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served throughout the Brooklyn riots, 1895; resigned and received full and
honorable discharge December 2, 1896.


12S3. "\ViLLL\M EiGGS Trowbridge (Tillman C."", Stephen r.^°'\ Luther^"^-,
Thom^s'"'^'^, Jolin'^'"'', TJiomas'^'"'-, James'^'""'. Thomas^), bom August 17, 1863, in
Constantinople, Turkey ; resides in Chicago. 111. ; married March 26, 1893, in
Faribault, Minn.. Adeline Ada Wilson, daughter of Eev. Sherman B. and Harriet
C. (Jewett) Wilson, born June 11, 1S71, in Brandon Hill, Jamaica, West Indies.

William E. Trowbridge received his elementary education in England and in
Massachusetts, coming to the United States to attend school in 1878. In 1882
he visited his family in Constantinople. He entered the academic department
of the University of Michigan, of which he was a member from 1883 to 1886,
leaving that department in the latter year to enter the medical department of
the same institution, which he attended until the death of his father in 1888.
He then accepted a position as a teacher in Bordentown (Pa.) Military Institute,
and later taught at Shattuck School in Faribault, Minn. In the summer of
1893, a few months after his marriage, he became associate master of Rugby
School in Kenilworth, HI., of which he became head master a few years later,
and where he remained until 1903. He then was appointed principal of the
Helena, Mont, high school. He continued in charge of that school until the
summer of 1907, when he resigned to take a year for study at the University of
Chicago. He is a member of the University of Michigan chapter of the Delta
Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

The Helena, Mont., Independent of June 5, 1907, pays him the following
tribute :

"In Helena Professor Trowbridge has been a singular and insistent influence for all
that is best in education. He has led his contemporaries with a virile and cleanly knowl-
edge of boy-youth, and every normal child in this community reverences Trowbridge as a
friend, a champion, and a wise director of childhood. For all his talent as a teacher of
juveniles. Professor Trowbridge has brought to his service here the eloquence of a lecturer,
the training of an artist, and the sincerity of a true educator. We envy the town that
gets Trowbridge. To us he is and has been the gentleman of nurture, the scholar, the
practician and the poet all in one. Modesty and i>ower are in him. His spirit in
educational work is as pure and as well qualified as any that can be found in America.

In Mr. Trowbridge will be found the rare, the odd. the new combination of the gentle-
man pedagogue. Which comes first is the question. Mr. Trowbridge will fit in any
wise and modern school or scheme of learning. He is one of the men who have made
education understandable : he is and will be, no matter where he goes, an influence for
the tender, decent theories of broad nurture. Profe.ssor Trowbridge has been one of the
biggest and best influences in the educational life of this town, and we regret his going."


1284. Edward Dwight Tro«T3RIDge (TiUnuin C."", Stephen y.i»'S Luther^"^-,
^7loma«"l^ ./o/in.i""'', T/iomas"''^, James'^'""', Thomas'"), bom October 1. 1870,
in Marash. Turkey; resides in Eio de Janeiro, Brazil; married November 9,
1897, in Detroit, Mich., Flora Lindsay, daughter of Archibald Gilchrist and
Ruth Lewis (Meginnity) Lindsay, bom July 10, 1868. in Detroit.

Edward D. Trowbridge came to the United States in 1882 and made his home
with his uncle Gen. Luther S. Trowbridge in Detroit, Mich. He attended the
Detroit high school and later (1887-8) the academic department of the Uni-
versity of Micliigan. He left the latter at his father's death and took a position


on a Detroit newspaper. He later became manager of the American Telegraph
and Telephone Company in Cleveland. Ohio, and from there returned to Detroit
as general superintendent of the long distance service of the Michigan Telephone
Company. He remained in that position nntil 1906. when he was invited by the
Tramway, Light and Power Company of Eio de Janeiro, Brazil, to take general
charge of the telephone system of that city. He accepted tlie position and has
since then been occupied with his duties there.


i. Archibald Lindsay, b. Apr. 19. 1899.
ii. Margaret Rigus, b. Sept. 28. 1901.
iii. Edward Dwight. b. Deo. 5, 1902.

12S5. Eev. Stephen van Eexsselaer Tro^vbridge (Tillman C."^', Stephen
y.^"", Luther^o"-, Thomas'^'"-'\ John'""'', Thomas^""-, James^'""', Thomas^),
born May 28, 1881, in Aintab, Turkey; resides in Aintab; married June 21,
1906, in Brooklyn, N. Y., Blanche Louise Horton, daughter of Byron and Eliza-
beth (Douglas) Horton, born in Brooklyn.

Stephen van E. Trowbridge came to the United States in 1895 to attend Rugby
School in Kenilworth, 111., of which his elder brother was master, and he there
prepared for college. He was graduated from Princeton L'liiversity in 1902 with
the degree of B.A. He studied for the ministry in the Hartford Theological
Seminary, from which he was graduated in 1905. After his ordination he
became assistant to Eev. Dr. S. P. Cadman of the Central Congregational Church
of Brooklyn, X. T. After the dedication of St. Paul's Chapel, erected with
money provided by the liberal jubilee gift of the members and friends of Eev.
Dr. Cadman's church previous to the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of
its organization, Mr. Trowbridge was placed in charge of it, and remained its
minist«>r imtil he and his wife sailed for Turkey soon after their marriage to
begin their missionary labors.

Mr. and Mrs. Trowbridge received their commission from the American Board
through the Central Congregational Church of Brooklyn, and they reached
Aintab on December 6, 1906. They are engaged in missionary work in the
Central Turkey field, their home being in the city o'f Aintab. Mr. Trowbridge's
share of service is in touring the villages and remote towns of this field to preach
the Gospel and cooperate with the churches which have been founded in twenty

various centers.

NO children.

1286. Louis Ostrander Trowbridge (Gu,/ .V.>l«^ Stephen F.^'S Luther^"^-,
Thomas^"'^^, John^'"'', Thomas^"''-, James^""", Thomas^), born July 8, 1861, in
Troy, Mich.; resides in Pontiac, Mich.; married April 28. 1886. in Pontiac,
Eva Morris, daughter of Joseph H. and Eliza Jane (Barkman) Morris, bom
December 17, 1864, in Pontiac.

Louis O. Trowbridge is engaged in farming on the family homestead in Troy
township, Oakland county, Mich.

children born in pontiac MICH. :

i. Gi-T Thorpe, b. Aug. 16. 1S8S.
ii. ilARGfERlTE. b. June 9. 1896.

1287. Prof. Alexander Buel Trowbridge (Luther S.^^^^, Stephen T.^^'S
L»/;ier"==, Thomas'"'^^ John'""'~. Thomas^"''-. J am e $'■'"">. Thomas^), born Sep-
tember 3, 1868, in Detroit, Mich. ; resides in Brooklyn, X. Y. ; married August



17, 1890, iu Great Xeck, Long Island, X. Y., Gertrude Mary Sherman, daughter
of John Taylor and Julia Champion (Deming) Sherman, born May 5, 1867, in

Alexander B. Trowbridge received his education jireparatory to college in the
public schools of his native city. He was graduated from Cornell University
in 1890 with the degree of B.S. in architecture. From 1893 to 1895, inclusive,
he studied architecture in the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. He practiced archi-
tecture iu Detroit from 1895 to 1897. In tlie latter yeai- he was appointed "pro-
fessor of architecture in Cornell University and wa.s placed in charge of the
College of Architecture. He held the position of director of the College of
Architecture until the summer of 1902, when he resigned and went again to
Europe for two years of advanced study. In 1904 he came to New York City
and formed a partnership with Mr. Frederick L. Ackerman, under the name of
Trowbridge & Ackerman, and it is recognized as one of the leading firms of
architects of that city.

Mr. Trowbridge is a member of the American Institute of Architects, the
Society of Beaux Arts Architects, the Architectural Leagiie, the Mvniicipal Art
Society, the New York Chapter of the 4-roerican Institute of Architects, the
Kappa Alpha Society, the Brookljni Armstrong Association, the National Arts
Club and the Sands Point Golf Club.


i. Sherman, b. May 22, 1897, in Detroit, Mich.

ii. Alice, ( twins,

iii. Alexander Bltel, \ b. Dec. 19, 1898, in Ithaca. X. Y.

iv. Stephen Van Rensselaer, b. Aug. 15, 19il7. in Port Washington, X. T.

1288. Frederick William Trowbridge (William 2^."'S William F.i"S
Joseph^"'''*, Thomas^"'", Johv}""'', Thomas^""'^, James'^'>'">, Thomas^), born June
15, 1849, in Hudson, Mass.; resides in Hudson; married June 14, 1870, in
Bolton, Mass., Ella Elizabeth Fairbank, daughter of Omar and Rachel Sophia
(Fairbank) Fairbank, bom July 28, 1850, in Leominster, Mass.; died April 28,
1905, in Hudson.

Frederick W. Trowbridge resides in Hudson, Mass., his native place. He
learned the shoemaking trade and was in business with his father until the
latter's death in 1893. He is at present in the employ of the HefEt shoe factory
in Hudson. He is a past grand of Hudson Lodge, No. 154, I. 0. 0. F.

NO children.

1289. William Frederick Trowbridge (Frederick 11'."'^, William F^^'*,
Joseyh^"'^^, Thomas^"^^, John"-""'', Thomas'""'-, James^""", Thomas'"), born October
20, 1872, in Hudson, Mass.; resides in Marlborough, Mass.; married December

18, 1897, in Boston, Mass., Malvina Boivin, daughter of Francis and Rose
(Bouley) Boivin, bom September 9, 1873, in Marlborough.

William F. Trowbridge is a bookkeeper for a shoe factory in Marlborough,
Mass., and resides in that city.

He enlisted there during the Spanish- American War, May 6, 1898, in Company
F, 6th Massachusetts Regiment, U. S. V. He performed service in Porto Rico
and Cuba, and was mustered out January 21, 1899. He is a member of the
Sons of Veterans and the Spanish War Veterans. He is also a member of Holy
Trinity P. E. Church in Marlborough.

children born in Marlborough, mass. :

i. Helen Adelaide, b. Deo. 23, 1898.
ii. Arline, b. Nov. 23, 1900.


1290. Arthur Sinnock Trowbridge (Augustus -S."'*, WillMm F.'"'*,
Joseph^'*''*, ^/!omflsl"^ John'^""', Thomas^""-, James'^'>'">, Thomas'^), bom Decem-
ber 6, ISSO. ill Dorchester, Mass. ; resides iu South Franiingham, Mass. ; married
October 2. 19(16, in South Framiiigham. Ethel Lowell, daughter of George
Franklin and Mary Ellen (Reece) Lowell, born July 12, 1886, in Boston, Mass.

Arthur S. Trowbridge is a salesman with the Tracy Brothers Leather Company
in Boston, Mass. He resides in South Franiingham, Mass.


1291. Martin Hexry Trowbridge (John 5."*», Willard""\ ^Y illard^'>^\
.7flmes'"% DaiiieP""^, James^""^, James'"""', Thomas^), bom July 12, 1841, in
Delta, Ohio; died October 17, 1899, in Burdett, Mo.; married October 8,
1866, in Ottawa, 111.. Marcia Ette Nichol, daughter of John Tilton and Rebecca
(Mickey) Nichol, born Januai-y IT, 18-1.5, in Ashland county, Ohio. She resides
in Burdett.

Martin H. Trowbridge worked on his father's farm in Delta, Ohio, until soon
after the outbreak of the Civil War. He enlisted August 25, 1861, for three
years in Company I, 38th Ohio Infantry. He was appointed corporal June 1,
1862, and sergeant July 15, 1862. He re-enlisted and was promotetl quarter-
master-sergeant June 10, 1865. He was mustered out as a veteran .July 12. 1865.
After the war he went West. For a short time after his marriage he lived
in Washington county. Xeb., but finally settled near the village of Burdett,
Bates county. Mo., where he was engaged in farming until his death.


1328. i. Marcus Elmer, b. Aug. 5, 1807.

ii. Florence Rebecca, b. Apr. 5, 1870; ni. July 3, 1891, George Thoma.s
Marshall aad resides in Burdett, Mo.

1329. iii. AViLLARD Orr, b. Nov. 2". 187,5.

iv. Edith Alzina. b. Dec. 7, 1877; m. Feb. 23, 1899, Albert Morton Harris

and resides in Burdett.
V. James Arthur, b. May 1. 1880; d. Sept. 21, 1881.
vi. Herbert Tilton, b. Jan. 15, 1882 ; is a farmer in Burdett ; unm.

1292. Willard Oscar Trowbridge (John <?."'", W!Uard^o'% WiUard">^^
James'"'"', Daniel^'"'^, James'""''. James'"'"''. Thomas''), born October 15, 1846. in
Delta, Ohio; resides in Delta; married July 22. 1886, in Denver, Colo., Mary
Ann Muriahy, daughter of Edward and Elizabeth (Doran) Murphy, born March
25. 1850, in county Wexford, Ireland.

W. Oscar Trowbridge assisted his father on the fami in Delta, Ohio, until
the summer he was sixteen years old, when he became a soldier in the Civil War.
He enlisted June 18, 1863, for six months in Company F. 86t.h Ohio Infantry.f
He assisted in the pursuit and capture of John Morgan in Ohio, and then
marched through Kentucky and was present at the surrender of Cumberland
Gap. He remained on garrison duty at that place until ordered home for his
discharge, which he received Febniars' 10. 1864. He re-enlisted March 18. 1864,
for three years in Company K. 6Tth Ohio Infantry. He landed at City Point,
Va., on May 5, and during that month was engaged in the skirn>ishes at Chester
Heights. Ware Bottom Church and near Hatchers. During June he was in
the attack on Howlett House and the action at Deep Bottom, Va. He lay in
the front line of works at Petersburg, being under a continuous fire for thirty
days, his position being opposite the "crater." During the spring of 1865 he
was continually engaged. He participated in the charge on Fort Grey on April
2, and followed and was present at the surrender of General Lee at Appomattox.
He received his discharge December 18, 1865.

• Except i. who was born in Washington county. Neb.
t His name is printed Oscar W. in the regimental roster.


In the spring of 1806 he went to Omaha, Neb., and in the following spring
went to work on the Union Pacific railroad, and was so employed until its
completion in 1869. He then went to the mines of Nevada. He prospected
through every state and territory of the Pacific coast until 1880, when he
returned to Denver, Colo., where he resided until 1893. He then returned to
his native place, Delta, Ohio, where he has since been engaged in business as
a brick and stone mason.


i. Ellen Eliza, b. Sept. 16, 1888.

1293. Irving Hinton Trowbridge (John S.^^^\ Wmard^°''\ Willard^'^^^,«i"*, DanieP'"'^, James'""'^, James'^'""', Thomas'^), bom March 16, 1849, in
Delta, Ohio ; resides in Marseilles, 111. ; married, first, October 9, 1873, in Delta,
Eleanor Jane Stall, daughter of James Taylor and Eleanor (Allen) Stall, born
November 27, 1853, in Delta: died June 10, 1893, in Marseilles. He married,
second, August 15, 1894, in Marseilles, Eebekah Satterlee Pomeroy, daughter of
Cyrus Williams and Abigail (Cook) Pomeroy, born April 14, 1866, in South
Orange, N. J.

Irving II. Trowbridge was born on his father's farm near Delta, Ohio. The
family moved into Delta, and he attended the village school. He was then sent
to school at Three Rivers, Mich., and from there to Adrian College. After his
graduation he was for five years in the drug business in Delta, and then in 1876
came to Marseilles, 111., where he purchased a drug store, which he has since
continued to conduct with success.

Mr. Trowbridge was elected a member of the board of supervisors from Rutland
township in 1890, and served in this capacity six years, until 1896, when he
retired from the county board and was nominated and elected from the 27th
District to the Illinois legislature. For a new member he was especially honored,
being made chairman of the mines and mining committee. This committee
passed out a number of valuable bills, the gross weight bill being the most
important. It passed the legislature and was made the basis of settlement of the
last miners' strike, and is considered the most beneficial legislation the miners
have had for many years. He also served on the committees of "education,"
"license," "civil service," "drainage and waterways," and "geology and science."
His record in the regular and special session was so satisfactory that his
renomination was conceded by all. and he was re-elected. During his second
term he was cliaimian of the committee on education, and a member of the
committees on "building, loan and homestead," "drainage and waterways,"
"associations," "house steering committee," and "sanitary affairs.

Mr. Trowbridge is well known in Masonry. He is a member of Marseilles
Lodge, No. 417. Shabbona Chapter, No. 37, and Ottawa Commandory, No. 10. He
has been interested in furnishing data of the Delta branch of the family.


By first marriage:
i. IjUella. b. Aug. 16. 1S74: d. Aug. 31, 1874.

ii. Leslie James, b. Aug. 9. 1875; is a druggist in Chicago. III.: unm.
iii. Irene, b. Apr. 28, 1878 : m. Oct. 2S, 1003, Francis Drake Buzzell and resides

in Ottawa, 111.
iv. R.\LPH Edward, b. Jan. 24. 1S85: is a stenographer and bookkeeper in

Marseilles, III.

/?!/ second marriage:
V. Cyrus Pomeroy, b. Aug. 4, 1895.
vi. Irving Harrison, b. Oct. 22, 1897.
vii. Abigail, b. Nov. 6, 1900.

• iii born in Delta. Ohio ; the others in Marseilles, 111.


1294. Charles Sumner TROWBRffiGE (John S."'*'\ Willard^'>'\ Willard^°^\
J"a»i^^sl"^ Daniel^""^, .7om«?sl<"'^ James^""", Thomns^). born November 15, 1857,
in Delta, Oliio ; resides in Seneca, 111. ; married June 22, 1884, in Weston, Mich.,
Marion Augusta Carrier.*

Charles S. Trowbridge is proprietor of a drug store in Seneca, 111.


i. Raymonii Wallage. b. July 20, ISSG.

1295. Newtox Edgar Trowbridge (Allen S.'^''-, Willard''>''\ IT'iHard"",
Ja??les"l^ DanieP""^, James"-"^^, James^"'"', Thomas^), born July 17, 1852, in
Delta, Ohio; resides in Boon, Mich.; married March 20, 1879. in Hastings,
Mich., Priscilla Hull, daughter of Horatio and Sarah (Sonafrank) Hull, born
July 28, 1857, in Baltimore township, Barry county, Mich.

Newton E. Trowbridge assisted his father in the management of the farm in
Delta, Ohio, until he was twenty-one. He then hired out at farm work by
the month and day until the fall of 1878, when he went to Michigan. In the
following spring he was married in Hastings, Rutland township, Barry county,
and lived in that, township one year. He then moved to Boston township, Ionia
county, where he lived until 1883, when he moved to Pike township, Fulton
county, Ohio. In February, 188-1, he removed to Wexford county, Mich., where
he bought 40 acres of land in the woods of Boon township and commenced to hew
out a home.t Cadillac, the county seat, thirteen miles away, was the nearest
post office and trading point. The railroad was built through that part of the
county in 1888, and a station located two and one-half miles from his fann,
but he did not have a neighbor in sight until 1893. He is engaged in dairying
on his farm of 120 acres in Boon.

Mr. Trowbridge became a member of the United Brethren Church in Ohio
in 1875. In the summer of 1885 he organized a Sunday school in Boon, and
since that time he has been active in the work of the school, having held the posi-
tions of teacher, assistant superintendent and superintendent. In 189.3 he united
with the Methodist Episcopal Church, in which he has been recording steward,
trustee, and class leader. He has also held the township offices of school district
visitor in 1884, assessor in 1895, and director in 1895 and 1899.


i. Willard Albert, b. Aug. 31. 1882.

ii. Jessie, b. Mar. 2, ISSS.

iii. Earl, b. June 19, 1891.

iv. Lawrence Lee, b. Mar. 27, 1893.

1296. Carl David Trowbridge (Allen .S'.^^", Wmard''"\ Willard"'^'%
James'"''-^, Da.nieP'">^ James^"'", James^'^'"', Thomas'), born November 24, 1874,
in Delta, Ohio; resides in Toledo, Ohio; married October 25, 1894, in Delta,
Fannie Gallagher, daughter of William and Elizabeth (Raker) Gallagher, born
August 26, 1869, in Colton, Ohio.

Carl D. Trowbridge was brought up on his father's fann in Delta, Ohio. He
came to Toledo, Ohio, after his marriage and is at present connected with the
post office in that city as a letter carrier.

NO children.

• He failed to answer the compiler's letters.

t "I arrived there the last day of February. 1884. The snow was three feet deep on the
level and the thermometer registered 3.5 degrees helow zero at two o'clocli when we left
Caaillac for our place."

t Except i, who was born in Boston township, Ionia county, Mich.


1297. Julius Orlando Trowbridge {Comelius"^^, Willard^"'^, Willard^"^^,
James'"\ DanieP"°'>, James^^"-', James^"'"', Thomas^), bom December 20, 1850,
iu Delta, Ohio; resides in Waldo, Fla. ; married February 4, 1874, in Delta,
Martha Amelia Pease, daughter of Ansel and Enfield (Hancock) Pease, bom
October 7, 1851, in Delta.

Julius O. Trowbridge was engaged in fanning in his native place. Delta, Ohio,
and in Morrison, 111., before coming to Florida to live. He is fanning in Waldo,
Fla. He is a member of Waldo Lodge, No. 38, Knights of Pythias.


i. Lawrence AVinton, b. .June 27, 1875; is farmiug with liis father; unm.

ii. Claude Courtland, b. Sept. 7, 1877 ; served in the Spanish-American War

as bugler of Company M, 1st Florida Infantry. He is a clerk in a

grocery store in Waldo, Fla. ; unm.
iii. Earl Alfred, b. Jan. 1(3, 1881; is farming with his father; unm.
iv. Lee Orlando, b. Mar. !), 1883 ; is farming with his father ; unm.
V. Florice Celina, b. Jan. 1, 188G.
vi. Cornelia Enfield, b. July 27, 1888.

1298. Alfred Emerton Trowbridge (Cornelius^^^^, Willa.rd^"''^, Willard^"^^,
James^"^^, Daniel^'""', James^""^, James'^"'"', Thomas^), born January 16, 1854,
in Delta, Ohio; died September 13, 1891, in Mon-ison, 111.; married June 23,
1880, in Adrian, Mich., Marguerite McFarlan, daughter of John and Mary
(Blythe) McFarlan, bom October 10, 1857, in Adrian. She resides in Adrian.

Alfred E. Trowbridge was brought up on his father's farm in Delta, Ohio.
He learned to be a bookkeeper. He followed that occupation in Toledo, Ohio,
for several years and later in ]\Iorrison, 111., where he died.


i. Ione Marguerite, b. May 1, 1884; d. Sept. 2, 1880.

1299. Warren Munger Trowbridoe (Solomon Z^.^^*", Alanson^"'"', Willard'"^'^,
Ja»ie«i"*, Daniel^^^^, Ja.mes'^'">'\ James^"'"', Thomas^), bom January 17, 1862,
in Delta, Ohio; resides in Charlotte, Mich.; married July 4, 1888, in Vennont-
ville, Mich., Louisa Theada McGinness, daughter of George and Harriet (Bates)
McGinness, bom December 21, 1869, in Murray, Northumberland county, Canada.

Warren M. Trowbridge is a painter by trade, but is at present engaged in
farming in Charlotte, Mich.

children :

i. LiLA Blanche, b. Mar. 12, 1800, in Kalamo, Mich,
ii. Lena Hazel, b. Oct. 25, 1801, in Charlotte, Mich,
iii. Emma Luella, b. Jan. 2, 1898, in Kalamo.

1300. Frank Trowbridge (Solomon Z^.^so, Alanson^"'^. Willard^''^'^, James'"'''^,
DanieP""", James'O''^ James^""', Thomas^), born July 31, 1808. in Delta, Ohio;

resides in Charlotte, Mich.; married , 1893, in Vermontville, Mich.,

Anna Cross.

Frank Trowbridge is a painter and paper hanger by trade, but is now engaged
in farming in Charlotte, Mich.f

1301. Prof. Perry Fox Trowbridge (George J/."", Alanson}"'". WiUard'"'^'-,
.7f('"i8, Da.niel^'">o. James^'>"^, ./nme.s""", TJiomas'^). born April 25, 1866, in
Three Rivers, Mich.; resides in Columbia, Mo.; married September 4, 1894. in
Albion, Mich., Grace Hall, daughter of Delimere and Alice (Sykes) Hall, bom
March 9, 1872, in Vermontville, Mich.

* i born in Delta, Ohio ; ii-v in Morrison, III. ; vi in Milton, Fla.

t He failed to answer the compiler's letters, so it is not known if they have had any children.


Perry F. Trowbridge received his early education iu the public schools at
Centreville, Mich., in which city his father was in practice as a physician, lie
attended the Michigan State Normal School in Ypsilanti, Mich., from 1886 to
1889, receiving the degree of B.Pd. For the next two years, 1889-90 and 1890-91,
he taught German and sciences in Kalamazoo College. He was a student in the
University of Michigan for the year 1891-92 and was graduated at the end of the
year with the degree of Ph.B. He was instructor in pedagogy in Michigan State
Normal College, 1892-93; assistant in chemistry in the_ University of Michigan
until Christmas, 1893, when he had a leave of absence to take the chair of mathe-

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