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was changed to Charles Serveti's Trowdridge. He m.. 1st. May 28. 1861, in Portland. Me..
Lydia Jane Holmes, b. Mar. 2. 1840, in New Gloucester. Me. : d. Jan. 1. 1868. in Portland.
He m., 2d. Julia Kemp of Oldfioid. Me. He enlisted for throe months in Company E. 1st
Maine Infantry (Portland Rifle Guards! and was mustered May .■!. 1861 ; was sergeant of
Company E, l()th Maine Infantry, mustered Oct. 4. 1861. mustered out May S. 1863 ; mustered
for one year Apr. 7, 1865, by the Provost Marshal at Portland. He entered the U. S. Navy,
and served on the China station and the South Pacific Squadron. He d. Sept. 14, 1903, in
(;ray. Me. Cuildrex : bii flritt maningc: h. in Portland. Me. : Sarah Louise, b. May 11. 1862 :
d. Oct. 25. 1S62 ; Annie Iliimplnrii. b. Apr. 11. 1864 : m. Dec. 30. 1886. George Arthur Ward
and resides in Newton. Mass. Bif second inaryiat/e: Lewis Latham, b. Apr. 2. 1870, in Woburn,
Mass. ; has changed his name to Lewis L. Kemp.


1115. Edmund Trowbridge {Edmund^"'^'-, EdmuruP"-^, Thaddeas^"^^.
William'^'"'^, James^""". Thomas^), born September 13, 1801, in Watertowii,
Mass.; died ]\Iay 20, 1S45. in Newton, Mass.; married December 28, 182G. in
Newton, Mindwcll White, daughter of Dea. Ebenezer and Mindwell (Fuller)
Wliite, born December 28, 1801, in Newton; died October 19, 1884, in West
Newton, Mas.s.

Edmimd Trowbridge settled in Newton, Mass., and was a farmer.


i. Ann Maria, b. July 16, 1828; d. Dec. 21, 1853. in Newton; unm.
ii. Mary Mindwell, b. Dec. 3, 1S29; m. Dec. 15, 1852, William G. Piper of
Roxbury. Mass.

1229. iii. Ephraim Stone, b. Dec. 8, 1833.

1230. iv. James Edmund, b. Feb. 11, 1836.

1231. V. Asa Fuller, b. July 29, 1843.

llie. Charles TROWBRrooE {Edmund'^'*''-, Edmund^''-\ Thaddeu.s^''^\
William'^^''*. James^'""'. Thomas'-), bom September 15, 1805, in Watertown,
Mass. ; died April 3, 1865, in Newton, Mass. ; married May 19, 1829, in Boston,
Mass.. Jerusha Johnson Holt, daughter of Benjamin and Enth (Baldwin) Holt,
horn Jime 5, 1808, in Boston ; died Augaist 23, 1882. in Lancaster, Mass.

Charles Trowbridge learned the painter's trade and was engaged in that busi-
ness for many years, first in Boston and later in Cambridge, Mass.


i. Mary Baldwin, b. Mar. 20, 1830: d. Feb. 20, 1882, in Lancaster, Mass.;

11 nm.
ii. Sophia Josephine, b. Apr. 10. 18,32 ; resides in Laucaster ; unm.
iii. Emeline Ticknor, b. Aug. 10, 1839; m. May 14, 1802, Horace C. Tollard

and resides in Lancaster.

1232. iv. Charles Benjamin, b. Nov. 14, 1841.

V. Margaret Duncan, } twins, resides in Lancaster; unm.

vi. Gran\-ille Mears, \ b. Sept. 2, 1844 ; d. Mar. 9. 1845, in Lancaster.

111". James Trowbridge (EdminuV-"'-. Edmund'-''-^, Thaddeus""',
WiUiam'""'*. James^"'"', Thomas'-), born December 28, 1807, in Watertown, Mass.;
died January 12, 1851, in Boston, Mass.; married about 1838 in Boston?,
Louisa .

James Trowbridge settled in Boston, ]yLass.t

children born in boston, mass. :

i. James, b. , 1839 : d. , 1842.

ii. Louisa Frances, b. Sept. 6, 1841 ; ra. Thomas Disner Stratton of Charles-
town, Mass.

iii. Emma, b. . 1843 ; d. in infancy.

iv. Emma, b. , 1844 ; d. in infancy.

1118. Willl^m Henry Trowbridge (Edmund'-°^-, Edmund'-''-^, Thaddeus""''.
William'<>'>\ James"'<>'>, Thomas''), born January 9, 1823, in Boston, Mass.; died
April 17, 1894, in West Newton, Mass. ; married, first, January 10. 1867, in
Newton, Mary Ann Earwell. daughter of James if. and Mary:j: (Hosmer)

Fanvell. born , 1839, in Marlborough, Mass. ; died February 17, 1875, in

Marlborough. He married, second, February 15, 1877. in Newton, Georgianna

Augusta Latter, daughter of Leonard and Ann (Holman) Latter, born ,

1850, in England. She resides in West Newton.

William H. Trowbridge was a provision dealer in West Newton, Mass.

* i-ii born in Boston, JIass. ; the others in Cambridge. Mass.
t No data for a hiosraphical sketch were supplied.
t Martha at citation of heirs.



By second marriage:*

1233. i. William Waldo, b. Feb. 26, 1S81.

1119. Dea. Otis Trowbridge {^Y illiam^'"-\ Edmund^o^\ Thaddeus'"'\
William'^''''*, James^"'"', Thomas^), born January 18, 1808, in Newton, Mass.;
died Januaiy 20, 1862, in Newton; married September 27, 1832, in Newton,
Elizabeth Fuller Bacon, daughter of Joseph and Beulah (Fuller) Bacon, bom
June 10, 1812, in Newton; died May 23, 1885, in Newton.

Otis Trowbridge lived all of His life in his native place, Newton, Mass. He
was in business there as a carpenter. He was held in high esteem by his fellow
citizens. He was a public-spirited man and had to do with many offices in
administration of town affairs. He was a selectman of the town and was elected
its representative in the legislature in 1843. He was one of the organizers of
Eliot Church in Newton in 1845 and he and his wife were among its original
members. He was chosen one of its deacons February 12, 1847, and was superin-
tendent of it-s Sunday school for thirteen years, when he resigned on account of
feeble health.

"At the time of his resignation a large concourse of people were assembled,
and he gave an interesting history of the school from the time of its organization
in July, 1845. After some general remarks on the management of the school and
the faithfulness of the teachers, Mr. Trowbridge made a series of parting remarks
to the scholars and teachers. Turning tlien to the new superintendent, Mr.
George W. Bacon, for many years a teacher, he welcomed him to the high and
noble field to which he was called. Mr. Bacon made a well-conceived and feeling
■address in reply, and spoke with much earnestness to the. teachers of the labor
that was jointly before them. Immediately on the close of his address, his son.
Master Fraiilv Bacon, a cliild of the infant school, in an artless manner, presented
to Mr. Trowbridge on behalf of the infant scholars a splendid royal octavo Bible,
witli the name 'Otis Trowbridge' on the cover, and within the inscription : 'A
tribute of affection from the infant class of the Eliot Sunday school to their
Superintendent.' Mr. Trowbridge, being taken by surprise, was much affected
by this token of love; and hardly had made suitable aclcnowledgment, when
Mr. William J. Gilbert rose, in behalf of the whole school, and presented to Mr.
Trowbridge a valuable purse of money and an elegant parlor melodeon."t

Mr. Trowbridge prepared a genealogy of Deacon James Trowbridge (No. 1000)
and his descendants, which was published in pamphlet form in 1854 and has
been of service to the compiler of this genealogy. The funeral seivices of Mr.
Otis Trowbridge were lield in the old Eliot Church. They were conducted by the
pastor, Eev. Dr. J. W. Wellraan, and were of a very, impressive character.


1234. i. William Otis, b. Apr. 25, 1836.

ii. Edwin, b. July 13, 1S38; d. Dec. 27, 1839.

iii. Joseph Bacon, b. Mar. 8, 1841; d. Feb. 9. 1842.

1234a. iv. George Sew all, b. July 28, 1843.

1235. V. John Eliot, b. Oct. 20, 1845.

1120. James Nathaniel Trowbridge (Nathaniel'-''^*, Edmun.d'^''^^,
Thaddeus'^^'-^, William^'"'*. James'^"'"', TJwmas'^), born January 19, 1808, in
Boston, Mass. ; died Octol)er 8, 1866, in Newton, Mass. ; married, first, August
15, 1833,:]: in Southborough, Mass., Harriet White Flagg, daughter of William

♦ No children by first marriage.

t Reprinted from "Trowbridge Family."

t By family record, correcting July 1. 1S34, by town record.

(v't^<^ cyr-vtA/ ^rt^^i



and Lydia (Onthank) Flagg, bom Hay 20, 1818, in Southborough ; died March
11, 1851, in Newton. He married, second, Aiignst 17, 1852, in Dedham, Mass.,
Mary W. (Emerson) Hunt, widow of Abraham Hunt of Chatham, N. H., and
daughter of Daniel and Lydia (Whitford) Emerson, born February 12, 1822,
in Chatham ; died December 4, 1870, in Newton.

James N. Trowbridge lived nearly all his life in Newton, Mass., between which
place and Boston he conducted an express and transfer business for many years.
He and his wife were among the original members of Eliot Church in Newton.

By firnt marriage:
i. Harriet Louisa, b. Nov. 19. 1S31 ; m. Nov. 29, 1800, Elisha Littlefield and-

resides in East Somerville, Mass.
ii. Ann Martha, b. Jan. 3, 183(1 ; d. .July 7, 1804, in Newton ; iinm.
iii. Maky Maria, b. Mar. 12. 1838; d. Sept. 18, 1830.
iv. Mary Frances, b. Apr. 0, 1843 ; d. Aug. 13, 1&17.

By Kccond marriage:
V. Marietta, b. Oct. 10. 18.")7 : m. Dec. 21. 1880, Frank Monroe Currier and
resides in Eastoudale, Mass.
123C. vi. James William, b. Feb. 28, 1800.

1121. Almarix Trowbiudge (Nathaniel^"' - ', Edmund^"-'. Thaddeus^"^',
William'^"''*, James'-''"", Thoinas'^), born November 24, 1811, in Quebec, Canada;
died June 15, 1897, in Charlestown, Mass.; married September 15, 1846, in
Charlestown, Elizabeth Ann Soutlier, daughter of Joseph and Hepzibah L.
( Armistead) Souther, bom September 13, 1820, in. Charlestown ; died July 5,
1898, in Charlestown.

Almarin Trowbridge was bom in Quebec, Canada, during a temporai-y stay of
his parents in that city, but he always claimed Newton, Mass., as his birthplace.
He passed his chihlhood on his fathei-'s farm in Newton, and in his early teens
came to South Boston and worked in the store of an uncle. On April 13, 1836,
he entered the National Union Bank of Boston as a clerk. He was made its
bookkeeper on Januai-y 1, 1837, and held that position for twenty years. On
January 1, 1874, he was appointed its cashier, and continued to act in that
capacity until August 19, 1890, when he resigned on account of advanced age.
During all of this period, over fifty-four years, he was highly esteemed in banking
circles and, long before his retirement, had come to be one of tlie best kno\vn and
most respected of Boston's bankers.

Immediately after his marriage he built a house in Charlestown on the corner
of Mead and Russell streets, and during the remainder of his life he made thi.s
his' home. With the house was a large piece of landf which Mr. and Mrs. Trow-
bridge, who were very fond of plants, kejit as a garden, selling none of it, but
protecting it with a high fence as the city grew up around it. It was a quaint,
old-fashioned spot, with its little green for drying clothes, its fruit trees and
flowering plants (among tliem a gigantic wistaria that climbed to the third-story
windows), and domi in one corner the vegetable garden. The children and,
later, the grandchildren loved it. Some of the pleasantest recollections of the
four grandchildren are tlie games there, or of watching their grandfather (who
was a small man) high up on a ladder trimming tlie grapevines, or of following
their grandmother between the little dwarf box hedges while she snipped her
■'posies." many of which found their way to the poor and sick in homes and
hospitals and charitable institutions.

* Except i, who is recorded in Southborough, Mass.

t It was so large, that when it was sold to settle Mrs. Trowbridge's estate three very
large brick apartment houses were erected on it without disturbing the original house.


Life in the Mead street house went on pleasantly though quietly. Mr. and
Mrs. Trowbridge were happy in each other and in their children, and also took a
philanthropic and religious interest in the lives outside their immediate family.
Few good works went on around them in which they were not more or less con-
cerned. Up to the day of their deaths, although their bodily activity of
necessity was less, they retained the use of all their faculties and their minds
were as keen and their kindly, gentle natures as unspoiled as in the days of their
youth. Their golden wedding anniversary was passed in tlieir old home, and
there, two years later, Mr. Trowbridge died, his widow surviving him only a little
over a year.

Mr. Trowbridge united when a young man with the Pine Street Church,
Boston. He later joined Winthrop Church, Charlestown, and remained a
devoted member of it imtil his death. For many years he was a member of the
choir and the secretary of the Sunday school.

"The death of Mr. Almarin Trowbridge, who passed away at his home in Charlestown,
Mass.. June 1.5th, remove.s one of the highly esteemetl and estimable members of Winthrop
Cluu-ch. with which lie was connected for fifty-seven years. With a retiring disposition
and rare domestic virtues, he united a talent for business and a benevolent heart, which
niiule him prominent in mercantile and philanthropic life. Having been connected with
the Union Bank of Boston for many years as bookkeeper and cashier, he was well known
to business men as an able and upright man, while his relations to the church have been
those of a steadfast friend, holding several positions of importance and contributing
largely to its support and to all good causes. He retired from active life a few years ago
in feeble health, and was over 8.5 years of age at the time of his death. He leaves a name
which suggests only the most unobtru.sive and loyal fidelity to the interests of religion and
the world at large. Infolded in the light of faith his soul waited for God. and at last
entered the celestial city in tranquility and hope, the eternal love bridging the abyss for
him between earth iind heaven."*


1237. i. Almarin, b. Feb. 19, 1851.

ii. Mary Anna, b. Jan. 15, 18.5.3 ; after the death of her parents moved to
Boston, 41 Union Park, where she at present resides. She has always
taken great interest in religious and philanthropic works. Like her brother
Almarin. she has decided artistic and literary ability. She is unmarried.

1238. iii. JoiSEPH Souther, b. Nov. 18. 1854.

1122. .John Trowbridge (NaihauieP"'^*. Edmund"''\ Thaddeus'"".
William.'^^''*, Jame«"'><>, Thomas'^), born May 3, 1817, in Newton, Mass.; died
February 15, 1893, in Bath. Ga. ; married March 26, 1843. in Bath, Sarah Maria
Vallotton.t daughter of Francis and Sarah (Tarver) Vallotton, bom June 7,
1824, in Burke county, Ga. ; died January 21, 1889, in Bath.

John Trowbridge learned the carpenter's trade in early manhood. In company
with his brothers William and Frederick he went to the Soutli in 1839 and
located in Bath, Eichmond county, Ga. He remained there until 1849 and then
removed to Montgfunery, Ala., going from there to Kome, Ga. He lived there
until February, 1851, when he bought a tract of land of 600 acres two miles south
of Bath. He resided there the remainder of his life, occupied with the manage-
ment of his farm and also carrying on the business of contractor and builder.
He and his family were members of the Presbyterian church.

children born in bath, ga. :t

i. Almarin. b. Mar. 14. 1844 : was a soldier in the Confederate army in the
Civil War. He enlisted July 3, 1861, in the Burke County (Ga.) Volun-
teers and served with Gen. Howell Cobb's "Legion." He was in the battle
of Fair Oaks and the seven days' fighting around Richmond. He was taken
ill with typhoid pneumonia and died June 80, 1862, in Richmond ; unm.

* The Coiif/ref/atioiwli-'st.

t A sister of the wife of his brother No. 1123.

i Except iv. who was born in Rome. Ga.


ii. Sarah Louise, b. Dec. IS, 1S45 : resides in Bath ; uum.

iii. JiAKY Amanda, b. Feb. 12, 1847; m. Jobn White tiotldard uiul resides in

iv. John Pkakcis, b. Apr. 3, 1S19; d. Dec. 31, 1852.
1239. V. WiLUAM Bui'US, b. Nov. 29, 1851.
124U. vi. John Fkancis, b. Sept. 20, 18.J3.

KOBEUT Allen, b. Sept. 25, 1855 : resides in Bath : unm.
Adelauie JIaiiia. b. Nov. 24, 1857; m. Dec. 0. 1877. I'.enjaiiiin Hall Eve and
resides in Waynesboro, Ga.



1123. WiLLL\ii TiiOWBRiDOE (Xallianlel'-'''^'', Edmund^"-'-^, Thaddeus^''^\
William^'"'*, dames'^""", Thomas^), bom April 17, 1822, in Newton, Mass.; died
January 1, 1875, in Bath, Ga. ; married February 5, 1853, in Bath, Elizabeth Ann
Vallotton,t daughter of Francis and Sarah (Tar\'er) Vallotton, born May 7,
1820, in Burke county, Ga. She resides in Bath.

WiUiam Trowbridge learned the trade of a carpenter. When a young man lie
\^ent South with his brotliers John and Frederick. He settled on a farm near
tliat of his brother John in Bath, Ga. He was also in business there as a
carpenter and builder.

cuilpren born in bath, ga. :

1241. i. James Walter, b. Nov. 21. 1853.

1242. ii. Francis \'allotton, b. Oct. 20, 1857.

1243. iii. William Pinckney, b. Mar. 5. 1862.

iv. Katie Lizzre. b. May 23, lSii5 : m. Jan. 2i>, 1890, Montfort Schley Tarver
and resides in Augusta, Ga.

1124. Is.iAC Coffin- Trowbridge (Nathaniel'"'^*, Edrrmnd^'>-\ Thaddeus^'''\
William^'"'*, James""", Thomas^), born August 20, 1826, in Newton, Mass.; died
December 24, 1868, in Boston, Mass.; married , 1853, in Boston?, Eliza-
beth Lazel Allen, who died December 16, 1891, in New York City, aged 69 years.

Isaac C. Trowbridge settled in Boston, Mass., where he was in business as
a carpenter and builder.


i. Allen, b. Apr. 26, 1854 : d. Apr. 25, 1857.

1244. ii. Georue Freeman, b. Mar. 1, 1858.

iii. Fredekick Augustus, b. .July 15, 1860 ; resided in Montclair, N. J., and
was in the paper business in New York City ; d. Nov. 15, 1896, in Sparta,
N. Y. ; unm.

1245. iv. Isaac Walter, b. Jan. 22, 1863.

1125. Jahes Armitage Trowbridge {Reuben^"'-''-', Edmundy'-'\ Thaddeas^'"-^,
William^'"'*, James'-'""', Thomas^), bom June 2, 1830, in Baltimore, Md.; died
June 7, 1861, in Baltimore; married November 27, 1856, in Baltimore, Maria
Louisa Morris, daugliter of Rev. Dr. John Godlive and Eliza (Hay) Morris, born
May 24, 1830, in Baltimore ; died July 21. 1907, in Lutherville, Md.

James A. Trowbridge received his education in the schools of his native city
and in the academic department of the University of Maryland. He then
entered the employ of Messrs. Miller and ilayhew, auctioneers, in Baltimore.
In the year previous to his marriage, 1855, he formed a partnership with Allan
Perry, under the name of Perry & Trowbridge, and engaged in the wholesale
lumber trade. He continued in that business and connection until his death.


i. James Morris, b. Feb. 10, 1858 ; d. July 5, 1858.

1246. ii. Charles Reuben, b. Nov. 1, 1859.

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t A sister of the wife of his brother No. 1122.


1126. Edward Eobbixs TROWBRrocE (Elisha'"'^^. Edmimd'^o-^, Thaddeus^'^'-^,
WilHam^°<>\ James'°'">, Thomas^), bom March 12, 1823, in Portland, Me.; died
December 29, 1870, in Portland; married September 4, 1853, in Limerick, Me.,
Betsey Ellen Ilsley, daughter of Capt. Benjamin and Nancy (Clough) Ilsley,
bom May 6, 1820, in Portland; died J;inuary 5, 1897, in Portland.

Edward E. Trowbridge resided all of his life in Portland, Me., his native place.
He was associated with his father in the manufacture of caudles, in which they
had an extensive domestic and foreign trade.

NO CHILDREN, Iwt adopted:

i. Mary Elizabeth,* b. Nov. 16. 1853, in Portland, Me. ; m. Aug. 9, 1877,
George W. Fenley of Portland.

1127. Henry Elisha Trowbridge (Elisha^''''^ Edmund'-''-^, Thaddeus'""-\
WilHam'^oo^ James^'^'"'. Thomas''), Iwm March 5, 1825, in Portland, Me.; died
April 24, 1887, in Melrose. Mass.; married June 3, 1846, in Portland, Caroline
Augusta Miller, daughter of Jolm and Betsey (Swain) Miller, bom May 21, 1827,
in Portland; died October 2, 1891, in Melrose.

Henry E. Trowbridge was for many years a prominent citizen of Melrose,
ilass., where he was for a time a member of the school board. For a number of
years he was the tenor and conductor of the choir of the First Congregational
Church. He was the organizer of the Melrose Musical Association, and for a
long series of years was its president and musical director. He was one of
the early members of Wyoming Lodge of Masons.


i. Mary Elizabeth, b. Mar. 28, 1847 : d. Oct. 5, 1857, in Melrose, Mass.

1247. ii. Charles Henry, b. .Tuly 31, 18."il.

1248. iii. George Warren, b. May 11. 1853.

iv. John Miller, b. June 23, 18,55 : d. July 14. 1857. in Melrose.

V. Amell\ Fr.^nces, b. Mar. 27. 1858: resides in Melrose; unm.

vi. Clara, b. Apr. 9, 18G0 ; resides in Melrose : unm.

vii. Herbert Ward, b. Sept. 3, 1864 ; d. Jan. 10, 1883, in Melrose ; unm.

1128. William Stimpso.v Trowbridge (EKsha^"'''^, Edmund">-^, Thaddeus^"'^,
William^'"'*, James^"'"', Thomas'^), bom June 3, 1827, in Portland, Me.; died
November .30, 1894. in; married November 15. 1855, in Portland,
Elizabeth Porter Tukoy, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Chick) Tukey, bom
October 10, 1828, in Portland. She resides in Portl.and.

William S. Trowbridge resided in his native city, Portland, Me. He was there
associated with the firm of J. B. Fickett & Co., wholesale dealers in paints and
oils, continuing in their employ until a short time before his death. He was
prominent in the I. O. O. F., being a member of Maine Lodge, No. 1, of Portland.


1249. i. Edward Henry, b. Oct. 1, 18.56.

ii. William Stimpson, b. July 18, 1864: d. Sept. 1, 1866.

1129. George Newell Trowbridge (Elisha^"''^, Edmimd'"-'. Tluiddeus'^'''^,
William^'"'*, James^""", Thomas'^), bom March 24, 1831, in Portland, Me.; died
December 10, 1864, in Annapolis, Md. ; married July 11, 1855, in Portland, Susan
Jane Pearson, daughter of William and Jane (Stilson) Pearson, bom August 8,
1832, in Portland. She resides in Portland.

* Daughter of .Tohn Quill and adopted when three years of age.

t i born in Portland, Me. ; ii-iii in C'ambridgeport, Mass. ; iv-vii in Melrose, Mass.


George N. Trowbridge moved to Connecticut in 1859, and was for a short time
in Hartford, going from there to Windsor Locks. He was in the carriage paint-
ing business. "Ulien the Civil War broke out the business was given up, and he
went to Suffield, Comi. He enlisted there August 20, 1862, in Company A, 7th
Connecticut Infantry. He was captured at the battle of Fort Wagner, July 11,
1863. and was confined in Libby Prison until he was paroled August 21, 1863.
He was again captured in action at Drewry's BlufF, May 16, 1864, and sent to
Belle Isle. He was confined there over six months and then was paroled Novem-
ber 30, 1864. He started for home, but the cruel treatment and exposure which
he had experienced while a prisoner of war had so undermined his constitution,
that he died in less than two weeks after his release, while at the hospital in
Annapolis, ^Id.


1130. Charles Irving TROWBRrocE (EU^lia^"'". Edmund'"-'', Thaddeus^'''K
]Yilliam'-'"'*, James''""', Thomas'), born May 21, 1837, in Portland, Me.; died
October 2, 1906, in Topsfield, Mass. ; married, first, September 4, 1858, in Boston,
Mass.. Caroline Augusta Lane, daughter of William and Sophia (Wiggins) Lane,
bom March 22, 1839. in Portland; died August 13, 1874, in Portland. He
married, second. December 21. 1880, in Melrose, Mass., Hannah Frances (Kim-
ball) :Morcy. widow of William Morey of PljTnouth, Mass., and daughter of
Iddo K. and Mary H. ( Speare) Kimball, bom September 16, 1846, in Eockland.
Me. She resides in Topsfield.

Charles I. Trowbridge received his education in the grammar and high schools
of his native city. He established himself there in the iron foundry business,
in which he was successful until his plant was destroyed by fire. He then made a
voyage to Liverpool and Calcutta in 1858 and 1859, being absent about fourteen
months. On the i-etum voyage he was for a few hours at the island of St.
Helena, where he heard from the consul, Mr. Carroll, who was there when
Napoleon arrived and his remains were taken away, many particulars of tlie
life and treatment of that great warrior while on the island.

Mr. Trowbridge was among the first to respond to President Lincoln's call for
troops in the Civil War. He enlisted May 3, 1861, for three months in Company
B (the '-Portland Machine Blues"). 1st Maine Infantry. At the termination
of his period of service he volunteered again, but was prevented from re-enlisting
on account of physical disability.

For the greater part of the remainder of his life Mr. Trowbridge was engage<:l
in transportation in the South, having represented the Louisville and Nashville
Railroad Company as southern passenger agent and later the Atlantic Coast
Railroad Company in the same capacity. In 1900 he was one of the committee

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