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day for disability.

In 1864 ho emigrated to Burlington, Wis. He was there engaged in civil
engineering. In 1867 and 1868 he was U. S. assessor for Racine county. In
1872 he went to Stockton, Cal„ and died there not long after his arrival. He
was a Mason and was buried in Masonic ground in San Francisco.


i. Edna Exene, b. Aug. 7, 1847: m. Nov, 27, 1872, John Jackson and resides

in Coopersville, Mich,
ii. Anna Marinda, b. Nov. 15. 1840: d. Aug. 25, 1853.
iii. Oscar Llewellen, b. Oct. 21. 1851: d. Jan. 27. ISOl.
iv. Ida Adeline, b. Dec. 21, 1853: d. Sept. 30. 1870.
V. Ada Zenette, b, Aug. 11, 1850 : m. Aug. 25, 1875, Melvin P. Forbes of San

Francisco. Cal.
vi. Jessie Mel\-ern. b. June 22, 1807; m. Oct. 10. 1803. John Franklin O'Mara

and resides in Kalamazoo, Mich.

* Except vii. who was born in Rochester, N. Y.

t i-ii boi-n in Amenia, N. Y. : iii-v in Stanford, N. Y.

t Except vi, who was hum in Burlington, Wis.

7-/^ 7~Kri^Ar^ Lcl^ t


1419. Francis Hubbard Tkowbridge {Ih'nnj B.^"'\ JoeZ^""), born January i

22, 1825, in Goshen, Conn. ; died November 29, 1901, in Xeligh, Neb. ; married, I

first, October 30, 18-14. in Cambria, N. Y., Lorinda Belmer, daughter of Anthony

and Mary Ann (Laundre) Behuer, born June 6, 1830, in Franklin county, N. Y. ; i

died November 10, 1899, in Neligh. He married, second, November 24, 1900, I

in Neligh, Jennie B. (Haskell) Kelsey, widow of J. H. Kelsey and daughter of ;

Charles and Eliza Jane (Davis) Haskell, born November 24, 1834, in Mile, Me. j

She resides in Neligh.

Francis H. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to Lewiston, N. Y., |

and became a fanner. He continued to live in Niagara county, N. Y., until 1855,
when he followed his jiarents and other members of his family to Burlington,

Eacine county. Wis. He there continued to be engaged in farming. He was ,

appointed assistant of F. S. assessor for one-half of his county, being the only
farmer appointed in his congressional district. \

From 1861 to 1864 he was chairman of a county committee of five to encourage
enlistments in the army, his only son being among the first of those who enlisted. 1

In 1864 President Lincoln asked for three regiments of infantry from Wisconsin i

to serve 100 days. Mr. Trowbridge helped recruit one of these regiments, the 39th

Wisconsiii Infantry, and, leaving his wife and five little girls at home — his only |

son was then serving in the army — he went to the front as second lieutenant of

Company D, having been conunissioned May 21, 1864. This regiment left the !

state for Memphis on June 13 and rendered eificient sei-vice in the brilliant '

operations in the Southwest, contributing in no small degree te the victories
of the national arms.

Mr. Trowbridge was elected sui>ervisor of Racine county in 1866 for a term of
two years, there being three supervisors to a county. In the fall of 1868 he
removed to Mercer county. Mo., and froni there to Antelope county. Neb., in

April, 1873, as one of the earliest settlers of Neligh. He resided there the ;

remainder of his life. In 1874 he \\as elected school director and had the '

principal care of building the first school-house, and was elected a justice of the ,

peace the same year. In 1878 he was elected a member of the state legislature
for a term of two years. He was appointed one of three appraisers of school

lands in 1879 and one of three census enumerators in 1880. After the incoriiora- \

tion of Neligh, he was elected to represent it in the county board of supervisors i

for 1894 and 1895, also during those years served as its mayor. He was county i

correspondent of the U. S. Department of Agriculture for more than twenty- * ,

five years. ,

Mr. Trowbridge, besides being occupied with his farm and public duties, also
wrote insurance, for the most part for neighboring farmers. He was also local :

agent for a Minnesota and an Illinois nursery. He was made a Mason in Wis-
consin in 1863, and was a charter member of Howell Lodge, No. 71, of Neligh, 1
being its second master, 1881-3. He was the first conunander of John C. Tre- i
mont Post, No. 68, G. A. E., of Neligh, organized in 1882. He was president of i
the Neligh Cemetery Association for ten j'ears and also served as volunteer '
funeral director. His varied business and duties made Mr. Trowbridge a very

busy man and he contributed greatly to the advancement and prosperity of i

Neligh. He was much interested in gathering data of his branch of Trow- '

bridges, descended from his grandfather, for this genealogy.

childke:x :* I

1423. i. Adelbert Emilius, b. Aug. 16, 1845.

ii. Edward Heniiy, b. Feb. 28. 1851: d. June 21. 1851. i

iii. Frances Adelaide, b. Sept. 20, 1852; m. Jan. 1, 1809, Nathaniel Corby and

resides in Neligh, Neb. I

• i born in Lewiston, N. Y. ; ii in Wheatfleld, N. Y. ; iii in Pelsin, N. Y. ; iv-viii in

Burlington, Wis. ' !

45 i


iy. Mart Ella, 1i. Feb. 3, 1850; m. Sept. 5, 1809, Francis Asbury CoUings and

i-esi(les in Princeton, Mo.
V. Anna Lorinda, b. Feb. 28. 1850 ; m. Dec. 25, 1874, Stephen Hall and resides

in Neligh.
vi. Grace Eliza, b. Jnly 21, 1801 ; d. Oct. 8, 18G9, in Ravanna, Mo.
vii. Florence Xigiitinoale, b. July 17. 1803 : m. Jnly 17, 1880, Herbert Marion

Eldridge and resides in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada,
viii. Lennah Emma, b. Feb. 2, 1807 ; m. Sept. 29, 1886, John Lyman Babcock

and resides in Neligh.

1420. Henry Wilson Teowbridge (Ilenry B.^*^^, JoeP"^), bom November 29,
1820, in Goshen, Conn. ; died October 5, 189G, in Neligh, Neb. ; married August
7, 1858, in East Troy, Wis., Loretta Pauline Hartman, daughter of Lewis and
Amelia (Zimmerman) Hartman, bom July 20, 1843, in Magnon, Wis. She
resides in Nelig'h.

Henry AV. Trowbridge went in lioyhood with his parents to Lewiston, N. Y.,
and from there in 1848 to Burlington, Wis. He married and lived there until
1873, when he accompanied his brother Francis to Neligh, Neb. He resided
there until his death. He was engaged in farming all of his life.

children :*

i. JIary Jane. b. Ang. 8. 1800; in. JIar. 15. 1880, Joshua Jones Melick of
Neligh. Neb.

ii. Emily Annis. b. Jan. 14, 1802; m. Jlar. 30. 1881, William Henry Wood-
worth and resides in Norfolk, Neb.
1424. iii. Edward Henry, b. May 30, 1864.

iv. Ina Matilda, b. Jan. 27, 1800 : resides with her mother ; unm.

V. Joel Andrew, b. Oct. 25, 1860 ; d. Sept. 7, 1880.

vi. Amy Almeda, b. Sept. 3, 1880 ; d. Feb. 10, 1884.

vii. Frank Augustus, b. Feb. 0, 1885 ; is a farmer in Neligh ; unm.

1421. Henry Andrew Trowbridge (Joel 4."^', Joel'^^^-'). born April 29, 1856,
in Stanford. N. Y. ; died November 27, 1893, in Philinont, N. Y. ; married
October 16, 1878, in Pleasant Valley, N. Y., Anna Moody, daughter of Benjamin
and Phebe (Fowler) Moody, born June 17, 1851, in Dutchess county, N. Y. ;
died December 29, 1891, in Philmont.

Henry A. Trowbridge was a paper maker. He worked at that trade and also
for a time was in a cotton mill. He resided in Stanfordville and Philmont, N. Y.


1425. i. William Eugene, b. July 8, 1879.

1426. ii. Bertram Franklin, b. .Tune IS, 1880.

1427. iii. Clarence Andrew, b. Sept. 9. 1885.

iv. Piiebe Ethel, b. June 17, 1889; resides with her uncle in Baldwinsville,

N. Y. ; unm. ,

y. Julia Anna, b. Sept. 26. 1801 ; resides in Philmont, N. Y. ; unm.

1422. Charles William Baldwin Thowbridge (Joel .4.'*^', JueP"'^), bom
October 12, 1861, in Stanford, N. Y. ; resides in Baldwinsville, N. Y. ; married
December 2, 1885, in Plainville, N. Y., Enna Josephine Kruesse, daughter of
Jacob Kruesse.

Charles W. B. Trowbridge is a shipping clerk in a large flouring mill in
Baldwinsville, N. Y. He serve<l on the board of aldermen of that city from
1895 to 1899, being elected from the second ward on the Republican ticket.

NO children.
* i-v born in Burlington, Wis. ; vi-vii in Neligh, Neb.


1423. Adelbkrt E.milius TRowBUiDor, (Francis //.'"^, llenrii i?."'", JoeZ"'^),
born August 1<:I, 1845, in Lewiston, N. Y. ; resides in Pasadena, Cal. ; married
March 3, 1805, in East Troy, Wis., Almeda Isadoro Matteson, daughter of John
Matfeson, born July 18, 18-47, in Honey Creek, near Madison, Wis.; died April
5, 1903, in Neligh, Neb.

Adelbert E. Trowbridge at the age of about ten years accompanied his parents
to their farm in Burlington, Wis. "Wlicn only sixteen he entered the aiTuy in
tlie early days of the Civil War. He enlisted September 1, 1861, in Company C,
1st Wisconsin Infantry. He was in the campaigii through Kentucky and
Tennessee into Alabama, and was discharged for a serious disability June 25,
1862. He enlisted again September l-i, 1863, in Battery C, 1st Wisconsin Heavy
Artillery. He was appointed first corporal, was promoted third sergeant, and
earned an enviable reputation as a drill inaster. He was an active participant
in all the engagements around Chattanooga, including the battle of Lookout
^Mountain and the assault on Missionary Ridge. He was promoted second
lieutenant of Company E, 47th W^isconsin Infantry, Febi-uary 2, 1865, and was
finally mustered out as first lieutenant of his own company in September, 1865,
having had sole conuuand of his company for five months.

]Mr. Trowbridge married and settled as a farmer in Wisconsin. He later fol-
lowed his father to Xeligh, Neb., where he was prosperously engaged in farming
for many years. He held various town and school offices, and was active in all
educational matters, and proved himself a good and substantial citizen. He
removetl a few years ago to Pasadena, Cal., his present residence.

i. Minnie May, b. Nov. 10, 1SC5; m. Nov. 16, ISSO, Fremont Bradeue of

Alberta, Canada,
ii. ,ToHN Fbancis, b. Mar. 27, 1867; is a farmer in Superior. Neb.
iii. Miriam Crawford, b. May 20, 1809; m. , 1885, Charles Brittell and

resides in Holton, Mich,
iv. Arminta Louise, b. Mar. 12, 1874; m. Oct. 30, 1888, George Thompson and

resides in Superior.
V. BiNA Alberta, b. Dec. 28. 1875 ; m. , 1882, Jacob Thompson and

resides in Wilsonville, Neb.
vi. William Matteson. b. Nov. 18, 1877 ; is a farmer in Superior,
vii. Alice Elsie, b. Sept. 0, 1880; m. Dec. 25, 1899, Scott Odell and resides in

viii. GoLDiE Adelaide, b. Sept. 29, 1885.

1424. Edward Hkxry Truwbridue {Henry 11'.'^-", Ilenrii iJ.i"", Joel"^''),
born May 30, 1864, in Burlington, Wis. ; resides in Neligh, Neb. ; married
October 23, 1889, in Neligh, Nancy Electa Atkins, daughter of Albert Edward
and Phebe (Smith) Atkins, born May 15, 1869, in Sterling, 111.

Edward H. Trowbridge came in boyhood with his parents to Neligh, Neb. He
has lived there e.ver since and is engaged in farming.


i. Flossie Ina, b. Feb. 24, 1891.
ii. Albert Edward, b. «Vag. 24, 1893.
iii. Forrest Henry, b. May 10, 1890.

1425. WiLLiA.M EuoEXE TuowBRiDGE (Heiirij A.^*-^, Joel .I."", Joei"^''), born
July 8, 1879, in Stanfordville, N. Y. ; resides in Hudson, N. Y. ; married October
14. 1898, in Hud.son, Lillian Lura Harrington, daughter of Joshua and Eliza C.
(Hermance) Harrington, born ^May 18, 1879, in Hudson.

William E. Trowbridge is a bag'gage master on the New York Central rail-
road. He resides in Hudson, N. Y.


• i born in Raymond. Wis. ; ii in Burlington, Wis. ; iii-v in Honey Creek, near Madison,
Wis. ; vi-vii in Neligh, Neb. ; viii in Cheyenne county, Kan.


142(>. Bertram Franklin Trowbridge {Henry A.^*-'^, Joel A^^^'^', JoeP-"^).
born June 18, 1880, in Stanfordville, IST. Y. ; resides iu Philmont, N. Y. ;
married December 27, 1899, in Philmont, Carrie Emma Albert, daughter of
Samuel and Mary E. (Traver) Albert, bom June o. ISTS, in Philmont.

Bertram F. Trowbridge resides in Philmont. IST. Y.


1427. Clarence Andrew Trowbridge (Henry /I."-', Joel A.'-"', Joel^"^),
born September 9, 1885, in Stanfordville, N. Y. ; resides in Philmont, N. Y. ;
married May 8, 1903, in Philmont, Bessie Edna Giftord, daughter of Charles and
Harriet (Wheeler) Giiford. bom December 6, 1883, in Catskill, N. Y.

Clarence A. Trowbridge resides in Philmont, X. Y.



1427a. Trowbridge {ancestry untraced*), born , 17 — , in

; died , lS10,t in ; married Elizabeth Watson.


i. Watson, b. . ISO-.I

ii. EuzA, b. . 180- ; m. Sweet of xVllegany county, N. Y.

1427b. iii. Arnold Smith, b. , 180S. in Delaware county, N. X.

14271). Arnold Smth Trowbridge ( '"'-'■■'). born , ISOS. in

Delaware oonnty, N. Y. ; died . 18 — . in ; married October — ,

1833. in Groton. jST. Y., Hannah Xiver. daughter of Adam and Mary (Seamans)

Xiver. bom October 14. 1812. in , X. Y.; died May 21, 1891. in

Dryden, N. Y.

children : §

i. Adam. b. Aug. 1, 18.34 ; "went to sea when a young man and was never heard

ii. Mary Elizabeth, b. Apr. 4. 183G : m. Dec. 22, 1853, Sullivan Ladd and

reside.s in McLean, N. Y.
iii. Eliza, b. Sept. 8, 1830: m. Mar. 22, 1808, Charles Stanton and resides in

Freeville. N. Y.

* Can he be No. 127. vii?

7 "Killed by an accident In the woods when his youngest son two years old."

1 "Had a son Charles, who was a lieutenant in the Civil War."

Trowbridge, m. Caroline Marsh, daughter of Thomas and Martha (Campbell) M.irsh

of Tompkins and Allegany counties. X. Y.. born about 1S18 in [Lansing township?] Tompkins
county. Child: Charles Egnn.

§ i-li born in Allegany county, N. Y. : iii in Dundee, Mich.


Of Milford, Conx.,

1428. Capt. Stephen Trowbridge* {ancestry uniraced), born , 1781,

ill Milford, Conn. ; died March 15, 1876, in Milford, aged 95 ; married, first, July
27, 1822, in New Haven, Conn., Laura Hubbell of West Haven, Conn. He
married, second, Sarah A. Beers, who died December 3, 1868, in Milford, aged 60.

Stephen Trowbridge followed the sea for many years. In November, 1817, he
bought of George Cogswell the house known as the "Washington Ilouse," on the
east side of the village "green," Milford, Conn., which dated from the middle
of the eighteenth century, and there he kept hotel about twenty years.

Captain Trowbridge, as he was known, was a man of dignified and reserved
manners, and was highly respected in Milford.


i. Laura W., b. , 182-?; m. Reynolds of West Haven, Conn.

ii. Sarah Martha, b. , 182-?; resides in Hartford, Conn.; unm.t

iii. A daughter, b. . IS— ; d. , 18—.

* ".Tan. 15. 1700. Stephen Trowbridge, being a minor about 18 years old, son of Stephen
Trowbridge late of Milford deceased, chose Peter Hepburn to be his guardian. No real estate.''
INew Haven, Conn., Probate Records, vol. 19, p. 304.] The compiler was unable to identify
this "Stephen late of Milford." or find the date of the marriage in any Milford records. It is
said, "his [No. 1428's] father went into the army and was never heard from again."

Capt. Stephen Trowbridge's mother was Susannah Hepburn, daughter of Peter and
Susannah (Baldwin) Hepburn, born about 1758 in Milford.

t Failed to answer the compiler's letters.


Of New York and Vermont

1429. Seymour Teowbridge {anceslri/ unl raced''''), born , 1 , in

Granville, N. Y. ; died , 18 — , in , ; married Mabel

Stevenson, bom , 1803, in "New England"; died September — , 1882,

in Grand Eapids, Mich.


i. William. t

ii. ClIARLES.t

1429a. iii. .Jerome, b. .Tul.v 19. 1S31, in . Vt.

1429a. Jerome Trowbridge {Seymour'^*-'-'), born July 19. 1831, in ,

Vt. ; resides in Grand Eapids, Mich. ;§ married, first, July — , 1866, Martha
Smith, who died , 1879. He married, second. May 1, 1880, Ida (Under-
wood) Weldon, born May 14, 1860, in Richfield Springs, N. Y. ; died August
21, 1889, in Grand Kapids.

By first marriage:

i. , ra. Frederick H. Bidgood and resides in Grand Rapids, Mich.§

ii. , m. Oscar P. Markham .ind resides in Grand Rapids.§

iii. . m. John E. Denkema and resides in Grand Rapids.S

iv. Frederick, resides in Chicago. Ill.S
V. Jerome, resides in St. Louis. JIo.S

By second marriage:

vi. Lira. b. . 188- : d. aged 4 years.

vii. Mildred ^^■ELDO^-, b. Oct. 26, 1886; is a music teacher in Grand Rapids;

* The compiler was unable to connect him with otlier Trowbridges bearing his Christian
name, as his son failed to answer the letters of inquir.v. The mention of the town of Gran-
Tllle. N. Y.. is a coincidence at least. See No. IfiS. footnote ft-

t He left a daughter, Mrs. E. Smith of Grand Rapids, Mich., and other daughters in
Rockford. Mich.

t Left children in Grand Rapids, who failed to answer the compiler's letters.

§ Failed to answer the compiler's letters.


Of Lebanon, Ohio,


1430. Jacob Trowbridge (ancestry vntraced). born . 17 — . in

Pa. ; died , 1831, in Lebanon, Ohio ; married Lany Elizabeth


— , 1S12, in , Ohio.

1430n. ii.





.TosEPii, b. —




Sahaii Ann.





1430a. Joseph
Ohio : died

1809, in





Trowbridge {Jacoh'^^"),
, 1876, in ,

Jane Fauber, daughter
, Va. ; died , 1865,

.Jacob, of

Margaret, m.
Clara, m.



born . 1812, in

Ohio ; married ,

of Jacob Fauber,
in , Ind.

1833, in


children :

N. Y.

of Denver, Colo.

■\Villiam, b. Feb. 20, 1S40. in St. Joseph county, Ind.: i.s a laborer in Denver,
Colo. He was a soldier in the Civil War. He enlisted in December, 1864,
from Marshall count.v, Ind., in Company H, l.'i.Tith Indiana Infantry, and
was mustered out August 4, 1865.

Jane, m. of Plymouth, Ind.



Of Mt. Verxox, III.,

1431. John Trowbridge (ancestry inUniccd), boni , 1798, in Grotou,

Mass.?;* died October 15, 1875, in Jit. Vernon, 111.; married July 1, 183C, in
Benton, III, Letitia Burke, daughter of Benjamin Franklin and Nancy (Vauglin)

Burke, born , IS — , in , Ky. ; died 18 — , in WajTie

county. 111.

Jolm Trowbridge settled in Franklin county. 111. He lived in the country, the
nearest village and post office being Benton. He taught school most of his life.


i. Manissett, b. Aug. 1. 1839 ; d. in infancy,
ii. Elmerce, b. Sept. 19, 1S40 ; d. in infancy.
l-lo2. iii. Albert Akdehson. b. Apr. 15, 1S42.

iv. Nancy, b. Oct. 4, 1843 ; d. in infancy.

V. Fanny Abigail, b. Nov. 11, 1841; re.sides with her youngest brother; uum.

vi. .Jefferson Francis, b. Jan. G, 1S4G; d. Oct. 8, 1878, in Taylorville, Ill.t

vii. BoswELL, b. Oct. 20, 1848; d. in infancy.

viii. Susan Ann. b. July 3. 1850; m.. 1st, Thomas J. McBride; m.. 2d, Benjamin

Franklin Kiusall ; m., 3d, Jan. 7. 1879, Joseph Tucker Durham, all of

Omaha, 111.
1433. ix. BEN.JAMIN Franklin, b. Feb. 25, 1S.53.

1432. Albert Anderson Trowbridge (Jolin^*'^'^), born April 15, 1842, in
Benton, 111. ; died February 25, 1898, in Bernie, Mo. ; married, first, August 10,

1860, in Gordon Prairie, 111., Melvina Arterburn, daughter of Samuel and
Darinda (Wolf) Arterburn, born February 4, 1841, in Xenia, 111., died ,

1861, in Xenia. He married, second, , 1869, in Wayne county?. 111..

Mary Smira (Arterburn) Cox, widow of Bartley G. Cox and a sister of his
first wife, bom December 2, 1833, in Xenia; die'd April 6, 1899, in Nye, Mo.

Albert A. Trowbridge at the age of twenty entered the army. He enlisted
from Wayne county, 111., for three years, August 9, 1862, in Company C, 111th
Illinois Infantry. His son wrote: "He was promoted to be a corporal and was
with Sherman from Atlanta to the sea, and was wounded in the battle of Eesaca,
Ga." He was mustered out June 6, 1865. After the war he was engaged in
farming in Wayne county, where he served as constable four years. He then
moved to a fann near Mt. Vernon. Jefferson county. He remo-^-ed to Maiden, Mo.,
in 1881, and a few years later to Beniie, Mo., where he passed the rest of his
life. He was a member of tlie Methodist Church.

* By his son No. 1433. The compiler did not find his birth in the records there. His
relationship, if any, to the other Trowliridges in Groton (see No. 102,5) was not proved.

t He was married twice. His second wife was Louisa I'ugli. who had no children. It is
not known if he had children by his first marriage. The postmaster of Taylorville knew of


Bi/ first marriage:
i. Dora Letitia, b. May 0, 1801 ; m. Dec. 8, 1887, Joseph Elfers and resides
in Nye, Mo.

By second marriage:
ii. Melvina Charlotte, b. Oct. — . 1808: m., 1st, July 30. 1887. George
Houston Riddle ot Ilennet, Mo. ; m., 2d, Oct. 28, rJ(JO, George Thomas
Crawford of Ash Hill, Mo.

1434. iii. WiLLiAii Albert, b. July 18, 1870.

1435. iv. Milton Anderson, b. Apr. 21, 1872.

V. JIary Smira, b. , 1874; m. Randall J. Ray and reside.s in Fisk, Mo.

1433. Bexja.mix Fkaxklix Trowbrilxie {Julin^"'-^^), born February 25, 1853, in
Benton, 111.; resides in Wayne county (Bltiford P. O.), 111.; married February
16, 1869, in Brush Creek township, 111., Sarah Catherine Burkett, daughter of
John and Margaret (Slaver) Burkett, bom June 10, 1854, in Wayne county.

Benjamin F. Trowbridge is a fanner. Plis farm lies in Wayne county. 111.,
near Fairfield, the county seat.


i. John. b. Oct. 28, 1871.

ii. Hester Ann, b. Sept. 24, 1874; d. June 2, 1870.

1430. iii. William Francis, b. Dec. 21. 1877.

iv. Frederick Ransom, b. Oct. 28. 1879.

1437. V. Bex.iamin Franklin, b. July 13, 1882.

vi. Alice, b. Aug. 24, 1885.

vii. Walter Ernest, b. Dec. 19. 1888.

viii. Grace, b. Oct. 24. 1890.

ix. A child, b. Mar. 10. 1891; d. in infancy.

■• X. Bertha Angeline, b. May 9, 1893.

xi. A child, b. Dec. 10, 1895; d. in infancy.

1434. William Albert Trowbridge (Albert A."^-, John^*"''), born July 18,
1870, in Wayne county. 111.; died February 10, 1898, in Bemie, Mo.; married
July 18, 1886, in Maiden, Mo., Lucy Jane Stewart, daughter of .lonas Plumer
and Jane Emeline (Cams) Stewart, born June 29, 1870. in Maiden. She
married, second, December 10, 1899, in BeiTiie, Jolm Robert Summers and
resides in Bemie.

William A. Trowbridge was a farmer in Maiden and Bemie, Mo. He was
a member of the General Baptist Church.


i. Albert Virgil, b. July 15, 1887.

ii. Jonas William, b. Sept. 18. 1SS9.

iii. Ollie Jane. b. Feb. 19, 1894.

iv. Samuel Plumer, b. Apr. 20, 1898 ; d. Nov. 28, 1898.

1435. Milton Anderson Trowbridge (Albert A.^*^^, John^*^'^), born April 21.
1872, in .Jefferson county. 111. ; resides in Alicia, Ark. ; married December 12,
ISSS, in ^Maiden, Mo., Nancy Caroline Galoway, daughter of Leandrew and Mollie
(Smith) Galoway, bom in Maiden.

Milton A. Trowbridge has always followed fanning as his occupation. He
settled after his marriage in Bernie, Stoddard county, Mo., and lived there until
1898, when he moved to Poplar Bluff, Mo., the county seat of Butler county.

• i born in Xenia. III. ; ii-iii in Wayne county. 111. ; iv-v in Jefferson county. 111.

t Except 11 and iii who were born in Barnhill township, near Pawnee, Sangamon county. 111.

+ Except i. who was born in Maiden, Mo.


He was elected constable of Poplar Bhitl township in 1900, and the same year,
althoug'h a Republican, he was appointed by a Democratic sheriff deputy sheriff
of Butler county.* He was so elBcient in the conduct of his office that at the
expiration of his two years' temi he was urged to allow himself to be renominated
by acclamation, but he declined the honor. In September, 1903, he removed
with his family to his present residence, Alicia, Ark.


i. Albert Vennie, b. Oct. 17. ISS!) : d. JIar. 12, IS'JO.

ii. MiLTOis- Jefferson, b. Feb. 2'.». ISOl ; il. Mar. 17. 1893.

iii. Robert Edward, b. Jul.v 10, 1892 ; d. Mar. 20, 1S93.

iv. Claude Cecil, b. Nov. 23, 1894.

V. Clarence Leandrew, b. Aug. 28, 1897.

vi. IVER JiiLTON, b. Jlay 20, 19(r2.


1436. WiLLL\M Francis Trowbridge (Benjamin F.^'^^^, John^^'''-). born
December 21, 1877, in Barnhill township, Sanfj;-amon county. 111. ; resides in
Wayne county (Bluford P. O.), 111.; nuirried July 3. 1900, in Faii-field, 111.. Rosa
Smith, daughter of Buck and Amanda (Forth) Smith, bom Augiist 10, 1884, in

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