, b. Aug. 15, 1853 ; resides in Watertown ; unm.

1201. iii. Stanton Sylv-ester, b. Dec. 10, 1854.

1202. iv. Frederick Guiteau, b. Oct. 30, 1857.

1203. V. William Amasa, b. July 14, 1806.

10!)6. Andrew Billings Trowbridge (Amasa^"'^''', William'^''^", Daniel^""^,
James^""-', James^""", Thomas^), born May 2, 1817, in Watertown, N. Y. ; died

May 26, 1862, in Willoughby, Ohio ; married , 1855, in Greenfield, Ohio,

Sophronia Naomi Hoyt, daughter of Jonathan and Fidelia (Chapman) Hoyt,

born , 1826, in Potsdam, N. Y. ? ; died in the summer of 1862 in

Lafayette, Ind.

Andrew B. Trowbridge at the age of twenty-one went to Painesville, Ohio, with
his father, when the latter removed there in order to be near Willoughby
University. He settled there after his marriage and resided there until his death.

child born in willoughby, OHIO :

i. Emma Louise, b. Oct. 10. 1850 ; m. JLay 27, 1880, Albert Graham Cook and
resides in Cleveland, Ohio.

1097. Dr, Lawrence DeForest Trowbridge {Artemas^"'*'^, Cahb'^''-'', Daniel'-'"'^,
James'^'"'^, J ames^o"", Thomas^), born April 25, 1850, in Camden, N. Y.; died
February 16, 1889, in Palmyra, N. Y. ; married June 7, 1877, in Newark, N. Y.,
Lucy Frances W'illiams, daughter of Hon. Stephen Iveyes and Angeline (Crane)
Williams, born January 3, 1851, in Newark. She resides in New York City.

Lawrence D. Trowbridge at , the age of fourteen went with his parents to
Newark, N. Y. He received an academic education and studied medicine with
Dr. Charles G. Poineroy in Newark. Pie then entered the College of Physicians
and Surgeons in New York City, from which he was graduated with the degree of
M.D. in 1870. The follpwing year he located in Palmyra, N. Y., and at once
entered upon a large and lucrative practice, which he successfully retained until
tie time of his death. ■

Doctor Trowbridge was a man of unusually fine i^ersonal address, grave and
dignified in his demeanor, but tender and sympathetic in his nature. As a
physician lie was preeminent; his very presence in the sick room inspired confi-
dence and hope. He was a vestryman of Zion Church, Palmyra, and at a meeting
of its wardens and vestrymen this tribute to his memory was presented :

"With unaffected sorrow the rector, wardens and vestrymen of Zion Church, Palmyra,
assemble in this special meeting consequent upon the death of their friend and associate.
Dr. Lawrence D. Trowbridge, a churchman by birth, by the ordinance of the church,
and by devout practice. Our friend was most useful in this parish.

"He came to the vestry with all the thoughtful intelligence of the mature gentleman
with which he came to every duty or ordinance in the church. He met the duties with
discriminating care and gave to everything connected with the parish his best service."


1203a. i. Lawrence Williams, b. Oct. 20, 1879.

ii. Ray. b. Mar. 21. 188.3: resides in New York City, where he is connected
with the Locomobile Company of America as a selling agent; unm.

1098. Ch.\rles Edward Trowbridge (George^"^'^, Caleh^"-'^, Daniep"''^,
James'""'^, J ames^"'"' , Thomas^), born February 3, 1831, in Pomfret, Conn.; died
January 10, 1908, in Wliitinsville, Mass. ; married September 29, 1856, in Pom-
fret, Jane Elizabeth Brayton, daughter of Thomas P.arker and Laura Aim
(Franklin) Brayton, born March 29, 1835, in Pomfret; died December 18, 1904,
in Whitinsville,


(O c^-^




Charles E. Trowbridge spent most of his cliildhood with his frraiidmother at
the Trowbridge homestead in Pomfret, Conn., with occasional visit^s to his
liarents in Camden, N. T. At an early age he developed a mechanical taste.
Coming to Whitinsville, Mass., in lf?54, he entered as an apprentice the employ
of tlie P. Whitin Manufacturing Company, afterwards known as the Wliitin
Machine Works. After successive promotions, he obtained the position of
master mechanic of the Whitinsville Cotton Mills Company.

Gifted with the inventive faculty to an unusual degree, his attention was
directed to the improvement in many ways of the spinning ring, with great and
successfid results to the cotton industry. Tie made his first important invention
in 1872, namely, special tools for the making of spinning rings, and with Hon.
Arthur F. Whitin as partner he began the manufacture of rings the following
year, under the finn name and style of the Whitinsville Spinning King Company.
The firm has since carried on the manufacture of these rings, and their superi-
ority has est^jblished the reputation of the firm not only in America but wherever
tlie spinning industry is known. In 1887 his son was taken into partnership and
became superintendent. A few years ago Mr. Trowbridge transferred his
interest in the finn to his son, and progress has continued without interruption.

Mr. Trowbridge was always a progTessive man as to village and up-to-date
improvements. He was greatly interested in electrical inventions, and was the
first Wliitinsville citizen to install electric lights in his home. The first house to
have a telephone was his, and he was the first citizen to own and operate an
automobile. He was a bom inventor, but took as much pleasure in other people's
inventions as in any of his own. Scarcely any invention passed his notice, and
he was never satisfied with reading and hearing about them, but his inquiring
mind demanded that he might further his knowledge, and then wonder what other
novel things were to apjjear in the scientific world.

Mr. Trowbridge was an active member of the Methodist church of the village
and for over 50 years a liberal supporter of that denomination. Under the
pastorate of George H. Mansfield, 1858-9, he was converted in the old Methodist
chiirch, now known as Pythian Hall, and has continiied an active member of the
church of his choice ever since. Serving as a trustee most of the time, he was
a member of the present building committee, and to him perhaps more than any
other member of the church is due the credit of removing tlie indebtedness on the
property, which was so great a burden for many years. Many of the recent

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