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lifted, never deposited, burdens. I have no knowledge, and I think he had no
consciousness of that wonderful gift of his, to guide witliout seeming to dictate.
But the way itself was open as the day. He had a mind to work. He lived to
be useful. His entire consecration and his cheerful readiness were qualities of
his character.




]3]8. i. Walter Bacon, b. Oct. 30. ISO!), in Boston. Mass.

ii. Florence, b. Mar. 1. 1872. in Newton, ; d. May 22. 1873.
iii. MiiiiAii. b. Nov. 8. 187-1. in Ni'winn.

1234a. George Sewall Trowbridge (O/As'"". William^°^\ Edmund^'>-\
Thaddeus^o", ]ViUiam^""->. James^'"'", Thomtis^), born July 28, 1843, in Newton,
Mass. ; died September 9, 1886, in Xewton ; married December 23, 1869, in
llopkinton. Mass., Emil.v Jones Claflin, daufihtor of Albert and Ann Maria
(Walker) Claflin. born July 10. 1843, in llopkinton; died June 2, 189,5. in

George S. Trowbridye obtained his education iii the Newtun public schools
and then entered the wholesale drug business in Boston, Mass., as a bookkeeper,
holding that position for several years. Afterwards he was connected with the
Everett National Bank of Boston as teller, and later with the Natick National
Bank as cashier, a jiosition he held for seventeen years and mitil the time of his

Mr. Trowbridge was a genial, popular man. He was an indefatigable worker
in the Eliot Congregational Church of Newton, of which he was a member. He
possessed a rich bass voice and was a valued member of the chorus choir of the
church for many years. He was superintendent of the primary department of
the Sunday school, and organized and maintained what was known as the Eliot
Singing Band, composed of children, which became an imi^ortant factor in the
school life, to the enjoyment of every one who attended the services of the church.
Towards the latter part of his life he was elected a deacon of the church, but did
not serve any length of time, owing to illness. He was an influential member
of tlie Newton Musical Association, and labored hard for its life and eificienc.y.
His acquaintance was large in Newton, Boston and elsewhere, and he was held
in very high esteem. • . ■


1235. John Eliot Trowbridge (Oik"'". F/Z/wwi"^", Edmund'"-",
T/wddei/s"", William""'^ James'"""'. Thomas'), born October 20. 1845, in New-
ton, Mass. ; resides in Newton ; married September 14. 1870. in Newton, Frances
Amelia Blodgett. daughter of Henry and Louisa (Allen) Blodgett, born
December 6, 1844, in Boston, Mass.

J. Eliot Trowbridge received his early education in the Newton public schools
and private instruction in high school studies. He inherited decided musical
talent, and at the age of fifteen began study of the organ under Dr. Benjamin C.
Blodgett, head of the music department of Smith College, Northampton, Mass.
Later he studied the piano with Prof. Junius W. Hill, at that time at the head
of the music department of Wellesley College. A strong inclination, for music
composition led him to give earl.y and serious attention to harmony, counterpoint
and fugue, and to devote himself to the study of the classics.

Eor more than fort.y years Mr. Trowbridge has been a church organist and
choirmaster in churches in and around Boston, and at the present time holds
this position with the First Methodist Episcopal Church in Newton Centre,
Mass., having a vested choir of men- and boys. He has been with this church
eight years. His longest service as organist and choirmaster thus far has been
in the Second Congregational Church in West Newton, Mass., a period of
fourteen years.

In 1866 he entered the service of Messrs. Mason & Hamlin of Boston, as sales-
man of reed organs, and remained in their employ thirty-five years. He has
been for the past five years, and is at the present time, with the M. Steinert &


Sons Company in Boston, tlie largest dealers in iiianos, etc., in New England.
For more than twenty years lie has taught music, jiiano, organ, harmony, etc.,
to many students, some of whom have become capable musicians and teachers.
His residence is Newton, Mass.

As early as 1872 Mr. Trowbridge began to publish his compositions and in that
year appeared the first of a long series of works. He has written in large and
small forms, including works for the organ, cantatas, Te Deunis, psalms, anthems,
(pjartets, responses and solos. His most prominent musical compositions
(1872-1907) are: oratorios, "Emmanuel" and "Paul the Apostle"; cantatas,
"Heroes of '76" (operatic), "Peace of Jerusalem," "How Admirable are Thy
Tabernacles," and "Mass in E Major" ; organ music, "Trowbridge Reed Organ
Method," 110 select pieces for church and cabinet organ. He has published 95
anthems, choruses, quartets, solos, duos and trios.

Mr. Trowbridge has served as pianist for the Newton Musical Association and
has organized large choruses to give the standard oratorios. In 1884 he was
elected conductor of the Auburndale Musical Union. He has brought out, with
orchestra, chorus and noted soloists, his own larger works, and in every way
identified himself with the practical exiserience of knowing just what large
chorus organization can accomplish. To this practical knowledge, then, is due
to no slight extent the popularity which Mr. Trowbridge's works have enjoyed for
years, and enjoy now more than ever.*


i. Louisa Elizabeth, b. Oct. 3, 1873.

ii. Agnes Bacon, b. Oct. 27. 1870.

iii. Henry Otis. li. Jvil.v IS, 1878; is a draftsni.Tii ; resides in Newton; unm.

1236. Jajies Willum Trowbridge (James jV."-", NathnnieV-"-'*, Edmund}-''-^,
Thaddeus'^o", William'"""^, James""", Thomas"^), born February 28, 1860, in
Newton, Mass. ; died November 11, 189-t, in North Conway, N. H. ; married
August 6. 1S91. in Bridgewater, Mass., Nettie Forrest Thompson, daughter of
Jacob Perkins and Florence (Leach) Thompson, born September 6, 1869, in
Halifax. Mass. She resides in Cambridge. Mass.

James W. Trowbridge entered mercantile life and for three years prior to his
death he had held a good position as a salesman in a clothing house in Brockton,
Mass. His health failed early in 1894, and he went to Echo Lake Farm in North
Conway, N. H., where he died a few months. later. He was a man of kind and
genial disposition, and made friends wherever he went.


1-37. Almarin Trowbridge (AZmarjn^^-^, NathanieP"^^, Edmund'"'-^,
r/i(;,7rfe»s"ii, ^Yin!am^">'>\ James'"""'. Thomas'^), born February 19, 1851, in
Charlestown, Mass.; died December 5, 1878, in Red Wing, ilinn. ; married'
January 1, 1877. in Charlestown, Katie Darling, daughter of William and Dorcas
(Eicliardson) Darling, born January 5, 1854, in Groton, Vt. She mamed,
second, July 1, 1SS6, in Boston, Mass., Mark Shultis and resides in Brookline,

Almarin Trowbridge attended the Charlestown, Mass., public schools, and
while he was a student in the Charlestown high school the principal, Mr. Emory,
noticed his mechanical ability and advised him to go to the Massachusetts Insti-
tute of Technology. Influenced b,y this and the kindly interest of a teacher,
!Miss Chamberlain, he took his examinations, and at the age of sixteen entered
that institution, from which he was graduated with honors four years later, in

* A sketch of Mr. Trowbridge appeared in the Musical Record and Review for June, 1891.

Z^ , (y 4^<r\-cr'6-\u CX-c


TROWBRinoE ge;\i:al()(;y g4;j

1871. His first position was with ilr. Cliaiininsi- Wliitalver of Lowell, ilass.,
where his duties were to make plans for mills and other buildings. Because of
ill health, he was obliged to leave there and return home.

!Mr. Trowbridge became an hydraulic engineer of great promise, and would,
doubtless, but for his early death, have soon ranked among the first in his
profession. Most of the drawings for ilr. J. P. FrizelFs articles on hydrostatics
and the hydrostatic press which appeared in "Johnson's Universal Cyclopsedia" iu
1882 were made by him, he being in Mr. Frizell's employ at the time the articles
were written ; the Cyclopedia, however, did not appear until after his death. In
the fall of 1878 he secured a position in the U. S. engineer's office in St. Paul.
Minn., and went there with his young wife. 'While residing there, he contracted
typhoid fever and died that December in Red Wing, Minn.

The following letter was written to his father soon after his death.

"Ensiiieer Office, U. S. Army.

St. Paul, Dec. 11th, 1S78.
Mii. A. TROWBRincE, Boston, Mass.,

Mil dear Sir: I write to tell you how keenly the ilentU of your son was felt hy all con-
nected with this office. Although here but a short time, he had made his marlc as a
zealous, careful, competent assistant. I never met anybody who took up whatever sub,iect
was assigned to him more readily and with more method, and who gave greater promise
of eminence in liis profession.

A day or two before his departure for Red Wing he complained of headache and
asked leave of absence — a request readily granted. As soon as informed of his illness, I
wrote hini, in effect, to take his own time and get well, and not to worry. But his mind
was, I fear, too active for liis body.

With sympathy for yourself and family, and for your son's wife,

I am, very truly yours,

CuAS. .T. Alle.n, U. S. a."

Mr. Trowbridge as an hydraulic engineer was indeed an authority. Besides
his mechanical ability, he was an excellent inusician, composing music for the
piano and organ, both of which he played. He was a fine German scholar, and
also possessed artistic and literary talent to a considerable degree. He was a
man of unusually fine and able character. His control of temper, begini in
boyhood, is said to have been almost perfect. Under all circumstances he was
a gentleman, generous, kind and considerate of others. He was also enibned
with philanthropic principles, having, young as he was, plans for model tenement
houses, and various projects to help the poor and unfortunate,


i. Elizabetu Darling, b. May 21, ISTtt.

123S. Joseph Southek Trowbridije (AJmarin'^'^-'^, Nafhaniel^"^*, Edmund'^'' - ,
r/i <;</(/(■ ».s"", WnUam'^'"'*. James^""". Thomas^), born November 18, 1854. in
Charlestown, ilass. ; died February 7, 1003, in Denver, Colo, ; married, first,
January 22, 1880, in Boston, Mass., Alice Amelia Cann, daughter of Henry
Andrew and Helen Mar (Tobey) Cann, bom May 27, 1859, in Boston ; died
September 11, 1884, in Winchester, Mass. He married, second, December 5,
1895, in Stoneliam, Mass., Louise Belmont Manchester, daughter of Frank
Herbert and Harriet Augrusta (Fuller) Manchester, born March .31, 1871, in
North Eaynhani, Mass. She resides in Boston.

Joseph S. Trowbridge received his education in the public schools of his native
jilace and was graduated from the Charlestown high school at the age of seven-
teen. On November 6, 1873, he became messenger in the National Union Bank
in Boston, Mass., with which his father was connected for so many years. He
was appointed receiving teller November 1, 1878. and paying teller March 1, 1892.


He held tliis position until April 1, 1902, when he was compelled to resign on
account of ill health. He twice went to Denver, Colo., hoping that the change
would prove heneficial to his health, but such proved not to be the case, and he
died there a few months after his second arrival.

Mr. Trowbridge resided in Boston luitil the spring of 1881, when he moved
to Winchester, Mass. After his second marriage and until he went to Denver
he made his home in Stoneliam, Mass. As a young man he served in the state
militia. He was a member of the Calumet Club of Winchester and the Corin-
tliian Yacht Club of Marblehead. He was a memlier of the I'nitarian church in

7};/ iirst marriage:*
1310. i. Almauix, t). Mar. 27, 1881, iu Boston, Mass.

1320. ii. nEr>!i!Y Eveuaki). b. Apr. 23, 1882, in WiucUester, Mass.

iii. Alice Amelia, b. Sept. 0, 1884, in Winchester: m. Sept. !t, lOOd. Vincent
I'ercival and resides in Dorchester, Mass.

1239. WiLLLVii Klfus Trowbridge (John'^ - , Xuthaniel^"''*, Edmund^"-",
Thaddeus^'>^\ William^'>'>\ James^"'"', Thomas^), born November 29, 1851, in
Bath, Ga, ; resides in North Augusta. S. C. ; married November 7, 1872, in 121st
district. Richmond county, Ga., Amelia Haseltine Morris, daughter of Kev.
Edmund and Caroline (Hardy) Morris, born March 7, 1854, in Graniteville, S. C.

William E. Trowbridge in 1858, at the age of six years, began his school duties
at Bath Academy, Bath, Ga., which he attended until 18(i7, when he entered Prof.
J. Alma Pelot's private seliool for boys near Augusta, Ga., where he completed
his course iu 1870. For a number of years he was engaged in planting in Blythe,
Richmond county, Ga., but since 1890 has been in the bviilding contracting busi-
ness in Augusta. In February, 1905, he removed with his family to North
Augiista, S. C, a suburb of Augusta, where he resides at present.

Mr. Trowbridge soon after his marriage united with the Bath Baptist church,
of which his father-in-law was minister, and he became very prominent in its


1321. i. Clarence Almarin. b. Ans. 10, 1S73.

ii. Edmund William, b. Oct. 5, 1874: is iu tlie linrdware l)usiness in Augusta,
Ga. : unm.

iii. EuLA May, b. Dec. 5, 187."j ; m. Dec. 23, 1902. Robert Newton Ilaynie and
resides near Bl.vtlie.

iv. Eu(iENiA Sarah, b. Apr. 10, 1877: m. .lul.v '.», 1002. Cliarles Burton Iliclis
and resides in Atlanta. Ga.

v. Daisy Oie. b. Feb. 28, 1S7!>: m. Dec. in. lOOM. Roliert Allen Crockett. .Jr.,
and resides near S.vlvauia. Ga.

vi. Alice JIaria. b. .Tan. 18. 1881.

vii. Inez Beatrice, li. Sept. 28. 1883: d. Mar. 7. 1884.

viii. Hattie Lee, b. .Tan. 20. 1880: m. ,Tune 21, 19(1."), Edward Oliver Templetou
and resides near Bl.vthe.

ix. JONE.s RuFi's. b. Oct. 29, 1887 : in 1893 entered Bl.vthe Academ.v. which he
attended until 1902, when he entered Osbourne's Business College, where
he completed his course in 1903. lie is at present connected with the
Georgia Chemical Works, fertilizer manufacturers in Augusta, Ga., and
resides with his parents in North Augusta. S. C. He is unmarried.

X. Truman JIorris, b. Sept. 28, 1889.

xi. Louis Frederick, b. Feb. 14. 1892.

xii. Ruth Beatrice, b. Dec. 20, 1890.

1240, .John Francis Trowbridge (John" - , Nothnn'ieP'"'*, Edmiind^''=\
Thaddeiis^"", WiUiam^'>'>^, James'''"'", Thomas'), born September 20, 1853. in
Bath, Ga. ; resides in Bath (Blythe P. 0.) ; married March 20, 1883, in Bath.

* No cliiidren b.v second marriage.


Emmaline Evans McNair, ilaugliter of Lee Beverly and Rosa Elizabeth
(Eheuey) Mci^air, born Aug'nst 15, 1860, in Waynesboroiigh, Ga.

John F. Trowbridge is engag'ed in farming on a farm given him by his father
ill 1S7C. Pie resides two and one-half miles south of Bath, Ga.


i. Mama, b. Oct. 7, 1884.

ii. 8.\LLIE, b. July fil, 188C.

iii. Kosa Lou, b. Sept. 30. ISSS.

iv. Fannie, b. Dec. 25. 1890.

V. IRE.NE. b. Feb. 8, 18'tt.

vi. Mary Gertrude, b. May 2.3. 180.".

vii. .ToHN Evans, b. .Inly li, 1807; (1. Oct. 8, 1898.

vm. James Walter Trowbridge (M'llJlam^^-\ Nathnniel^'^'^'\ EdmuncP"-\
Thnddeus^'>^K WilUam''«'>\ James'"">'\ Thomas^) . born November 21, 1853, in
Bath, Ga.; resides in Bath (Blythe P. O.) ; married March 26, 1876, in Bath,
Idelette Euphemia Goddard,* davighter of William Hem-y and Margaret
Euphemia (White) Goddard, born September 2, 1S56, in Savannah, Ga.

James W. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in Bath, Ga. He is an elder in
the Bath Presbyterian church.


1:31:2. i. LrciEN Ash, b. Mar. 26, 1880.

ii. .luLlAN CoTTiNO, b. Nov. 1.5, 1882.

iii. Alberta Euphemia. b. Aug. 2(!. 1885.

iv. .Tames Walter, b. .Tau. 23. 18S0.

V. Harper Bacon, b. Nov. 17. IS',11.

vi. Marion Eugene, b. Aug. 17, 1804.

vii. Elwyn Pinckney, b. May 26, 1897.

1242. Eraxcis Vallottox Trowbridge {Williaiii^'^-^. Nathaniel'"'-^,
Edmund'-''-'', Thaddeus^"^'^, Willktm^'"'*, James"""', Thomas'-), born October 26,
1857, in Bath, Ga.; resides in Bath; married July 6, 1879, in Bath, Leona May
Goddard.t daughter of William Heni-y and Margaret Euphemia (White)
Goddard, born May 17. 186:), in Charleston, S. C.

Francis V. Trowbridge is engaged in farming on the farm owned formerly by
his father in Bath, Ga.

children born in bath. ga. :

i. Francis (Johdard, b. Sept. 12, 1880.

ii. Raymon. b. .Tau. 28, 1888.

iii. William .\lmarin. b. .Tune 1. 1.S90.

iv. MoNTFOKD ScTiLEY, b. Apr. 21, 1892.

V. MoiTLTRiE Clyde, b. Nov. 10, 1894.

vi. K.\TIE May. b. .Tuly 2. 1897.

vii. Frederick Leonard, b. Sept. 20. 1900.

viii. Leona Grace, b. Apr. 21, 1900.

1243. William Pixckxey Trowbridge (William^'-\ Nathanid""'*. Edmund'"-^,
Thaddeiis'"". WilUam'""*. James'">''"\ Thomas'), bom March 5, 1862, in Bath,
Ga.; died March 18, 1891. in Augusta, Ga.; married October 10, 1889, in
xVugusta, Alice Rodgers, She married, second, .

William P. Trowbridge was engaged in mercantile business in Augusta. Ga.


• A sister of t)ie wife of bis In-other No. f24'2.
t A sister of the wife of his brother No. 12-11.


12-1:4. George Fkeemax Trowbridue (Isaac C."'-*, A'athaniel^"^*, EdmunJ}^-'-^,
Thaddeus^"^^, WilliaiH^""*, James^""", Tliomas'^), born March 1, 1S58, iu Boston,
Mass.; resides in New York City; married November 21, 1883, in New York
City, Annie Franklin Wendell, daughter of Jacob Livingston and Enmia Ann
(Seidel) Wendell, bom July 9, 1865, iu Philadelphia, Pa.

George F. Trowbridge was educated in the public schools of his native city.
He went into the exporting house of Gray & Danforth of Boston, who removed to
New York City in March, 1881. The business was succeeded by the Strong ifc
Trowbridge Co., of which concern he has been the managing head and in wliieh
he holds the oiEce of vice-president and treasurer.

Mr. Trowbridge after his marriage resided in New York City and later in
Montclair, N. J. In the latter place he was a member and director of the Mont-
clair Club. In 1905 he returned to New York to reside. He is a member of the
New York Chamber of Commerce, Down Town Association and other clubs, and
is also secretaiy of the American Exporters and Imjiorters Association. He
attends the Congregational Church.


i. Anxie Freemax, b. Feb. 7, lSS,"i ; m. Jtuie ">. 19117. Hai-ry Comly Fling ami
resides in New York City.

1245. Isaac Walter TROWBRrocE (Isaac €'."-■*, Nathaniel^"''*, Edmund^"-'-',
Tl,addeiis"''\ ^YiUiam'""\ James^""", Thurnas^), born January 22, 186.3, iu
Boston, Mass.; resides in Montclair, N. J.; married February 9, 1899, in New
York City, Emily Wyckofl' Smith, daughter of Moses and Emily (Wyckoff)
Smith, born October 28, 1874, in Brooklyn, N. Y.

I. Walter Trowbridge received liis education in the Boston public schools. He
came to New York City and entered on a business career with Strong & Trow-
bridge. He afterwards became a professional accountant and continued 'in that
business until 1902, when he became auditor of the Strong & Trowbridge Co.,
exporters, of New York City, with whom he is at present associated. He resides
in Montclair, N. J.


i. Thomas, b. July l-l, 1901. in New York City.

ii. George Freemax, b. June G, 190(5, in Jlontclair. N. J.

124(!. Eev. Charles Eeubex Trowbridge (James ^4.^^-'', Beuhen^"'^,
Edmiind^o-^ Thaddeus''"^\ 117/h"flm"»*, James'^'""', IViomas^), bom November 1,
1859, in Baltimore, Md. ; resides in Easton, Pa.; married April 28, 1886, in
York, Pa., Aiuia Margaret Lilly, daughter of Rev. Aaron Walter and Margery
Ami (Herman) Lilly, born October 26, 1861, in York.

Charles R. Trowbridge received the foundation of his education in the public
schools of his native city, from which he went in 1878 to Pennsylvania College,
Gettysburg, Pa., the foremost literary institution of the Lutheran Church in the
East. After a four years' course he was graduated with honors in 1882. He
returned to Gettysburg in the fall of the same year to enter the Lutheran Theo-
li'gical Seminaiy, the oldest theological institution of the Lutheran Church in
tlie United States. He was graduated in 1885, after a full course in theology,
and was ordained to the ministry of the Lutheran Church in September. 1885.
He accepted a call to the pulpit of the Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church in
Trenton, N. J.

He remained there until September, 1888, when he received and accepted a
call to St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Easton, Pa. Aft-er serving this congrega-
tion for four years he was urgently requested in 1892 to undertake work in

(^^c/.U7-z:i^^rT^ ^ 4^n^cr-(>c^ri^-><^


Baltimore, Md., by the cougreg-ation of St. Paul's Lutheran Church of that city,
and he heeanie its pastor and served this people until the summer of 189G. Fail-
ing health compelled him to give up the active duties of the ministry, and he
retired to his former home in Easton, Pa., for a period of rest. After some
months he found himself able to resume preaching and pastoral duties, and in
January, 1898, he began supplying the pulpit of his former charge in Easton, to
the full pastorate of which he was for the second time called in March, 1S9S.

Mr. Trowbridge was for two years (1895-T) a member of the Foreign Mission
Board of the (jeneral Synod of the Lutheran Church in the United States,
having in charge missions among tlie people of India and West Africa. He is
secretary of the board of trustees of Irving College and Music Conservatory for
Young Women, Mechanicsburg, Pa. He has been elected to membership in the
Pennsylvania State Society of the Cincinnati, Maryland Society of the Sons of
the American Revolution, Pennsylvania-C4erman Society, American Association
for the Advancement of Science and the college fraternity of Sigma Chi. He
has also served as vice-president of the Historical Society of the Lvitheran


i. James Lilly, b. May 18, 1894.

1247. CH.'iRLES Henry Trowbridge (Henri/ £."=', Elisha^'''''^, Edmund"'-'',
r/i«rfdei(s"", 1^^7^^aml°o^ Jam€s'">'>'>, Thomas^), born July 31, 1851, in Cam-
bridgeport, Mass.; resides in Melrose, Mass.; married May 23, 1877, in Stone-
ham, Mass., Georgie E. Richardson, daughter of Henry C. and Catherine
(Simonds) Richardson, born December 1, 1852, in Melrose.

Charles H. Trowbridge is in business as a painter in Melrose, Mass.


i. Lena. b. Sept. 23, 1S79.

1248. George Warrex Trowbridge {Eenry f."-", Elisha"''"'^; Edmund'^" - ',
Thaddeus^°^\ William'-'>°*, James^"'"', Thomas^), born May 11, 1853, in Cam-
bridgeport, Mass.; resides in Xeedham, Mass.; married January 13, 1881, in
Xcwton Upper Falls, Mass., Martha -\jin Buttrick. daughter of David Henry and
Julia Ann (Thayer) Buttrick. born April 19, 1803, in Boston, Mass.

George W. Trowbridge is a farmer. He resided some years in Xewton,,
and at present resides in Xeedliam, Mass.


i. Alice May, b. Jlav 16. 1882 : d. Sept. 19. 1897.

ii. Warhen, b. Nov. 24. 1886.

iii. Everett, b. Mar. 20. 1890.

iv. Robert Skidmore, b. Oct. 10, 1892.

1249. Dr. Edward Henry Trowbridge (WUUam S."-% Ellsha""'",
Edmund^"-^, Thaddeus^"'''^, WnUarn^""*. James'""'". Thomas'"), born October 1,
1856. in Portland, Me. ; resides in Worcester, ilass. ; married September 5, 1888,
in Framingham, Mass., Carrie Louise Parker, daughter of Charles Webster and
Harriet (Phillbrick) Parker, born February 19, 1860, in Boston, Mass.

Edward H. Trowbridge was graduated from the Portland high school in 1875,
being one of the speakers at the gi-aduation exercises. For the six months
following he read law. but, not being satisfied with tlie law, he fitted for college,

* Mr. Trowbridge was invited to send his pliotograpli for reproduction liere, but declined.


and in the fall of 1877 entered Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H. Wliile a
student there he was elected a member of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. He
was admitted to the Phi Beta Kappa at Dartmouth at his graduation. He was
graduated in 1881, receiving the degree of B.A., and was one of the Commence-
ment speakers.

In July, 1881, he began the study of medicine at the Portland Medical School

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