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School and was graduated with the degree of B.D. in 1874. He began preaching at
the First Congregational Church. Putnam. Conn.. ]\ray 26, 1872; was ordained
September 17, 1874, and installed over the Congregational church in Standish,
Me.; was dismissed by the council Xovember 11. 1881, and was pastor over the
Second Congregational Church in Woodstock, Conn., February 1, 1882, to Janu-
ary 1, 1888; pastor at Bethlehem, Conn., January 1, 1888, to October 1, 1892;
pastor at Eastford, Conn., December 29. 1892, to December 30, 1900, being also
pastor of the Second Congregational Church, Woodstock, Conn., his former
parish, from January 1, 1892, to January 1. 1897. He was installed pastor at
Eochester, Mass., his present settlement, January 1, 1901.

Eev. John P. Trowbridge has made frequent contributions in prose and verse
to the newspapers and magazines of the day. He has published historical and
biographical sketches and sermons, especially relating to the life of Eev. Dr.
Joseph Bellamy, for 50 years pastor of the church in Bethlehem, Conn. ; of



Gen. Nathaniel Lyon, a relative and fellow-townsman, who fell in the Civil War ;
and of Col. Thomas Knowlton of Ashford, the Revolutionary hero. His most
recent article is entitled ''Samuel Kirkland and his Times." In his ministry Mr.
Trowbridge has been eminently successful both as a preacher and pastor.


i. Esther Hooker, b. .Tune 9, 1S79 ; m. June 9, 1904, Joseph Priestley Catliu
and resides in Lynn, Mass.

1193. WiLLARD Trowbridge (Asaph^'»'\ Elisha^'''\ James^'"\ DanieV"",
James'^'"'-', James''°'"', Thomas^), born June 6, 1851, in Eastford, Conn.; died
July 5, 1886, in Norwich, Conn. ; married September 22, 1875, in Centerbrook,
Conn., Harriet M. Clark, daughter of Chapman and Roxana (Clark) Clark, born
Aug-ust 10, 1845, in Saybrook, Conn. She married, second, June 30, 1897, in
Norwich, Henry E. Griswold and resides in Norwich.

William Trowbridge was in business as a cariienter and builder in Norwich,


1194. Myron Asaph Trowbridge iAsaph^""', Elisha^"'", James^''^^ Da.niel""">,
James'^'"'^, James'"""', Thomas^), born August 16, 1853, in Eastford, Conn.;
resides in West Springfield, Mass. ; married April 18, 1882, in Pahner, Mass.,
Martha Scarborough, daughter of Henry and Phoebe (Saunders) Scarborough,
born November 22, 1864, in Sturbridge, Mass.

Myron A. Trowbridge is a locomotive engineer on the Boston and Albany rail-
road. His home is in West Springfield, Mass.


i. Frances Olaii. b. Feb. 13. 1883. in Springfield, Mass.

ii. George Willard, b. Feb. 23, 1890, in West Springfield, Mass.

1195. Clement Jordan Trowbridhe (Nelson C^"**, Glement^"^' , James^"^^,
Daniel'^'""'. James^'"'^, James^"'"', Thomas'^), bom February 5, 1851, in Augusta,
Ga.; died March 29, 1886, in New York City; married September 7, 1882, in
Paris, France, Ilenrietta Howell, daughter of William Edwin and Lorreta
(Brooks) Howell, bom October 25, 1851, in New York City; died June 13, 1883,
in New York City.

Clement J. Trowbridge was a banker and broker with an office on Broad
street. New York City.


i. Henriette Olive, b. June 13, 1883.

1196. Nelson Seymour Trowbridge (James S.^"^^. Clement^"^'' , ./ames"'**,
Damel^<"">, James^'">\ James'^'""', Thomas'-), bom July 6, 1845, in Battle Creek,
Mich. ; resides in Glen Ellen, Cal. ; married May 19, 1869, in East Oakland,
Cal., Kate Clayton, daughter of Prof. Joshua Elliot and Naomi BoUen (Wagner)
Clayton, bom October 23, 1848, in Dudlcyy^ille, Ala.

Nelson S. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to Jackson, Cal.
He was graduated from the California State Normal School in 1866. and for
the next two years taught school. He was then for one year bookkeojier at the
Oneida Mine, in Amador county, after that at Santa Cruz, and next at Eureka,
Nev. He then became manager of a large general merchandise store at Tybo,
Nye county, Nev. For the last years of his stay there he was suix-rinteudent of
the 2G. mine and mill. In 1888 he removed with his family to Berkeley, Cal.,
where he engaged in the merchandise business for three years. But the lure of
mining was too strong, and he took charge, in 1894, of the Bald Eagle Mine in


Sumdiuu, Alaska, fifty miles southeast of Juneau. He was there for five
years, and during that time his family made the trip from Berkeley to Sumdum
four times, spending some of the most interesting months of their lives in that
wild and picturesque country. Ill health drove him back to California, where
he mined in several different counties until 1904. In the spring of that year,
in conjunction with his eldest daughter, he embarked in the poultry business
in Glen Ellen, Cal., where he and his family now reside. The outdoor life and
fine climate of Sonoma county have completely restored him to health, and he
leads a most active and influential life in the little settlement.


i. James Clayton, b. Oct. .5, 1870; d. Oct. 18, 1872. in Evu-ekii, Nev.

ii. Jessie June. b. Juue lo. 1874 ; m. July 13, lSf>8. Hobprt Kolsey Ha.skell .ind

resides in Glen Ellen, Cal.
iii. Eloise Hammond, b. Mar. 19. 1877; ui. Nov. 10, 1001, Frank Leeman Ellis

and resides in Tulare. Cal.
iv. Le.slie Amelia, b. Oct. 11!. 1.881 : m. Apr. 0. ]'.IO."i. William Mainland Brown.

Jr.. and resides in Oaklanil, Cal.
V. Kate Elliot, b. Jan. 8, 18S.'>.
vi. Nelson Seymour, b. Nov. IS, 1888.
vii. Olh-e Hose, b. Dec. 4, 1890.

1197. Edward Clement Trowbridge (James S.^°^^, Clement'^'"'', .7a»ies^'''%
DaniePo"", James^'">'\ James'"""', Thomas^), bom March 29, 1847, in Battle
Creek, Mich.; died September 6, 1874, in Jackson, Cal.; married May .3, 1869,
in Jackson, Mattie Louise Gilliland, daughter of William Janes and Emma
Jones (Young) Gilliland, bom August 24, 1852, in Cashville, Yolo county, Cal.
She married, second. February l.'), 1877, in Jackson, Edward Gunu Freeman and
resides in Oakland, Cal.

Edward C. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to Jackson, Cal. He
resided there the remainder of his life, being associated with his father in


i. Lillian Eloise. b. Aug. 3, 1871 ; m. May 9, 1888, Edward Augustus Free-
man .Tnd resides in Jack.son.

ii. JIattie Edna, b. Apr. 2. 1874; m. Jan. 19, 1893, Thomas Horace Peek and
resides in Jackson.

1198. Charles Russell Trowbridge (Amos'"^^-, Amos^"*^, James^°^'*.
DanieP'"'^, James'^'">\^'"">. Thomas^), bom August 27, 1858. in Ashford,
Conn. ; resides in Wellsville, Mo. ; married November 13, 1S89, in Farber, Mo.,
Emma Oaks, daughter of Isaac Newton and Elisabeth (Waltrip) Oaks, born
January 9, 1863, in Wliite Hall, 111.

Charles R. Trowbridge at the age of ten years went \Vest with his parents and
in early manhood came with tliem to Wellsville, ilo. He has lived there ever
since and is engaged in farming. He is a member of the Methodist Episcopal
church in Wellsville.


i. Jennie May, b. Mar. 15, 1891.

ii. Kate Elisabeth, b. Feb. 28. 1894.

iii. Russell Newton, b. Oct. 26. 1896.

iv. Mildred H., b. Sept. 24. 1903.

1199. Andrew Clark Trowbridge (Amos'^''^-, Amos^°*^. James''"^^. Daniel^"'"'.
James^""^, James^"'"', Thomas''-), born May 30, 1862, in Ashford, Conn.; resides
in Oak Park, 111. ; married January 22, 1890, in Plymouth, Ohio, Emma Rosetta

*i born at the Oneida Mine. Amador county. Cal.: ii in Salt Lake City, t'tah : ili-iv in
Tybo, Neb. ; v in Mark West. Cal. ; vi-vli in Berkeley. Cal.


Dawson, daug'hter of William and Rebecca (Doty) Dawson, born October 29,
1868, in Plymouth.

Andrew C. Trowbridge went West in boyhood with his parents. lie is a
machinist and works at automatic machines. He lives in Chicago, 111.


i. Clarence Dow, b. Aug. 15. 1804; d. Oct. 19, 1895.
ii. Elmer Rus.sell, b. Nov. 13, 1900.
iii. LuciLE, b. Aug. 10, 1007.

1200. Dr. Edward Willum Trowbridge (WillMm i^."»^ .4m(^.sa"*^
F;7/(:am"=», Daniel^""^, James^"'", James^"'>", Thomas^), bom July 16, 1849, in
Watertown, N. Y. ; resides in Watertown ; married June 7, 1873, in Black River,
N. Y., Lily Springsteen, davightcr of William Ilenrj- and Emeline (Butterfield)
Springsteen, born December 4, IS.'iO, in Black River.

Edward W. Trowbridge attended the grammar and high schools in his native
city, and studied medicine with his father, Dr. William R. Trowbridge. He is
engaged in the practice of his profession in Watertown, N. Y.


i. Lena Sherman, b. Apr. 10, 1875 ; m. Oct. 0. 1807, Edwin Caper Jlacomber
and resides iu Easton. Pa.

1'201. Stanton Sylve.ster Trowbridge (William B.^""^, Amasa'^"*^,
ir///mw."'=», DanieP""'', James^'"'\ James^""", Thomas^), born December 10, 1854,
in Watertown, N. Y. ; resides in Rochester, N. Y. ; married September 18,
1877, in Gouvenieur, N. Y., Helen Grace Utley, daughter of Albert Monroe
and Helen Adelia (Van Buren) Utley, born September 24, 1857, in Watertown.

Stanton S. Trowbridge was admitted to the practice of law in the state of
New York in June, 1877, and at once began practice in his native city, Water-
town, N. Y. He continued in the active practice of his profession there until
the spring of 1898. He removed to Rochester, N. Y., where he became owner
and principal of the Monroe County Business Institute, which he has since
continued to conduct. He resides iu tliat city.

Mr. Trowbridge while a resident in Watertown was very prominent in politics,
church affairs and fraternalism. He was a member of the board of supervisors
of Jefferson county in 1883 and 1884; chairman of the Democratic county
committee in 1884; and was for three years member of board of excise of the
city of Watertown. He served four years in the New York State National
Guard. He was an active member of the Episcopal Church ; was a member of
the Brotherhood of St. Andrew; and assisted in the organization of and was
trustee of the Church of the Redeemer and the Trinity Workingmen's Club.
He is a member of various secret orders, including the I. O. O. F., the Red Men,
and the Foresters, being first high-counsellor of the latter order in the state
of New York, 1890-2.


i. Ethel Brown, b. .Tuly 21, 1878.

1202. Dr. Frederick Guiteau Trowbridge (William J?.^""-^, Amasa^"",
William'"-". Daniel'""", James'">"'\ James'""". Thomas'), born October 30. 1857,
in Watertown, N. Y. ; resides in Watertown ; married September 27, 1897, in
Watertown, Minnie Frances Austin, daughter of Enoch Olin and Anna Louise
(Baker) Austin, born June 27, 1875, in Carthage, N. Y.

Frederick G. Trowbridge attended the Watertown grammar and high schools,
and iu 1874 conunenced the study of medicine with his father. Dr. William R.


Trowbridge. In fall of 1881 he entered the University of Buffalo and was
graduated from that institution in 1883, receiving' the degree of M.D. Since
then he has been in the active practice of his profession in the city of Water-
town, X. Y.

Doctor Trowbridge joined the Independent Urtler of Odd Fellows November
5, 1885, and was made a past grand in the order December 31, 1888.


1203. William Amasa Trowbhiiigk (William iv.i""=, Anmsa^"*'', WiUiam^"-",
DanieU'"'^, Jnmes^'"^^, James'^'^"", Thomaf:^). born July 14. 1 8(1(5, in Watertown,
N. Y. ; resides in Watertown; married September K), 1902, in Gouverneur,
N. Y., Carlotta Louise Seamon, daughter of Albert Euthem and Mary Eliza-
beth (Smith) Seamon, bom September 15, 1875, in Gouverneur.

William A. Trowbridge was graduated from the Watertown high school in
1885. He has been for many years active and prominent in the fraternal
circles of his native city. He is connected with the Lodge Record, the leading
secret society journal, and has a host of friends througliout the state. Perhaps
no one man has done more to awaken interest in Odd Fellowship in his vicinity.
As traveling representative of the Lodge Record, he has been constantly among
the various lodges of fraternal orders and has been in attendance as well at the
conventions of many secret bodies, gaining a wide acquaintance among fraternity
men throughout the state.

Mr. Trowbridge is a member of Canton Ridgely; Montezuma Encampment
and Watertown City Lodge. No. 291, I. O. O. F. ; Garland Rebekah Lodge, No.
151, I. O. O. F.; Kahuago Tribe, No. 185. I. O. R. M. ; Kahuago-Pontiac Hay-
makers' Assembly, No. 1852 ; and Jefferson Encampment and Court Garland
City, No. 809, I. O. F. ; of the latter of which he was a charter member. He
was chosen high conductor for the state d\iriug the years 1896 and 1897.


i. Fredemck Lynden, b. June 2, 1908.

1203a. Lawrence Trowbridor (Lawrence D.^"^', Artema.s^"*^,
Caleh'">-\ DanieP'>'>'->, James'""'\ James^'"'". Thomas^), born October 29, 1879, in
Palmyra, N. Y. ; resides in New York City; married September 3, 1907, in
Newtown, Ind., Helen Campbell, daughter of Herbert and Anabel (Russell)
Campbell, born September 7, 1882, in Newtown.

Lawrence W. Trowbridge attended the union school at Newark, N. Y. tie
studied law in Newark, and practiced his profession there until May, 1901, when
he removed his office to New York City, where he has since been in practice. He
attended the New York University Law School, 1902-4, and was graduated
there in the latter year with the degr(?e of LL.B. He resides in New York City.

NO children.

1204. George Edward Trowbridge (Charles £'."''^ George^''*^ Cnleh''"-\
Ilaniely">^, James'"'"''. Jnmes^"'"'. Thomas"^). born December 25, 1857, in Pomfret,
Conn.; resides in North Uxbridge (Linwood P. O.), Mass.; married February
27, 1889, in Whitinsville, Mass., Ella Jane Johnston, daughter of James and
Ann Jane (Crane) Johnston, born .January 1(3, 18(50, in Douglas, Mass.

George E. Trowbridge was educated in the public schools of Wliitinsville,
Mass., where his parents resided, and also in the English and the Classical
High School of Providence, R. I. At an early age he became associated with
Hon. Arthur F. "WHiitin and Charles E. Trowbridge, his father, in the Whitins-


ville Spinning Ring Company in Wliitinsville. In 1887 he was taken into
I)artnersbip and made superintendent of the shops, and has since continued in
that office. Pi-evious to his marriage he had Inult a home in North Uxbridge,
Mass., where his two cliiklren were born. In 1!)00 he built his present residence
on Maple street.

Mr. Trowbridge is independent in politics. He is active in municipal aSairs,
having been on various committees of the town. He is a trustee of the Thayer
Memorial Library of Uxbridge, a trustee of the Wliitinsville Savings Bank, and
a member, trustee and treasurer of the Whitinsville Methodist Episcopal church.
He is a man of high moral character, public spirit and business ability.


i. Clara Fern, b. Oct. 22, 1891.

ii. Ruth Elsebeth, b. July 21, 1894. .

1205. Lewis Henry Trowbridge (Benjamin C.^'"", William^"*'^, William'^''",
James'o^", Wiinam'°o\ Jnmes""", Thomas^), bom November 14, 1842, in She-
boygan Falls, Wis. ; resides in Plymouth, Wis. ; married December 5, 1865, in
Sheboygan Falls, Mary Smith, daughter of John and Isabella (Waugh) Smith,
bom Aug-ust 13, 1840, in LaFayette, N. Y.

Lewis H. Trowbridge at the age of eighteen became a soldier in the Civil War.
He enlisted June 1, 1861, in Company B, 8th Wisconsin Infantry, and was dis-
charged September 16, 1865. He settled after his marriage in Mitchell, Wis.,
and was engaged iu farming there about twenty years. He then removed to
Nebraska, where in company with his son he engaged in farming and raising
cattle on a ranch eleven miles west of Merriman. He was elected in the fall
of 1898 county commissioner for a term of tliree years. In 1900 he left his son
in charge of the ranch and returned to Wisconsin. He resides in Plymoutli,
Wis., having retired from active business.


1308. i. Benjamin Charles, b. Jiinp 10. ISOS.

ii. Lottie May, b. Nov. 27, 1875 : d. June 17, 1880.

1206. William Trowbridge (Benjamin C'.""", WiUiam'"'*^, William^" - ,
Jnmes^"''>. WiUiam^""*. James^"'"', Thomas^), born December 29, 1849. in
Mitchell. Wis.; resides in Plymouth, Wis.; married, first, Aug'ust 8, 1878, in
I'lymouth, Martha Harmon, daughter of Simon and Ann (Parish) Harmon, born

, 1848, in Lyndon, Wis.; died in the spring of 1880 in Mitchell. He

married, second, November 5, 1884, in McGregor, Iowa, Emeline Burlingame,

daughter of Henry and Jane (Eounseville) Burlingame, born , 1851, in

McGregor; died February 26, 1891, in Plymouth. He married, third, August
10, 1898, in Plymouth, Nora Rounseville,* daughter of Samuel and Nancy Ann
(Kittell) Rounseville, bom January 14, 1864, in Sheboygan Falls, Wis.

William Trowbridge was for many years a member of the firm of Gaffron &
Trowbridge, hardware dealers, in Plymouth, Wis. He is now retired from
business and is residing in Plymouth.

child born in MITCHELL, WIS. :

Bij first marriage:
i. Ella CnARiTY. b. Aug. 12. 1879; m. Dec. 7, 1904, Charles Hiram Humphrey
and resides in Plymouth, Wis.

* A sister of tho Avife of his nephew No. 130S.


Bi/ third marriage:*
ii. Theo Jane, b. .Tune 12, 1800.
iii. William Lumsden, b. July 22, 1001.
iv. Olivk Mauuaret, b. Oct. '.). 1003.
V. Mary Alma, b. Nov. 30, 1005.

1207. Thaddeus Ciiapin TROWBRrooE (James L.""-, WilUam'^''*^, WilUam,^" - ,
James^"^", William^<">*, James"""', Thomas^), born November 2, 1853, in Sheboy-
gan Falls, Wis. ; resides in Sheboygan Falls ; married October 11, 1886, in
Sheboygan Falls, Magdalena Christina Peter, daughter of Adam and Christina
(Cramer) Peter, bom March IG, ISGl, in Scott, Wis. ;

Thaddeus C. Trowbridge has always lived on the farm he now owns, which was
bought from the govermnent by his grandfather Trowbridge in 1836.


i. John Lewls, b. Mar. 7, 1888.

ii. James William, b. Sept. 8, 1802.

iii. Sarah Dorothy, b. Sept. 3, 1003.

1208. Dr. Charle.s Cobb Trowbridge (James L.'^-'-"-, William'^'''^^, William'''''^'',
James^""', WiUiarn^"''*, James^'""', Thomas^), bom December 27, 1866, in Sheboy-
gan Falls, Wis. ; resides in Fond du Lac, Wis. ; married November 10, 1892, in
Fond du Lac, Emily Baker Jones, daughter of Edward Henry and Emily Louise
(Baker) Jones, bom September 10, 1863, in Fond du Lac.

Charles C Trowbridge is practicing dentistry in Fond du Lac, Wis.


i. Donald Howlett, b. Apr. 5, 189C.

1209. Wales Hexrv Trowbridge (WUliam //."", JohicsI"", WiUiatn'^''"-,
James'""^'', WiUiam^'>°\ James'"""', Thomas'^), bom May 8. 1850, in Hinsdale,
N. Y. ; resides in Stevens Point, Wis. ; married, first, April IT, 1879, in Weyan-
wega, Wis., Pruella Jane Morse, daughter of Samuel and Charlotte Elizabeth
(Swan) Morse, born May 12, 1856, in Koyalton, Wis.; died May 15, 1884, in
Spencer Brook, Minn. He married, second, July 15, 1886, in Stevens Point,
Mary Zimmer, daughter of John and Dora (Gesiler) Zinuner, born December
13, 1866, in Stevens Point.

Wales H. Trowbridge is a shoe dealer in Stevens Point, Wis.

By first marriage:
i. IvT Jane, b. .\ug. 28, 1880 ; d. Sept. 28, 1881, in Merrill. Wis.
ii. Ruby Pruella, b. Mar. 15, 188i; fl. Oct. 4, 1807, in Spencer Brook. Minn,
iii. A son, b. June 28, 1887 ; d. June 30, 1887.

Bfi second marriage:
iv. JIarguerite Hazel, b. Dec. 17, 1803.

1210. Clarence Alphonso Trowbridge (William /Z.^^"^, J ames''-''*^ ,
William^" - , James^""', Wim<tm""'*, James'""". Thomas'), bom May 29, 1855, in
Olean, N. T. ; died May 7, 1904, in Hurley, Wis.; married December 25, 1878,
in Mondovi, Wis., Olive Cornelia Thames,:]; daughter of Nelson Stephen and
Sarah Jane (Thompson) Thames, born April 7, 1858, in Scott, Wis. She resides
in Hurley.

* Xo children by second msirriase.

T i and iii born in Jlcrrill, Wis. ; ii in I.ovini.i, Minn. ; iv in Stevens Toint. Wis.

t A sister of the wife of his cousin No. 1212.


Clarence A. Trowbridge was by trade a caii^enter and woodworker. At the
time of his death he was foreman in the iron mines shop in Hurley, Wis. He
was a member of the Masonic fraternity, the Odd Fellows, the Knights of Pythias
and the Modem Woodmen.

cniLUREN :*

i. Rlanche .To.SF.rnENE, b. Sept. 30, 1879.

ii. William Henry, b. Dec. 1, 1881 ; d. Apr. 9, 1882.

iii. Eva Louisa, b. Feb. ri, 1880 : d. Feb. 2.5, 1880.

iv. Evalike May, b. Dec. 29, 188ti; d. Feb. 2G, 1887.

V. LiL.\ Ethel, b. .Tune 1(>. 1889.

vi. Behtiia Christiana, b. Oct. 2, 1893.

vii. EsTELLA Elizabeth, b. .Jan. 21, 1890.

1210a, Frederick Benjamin Triiwdridce (WillMm H.'^^"*, James'^''*''.
WiUiam^"-^. James'^o^o, William^'"'*, Jirwes""", Thomas^), born August 6, 1866,
in Green Bay, Wis.; resides in Jamestown, N. D. ; married September 2, 1888,
in Merrill, Wis., Theresa Anna Combs, daughter of Peter and Anna Delight
(Palmer) Combs, bom July 5, 1872, in Pine River, Wis.

Frederick B. Trowbridge was a farmer and dairyman for many years in
Merrill, Wis. He recentl.y moved to a farm in Jamestown, N. D.


i. William Henry, b. Dec. 10, 1889.

ii. Harry Frederick, b. Oct. 3, 1893.

iii. Ray'MONd Charles, b. Feb. 20, 1895.

iv. Mabel Anna. b. 31. 1897.

V. Ruth Pearl, b. Dec. 3, 1905.

1211. WiLLUM Clarence Trowbridge (Charles H.""^, James^"^^, William'^'' - ,
James^"^", William^'"'*. James'-""*, Tliomas'^), born September 25, 1855, in She-
boygan Falls, Wis. ; resides in Mondovi, Wis. ; married December 25, 1884, in
Mondovi, Maggie Seyforth, daughter of Frederick and Annie (Meyer) Seyforth,
born October 14, 1864, in Lima, Wis.

William C. Trowbridge is a carjjenter in Mondovi, Wis.


i. WiNFRED Ranee, b. Jan. 20, 1880; d. May 28, 1894.

1212. Charles Lester Trowbridge (Charles II.""''. James''"*", William'" - ,
James'"'", William'""^ James'""", Thomas''), bom July 1, 1860, in Sheboygan
Falls, Wis.; resides in Mondovi, Wis.; married July 22, 1882, in Mondovi, Alma
Thames,:]: daughter of Nelson Stephen and Sarah Jane (Thompson) Thames,
born November 1, 1863, in'an. Wis.

Charles L. Trowbridge is a carjienter in Mondovi, Wis.

children born in mondovi, wis. :

i. A daughter, b. Mar. 28. 1883; d. tbat day.

ii. Edwin b. Apr. 27, 1885.

iii. Bertha, b. .Ian. 29, 1888.

iv. Leigh, b. Dec. 0, 1898 ; d. Jan. 2, 1900.

1213. James Walter Trowbridge (Charles II.""\ James^"*". William^"",
James'"''", William'""*, James'""", Thomas''), bom September 13, 1865, in
Sheboygan Falls, Wis. ; resides in Mondovi, Wis. ; married May 20, 1889, in

• i born in Monrlnvl, Wis. : ii in Merrill. Wis. ; lii-iv in Memetan Junction. Wis. ; the
others in Hawley. Wis.

t Except i. who was born in Texas. Wis.

t A sister of the wife of his rousin No. 1210.


Jlondovi, Eva Myrtle Wicks, daughter of JInrk Lydii and Louisa Jane (Cook)
Wicks, bom April 29, 18(j9, in Whitehall, Wis.

James W. Trowbridge resides in Mondovi, Wis. lie is a dealer in coal, lime,
cement and brick, and is local agent for the Standard Oil Company. He was
made a Mason on September 26, 190(5.


i. Myrtle Irvema, b. Aug. 17, 1890.

ii. IIucii Walter, b. Jan. 18, 1891.

iii. Earl Euoexe, b. Jan. 5, 1890.

iv. Keulaii JIay, b. Aug. 16, 1898.

121-1:. Edwin Janes Trowbridge {Alpheus Jf.""", Janes'^"*'', WilUam'"' - ,
James^"'^", WilUam^oo*, James'''""'. Thomas'"), born July 5, 1856, in Ischua, N. Y.;
resides in Ischua ; married June 26, 1878, in Allegany, N. Y., Rose Mathewson,
daughter of Darius Duane and Lovina (Cari^enter) Mathewson, bom August
8, 1863, in Springville, N. Y.

Edwin J. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in his native place, Ischua, N. Y.
He and his wife are members of the Baptist church there.

children born in ischua, n. y. :

i. Myrtie Elnora. b. Apr. 7. 1870 : d. Aug. 10, 1879.

ii. Nora Belle, b. Oct. 2(5, 1880; ni. Oct. IS, 1990, Ernest M. Strait and resides

in Iscbua.
iii. Mabel Edna, b. Jan. 17, 1883; m. Oct. 1, 1900, Charles W. Van Brunt and

resides in Allegany, N. Y.
1.309. iv. Charles Darius, b. July 22, 188.5.
V. INA Claire, b. July 20, 1887.
vi. ("Jlenn Eugene, b. May 31. 1889.

vii. Lena JIay, b. July 31, 1891. '

viii. Floyd Vernon, b. Sept. 30, 1898; d. Feb. 10. 1899.

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