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and attentled lectures at the Medical School of Maine at Bowdoin College, Bruns-
wick. Me. After devoting three full years to medical study he was graduated
from the latter institution in 1884. During the last two years of attendance at
the recitations at the Portland Medical School he was in the oiBce of Dr. S. C.
Gordon. He spent the year from August 1, 1884, to August 1, 1885, as house
physician and surgeon at the Maine General Hospital. He then spent two
months in study in New York City. In the latter part of September, 1885, he
came to Worcester, Mass., and commenced the practice of his profession, and
has continued actively employed in it up to the present time.

Doctor Trowbridge was appointed in 1890 surgeon to the out-department of the
Worcester City Hospital and in 1896 one of its visiting surgeons, which latter
apjjointment is still in force. In the summer of 1905 he was abroad and visited
the hospitals in London and Paris, and took a course in surgery in Vienna.
Doctor and Mrs. Trowbridge spent the summer of 1907 in Europe, the doctor
devoting some time to study at Vienna. In December, 1907, he was elected a
member of the Worcester school board for a tenu of three years.

Doctor Trowbridge is a member of the Massachusetts Medical Society, wliich he
joined in 1885. and the American Academy of Medicine. While in Portland he
became a member of Maine Lodge, Xo. 1, I. O. O. F. He was made a Mason in
Quinsigamond Lodge of Worcester, Mass., in 1889. He was for several years
surgeon of the Worcester Continentals, a well-known military organization,
resigning that position in 1901.

cniLDREX :*

i. Parker Vixcent. b. -Vug. 1, 1889 ; d. Aug. G. 1880.

ii. I'.\HKER. li. Oct. 31. isoo;

iii. Gl.\dys Isabelle, b. .Tune 3, 1893.

iv. Louise, b. Feb. 4, 189(>.

li-lila. Charles Irvinu Tkowbriooe {Charles I.^"". EUsha''''"\ Edmund'o-^
Thaddeus'"'^\ WiUinm^'"'*, James''^"'', Thomas'-), born June 20, 1862, in Portland,
Me. ; died January 5, 1898, in Boston, Mass. ; married June 12, 1887, in Boston,
Xellie , who died January 7, 1898, in Boston.

Charles I. Trowbridge was a clerk in a trust company in Boston, Mass.


i. Harold Stephen, b. Jlay 20, 1888 ; resides in Craftsbury. Vt.t

ii. Lester, b. Dec. — . 1889 ; d. , 1890.

iii. Ethel Mona, b. May 7, 18911:.

1250. Herbert Moulton Trowbridge (Theodore W."^'^, Stephen W.^"^''',
Edmund">-\ Thaddeus^"", William^'"'*, James^'""', Thomas^), born July 5, 1876,
in New York City ; resides in Los Angeles, Cal. ; married June 8, 1904, in Los
Angeles, Rosalie Winton Woods, daughter of Oliver Bryson and Anna Yeatman
(Anderson) Woods, born November 17, 1877, in Trinidad, Colo.

• i-ii born in Framingham, Mass. : iii-iv in Worcester, Mass.

t Was adopted after his parents' death by Noble H. Kinney of Craftsbury and his name

t Legally adopted by George Avcrell of Topsfield. Mass., and name changed to Ethel
Trowbridge Averell,


Herbert M. Trowbridge grew up in his parent's home in Newton, Mass. He
was for a time a bookkeeper in Boston, Mass. He removed to Los Angeles, Cal.,
and is a clerk in the Los Angeles National Bank.


1251. Charles Capex Trowbridge (Asa'-^'-'\ Xalhnn'^"'-^, SamueV"-\
21uiddeiis^"^\ WiUuim^oo*, James^""". Thomas'"), born September 3, 1861. in
Brighton, Mass. ; died April 1, 1905, in Marlborough, Mass. ; married Sei)tember

15, 189G, in Marlborough, Abby Putnam Eaton, daughter of Joshua Putnam
and Lucy Chamberlain (Sanger) Eaton, born June 13, 1872, in Lynn, Mass.
She married, second, August 12, 1906, in New York City, Virgil W. Fuller and
resides in Andover, Mass.

Charles C. Trowbridge went with his parents to Marllidruugh. !Mass. He later
formed a partnership there with Artluir C. Lamson, under the finn name of
Lamson & Trowbridge, hardware dealers. He continued in this connection until
his death.


i. Charlotte, b. May 8, 1905.

lij'i. Edward Jackson Trowbridge (A*v)'^-'\ Natltan'""^'', Samuel"' - ',
Tliaddeiis"'"\ ^l'^7?i(7m"'»^ James'"'""', Thomas"), born October 12, 1863, in
Brighton, Mass.; resides in Sanboniton (Tilton P. O.), N. H. ; married October

16, 1889, in Framingham, Mass., Eva Harriet White, daughter of Frederick
Augustus and Adelaide Betsey (Young) White, born January 21, 1871, in
Charlestown, Mass.

Edward J. Trowbridge went to Frainiugham. Mass., in June, 1879. He lived
there until March, 1895, when he removed to his present home in Sanbornton,
N. H. He is a farmer. He and his wife are members of the Congregational
church in that town.


i. Marion Fuller, b. ,Tnne 27. 189:?.

ii. -Vddie Elizabeth, b. May 13, 1897.

iii. Katherine Eva, b. Deo. 10. 1!)()0.

iv. Ida Louise, b. Oct. 6, 1902.

1253. George Edward Trowbridge (Edward B.""*". Xafhan""^", Samuel'"-*,
Thaddeus"^""'", 'William."''''*, James"""", Thomas"-), born ilarch 28, 1862, in West
Newton, Mass. ; resides in West Newton ; married November 9, 1887, in West
Newton, Alice Amelia Wliitman, daughter of Silas and Helen Parker (Leonard)
Whitman, born December 4, 1862, in Inglisville, Nova Scotia.

George E. Trowbridge was for some years in the milk business in his native
towni, but lately ill health has iirevenfed his being in active business. Pie resides
in West Newton, Mass.

child born in west NEWTON, MASS. :

i. Helen Adelia. b. Feb. 25. 1891 : d. Aug. 7. 18112.

1254. Alpheus Eugene Trowbridge (Edward B.""*". Xathaii""'^", Samuel""-*,
Thaddeus"""", William"""*, James"""", Thomas"), born April 9, 1864, in West
Newton, Mass. ; resides in West Newton ; married October 11, 1885, in West
Boylston. Mass., Susan Warren Flagg, daughter of Ward Nicholas and Mary
Ann (Warren) Flagg, bom May 8, 1863, in Boylston, Mass.

* Except i, who was born in Framingham, Mass.


Alj^hous E. Trowbridge is a clerk in a large grocery house in his native phice,
West Kewton, Mass.


i. Elna Gerteuue. b. Apr. 2, 1891.

1255. Frederick Lawrence TROWBRrocE (Edward B."*", Nafhan^"^'-',
Samiien"-*. Thaddeiis'^'>^\ William^'">\ James^"'>\ Thomas^), born December 25,
1S68, in West Newton, Mass. ; resides in Newton, Mass. ; married December 28,
1802, in Newton, Carrie Adelaide Wellington, daughter of Henry Francis and
Eliza Ann (Ewell) Wellington, bom May 15, 1869, in Newton.

Frederick L. Trowbridge is manager's assistant in the New England Con-
sei-vatory of Music in Boston, Mass. He resides in Newton, Mass.


i. Lawrence Wellington, b. 5Iar. 25, 1800.
ii. Avis, b. Feb. 23, 1907.

1'25G. Edwin TROWBRiDtiE (Henry''''*-, Asa^""", Samuen°-\ Thaddeus'"''',
^yillulm''■°°*, James'"""', Thomas'''), born December 24, 1844, in Newton, Mass.;
died April 2, 1896, in Franklin. Mass.; married November 24. 1865, in Boston,
Mass.; Flora Augusta Kingsbury, daughter of Fisher and Caroline Maria
(Daniels) Kingsbui-j'. born May 1.3, 1845, in Franklin. She resides in Franklin.

Edwin Trowbridge developed musical ability at an early age and played tlie
organ in church the first time when eight years old. He established himself in
business in Franklin, Mass., as a manufacturer of upright pianos, under the firm
name of the Trowbridge Piano Co., of which he was the sole owner at his death.
Since his decease the business has been successfully carried on hy his widow,
wlio has continued to be its sole owner.

Mr. Trowbridge was a fine musician and was prominent in local musical circles.
He held the position of organist in Franklin for twenty-one years, and at the
time of his death tlie society for which he was playing had engaged his services
for life. He was of a quiet, retiring disposition, making and keeping hosts of
friends. He was a member of the !Masonic fraternity and the Odd Fellows.

NO children.

1257. Charles Henry TROWBRiDfjE (Charles P."", Asa'""'", Samuel"''-\
Thaddeus'"''''', William'""'*. James"""'. Thomas''), born January 12, 1855, in
Brookline, Mass. ; resides in Oakham, Mass. ; married, first, November 19, 1879,
in Hopkinton, Mass., Martha Smith Bradford, daughter of James and Waity
Jane (Bean) Bradford, born October 14, 1857, in Hopkinton ; died May 17, 1881,
in Oakham. He married, second, June 19, 189.3, in Oakham, Jane Eliza (Davis)
Presho, daughter of Leonard Wood and Caroline Basima (Holmes) Davis, born
February 11, 1854, in Oakham.

Charles H. Trowbridge at the age of five years was sent from home to live
witli the family of Mr. Page Austen in Oakham. Mass. In the year 1868 he
commenced work on a farm and he continued working for various individuals
for about ten years. On March 1, 1878, he began to carry the United States mail
between Oakliani and North Brookfield, Mass., continuing in this occupation,
with the exception of six months, from November 1, 1887. w-hich he spent in Cali-
fornia, \mtil July 1, 1890. During the remainder of the year 1890 and the
year 1891 he was employed in a crockery store in North Brookfield, going from
there to Ware, Mass., where he continued in a branch of the same store until


3892. lie then returned to Oakliam and for a year was engaged in farniing
there. On June 15, 189.3, he became clerk in the grocery store of N. W. Packard
in Oakham, a position he has since filled, lie resides iu a home that he owns in
that viUage.

lii/ first marrUiijc:*
i. Ethel Austex, b. Jlar. 28, 1881; d. Sept. 12. 1881.

1258. Joseph Chace TitmvBRiDGE (Clifii-lcs P."*', Asa^'"'", Samuel^"-*.
Thaddeus'-''^'; William^'"'*, James^'"'\ Thomas'), born ilarch 5, 1869, in Brook-
line, Mass.; resides in Stoughton, Mass.; married September 29. 1891, in
Sharon. Mass.. iMattie Alice Clapp, daughter of James Bradford and Eliza
(Phillips) Clapp, born February 25, 1874, in Westfield, Mass.

Joseph C. Trowbridge is engaged in the restaurant business in Stouchton.


i. Joseph Chace. b. Apr. 11, 1892.

1259. William Edward Trowbridge (Juhn"^-'. Joh)i'"'''\ John''-'-'', Caleh'""-.
Caleh'""\ James"""', Thomas'), born February 13, 1819, in Warren, Me.; <lied
April 21, 1904, in Togus, Me.; married December 16, 1846, in Waldoboro, Me.,
Maria Martha Brown, daughter of John and Parnel (Doane) Bro\ra, born
December — . 1818, in Waldoboro; died July 22, 1866, in Waldoboro.

William E. Trowbridge settled in Waldoboro. Me., where he was for many
years a spar maker. He was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted June 9.
1861, for three years in Company G, 4th Maine Infantry. He was wounded in
the left ear in the battle of Bull Eun. He was taken prisoner at Alexandria, but
was soon paroled. He was transferred to Company D, 24th Veteran Eeserve
Corps, March 15, 1864, and was mustered out June 27, 1864. He resided the
latter years of his life at the National Soldiers' Home iu Togus, Me. He was a
member of the Masonic fraternity.


i. HiRAM O.. b. Dec. — . 1,810 ; d. May 20, 18T4. in Waldchoro : utim.

ii. William, b. , 185- : d. ased less than 1 year.

iii. William, b. , 185- ; d. aged less than 1 year.

iv. George Brixtox, b. , 18.5- : d. aged 2* years.

12G0. JoHX Davis Trowbridge {John''*'\ John""'''. John'"-^, Caleh""-,
Caleb""'", James"""', Thomas'), born February 22. 1822, iu Waldoboro, Me.; diecl
May 31, 1875, in Waldoboro; married January 6, 1848, in Waldoboro, Sarah
Abigail Castner, daughter of Charles and Margaret (Bornheimer) Castner, born
February 22, 1828, in Waldoboro. She resides in Waldoboro.

John D. Trowbridge, like his father and all of his brothers, learned the trade of
spar making, and was engaged in this business in Waldoboro, Me., where he also
owned a farm. He was one of the most honorable and conscientious of men.
strictly temperate, and having a high regard for all Christian enterprises, and
was held in great esteem by his fellow citizens. He was a regular attendant of
the Congregational church in Waldoboro. of which his widow is a member.


i. Mart Castxer. b. Jan. 2. 1849; m. Sept. 5, 1874. Capt. Tliomas Franklin
Sproul and resides in Waldoboro, Me.

♦ No children by second marriage.

t i and Ti-vii horn in Waldoboro. Me. ; the others in Daniariscotta. Me.


ii. Clara, b. Dec. 20. 18.51: 0. Apr. 9, lS.j4.

iii. Emma. b. Oct. IT, IS.jS ; ni. Oct. 18, 1892, Dnvid Wood Potter and resides
in Waldol)oro.

iv. Georue, b. Mar. 23, 18.5(5; d. Sept. .5, 1850.

V. Everett, b. Feb. 4. 1858 ; grew up in liis nati\-e place, Waldoboro, Me. He
was for fifteen year.s a dealer in groceries, crockery and glassware there,
and then for a number of years was not engaged in bu.siness. He was
chosen a deacon in the Waldoboro Congregational church, and also served
as its clerk and superintendent of its Sunday school. He was also a
member of the town's school committee. In November, 1903. he located
in Mansfield, Mass., where he later engaged in the manufacture of flavoring
extracts, in which he has since continued. He is unmarried.

vi. Edward Allyn, b. Oct. 8. lS(i(i : received his early education in the public
schools of Waldoboro. his native place. On .January 3, 1885, he came to
Boston, Mass., in which city he has since resided. He attended the Massa-
chusetts College of Pharmacy, from -which he was graduated in 1880, and
is a registered pharmacist in both JIaine and Massachusetts. After his
graduation he was for some years engaged in the drug bu.siness in Boston.
He then became a salesman with Belding Bros. & Co., silk manufacturers,
• of Boston, and remained with that concern until 1905. He theu entered
the employ of the Warren Soap JIanufacturing Company of Boston,
manufacturers of te.xtile soaps and cliemicals. He was connected with it
several years as a salesman and is now a member of the firm.

Mr. Trowbridge has long been prominent in politics in Boston. He was
a member of the Hepublican committee of Ward 11, the Back Bay-Beacon
Hill section of the city, for ten years continuously (1893-19031, when he
■ resigned solely on account of the demands of his business. During this
time be devoted himself with the most painstaking care to the service of the
Iial'ty. He has never held any public office, either elective or appointive,
although there is no doubt that the Republicans of his ward would have
supported him enthusiastically for any office in their gift. During his term
of service he was for three years treasurer of his ward committee and three
years its chairman, and is known by all leading politicians as an exponent
of clean and wholesome politics, and his loyalty to a very wide circle of
friends is second only to his devotion to the cause of good citizenship.
When .Tesse M. Gove resigned the presidency of the city committee in 1901.
Mr. Trowbridge was strongly urged by the leaders to become the head of
the organization, but he felt that he would not be able to do justice to the
•lK)sition w-ithout too entii-ely neglecting his private interests, and was
obliged to decline.

Mr. Ti-owbridge united in early youth with the Waldoboro Congregational
church and became a member by letter of the Park Street Congregational
, Church in Boston. He is a member of the Congregational Church T'niiin
and the New England Sabbath Protective^ League. He is a member of the
Toung Men's Christian Assoc-iation, and served on the committee of its
International .Tubilee Convention in Boston in .Tune. 1901. He is also a
member of Revere Lodge of Masons : St. Paul's Chapter, Royal Arch
Masoas : Boston Council, Royal and Select Masons; De Molay Command-
■ery, Knights Templar; the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descend-
ants ; the Massachusetts Society of the Sons of the American Revolution ;
the Reimblican Club of Massachusetts ; the Massachusetts Civic League;
and the Park Street Club of Boston, of which he is an ex-president.

Mr. Trowbridge has been indefatigable in collecting the records of the
descendants of his great-grandfather. .John Trowbridge, and it is due
to his efforts that his branch of the family is presented in so complete a
form. He resides in Boston and is unmarried.

vii. John Davis, b. Dec. 15, 1808 ; d. that day.

1261. EoBKRT Trowbridge (./o/i»"*'. .7o7i »"'■', John^"^-^, Cnleh^"^-. Caleh^""'',
James'-'""', Thomas''), bom November 6. 1825, in Waldoboro, Me.; died October
26, 1873, near Brunswick, Ga. ; married November 15, 1849, in Providence, E, I.,
Sarah Jane Lambert, danpliter of John G. and Susan (Weaver) Lamliert, bom
March 27, 1825. in Waldoboro; died July 4, 1852, in Waldoboro.

Robert Trowbridge learned the trade of a spar maker in his native place. He
settled after his marriage in Rockland, Me., and engaged in shipbuilding. He

(^C^i^^i^^Oyv^ ^^ ' i^>^^r>T/2>^^-u^




was also for a number of years insiiector of customs there. He died while in
the South, whither he had gone for the sake of his health. lie was a member
of the I. O. O. F.


1323. i. Frederick Kent, b. Nov. 30, 1851.

l-2(i-2. James Trowbridge (John^'*\ John^"'-\ John^" - , Caleh'"^-, Caleh^o"'',
James^""", Thomas''), born January .31, 18-30, in Waldoboro, Me.; resides in
Somen-ille, Mass. ; married July 3, 1853, in Charlestown, Mass., Abbie Frances
Smith, daughter of David and Iluldah (Kelley) Smith, bom February 6, 1835, in
Charlestown ; died Aijril 20, 1903, in Somerville.

James Trowbridge learned the spar maker's trade in Waldoboro, Me., his
native place. Soon after reaching his majority he went to Charlestown, Mass..
where he worked at his trade for several years. He then came to reside in
Somerville, Mass., where he is at present in business as a carpenter.

CniLDI'.EN :

i. Carrie Locke, b. Aug. 27. ]S.~>4. in Charlestown. ; m. Nov. ."i. IST.j.

Sidney A. Morley and resides in Somerville, Mass.
ii. Ella Frances, b. Jan. 19, 1858, iu Somerville; m. June l.'i, ISSo, JIark J.

Elvedt and resides iu Somerville.

12«3. Edwin Trowbridge (John'^*'% John^'><'\ Jo]ui^«-% Calel^"''"-, Caleh^""\
James''^'""'. Thomas^), bom July 25, 1834, in Waldoboro, Me.; died February 2,
1885, iu Thomaston, Me.; married April 15, 1859. in Kockland, Me., Hannah
Laurie Bradford, daughter of Ebenezer and Aiinie (Lowry) Bradford, born .June
3, 1833, in Wahloboro; died Xovember 1, 1887, in Thomaston.

Edwin Trowbridge was taught the trade, of spar making by his father, and was
engaged in business as a mast and spar contractor, first in Waldoboro aiid later
in Thomaston, Me. In his business he w'as an exceptional master, and superior
in his capacity of efficiency and agreeably handling a body of men.

Mr. Trowbridge and his family were members of the Baptist church in
Thomaston, and for several years he sen-ed as one of its deacons. To the world
at large the principal things that conunended tliemselves were his open, square,
hojiorable life with all his fellowmen, his excellent judgment, the result of a
remarkablj' well-balaneed mind, and his kindly treatment of everybody under all
circumstances regardless of his station, wealth, or culture. He was a man of com-
paratively few words, but abounding in good acts and leading a noble life, and was
highly esteemed by his fellow citizens for his sterling worth of character. He
was a member of the Masonic fraternity.

"Mr. Trowbridge set aside, during his life, one tenth of his proiierty for
religious and benevolent purposes at home and abroad. Although that tenth
part increased more rapidly than did the rest of his estate, he never made use of
it for any other purpose than that to which he had first devoted it. He never let
his left hand know what his right hand did, and it was not until after his death
that even his own fiimily knew how great, in proportion to his means, had been
his charities. Both he and his wife were sincere Christians and their lives were
daily given to the service of God in its highest spiritual meaning."


1324. i. Henry, b. Mar. IG, 1860.

ii. Stella, b. Jan. 17, 1802: m.. 1st. Feb. 1. 1883. Hon. Albert Perham Gould
of Thomaston. Me.: m.. 2il. Api-. 20, IS'.U. Ilerve.v Williams Whitaker.
M.I)., and resides in Thomaston.


12«4. Charles Trowbridge {Juhn^^*'-, John''«''\ John^«-\ Caleb^"^-, C'aleh^<">\
Janies^'"'", Thomas''), bom Januai->- 14, 1842, in Waldoboro, Me.; died July 5,
1875, in Charlestown, Mass. ; married December 18, 1872, in Charlestown,
Harriet Frye Archer,* daughter of William and Maria Head (Davis) Archer,
bom January 19, 1840, in Charlestown. She resides in Charlestown.

Charles Trowbridge, like his father and brothers, learned to be a spar maker.
When a young man he went to Charlestown, Mass., where he followed his trade
until his death. He was a Free Mason, being a member of lodge and chapter,
and at one time held the office of principal sojourner.


12()o. BE-\j.\3nN Franklix Trowbridge {Nathan, S."", John^'"''^, Johiv^"-'-',
Caleb^"'^-, Caleh^""'", James^"'"', Thomas'-), born October 1, 1838, in Northport,

Me. ; resides in Everett, Mass. ; married , 1861, in Chelsea, Mass., Martha

Smith Chipman, daughter of and Euth (Smith) Chipman, born ,

1838, in WeMeet, Mass. ; died , 1895. in Yonkers, N. Y.

Benjamin F. Trowbridge in early life followed the sea for thirteen years. In
the course of his voyages he sailed to many European ports, the East Indies,
South America and Australia. His vessel was engaged in transporting troops
and war supplies from the latter country during the Crimean War. His last
voyage was in a ship belonging to Bath, Me., from Shields, England, with coal
to New Haven, Conn. He then took up the painting trade, at which he has
since worked in several places. His present residence is Everett, Mass.


i. Ell\ GEiiTRriiE, b. Oct. 13, 1802; m. .Tiily — , 1878. Jlaiuu'l Solis and resides

in Chelsea, Mass.
ii. IIattie Frances, b. Mar. 7, 1807 : m. .Tune 9, 1891, .Julm Seymour Kettell

and resides in Yonkers, N. Y.
iii. Albert Euwim, / twins, d. in infancy,

iv. Mamie, ) b. Mar. l.j, 18(!!); m. Frederieli Leon Read and resides in

V. Bexjamix Franklix, b. Dec. 8, 1872 ; resides in Xew York City,
vi. Axxetia Evelixe, b. Sept. 20, 1874 ; d. in infancy.

12(i(j. George Piilveas Trowbridge {Pliineas P."*", Pliineas'""'''-, John'"-^,
Caleb'"'^-, Ca?e&"»% James^""", Thomas'), bom April 29, 1848, in Leominster,
Mass. ; died June 1, 1895, in Lowell, Mass. ; married September 25, 1878, in
Chelmsford. Mass., Esther Lunette Blodgett, daughter of George Thomas and
Abby Meriba (Plummer) Blodgett, born July 5, 1854, in Westford, Mass. She
resides in Fitchburg, Mass.

George P. Trowbridge was a machinist by trade and was in the employ of the
Merrimac Manufacturing Company in Lowell, Mass., at the time of his death.

Mr. Trowbridge was for over ten years a member of Company G, the Putnam
Guards, 6th Regiment, M. N. G. He rose to the rank of first serg^nt, being
appointed to that position January 1, 1876, and holding it until he resigned
from the service in June, 1879. He was a member for more than tw'enty years
of Warmeset Lodge, Knights of Pythias, of which and of Garfield Colony, United
Order of Pilgrim Fathers, he was a member at his death.


i. Clare>'CE Lendall. b. Feb. 24, 1881 ; wa.s graduated from Lowell Commer-
cial College in Jime. 1890, and became bookkeeper in a retail store in
Lowell, where he remained until September. 1899. He then entered the

* A sister of the wife of his nephew No. 1323.

t i born in Portland, Me. ; ii in Chelsea. Mass. ; iii-v in New Haven, Conn. ; vi in Hig-
gannm. Cunn.


office of thp New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad Company in
Fitclibury. JIass., wliere lie remained until October. 1901. lie then
entered the office of the Boston and Maine Railroad Compan.v, remaining
there until June, lUOtJ. when he accepted his present position, which is in
the executive department of the Simonds Manufacturing Compan.v of Fitch-
burg. He is a member of Aurora Lodge. F. and A. M., Thomas Chapter,
R. A. JI., and Jerusalem Commandery. K. T. of Fitchburg. He is

1267. Fr.\xk Peirce Trowbridge (Phineas P."", Phineas^"' - , Juhn'^'' - ',
6'a?eZ;^"=, Caleh^«o\ James^"'"', Thomas^), bom May 25, 1853, in Lowell, Mass.;
(lied April 1.'5. isOt). in Lowell ; married Xovcmber -27, 1889, in Lowell. Margaret
Jane Dailey, daug-hter of ilicliael and Hanorah (MnriDliey) Dailey, born October

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