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is. 1862, in Lawrence, Mass. She resides in Lowell.

Frank P. Trowbridge was a steam and gas fitter by trade, and was so employed
at the time of his death. He lived all of his life in his native place, Lowell,


i. Ethel May. b. May 7, 1891; d. July 2. ISOI.
ii. Frank Joxes, b. Dec. 14. 1892.
iii. Gkace Evelyn, b. July 7, 1.S97.

1268. Charles Cleavelaxd Trowbridge (Charles .-1."^", Phineas^"'' - . John'^"-^.
Culeh^o^-, Caleb^oo^ James^""", Thomas'), born July 4. 1850, in Leominster,"
Mass.; resides in Leominster; married, first, December 5, 1874, in Fitchburg,
Mass., Catherine Jeannette Richardson, daughter of Thurston and Harriet
Butterfield (Adams) Richardson, born June 25, 1855, in Leominster; died
November 30, 1883, in Leominster. He married, second, May 16, 1894, in Leo-
minster, Jennie Louise (Grant) Locke, widow of James Locke of Leominster
and daughter of George and Mary Ann (Lane) Grant, born October 24, 1866, in
Halifax, Xova Scotia.

Charles C. Trowbridge resides in Leominster. Mass., his native place. He is
a comb maker in the employ of the W. I). Earl Horn Comb and Pin Company of

Mr. Trowbridge is a member of Tahanto Lodge, Ancient Order of United
Workmen, in which he took the master's degree July 1, 1886.

Bii first marriuijc:*
i. Gi!ACE Gertrude, b. Apr. 21. 1875: d. Aug. 10. lS7i;.

ii. Aluex Adams, b. Mar. 10. 1877; attended the public school of his native
town and lived there until he was twenty-six years of age. the eight
of which he worked at comb making with the W. D. Earl Company.
He then entered the Waltham Horological School. Waltham. JIass.. where
he learned watchmaking. He is at present employeil by Mr. A. De Mon-
tigny. jeweler, in Nashua, N. H. IIh is unmarried,
iii. Clayton Earl. b. Dec. 11, 1870; d. Apr. 4. ISSl.
1?)25. iv. Ernest Clea\-eland, b. Aug. 27, 1881.

1269. Henry Hire Trowbridge (Charles A."'^", Phineas'^'^'^-, John'"-'',
Ciileh'"'-. Caleh"'"\ James'""". Thomas'), born March 8, 1857, in Leominster,
Mass.; resides in Leominster; married June 3, 1880, in Leominster, Enmia
May Cliiford, daughter of Johnf and Emma (Kitchen) Clifford, bora July 27,
1857, in Worcester, Mass.

* No children by second marriage.

t He at one time added a middle initial "A" to distinguish himself from another of
the name in the same town with him.


llenry H. Trowbridge resides in Leominster. Mass., his native place. He is
employed as a comb maker with the W. D. Earl Horn Comb and Pin ComiDany
of Leominster.

Mr. Trowbridge joined Leominster Lodge, No. 86, I. O. O. F., March 16, 1887,
of which he was installed vice-grand January 7, 1891, noble grand July 8, 1891.
and past grand January 6, 1892. He joined Tahanto Lodge, A. O. U. W., of
Leominster February 4, 1889. in which he served two terms (1894 and 1895) as
master workman and was retired to the past master's chair January 2, 1896.


1326. i. Clarence Henry, b. Feb. 24, 1S.S4.

1270. George Frank Trowbridge {George N.'^^^-, Jepthah^'"^'', Jolm^"-'^,
Caleb^"^-, Calel'-o"^, James'^'""', Thomas^), bom April 24, 1845, in Lowell, Mass.;
resides in Rochester, N. H. ; married October 15, 1872, in South Berwick, Me.,
Josephine Goodwin, daughter of George and Eliza (Hill) Goodwin, born Feb-
ruary IS, 1848, in Bangor, Me.; died July 12, 1889, in Nashua, N. H.

George F. Trowbridge was a merchant in Nashua, N. H., for some years. He
is at present a clerk in the Hotel Wrisley in Rochester, N. H.


i. JiARA. b. JIa.v 16, 1878; <1. Mar. 24, 1879.

1271. Alfred Lorenzo Trowbridge {W illiam'^'^'^^ , Jepthah^""^, John'^"-'\
Caleh'"^-, Caleh^'"'^, James^'>'"'. Thomns^). born March 21, 1844, in Westborough.
Mass.; resides in Newport, R. I.; married, first, August 2, 1876, in Worcester,
Mass., Charlotte (Edwards) Westcott, widow of Henry Westeott of Sterling,
Conn., and daughter of Henry and Abby (Reed) Edwards, born Jul.y 20, 1840, in
Canterbury, Conn. ; died November 5, 1902, in Ne'v\'i3ort. lie married, second.
February 20, 1904. in Newport, Emma Augusta Anthony, daughter of Joseph
Russell and Alice Wade (Young) Anthony, bom September 22, 1852, in Newport.

Alfred L. Trowbridge at the age of fifteen years left the Westborough high
school, which he had attended for only three terms, to learn a trade in the wagon
and sleigh manufactory of his maternal grandfather. He remained in his
employ until the outbreak of the Civil War. On his eighteenth birthday, March
21, 1862, he enlisted for three years in Company K, 13th Massachusetts Infantry,
but was taken ill and was discharged for disability at Falmouth, Va., May 24.
1862. He re-enlisted April 28, 1864, for ninety days in the 6th Unattached
Company of Infantry, Independent Division of Massachusetts volunteer militia,
and was stationed at Readville, Mass.. until he was discharged August 2, 1864,
at the expiration of his term of service.

Directly after this he went to Lowell, Mass., to learn the machinist's trade, and
remained there nearly four years. After his marriage, in 1876, he settled in
West Medway, Mass.. and carried on the business of a wheelwright there four
years. He then sold it out and has since that time been in the machinist's
business. During this time he worked six years for the Herreshoifs. yacht
builders, in Bristol. R. I. In 1894 he came to work at the U. S. torpedo station
at Newport, R. I., where he has since continued to be employed.

Mr. Trowbridge is a member of Charles E. Lawton Post. No. 5, G. A. R..
Department of Rhode Island, and was its commander four years (1902-5).
While a resident of Providence, R. I., he joined the Ignited Order of Pilgrim



1272. Benjamin Avery Trowbridge (George A."'^', Edmund'-'"^''', John^""",
John'-o'-\ John^'>''\ Thomas^""-, James^'">'', Thomas'-), born November 3, 1837, in
New York City; resides in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; married September 8, 1869, in
New York City. Mary Williams Ketcham. daughter of Edward WoodhuU and
Sarah Ami (Ilaydoii) Keteham, bom January 18. 1845, in New York City;
died April 13, 1887. in Brooklyn.

Benjamin A. Trowbridge at the age of three years went to live with his grand-
parents in Framingham, Mass., where he received his education in the grammar
and high schools. lie lived in the home of his grandparents until his father
gave up business and came to reside in Framingham in 1858, when he went to
live with him. He was engaged in farming summers and in the lumber business
winters. In 1859 he engaged in the ice business, and was the first to use and
introduce the ice plow in Framingham. In 18G2 he went to New York City
and was a provision dealer in Fulton Market until 1897. He was then proprietor
of a livery stable in that city until 1900, when he retired from active business.
He has been a member of the Consolidated Stock Exchange of New York City
from 1886 until the present time.

Mr. Trowbridge united at an early age with the Congregational church in
Framingham, ^lass., in which he still retains his membership. He resides in
Brooklyn, N. Y.


i. JIiLLiE Ketcii,\m. b. Aug. 29, 1870 ; m. Apr. 9, 1892, Adolph Norden, Jr., of
Brooklyn, N. Y.

ii. George Edw.^rd, b. Dec. 3. 1871 ; when a .voung man wa.s a clerk in the
Asbestos Works in New Tork City .ind later a clerk in the jewelry store
of the Gorham Manufacturing Company in that city. He was then owner
of a provision .store in Fulton JIarket for some years. He then engaged
in farming on Long Island. N. Y. For the past few years he has been
general manager of the Winthrop country estate in Jericho, Long Island.
He is unmarrie<l.

iii. Jessie .\lvori). b. Sept. 13, 1873 : m. Apr. 19, 1894, Alfred Ritchie Innes and
resides in Brooklyn.

iv. Nellie May. b. Sept. 20, 1877 : resides with her father ; unm.

1273. George Alvord Trowbridge {George il.'^"", Edmund^"'^'^, John}"-^,
Jolin^'''''^ John^""', Thomas'"">-, James^'"'''. Thomas"^), born February 6. 1843. in
New York City ; died November 29, 1872, in Baltimore, Md. ; married January

11, 1872, in Boston, Mass,, Frances Mary (Seward) Perry, widow of George L.
Perry of Framingham, Mass., and daughter of Thomas and Martha Ann (Dexter)
Seward, born April 14, 1846, in Chelsea, Mass. She resides in Winthrop, Mass.

George A. Trowbridge was fifteen years old whqn his parents returned to
Framingham, Mass. He remained on the old homestead until he entered the
employ of Brooks Bros., clothiers, in New York City, where he had full charge
of the furnishing goods department. He joined Company A, 22d Regiment.
N. G. S. N. Y., November 22, 1864, and continued in it as a private until April

12, 1866, when he was promoted to corporal.

He remained with Brooks Bros, until he and his brother Edmund engaged in
the grocery business in Framingham, their firm being known as Trowbridge
Bros. The latter part of his life and until the spring of 1872 he was with Alden
L. Drake in the coal and wood business in Boston, Mass. Early in September,
1872, he and his wife went to Baltimore. Md., for the sake of his health, Init he
died in that city the following November.


i. Frances Alvord, b. Dec. l.j. 1872 : d. Sept. 5, 1873.


1274. Edmund TnowBRroGE (George A.'^^^', Edmiind^'"'^, John^""^, John^"^'",
John^""', Thomas^""-, James^'">'>, Thomas^), bom January 24, 1846, in New York
City ; died June 3, 1900, in Framingham, Mass. ; married October 2, 1871, in
Framingham, Addie Frances Parker, daughter of Orre and Mary Louise (Moul-
ton) Parker, bom Febniarj' 3, 1854, in Monson, Mass. She resides in

Echnund Trowbridge went in boyhood with his parents to Framingham, Mass.
He became a clerk in the general store of George Metcalf in that town and was
afterwards clerk in a provision house in New York City. He then returned to
Framingham and was proprietor of the store in which he formerly was a clerk.
He later was for several years a partner with his elder brother, Benjamin, in the
provision business in New York City. About 1882 he opened a furnishing goods
store in Chicago, 111., and later was a partner in a brokerage firm in that city. In
1888 he returned to Framingham, where he passed the last years of his life,
retired from all active business.


i. jM-aude, b. Mar. 7. 1873, in FraminKham. ; d. Mar. IS, 1880.
1327. ii. Edmukd Parker, b. Dec. 17, 187C. in Brooklyn, N. Y.

1275. WiLLUM Hexry Trowbridge (George A.^'^^', , Edmund'^''^'^, Jolin'^''-'-',
John'-''^'% J ohv}"^'',^ Thomas^""-, James^"'^"'', Thomas''), bom May 3, 1850, in New
York City; resides in South Framingham, Mass.; married October 9, 1876, in
South Framingham, Mary Buckminster Phipps, daughter of Joseph and Helen
Curtis (Bell) Phipps, born August 17, 1849, in Framingham, Mass.; died March
14, 1886, in Framingham.

William H. Trowbridge when two years of age was sent to the old Trowbridge
homestead in Framingham, Mass. He led the life of a farmer's boy there until
1871, when he went to work in the grocery store of Trowbridge Bros, in Framing-
ham Center. In 1872 he was employed by John R. White & Son, coal dealers
in Boston, Mass., as bookkeeper, staying there about two years. He then went to
New York City and learned the cutter's trade of J. B. West. In 1875 he moved
to Akron, Ohio, and went into the' merchant tailoring business with T. B. Albert.
That year he went to Cincinnati, Ohio, and was employed as cutter for Bay
Bros. In 1876 he moved to South Framingham, Mass., and engaged in merchant
tailoring and the general furnishing business, in which he continued until 1887.

Mr. Trowbridge in 1883 built the fii-st opera house in Framingham, called
Elmwood Opera House, seating one thousand, and managed the same for sixteen
years and Until it burned in 1899. In 1894 he remodeled the building called
Elmwood Rink and made of it what has been known for twelve years as Company
E Armory. He is at present engaged with the care of his various real estate
holdings in Framingham. He resides in South Framingham.

Mr. Trowbridge since 1885 has acted in a fiduciary capacity for a large number
of family estates. - He is a member of the American Legion of Honor, Knights
of Honor and Royal-Arcanum. He is also a member of the Framingham Board
of Trade, an associate member of Company E, M. V. M., and an associate
member of G. A. R. Post, No. 163. He has taken interest in assisting the com-
piler to gather the records of the Framingham branch of the family.


i. Ida Francis, b. .Tune 23, 1879; m. June 19, 1901, Dr; Louis D. H. Fuller
and resides in Wellesley Hills, Mass.

1276. Charles Ozias Trowbridge (George A."^', Edrmtnd^'""', Johri^""",
Jo7uj"'-\ John^o"', Thomas^""-. James'"">\ Thomas'), born January 21, 1853, in
New York City ; resides in Framingham, Mass. ; married October 25, 1880, in



JB A if^^B

^^^^ ij'y.- ^jB^^^^^^^Py^^^^^^^^B^M



Framinghara, Matilda Goddard Allen, daughter of Hervey Wilber and Clarissa
(Howe) Allen, born April 30, 185S, in Boston, Mass.

Charles O. Trowbridge was brought in infancy by his parents to Framingham,
Mass., in which town he has since resided. He was for many years engaged in
the grocerj' and dry goods business there, but is now retired.

Mr. Trowbridge was elected in March, 1886, a member of the board of overseers
of the poor and continued in office until March, 1895, being chairman of the
board for the two preceding years from March, 1893. He has been warden and
presiding ofHcer of the First voting precinct for a number of years. He has also
been elected a delegate to the Republican state convention for two years, and to
the county and U. S. Congressional conventions. He was also chosen to serve
on several of the conunittees having in charge the 200th anniversary celebration
of the town of Framingham in 1000. In March, 190C, he was elected to serve for
a term of three years on the Framingham board of health, and has since his
election acted as secretary of that body. . . -I


127". Prof. John Trowbridge (John H.^"^, John^"^'', John^"-", ./o7u^'"^
John^""', Thomas'-'"'-, /a/nesi""", Thomas^), born August 5, 1843, in Boston,
Mass.; resides in Cambridge. Mass.; married June 20, 1878, in Boston, Mary
Louise Thayer, daughter of Seth Turner and Elizabeth (White) Thayer, born
August 10. 1812, in Brookline, Mass.

John Trowbridge completed his studies preparatory to college at the Boston
Latin School. He entered Harvard University and was graduated with honors
from the Lawrence Scientific School in 1866. After graduation he taught
mathematics in the university as assistant to Professor Eustis for three years,
1866-9. He was then appointed assistant professor of mathematics in the
United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, but. never perfoi-med the duties
of that position, having been called to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
as instructor in physics and superintendent of the drawing department. He
was afterwards appointed assistant professor of physics in the same institution,
and then full professor of descriptive geometry and its applications. He soon
after resigned, however, and that year returned to Harvard and established a
laboratory course in physics, being appointed assistant professor of experi-
mental physics, a position he held until 1880. He had received the honorary
degree of S.D. from Harvard in 1873. In 1888 he was appointed director of
the Jefferson Physical Laboratory of Harvard University and Eumford professor
of the application of science to the iiseful arts.

Professor Trowbridge was elected a member of the National Academy of
Sciences in 1S7S. He was a member of the international congress of elec-
tricians which met at Paris in 1883, and a delegate to the United States con-
gress of electricians which met in Philadelphia in 1884. In the latter' year
he was elected vice-president of the section of physics of the American Academy
of Arts and Sciences. He is also a member of the American Philosophical
Society. For several years he edited the "Annual of Scientific Discovery" and
is now associate editor of the "American Journal of Science."

Professor Trowbridge when still a young man distinguished himself by writ-
ing essays on literary and scientific subjects of marked ability, and reviews
published in the "Xation" and other periodicals. He has since written many
papers on physics, and particularly on electricity. His chief work has been on
the subject of electricity and its relation to light and heat. He is the author
of "The New Physics," 1884; "The Electrical Boy," 1891; "Three Boys
on an Electrical Boat," 1894; "Wliat is Electricity?," 1896; "The Eesolute
Mr. Pansy," 1897; and "Philip's Exiieriment in Electrical Science," 1898.



1278. Dr. Gkosvenor Eeuben Trowbridge (John iS."^", Josiah'^"'^^, John^"-^,
Johti''"^ John'""'', Thomas'^'"'-, Jarnes^'""', Thomas'-), bom September 14, 18G3,
in Buffalo, N. Y. ; died May 20, 1908, iu Buffalo ; married October 18, 1893, in
Rochester, N. Y., Lucy Sanderson Hortoii, daughter of Joseph Homet and Abbie
(Newcomb) Horton, bom December IS, 1872, in Bernice, Pa. She resides in

Grosvenor R. Trowbridge, like his father and grandfather, was a physician
in Buffalo, N. Y. He received his early education in the schools of his native
city and prepared for college at the Buffalo Classical School. He was gradu-
ated from Williams College, Williamstowm, Mass., in 1884 with the degree of
B.A. and from the medical depart.ment of the University of Buffalo in 1887
with the degree of M.D. He was then for a year and a half house surgeon at
the Rochester, N. Y., city hospital. In 1889 he was appointed assistant physician
at the State Hospital for the Insane at Danville, Pa., resigning that position in
1894 to enter private practice in Buffalo, with which he had been occupied up to
the time of his death.

Doctor Trowbridge was surgeon for the Lehigh Valley and the Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western railroad companies. He was a member of the
Williams chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity and of the North Presby-
terian Church of Buffalo.


12"!>. Ben.j.\min Walter Trowbridge {William'^'^'^'', Jos/a/i""", John^"-^,
John"'^", John"">', Thomas^o"'-, James"^""", Thomas'-}, born November 11, 1853,
in Fort Erie, Canada West ; resides in Los Angeles, Cal. ; married February 24,
18SS, in San Bernardino, Cal., Helen Marian Spear, daughter of Erasttis and
Maria (Paniell) Spear, bom December 7, 1849, in West Medway, Mass.

Benjamin W. Trowbridge went in early manliood to Los Angeles, Cal. Since
March 20, 1887, he has been a member of the Los Angeles Fire Department and
is at present driver of Chemical Engine No. 5.


1280. Charles Christopher Trowbridge {Edmund'^''^^, Stephen Y.^"'^,
Luther"' - -. Thomas'""'^, John'""'', Thomas'""-', James'""", Thomas'), born March
12, 1865', in Detroit, Mich. ; resides in San Francisco, Cal. ; married February
27, 1889, in San Francisco, Edith Laura Sharp, daughter of William and
Margaret (Graham) Sharp, bom April 18, 18(55, in Sacramento, Cal.

Charles C. Trowbridge when nine years of age went to Hellmonth College,
London, Canada. In the latter part of 1876 he and the other members of his
family came to San Francisco, Cal., to live, making their home in the Palace
Hotel for a number of years. After leaving school he secured employment
in a wholesale stationery store, but, his health not being very good and the
nature of the work very confining, he went to Riverside in Southern California
to live. With a friend he opened a stationery store there, but the bu.siness was
not successful. He decided to go on the stage, and at once went to New York
and engaged with the Whitney "Rob Roy" Opera Company. He was with
them three seasons. He then returned to San Francisco and entered the office of
the Fiix; Underwriters' Insijection Bureau in that city, with which he has since


i. Charles Christopher, b. May 17, 1808.
ii. iliRiAM, b. Oct. 22. 1900.
iii. Edith, b. Feb. 24, 1905.


1281. William Petit Trowbriikie {William P."»«, Stephen 7.'"', Luther^"^-,
T7(om(7s'"^ John^o^'. Tlu,mas'"><-'-, James""">, Thomas'), born .lanuary 5. 1861,
in Washin^oii, D. C; i-esides in Tacoina, Wash.; married July 19, 1904, in
Tacoma, Grace Thorjt Derickson, daughter of Riehiird Wood and Frances
Harriet (Thorp) Derickson, born October Hi. ISOS, in Meadville. Pa.

William P. Trowbridge prepared for college at Hopkins (Jrannnar School,
New Haven, Conn., and entered the School of Mines, Columbia College, New
York City, and afterwards entered the Sheffield Scientific School at Yale, where
he took a special course of studies during the year 1880-1. For several years fol-
lowing he was in the United States government hydrographic service, first at Wil-
mington, Del., and later under Colonel McFarland, U. S. A., engaged in the work
of improving New York Bay and waters in that vicinity. Afterwards he was
engaged in government irrigation survey work in the West, which was done under
the direction of Major John Powell of the U. S. Geological Survey. The work
was carried on in New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Idaho and Wyoming.
In this connection he also made topographical surveys of parts of Idaho, surveying
several thousand square miles. In 1894 he became assistant land commissioner
of the St. Paul and Dnluth Railroad Company, with headquarters in St. Paul,
Minn., and held that position until that railroad was sold to the Northern Pacific
Railway Company. He then entered the employ of the (irittin Wheel Company
and was with it in Kansas City, Mo., Detroit, Mich., and Tacoma, Wash., being
its local superintendent. He has recently engaged himself in the real estate
business in the latter city, being much occupied in buying lands for railroads,
in which he has had wide experience.


1282. Samuel Breck Parkjian Trowbridge (William P."''", Stetjhfn T'.^""',
Luther'"''-, Thomas'""^, John"'"', Thomas'""-, James'""", Thomas'), born May
20, 1862, in New York City; resides in New York City; married January 16,
1896, in New York City, Sophia Pennington Tailer, daughter of Henry Austin
and Sophia (Pennington) Tailer, born April 22, 1871, in New York City.

S. Breck P. Trowbridge pursued his college preparatory studies at Hopkins
Grammar School in New Haven, Conn. He was graduated from Trinity Col-
lege, Hartford, Conn., in 1883 with the degree of B.A. He received the
honorary degree of M.A. from that institution in 1893. After his graduation he
entered the School of Mines, Columbia College, New York City, from which he
was graduated in 1886 with the degree of Ph.B. He was then a member of the
American School of Classical Studies, Athens, (ireece, 1886-7, during which time
he superintended the construction of buildings in Athens for the school. He
then entered the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, from which he was graduated
with honors in 1890. Since that time he has practiced architecture in New York
City, and has taken a high place in his profession.

Mr. Trowbridge is an honorary member of the British Institute of Archaeology
and membre correspondant de la Societe des Architects Diplomes par le Govern-
ment Franeais ; founder and has been twice president of the Society of Beaux
Arts Architects; member of the executive committee of the New York Chapter
of the American Institute of Architects; trustee and member of the executive
committee of the Academy of Rome; member of the committee on architecture
of the Fine Arts Federation; and fellow of the American Institute of Archi-
tects. He was vice-president of the Alliance Franeais, New York, in 1904. He
is a member of the New York state societies of the Sons of the Revolution and
the Society of Colonial Wars. He is also a member of the Fnion, Century,
Racquet and Tennis, and St. Anthony clubs of New York City; the Ardsley
Club, Ardsley on Hudson ; and the Trinity chapter of the Delta Psi fraternity.


Mr. Trowbridge's military ser\'ice has been as follows: He enlisted in Troop
A, 1st Cavalry, X. G. S. X. T.. Ausrust 7. 1S90; served tliroughout the Buffalo
riots in 1S92 ; was commissioned 2d lieutenant in the 12th Regiment Infantry,
N. G. S. X. Y.. May 14, 1S9-1. and commissioned 1st lieutenant, October 30, 1S95 ;

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