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Wayne county.

William F. Trowbridge is farming near Fairfield. Wajiie county. 111.

children born in WAYNE COUNTY. ILL. :

i. Evert Ramon, b. .June 16, 1902.
ii. Ethel, b. Aug. 28, 1904.
iii. Harry, b. Dec. 0, 1900.

1437. Benjamin Franklin Trowbridge (Benjamin F."^^, Jolni^*"'^), born July
13, 1882, in Wayne county, 111.; resides in Wayne county (Keenes P. O.) ;
married August 14, 1900, in Fairfield, 111., Hannah Gregory, daughter of Jacob
and Nancy (Wood) Gregory, born Jime 6, 1882, in Wayne county.

Benjamin F. Trowbridge is engaged in fanning near his father and brother
in Wayne county. 111.

children born in way'ne county, ill. :

i. Homer, b. Sept. 2. 1901.
ii. Delbebt, b. Sept. 16, 1903.

* Soon after his election he had an exciting adventure in arresting a, so-called, wild man in
Ash Hill, near Poplar Bluff, who was seven feet tall and very powerful and armed : and trace
chains and padlocks were made use of hotore the prisoner was finally overpowered.

t Except vi, who was born in Poplar Bluff, Mo.


"The fiimily descend from David Trowbridge, born in 1762, who emigrated
from near Troy, N. T., across the Niagara frontier into Canada during or soon
after the Eevolution. He was a soldier in the War of 1812, being a color
sergeant in the British army, and fought all through the war. He was in action
at the battle of Queenston and at the battle of Lundy's Lane he was placed in the
van of the regiment there in action. He came through the war unharmed.
For his services he and his wife Mary received a grant of 200 acres of land from
the government of Upper Canada. He died in 1816. His widow married again.
He had brothers: Crispus Trowbridge, who settled at Niagara about 1774, and
emigrated to Canada, and George Trowbridge, who served twenty-one years as a
lieutenant in the British army. David Trowbridge had daughters : Elizabeth,
Phebe, Keziah, Hannah, Mary, Eliza and Margaret, and one son : Lambert."
[Letter from Francis H. Trowbridge No. 14.39, v.]

1438. LAiiBERT Trowbridge (David), bom , 1805,

Canada ? ; died , 1890, in Sutorville, Ontario, Canada ; married

— •- — — , 1827, in Vaughn township, Elgin county, Ontario, Elizabeth Spiker,

daughter of Christopher and ILirgaret (Best) Spiker, born , 1808, in

Vaughn; died , 1887, in Sutorville.

Lambert Trowbridge was a farmer and a member of the ilinauite Church.


1439. i. David, b. , 18.30.

ii. Henrt, b. , 1858 ; m. Annie Stonehouse ; d. 1803 in Forest, Ontario,

leaving no children.
There were other sons who died young.

1439. David Trowbridge (Lamhert''^^^, David), born , 1830, in Mala-

hide township, Elgin county, Ontario, Canada; died ^— — , 1889, in

Sutorville, Ontario ; married , 1854, in Malahide, Eliza Shively, daugh-
ter of Frederick and (Warner) Shively, born , 1837, in

Malahide ; resides in Sutorville.*

David Trowbridge was engaged in farming. He resided in Forest tmtil 1880,
when he sold his farm there and removed to Brooke township near the present
post office of Sutorville, Ontario.

He was a "hard shell" Methodist, Wesleyan, and was for many years class
leader at Forest. When he moved to Sutorville he gave to the Wanstead
Methodist Conference the site where the old log church now stands. He lived in
that neighborhood until his death.


i. Albert Edward, b. , 1864; is a prosperous farmer in Sutorville, Ont.*

ii. Jannett, b. , ISO- : m. Robert Taylor and resides in Sutorville.*

iii. Christina, b. , ISO-; m. K. .1. Lucas and resides in Sutorville.*

iv. Esmeralda, b. , 187- ; m. Duncan Campbell and resides in Sutorville.*

* F.iiled to answer tlie compiler's letters.


V. Francis Henry, b. , 1ST3 ; resides in Winnipeg, Canada. He was

born ou his father's farm in Forest, Out., and came at the age of seven
witli liis parents to Sutorville. He passed tlirough the common school and
received a preliminary high school education, but \v,i.s unable to complete
the course. He was for a time a brakemau on the fast freight line of the
Grand Trunk railway between Sarnia, Ont., and Niagara Falls. He
worked at stave and sawmill work and learned the stave jointing trade.
He later worked at building granolithic walk.s, and was for three years
foreman on the civic works in Winnipeg. He there took a course in
Central Business College. He was engaged in the committee rooms of Hon.
W. J. Hanna, K. C. provincial secretary of Ontario, at the time of his
first election as member of Parliaraent for We^it Lambton. He also was
a clerk in the office of Robertson & Murray, barristers, Winnipeg, during
the winter of 1906, and has since continued the study of law.

At the present time he is in business for himself, and deals in mortgages,
stocks, bonds, insurance and real estate. He has also studied mineralogy
and has discovered mineral wealth, which he expects to develop at some
future time. He is unmarried.
Five more children died young.


1440. Trowbridge (ancestry untraced), bom — ■ . 1 , in

died , 1823, in Hudson, N. Y.;* married. , 181-,

in Stonington. Conn..f Mrs. Halstead.:}:.


1441. i. James Warrex, b. Dec. 25, 1819.

1441. James Warrex Trowbridge ( ^**''), born December 25, 1S19,

in Stonington, Conn.; died November 10, 1873, in Xew York City; married
May 20, 1846, in Catskill, N. Y., Cornelia Bliven, daughter of Charles L. Bliven,
born October 12, 1829, in Coxsackie, X. Y. She resides in Watervliet, N. Y.

James W. Trowbridge married and settled in Catskill, X. Y. He enlisted
there for three years in the array during the Civil War. He was enrolled
August 8, 1862, in Company F, 120th Xew York Infantry. He served in the
defense of Washington and later participated in the following battles and
actions : Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville. Gett.vsburg (wounded in the ankle
during the second daj-^s battle), James City, Mine Eun, Wilderness, Spottsyl-
vania, Xorth Anna. Cold Harbor, Weldon Eailroad, Deep Bottom, Parksburg,
Strawberry Plains, Boyton Plank Road, Hicksford Raid, Hatcher's Eun, Peters-
burg Works, White Oak Eidge, Fall of Petersburg, Datersville Eoad and
Appomattox. He was mustered out June 20, 1865.


1442. i. Charles Edward, b. June 30. 1850.

ii. Albert H.. b. , 18.5-?; is a mechanic in Albany, X. Y. ; reside.s in

Watervliet. X. Y.

1442. Cuaeles Edw.\rd Trowbridge (James ir."*\ "*"), bom June

30, 1850, in Catskill. X. Y. ; resides in Watervliet, X. Y. ; married Xovember
21, 1873. in West Troy, X. Y., Margaret Keith, daughter of Xeil and Ann
(Loren) Keith, born March 23, 1853, in Woodstock, Canada.

Charles E. Trowbridge resides in Watervliet. X. Y.§


i. Harriet C. b. Oct. 21. 1874.

* The compiler could not find any mention of him in the surrogate's records in that city.
7 No Tiowbridge records were found in Stonington Town Records.

j She is said to have had by her first husband David, John and Marie of Athens. N. Y.. but
no Halstead there answered the compiler's letters.
Record from Mr. Charles E. Trowbridge, a grandson.
§ He failed to supply further data.

sa:muel teoa^'beidge of sexeca falls,

X. Y.


14-1:3. Samuel Trowbridge* (ancestry nntraced), bom , 1S2-?, in

died , 18 — , in , ; married

1S44. in , , Abby Eeade,t who died ilay 20, 1882, in Seneca

Fall^. X. Y.


i. AxXA. b. Oct. 27. lSi5 ; m. Dec. 7. 1862, Benjamin Green and resides in

Seneca Falls. X. T.

ii. OsCAK. b. June 29. 1S47 : resides in Seneca Falls.5

iii. Justus, b. Feb. 2S. 18.50 ; resides in Seneca Falls.S

IV. Jacob, b. Aug. 22. 1S.'52.

T. LOREX. b. Aug. 10, 1859.

Ti. Jenxtt, b. May 28, 1862.

♦ "His father disappeared before he was born."

t "A native of Pennsylvania."

t I. ii and iv born in Fayette. X. Y. ; iii in Penfield, X. Y. ; v-vi in Ontario. X. Y.

§ Failed to answer the compiler's letters.


Of Mansfield, Conx.,

144-1. Ira Trowbridge {ancestry unknown^), bom ■ , 17 — , in

; killed in the battle of Tippecanoe, November 7, 1811; married August

21, 1808, in Coventry, Conn., Cynthia Grossman, daughter of Ebenezer and
Mehitable ((Palmer) Dow) Grossman, bom July 22, 1783, in Coventry; died
18—, in .


1444a. i. Ira Edwin, b. Jlay IS, 1800.

lJr44a. Ira Edwix Trowbridge {Ira^***), bom May 18, 1809, in Coventry,

Conn.; died , 18 — , in ; married, first, September 13, 1840, in

Mansfield. Conn., Almira Clark. He married, second, March 19, 1844, in Mans-
field, Emily Abbey, daughter of Shubael and Polly (Hartshorn) Abbey, who
died , 1881, in ilansfield Center.

Ira E. Trowbridge was a farmer and lived in Mansfield Center. His widow's
will disposed of a house and fourteen acres and seven acres of woods.


* No relationship to No. 23 was discovered.

t By tlie second wife's will, and none by the first wife are recorded in Mansfield records.


Of Steubex cocxty, X. Y.,

1445. Alaric Trowbridge* (ancestry untraced), born , 18 — , in

, Mass. ; died , 18 — , in Greenwood, Steuben county, X. Y. ;

married , IS — , in , Elizabeth Liddiard.f

Alaric Trowbridge was engaged in farming in Greenwood, X. Y.


1445a. i. .ToHX Tatlok, b. Aug. 26, 1830.

144.5b. ii. Oliver, b. Sept. 2. 1832.§

iii. M.\RTnA, m. Norman Reynolds of Greenwood. X. Y.§

iv. M.\Rl.i, m. Eldridge Alvord of Greenwood.

V. Georce. killed in the battle of the Wilderness : unm.

vi. WlLLi.^M. d. Feb. — . 180.3. in Greenwood : unm.

vii. Alaric Wells, resides in Canisteo. N. Y. ; unm.

1445c. viii. Gideon JIondat. b. .June 10. 1S49.5

ix. Elizabeth, m. John Dean of White.sville. X. Y.

1445a. .John Taylor Trowbridge (AZaric^**'), bom August 26, 18.30, in
Geneva. X. Y. ; died June 4, 1861. in Hartsville, Steuben county, X. Y. ; married
Mareli 4, 1858, in Hartsville. Eliza Lueretia Phelps, daughter of Dana and
Hannah (Amidon) Phelps, bom September 6. 1837. in Monroe, Mass. She
married, second, Henry M. Hall and resides in Elva (Millington P. O.), Mich.

children born in ii.\rtsville, n. t. :

i. Hubert Tyler [Haradon], II b. , 1S59 ; is a machinist; resides in

ii. Hannah Eudora Elizabeth** [Tlnrndon'l.'] b. . 1861: m. Marshall

.Tenks of Cheshire, Mass.. and resides in Gill, Mass.

14451). Oliver Trowbridge (Alaric''-*'^^). bom September 2. 1832, in Sodus

Bay, X. Y. ; died August 9. 1007. in Greenwood, X. Y. ; married . IS — ,

in , X. Y., Helen Stevens.


144od. i. .Vlbert L., Feb. 4, 1.859.

ii. Cl.\ra. m. Emery and resides in Buffalo, X'. Y.I

iii. Lee, resides in Andover. X. Y'.§

iv. Ernest, resides in Montpelier, Ohio.l

• His sister and his mother, Mrs. Robinson?, a widow, were living in RaveoDa, Ohio,

in 18.58.

t "From England at the age of eight years."

Record from the widow of the eldest child.

t Order of birth uncertain, i born in Geneva. X. T. : ii in Sodus Bay. X. T. : the others
in Greenwood. X. Y.

5 Failed to answer the compiler's letters.

II -Adopted in infancy by Erastus G. Haradon of Savoy, Mass.. and name changed to Haradon.

*• Fanny E. in the adoption papers.



1445c. GroEOX Monbat Trowbridge {Alaric'^*"), bom June 16, 1849, in Green-
wood, X. T. ; resides in Greenwood ;* married January 1, 1870, in ,

X. T., Phoebe Rocelia Eeynolds, daughter of Orville Reynolds, bom Xovember
17, 1851, in Clyde, X. T. ; died October 5, 1904, in Pekin, X. Y.


1445e. i. William Pebry. b. Nor. 10. 1871.

ii. Myba Elizabeth, b. June 9, 1879 ; m. Feb. 3, 1906, Harold K. Mabon and
resides in Pekin, X. T.

1445d. Albert L. Trowbridge (Oliver'^*^^^, Alaric'^**^) , bom February 4,
1859, in Greenwood, X. T. ; resides in Greenwood ; married December 6, 1879,
in Greenwood, Olive Emily Fenton, daughter of David and Jane (Jackson)
Fenton, bom September 21, 1862, in Greenwood.

Albert L. Trowbridge is engaged in the manufacture of cheese boxes in Green-
wood, X. T.


i. Flobexce. b. Oct. 1.3. 1890; m. Aug. 12. 1905, Herbert McCaffery and
resides in Greenwood.

1445e. Rev. Willl\m Perry Trowbridge (Gideon 21.^*"'=, Alaric^"'), bom
Xovember 10, 1871, in Greenwood, X. Y. ; resides in Knoxville, Pa. ; married
September 2, 1903, in Greenwood, Mabelle Eveljn Young, daughter of Henry
W. and Avice Charlotte (Daily) Young, bom March 27, 1882, in Greenwood.

WUliam P. Trowbridge is pastor of the Methodist Episcopal church in Knox-
ville, Pa.


i. AviCE Rocelia, b. June 30, 1905.

* Failed to answer the compiler's letters.


Of Caxton, Mass.,

1446. JoHX Strowbridge (ancestrtf tintraced^), bom , 169— f, in

; died . 17 — , in Canton, Mass.; married March 2S, 1720-l.t

in Dorchester, Mass.. Elizabeth Andrews, daugrhter of Samnel and Elizabeth

(( — ) Ludden) Andrews, bom October 15, 1700, in Wejmouth, Mass.;

die>i , 17 — , in Canton.

■Jolin Strobridge. or Strowbridsre. came in the ship Elizaheth to Boston, Mass.,
in the fall of 1719^ possibly from the north of Ireland. He soon after his
arrival settled in Ponkapioag, in tha!; part of Stoughton. Mass., now Canton, and
belonged to the first parish. He was a farmer. "Elizabeth Strowbridge, wife
of John Strowbridge,"' renewed the covenant there March 31, 1723. John's name
does not appear on Stoughton tax lists, but his son, Samuel, was taxed in 1744,
and in due time the latters son Seth was taxed.


1447. i. SAimx, b. Ma.v — (bapt. June 23?), 1723.

1447. Samuel Stbowbridge {John^**^), baptized June 23, 1723, in Canton,

Mass.; died , 1 . in Canton?; married Xovember 24, 174S. in Ded-

ham, Mass., Judith Smith, daughter of Robert and Judith (Heslop) Smith, bom
July 19, 1726, in Dedham ; died , 1 , in Canton I.

Samuel Strowbridge settled as a farmer in Canton, Mass. He was a soldier in
the French and Indian War. His name appears as sentinel in a muster roU of
Capt, Benjamin Larrabee"s company, dated Boston, May 31, 174S, for service
from April 1 to September 1, 1747.|I His name appears in the muster roll of
Major Stephen Millers company (training band list) Colonel Millers regiment
of militia, dated Stoughton. May 3, 1757.**


144S. i. Seth. b. Oct. 13. 1749. _

ii. EuZABETH. b. Oct. 6. Ii52: m. Aug. 13. 1< .2. William Crane of Canton,

iii. Haxnah. b. JIar. 20. 1755 : m. July 1. 1777. Geoi^e Jordan of Canton,

iv. SAiTTEL. b. Ma.v 26. 1762 : was a soldier in the Revolution.t*

V. Rebecca, b. June 3. 1766.

* His family is included in this volume, as some of them have been entered in records and
printed in other genealogies as Troicbridge. They are not included in Mrs. Gnild's "Strobridge
Genealogy." See "History of Canton. Mass."

t Dorchester town clerfs "remrn" to Boston : also given Xov. 11. 1720.
t "Boston Record Commissioners' Reports," vol. 13, p. 6o.

5 First parish of Stoughton as "Samnel Trobridge. son of John and Elizabeth Trobridge."
Massachusetts Archives, vol. 92. p. 140.
*• Ditto, vol. 95. p. 342.
tt "History of Canton. Mass.." p. 62S.


1448. Seth Strowbridge (Samuel^**'', Jofcn""), bom October 13, 1749, in

Canton, Mass.; died Ajiril 3, 1830, in Canton; married, first, ,* 1775,

in Canton, Jemima Upham, daughter of Abijali and .Temima (Bailey) Upham.
He married, second. May 30, 1786, in Stoughton, Mass., Sibyl Holmes, daughter
of Dea. Philip and Mary (Waters) Hobiies, born October 20, 1761, in Stoughton ;
died December 9, 1826, in Canton.

Seth Strowbridge settled in his native town. He was a soldier in the Revolu-
tion. He served in Capt. James Endicott's minutemen raised at the Lexington
alarm. t His name later appears on the roll of Col. Benjamin Tupper's regiment,
in which he enlisted October 1, 1782, and served three months.:]: The names of
Seth and Samuel Strowbridge are signed to the petition for the incorporation
of Canton, April 17, 1795. They were Universalists in religion.


1449. i. WiLUAM. b. . 177-.S

ii. Setii. 1). . 177-.S

iii. Samuel, b. about 1779 ; d. Apr. 4, 1838, in Canton, aged 59.

144!>. William Strowbridge (Se/fe^"*, Samuel'-**'. .Tohn^**'^), born

177-, in Canton, Mass. ; died , 18 — , in Sharon, Mass. ? ; married

October 11, 1801, in Sharon, Rhoda Drake, daughter of Joseph and Ruth
(Keith) Drake, born January 25, 1780, in Sharon :j| died December 10, 1868, in

William Strowbridge was living in Sharon, Mass., at the time of his marriage.
No further trace of him was found.


• Intention published Mar. 11, 1775.
t "History of Canton," p. 617.

I Massachusetts Revolutionary Roils, toI. 60, p. 22. His name was also given as Trovpbridge,
^ By "Upham Genealogy," whieh prints their father's name Seth TrowbrUlgc.

II Or Mansfield.

•* No children are remembered by Mr. George H. Whittemore, the to\\Ti clerk of Sharoii,
who knew Mr. Strowbridge in his boyhood.


Of Williamsport, Pa.,

1450. Benjamix Strawbhidge* (aiict'stry untraced). bom , IT — , in

; died July 18, 1821, in Williamsport, Pa.; married , 18 — ,

in , Margaret Kinman, daughter of Jesse and Margaret (Mulcahy)

Kinman, bom , 17 — , in . She married, second, Samuel Hager-

man of Williamsport, and died November 10, 18.54. in Green Valley. Dillon
township, Tazewell county. 111.

Benjamin Strawbridge* lived in Williamsport, Pa., at the time of his death,
but no account of his origin, life and occupation has come down to his descend-
ants. He is said to have been born near Belfast, Ireland.f His widow and her
second husband emigrated in ISoS to Dillon township, Tazewell county. 111.,
taking with them her two youngest sons.


1451. i. Benjamin, b. Ma.v 14. 1S14.

1452. ii. Jesse, b. Oct. 1.5, 1816.

1453. iii. John, b. Aug. 1, 1818.

1451. Benjamin STRAWBRiixiE (Benjamin^*-'''), bom May 14, 1814, in Williams-
port, Pa.; died February 15, 1898, in Malone township, Tazewell county. 111.;
married Jidy 11, 1844, in Williamsport, Sarah Calvert, daughter of William and
Polly (PoUiemus) Calvert, bom October 3, 1823, in Williamsport; died July 6,
1902, in ilalone.

Benjamin Strawbridge was left fatherless at the age of seven years and at
sixteen was bound out to one John Smith to learn the shoemaker's trade. He
settled in Williamsport and lived ther<^ many years. On December 25. 1844. he
was appointed sheriff of Lycoming county and kept the old prison over seven
years. In 1850 he was apjiointed a notary public and for several years after
that was a grand juror. In 18G0 he was elected to the office of county treasurer,
being the only Democrat elected on the ticket on which he ran. In the spring
of 1869 he removed with his family to Malone township. Tazewell county. 111.,
near Green Valley, where he was engaged in farming the remainder of his life.:):

* Strowbridge or Trowbridge, tor these three ways of spelling the family name have been
followed by descendants of his three sons.

t Letter from bis grandson No. 1451. iv. Perhaps he was not born there himself and
belonged to one of the Strawbridge families mentioned in Mrs. Guild's "Strobridge-Strawbridge
Genealogy." •

t "Fatlier often boasted of his nationality — Ireland and Belfast. My mother's family came
from Nottingham. England, being IG weelis crossing the sea and burying one child at sea
during the passage." [Letter from his son Benjamin F. Strawbridge of Green Valley, 111.]



i. John B., b. Dec. 6, 1844 : m. Dec. — , 1871, iu Chicago. Ill, Slary G. Ilicks

(d. Mar. 12, 1808, in San Diego, Cal.) ; is a farmer in Green Valle.v, 111.
ii. William R., b. Sept. 27, 1846; m. Mar. 8, 1800, in Williamsport, Lizzie

Caslien ; resides there,
iii. Mary G., b. Sept. 5, 1848 ; m. Joseph Piatt of William-sport.
iv, Benjamin F., b. Dec. 12, 1850; is a farmer in Green Valley, III.*
V. Jesse, b. Apr. 14, 18.52; ra. Jan. 25, 1883, in Green Valley, Minnie Squire;

is a farmer in Del.avan, 111.
vi. Emma, b. Dec. 21, 1S54 ; m. Jan. 2, 1872, Thomas N. Mehan and resides in

Mason City, Ill.t
vii. IlABRY S., b. Oct. 5. 18.50; m. Dec. 20, 1883, in Green Valley, Alice C.

Watts : is a farmer in Green Valley,
viii. George B., b. July 7, 1862 ; m., 1st, May 10, 1883, in Green Valley, Etta V.

Watts (d. Dec. 17, 1888) ; m., 2d, Dec. 28, 1804, in Green Valley, Emma

Wagner ; is a farmer there,
ix. Parson W., b. Dec. 14, 1804; m. Nov. 27, 1887, in Kansas City, Mo., Georgia

S. Perry, daughter of Littleton and Caroline (Malcolm) Perry, b. Mar. 20,

1870, in Kansas City ; is a clerk in that city.

1452. Jesse STROWBRrooE (Benjamin'^*^''), bom October 15, 1816, in Williams-
port, Pa.; died January 28, 1869, in Williamsport; married September 9, 1847,
in Williamsport, Elizabeth Boyer Fessler, daughter of Frederick and Catherine
(Fessler?) Fessler, bom January 31, 1820, in Williamsport; died March 10, 1891,
in Green Valley, 111.

Jesse Strowbridge went in 1833 with his mother and step-father to Dillon town-
ship, near Green Valley, Tazewell county, 111. He grew up and became a farmer
there. He died while on a visit to his elder brother in Williamsport, Pa.


Feruinand, b. Mar. 13, 1849.

Benjamin Frederick, b. July 17, 1851.

Mary, b. Dec. 22, 1853 ; d. that day.

Laura Is.abell. b. Nov. 10, 1855 ; m. Oct. 10, 1877, Samuel Blackburn

Bradfield and resides in Green Valley, III.
William Henry, b. Nov. 4, 18.58.
1454c. vi. Oilman Justice, b. Sept. 20. 1803.

1453. John Trowbhidge {Benjamin'^*^'') , born August 1, 1818, in Williams-
port, Pa. ; died January 21, 1904, in Green Valley. 111. ; married November 12.
1853, in Pekin, 111.. Sarah Ann Holt, daughter of Jonah and Betsey (Mathews)
Holt, bom June 10, 1832, in Mt. Vernon, Knox county, Ohio. She resides in
Green Valley,

John Trowbridge went at the age of fifteen with liis mother and step-father
to Tazewell county. 111., and there sought employment with his uncle Jesse
Kinman, who owned a gristmill on the Mackinaw river. Later he bought a farm
from the government, which at that date was simjily a wild prairie inliabited by
deer, wolves and other wild animals. Here he settled and developed a farm. He
was a model farmer, and his example was a stimulus to others. He joined the
Methodist Episcopal Church in 1858, and was faithful in attendance at and
active to i>romote the welfare of the church he loved. He died, enjoying the
esteem of all in the conununity where he had so long resided.

"Mr. Trowbridge was one of the pioneers who helped to make this beautiful spot of
earth what it is. He not only blazed the pathway through the forests apd over the
trackless prairie, but be helped to build up and civilize this community and give the
people that live here to-day the privileges they enjoy.

* He supplied the data for the biographical sketch of his father,
t She supplied the family register.









"With a well-storeJ memory, nnd, being a natural orator. Iiis quaint remembrances and
storie.s of early days were liistorical facts that to the younser generation are invaluable.
He could tell of the times when the only houses for a radius of many miles were those
built of logs along the banks of the JVIackinaw. when the city of Delavan consisted of
only one frame house, when Green Valley City was as yet unheard of, when the wild
deer and wolves were plentiful, and he could also tell of the pleasures and the hardships
of the early settlers. This man asked not for fame or riches, he simply wanted to be a
good citizen, to live an honest, upright life and set an example for good that could never
die ; his efforts have been crowned with success. Honored, respected and beloved, a man
of whom all his neighbors and acquaiutances were justly proud, he was eagerl,y welcomed
wherever he went. A model husband, a loving father, love of home and family were
strongly marked traits in his character, and yet his great heart was so kind and so

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