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1215. Charles Frederick TROWBRUxiE (Alpheus M.""",""*^, 'William'" - ,
James">">. William'""*. James'"'"'. Thomas'), born May 27, 1859, in Ischua,
N. Y. : died Februai-y 13, 1885, in Franklinville, N. Y. ; married October 12,
1881. in Fi-anklinville, Marian Fields, daughter of Jonathan and Angeline
(Reynolds) Fields, born November 23, 1859. in Franklinville. She married,
second, October 27, 1887, in Franklinville, Albert D. Hedding and resides in

Charles F. Trowbridge worked on his father's farm in Ischua, N. Y., until his
marriage. He and his wife then settled in Franklinville, N. Y., on a farm which
she had inherited two years previously from her mother. He lived there until
his death.


1310. i. JlAR.suALL Grant, b. July 21, 1883.

1216. Albert Alpheus Trowbridge (Alpheus M.""", James'"-"', William'" - ,
James'"'", William'""*. James'""", Thomas'), born December 9, 1861, in Ischua,
N. Y. ; resides in Ischua ; married October 5, 1886, in Ischua, Julia Minetta
Chase, daughter of Walter and Florence Maria (Hill) Chase, bom October 21,
1869. in Lyndon, N. Y.

Albert A. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in his native place, Ischua, X. Y.
He is a member of the Ivnights of the Maccabees, and he and his wife are
members of the Baptist church there.


1311. i. Guy- A.,* b. Apr. 30. 1888.

ii. Walter Chase, b. June 11, 1892.

• Initial only.


1217. Ai Henry TEOWBRrooE (Edwin G.""'', James^"^^, William^" - , James'^"^",
Willicun""'*. James^""", Thomas'^), bom July 3, 1S58, in Sheboygan Falls, Wis.;
resides in Hancock, Mich. ; married October 21, 1878, in Charlotte, Mich., Emma
Loring, daughter of Allen Taylor and Eliza (Oliver) Loring, born February 22.
1860, in Muscatine, Iowa.

A. Henry Trowbridge is a carpenter by trade. He has been for over thirty
years in the employ of the Quincy Mining Company in Hancock, Mich. He is a
member of the Knights of the Maccabees and has been a commander of that


i. Rose Mart, b. Dec. 6, 1879 ; d. Dec. 13, 1881.

1312. ii. EvERETTE Going, b. Dec. 20, 1881.

iii. Edith May, b. June 1, 1884.

iv. Clyde Benjamin, b. Feb. 14, 1887.

V. Earl Loring, b. July 21, 1889.

1218. Benjamin James Trowbridge (Edivin G.""'', James^"*^, William'"' - ,
James^o^o, William^'"'^, James'"""', Thomas'^), bom August 19, 1864, in Hancock,
Mich. ; resides in Medford, Ore. ; married, first, August 19, 1891, in Camas
Valley, Ore., Nettie Martindale, daughter of Alston and Nancy Katherine (Fitz-
hugh) Martindale, bom September 12, 1868, in Camas Valley; died March 14,
1900, in Camas Valley. He married, second, September 18, 1901, in Colfa.x,
Wash., Alice Elizabeth (Guck) Flynn, widow of Thomas A. Flynn of Hancock
and daughter of Caspar and Eva (Race) Guck, born November 2, 1864, in

Benjamin J. Trowbridge received his early education at the schools of his
native place and went in early manliood to Oregon. He married and settled in
Camas Valley, Douglas county, where in 1893 he and his brother Edwin opened
a general merchandise store. About two years later the latter decided to return
to Wisconsin and sold his interest to Benjamin, who continued the business alone
until 1900, when he too sold out. He then came to Medford, .Jackson county.
Ore., his present residence. He there formed a partnership with John F. Wliite,
under the firm name of White & Trowbridge, and they are carrying on success-
fully a general real estate and insurance business. Their operations include
timber, mineral, fruit and agricultural lands, residence property and stock farms.


By first marriage:
i. Mary, b. Feb. 7. 1894.
ii. Ronald, b. July 31, 1897.
iii. Raymond, b. June 23, 1899.

By second marriage:
iv. Benjamin James, b. May 29, 1903.

1219. Edwin Guy Trowbridge (Edwin (?.""", James"", William^" - ,
James'""", William'^''o\ James'^'""', Thomas^), born October 19, 1873, in Hancock,
Mich. ; resides in Medford, Ore. ; maiTied July 17, 1894, in Sheboygan Falls,
Wis., Emily Marg-uerite Hertzberg. daughter of Otto and Emily (Hartman)
Hertzberg, bom August 24, 1876, in Sheboygan Falls.

Edwin G. Trowbridge remained at home and attended the schools in his native
town until he was sixteen years old, when he l>egan to serve his apprenticeship at
the machinist's trade. During this latter i>eriod his parents removed to She-
boygan Falls, Wis., and after serving his time he went to his parents' home there
and attended the Sheboygan Business College. After receiving his diploma he

* Except i, who was born in Hebron, Neb.


went in 1893 to Camas Valley, Ore., where ho and liis hivither Benjamin opened
a general mereliandise store. Four months later he returned to Wisconsin to be
married and tlien began housekeeping in Camas Valley.

Not being suited with the country, at the end of fourteen months he sold out
his interest in the business to his brother and returned to Sheboygan Falls. Six
months later he removed to Hancock, Mich., where he became foreman of the
machine shop of the Atlantic mine. He held that position two years and then
went to Marinette, Wis., and worked there for the Marinette Gas Engine Com-
pany, until that firm moved to Chicago Heights, 111., when he went with them
as foreman in their machine shop, remaining in that position until .March. l'.)il.'>.
He then came to Medford, Ore., his present residence, and bought the ^ledford
Iron Works, which he has since conducted with success.


i. IlAKOLi) Ukrtkam, b. .Tmio 30. ISOO, ia Camas Vallpy, Ore.
ii. Flokknce JIay, b. June 18, 1901, in Hancock, Jlich.

1220. Frank TROWBRroGE (Forace"<'^ Elijah H.'^"''", William^" - , Ja7nes">">,
WUUam'-»<'\ James^""'', Thomas'-), bom August 10, 1857, in Sheboygan Falls,
Wis.; resides in Sheboygan Falls; married November 1, 1882, in Fond du Lac,
Wis., Emma Eliza Galland, daughter of William and Mary (Smithson) Galland,
born November 1, ISO-t, in Lamartine, Wis.

Frank Trowbridge after his marriage made his home in Fond du Lac, Wis.,
until early in 1907, when he returned to his native place, Sheboygan Falls. Wis.,
where he at present resides. He is by profession a mechanical engineer. He has
spent quite a number of years in gold mining in Colorado. In 1901 he completed
a technical course of stationary engineering, electricity and drawing at
Scranton, Pa.


i. Lltlu Galland, b. July 28, 18S.S : d. Apr. 21. 1885.

1221. Otis Cutting Trowbridge (fl'orace"™, Elijah //."■■», WiUiam'" - ,
James^"^'>, William'^o'>\ James"""', Thomas'-), bom November 13. 1866, in Fond
du Lac, Wis.; resides in Sheboygan Falls, Wis.; mamed January 25, 1899, in
Sheboygan Falls, Luella Mary Bemis, daughter of Francis Tower and Gertrude
(Denison) Bemis, born September 22, 1873, in Sheboygan Falls.

Otis C. Trowbridge was a shoe dealer for some years in Sheboygan, Wis. He
is now interested in and is general manager of the White Wagon Works in
Sheboygan Falls, Wis.


i. Walter Stanley, b. Dec. 21, 1890.

1222. George Tyler Trowbridge (George 0."-'\ Elijah H.'"'"". William'"' - .
James'"^", William'-'"'*, James^""", Thomas''), born July 24, 1854, in Shebo.ygan
Falls, Wis. ; resides in Santa Eosa, Cal. ; married February 5, 1880, in Oakland,
Cal., Emma Bertram Flint, daughter of Edward Putnam and Emma (Du Bois)
Flint, bom February 25, 1858, in San Francisco, Cal.

George T. Trowbridge came with his parents in 1876 to Oakland. Cal. He
resided there until 1883, when he moved to Sonoma county. He lived on a ranch
near Windsor until 1904, when he removed to Santa Eosa, his present residence.
He is a prominent real estate broker in Oakland and Santa Eosa, in both of
which cities he is also an extensive land ownier. He sells ranches and homes,
and builds and sells houses on the installment plan, being a building ancrioan


association in himself. lie owns several farms, all of which he looks after and
conducts himself, preferring to do that rather than rent them out. Ilis various
interests keep him a very busy man.

Mr. Trowbridge has represented Sonoma county in the California State Board
of Trade, which meets as a body monthly in San Francisco. He is a director
in the Farmers Fire Insurance Company of Sonoma county; a member of the
Horticultural Society, of which he is treasurer; a member of the Farmers
Institute of California, which is under the auspices of the University of the
State of California; and a member of the Society of Grangers, of which he is
a past overseer. In 1897 he was president of the Good Roads League of Sonoma
county and was its vice-president in 1898. He also sei-ved several terms on the
legislative committee of good roads.

Mr. Trowbridge is a 33d degree Mason. He is a member of Santa Rosa
Commaudery, No. 14, K. T., and Santa Rosa Chapter, No. 45, R. A. M.,
and is a member and past master of Russian River Lodge, No. 181, F. and A. M.
He is also a member of Islam Temple, A. A. O. N. M. S.. of San Francisco. He
and his wife are members of the Order of the Eastern Star. During their resi-
dence in Oakland they united with the First Congregational Church of that city,
in which they still retain their membership.

ciiiLnREN :*

i. Mabel Bertram, b. Dec. 30. 1880 ; m. Dec. 0. 1903, George A. Dohn.

ii. Grace Tyler, b. .Tul.v 16, 1882.

iii. Alice Gertrude, b. Teh. 10. 188.^; m. Jiuie 10, 1906, Geoi'ge Scott.

iv. Bessie Louise, b. Jul.v '-', 1886.

V. Lloyd, b. Nov. 1:5, 1887.

vi. IL\R0LD, b. JIa.v .">. ISllO.

vii. Florence, b. .Tul.v 10, 1892.

viii. Edward GEORiiE, b. Dec. 24, 1804.

ix. Wilbur Cutting, b. Oct. 1, 1904.

1223. Henry Otis Trowbridge (George 0."", Elijah //."■■». William"> - ,
Jflwies"'", William'""'*, James^"«", Thomas'^), born September 11, 1859. in
Sheboygan Falls, Wis. ; resides in San Francisco, Cal. ; married January 1,
1885, in Oakland. Cal., Lillie Delger, daughter of Frederick and Ernestine
(Blecher) Delger, born February 21, 1866, in Oakland.

Henry O. Trowbridge came with his parents to California in 1876. He
remained in Oakland, Cal., where he formed a partnership with D. W. Kirkland,
under the firm name of Kirkland & Trowbridge, and was engaged in the drug
business for a number of years. He recently removed to San Francisco, where
he is in business at present. He was elected a memlier of the Bohemian Club of
that city some years ago.


i. Delger. b. Mar. 10, 18S9.

1224. Lewis Hersev Trowbridge (George 0.i"». Elijah H^"'"", William^" - ,
James'^'"", William^^'"*, James^""". Thomas'^), bom March 14, 1869, in Fond du
Lac, Wis. ; resides in San Francisco, Cal. ; married Jmie 12, 1889, in Oakland,
Cal., Lillian Ella Heery, daughter of Thomas and Mary Ann (Beggs) Heery,
born March 28. 1871, in New York City.

Lewis LI. Trowbridge went at the age of seven years with his parents to Oak-
Lnnd, Cal., and came with them to Windsor. Sonoma county. He started life as
a carpenter, and has been contracting several years with fairly good success. He
resides in San Francisco, Cal.

• i-ii born in Oakland, Cal. ; v and ix in Santa Rosa, Cal. ; the otliers in Windsor, Cal.



i. Lelani) Stanfoud, b. Mar. 10, IS'JO.

ii. Tvu;!! Otis, I). June 21. 1S!J2.

iii. Mkuvy.n. Ii. Auk. 24, 1804.

iv. .Jack, b. May 14, 1807.

V. Louise JLvuie, b. Mar. IS, 1000.

vi. Gladys, b. Mar. 3, 1002.

vii. Lewis Heksey, b. Sept. 2, 1904.

1225. Walter Spr.^gue Trowbridge {Charles 4."", Elijah 7/."=", Tr(7//((m"»",
James^"'^'', W'illiam^'''^'*, James^""", Thomas^), bom August G, 1867, in Sheboygan,
Wis. ; resides in Colorado Springs, Colo. ; married September 21, 1891, in Gales-
burg, 111., Carrie Louise Driggs, daughter of Henry Clinton and Martha Ellon
(Anderson) Driggs, born April 17, 1868, in Galesburg.

Walter S. Trowbridge learned the jewelry business of his father, and pursued
the trade of wat<;liniaker and engraver during the years 1885 to 1890. In
September, 1890, he accepted a position as traveling representative of the
Waterbury Watch Company of Waterbury, Conn. In 1893 he gave up traveling
and established the Trowbridge School of Watchmaking, Engraving and Optics
in Winona, Minn. After a most successful four years he sold his school in 1897,
and became traveling representative of J. T. Scott & Co., wholesale jewelers, of
New York City.

In November, 1898, he opened a retail jewelry store in Winona, !Minu., which
he conducted until 1900, at which time he was comi)elled by failing health to
^eek a drj' climate, and he finally located at Colorado Springs, Colo. Being a
graduate of the Northwestom College of Ophthalmology and Otology, he opened
an office as eyesight specialist, and at present is practicing his profession in
Colorado Springs.

Mr. Trowbridge is a member of Colorado Springs Lodge, No. 309, B. P. O.
Elks, and Lodge No, 21, Knights of Pythias, of Winona, Minn,

NO children.

1226. Joiix Taylor Trowbridge (Z>(i/n'c/"'-', John"^"'^^, Edmund'"-',
Thaddeus^"^'', William'""'*, James^""", Thomas'-), born May 19, 1837, in St. Louis,
Mo.; resides in St. Louis; married April 25, 1861, in St Louis, Virginia Gratiot
Billon, daughter of Charles Pierre and Frances (Riddick) Billon, born in St.

John T. Trowbridge is traveling salesman for the St. Louis Dental Manufac-
turing Company of St. Louis, Mo. His residence is in that city.

children born in ST. LOUIS, MO. :

1313. i. Daniel, b. Feb. 9, 1862.

1314. ii. Frank Uillon, b. Apr. 8, 1865.

iii. Lilly, b. Oct. 1, 1S71 ; d. Aug. 10, 1872.

1227. John Sewall Trowbridge {Jonnthnn H.'"*. John'>o^\ Edmin^d"'-''.
Thaddeiis'"'\ ]YilUam""'*, James'""". Thomas'), bom March 10, 1833. in Port-
land, Me. ; died April 3, 1892, in Newton, Mass, ; manned, first, January 18,
1860, in Boston, Mass., Marietta Allen Smith, daughter of John Nichols and
Jane Coulyard (Trufant) Smith, born September 2, 1831, in Bath, Me,; died
July 30, 1885, in Paris Hill, Me, He married, second, January 24, 1888, in
Somerville, Mass,, Harriette Howard Weld, daughter of Alexander Hamilton
and Hannah ((Sargent) Brown) Weld, born February 5, 1854, in Somerville.
She resides in Somei-ville.

* i, ii and iv born in Windsor, C"al. ; iii in Fulton, Cal. ; vvil in San Francisco, Cat


John S. Trowbridge at the age of twelve years came to Boston, Mass., and was
apprenticed to a maternal uncle, P. H. Wallcer, who was engaged in the manu-
facture of scales. In the course of time he was admitted a partner in the firm of
P. H. Walker & Co., and when Mr. Walker retired he became its sole member and
owner, under the firm name of J. S. Trowbridge & Co., manufacturing and deal-
ing in fine scales, coilee mills, etc.. and sporting goods. He continued in this
business until his death. He resided in Cambridge, Mass., until after his second
marriage, when he removed to Newton, Mass., where he made his home the
remainder of his life.

Mr. Trowbridge when a young man was a member of the Boston Tigers, a
celebrat-od military organization. He and his first wife attended the Church
of the New Jerusalem.

Bji first tnarriaffe:'*
i. Marietta Sewall. b. July 11, 18C2 ; <1. Apr. 4, 1871.
131.5. ii. Fred 1'orter. b. July 4, 1808.

iii. Ernest Sheldon, b. Oct. 7, 1SG9; d. Mar. 28. 1871.

1228. George Gardner Trowbridge (Jonathan H.^^^*, John^"^'-, Edmund''''-'^,
Tliaddeus^"", William^'"'*, James^""", Thomas''), born May 16, 1849, in Portland,
Me. ; resides in Chelsea, Mass. ; married February 6, 1879, in Chelsea, Josephine
Leyford, daughter of By ley and Vashti (Shattuck) Leyford, born August 19,
1853, in Nashua, N. H.

George G. Trowbridge in early manhood came to Chelsea, Mass., where he has
since made his home. He is at present a salesman in the city of Boston.

Mr. Trowbridge is a member of Winnisimmet Lodge, No. 24, I. O. O. P. ; is
a member and past commandant of Grand Canton Ridgely, No. 1.3 ; and is a
member of Samaritan Encampment, No. 23, of Chelsea, Mass.


1229. Epiiraim Stone Trowbridge (Edmund^^^^, Edmund^"'^-, Edmimd^"^^,
r/i(7f7(7pi/.<i"". Winwm'""'\ James'<">'', Thomas'^), born December 8, 1833, in
Newton, Mass. ; resides in West Roxbury. Mass. ; married November 5, 1874, in
Boston, Mass., Mary Jane Haigli, daughter of George and Elizabeth (Raynor)
Haigh, born January 5, 1842, in Halifax, Yorkshire, England.

Ephraim S. Trowbridge is engaged in mercantile business as a clerk in Boston,
Mass. He resides in West Roxbury, Mass.


1310. i. Walter John.son, b. Oct. 9. 1877.

ii. Ethel May, b. Mar. 19, 1880; d. July 18, 1880.

1230. ,Tames Edmund Trowbridge (Edmund:'''''''. Edmiiiid""'-, Edmund"'^^,
Thaddens""', William'"^''*, James"""'. Thomas'), born February 11, 1836. in
Newton, Mass. ; resides in Newton Upper Falls, Mass. ; married February 15,
186G, in Newton Upper Falls. Angelina Elizabeth Koyes, daughter of George
Washing-ton and Elizabeth (Westeott) Keyes, born February 15, 1839, in Newton
Upper Falls; died January 5, 1899. in Newton Upper Falls.

James E. Trowbridge learned the trade of a tinsmith. He is at present senior
member of the firm of Trowbridge & Easterbrook, conducting a general tinning
business and dealing in stoves, furnaces and hardware in Newton Upper Falls,

* No children by second mani<Tge.



i. Theoiia Maria, b. Mar. 19, 1S(J7 : ni. .Tiuip 28. 189.3, Eugene Chandler Jewett

and resides in Newton Upper Falls,
ii. George Ediiuxd. b. Jan. 30. 187.5 ; d. .Vuj;. 12, 1875.
i'ii. James Edmund, b. May IS. 1879; d. .lime 17. 1879.
iv. Lizzie Angelina, b. Nov. 4, 1881 ; d. that day.

1231. Capt. Asa Fuller Trowbridge (Edminid^"'\ Edmund'^"''-, Edmund^"-',
Thaddeus^<'^\ WiUkim^'^"". James^°'^<'. Thomas^), bom July 29, 1843, in Newton,
Mass.; died April 15, 1903, in Brockton, Mass.; married October 27, 1869, in
Newton, Alice Jane Edes, daughter of Jeremiah and Hannah Curtis (Chubbuek)
Edes, born July 2, 1849, in Newton. She resides in Brockton.

Asa F. Trowbridge went to sea in 1861, at the age of eighteen years. He
followed the sea for twenty-five years, and during that time was in command of
the ships Ladoga, Edith and Canada and the schooner Mary L. Peters, making
voyages to San Francisco, Australia, South America and the West Indies. He
retired from the sea in 1886. He had made his home in his native place, Newton,
Mass., up to 1888. He removed in that year to Ayer, Mass., and for the next six
years was engaged in the milk business there. In 1895 he came to Brockton,
Mass., where he conducted a lunch room up to the time of his death.

Capt^iin Trowbridge was made a Mason in Dalliousie Lodge, Newtonville,
Mass., November 2, 1881. He was transferred to Paul Revere Lodge of Brock-
ton after his removal to that city, and in 1902 joined Satucket Chapter,
R. A. M., and the council of Brockton. He was also a member of Brockton
Lodge, No. 218, Knights of Honor.

child born in newton. mass. :

i. Gertrude Mindwell. b. May 29, 1879: m. Mar. .5, 1903, Westbrook Knight
Morrill and resides in Brockton, Mass.

1232. Ch.\rles Benjamin Trowbridge (C/iarZes^^^", Edmund^"'^, Edmund'^''-^,
Thaddeus^"". WiUiam^'>'>\ Jajnes"'"". Thomas'-), bom November 14, 1841, in
Cambridge, Mass. ; resides in Providence, R. I. ; married June 1, 1863, in
Providence, Frances Remington, daughter of Daniel and Betsey L. (Briggs)
Remington, bom September 3, 1842, in Providence.

Charles B. Trowbridge, his son and Mr. Henry O. Potter compose the fii-m of
Daniel Remington & Son, cotton brokers in Providence, R. I.


1317. i. Edward Remington, b. May 16. 1807.

1233. William Waldo Trowbridge (William T/.^'"*, Edmiind'^''^-, EdmniuP"-^',
Thaddeus"^"" , WilUam'oo*, J«mesi™°, Thomas'^), born February 26, 1881, in West
Newton, Mass. ; resides in West Newton ; married November 27, 1905, in West
Newton, Helen Etta Gould, daughter of George Frederick and Addie Louise
(Moore) Gould, born May 16, 1882. in Newton Upper Falls, Mass.

William W. Trowbridge obtained his early education in the public schools of
the city of Newton for five years, then at Spear's private school at Newton,
then at Allen's school at West Newton. He then entered the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology in Boston in 1900 and was graduated from there in 1904
with the degree of B.S., as a mining engineer. The following fall he entered
Columbia University in New York City and took a post-graduate course in
mining. He gained some experience in mining during the summers of the years
he was studying at the Institute of Technology by working in various mines in
Colorado. In the early part of 1905 he went to Mexico and made an examination


of a mining property, and in November, 1905, he was appointed manager of the
Boston and Oaxaca Mining Company, with headquarters at the city of Oaxaca,
Mexico. He returned froni Mexico in December, 1900, and in August, 1907, he
entered into the real estate and insurance business witli A. L. Barbour, under
the iinn name of Barbour & Trowbridge, with an oifice in West Newton.

Mr. Trowbridge is a member of the Mining Engineering Society of the Massa-
chusetts Institute of Teclmology, of the American Institute of Mining Engi-
neers, and of the Casino de Oaxaca. His home is in West Newton, Mass.


i. Edmund Waldo, b. Nov. 1, 1900.

1234. WiLLUM Otis Trowbridge (Otis^^^", WilUam^o'^^, Edmund''>-\
Thaddeus^o'-K WilUam^""*. Jarnes^"'"', Thomas^), born April 25, 18.36, in Newton,
Mass.; died Deceniber 25, 1S8.3, in Okl Point Comfort, Va. ; married June 25,
18(i7, in Boston, Mass., Lucy Barron Shattuck Frost, daugliter of William Rufus
and Catharine (Hunting) Frost, born April (!, 1840, in Boston. She resides in

William O. Trowbridge attended school in his native place, Newton, Mass..
and while still a young man engaged in business there at the old planing mill
on Church street. When the Civil War broke out he enlisted for nine months
September 12, 1802, in Company B, 44th Massachusetts Infantry. He spent
most of his term of service at Newbern, N. C, and was discharged June 18, 186.3.

Upon his return he was engaged as superintendent of the Mason and Hamlin
Organ Company, then located on Cambridge street, Boston. The business at
that time was in its infancy, and much of its success may be attributed to the
wise and careful management, excellent business judgment and earnest faithful-
ness of Mr. Trowbridge. When the company built the large and finely appointed
factory at Cambridgeport, the whole matter was. placed under his supervision,
even to the making of the plans. lie continued in this position until liis death.

Mr. Trowbridge was known within the wide circle of his acquaintance as a
man of noble character, cheerful disposition, and one whose sympathies were
easily enlisted in any good cause. His kind, brotherly regard and personal
interest in all the three hundred or more men of whom he had charge endeared
him to them, and welded together the employer and employed in strong bonds of
fraternal sympathy and interest, and this feeling was very appropriately demon-
strated at his funeral by the presence of this large body of workmen and the
floral tribute of respect sent there by them.

Mr. Trowbridge was from boyhood a member of Eliot Church in Newton. On
April 21, 1876, he was chosen one of its deacons and fulfilled the duties of that
office for a term of five years. His prominent religious life as a member of that
church was fittingly spoken of in the funeral address of Kev. Mr. Calkins, his
pastor and friend, who said in part: "I have never lost an associate in church
work who was on the whole so useful. There were no ornamental works in his
mind ; everything was called into play to do good, and his way to do good was
to serve the church of God ; to stand by the minister ; to keep his mind free from
all clerical details that he might give himself entirely to the exercise of the
word ; in short, to see that the preaching and pa.storal work, and every department
of the minister's work, be done as efficiently as possible. Mr. Trowbridge never
laid one needless care on me; never made one imnecessary suggestion; always

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