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Mr. Trowbridge was elected district attorney for the 4th Judicial District
of Colorado in 1900, his term of office being four years, from January 8, 1901,
to January 10, 1905.

It was during his term of office as district attorney that there occurred the
severe labor troubles in Crijiple Creek district. That district was included in his
official territory, and things there were then vei-y turbulent. Only those who
have been on the ground when so heated controversies have occurred, which breed
a small state of civil war, can fully understand the importance of a cool head
and an impartial mind. Mr. Trowbridge so conducted the duties of his office
during those trying times as to eonunand the respect of both sides of the contro-
versy, and their judgment was that he was bent upon meting out impartial justice
to all men regardless of their position. As an instance of this, the records of
the court show that he not only prosecuted worlanen charged with crimes, but
also as vigorously prosecuted military officers who had illegally imprisoned

In 1906 he was appointed by his successor assistant district attorney for the
same district, a position he holds at present. The district embraces seven
counties and 90,000 people, and both as district attorney and assistant he has
been successful to a marked degree. During the year 1907, for example, out of
eighty-five criminal cases of all classes disposed of by him only five defendants

* A sister of the wife of his uncle No. 1264.


obtained a verdict "not guilty." The bar has frankly told Mr. Trowbridge that
he is the most efficient prosecutor the district has ever had, and among the busi-
ness men of Denver and every other section where he has lived he has maintained
an honorable name.

Mr. Trowbridge while a student at Colby College was elected to the Phi Beta
Kappa society and the Delta Upsilon fraternity. He is also a member of the
Colorado Springs Lodge of Elks and the Colorado Society of the Sons of the
American Revolution.


i. Grace Nelson, b. Jan. 3. 1887.t

ii. Rdth Elizabeth, b. Mar. 14, 1889; d. June 19, 1896, in North Conway,

N. H.
iii. Eugene Lancaster, b. Feb. 27, 1890.
iv. John, b. Feb. S, 1899.

1325. Ernest Cleaveland Trowbridge (Charles C.^""*, Charles A.^^^",
Phiyieas^""-, John}"-'', CaleV" - , Caleb""'\ James^°'">. Thomas'-), bom August
27, 1881, in Leominster, Mass. ; resides in Gardner, Mass. ; married September
27, 1905, in Manchester, N. H., Maude Elma Hooker, daughter of William Henry
and Addie Ann (Van Orman) Hooker, born May 12, 1877, in Ellenburg, N. Y.

Ernest C. Trowbridge is a druggist in Gardner, Mass. He is a member of
Hope Lodge, F. and A. M., of Gardner, and of North Star Chapter, R. A. M., of
Winchendon, Mass.

NO children.

1326. Clarence Henry Trowbridge (Henry H}-'^^, Charles A}^^°,
Phineas^""-, John}"-^, Caleb'-"''-, Caleb'""'-, James'""", Thomas'), born February
24, 1884, in Leominster, Mass.; resides in Leominster; married June 12, 1906, in
Leominster, Veta White, daughter of Charles Lomse and Celina (Suratte)
White, born April .30, 1885, in Fox Creek. N. B.

Clarence H. Trowbridge is a comb maker and is employed at the Earl Horn
Comb and Pin Company in Leominster, Mass.


1327. Edmund Parker Trowbridge (Edmund'-'*, George A."^'', Edmund'"^^,
John'"-^, John'"''-, John'""-, Thomas'""-, James'""", Thomas'), bom December
17, 1876, in Brooklyn, N. Y. ; resides in Deny, N. H. ; married January 22, 1901,
in Boston, Mass., Elizabeth Ward Pratt, daughter of George Henry and Helen
Jane (Eiley) Pratt, bom September 27, 1879, in Newton, Mass.

Edmund P. Trowbridge at the age of five years went with his parents to
Chicago, 111., where they lived until he was twelve years old, when they removed
to Framingham, Mass. He attended the public schools in Chicago and Fram-
ingham and studied one year in Wesleyan Academy, Wilbraham, Mass. After
leaving school he was employed as an hotel clerk in Boston. Leaving that
occupation, he entered the employ of the Charles A. Mellen Co., Boston,
manufacturers of interior finish, mantels and tiling. After being with this
company three years he purchased their entire stock. He carried on the busi-
ness some six months and then sold out.

In November, 1900, he accepted a situation with the Newton Journal, Newton,
Mass. In 1901 it was incorporated as The Newton Journal Publishing Company,
with Mr. Trowbridge as treasurer. In 1903 he sold his interest in this company,
and purchased the Derry Neu-s in Derry village, N. H. He also bought a

• Except iv. who was born in Cripple Creeic. Colo.

t Miss Trowbridge was graduated from Colorado College, Colorado Springs, in June, lOOS.


residence in the farming section of East Derry. In 1904 lie moved the plant to
Derry, the business section of tlie to\vn, and increased the plant to quite an
extent. In December, 1907, he purchased the large plant of the Magnet Publish-
ing Company, publishers of the Derry Enterprise, and consolidated the two
plants as the Derry News, now having one of the largest weekly newspapers and
job printing plants in the country.


i. Louise, b. May 9, 1905.

1328. Marcus Elmer Trowbridge (Martin H.^-^\ John -?."«», Willard^o'^
WiUard^"^'^ J«mes"i*, DanieW"^^^, James^""'\ James^'""\ Thomas^), born August
5, 18C7. in Washington county, Neb. ; resides in Adrian, Mo. ; married November
16, 1895, in Adrian, Elizabeth Welton Wright, daughter of Thomas Hugh and
Catharine Eebeeca (Henry) Wright, born January 25, 1872, in Eront Royal, Va.

Marcus E. Trowbridge came in childliood with his parents to Missouri and
grew up on his father's farm near Burdett, Bates county. After his marriage
he settled in the neighboring town of Adrian, where he has since been engaged
in farming.


i. Catharine Virginia, b. Aug. 22, 1896.
ii. Frederick Carleton, b. Nov. 15, 1898.
iii. Ralph Nichol, b. Mar. 11, 1902.

1329. WiLL.\ED Orr Trowbridge (Martin. //.'=", John S.^^^", Willard^o'^
Willard^"'-'", James^"^^, Da7iiel^'">^, James'-'"^\ James^"'^'', Thomas^), born
November 27, 1875, in Bates county, Mo.; resides in Bates county (Burdett
P. O.) ; married July 2, 1899, in Burdett, Mo., Brookie Ellen Ferguson, daughter
of Thomas Benton and Jerusha Mahala (Huff) Ferguson, born March 26, 1881,
in Jackson county, Mo.

Willard O. Trowbridge was engaged in farming for several years in Compton,
Ark., but is now farming in his native place, near Burdett, Bates county. Mo.

children born in compton, ark.:*

i. Harold Allen, b. Mar. 7, 1900.

ii. Raymond Max^vell, b. July 31, 1901.

iii. Bessie Rose JIabie. b. Aug. 20. 1903.

iv. Clarence Dee, b. Nov. 15, 1900.

• Except i, wlio was born in Bates county, Mo.



Of Chatham, Co^'^n.,

1350. Benjamin TROWBRmcE, bom , 167- in Wales?;* died ,

1742, in Chatbam.t Conn.; married -July 9, 1705, in East Haddam, Conn.,

Hannah ( ) Ackley, widow of Thomas Ackley of East Haddam, who

died March 6, 1772, in Chatham, aged 01 years.

Benjamin Strawbridge, Strowbridge:]: or Trowbridge, for in the latter form
his descendants in later years have spelled the name, is said to have emigrated
from Wales* to New England early in the eighteenth century. He settled in
that part of the town of Middletown, Conn., later established as the town of
Chatham. His farm was in the lower comer of the parish across Salmon river.
He lived on the Chatham side of the road dividing Chatham and Westchester
parish in Colchester. There he passed the rest of his life, engaged in farming.
He and his wife were members of the Congregational church in Westchester, a
place of worship most convenient to their home.§


i. Mart, b. ■ , 170- ; m. Jan. 1, 1734, Clement Bates of Chatham.

ii. Mehitable, b. , 170-.

iii. Anna, b. , 170- ; m. Nov. 22, 1739, James Booge of East Haddam,


iv. Jane, b. • , 171- ; m. Joshua Luther of Chatham.

V. Abigail, b. , 171-.

1351. vi. John, b. , 1718?.

1352. vii. Benjamin, b. , 1720.

1351. John Trowbridge (Benjamin'^^^''). born — , 1718?, in Chatham,

Conn. ; died , 179-,tt in Chatham ; married , 174^, in Colchester,

(Westchester) ?, Conn, Hannah Crocker, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth
(—. ) Crocker of Colchester, who was buried February 9, 1880, in Chat-
ham, aged 89 years.

* statement of his grandson No. 1356 to his granddaughter Mrs. Nancy N. ilarkham (a
daughter of No. 1356, ii) of Naticli. Mass.

t Then the 3d parish of Middietown. East Side, and the 6th of Middletown proper.

i The spelling In early records of that part of Connecticut is Strawl>ridge, Strobridge,
Strowbridge. Trobridge and Trowbridge.

S The church in Chatham was not organized until 174S.

II Then a parish of Middletown.
*• In the order their names are given in the "agreement between the heirs of Benjamin
Trowbt'idge of Middletown," dated Aug. 3, 1742. "Son Benjamin is to have the house and
home lot."

ft He died before his wife, but was living as late as 1790, for on July 16 of that year he
divided his lands between his children as foUo^vs : "to John Trowbridge, Jr.. of Chatham the
farm I live on, 60 acres and buildings, except 10 acres from the norih part this day given
my son Jonathan and daughter Susannah Strong. John, Jr.. to give his parents a life use
in the property." John, Jr., bought the Interests of his above brother and sister in July. 1792.
The compiler is indebted to Mr. Frank Farnsworth Starr of Middletown, Conn., for many
items about the Chatham family of Trowbridges.


John Trowbridge lived on a fann of 70 acres on the east side of the high-
way between Chatham and Colchester, Conn. A few years jarior to his death he
gave this fann to his son John, reserving a life use in it for himself and wife.
He and his family were members of the Westchester Congregational church.


i. John, b. Mar. 22, 1743 ; d. young.

ii. Jonathan, bapt. between June 21 and July 12. 1747 ; d. young,

iii. Susannah, bapt. May 13, 1750 ; d. young,

iv. .TONAH, b. Feb. 17. 1752 ; d. young.t

V. Susannah, bapt between Aug. 25 and Sept. 29, 1754 ;t m. Nov. 27, 1782,
Benjamin Strong of Haddam, Conn.

1353. V). Jonathan, b. . 1757. §

1354. vii. John, b. , 1759.

1352. Bexjamix Trowbridge {^^^'*), boni , 1720, in Chat-
ham, Conn. ; died June 80. 1786, in Chatham ; married, first, March 31, 1746, in
Chatham, Hope Snow, who died June 20, 1760, in Chatham. He married,
second, September 23, 1761, in Chatham, Esther Gates, who died September 19,
1783, in Chatham, aged 62 years. Pie married, third, June 2, 1784, in East

Haddam, Conn., Sarali ( ) Har\'ey. She married, third, Oliver Olcott of

East Haddam.

Benjamin Trowbridg'e[| inherited his father's farm of nearly GO acres in Chat-
ham, and resided there all his life."* He and his family were members of the
Westchester Congregational church.

By first marriage:'\'\

i. CouzENS, b. Feb. S, 1747; d. , in Cliatham ; unm.

ii. Susannah, b. Jan. 23, 17.53; d. Sept. 29, 1783, in Chatham: unm.
1355. iii. Benjamin, b. Mar. 1, 1755.

iv. Henrt, b. Dec. 3, 1758; was a soldier in the Revolution, being in Capt.
Amos Jones' company, recruited in Colchester, Conn. He was killed Sept.
19, 1777, in the battle of Saratoga; unm.H
135C. V. Ebenezer, b. June 17, 1700.

1353. Joxath.\n Trowbridge (Jo/tn^^^^, Benjamin^^^"), bom , 1757,

in Chatham, Conn. ; died , 1831, in Freetown, IST. T. ; married ,

1777, in Durham?, Conn., Sarah — ,|| || who died , 1833, in Free-
town, aged 72 years.

Jonathan Trowbridge was a fanner. He lived in his native town until about
the year 1800, when he made a trip on horseback to Chenango county, N. Y., and
selected a farm in the town of New Berlin. He returned to Chatham for his

* Births recorded in Middletown, Conn., Town Records ; baptisms in Westchester Congrega-
tional Church Records.

t Probably, as his name does not appear in the division described in footnote ft p. 681.

I Born 17."i8 by "Strong Genealogy,"
§ Bapt. .Tan. 16?.

II Westchester Congregational Church Records spell the name of this family Strowbridge.
*• The distribution of his estate was made Sept. 1, 1786. to his widow Sarah and sons

Couzens. Benjamin and Ebenezer. [Middletown, Conn.. Probate Records.]

tt No children by the second or third marriages.

it Administration was granted on his estate Mar. 7. 1815. Distribution to Benjamin Trow-
bridge and the estate of Ebenezer Trowbridge. [Mlddletowm. Conn., Probate Records.]

§§ "Connecticut in the Revolution," p. 506.

II ]| "Sarah, wife of .Tonatban Strowbridge," united with the church in East Hampton. Conn.,
by letter from the church in Durham, Conn., Apr. 23, 1779. [East Hampton. Conn., Congre-
gational Church Records.]


family and brought them to their new home in an ox-team, he riding horseback
at their side. lie lived in New Berlin nearly twenty years and then moved to
Freetown, Cortland county, in the same st-ate, where he resided until his death.
He and his wife were members of the Baptist church in Texas Valley, the only
church for miles around.


i. Haxxah, b. May 7. 1T7S ; m. Seth Bronson of Freetown. X. T.

ii. JoXAH, bapt. Dec. 2i). 1779:* "went to sea and wa.s never heard of again."

iii. AxxA, b. . 17S.5 : d. , 18G3, in Freetown ; unm.

1354. John TROWBRiDfiF, (./o/m"", Benjamin'^^^''), born , 1759, in

Chatham, Conn.; buried February 17, 1819, in Chatham; married July 8, 1790,
in East Hampton ?, Conn., Susannah Bates.f

John Trowbridge was a farmer in Chatham, Conn. He had his father's
farm. He owned 46 acres on the east side of the highway and 15 acres on the
west side, where his house stood.


1357. i. .JoHX. b. Sept. — , 1792.

ii. SusAXXAH. b. , 1794 ; m., 1st. Dec. 11. 1S23. Asa Grover of Chatham ;

m., 2d. Apr. 3, 1842, Albert Welden of Glastonburv. Conn,
iii. A child, b. Oct. — , 1796: d. July 1, 1797.
iv. iTiiiiiAK, b. , 179S; d. Mar. — , 1S4S, in Chatham; unm.

1355. Benjamin Trowbridge {Benjamin^''"-, Benjaminy^'^"), bom March 1,
1755, in Chatham, Conn.; died January 12, 1822, in New York City; married

: — : •* .

Benjamin Trowbridge was a soldier in the Revolution. In his application
for a pension, which was granted him. he describes his service in the army as
follows :§ '"he enlisted in the First E^giment, First Brigade, of Connecticut
troops in the Continental service,]] under Colonel Prentiss in the company com-
manded by Capt. Eliphalet Holmes, at East Haddam, in the State of Connecti-
cut, about the month of March, 1777. He enlisted for three years. From thence
deponent was ordered to New York, from thence to Horse-Neck, and from
Horse-Neck to Drake's Mills near the North River, from thence to Valley Forge
near the Schuykill, where the army wintered. In the following year deponent
was at the battle of Gei-mantown, under the same officers. Deponent was also
at the battle of Monmouth and at that time was put under the command of
Marquis de Lafayette. Deponent was a private in the army. He was at no

• In Durham. Conn.

t In 1826 Susannah Grover deeds to John Trowbridge ot Chatham "all my interest in our
mother's dower in our father's estate in Chatham."

X As he was a Sound pilot, one or more of the marriages recorded at Providence (see
"Rhode Island Trowbridges" in this book) may have been his. A grandniece of his (a
daughter of No. 1356. ii) wrote, "he settled in Rhode Island after the war.''

§ "On this 28th day of April. ISIS. Benjamin Trowbridge of the City ot New York, aged
64 years or thereabouts." made his first declaration, which recites that he served three years
and six months as a private in Captain Holmes' company, 1st Regiment. Connecticut Line,
and that he has lost his discharge. Jonathan Little makes affidavit to Benjamin Trowbridge
having performed said service, they having been together in Captain Holmes' company. Colonel
Prentiss* regiment. Benjamin Trowljridge makes a second declaration on June 27, 1820,
"aged 65," in which he describes his service more fully, as here printed. He was placed
on the pension roll of New York.

II 1st Regiment, Connecticut Line.


particular place than tlio above mentioned, received no wounds, was discharged
in March, 17S0, by Colonel Starr (if deponent recollects right), deponent's term
of service having expired.*"

He became a pilot on Long Island Sound, and resided in New York City for
a niunber of years prior to his death. lie was known in his native place as
"Cajstain" Trowbridge.


i. A daughter, b. about 1792.

ii. A daugliter, b. about 1799.

iii. A daughter, b. about 1801.

iv. Henry, b. about 1808.

135fi. Ebenezer TROWBRrocE (Benjamin'''^''-, Benjamin'^^'-'''), born Jime 17,
1760, in Chatham, Conn. ; died December 24, 1814, in East Haddam, Conn. ;

married . 1786?, in East Hampton?, Conn., Naomi Hodge, daughter of

Samuel and Mary (Loveland?) Hodge, bom March 15, 1761, in East Hampton;
died May — , 1847, in South Glastonbury, Conn.

Ebenezer Trowbridge lived on his father's farm in his native town until he
entered the army during the Kevolution. He was corporal in Capt. Benjamin
Durkee's matross company, and served from March 19, 1782, to March 19,
1783. :f A grandson wrote that he was lieutenant of his company at his discharge.
He settled after his marriage in East Haddam, Comi., near the Colchester line
on what is now called Trowbridge Hill. He lived there the remainder of his life
and was a farmer.


i. Su.sANNAii, b. June 17, 1787 ; m. June IG, ISOS, George Lee of Colchester,

ii. Naomi, b. . 1789?; m. Apr. 9, 1809, Charles Brooks of East Haddam.

1358. iii. Henrt, b. Apr. 12, 1791.

iv. Hope, b. , 179- ; ra. Apr. 13, 1815, Pliny Ackley of East Haddam.

v. Polly, b. , 179- ; m. , 1818?, David Ackley of East Haddam.

1359. vi. Dawd, b. Feb. 2, 1804.

* Benjamin Trowbridge in Capt. Eliphalet Holmes' company ; enlisted Apr. 20. 1777 ;
discharged Apr. 26, 1780. ["Connecticut in the Revolution," pp. 154, 404.]

Benjamin H. Trowbridge of Indiana county, I'a., on July 25. 181S, makes declaration tor
a pension as follows : "Benjamin H. Trowbridge, aged 61, declares that he enlisted in 177.'j in
Captain Hansbrook's company of foot. Colonel Windcoop's regiment of the Connecticut Line,
and served the whole of said term; that he in 1776 enlisted in Captain Mills' [Amasa Mills
of New Hartford. Conn.?] company. Colonel Wilis' regiment, and served for the term of one
year: that he enlisted again in 1777 in Captain Holmes' company, Colonel [.Solomon] Wills'
regiment for the term of three years, and served for the whole of said term and was in the
year 17.S0 discharged from the service, and . . . that he has lost his written discharge."
[Signed: Benjamin H. Trowbridge.]

On Sept. 26, 1820, "Benjamin H. Trowbridge, aged 63 last June, of Washington. Indiana
county, Pa., declares : he was enlisted in Captain Holmes' company in the First Connecticut
Regiment commanded by Colonel Starr in the spring of 1777 for the term of three years, which
he served, and was at the battles of Danbury. Itichiieid, Camphill, Monmouth and Germantow-n.
Whits Marsh ; and this declarant had previously served in the New York Line seven months
and one year under Captain Mills and Colonel Wills in the Connecticut Line, and was dis-
charged at West Point in the year 1779. ... he was also at the battle of White
Plains. . . . My family consists of my wife Margaret, aged 61. I am by profession a
laborer." [Signed : Benjamin H. Thompson.]

The compiler has not found the birth of any Benjamin H. Trowbridge. There was a
Benjamin Thompson, a drummer, in Capt. Seth Holmes' company Aug. 3-Sept. 14, 1778. A
Benjamin Thompson was in the New York Line, but not under the above officers according
to "New York in the Revolution."

The grandchildren of No. 1450 were asked if the above Benjamin H. Trowbridge and wife
Margaret were not their grandparents but did not answer this question.

t By U. S. Pension Office Records.

t "Connecticut in the Revolution," p. 588.


1357. Joiix TROWBRroGE (John'-'-'-'*, John"''^, Benjamiii^"^"), bom September
■ — , 1792, in Chatham, Conn. ; died October 13, 1883, in Chatham ; married
May 9, 1826, in Colchester, Conn., Margery Shipman, born May — , 1803, in
Colchester; died November 5, 1858, in Chatham.

John Trowbridge jjassed his life in his native town. lie was a farmer.


l.OOO. i. Daniel, b. Mar. 30, 1S27.

loiU. ii. William Allen, b. Nov. IT. 1S29.

1362. iii. John Gildert. b. Jan. 2, 1S.32.

iv. Harriet Newell, b. May 14, 1830 ; m. June 20, 1807, Alden Smith of East
Haddam, Conn.
1303. V. Lyman Chadwick, b. Nov. 11, 1811.

1358. Henry Trowbridge {Ehenezer^^'"''', Benjamin^^^-, Betijamin^^^''), born
April 12, 1791, in East Haddam, Conn.; died September 12, 1869, in Barber,
Minn.; married March 26, 1812, in Haddam, Conn., Polly Bailey, born August
11, 1793, in Haddam; died December ■ — •, 1879, in Barber.

Henry Trowbridge was brought up on his father's farm in his native place,
East Haddam, Conn., and is said to have gone as a youth to work on a relative's
faiTu ill Lewis county, N. T. He became a soldier in the War of 1812. He
enlisted September 8, 1812, in Captain Miller's company. Colonel Cox's regiment.
New York militia, and was discharged October 23, 1812. Pie served from Sep-
tember 14, 1813, to October 7, 1813, in Captain Shepard's company, and from
July 30, 1814, to August 26, 1814, in Captain Schofield's company. He was on
duty at Sackett's Harbor during his several terras of service.*

He is said to have lived a few years after his marriage in East Haddam. In
the spring of 1817 he removed to Leyden, N. Y., where he lived about twenty-
five years. He then emigrated to Dane county. Wis., going later to Jefferson
and Columbus, Wis. He later settled in Barber township, eight miles east of
Blue Earth, Faribault county, Minn., where he passed the remainder of his life.
He was a farmer. Eor his service in the War of 1812 his widow received a

children :t

i. Sally, b. Nov. 8. 1814 ; m. Dec. 8, 1831, Hosea Thayer of Leyden. N. Y.

1304. ii. AL.1NS0N, b. Mar. 30, 1810.

1305. iii. David, b. Dee. 28, 1817.

iv. Naomi, b. June 9, 1820 ; m. , 1852, Lewis Braman of Jefferson, Wis.

1300. V. Henry, b. Apr. 3, 1822.

1307. vi. Freeman, b. Sept. 17, 1824.

vii. Mary, b. Jan. 19, 1828: m. Walter Weaver of Northfield, Minn.

1368. viii. Ansel, b. July 18. 1834.

1309. ix. Truman, b. Nov. 4, 1837.

1359. David Trowbridge (Ehenezer'^"^''', Benjamin}^^-, Benjamin^^'"), bom
Eebraary 2, 1804, in East Haddam, Conn. ; died Juno 11, 1863, in South Glaston-
bury. Conn.; married December 21, 1826, in South Glastonburj-, Mary Chapman,
daughter of Amos and Polly (Taylor) Chapman, born Januaiy 22, 1802, in South
Glastonbury; died January 8, 1881, in South Glastonbury.

David Trowbridge was a farmer in South Glastonbury, Conn.

children :

1370. i. DA^aD Sampson, b. .Tune 27. 1827, in South Glastonbury. Conn.

1371. ii. William Henry, b. Dec. 30. 1830. in Portland, Conn,

• U. S. Pension Office Records.

t i-ii born in East Haddam. Conn. ; the others in Leyden. N. Y.


1360. Daniel Trowbridge (Jo/ni"^'', Jolin^^^*, Jolin,^'^^'^, Benjamin^^'-"), born
March 30, 1827, in Chatham. Conn. ; died .January — , 1S89, in Hebron, Conn. ;

married , 1849, in Hebron, Eliza Brown, daughter of Aaron and Laura

(Wilson) Brown, who died July 2, 1875, in Hebron.

Daniel Trowbridge was a farmer and teamster in Hebron, Conn.


1372. i. Franklin John, b. May 0, 1850.

1361. WiLLUM Allen Trowbridge (Jo/ui'-'^', John^^^*, Jolm^^'-'^,
Beniamin"^"), bom November 17, 1829, in Chatham, Conn.; died May 4,
1892, in Coventry, Conn. ; maiTied January 17, 1861, in East Haddam, Conn.,
Sarah Frances Bates, daughter of John and Mary Ann (Clark) Bates, born
October 15, 1838, in Haddam, Conn. She resides in Coventry.

William A. Trowbridge was a farmer. He lived in East Haddam and later
in Coventry, Conn.

children :

i. William Clayton, b. -Vug. 17, 1863, in East Haddam, Conn. ; is a farmer

in Coventry, Conu. ; unm.
ii. Almira Cone, b. Jan. 28, 1800, in East Haddam : m. Sept. 9, 1886, Stephen

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