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improvements on the church projx^rty have been brought about through his effort*
and contributions. He was always present at the services while his health per-
mitted, and was a great favorite with the young folks. To them he was always
Father Trowbridge. Not only the home churches but othA- religious organiza-
tions also will rememl)er his generosity.

"He never filled a jiublic oifice, but had the people called, there would have been
a service that would cause this small sphere in which we live to wonder. The
demand or call of a cabal could never move him to undertake a public position.
It would have to come from the ]>eople. He was a member of no society and was
satisfied to belong to tlie brotherhood of man. His ways were ways of pleasant-
ness and his paths were peace. His faith was a simple faith, and a great poet has
said that that is greater than Norman blood. He was a genuine Yanlsee. He was
born one and lived one. No higher tribute can be paid to his jiatriotism than
that. There was joy to him, whenever on our national holiday he caused the stars
and stripes to be run up the flag pole in front of his residence, but there was
greater satisfaction to him to go back into his house and feel that the flag was
there. He had feelings for his fellow men, respected their opinions, and was
interested in their welfare and happiness."

The funeral of Mr. Trowbridge was hold from the ^Vliitinsville Methodist
Episcopal church, and rich and poor, and all creeds and denominations, were in



tlie large congregation that gatJiered for the final ceremony over the body of
one who had lived the life 'of an ideal citizen. The services were in charge of the
jjastor. Rev. Wesley Wiggin, and he was assisted by Rev. John R. Thurston,
pastor of the Congregational church, and* Rev. T. M. Huston, pastor of the
United Presbyterian church. Rev. Sir. Wiggin delivered the eulogy. He
sketched the life of Mr. Trowbridge, and told simply, but touchingly, some of the
details of his life of more than fifty years in Wliitiusville, of his fidelity in
business relations, of his ideal home life, and of his generosity to the churches.*


1204. i. Geoiice Edward, b. Dec. 2.5, 1S57, in Pomfret, Conn.

ii. Lizzie Jane, b. Oct. 23, 1S59, in Whitinsville, Mass.; resides there; unm.

1099. Charles Winfield Trowbridge (Charles^"", Calel^<>-\ Daniel'-''"^
James'""'^, James^'""', Thomas''}, horn March 7, 1852, in Painesville, Ohio; resides
in Chicago, 111. ; married November 2, 1876, in Kewanee, 111., Florence Persons,
daughter of Asa and Mary Ann (Peet) Person.?, born July 21, 1854, in Prince-
ville, 111.

Charles W. Trowbridge is an engineer by profession. He received his
grammar school instruction in Kewanee, 111., and his professional education in
Cliicago, 111., where he resided until May, 1896. He then went to New York
City. On SeiJtember 1, 1898, he went to Indianapolis, Ind., as agent for the
Brown-Ketchum Iron Works, makers of structural and ornamental steel and iron.
On September 1, 1901, he entered the employ of the American Bridge Company
as manager of its St. Louis ofiice. On February 1, 1907, he was transferred to
its Chicago division and is assistant division contracting manager there. In
the course of his business he has visited nearly every city in the United States,
His residence is in Chicago, HI.


1100. Benjamin Ciiapin Trowbridge (William'"'*^, William'"' - , James'-'"'',
'William'""'*, James'^'""', Thomas'), bom September 1, 1817, in Worcester, Mass.;
died December 8, 1852, on the ocean, off Jamaica, West Indies; married June 6,
1841, in Caroline, N. Y., Charity Rounseville, daughter of Sylvester and Sally
(Nelson) Rounseville, bom March — , 181.^, in Caroline; died January IS, 1889,
in Mitchell, Wis.

Benjamin C. Trowbridge went in boyhood' with his father to Tompkins county,
N, Y., and followed him to Sheboygan Falls, Wis. He settled there after his
marriage and engaged in farming, removing three years later to Mitchell, Wis.
When the gold fever of 1S49 came on he and his brother Thaddeus went to
California in search of gold. In 1853 he and his cousin George Trowbridge
started for their home in Wisconsin, going by way of Panama, He died of
''Panama fever" on board ship the day after they sailed from Kingston,


1205. i. Lewis Henry, b. Nov. 14. 1842. in Sheboygan Falls. Wis.

ii. Charles Henry, b. Sept. 0, 1844, in Sheboygan Falls: at the age of seven-
teen entered the army during the Civil War. He enlisted Oct. 26, 1861, in
Company H, 1st Wisconsin Infantry. He participated in the battle of
Jlurfreesboro and was killed in the battle of Chiekamauga, Sept. 20, 1863 ;

iii. .Jane. b. Dec. 26. 1846, in Mitchell, Wis. ; m. Dec. 12, 1871, William Smith
of Winooski, Wis.

1206. iv. William, b. Dec. 29, 1849, in Mitchell.

* Acknowledgment is made to a sketch of Mr. Trowbridge printed in the Usbridge and
Whitinsville Transcript of Jan. 17. 1908, and a "eulogy" from Mr. If. T. Flaherty in the
same paper.

t Letter from the late Mr. George O. Trowbridge (No. 1110).

^ (^^


1101. William Seth Trowbridge {W !lKam^''''\ WilUam"> - , James^'>^'>,
WiUiam^""*, /ames""", Thomas'^), boro August 8, 1819, in Worcester, Mass.;
died November 21, 1848, in Cortland. N. Y. ; married March 23, 1843, in She-
boygan Falls, Wis., Alvira Ocain, daughter of Nicholas and Almira (Howe)
Ocain, bom November 19, 1825, in Cortland. She married, second, Aijril 10,
1858, in Sheboygan Falls, Charles Hersey Trowbridge (No. 1105), and died
November 5, 1900, in Mondovi, Wis.

William S. Trowbridge lived whh his father until after they emigrated to
Sheboygan Falls, Wis. He settled there after his marriage and was a farmer.
He was a member of the Baptist eliurch.


i. Dorothy Chapin, b. Jan. 24, 1844 ; m. Dec. 25, 1807, Rasselas Farrington

and re.sides in Mondovi, Wis.
ji. Olive S.^ckett, b. Apr. 8, 1847: m. Mar. IS, 1865, Isbon Priugle Kniglit

of Northampton, Mass., and resides in Mondovi.

1102. James Lewis Trowbridce (W UUamV'*^, W illiam"'''- , James'"^",
William'^'^''*, James^'""', Thomas^), bom Aug-ust 18. 1822, in Worcester, Mass.;
died August 17, 1902, in Sheboygan Falls, Wis. ; married, first, June 15, 1846, in
Sheboygan Falls, Mary Eliza Cole, daughter of Nathan and Chloe (Rowley)
Cole, bom June 15, 1820, in Schenectady, N. Y. ; died July 11, 1849, in Sheboy-
gan Falls. He married, second, October 19, 1852, in Sheboygan Falls, Mary
Louise Cobb, daughter of Charles Dyer and Almira (Savage) Cobb, bom August
28, 1834, in Guilford Centre, N. Y. ; died November 10. 1900. in Shebovgan

James L. Trowbridge passed the first eight years of his liffe near Worcester,
Mass., and tlie succeeding seven in Tompkins county, N. Y. He was fifteen
years old when he arrived with his father in Sheboygan. Wis. He was one of the
earliest and sturdiest' pioneers of Sheboygan county. He settled on his father's
homestead of 240 acres, two miles west of the village of Sheboygan Falls, and
inherited it at his father's deatli. Ho was an industrious, hard-working man all
his life, clearing the wilderness and developing a good farm. He was a man
of exemplary character, possessing many sterling qualities, and was highly
esteemed in the community where he had lived so many years. He was one of
the last surviving settlers of Sheboygan county. .

children born in sheboy'gan falls, wis. :
By first marriage:
i. Robert Sherwell, b. Sept. 26, 1S47; d. Feb. 28, 1865.
ii. William Seth. b. July 7, 1849; d. Nov. 21, 1849.

By second marriage:

1207. iii. Thaddeus Chapin, b. Nov. 2, 1853.

iv. Sarah Wilson, b. Feb. 20. 1855; reside.s in Sheboygan Falls; unm. She
has been interested in assisting the compiler to collect the records of her
branch of the family.

1208. v. Charles Cobb, b. Dec. 27, 1866.

1103. Fitz-Jawes Trowbridoe (./omes^"""', Willmm}" - . James'^°'^'', William'^'"'*,
James^"'"', Thomas^), bom Febmary 6. 1822, in Hinsdale. N. Y. ; died April 4,
1904, in Osage, Iowa; married Octol>er 5, 1845, in Sheboygan Falls, Wis.,
Charlotte Andrews, daughter of Ezra and Mary (Langdon) Andrews, born June
30, 1826, in Greenfield, Tenn. She resides in Osage.

Fitz-James Trowbridge learned the trade of a carpenter and cabinetmaker.
After coming of age he went to Sheboj'gan Falls. Wis., where a number of his
relatives had been among the earliest settlers and were then living. He lived
there a short time after his marriage and then went to the new town of Plymouth,


a few miles west, where be lived about twelve years. He tben removed to King-
ston, Wis., and in 1863 emigrated with bis family to Mitcbell county, Iowa, and
settled on a farm near Osage, wbere be resided until bis deatb.


i. .Tames IlENnT, b. Aug. 22, ISIG ; d. .Tuly 0, 1848.

ii. JiAliy, b. Jan. 2(j, 1848: tl. Au;;. 31, 1850.

iii. William Lewis, b. Feb. 27, 1850; d. May 26, 1850.

iv. James Walteh. b. July 10. 1851; d. Feb. 15, 18.52.

v. Olive Louisa, b. Oct. 5, 1853; m. Jan. 10, 1875, Ilarleigh Morse and resides

in O.sage, Iowa,
vi. Cora Mabv, b. July 27, 1800 ; d. Aug. 2, 1863.
vii. Feank, b. June 8, 1802 ; d. Aug. 13, 1802.
viii. Doha Eliza, b. July 31, 1805; ni. Oct. 30, 1889, William Bigelow and resides

in Freeborn, Minn,
ix. Newton, b. June 8, ISGS ; d. Jan. 15. ISGO.

1104. William Henry Trowbridge (James'^''^^, Wz'Wiom^" - , James'^''^'^,
irilZiflm""*, James^""", Thomas^), born Februai-y 2C, 1824, in Hinsdale, N. Y.;
died October 9, 1898, in Merrill, Wis. ; married, first, July 4, 1848, in Hinsdale,
Christiana Wbitlock.t daughter of Thomas and Jane (Norton) Wbitloek, bom
August 3, 1832, in Ischua, N. Y. ; died August 9, 1873, in Augusta, Wis. He
married, second, April — , 1875, in Augusta, Christiana Oleson, who died
December — , 1877, in Augusta.

William H. Trowbridge went after his marriage to Olean, N. Y., and for some
years sailed the Alleghany and Ohio rivers. In 1863 be removed with his
family to Green Bay, Wis., and became head sawyer of the sawmills there. He
followed that occupation until past middle age, and then bought a farm in
Aug-usta, Chippewa county. Wis. He was engaged in farming there until
after the death of his second wife, when he went to the home of his son Fred-
erick in Merrill, Wis., where about ten years later he died. He was a member
of the Baptist church.

By first marriage :t

1209. i. Wales Henry, b. JLay 8, 1850, in Hinsdale. N. Y.

1210. ii. Clarence Alphonso, b. May 29, 18.55, in Olean, N. Y.
1210a. iii. Frederick Benjamin, b. Aug. 6, 3866, in Green Bay. Wis.

iv. Frank, b. .July 15, 187.'?, in Augusta. Wis.: went to the .school for the deaf
at Delavan, Wis., in Sept., 1882, and remained there until 1890. He was
then engaged in farming at home and in Aztalan, Wis., living nearly
eight years in the latter place. In Sept., 1903, he came to Oshkosh, Wis.,
and went to work as a "squeezer" in a sash and door factory there,
which is his occupation at present. lie is unmarried.

1105. Charles Hersey Trowbridce {James^"*", WillMm'^''", James^"''-'',
Wmiam'""'K Jomes""'", Thomas^), born January 12, 1826, in Hinsdale. N. Y.;
died Januarj' 7, 1889, in Moudovi, Wis. ; married, first. May 20, 1848, in Hins-
dale, Louisa Hollister, who died August 13, 1857, in Sheboygan Falls, Wis. He
married, second, April 10, 1858, in Sheboygan Falls, Alvira (Ocain) Trowbridge,
widow of William Seth Trowbridge (No. 1101) and daughter of Nicholas and
Almira (Howe) Ocain. born November 19, 1825, in Cortland, N. Y. ; died
November 5, 1906, in Mondovi.

Charles H. Trowbridge served a three years' apprenticeship at his trade, that
of a master carpenter and cabinetmaker, and became an expert workman. He
settled after his marriage in Sheboygan Falls, Wis., and followed his trade there
and later in Mondovi, Wis.

* i-v born in Plymouth, Wis. ; vi-vii in Kingston. Wis. ; viii-lx near Orchard, Iowa.
t A sister o£ the first wife ot his brother No. 1106.
X No children by second marriage.



Bi/ first marriage:
i. Olive Emma. h. Fob. 10. 1S50 ; m. Henry Sibley of Rock Falls. Wis.
ii. Ida Francelia, b. Aiif;. 11, 1852 ; m. Gibson Moore of Johnstown, Pa.
iii. William Clarence, b. ,Tiily 30, 185-1: d. Mas. 30, 1855.

1211. iv. William Clarence, b. Sept. 25, 1855.

By second marriage:

1212. T. Charles Lester, b. July 1, 1860.

vi. Alice Almira, b. Oct. 10, 1802 ; m. Apr. 10, 1803, William Brownlee and
resides in Mondovi, Wis.

1213. vii. James Walter, b. Sept. 13, 1865.

1106. Alpheus Marshall* Trowbridge (Jaines'^''''^, William'^'' - , James^°'^'',
William'">''*. /n?nes'""", Thomas'^), born May 8, 1828, in Hinsdale, N. Y.; resides
in Ischua, N. Y. ; married, first, September 9, 1849, in Humphrey, N. Y., Eliza-
beth Whitlock.f daughter of Thomas and Jane (Norton) Whitlock, born Septem-
ber 6, 1832, in Ischua; died July 15, 1890, in Ischua. He married, second,
October 23, 1890, in Gains, N. Y., Caroline (Barber) Myrick, widow of Orsannis
Myrick of Ischua and daughter of Caleb and Levina (Lyon) Barber, born May
27. 1836, in Ischua.

Marshall Trowbridge settled in his native county, Cattaraugus, and is a farmer
and stone mason in Ischua, town of Fitch, N. Y. He is a member of the Free
Metliodist church.

By first marriage :t
i. Francelia Jane. b. JIar. 12, 1853; m. Mar. IG, 1878, William Shipman and

resides in Ischua.
ii. Alice Evangeline, b. July 15, 18.54 ; m. Oct. 14. ISSO. Edwin Shipman and
resides in Ischua.

1214. iii. Edwin Janes, b. July 5, 1856.

1215. iv. Charles Frederick, b. May 27, 1859.

1216. v. Albert Alpheus, b. Dec. 9. 1861.

1107. Edwin Going Trowbridge (J(7»i.e.s"", Willlam'^'>-K Jnines^"^",
WilUam^'X'*. James^"'"', Thomas^), bom May 31, 1834, in Hinsdale, N. Y.;
resides in Sheboygan Falls. Wis. ; married May 3, 1857, in Sheboygan Falls,
Mary Ann Mason, daughter of Benjamin and Mary Ann (McCoraas) Mason,
born June 21, 1834, in New York City.

Edwin G. Trowbridge early in 1857 went to Sheboygan Falls, Wis., and soon
after married and settled there. In May, 1860, he removed with his family
to Hancock, Mich., wliere for thirty-one years ho was connected with the well-
known Quincy copper mine in the capacity of superintendent of surface work.

On July 28, 1891. Mr. Trowbridge returned to Sheboygan Falls, where, having
retired from active business, he is residing in his pleasant home on the corner
of Pine and Summer streets. He has expressed much interest in the compilation
of this genealogy.

children born in HANCOCK, MICH. :§

1217. i. .\i Henry, b. Julv 3, 18.58.

ii. Clara Eliza, b. Aug. 16. 1860 ; d. Aug. 27, 1863.

1218. iii. Benjamin James, b. Aug. 10. 1864.

iv. Olive Mar^n. b. Sept. 17. 1866 : ra. Aug. 29, 1900. Herbert Temple Farns-
worth. late of Chenoa. 111., and resides in Sheboygan Falls, Wis.

1219. V. Edwin Gxrsr, b. Oct. 19, 1873.

* Known as Marshall.

t A sister of the first wife of his brother No. 1104.

t No children hy second marriage.

§ Except i. who was born in Sheboygan Falls. Wis.


1108. FoRDYCE Cutting Trowbridge {Elijah H.^"^", William'^'' - , James^"^",
William^'"'*, James^"'''', Thomas^), born April 5, 1819, in Worcester, Mass.; died
November 10, 1854, in Slieboygan Falls, Wis. ; married October 8, 1852, in
Sheboygan Falls, Maria Erwing.* She married, second, March 6, 1867, Rev.
Lucius Foote of San Francisco, Cal., and resides in Portland, Ore.

Fordyce C. Trowbridge came in early manhood with his father to Sheboygan
Falls, Wis., and settled there. He was engaged in farming and in the manu-
facture of chair lumber, which he shipped to tho Chicago market.


1109. Horace Trowbridge (Elijah H.^"^", William^<>-\ James^"^", William^'"'*,
James'-''"'', Thomas^), born May 25, 182^ in Worcester, Mass. ; died May 27, 1893,
in Sheboygau Falls, Wis. ; married, first, June — , 1846, in Ithaca, N. Y., Laura
Gillen, daughter of James and Rachel (Bailey) Gillen, bom July 22, 1826, in
Ithaca ; died August 24, 1857, in Sheboygan Falls. He married, second, Novem-
ber — , 1858, in Sheboygan Falls, Justine Stowell, who died February 24, 1863,
in Sheboygan Falls. He married, third, October 19, 1864, in Sheboygan Falls,
Priscilla Josephine Richardson, daughter of Joseph and Caroline (Burhans)
Richardson, bom June 5, 1839, in Roscoe, 111. She resides in Sheboyg'an, Wis.

Horace Trowbridge came in boyhood with his father to Ithaca, N. T. Soon
after his marriage he followed him to Sheboygan Falls, Wis., and engaged in
manufacturing. He was an extensive manufacturer of steam engines, saw and
gristmill irons, tlireshing machines, etc. He and his brother George were
owners and proprietors of the celebrated Novelty Iron Works at Fond du Lac,


By first marriage:
i. Antoinette, ) twin-s, m. Sept. 20, 1881, Thoma.s Cunningham

V and resides in Santa Rosa, Cal.

ii. ESTELLA, \ b. Oct. 24, 1847 ; m. Jan. 21, 1875, Jolm Hurd and resides

in Windsor, Cal.
iii. Eliza, b. May 6, 1852 ; m. .Vpr. 1, 1882. Richard .V. Cook of Stevens Point,

1220. iv. Frank, b. Aug. 10, 1857.

By second marriage:
v. Child, b. Feb. 24, 1863; d. in infancy.

By third marriage:

1221. vi. Otis Cutting, b. Nov. 13, 186G.

1110. George Otis Trowbridge {Elijah H^"''", William^"", /aj/ies^"",
M'illiam'^'"'*, James'-'""', Thomas^), bom May 13, 1826, in Worcester, Mass.; died
November 26, 1903, in Moimtain View, Cal. ; married September 15, 1853, in
Sheboygan Falls, Wis., Louisa Maria Tyler, daughter of Nathaniel and Lucy
(Hibbard) Tyler, bom June 9, 1834, in Cleveland, Ohio. She resides in Santa
Rosa, Cal.

George O. Trowbridge went in childhood with his parents to Ithaca, N. Y., and
at the age of fifteen traveled alone to Sheboygan Falls, Wis., where he grew to
manhood on his father's faiin. In May, 1849, he started overland for California,
and on reaching there dug gold for a few days at Sutter's Mill. He then went
to Sacramento, which consisted of one wooden building surrounded by tents, and
was all under water during the winter of 1849-50. In the spring of 1850 he went
to San Francisco, where he helped to haul up an old vessel to be used as a ware-

* By "Foote Genealogy" of 1907 ; Emory by "Trowbridge Family." She failed to answer
the compiler's letters.

t Except vi, who was born in Fond du Lac. Wis.


house, drove piles out to it and helped to build the wharf. In the fall of 1S50
he went to the mines at Downieville, Sierra county, where his company of people
built a dam and flume and took out a large amount of gold. He and two otlier
men started the first sawmill in Downieville and made $35,000 in two years. In
1852 he left for Wisconsin, going by way of Panama and New York, and
arrived in Sheboygan Falls in December.

Mr. Trowbridge married the following September and resided in Sheboygan
Falls for about ten years. He then removed to Fond du Lac. where he and
his brother Horace were owners of the Xovelty Iron Works. In 1876 he returned
with his family to California. He resided in Oakland and later in Windsor. He
had a fine ranch near Windsor, and for many years was one of the most highly
respected residents of Sonoma county. He died at his home in Mountain View,
where a little over two montlis before a large number of relatives and friends
had assisted at tlie celebration of his golden wedding anniversary. He was
much interested in collecting data for this genealogy.


1222. i. George T\ler, b. July 24, 1S51.

ii. FoRDYCE Cutting, b. Jinie 10, 1S.5G ; d. May 30, 1S77, iu Oakland, Cal. : unm.

1223. iii. Henry Otis, b. Sept. 11. 1859.

iv. Ella Gertrude, b. May 29, 1803 ; m. Dec. IT, 1890, William Gilbert Elder
of Windsor, Cal.
122-4. v. Lewis Hersey, b. Mar. 14, 1869.

1111. Charles Augustus Trowbridge (Elijah H}"'", Williarn^"", James^"'^'',
Vyilliatn'""'*, Jayncs'^'""', Thomas'^), bom November lY, 1835, in Ithaca, N. T.;
resides in Eapid City, S. D. ; man-ied, first, October 22, 1865, in Sheboygan,
Wis., Lila Peirce, daughter of Sumner and Elizabeth Davis (Gorham) Peirce,
bom September 3, 1845, in Barnstable, Mass.; died February 2, 1870, in Fond
du Lac, Wis. He married, second. June 12, 1896, in Eapid City, S. D., Jennie
Gerrie, daughter of Alexander and Helen (MacKeggie) Gerrie, born February 12,
1857, in Elgin, Moreyshire, Scotland.

Charles A. Trowbridge when twelve years of age went with his parents to She-
boygan Falls, Wis. He learned the trade of watchmaking in Milwaukee, Wis.,
and established himself in business in Sheboygan in 1861. He spent eight years
in that city and then moved to Fond du Lac, Wis., where he was in business
eighteen years. He then, in 1886, removed to Eapid City, S. D., where he has
since been engaged in carrying on a general jewelry business and where he at
present resides. He was elected county auditor in 1903.

child born in SHEBOYGAN, WIS. :

By first marriage:^
1225. i. Walter Spkague, b. Aug. 6, 1867.

1112. Daniel Trowbridge (./o/m'"", Edmund^'>-\ Thaddeus"-"^^ , WilUam^'"'\
James'"""', Thomas'^), born Februarj- 9, 1804, iu Portland, Me.; died December

19, 1860, in St. Louis, Mo. ; married , 1828, in Baltimore, Md., Maria

Miller, who died December 28, 1882, in St. Louis.

Daniel Trowbridge in early manhood engaged in mercantile business in Balti-
more, Md. Early in 1837 he removed with his family to St. Louis, Mo., where
he was a wholesale dry goods merchant for many years. He was auditor of the
Pacific Eailroad Company at the time of his death.

• Except V, who was born in Fond du Lac, Wis.
t No children by second marriage.



i. Julia Ann, b. Nov. 3, 1829: d. Dec. 1, 1833.

ii. Maky Elizabeth, b. Sept. 21, 1831; d. Mar. 24, 1874, in St. Louis, Mo.;

iii. William Miller, b. Aug. 21, 1833; was in meivantlle bu.siness ; d. Feb. 5,

1877, in St. Louis ; unm.
iv. Julia Ann. b. Aug. 2, 183.5; d. Aug. 1, 1836.
1220. V. John Taylor, b. May 19, 1837.

vi. Daniel Webster, b. Aug. 19, 1841 ; d. Oct. 2, 1842.

1113. Charles Trowbridge (Jo/ini»", Edmund'°-\ Thaddeus^'''\ }Y illia m^o"*,
James^'""', Thomas^), bom September 13. 1805, in Portland, Me.; died February

20, 1869, in Portland; married, first, , 1826, in Boston, Mass., Mary Jane

Jenkins, who died , 1829, in Boston. He married, second, March 15,

1832, in Portland, Sarah Ilumphrey, daughter of Dea. Moses and Annie (Young)
Humphrey, bom May 26. 1807, in Gray, Me.; died October 19, 1897, in Newton,

Charles Trowbridge learned tlie trade of a brick and stone mason and settled
in Boston, Mass. After the death of his first wife, in 1829, he returned to his
native place. Portland, Me,, where he engaged in the soap business, continuing
in it until his death. He was a member of tlie Union Congregational Church
in Portland.

child born in boston, mass. :

By first marriage. -f
i. Ann Hill, b. Nov. 11, 1828 : m. May 21, 1855, Daniel Plummer Young of
Deering, Me.

1114. Jonathan Ho^meu Trowbridge (Jolin^"^'^, Edmnnd'^''-^, Thaddeus^"^'^,
William'^'"'*, James^o"", Thomas^), born October 24, 1808, in Portland, Me.; died
June 1, 1870, in Chelsea, Mass.; married April 17, 1832, in Westbrook, Me.,
Catharine Tait Walker, daughter of Gardner and Eleanor (Tait) Walker, born
Juno 14, 1808, in Westbrook; died August 24, 1881, in Chelsea.

Jonathan H. Trowbridge learned the trade of a bricklayer. He settled in his
native place, Portland. Me., after his marriage and lived there for many years.
He was a member of the Union Congregational Church in Portland, The latter
years of his life were passed in Chelsea, Mass.

children born in PORTLAND, ME. :

John Sewall, b. Mar. 10, 18,33.

M.\RY Ellen, b. Aug. 9, 1840 ; m. Feb. 1, 1859, Benjamin Harmon of

Chelsea, Mass.
LucRETiA Homer, b. JIar. 4, 1843; d. Sept. 25, 1899, in Chelsea; unm.
Anna Walker, b. Feb. 1, 1845 ; m. Nov. 20, 1889, Ben.iamin Franklin Stone

and re.sides in Chelsea.
Maria Seaver, b. May 18, 1847; m. Feb. 25, 1869, Granville Chard of

George Gardner, b. May 16, 1849.









* i-iv bom in Baltimore, Md. ; the others in St. Louis. Mo.

t No children by second wife, but adopted in infancy her nephew. Servetus Latham, son of
Charles and Phobe Eaton (Humphrey! Latham, b. Dec. 11, 1S33. in Raymond. Me., whose name

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