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Battery, Wisconsin Light Artillery. He was mustered out July 20, 1865. He
was farming several years in South Dakota, but sold his farm there and is now
farming in Wilder, Minn.


i. Delsana, b. July 1, 1869 : m. , 1886, Charles Gibb and resides ia

Wilder, jSIinn.

138G. Franklin Pierce Trowbridge (David S.' - '", David}^^^, Ebenezer^^'''^,
Benjamin^"^-, Benjamin}'-^^") , bom September 9, 1852, in South Glastonbuiy,
Conn. ; resides in Salem, Conn. ; married, first, November 9, 1875, in Colchester,
Conn., Emma L. Main of Montville, Conn. He married, second, October 7,
1891, in Colchester, Annie Julia (Drea) Mui-phy, widow of William Edward
Mur])hy and daughter of Patrick and Catherine (Voss) Drea, born January 29,
1858, in Waterford, Conn.

Frajiklin P. Trowbridge is a lumberman and storekeeper in Salem, Conn.


1387. WiLLUM Lyman Trowbridge (FranHin J.^^'-, Dariiel""", John}^^',
Johii'-"^*, John^^^''-, Benjamin?-^''''), bom December 5, 1875, in Columbia, Conn.;
resides in East Haddam (Hadljnne, P. 0.), Conn.; married May 31, 1902, in
East Haddam, Nettie Bartman, daughter of Charles and Georgie (Phelps)
Bartman, bom AiDril 25, 1885, in East Haddam.

William L. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in East Haddam, Conn.


i. AVILLIAM Henrt, b. Mar. 13, 1903.

ii. Charles Kohert, b. Mar. 16, 1904.

iii. Edna Adelia. b. Sept. 14, 1905.

iv. EsTELLA Mav, b. Mar. 3, 1906.

* No child by first marriage.


1388. John Trowbridge married Maria Foster of Sandwich, Mass., who died
before March 3, 171S.


i. Mart.
ii. JIaria.*

Trowbridge married Maria Mowry (born 1692).


i. Mary.
ii. Maria.*

John Trowbridge of Sandwich married February 3, 1T25-G, in Ports-
mouth, E. I., Ruth Lawton of Dartmoutli, iMass.


!. Mercy, b. Nov. 30. 172(5.
ii. George, b. May 25, 1732.

1389. Alice Trowbridge married Ain-il — , 1709, in North Kingston, .

1300. Ebenezer Trowbridge married November 13, 1740, in Newport, Mrs.
Abigail Wilson.

Ebenezer Trowbridge was in .June, 1744, master of the privateer sloop.
Charming Betty, of Newiwrt, of 80 tons, 10 gims, and SO men, Capt. Josiah

Ebenezer Trowbridge was in November, 1745, and April, 1746, first
lieutenant of the brigantine. Prince Frederick:, of Newport, of 170 tons, 18
guns, and 125 men, Capt. Peter Marshall.

Ebenezer Trowbridge was captain of the last-named vessel in 1747.
["Civil and Military List of Rhode Island,"' pp. 091, 694-7.]

1391. Temper.\nce Trowbridge married March 19, 1706, in Newport, Samuel
Hathaway, and died May 15, 1823, in Taunton, Mass.

1392. Ann Trowbridge married October 18, 1772. in Bristol, Nathaniel
Bentley of Newport.

1393. Benjamin Trowbridge married July 11, 1702, in Newjiort, Eunice

• "IGO Allied Families," p. 150.


1.S94. Bexjamix TRO\VBRiD(iE married June 19, 1787, in Providence, Hannah


13!»5. Benjamin Trowbridge married January 21, 1794, in Providence, Sarah

13!)(j. Benjamin Trowbridge married April 26, 1795, in Providence, Nancy

1397. Abby Strowbridge married May 25, 1794, in Providence, John Mes-

1398. Abigail SxROBRiDGE married August 23, ISOl, in Providence (West
Side), William West.

1399. Hannah Trowbril>ge married ISTovember 21, 1813, in Providence, Jacob

Some of those in this section may have belonged to the Strobridge family
recorded in Mrs. Guild's "Strobridge-Strawbridge Pamily."

• See footnote t to No. 135.1.


Of Sheffield, Mass.,

1400. Trowbridge* (anccsd-i/ untraccd), born , IT — , in

died , 17 — , in ; married Sarah Smith. dauf;hter of

Dea. Ebenezer and Sarah (Shaler) Smith, born May 2, 1747, in Sheffield. Mass.
She married, second,! Silas Marvin of Sheffield, and iliod March 18, 18:5;), in


l-!0]. i. Orso?^, b. about ITOO.t

1401. Orson§ TEOWBRroc.E ( """), born about 1769, in Sheffield, Mass.?;

died , 18 — , in Cincinnati, Ohio;|| married July 19, 1789, in Sheffield,

Lydia Sturges, born , 1771, in Sheffield ''. ; died April 4, 18G3, in Sheffield.

Orson Trowbridge was a fanner in Sheffield, Mass. He is said to have left
his family there and to have gone first to New York and then to Cincinnati,


i. Sarah, b. Apr. — . 1790 ; d. Feb. 27, 1877, in Sbeffield ; unm.
ii. Polly, b. , 1793 ; d. Sept. 27, 1877, in Sheffield ; unm.

William, b. , 179.").

Marvin, b. Sept. 7, 1797.

Silas, b. , 1799.

Chileab, b. , ISOl : d. Dec. 23, 1831, in Sheffield ; unm.

Shaler, b. ■ , 1804.

1402. ^Y^.LIAM Trowbridge {Orson:^^o\ "o"), born , 1795, in

Sheffield, Mass.; died June 10, 1838, in Sheffield; married November 9, 1831,
in Sheffield, Hannah (Keep) Curtis, widow of Roswell Curtis of Sheffield and
daughter of Capt. Jabez and Elizabeth (Eogers) Keep. She married, third. John
Carey of Sheffield.

William Trowbridge lived all of his life in his native town and was a black-
smith. He inherited the residence of Silas Marvin, who was the second husband
of his grandmother Trowbridge.

NO children.

1403. ifARVix Trowbridge (Orso/)""'. """), born September 7, 1797,

in Sheffield. Mass. ; died September 12, 1873, in Grove Station, Greenville
county, S. C. ; married , 1819, in Abbeville county, S. C, Mary Pendle-










* His relationship, if any. to the other Trowbridges (Xo. 111:! and his four sons) in
Sheffield. Mass.. has not been discovered.

t Before Aug. 4. 1T0.">. when her father's will was proved.
$ Only child of his mother by either husband.
§ Sometimes incorrectly spelled Austin in ShefBeld records.
II It is said, and before June 22. 1S1.3.


ton Latimer, daughter of Clement Thoble and Isabella (Gaines) Latimer, bom
September 19, I8O0, in Abbeville county; died October 1, 1894, in Piedmont,
S. C.

Marvin Trowbridge served an apprenticeship at cabinetmaking in Litchfield,
Conn., and followed that trade the remainder of his life. In early manliood he
went to Abbeville, S. C, with an organized company, formed for the purpose
of malving cases for the Seth Thomas Clock Company of Plymouth, Conn.
While he was in business in Abbeville a very large number of men were
instructed in the trade in his shops. He and his wife were baptized into fellow-
ship in the Baptist church in Abbeville September 20, 1842.


140G. i. William Clement, b. .Tan. 20, 1821.

ii. Harriet Caroline, b. Jul.v 2, 1824; m. Oct. 1, 1844, Artemas H. Smith of

Greenville, S. C.
iii. JlABY Ann, b. Nov. 22, 1826; m. William Henry Johnson o£ Grove Station.

S. C.
iv. Lydia Isabella, b. Feb. 1, 1828; m. Apr. IS, 1859, Dr. Granville Franklin

Jenkins of Fairview, S. C.
V. Eliza Catharine, b. June 20, 1830; a retired school-teacher; resides in

Piedmont, S. C. ; unm.
1407. vi. Silas Fleming, b. Mar. 31, 1832.

14(H. Silas Tkowbridge (Orson'^^''\ ■ "»»), bom , 1799, in

Sheffield, Mass. ; died October 13, 1877, in Kalamazoo, Mich. ; married October
15. 1839, in Canaan, Conn., Clarissa Root,* daughter of Sylvester and Achsa

(Ranney) Root, bom , 180-, in ; died April — , 1878, in


Silas Trowbridge went with his brother Marvin to Abbeville, S. C, and
remained there two years. He then returned to Shefiield, Mass., and in 1832
emigTated to Kalamazoo, Mich. He became one of its leading residents, was
an extensive landowner there and a man of wealth.

children born in KALAMAZOO, MICH. :

i. Mary I., b. , 1840 ; m. Capt. Alfred C. Wortleyt of Kalamazoo.

1108. ii. Jerome Bird, b. ■, 1846.

1405. SiiALEK Trowbridge {Orsoii^*"^, "»»), bom , 1804, in

Sheffield. Mass.; died December 15. 1882, in Sheffield; married, first, ,

1826, in Sheffield?, Mary Westover, daughter of Luther and Catharine ( )

Westover, bom ■ -, 1808?, in Sheffield?; died , 1842, in Sheffield.

He married, second, November 1, 1843, in Canaan, Conn., Amanda Robinson,
who died April 4. 1882, in Sheffield.

Shaler Trowbridge learned the blacksmith's trade from his oldest brother in
Sheffield, Mass., but did not follow it. He engaged in farming, living just out-
side the village of Sheffield. After his second marriage he owned a farm for a
few years in Salisbuiy, Conn., but returned to Sheffield and lived there many
years before his death.


By first marriage:
i. Sarah, b. May 10, 1827: m. Feb. 6. 38.51, Henry Miinn of Sheffield,
ii. Jclia Ann, b. Sept. 0, 1832; ra. July 12, 18.53, Charles Orville Dewey of
1409. iii. Silas Marvin, b. Mar. 15, 1834.

iv. William Westotor, b. Apr. 15, 1838; d. Oct. 24, 1855, in Sheffield.

* She was dismissed from the Congregational church in Sheffield, Mass., to that in Kala-
mazoo, Apr. 17. 1840.

t Failed to make this record complete.


Bi/ second iiHjrriiige:

John. b. — '- . ISJo : d. num.*

Lydia, b. , ISiT ; resides iu 81ietlield ;

140(!. WiLLiAJi Clement Trowbridge (Marvin""'^, Orsoyi'^*"^, """),

born Jamuu-j- 29, 1821, in Abbeville, S. C; died July, 23, 1893, iu Piedmont,
S. C. ; married November 8, 1869, in Kalamazoo, Mich., Mary A. (Smith) Whit-
comb, daughter of Judge Smith of Batavia,, N. Y., who died May IS,

1892, in Kalamazoo.

William C. Trowbridge in early life engaged in the cotton business in Ham-
burg, S. C. He was later in the general merchandise business with his brother
under the firm name of W. C. Trowbridge & Bro. He was an invalid many
years of his life and resided in Kalamazoo, Mich., for a number of years previous
to his death.


1407. Silas Flejiixg Trowbridge (Mnrvin^*''^, Orson^*"^, "'"'), born

March 31, 1832. in Abbeville, S. C. ; resides in Piedmont, S. C. ; married
February 24, 1859, in Pairview, S. C, Sally Jane Nesbitt, daughter of Maj.
William and Cynthia (Mahaffee) Nesbitt. born July 28, 1838, in Pairview.

Silas P. Trowbridge formed a partnership with his brother in the genei-al mer-
chandise business under the linn name of W. C. Trowbridge & Bro. After the
outbreak of the Civil War he hastened to offer himself to the Confederate cause.
Severe injuries that he had received in a fall from a church building two years
previous caused his rejection by the board of examiners for service in the
artillery, in which he wished to enlist, and he was therefore obliged to take a
place iu a service that carried him in the Western and Virginia armies. He
"continued soul and body in the Confederate service and surrendered two weeks
after Johnston's surrender."

ilr. Trowbridge returned home from the war to find that the stock of his store
had been sold to the families of soldiers, who could not pay for the same and
from whom he could collect nothing, as they had been either ruined by the war
or killed ou the battlefield. He at last found a friend who loaned him $500,
and with that he again started in mercantile business, beginning in an old shop
12 X 18. In 1890, when he turned the business over to his eldest son, it had
grown so that there were fifteen clerks employed to carry it on and its credit
extended to the chief cities of the counti-y. The finn name was Nesbitt, Trow-
bridge & Co., doing both a wholesale and retail general merchandise business.


i. Tecoa JIaydelle, b. Feb. 16, 1860 ; d. Apr. 29, 1862.

ii. Sallie Annette, b. Nov. 7. 1861 ; m. Nov. 7, 1888, James Arnold Nesbitt

and resides in Piedmont, S. C.
iii. Emmie Eliza, b. Dec. 6, 1803; m. Dec. 24, 1884. William N. West and

resides in Piedmont,
iv. JiARY Cynthia, b. May 11. 1866; m. Nov. 24, 1897, Dr. Tliomas George

Crymes and resides in Greenville, S. C.
1410. V. William Nesbitt, b. Dec. 20. 1867.

vi. Lillian Maud, b. Jan. 11. 1870; m. Aug. 17, 1886, Roljert Dufe Ploau and

resides in Piedmont,
vii. Sue Freddie, b. May 20, 1877 ; is a school-teacher in Piedmont ; unm.
viii. Silas Dunklin, b. Aug. 17, 1879 ; is an architect in Atlanta, Ga. ; unm.
ix. James Preston, b. Oct. 19, 1882 ; is a graduate of Penn Dental College and

is practicing his profession in Pelzer, S. C. ; unm.

• It is supposed by rehitives. who wrote, "he left home and was never heard of again."
t In Grove Station, except ix, who was born in Piedmont. S. C.



1408. Jerome Bird Trowbridge (Silas^^S Or.son^*'>\ "'"'), born

1840, in Kalamazoo, Mich. ; dietl June 10, 1907, in Kalamazoo ;

married October 29, 1885, in Detroit, Mich., Elnora dale, daughter of George
Henry and Sarah Ellen (Brown) Gale, born September 3, 1857, in Kalamazoo;
died November 29, 1891, in Detroit.

Jerome B. Trowbridge received his early education in the public schools of his
native city and later attended Kalamazoo College. For a number of years he
was a member of the firm of Trowbridge & Crosby, grocers, in Kalamazoo. He
was a wealthy property owner in that city and about 1887 retired from active


i. Pebrin Gale, b. JIar. 4, 1891.

1409. Silas ML^rvin Trowbridge (Shaler"''\ Orson^*"K "»»), born

March 15, 1834, in Sheffield, Mass.; resides in Geneva (South Haven P. 0),
Mich. ; married Augiist 12, 1862, in South Haven, Ellen Ellsworth, daughter of
Ammi and Margaret (Buys) Ellsworth, bom October 9, 1841, in Sodus, N. Y. ;
died November 20, 190C, in South Haven.

Silas M. Trowbridge removed with his father, after the latter's second mar-
riage, to Salisbury, Conn., where he lived for a year or two. In 1851, at the
age of seventeen, he accompanied his uncle Silas Trowbridge, who had been East
on a visit, on his return to his home in Kalamazoo, Mich. Since that time he
has lived for the most part either in or near South Haven, Mich. He has been in
the vessel business on the Lakes, lumbered, and been in saw and flour milling.
Since the bvirniug of his flour mill a few years ago he has been fanning as a
pastime. He has a farm of a little over 400 acres and fruit land in Geneva
township, one and one-half miles east of South Haven village. He has resided
the greater part of the time in the village, where he also owns property. His
sons and son-in-law reside on the home farm, where each own a house of their
own. After the death of his wife his daughter and her husband rented their
farm and moved into the homestead to keep house for Mr. Trowbridge.


1411. i. William Ellsworth, b. July 18. 1803.

1412. ii. Silas Edward, b. Mar. ;">, 1875.

iii. Ellen Ellsworth, b. Nov. 19, 1879; iii. .Tune 10, 1!K)]. Godfrey Ileniy
Jlerkle and resides in Geneva.

1410. William Nesbitt Trowbridge (Silas F.'^*"', Marvin^*^'^, Orson^*''\

noo)^ born December 20, 1807, in Greenville county, S. C. ; resides in

Piedmont, S. C. ; married July 25, 1899, in Piedmont, Ida Elizabeth Poole,
daughter of Flavius Josephus and Mary Elizabeth (Johnson) Poole, born July
23, 1874, in Spartanburg county, S. C.

William N. Trowbridge was brought up in mercantile business by his father
and succeeded to the latter's business, becoming sole owner and proprietor of
Nesbitt, Trowbridge & Co., conducting a wholesale and retail general store, and
also proprietor of the Cedar Falls Holier Mills, for flour, meal, bran and feed.
He was most successful in business, but, being such an incessant worker, his
health failed, and he was compelled to abandon his business career and resort to
farming. He has been engaged in tlie latter occupation for about four years
past and is much improved in health.


i. Nellie May. b. May 23, 1900; d. June 11, 1902.

ii. Silas Joseph, b. .\pr. 21, 1903.

iii. Thelma, b. Oct. 7, 1904.

iv. Harry Hunt. b. July 2. 1907.


1411. William Ellsworth Trowbridge (Silas M.^-">'\ Shaler"'''', Orson'"'\
"""), born July 18, 1863, in Geneva, Mich.; resides in Geneva (South

Haven P. O.) ; married December 15, 1889, in South Haven, Sarah Edith Van
Orden, daughter of Edwin Southwick and Mary Dexter (Loper) Van Orden,
born January 9, 1868, in Brooklyn, N. Y.

William E. Trowbridge is engaged in farming on a farm given him by his
father on the latter's home farm in Geneva township, near South Haven, lilieh.


i. Bessie JIay. b. Sept. 12. 1S90.

ii. JlAiiELLE Ellsworth, b. Jan. 18, 1892.

iii. Edna JIildhed, b. Sept. 20, 1895.

iv. William Earl, b. Jan. 9, 1897.

1412. Silas Edward Trowbridge . (Silas M."-*"^, Shaler^*o\ Orson^^oK

1400 )_ born March 5, 1875, in Geneva, Mich.; resides in Geneva (South

Haven P. O.); married November 28, 1900, in South Haven, Grace Margaret
Merkle, daughter of Godfried and Julia Minnie (Seefeld) Merkle, bom October
27, 1875, in Chicago, HI.

Silas E. Trowbridge is engaged in farming in Geneva township, near South
Haven, Mich., ou a farm given him by his father on the latter's home farm.


i. Violet Isabelle. b. Feb. 21. 1902.
ii. Flossie, b. June 9. 1904.
iii. K.WMONi), b. Feb. 7, 1907.


Ok Pottawatomie county, Kan.,

14r]3. Orson Thomas Trowbridge (ancestri/ untraced*), bom March 2, 1844,
in , Pa. ; died January 29, 1889, iu Adams Peak, Kan. ; married May

23, 1875, in Adams Peak, Laura Jane Lance, daughter of Samuel B. and Eliza-
beth (Cook) Lance, bom Aiig-ust 21, 1856, in Piatt county. Mo. ; resides in
Wa Keeney, Kan.

Orson T. Trowbridge was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted from Clayton
county, Iowa, November 18, 1861, in Company K, 1st Iowa Cavalry. He settled
after his marriage near Beloit, Mitchell county, Kan., and lived there until
1883, then removing to Pottawatomie county, Kan., where he lived until his
death. His family removed in 1904 to Trego county, near Wa Keeney, Kan.


1414. i. William Rutherford, b. Mar. 7, 1870.

ii. Edna May, b. Mar. 16, 1878; m. Feb. 17, 1897, Henry H. Hartman and

resides near Flush, Pottaw.Ttomie county, Kan.
iii. Ella Elizabeth, b. .Jan. 11, 1880; m. Aug. 9, 1899, Edward Marion
Robinson and resides in Wa Keeney, Kan.
1414a. iv. Homer John, b. Sept. 4, 1884.

1414. William Rutherford Trowbridge {Orson jT.""), born March 7, 1876,
in Mitchell county, Kan. ; resides near Wa lieeney, Kan. ; married March 22,
1899, in Westmoreland, Kan., Delia May Walker, daughter of Jacob Bayard
and Mary Catherine (Mark) Walker.

William R. Trowbridge is engaged in fanning. He lived near Westmoreland,
Pottawatomie county, Kan., until Januai-y, 1905, when he removed^to a farm
near Wa Keeney, Trego county, Kan., his present residence. ■

children :t
i. Ethel Lula, b. May 24, 1901.
ii. Beulah Cecil, b. Dec. 27. 1902.
iii, Elva I.ouena, b. Nov. 20. 1904.
iv. Lowell Wesley, b. June 27, 1907.

1414a. Homer John Trowbridge {Orson T.^^^-), born September 4, 1884, in
Pottawatomie county, Kan. ; resides near Wa Keeney, Kan. ; married August

24, 1904, in Fostoria, Kan., Jessie Lorena Cook, daughter of George F. and
Martha Ellen (Coop) Cook, born December 30, 1884. in Downs, Kan.

Homer J. Trowbridge is engaged in farming near Wa Keeney, Kan.

child born in wa keeney, KAN. :

i. Elsie Geneva, b. July 7, 1905.

* He had brotliers : Charles, who went to Mexico ; John, who resides in Brie, Kan., and

failed to answer the compiler's letters ; and sisters : Mattie, who married Eldridge

and resides in Erie, and failed to answer ; two more sisters.

t i-iii born near Beloit. Mitchell county, Kan. ; iv near Fostoria, Pottawatomie county, Kan.

X i-iii born near Westmoreland, Kan. ; iv near Wa Keeney, Kan.


Of Cornwall, Conn.,

1415. Joel Trowbridge,* born October 17, 1778, in Litchfield county, Conn. ;t
died December — , 1862, in , Ohio; married October — , 1799, in Corn-
wall, Conn., Jane Baldwin, daughter of Henry and Jane (Shipman) Baldwin,

born , 1781, in Saybrook, Conn. ; died February — , 1839, in Plymouth

Hollow, Conn.

Joel Trowbridge was left motherless wlien very yo\ing and was adopted and
reared by a friend of liis mother named Steele. He became a miller and cooper
in Cornwall, Conn., where he lived many years. Late in life he went to the
home of his youngest daughter in Ohio and died there.


1410. i. Henry Baldwin, b. Dec. 25, 3800.

ii. PiUTDENCE .Tane. b. , ISOo; m. JIar. 12, 1S29, Jared \Y.vllis Ciu-tis ot

Torrington, Conn.
1417. iii. .TOEL Andrew, b. Apr. 8. 1808.

iv. Lucy Ann, b. , 1810; m. , 1829. Abel Avery of Goshen, Conn.

V. Mary. b. . 1S12 : m. 1st. . 1834, Pitkin Hawkins of Goshen:

m., 2d, Jcseph Wooster of Goshen,
vi. Hannah, b. Nov. — . ISi;} ; ni. Sept. .''.0, ISS'-i. Henry Skilton Hotchkiss of

Thomaston, Conn,
vii. Flora, b. , 1817; m. . ]S:'.7, On-in Hawkins of , Ohio.

1-tlG. Henry Baldwin Trowbridge (Jop?^"^), born December 25, 1800, in
Cornwall, Conn. ; died June 12, 1860. in Burlington, Wis. ; married January 13,
1820, in Goshen, Conn., Anna Essex Beach, daughter of Francis Ashbury and
Grace (Smith) Beach, born November 25, 1801, in Goshen; died April 4, 1888,
in Burlington.

Henry B. Trowbridge settled in Goshen, Conn., after his marriage. He lived
there until October, 1833, when he removed with his family to Eochester, N. T.,
moving from there in 1835 to Lewiston, N. T. In 1848 he emigrated with his
family, except his two oldest sons, to Eacine count.y. Wis., settling in the town
of Burlington, whore he lived the remainder of his life. He was engaged in
farming and dairying.

•"Was an only child of .\l)salom and Chloe (Cishop) Trowbridge. Absalom was a native
of Devon. England, anil came to .\merica as a bugler in Burgoyne's army. His wife was
born in Dublin. Ireland, and was ot English parentage, her mother being a Jennings ot
Birmingham. England. She died while her son was an infant and Absalom returned to
England, where he married again and had other children." [Letter from the late Mr. Francis
II, Trowbridge I No. 141',M, a great-grandson of Joel Trowhridge.]

t By same authority above.

No connection between the above Absalom and Absalom (No. 140) has been proved.
Cornwall records tell nothing of Joel's father. Stephen Trowhridge (No. 159) enlisted in the
Revolution as "of Cornwall" in 1777 and Isaac Trowbridge (No, 110) lived a few miles
east of Cornwall, but no proof of any relationship to Joel has been found.



i. DiADEMA Grace, b. Got. 31, 1820 ; m. Sept. 16, 18-19, James Francis Pierce
of Ionia. Iowa.
1418. ii.' .ToEL MoFFiT. b. Dec. 11, 1822.
lllti. iii. Francis Hihiisari). b. .Tan. 22. 1825.

iv. Anne Eliza, b. Aug. !•, 1827: m. Nov. 6, 1852, .Joseph Cbaunoey Rooker and
resides in Burlinyton, Wis.

1420. V. Henry Wilson, b. Nov. 20. 1820.

vi. Andrew Amcry, b. .Inly 7, 1832 ; d. Oct. 24. 18.34.

vii. Mary .Tane, h. Nov. C, 1834 : m. Mar. 12, 1857, Sylvester Turner of

1417. Joel A^DKE^v Trowbridge (Joel^"^), born April 8, 1808, in Cornwall,

Conn.; died June 12, 1881, in Stanford, N, Y.; married , 1845, in

Stanford, Velina Bockee Haskins, daughter of Seymour and Freelove (Marlin)
riaskins, bom March 7, 1829, in Stanford. She resides in Baldwinsville, N, Y.

Joel A. Trowbridge settled after his marriage in the town of Stanford, Duchess
county, N. Y. He was a carijenter by trade,


i. Frances Eliza, b. Nov. 28, 1840 : m. Sept. 8, 18G1, Luman Place of Stan-

fordville, N. T.
ii. Sarah Ann, b. May 20, 1854 : ni. Rev. Eugene Edmunds Colburn of Boston,

Mass., and Wells, Me.

1421. iii. Henry Andrew, b. Apr. 20, 1856.

iv. LiBBiE Alida. b. Oct. 14, 1858 ; m, John A. Smith.

1422. V. Charles William Baldwin, b. Oct. 12, 1801,

1418. Joel Moffit TRowr.RincE (Henry B."!", JoeZ"^^), bom December 11,
1822, in Goshen, Conn. ; died June 10, 1872, in Stockton, Cal. ; married Febmarj'
17, 1846, in Pekin, N. Y., Exene Rundell, daughter of Ambrose and Marinda
(Belding) Rundell, bom Augaist 30, 1S2S, in Pekin, She resides in Kalamazoo,

Joel ]\I. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to Lewiston, N. Y.
After his marriage lie settled in Pekin village in the Jieighboring township of
Cambria and engaged in farming. He was also a civil engineer. He was a
soldier in the Civil War. He was enrolled August 30, 1862, and was appointed
first sergeant in the 23d Battery, New York Light Artillery. He participated
in the attack on New Berne, March 14, 1863, and was discharged the following

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