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having in charge the 250th anniversary of celebration of the town of Topsfield,
Mass. He died at his home there six years later.

By first marriage:*
i. ID.4 Belle Carolina:, b. July 21, 1859, in Portland. Me. : m. Oct. 17, 1SS3,
Samuel Ayer Kimball. M.D.. and reside.s in Boston, Mass.
1249a. ii. Charles Irvixo. b. .Tune 20, 1862. in Tortland.

iii. William Laxe. b. Nov. 27, 1SG4, in Woburn, Mass. ; d. Feb. 15, 1865.

1131. Stephen Winchester Trowbridge (Stephen W.'-"^', Edmund"'-^,
Thaddeus">'\ Winiam"">*, James""'", Thomas'), bom October 5, 1834, in New-
ton, Mass. ; died January 12, 1907, in Newton Highlands, Mass. ; married August

• No children by second marriage.


19, 1850, in Cambridge, Mass., Mary Rebecca Baird, daughter of Au^stus and
Lucy Peirce (Trowbridge (No. 1052, ii)) Baird, bom May 10, 1834, in Boston,
Mass. She resides in Newton Highlands.

Stephen W. Trowbridge received his early education in such schools as his
native town then afforded, and later he attended the old Chauneey Hall School in
Boston, Mass. At the age of nineteen, being adept at figures, he started his
business career as bookkeeper for the firm of Wetherell Bros., Milk street, Boston.
Later he became secretary and treasurer, and finally president, of the Citizens
Mutual Insurance Company of Brighton and Boston, with which company he was
connected for over twenty years.

Always interested in the law, Mr. Trowbridge sometimes regretted the lack of
a college education fitting him for that profession, and finally, in middle life, he
entered the Boston Law School, and at tlie end of two years passed very satis-
factorily the necessary e.xami nations and was admitted to the bar in the spring
of 1879. He had before this time sei-ved as a trial justice. He devoted him-self
to the practice of the law for some ten or fifteen years, finally retiring on account
of failure of eyesight and health. He was an invalid for the last ten or twelve
years of his life, and died at his home in Newton Highlands, Mass.


i. Maky Charlotte, b. Apr. IS, 1860 ; m. Blay 5, 1880, Hon. Charles Hall

Adams and resides in Brighton, Mass.
ii. Caroline Winchester, b. Mar. 30, 1867; ra. Feb. 9, 1891, Willis Clark

Curtis of Brighton,
iii. Gertrude Wyoming, b. Apr. 9. 1860; m. May 30, 1894, Arthur Robert

Torrey and resides in Newton Highlands, Mass.

1132. Francis Mortimer Trowbridge (Stephen W.^"", Edmund'"-'-^,
Thaddeus^"'-'^, WilliaTn^'>°\ James""", Thomas'^), bom November 10, 1839, in
Newton, Mass.; died January 28, 1883, in Newton; nuirried February 18, 1863,
in Watertown, Mass., Abbie Ann Learned, daughter of Samuel and Euth Ann
( Whitney) Learned, born August 20, 1843, in Watertown. She married, second,
January 24, 1894, in Melrose, Mass., Rev. Jeremiah Hanaford and resides
in Melrose.

Francis M. Trowbridge was a banker in Boston, Mass.

NO children.

1133. Theodore Willum Trowbridge (Stephen W.^"^'', Edmund^"-^,
Th(iddeiis'"\ William^'">\ James^""", Thomas^), bom June 5, 1845, in Newton,
Mass.; died February 8, 1905, in Newton; married October 14, 1874, in Provi-
dence, R. I., Ahnira Adie Moulton, daughter of Sullivan and Mary Ann
(Tollman) Moulton, bom May 20, 1848, in Providence. She resides in Newton.

Theodore W. Trowbridge was a member of the firm of Aban, Trowbridge & Co.,
I'eal estate and insurance, having offices in Newton and Boston, Mass. He
continued in this connection for sixteen years and tip to his death. His home
was in Newton Center, Mass.

CrillDKEN ;

1250. i. Herbert Moulton, b. July !"). 1876, in New York City.

ii. Julia IMoulton. b. Jlar. 6, 1886. in Newton. Mass. ; d. Apr. 15, 1888.

1134. Asa Richards Trowbridge (Samuel^"'"'^, Samuel^"-*, Thaddeus^"'-'^,
William^'"'*, James'^°<">, Thomas'^), born March 26, 1811, in Newton, Mass.; died
Septemlier 16, 1881, in Newton; married, first, November 27, 1836, in Medway?,
Mass., Louisa Seaver, daughter of Samuel and Lucy ( ) Seaver, born


September 13, 1813, in Medway; died Mareb 13, 1876, in Newton. He married,
second, September 0, 1877, in Newton, Elizabetli (Clifford) Hayward,* daugliter
of Lutlier and Lydia (Murdock) Clifford, born July 2, ISIU, in Hubbardston,
Mass. ; died May 21, 1882, in Newton.

Asa K. Trowbridge resided in Newton Center, Mass. When a young man, in
1828, he was appointed postmaster tliere, being the second appointee to that office,
which had been created about six months previously. He early developed
musical ability. He played the viol and other instruments in the choir of the
First Baptist Church, and in 1831 he was chosen leader of that choir and held
that position for seven years. He was chosen a deacon of that church April 0,
1862, from which office he later retired. He taught music in Newton for many
years and until his death.


1135. Alpheus Trowbridge (SamueP"'^^, Samuel^"-*, !r/iarf(Ze».s""\
^yillia1n''°''*, James'^'""', Thomas^), born February 14, 1814, in Newton, Mass.;
died December 2, 1884, in Newton; married April 5, 1837, in Koxbury, Mass.,
Caroline Minerva Skinner, daughter of Joseph and Lydia ((Pei-ry) Whittemore)
Skinner, bom July 10, 1818, in Cambridge, Mass. ; died March 26, 1906, in St.
Louis, Mo.

Alpheus Trowbridge settled in Koxbury, Mass., where ho lived for some years.
He then returned to his native town and resided in Newton Center. He was
engaged in business as a coal dealer during most of his life.


i. Caroline Dorotht, b. .Tan. IG, 1S3S ; m. Feb. 16, 1SC9, George T. Cram and

resides in St. Louis. Mo.
ii. Asa. b. Apr. 14, 1841 ; d. Apr. 24, 1843.
iii. Francina Evelina, b. June 7, 1842 ; m. Dec. 14, 1869, David Albert Hollis

of Allstou, Mass.
iv. Alpheus Franklin.* b. .June 3, 1S44 ; resided in St. Louis; d. Jan. 5, 1901,

in Vienna. Austria ; unm.
V. Louisa Augusta, b. Feb. 23, 1847; m. Aug. 27, 1874, Alexander Morton

Averill and resides in St. Louis.

1136. George Trowbridge {Nathan'"''^, SamueP"-*, Thaddeus^"", Willuim'""'\
James^"'"', Thomas^), bom December 18, 1816, in Newton, Mass.; died July 28,
1874, in South Framingham, Mass.; married September 5, 1842, in Newton,
Mary Ann§ Fuller, daughter of Nathaniel and Sarah (Pool) Fuller, bom
January 10, 1815, in Newton; died November 24. 1891, in South Framingham.

George Trowbridge settled in South Framingham, Mass., where he was engaged
in business as a cai-riage manufacturer.


i. Harriet Louisa, b. .luly .5, 1843 : d. Oct. 24, 184.5.

ii. George Fuller, b. Nov. 24, 1846; drowned Feb. 6, 1858.

1137. Eben-ezer Davis Trowbrifkie (Nathan'"''^, SamiieP"-*, Thaddeus'"''^''.
Wi7//«m"", Jame.s""", Thomas^), born July 2, 1823, in Newton, Mass.; died
May 30, 1890, in Paradise, Cal. ; married May 13, 18—, in Marysville, Cal.,

• Her third marriage, it is thouglit. Names of other husbands not found, unless the first
was Edward Murdock.

t Except It, who was born in Newton Center, Mass.

t Franklin A, in his father's will.

§ By marriage record ; Marian by Middlesex County Probate Records and marriage inten-
tion ; Maryann by birth record.



Emma Jane (Smith) Terwilliger, daiijiliter of IlaLsey and Beersheha (La Glea-
son) Smith, born May 7, 1838, in New Haven, Conn. She resides in Paradise,

Ebenezer D. Trowbridge was a blacksmith. In 18-tO he went to California and
followed his trade there for many years. At the time of his death he was living
in Paradise, Butte county.


1138. Asa Trowbridge (Nathan""''\ Samuel^"-*, Thnddeus^'>'\ William^""*,
J ames^""" , Thomas^), born July 12, 1825, in Newton, Mass.; died February 5,
18S8, in Framingham, Mass. ; married September 20, 1860, in Framingham,
Catherine Elizabeth Capen, daughter of Charles and Catherine (Fuller) Capen,
born August 22, 1830, in Framingham ; died August 20, 1886, in Framingham.

Asa Trowbridge settled in Brighton, Mass., where he was engaged in business
as a tallow chandler for a good many years. He removed to Framingham, Mass.,
in the spring of 1881, and there followed the business of fanning, living with his
wife's father on the hitter's farm.


1251. i. CuARLE.? Capen, b. Sept. 3, 1801.

1252. ii. Edward Jackson, b. Oct. 12, 18G3.

iii. Mary Kate. b. Dec. 3. 1801 ; resides in Framingham, Mass. ; unm.

iv. William IIknry, b. May 3, 1807; d. Sept. 28, 1807.

V. Caroli.n'e Lincoln, b. Feb. 0, 1874; resides in Marlborough, Mass.: unm.

1139. James Bates Trowbridge {Nathan^"'^, SamueP''-\ Thaddeus'^''^'^.
William'""'*, Jarnes'^'""', Thomas^), born May 9, 1827, in Newton, Mass.; died
May 28, l'J04, in Newtonville, Mass.; married, first, July 26, 1859, in Newton.
Elizabeth Louisa Ward, daughter of Ephraim and Lucy (Hovey) Ward, bom
August 26, 1833, in Newton; died July 30, 1862, in Newton. He married,
second, October 19, 1866, in Newton?, Mary Calista Wentworth, daughter of
Leonard and Mary (Arnold) Wentworth, born January 30, 1839, in Hope, Me. ;
died October 28, 1872, in Newton. He married, third, November 27, 1873, in

, Electia A. Hopkins, daughter of Josejih and Mary ( )

Hopkins, bom , 1845, in Camden, Me. ; died Octolx^r 9, 1876, in Newton.

He niarrietl, fourth. May 20, 1882, in , Mahala Benner of Waldoboro,

Me., who resides in Newtonville.*

James B. Trowbridge resided in Newtonville, Mass. He was a canienter
and cabinetmaker. He was an expert in his trade and for some years worked at
piano ease making.

By second marriage :'\
i. JIary Elizabeth,* b. Nov. 4, 1808; d. May 20, 1883.

1140. Edward Brooks Trowbridge {Nnnxan^"^^. SamuePo-*. Thaddeus^''^\
William^°'>-', James"'"", Thomas^), bom November 20, 1829, in Newton, Mass.;
died November 10, 1900, in West Newton, Mass. ; married July 8, 1857, in New-
ton, Adelia Jenison, daughter of Elias and Elizabeth (Lawrence) Jenison, born
October 13, 1840, in Newton. She resides in West Newton.

Edward B. Trowbridge was a lifelong resident of Newton, Mass., receiving his
education in its common schools. When quite a young man he engaged in the

* Failed to send her family record.

t No children by the other marriages. \

:■: By birth record : Liz;::ic M. by death record.


carj'eiiteriug business, which he followed successfully until liis final illness. For
some time he had beon connected with tlie mills of ilr. II. II. Hvuit in West

Among West Newton people ]Mr. Trowbridge was held in high esteem and
greatly resi>ected. He belonged to the Newton Veteran Firemen's Association;
Eliot Lodge, No. 638, Knights of Honor ; and Newton Lodge, No. 92, I. O. O. F.
Mr. Trowbridge was prominent in church work, being actively associated with
the First CongTOgational Church of Newton Centtn- and later the West Newton
Congregational church.


12.-).'!. i. (Jeoroe Edward, b. Mar. 28, 1802.
]2."i4. ii. Alpueus ErcENE, b. Apr. 9, 18(>4.
12.>"). iii. Frederick Lawrence, b. Dec. 25, 1808.

iv. Gertrude Leland. b. Aug. 5, 1874; m. .Tan. 4, 1807, .Joseph Xeal Lovell
and resides in West Newton.

H41. William Wiswall Trowbridge (Asn'"'">, SamaeP"-*, Thaddeiis""\
]Yilli<iin'">"\ Jariies^""o, lipomas'), bom March 2, 1816, in Newton, Mass.; died
January 9, 1881, in Brookline, Mass.; married, first, April 27, 1841, in Boston?,

Mass., Sarah Ann Hunter, bom , 1821, in Boston; died July 13, 1850,

in Newton. He married, second, January 11, 18,54, in , Mary J. Bessey,

who died June 10, 18S9, in Danvers, Mass., aged 74 years.

William W. Trowbridg-e settled in Newtonville in his native town and engaged
in business as a soap chandler. He was one of the original members of Eliot
Church in Newton. After his second marriage he removed to Brookline, Mass.,
where he residetl the remainder of his life.

By first marriage:*
i. William Henry, b. Mar. ,5. 1842; was a soldier in the Civil War. He

enlisted at Brookline. Mass., May 23, 1801, in Company A, 1st Ma.ssachu-

setts Infantry. He "dropped dead at the battle of Malvern IIin,"t .Tuly

1. 1802 ; num.
ii. Edward Fxtller, b. Sept. 12. 184.i ; d. Oct. 1. 184.5.1:
iii. Sarah Wiswall, b. .Tan. 25, 1847: d. .Tune 20, 1848.t
iv. Mary Emma, b. June 17, 1848; m., 1st, Brooks: m., 2d, .Vug. 14,

1889, William Granville Bosworth of Newtonville, Mass.
v. Nancy Maria, b. Apr. 12. 1851 ; d. Aug. 11. 1851.

lUi. Henry Trowbridge (Asa'"'<">. Samuel^"-", Thaddeus^"''\ William'''"'*,
James'"'"', Thomas'), bom August 31, 1819, in Newton, Mass.; died June 17,
188.5, in Norfolk, Mass. ; married, first, April 7, 1842, in Newton, Selina Maria
Blake, daughter of Increase and Ursula (Dupee) Blake, Ixim September 8, 1810,
in North Wrentham, Mass.; died April 23, 1873, in Norfolk. He married, second,
Mrs. Stella M. Collins.g

Henry Trowbridge settled after his marriage in his nati\-e to^^^l. Newton,
Mass., where in early life he followed the trade of a blacksmith. He later
removed to North Wrentham (now Norfolk), Mass., where he kept a store and
was the postmaster. He was a fine singer, and very popular with his friends
and acquaintances.

child born in NEWTON, MASS. :
By firat marriage:*
12.50. i. Edwin, b. Dec. 24, 1S44.

• Xo childron by second marriage

t Adjutant General's Report. See "Hackctt's Memorials of tln^ War." p. 20".
t By family records; probably one of these was the "rhild of William" which "died .Vug.
1. 1848. ae. 2." [Newton Town Records.]

§ Of whom no further particulars were found.


1143. Charles Peliiam TRdWBRiDOE (Asa'"'^''", Samuel^"-*, Thaddeus^'^'^'^,
William^""*. James^""", Thomas^), born September 11, 1821, in Newton, Mass.;
died February 26, 1905, in Stoughton, Mass.; married, first, May 25, 1848, in
Newton, Elizabeth Barnard Gushing, daughter of Leonard William and Elizabeth

(Barnard) Gushing?, born , 1823, in Newton?; died Jime 16, 1859, in

Brookline, Mass. He married, second. November 20, 1861, in Brookline, Emeline
kStone, daughter of Georg'e Zeigler and Lucy Brown (Brooks) Stone, bom
January 12. 1840, in Newton. She resides in Stoughton.

Gharles P. Trowbridge learned the trade of a wheelwright, but followed it only
for a few years. He engaged in the express business between Brookline and
Boston, Mass., and was thus occupied for many years. About ten years before
his death he bought a small farm in Stoughton, Mass., and went into the cran-
beiTy business, in which he was very successful.


By first marriage:
i. Edith Lawrence, b. Nov. 20, 1851 ; m. Apr. 24, 1877, John Shields and

reside.s in Dorchester, Mass.
ii. Mary Lizzie, b. Aug. 6, 1853; m. Nov. 20. 1873, Henry Francis Rice and

resides in Dorchester.

1257. iii. Charles Henry, b. Jan. 12, 1855.

iv. Marian Adina, b. Apr. 5, 1857; m. Feb. 9, 1887, Edward A. Dexter and

resides in West Newton, Mass.
V. Arthur Gushing, b. June 6, 1859; d. Oct. 25, 1859.

By second marriage:
vi. Herbert William, b. Sept. 15, 1862 ; is a lawyer by profes.sion, and is an
accountant and a clerk in the Custom House in Boston, Mass. ; resides in
Stoughton, Mass. ; uiim.

1258. vii. Joseph Chace, b. Mar. 5, 1869.

1144. Joseph Craft Trowbruioe (Asa^<">", SamucP'>-\ Thaddeus'O'^
WilUa.m'''"'*, James'^"'"', Thomas^), born September 1, 1823, in Newton, Mass.;
died January 11, 1891, in Chelsea, Mass.; married Sarah N. Dyer, daughter of
Joseph B. and Abby C. ((Kanlet) Bean) Dyer, born October 6, 1830, in Boston,
Mass. ; died September S, 1893, in Chelsea.

Joseph C. Trowbridge was for many years a member of the organization
loiown as Morris Brothers, Pell & Trowbridge, a celebrated minstrel troupe of
Boston, Mass.


1145. JoHX Trowbridge (./o/iwi"", Jnhn'">-\ Caleh'"'^-. Caleh^'>"\ James^'"">.
Thomas^), born October 15, 1787, in Waldoboro. Me.; died July 14, 1863, in
Thomaston, Me.; married Febniary 2'5. 1817, in Warren, Me.. Lucretia Goodwin
Davis, daughter of Samuel and Anna (Davis) Davis, born December 1, 1800, in
Warren; died June 6, 1851, in Waldoboro.

John Trowbridge was a spar malcer and farmer. He was for many years a
resident of AValdoboro, Me., where he was considered an estimable citizen.


William Edward, b. Feb. 13, 1819.

John Davis, b. Feb. 22. 1822.

Robert, b. Nov. 6, 1825.

Caroline, b. Jan. 26, 1828; m. Feb. 25, 1847, James Andrew Sampson of

.Tames, b. Jan. 31. 18.30.
Lucretia Goodwin, b. June 3. 1832: d. Dec. 15. 1871. in Thomaston, Me.:


Except i, who was born in Warren, Me.


















Edwin, b. July 25, 1834.

Eliza, b. .Tuly IS, 1836; m. Dec. 28, 1858, Lowry Daiulridge Clmpmau .iiul

resides in Cliarlestown, Mass.
Maria, b. Aug. 23, 1839 : resides in Charlestown : unm.
Charles, b. Jan. 14. 1842.
Sarah Abigail, b. Feb. 14. 1845 : resides in Waldolioro ; unm.

1146. .Tames Trowbridge (Jo/mi"". John^" - , Caleh^"'-, CaleV<'\ James'"'"',
Tho7nas'), born October 15, 1787, in Waldoboro, Me.; died August 20, 1860, in
Waldoboro; married Lydia Farnswortb, born February 11, 1790, in Nortbjiort,
Me. : died February 17, 1860, in Waldoboro.

James Trowbridge was a farmer in Waldoboro, Me., where he also kept a well-
known inn for many years.

NO children.*

1147. Nathan Soule Trowdridge (John""'\ John'o-\ Caleb^"^-, CaleV""\
James'^'''"', Thomas'^), horn Augaist 28, 1800, in Waldoboro, Me.: died August 16,
1865, in Portland, Me.; married, iirst, January 1, 1820, in Lineoluville, Me.,
Judith W. Alden, daughter of David and ilarj' (Small) Alden, born ilarch 15,
1802, in Northijort, Me.; died , 18 — , in Portland. He married, second.

Nathan S. Trowbridge was a millwright and wood turner. He and his first
wife lived with the Shakers about ten years. After living in Lincolnville and
Northport. Me., he finally settled in Cape Elizabeth, near Portland. Me., where
he lived tlie rest of his life.

children :t

By first marriage:t

i. James, b. Mar. 5, 1828; d. Dec. 5, 1829.

Sarah Soltle, b. Feb. 20, 1830: ra. July 10. 18.5.3. George Kinsman of
Boston, Mass.

Delia Alden, b. , 1832 ; d. Oct. — , 1885, in Gorham, N. H. : unm.

1265. iv. Benjamin Frankijn, b. Oct. 1, 1838.

V. JOHN,§ b. . 18.39: was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted for

three months in Company R ("Portland Mechanic Blues'M, 1st Maine
Infantry, and was mustered into service May 3, 1801. He was killed in
the battle of Antietam. Sept. 17, 1862 ; unm.




1148. Albert Blake Trowbridge (Phineas'"^-, John'">-\ Caleh'"'-. Calel?
James'""". Thomas'), born September 11, 1819, in Westford, Mass.; died March
— , 1886, in Leicester, Mass.; married, first. May 10, 1848, Mrs. Almira Fam-s-
worth, who died October 1, 1856. in West Fitchburg, Mass., aged 42 years. He
inan-ied, second, April 29, 1859, in Leicester, Hannah Catherine Eogers, daughter

of Tilla and Betsey ( ) Eogers, bom October 14, 1821, in Holden, Mass. ;

died , 1883, in Leicester.

* Adopted Arthur Jones, whose name was changed to Arthur Jones Trowbridge, b. Mar.

15. 1S.'32. in Waldoboro, Me. ; a farmer : resides in Waldoboro ; m.. 1st. . 1860. in

Waldoboro. Alice Sides, daughter of .Tohn and Mercy (Lowell) Sides, b. Aug. 1. 1S37. in
Waldoboro: d. Nov. 6. ISfi.'). in Waldoboro. He m.. 2d. Mary (Burkett) Eastman of Union,
Me. He m.. 3d. Martha (Gilpatrickl Griffin o( Washington. Me. He m.. 4th. Mary (Richards)
Sweeney of Bremen. Me., who d. .Tune C,, ISnO. in Waldoboro. Children : Bii first marriage:
b. in Waldoboro: i. James Arthur, b. Mar. 22. ISni : d. July — . I!)n4. in Waldoboro: was

proprietor of the Hotel Savoy in Waldoboro and a Knight of Pythias ; m. .\bbie B .

who m.. 2d. Edward A. Winslow and resides in Waldoboro. ii. Frederick 'Whiting, b. .Tune 10.
lSfi4: was proprietor of the Lincoln House in Worcester. Mass.: now in the Bingham House.
Philadelpliia. Pa.

t i-iii burn in Lincolnville. Me. ; the others in Xorthport, Me.

i No children by second marriage ?.

I Name changed from Job.


Albert B. Trowbridge was a paper maker and followed that trade in West
Fitchburg, Mass., for a number of years. About 1865 he bought a farm
in Leicester, Mass., where he settled and lived the remainder of his life.

By second marriuyc:*
i. Eli Thayer, b. Nov. CI. 1860: d. Aug. U, 1805.
ii. Levi Parker, b. Feb. I'J, 18G2 ; resides in

ill. Hannah Almira, b. July 25, 1806 ; m. Frank Brown of Worcester, Mass.

1149. Phineas Paricer Trowbridge (Phineas^'"^'-, Johit^" - ', Caleb^"^-, Caleb^'^"'^,
James^"'"', Thomas^), born September 3, 1822, in Westford, Mass.; resides in
Lowell, Mass. ; married June 4, 1840, in Westford, Eliza Sylvia Jones, daughter
of Ebeuezer and Luciuda (Reed) Jones, born August 23, 1824, in Ashbumham,
Mass.; died April 16. 1902, in Lowell.

Phineas P. Trowbridge at the ago of thirteen Ix^gan to learn the shoemaker's
trade and. on completing his apprenticeship, engaged in business for hiin.self in
his native tovra, Westford, Mass. He removed in 1847 to Leominster, Mass., and
in 1851 to Lowell, Mass. lie followed this business up to his entering the army
in the Civil War.

He enlisted at Pepperell, Mass., July 22, 1862, in Company E, 33d Massachu-
setts Infantry. He was transfen-ed to the Veteran Reserve Corps September 30,
1863 ; was in the 20th Anuy Corps with Sherman in his inarch from Atlanta to
the sea; and was discharged July 5, 1865. He then returned to his home in
Lowell and resumed his shoemaking business, in which he has since continued.
He is a member of Ladd and Whitney Post, O. A. R., of Lowell, Mass.

children :t

i. Martha Maria, b. Nov. 17, 1842 ; d. .Tune 13, 1802, in Pepperell, Mass. ;

ii. Julia Ann, b. Nov. 27, 1843 ; m. Aug. 10, 1807, Elisha Huntress of Quincy,

iii. Emma Jane, b. Jan. 18. 1845 ; d. Dec. 15, 1868, in Lowell, Mass.
iv. Ellen Eliza, b. Mar. 31. 1847 ; d. Sept. 5. 1849, in Pepperell.
1200. V. George Phineas, b. Apr. 20, 1.848.

Sarah Elizauetu. b. Feb. 0. 18.50; d. Oct. 1. 1852. in Lowell.


1207. vii. Frank Peirce. b. May 25, 18.53.

viii. William Edgar, b. Apr. 10. 1.855 ; d. May 23. 1857, in Lowell.
ix. luA Frances, b. Apr. 10, 18.57; m. Nov. 10, 1884. George William Swett
and resides in North Chelmsford, ilass.

1150. Charles Avery Trowbridge {Phineas^"''-, John^"-', Caleb^"'^-. Caleh^""'^,
James^""". Thomas^), born June 12, 1826, in Westford, ; died October IS,
1889, in Leominster, Mass. ; married May 10, 1848, in Auburn, N. Y., Harriet
Tuttle, (laughter of William and Prudence (Alarshall) Tuttle, born November 17,
1826, in Auburn; died April 26, 1894, in Leominster.

Charles A. Trowbridge was a comb maker by trade and settled in Leominster.
Mass. He removed to Northborough, Mass., about 1860. He was a soldier in the
Civil War and enlisted there July 12, 1861, in Company C, 15th Massachusetts
Infantry. He had enlisted for three years, but was discharged for disability
October 28, 1862. He enlisted again March 10, 1864, in Company G, 57th
Massachusetts Infantry, and was mustered out June 10, 1865. After leaving
the army he returned to his home in Nortliborough. Some years later he mo\-ed
back to Leominster, where he lived the remainder of his life.

• No children by first marriage.

t i-iy born in Westford, Mass. ; v and viii iu Leominster. Mass. ; vi. vii .ind is in
Lowell, Mass.



12GS. i. Charles Cleaveland, b. July 4, 1850.

ii. Eugenie Maria, b. Oct. 10. 18.52; m. Robert J. Morrir of Auburn, N. Y.
iii. Helen Eliza, b. Oct. 17. 1854; d. Oct. 0, 185.5.
12G0. iv. Henry Hire, b. Mar. S, 1857.

V. Harriet Catherine, b. Feb. 0. 1800; il. Aug. 27, 1862.

vi. Nellie May, b. Apr. 'J. 18liti; m. Sept. 18, 1889, Albert Ernest Wilbur and

resides in Leominster, Mass.
vii. Minnie, b. Apr. 17. 1808: m. Xcjv. 10, 1886, Edward Russell Tisdale
and resides in Leominster.

1151. John Trowbridge (Jepthah""", John"'-\ Caleb^"'-, Caleb'""'; James'-""",
Thomas^), bom June 27, 1817, in Westford, Mass.; died August 10, 1894, in
Lowell, Mass.; married October 20, 1846, in Amherst, N. H., Mary Ann Hills,t
daughter of Joseph and Lucy (Noyes) Hills, born February 27, 1821, in South
Merrimack, N. IL ; died April C, 1899, in Lowell.

John Trowbridge settled in Lowell, Mass., where he followed the trade of a

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