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Morey Carpenter and resides' in Willimantic, Conn,
iii. Edith May, b. June 23. 1878, in Coventry ; m. May 29, 1894, Clayton Ward

Ilanlis and resides in South Willington, Conn.

1362. John Gilbert Trowbridge {John?-^'-''', John^'^^*, John^^^^, BenjaminP-^^"),
bom January 2, 1832, in Chatham, Conn. ; died November 10, 1893, in West-
chester, Conn. ; married September 8. 1874. in Chathaju, Clarissa Jeanette
Beers, daughter of Eliphalet and Siminda (Brown) Beers, born June 18, 1839,
in Chatham. She resides in North Westchester, Conn.

John G. Trowbridge was a farmer near the village of Westchester, Conn.

NO children, int adopted:

1373. i. Frederick, b. Jan. 18, 1873, in Glastonbury. Conn.*

1363. Lyman Chadwick Trowbridge (John'^'-"''', John'^^^*, Jolin'^^^^,
Benjamin^''^'''''), born August 14, 1841. in Chatham, Conn.; died August 29, 1869,
in East Haddam, Conn. ; married February 9, 1864, in Rockville, Conn., Jane
Louise Lyman, daughter of Anson and Sarah (Ingraham) Lyman, bom Septem-
ber 22, 1845, in Yemen, Conn. She resides in Waterbury. Conn.

Lyman C. Trowbridge after his marriage lived in Fair Haven, in the eastern
part of the city of New Haven, Conn. He was a street railroad conductor for
a time, and was then in the retail meat and grocery business there for about two
years, and later was a short time in 1806 with the Adams Express Company in
New Haven. He then removed to Waterbury, Conn., and opened a iish market,
which he conducted until just before his death. He was made a Free Mason
in Fair ILiven January 15, 1867.


i. Ln.LiAN Harriet, b. May 3. 1805, in Fair Haven, Conn. : m. May 31, 1905,

.Joseph H. Callbreath. M.D., and resides in Waterbury, Conn.
ii. Ella, b. Oct. 29, 1800. in Xew Haven, Conn. ; d. Aug. 29, 1808.

1374. iii. Edwin Lyman, b. Mar. 5, 1808, in AVaterbury.

1364. Alanson Trowbridge (Henry'^^^^, Ehenczer'^^^'^, Benjamin^^'-,
Benjamin^^^"), bom March 30, 1816, in East Haddam, Conn.; died October

• He is a son of Alonzo Warner of North Westchester, Conn. His name was changed to


5, 1885, in Columbus, Wis.; marriecl March 30, 1S43, in Aztalaii, Wis., Clarissa
Thayer, daughter of Mauley and Lydia (Thayer?) Thayer, born June 3, 1824,
in Leydeu, N. Y. She resides in Columbus.

Alanson Trowbridge came to Jefferson county. Wis., with his father. He
settled after his marriage in Columbia county, and was engaged in fanning; in
Columbus the remainder of his life.


1375. i. Orrin Alaksox, b. June 24, ]S51.

1365. David Trowbridge (Fleury'^^'^'^, Ehenezer^'-'", Benjamin'^^'^-,
Benjamin"'^"), born December 28, 1817, in Leyden, N. T.; died Januai-y 3,
1892, in Hillsborough, Wis. ; married, first, March 25, 1840, in Leyden, Nancy P.
Filley, daughter of Henry Filley, born January 2, 1816, in Leyden; died May
16, 1862, in Columbus, Wis. He married, second, July 4, 1867, in Faribault
county, Minn., Sarah (Straight) Norton, widow of Henry Norton of that county
and daughter of Joseph and Famiy (Whittaker) Straight, bom October 2, 1835,
in Greene, N. Y. ; died September 12, 1894, in Hillsborough.

David Trowbridge left his native town soon after his marriage and settled
in Stow Comers, two miles west of Kent, Summit county, Ohio. In the summer
of 1852 he "went west" into Illinois and located in McIIenry county, near
Marengo. About eight years later he went to Columbus, Columbia county, Wis.,
where his older brother had settled, and soon after removed to Blue Earth, near
Delavan, Faribault county, Minn. He called himself "of Walnut Lake," that
county, when he enlisted in the Civil War. He was enrolled December 19,
1863, and mustered January 4, 1864, as a private in Company H, 2d Minnesota
Cavalry. He was the oldest man in his company and his comrades in arms
called him "Dad." He received his discharge May 16, 1865.*

After his second marriage he lived near Delavan, Faribault county, Minn.,
until about 1877, when he removed to a farm about four and one-half miles
from Hillsborough, Vernon county. Wis., where he resided until his death.
With the exception of the time he was in the army, he was engaged in fanning
all his life.

By first tnarriiiflc:
i. Carlos, b. Jan. 31, 1841; d. Ma.v 13, 1843.
137G. ii. Ira, b. Oct. 3. 1.S42.

iii. Lucy Maria, b. July 12, 1S44 ; m. Jan. 1. ISO", John A. Merry of Washburn,
N. D.

1377. iv. Lorenzo, b. July 4. 184G.

1378. V. Carlos, b. July 11, 1848.

vi. Adaline, b. Apr. 8. 1850 : m. June 23, 18G9, Ilenry Clay Haynes and resides
in Streetsboro, Ohio.

1379. vii. Henry Alvin, b. Apr. IG. 1852.

1380. viii. Adius Eugene, b. Jlay 28, 1854.

1381. ix. Lewis Jerome, b. May 13. ISoG.

X. Mary Lodema. b. Apr. 6. 18.58: m. July 4, 1S7G, William Barnard Forry
and resides in Garden Grove. Cal.

1382. xi. Albert Hermas, b. May IG, ISGO.

Bi/ second miirriage:
xii. Cynthia, b. Nov. 8. 1872 : m. Nov. 10. 1890, William Ichabod Straight and

resides in Hillsborough, Wis.
xiii. Myrtia, b. June 1. 1875; d. June 21. 187G.

• Minnesota Adjutant General's Report.

t i-vii born in Stow Corners. Summit county, Ohio ; viii-ix in JIcHenry county. III. ; x-xl
in Columbus, Wis. ; xii-xiii near Delavan, Minn.



136(5. Henry Trowbridge (Ilenry'^'^^, Ebenezer^^^", Benjamin}
Benjamin^^^"), bom April 3, 1822, in Leyden, N. Y. ; died Augvist 30, 1896, in
Keligh, Neb.; married November 29, 1848, in Cottage Grove, Wis., Hannah
(Allen) Hollerbusli, daughter of Rev. Timothy and Elisabeth (Hess) Allen,
bom March 12, 1826, in Centreville, N. Y.; died October 9, 1900, in Neligh.

Henry Trowbridge went with his iiarents to Dane county, Wis. He was a
soldier in the Mexican War, being a private in Company F, 4th Wisconsin
Infantry. He enlisted in March and was discharged July 27, 1848, at Pasca-
goula, Miss. He married that fall and settled as a farmer in Cold Spring,
Jeiferson county. Wis. He later became a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted
at Wliitewater August 15, 1862, for three years in Company D, 29tli Wisconsin
Infantry, and was discharged for disability June 15, 1863. He re-enlisted
August 23, 1864, for one year or during the war in Company G, 42d Wisconsin
Infantry, and was discharged June 11, 1865, at Cairo, 111.

About January, 1868, he removed with his family to Clear Lake, Iowa, where
his oldest daughter was then living. The following summer the whole family
started with teams for Colorado, but stopped in Cuming county. Neb. In the
sununer of 1869 he and his son-in-law rented a fann seven miles from West
Point, Cuming county. In the sununer of 1871 they and another son-in-law,
who had recently entered the family, took claims in Antelope county. Neb.,
moving onto them that fall. Mr. Trowbridge lived there the remaiuder of his

Mr. Trowbridge became a member of the United Brethren Church in 1853,
and remained a faithful member until 1873, when he iniited with the Methodist
Episcopal Church, in which he continued until his death, having lived the life
of a consistent Christian.


i. PiiEnE Meussa, b. Mar. 11, 1850; m. Juue 30, 1867, Stephen Hills and

resides in Gordon, Neb.
ii. Amelia, b. Apr. 20, 1853 ; m. May 7, 1871, .Tolin Henry Crawford of Neligh.

iii. Mary Ann, b. May 23, 1858; m., 1st, July 21, 1878, Jefferson Gier of

Neligh ; m., 2d, Aug. 3, 1905, Henry Francis Keller and resides in Neligh.

1383. iv. Albert Franklin, b. Oct. 28, 1860.

1384. v. George Henry, b. Feb. 3, 1864.

13C7. Freeman Trowbridge (Henry'^^^^, Ebenezer''-^^^, Benjamin"'-,
Benjamin"^"), born September 17, 1824, in Leyden, N. Y.; resides in Wilder,
Minn.; married, first, November — , 1846, in Elvers, Wis., Emily Randall,

daughter of Hiram and Melissa (Chapman) Randall, born , 1830, in

, Ohio; died July 3, 1865, in Columbus, Wis. He married, second.

March 20, 1866, in , Mary Ann Fuller, bom July 5, 1834, in

, Vt.*

Freeman Trowbridge went with his parents to Dane county. Wis., and married
there and engaged in farming. He lived in Jefferson and later in Columbus,
Wis. He enlisted there during the Civil War. He enlisted February 16, 1864,
in Company D, 4th Wisconsin Cavalry, and was mustered out August 20, 1865.
He later removed to a farm in Wilder, Jackson county, Minn., where he lives
at present. He is postmaster there. He has l>een a member of the Methodist
Episcopal Church for about forty years.

children :
By first marriage:

i. S.iEAH, b. , 1847?; d. .iged G years.

13S5. ii. Hiram, b. Feb. 10, 1848?.

* He failed to answer the compiler's letters.


iii. Frekmax, b. , 1S40?: was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted

Feb. 15, 1864. in Company M, 4th Wisconsin Cavalry, and d. Sept. 7, 1804,
in Baton Rouge, La. ; unm.

iv. Cyrenus, b. , 18.">-?.

V. Henry, b. , 1S.5-; resides in Saskatoon, Sask., Canada.*

vi. Melissa, b. , 185- ; m. Rolpb. and resides in Saskatoon.*

By second iimrriafic:

vii. E.MILY, b. , 180-

viii. William, b. , 187- ; resides in Huron, S. D.*

ix. Jessie, b. , 187-.

1368. Ansel Trowbridge (Ileiirij"^^, Ebenezer''^-''^, Benjamin"''-,

Beniamin"'"), bom July 18, 1834, in Leyden. N. T.; died , 188- in

Delavan, Minn.; married , ISO-, Diantha Lane. She resides in


Ansel Trowbridge, like his older brothers, came with his iiarents to Wisconsin
and, like them, was a farmer.


i. Alonzo, b. , 1.SG-.

ii. .

1369. Truman Trowbridge {Henry"''^, Ehenezer'^'^-'^, Benjamin"^-,
Benjamin^'^^") , bom November 4. 1837, in Leyden, N. Y. ; resides in Superior,
Iowa ; married

Truman Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to Wisconsin and
accompanied them to Minnesota. He was drafted during the Civil War, and
was mustered December 28, 1804, in Company IL 4th Minnesota Infantry, and
was discharged with his regiment Jidy IS), 1805. He is a farmer in
Superior, Iowa.

cniLPREN :

i. ViLLAII, b

ii. .Tames, b.

iii. Orkix. b.

iv. Lottie, b.

v. Ida. b.

vi. Louis, b

1370. David Saimpson Trowbridge {David'^"'''^, Ehenezer'^''^^, Benjamin"^-,
Benjamin'^^''''). born June 27, 1827, in South Glastonbury, Conn.; resides in
Centerbrook, Conn.; married February 23, 1850, in South Glastonbury, Dorcas
Ann Lane, daughter of Selah and Maria (Holland) Lane, bom October 14,
1829, in Litchfield, Conn.

David S. Trowbridge was a ship carpenter for many years, but is now engaged
in farming in Centerbrook, Conn.


1380. i. Franklin Pierce, b. Sept. 9. 1852. in South Glastonbury. Conn.

ii. IsABELLE Naomi, b. .July 0, 18.54, in Portland, Conn. ; m. Nov. 12, 1872.
Frank Wilber Scoville and resides in Centerbrook, Conn.

1371. William Henry Trowbridge (DaviiP^''^, Ehenezer'^'^"*^, Benjamin"''-,

Benjaminy-'^"). bom December 30, 1830, in Portland, Conn.; resides in South

Glastonbui-y, Conn.; married , 1855, in , Julia Hodge,

I ^ ,

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters.



daughter of Dudley and Mary Elizabeth (Walker) Hodge, bom July 2, 1836,
in West Stafford, Conn.

William A. Trowbridge is a farmer in South Glastonbury, Conn.


i. Nancy Naomi, b. July 21, 18.50.

ii. Ezra P., b. June 5, 1858 ; resides in Hartford, Conn.t

iii. Frederick Talcott, b. Aug. 15. 1802 ; resides in East Glastonbury, Conn.t
iv. Grace Amelia, b. Apr. 5, 1860 : m. Aug. 28, 188-, George L. Carpenter
and resides in South Glastonbury, Conn.t

1372. Franklin John Trowbridge (DanieZ"'*", J oh ii^'^'-'' . John'^'"'^*. Joliri^^'^'^,
Beiijamin^-'^''), born May 9, 1850, in Hebron, Conn.; resides in Watch Hill,
E. I. ; married January 28, 1872. in Colchester, Conn., Frances R. Fuller.

Franklin J. Trowbridge is a photographer in Watch Hill, E. I.

children born in COLUMBIA, CONN. :

i. Minnie Edna, b. Apr. 7. 1S74 ; m. Feb. 11, 1898, Daniel Jones and resides in
North Westchester, Conn.
lo87. ii. William Lyman, b. Dec. 5, 1875.

1373. Frederick Trowbriduk (bom Warner,:}: adopted son of John G. Trow-
bridge. No. 1362), born January 18, 1873, in Glastonbury, Conn.; resides in
Manchester, Conn. ; married November 7, 1894, in East Hampton, Conn., Lena
Cecilia Goff, daughter of Orrin Lucius and Ann Eliza (Butler) Goff, born
October 21, 1876. in East Hamilton.

Frederick Trowbridge is a mechanic in Manchester, Conn.

NO children.

1374. Edwin Trowbridge {Lyman C. '■'"■■■, John^-'''', Johii^^^*, Jolin^^^'^,
Benjamiji"^"). bom ilareh 5, ISOS. in W^aterbury, Conn.; resides in Waterbury;
married August 4, 1896, in Middletowii. Conn., Estella Wiekmire Johnson,
adopted daughter of Charles Johnson of Torrington. Conn., and daughter of
Heniy and Nancy Laura (Whitney) Wiekmire, born November 23, 1864, in
Bantam, Conn.

Edwin L. Trowbridge conducts an express office and business in Waterbury,
Conn. He is a member of the Independent Order of Eed Men and Harmony
Lodge, No. 42, F. and A. M.

NO children.

1375. Orrin At.anson Trowbridge (Alanson'^^'^'^, Henry'^^^^, Ehenezer'^^^^,
Benjamin^^'-, Benjamin^^'"), bom June 24, 1851, in Columbus, Wis.; resides
in' Columbus; married January 1, 1880. in Columbus, Isabell Pederson,
daughter of Ole and Ingera (Johnson) Pederson, born December 19, 1851, in

Orrin A. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in his native place, Colum-
bus, Wis.


i. Paul, b. Feb. 14, 1881 ; was graduated in 1903 from the Univei-sity of

* Except iii, who was born in Portland. Conn.
"i" Failed to answer the compiler's letters.
1 See foutnote p. 680.


1376. Ira Trowbridge {David^-^'^', Henrp"'^^, Ehenezer'^^^^, Benjamin^^'^-,
Benja7nin"^'^'), born October 3, 1842, in Stow Corners, Ohio; resides in Candor
(Vergas, P. O.), Minn.; married July 4, 1867, in Shelby^'ille, Minn., Arcelia
McReynolds, daughter of Aaron and Rachel (Galloway) McReynolds, born
March 23, 1848, in Killing-worth, Conn.

Ira Trowbridge came with his parents to Columbus, Wis. When nineteen
years old he became a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted August 15, 1S62,
for three years in Company G, 23d Wisconsin Infantry. He participated in the
battle of Chickasaw Bayou, La., the actions at Grand Gulf and Port Gibson,
Miss., the battle of Champion's Hill, the action at Black' River Bridge, the siege
of Yicksburg, the action at Carrion Crow Bayou (where he received a slight
womid in the right shoulder), the battle of Mansfield, La. (where he received a
giuishot wound in the head), the action at Cane River, La., the siege of Spanish
Fort (Mobile), and the actions at Blakeley, Ala., Magnolia Hill, Miss., Pleasant
Hill, La., and Fort Ilindman, Ark. He was discharged July 4, 1865.

After his marriage he engaged in farming in Blue Earth county, Minn. In
1880 he removed to Ottertail county, Minn., and settled on a government home-
stead in the town of Candor, about ten miles south of Detroit, where he has
lived ever since, engaged in farming and saw milling. He has held the office of
town chairman.

"Gradually the native monarchs of the forest have fallen before the wood-
man's axe, and the fields and meadows have broadened and extended to the shores
of the beautiful lake which was named in honor of the pioneer who is the subject
of this sketch. The primitive log hut has given place to the more pretentious
frame structure, there are large barns for the accommodation of the live stock,
and the garden contains a good growth of fruit and shade trees and flowering
shrubs. Looking back over these years, Mr. and Mrs. Trowbridge, doubtless,
have occasion to recall to mind the performance of a great deal of hard work and
all the trials and privations incident to pioneer life. But as they contemplate
the change that has been wrought, and view their pleasant farm home sur-
roundings, they have reason to feel that their efforts have not been in vain."


i. Elmer, b. Mar. 2S, ISTO.

ii. Minnie, b. July 4. ISSO; il. .Julv 27, ISSl.

iii. Mabel, b. Aug. 27, 1883.

iv. VioLETTE. b. June 30, 1S87.

V. John Logan, b. Get. 20. 1SS9.

vi. Charles, b. Dec. 2, 1892.

1377. Lorenzo Trowbridge {David^^'^'^, Henry"'^^. Ehenezer'^^"'', Benjamin^^^-,
Benja7nin^"^''), bom July 4. 1846. in Stow Comers, Ohio; resides in Des Moines,
Iowa; married Febmary 20, 18C7, in Faribault county, Minn., Lydia Jane
Townsend,t daughter of Jonathan and Rachel (Ridgeway) Townsend, born
November 21, 1851, in Waveland, Parke comity, Ind. ; died .January 29, 1889, in
Des Moines.

Lorenzo Trowbridge came with his parents to Wisconsin. He went into the
Civil War at the age of seventeen. He enlisted from Columbus, Wis.. October
16, 1863. in the 13th Battery, Wisconsin Light Artillery, seiwed with it. and was
mustered out July 20, 1865. He went with his father to Faribault county, ilinn.
After his marriage he removed to Illinois and from there to Iowa. He is a
contractor in Des Moines, Iowa, being chiefly occupied with grading contracts.

* Except i, who was bora in Good Thunder, Blue Earth county, Minn.

t A sister of the wife of No. 038 ; the latter and No. 1377 not being related by Trowbridge



i. Ii!A Alvin, b. Nov. '22, 18(59; is a fanner in Iliyliland I'ark, near Des Moines,

ii. Leonora Belle, b. June 12, 1872. in Danville. III.; m. May 19, 1895, George

Vernon Atchley and reside.s in Des Moines,
iii. Eunice Elva, b. June 29, ISTC, in Saylorville, Iowa ; m. Nov. 20, 1896,

Roy Patterson and resides in Nevada, Iowa,
iv. LuTiiER Edwin, b. Dec. 2.5, 1879.
V. Caroline, / twins, d. aged 10 months.

vi. AuALiNE, d' b. Sept. 17, 1882 ; m. Jones and resides in Des Moines.

vii. Lewis Jerome, b. Dec. 7, 1885 ; is a blacksmitli by trade.

1378. Carlos Trowbridge (David'^^^^, Heiu-y'^^^^, Ehenezer^^^'^, Benjamin^'^^-,
Benjaminy-^^"), born July 11, 1848, in Stow Corners, Ohio; resides in Wallace,
Idaho; married, first, March 17. 1869, in Barber, Minn., Mary Hartman. He
married, second, November 2, 1891. in Spokane, Wash., Cora Belle Hawley,
daughter of Charles S. and Sarah Jane (McNeal) Hawley, born August 15,
1871, in Erie, 111.

Carlos Trowbridge came with his parents to Wisconsin. At the age of fifteen
he became a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted at Columbus, Wis., October
27, 1863, in the 13th Battery, Wisconsin Light Artillery, and was mustered out
July 20, 1865. He is a caiiienter by trade and lives in Wallace, Idaho. t

1379. Henry Alvin Trowbridge (David""-', Henry'^-^^'*, Ehenezer'^-^^^,
Benjainin''-^'^'-, Benjamin"^"), born April 16, 1852, in Stow Corners, Ohio;
resides in Page, Neb.; married March 29, 1881, in Neligh, Neb., Etta Lucy

Bradeen, daughter of Jason C. and Sarah Emily ( ) Bradeen, born July

30, 1861, in Milo, Me.

Henry A. Trowbridge came with his parents to Wisconsin and Minnesota.
He is a blacksmith in Page, Holt county. Neb.:}:

1380. Adius Eugene Trowbridge (David"''^, Henry'^'^^^, Ehenezer"^'^ ,
Benjamin'^^^^, Benjamin"^"), bom May 28, 1854, in McHenry county. 111.; died
September 4, 1906, in St. Paul, Minn. ; married February 13, 1876, in Waterville,
Minn., .Jane Piper, daughter of Johnston and Samantha (Evans) Piper, born
June 19, 1858, in Waterville; died May 23, 1906, in St. Paul.

A. Eugene Trowbri<lge came with his parents to Wisconsin and Minnesota.
He became a locomotive engineer and was employed in that capacity by the
Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad Company at the time of his death.
His home was in Brainerd, Minn.


i. Maud. b. .lune 13, 1877. in .\lbert Lea. Minn.; resides with her brother; unm.
ii. Chestek Arthur, b. July 12. 1SS3, in Jlillbank, S. D. ; is a locomotive fire-
man ; resides in St. Paul, Minu. ; imm.

1381. Lewis Jerojie Trowbridge (David"'^^, Henry"^^, Ehenezer"^'^ ,
Benjamin}''^^", Benjamin,"^"), born May 13, 1856, in McHenry county, 111.;
resides in Lanesboro, Minn. ; married .January 9, 1879, in Lanesboro, Rachel
Hanson, daughter of Ole and Rachel (Swenson) Han.son, bom January 1,
1852, in , Iowa.

Lewis .1. Trowbridge came with his parents to Wisconsin and then to Minne-
sota. He is a plumber in Lanesboro, Minn.§

* <'omiileto records were not sent to the compiler.

t He failed to complete his family record and mentioned no children.

t He failed to complete his family record. He is said to have two sons and six daughters.

S He failed to complete his family record. He Is said to have eight children.


1382. Albert Hermas Trowbridge {David^^^^, Henry'^^^^, Ehenezer^'^",
Benjamin"^-, 5e»;'flnin("^"). born May IG, 1860, in Columbus, Wis.; resides iu
Clilherall, Minn.; married February 1:5, 1888, iu Fergus Falls, Minn., Emma
Wbiting, daughter of Almou and Lydia (Ferbush) Whiting, born in Sidney,

Albert H. Trowbridge was adopted by and lived with a family named Burk
until he was fourteen years of age, and then he struck out for himself. Since
his marriage he has lived for most of the time in Clitherall, Mimi. He is in the
employ of the Northern Pacific Railroad Company, his present position being
that of watchman in the roundhouse in Staples, Minn.


i. Della Fay, b. Mar. 24. ISSO.

ii. MA.MIE LoDEMA. b. Feb. 13. 1801.

Hi. Sannie Grinnell, b. Dec. 27. 1803.

iv. Alice Emma. b. Oct. 10, 180.'); d. Feb. 10, 1807.

V. Gladys Harriet, b. Aug. 0. 1897.

vi. Harry Almon, b. Feb. 7. lOOO.

vii. .Tames Vernon, b. Nov. 1.5, 1002.

viii. Ke.xneth JIcKinley", b. .hiu. 23, 1004.

13S3. Albert Franklin Trowbridge (Henry^^^", Henry^^^^, Ehenezer'^'^'^",
Benjamiii^^^-, Benjamin^^'^"), bom October 28, 1860, in Cold Spring, Wis.;
resides in Plain View, Neb.; married October 20, 1897, in Plain View, Lottie
Ann Goodspeed. daughter of Eugene and Margaret Ann (Hull) Goodspeed, born
July 20, 1871, in Hawkeye, Iowa.

Albert F. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to Antelope county,
Neb. He lived in Neligh until 1899, when he removed to Plain View, Pierce
county. Neb., where is is at present engaged in farming.

children :

i. Pansy Eunice, b. Oct. 14. 1808. in Nelish. Neb.

ii. Violet Evelyn, b. Feb. 10. 1000, in I'lain View, Neb.

1384. Eev. George Henry Trowbridge {Henry^^"^, Hennf^^^, Ehenezer"''^,
Benjamin"''-, Benjamin^'-'''"), born February 3, 1864, in Cold Spring, Minn.;
resides in Walden, Colo.; married, first, September 6, 1887, in Neligh. Neb.,
Martha McMichael, daughter of William and Margaret (Holmes) McMichael,
bom September 6, 1867, in Philadelphia, Pa.; died November 1, 1888, in Red-
field. Iowa. He married, second, July 21, 1892, in Neligh. Sarah Elizabeth
Mullenix, daughter of John Henry and Mary Ann (Small) Mulleni.x. born
September 1, 1871, in Valton, Wis.

George H. Trowbridge came in childhood with his parents to Neligh, x\ntelope
county, Neb., and there grew to manhood on his father's farm. He attended
the common and high schools and college one year at Neligh. In September,
1888, he antl his first wife went to Omaha, Neb., and in October to Redfield, Iowa,
where she soon after died. He did very little business for a year or more follow-
ing his wife's death, visiting among his relatives most of the time. On January
20, 1891. he went to Neligh and rented his father's farm. In 1892 he bought 90
acres of it and that year married again and went to live on his farm. In June,
1893, they and her family left for Colorado, and they arrived in Mosea, Colo.,
in August. In April, 1894, he became a clerk in a hardware store there and
continued in that position until October, when he took a school in Costilla, Colo.,
and taught there two years. In October, 1896, he was appointed assistant post-
master at Mosca, and served about two years. In September, 1899, he moved
to Colorado Springs, Colo., where he bought an interest in a gi-ocery store, con-
tinuiug in this business nearly one year, when he sold out.


On September 1, 1900, Mr. Trowbridge took pastoral work in the Methodist
Episcopal Church and was immediately sent to Snyder, Colo. He has continued
in that ministry in Colorado up to the present time, being now located in Walden,


By second marriage:*
i. JlAETHA Beatrice, b. Sept. 28, 1896.

1385. Hiram Trowbridge (Freema»!."°', Henry'^^^^, Ehenezer^'^'^,
Benjamin^"'-, BerTJamin^'^'^), born February 10, 1848?, in Jefferson, Wis.; resides
in Wilder. Minn. ; married June 30, 1867, in Hebron, Wis., Helen Parker,
daughter of Benjamin and Mary Ann (Fuller) Parker, liorn September 4, 1844,
in Jefferson.

Hiram Trowbridge enlisted at Columbus, Wis., December 2, 1863, in the 13th

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