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I No. 372. MARCH, 1917.

I Rou) enaiand saoca €urone.




Books, €naraDina$ ana ilutodrapbs



^ And the Wars in which he was engaged, 1793-1815.

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1 Antn^raohs - i:«...„.„.e


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CLASSICS, 56 pages.

ISLANDS, 52 pages.

No. 366. STANDARD LITERATURE; including Bibliography,
History and Historical Biography, Natural History,
Architpxture, General Literature, 60 pages.

and Ceylon, 24 pages.

with Presentation Inscriptions, 54 pages with Facsimile

Nvo. 369. MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS in all classes of Literature,
40 pages.

No. 370. BOOKS on several SUBJECTS: I. America.
II. Russian Empire. III. West of England. IV. Books
with Coloured Plates. V. Ballads, Songs and Music,
62 pages.

comprising History, Biogiaphy, Travel, Literature, Sport,
etc., 48 [)ages.


Including the Wars in which he was engaged.

1 ABBOTT (Joseph S. C.) Lifk of Napoleon Bonaparte, to which is added

tlie Life of Napoleon TII., portrait, 8vo. cloth, n.d. 2s 6d

2 ABELL (Mrs. ; Lucia Elizabeth Balch^jif.e) Recollections of the

Emperok Napoleon during the first three years of his Captivity on
the IsUind of St. Helena, inchiding the time of his Residence at her
Father's House "The l^v\a,v^,'' 'portrait and ivoodcut vieivs, \)OiitS\o.
new half red morocco extra, Naj)oleonic toolincj, t.e.g., 1845 IS.s

8 Thikd Edition, revised, post Svo. cloth, 1878 12s ,

4 ABERCROMBY Lieut.-Gen. Sir Ralph ; killed in Eyijiot, 1801), Memoirs ot U /L C

by his Son, James Lord Dunfermline, Svo. cloth, Edinlnirgh, 1861 R ^' '^

5 ABRANTES (Laure, Duchesse d'; Mme. Junot) Memoirs of Napoleon,

his Court and Familj', trans,, library edition, revised, steel
portraits, 8 vols. Svo. half morocco, uncut, t.e.g., Bentley, 1888 £5

6 Another Edition, with 16 steel portraits, 2 vols. Svo, neio half

rrimsoii morocco extra, Napoleonic tooling, g.e., by Moii'ell, Bentley,
1836 £2 10s

7 ACCOUNT of the Battle ot Waterloo, fought by the English and

Allied Forces against the Army of France by a British Officer
on the Staff, with Appendix, third edition, eidarged, Svo. cloth,
uncut 1815 5s

8 ACRE (Siege of) ; or Descriptive Collections relative to the late

Scene of Contest in Syria, between Sir W. Sidney' Smith and Gen.
Buonaparte, intendedjas a Companion to the Picture painted by Sir
Robert Ker 'Povtev, folding plan, Svo. hcdf bound, 1801 * 5s

9 AINSLIE (Gen. Charles Philip de) Historical Record of the First, or

Royal Regiment of Dragoons, 1660-1886, D coloured plates, rov. Svo.
cloth, 1887 " 10s

10 ALBEMARLE (George Thomas, Earl of; j^^'^sent iclth the Uth Regiment ,. ,

at Waterloo) Fifty Years of my Life, portrait. 2 vols. Svo, cloth J '
1876 Ss

11 ALEXANDRE L Memoires Historiques sur l'Emperkur Alexandre

et la CouR de Russie, publies par la Comtesse Choiseul-Gouffier,
Svo. wrajyper, Paris, 1829 2s 6d

11a English Edition, trans, by M. B. Patterson, portrait, post Svo

cloth, 1904 2s 6d

12 ALISON (Sir Archibald) History- of Europe from the commencement of

the French Revolution to the Restoration of the Bourbons in
1815, portraits. 14 vols. Svo. calf, 1849-50 £2 16s

18 Epitome of Alison's History- of Europe, 1789 to 1815, post Svo.

cloth, 1848 2s 6d

14 Atlas to his History of Europe, by A. Keith Johnston, 96 maps.

cluxrts and plans of battles, oblong 4to. half morocco, 1848 14s

15 ALMACK (Edward, f,s.a.) The History of the Second Dragoons

("Royal Scots Gveys"), ivith 44 illustrations (some coloured), 4to.
buckram, uncut, 1908 18s

16 AMHERST (J. H.) The Battle of Waterloo : a grand Military Melo-

Drama, in three Acts, folding coloured front, of the death of the Duke
of Brunsivick, post Svo. morocco, n.d. 8s

2 FRANCIS EDWARDS, Bookseller,

16a ANNALES du MUSEE et de l'Ecole Moderne des Beaux-Arts, par
C. P. Landon, with tnany hundred outline engravhigs of the best
Pictures, SciUpture and Architecture, 21 vols. sm. 8vo. cotitenvporary
green morocco extra, g.e., tvith Napoleonic Eagles on backs, Paris,
1805-15 £12 10s

With ' Paysages et Taljleaux de Genre du Musee Napoleon ' and ' Tome Com-


17 ANTOMMARCHI (Franeeseo ; his doctor-) Derniers Mombns de

Napoleon, 2 vols. Svo. in 1, cloth, Paris, 1825 18s

18 Another Copy, 2 vols. 8vo. neiv half crimson morocco extra,

Napoleonic tooling, g.e. £1 15s

19 English Edition, forming a Sequel to O'Meara and Las Cases,

2 vols. Sv(j. boards (scarce), 1826 £2 12s

v/ 20 ANTON (James, Qtr. -Master-Sergeant, 42rid Highlanders) Retrospect
/\ of a Military Life, during the last War, engraved title and front.,

second edition, 12mo. cloth, Edinb., 1841 9s

Peninsular and Waterloo Campaigns.

21 ARMY LIST for 1796, 8vo. crimson morocco extra, g.e., 1796 £1

22 for 1797, Svo. half calf 15s

23 for 179S, crimson morocco extra, g.e. £1

24 for 1820, crimson morocco extra, g.e. 15s


NAPOLEON, Edition ])E Luxe, with over 130 large battle scenes
and other engravings of events in the life of Napoleon, including 2
fine portraits, from desigjis by the finest Painters of the Fre^ich
School, Prooes on India Paper, 2 vols, folio, contemporary red
morocco gilt, uncut, Paris, 1822-26 £12

25a ASHTON (John) Old Times : a Picture of Social Life at the End of
the Eighteenth Century, illustrations from the Satirical and other
Shetches of the day, 8v(j. cloth, 1885 98

25b The Dawn of the XlXth Century in England : a Social Sketch

i)f the Times, 116 illustrations from contemporary engravings, 2 vols
8vo. 7ieu} half calf, t.e.g., 1886 £1 4s

26 ATROCITIES (The) of the Corsican D.^mon ; or a Glance at Bonaparte,

portrait ' JJo but observe the face of Villany," Svo. half calf 1803 i2s

27 BAILY (J. T. Herbert) Napoleon, illustrated tvith Prints from con-

temporary and other portraits, 4to. cloth gilt, 1908 6s

The Work is fully illustrated and contains 58 reproductions in colour and other
styles, of rare portraits of Napoleon.

28 BAINES (Edward) History of the Wars of the French Revolution,

from 1792 to 1815, comprehending the Civil History of Gt. Britain and
Yisxnce, 2Jortraits, maps arid plans, 2 vols. 4to. calf, 1817 14s

29 BAIRD (Sir David; abounded at Corunna), Life of [by Theodore Hook],

portrait and nuqjs, 2 vols. Svo. boards, 1832 IQs

J. [), 30 BARANTE (Baron de) Histoire du Dibectoire de la KApublique
" ..' Francaisk, 3 vols. Svo. half calf , Paris, 1855 12s

31 BARERE (Bertrand, 17.5.5-1841), Memoirs of. Chairman of the Committee

of Public Safety during the Revohition, edited by Carnot and David,
now first translated by De V. Payen-P.\yne, ]3ortrait, 4 vols Svo'
cMh, 1896 £1 lOs

32 BARING-GOULD (Rev. Sabine, Hector of Lew-Trenchard) Life of

Napoleon Bonaparte, profusely illustrated, imp]. Svo. cloth
1897 ' £1 8s

83, High Street, Marylebone, London, VV. 3

•Si BARTH^LEMY ET MERY. Napolkon en Egypte, Waterloo, et le Fils
de I'Homme [Verse], with illustrations by Horace Vernet and H.
BellangeC some on India paper), roy. 8vo. half morocco, Paris, s.d. 6s

34 BATTY (Capt., Grenadier Guards) Campaign of the left wing of the

Allikd Army in the Western Pyrenees and S. of France, 1813-U,
25 etchi7igs, ito. half morocco, 18'2ii 15s

35 BEARDSLEY (Elystan M.) Napoleon: Our Last Great Man, cr. 8vo,

cloth, 1907 '■^'^

36 BEARNE (Catherine M.) A Leader of Society at Napoleon's Court

[Laura Permon, wife of Gen. Junot and Duchesse d'Abrantes], illus-
trations, large post 8vo. cloth, 1904 5s

37 BEAUCHAMP (Alphonse de) Authentic Narrative of the Invasion of

France in 1814 and 1815, with circumstantial Detail of the Battle of
Waterloo, second edition, 2 vols. 8vo. 7ieio half blue calf extra, xcitli
Napoleonic tooling, t.e.g., Colburn, 1816 £1 ^s

S8 BEAUHARNAIS (Ppinee Eugene de. Viceroy of Italy) The Romance of
Prince Eugene: an Idyll under Napoleon, by Albert Pulitzer,
trans, from the French, portraits, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 1895 8s

39 BERESFORD (Gen. William Carr, Viscount; icon battle of Albuera):
Refutations of Col. [Sir W.] Napier's Justification of his Third
V^olume, plan, 8vo. boards, 1834 3s

40 : Further Strictures on those Parts of Col. Napier's History

which relate to Gen. Lord Viscount Beresford, map, 8vo. boards,
1832 3s

40a BERTON (Gen. Jean Bapt., Baron) Precis Historique, Militaire et

Critique des Batailles de Fleurus et de Waterloo, map, Svo. half

calf. La Haye, 1818 _ ^ los

Bound up with this are several interesting* pamphlets relative to the Netherlands,

including ' (Observations sur le Royaume des Pays-Bas,' par un Homme de Bien, 1S18 :

' Des Gouvernements Passes et du Gouvernements a Greer,' 1815 : ' De la Confederation

des Beiges et des Bataves,' par V.B. [1818], etc., etc.

41 BILLON (Fpaneois Frederic, Officier de Gendarmerie) Souvenirs d"un

Vklite de ^la Garde sous Napoleon Ier, par son arri^re-neveu
A. Lombard-Dumas, portrait, post 8vo. half red morocco, uncut,
t.e.g., Paris, 1905 5s

42 BINGHAM (Hon. Denis Arthur) Historical Works (as under), 11 vols.

8vo. and post Svo. cloth, as issued, 1881-96 £5 5s

Contents : — Letters and Despatches uf the First Napoleon, 3 vols. 1884 ; The

Marriages of the Bonapartes, 2 vols. 1881 ; The Bastille, illustrated, 2 vols. 1888 ; The

Marriages of the Bourbons, /(Jr/rrtZ/j, 2 vols. 1890 ; Recollections of Paris, 2 vols. 1896.

4?, Another Set, new half blue morocco extra, panelled backs, uncut,

t.e.g., by Riviere, 1881-96 £12 10s

44 BIRKBECK (Morris) Notes of a Journey throvigh France, from Dieppe

to the Pyrenees, etc., in 1814, 8vo. half calf , 1815 5s

45 [BLAKISTON (Major John)] Twelve Years' Military Adventure in

three Quarters of the Globe ; or Memoirs of an Officer, including th.-

(Campaigns of Wellington in Spain and the S. of France, 2 vols. 8vo.

half calf , 182{) ^ l^s

45a Another Copy, green morocco, g.e., 1829 15s

4ti BLAYNEY (Andrew Thomas, Lord ; Major-Gen.) Narrative of a forced
Journey through Spain and France as a Prisoner of War in 1810-14.
portrait and vieic, 2 vols. 8vo. binders' cloth, 1814 10s

47 BONAPARTE (Joseph Napoleon; brother of Napoleon ; King of Spain;
aft. Comte de Survilliers), Biographical Sketch of [by a \ounct
Patriot], Svo. boards, uncut, 1834 4s

4 FRANCIS EUWARUS, Bookseller,

4S BONAPARTE (Lueien, Ppince of Canine ; brother of Napoleon), Memoirs
of, written by Himself, tvanslated from the Original MS., portrait^
Vol. 1 fait piib. J, new half polislied onorocco e.rti'a, Najioleotiic tooling,
uncut, t.e.g., ISHQ ' £1

4;J BONAPARTE (Napoleon F. C. J., BuLe of Beichstadt; only son of
Isiapoleon [.) : a Biography, by Edward de Wertheimeb, numerous
illustrations, 8vo. cloth, 1905 4s

4Ua Irelaxd (W. H., Shakespeare-forger) Authentic Documents

relative to the Duke de Reichstadt and King of Rome, portrait,
post 8vo. next' calf extra, ivith the original torapper preserved, 1832 £1

51J 600THBY (Capt. Charles, Royal Engineers) Under England's Flag,
1804-1809 : Memoirs, Diary and Correspondence, compiled by his
Family, j^ortraits and illustrations, cr. 8vo. cloth, 1900 3s

51 BOTTA (Carlo) History of Italy during the Consulate and Empire,

translated from the Italian, 2 vols. 8vo. half calf , 1828 12s

52 BOURRIENNE (L. A. F. de ; his Secretary) Memoires sur Napoleon, le

DiRECTOiRE, le Consulat, I'Empire, et la Restauration, 10 vols.
Svo. calf gilt, Paris, 1829 £2 15s

53 Private Memoirs of Napoleon, during the Periods of the

Directory, the Consulate, and the E,mpire, portraits, plates and plans,
4 vols. 8vo. neic half red morocco ertra, Napoleonic tooling, g.e., by
Morrell, 1836 ■ £4 18s

54 Another Edition, p>ortrait and plates, 3 vols. 12mo. cloth,

Colbnrn, 1831 9s

5.") Another Copy', new half calf extra, uncut, t.e.g. £1 12s

56 Another Copy, nexv half crimson morocco, Napoleonic tooling,

t.e.g., by Morrell £2

57 Another Edition, with Notes and Chronological Table by Edgar

Sanderson, portraits, sm. 4to. cloth, 1904 4s 6d

58 BOWEN (Edward E., Harrotv Master) The Campaign of Arcola (from

Thiers' 'French Revolution'), edited with Notes, maps, cr. Svo, cloth,
1873 Is 6d

59 BOYS (Commander Edward) Narrative of a Captivity and Adventures

in France and Flanders, 1803-1809, second edition, enlarged, with plan
and plates, cr. 8vo. cloth, 1831 6s

6U BRADFORD (William, Chaplain of Brigade) Sketches of the Country,
Character and Costume in Portugal and Spain, made during the
Campaign and on the Route of the British Army, in 1808-9, with the
Supplement of Sketches of Military Costume, 56 ^?i€Zt/ coloured
plates, with descriptions, A large paper copy, calf, 1809-10 £4

61 Ordinary Copy, boards, morocco back £3 53

^62 BRAVES (Dietionnaire des) et des Non-Girouettes : Nomenclature

•I*! V^i curieuse, interessante et impaitiale des Fran^ais Royalistes,
Republic AINS, ou Bonapartistes, jusqu'a la Seconde Restauration,
front., Svo. half calf , Paris, 1816 5s

63 BRENTON (Capt. E. Pelham, r.n.) Naval History of Great Britain,
1783-1822. fine jiortraits, plans and plates, ^ \o\s. Svo. gi'een morocco,,
g.c, 1823-25 £1 10s

Gl BRITISH FLAG TRIUMPHANT ! (The) or, the Wooden Walls of Old

/ y- \ England : Copies of London Gazettes containing the Accounts of the

^ ^ Great Victories cUid Gallant Exploits of the British Fleets, Svo. half

bound (ivitli presentation inscription by the Compiler ), Privately

printed, 1806 9s

Compiled by Admiral Lord Radstock, the introductory address written by Sir

Jas. Allan Park.

83, High Street, Marylebonc, London, W. 5

C5 BROADLEY (Alex. M.) and J. Holland Rose. Naf'oli:on in Cabica-

TURK, 1791-1821, with an Introdiictoiy Essay on Pictorial Satire as a

Factoi- in Napoleonic History, loltli nearly 250 iilitst rations (2\ in

cclourj, 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 1911 16s 6d

It is computed that over 3,000 caricatures of Napoleon are in existence.

i)Q Edition de Luxe, printed on hand-made paper (19-tu. x 13), 2 vols.

strong paper covers (pub. £10 10s net) £3 1:5s 6d

This edition enables collectors and esilr.iillustrators to insert nearly all the caricatures

of Napoleon without folding or cutting.

r,i The Broadley Collection- : Daniell (W. V.) Collectanea

Napoleonica, being a Catalogue of the Broadley Collection of ■
Autographs, Historical Documents, Broadsides, Caricatures, Views, |- it^,
Battle-Scenes, etc., relating to Napolecm and his Times, 1769-1821;/
also Catalogue of Mr. Broadley's Napoleonic Library, tUustra-
tions, roy. 8vo. cloth, 190.5 ^^
See under Invasion, and Rose (J. Holhxnd)

68 BROUGHTON (Samuel Daniel, army surgeon) Letters from Portugal,
Spain and France, written during the Campaigns of 1812-14, 8vo.
calf, 1815 . ^s

With presentation inscription to €)!. T. D. Ikoughton, author of ' Letters written in

a Mahratta Camp.'

t59 BROWNING (OscaP) England and Napoleon in 1803, being the/
Despatches of Lord Whitworth and others, now first printed from
the Originals in the Record Office, 8vo. cloth, 1887 3s

70 BRUNSWICK CORPS. Account of the Operations of the Corps under ~p^

the Duke of Brunswick, from the time of its Formation in Bohemia/V. <y
to its Embarkation for England, 12mo. half calf , 1810 5^_.V^

71 [BUCKHAM (Rev. E. W.)] Personal Narrative of Adventures in the

Peninsula, 1812-13, by an Officer, late in the Staff Corps Regiment
of Cavalry, 12mo. half calf, 1827 9s

71a BUCKINGHAM AND CHANDOS (Duke of) Memoirs of the Court and
Cabinets of George III., from Original Family Documents, portraits,
4: vols. 8vo. clotJi, 1853-5 ^^

72 BULLETINS (Official) of the Battle of Waterloo, in the Original

Languages, with Translations, edited by John P. Burrell, Barrister,
8vo. cloth, 1849 '"^^ ,.^

73 BUNBURY (Lieut.-Gen. Sip Henpy) Narratives of some Passages in the ^

Great War with France, 1799-1810, 8vo. cloth, 18.54 8s *

74 [BUNBURY (Major Thomas)] Reminiscences of a Veteran ; being

Personal and Military Adventures in Portugal, Spain, France, and
the Colonies, plates, 3 vols, post 8vo. cloth, 1861 Iss

75 BURGHERSH (John Fane, LoPd; aftenoards Earl of Westmorland, /^~^

1808-40) Correspondence, edited by his Grand-daughter, Rachel^ V j U
Weigall, illustrations, 8vo. cloth, 1912 4s \^

Full of Napoleonic interest.

76 BUSSEY (George Woip) History of Napoleon, xoith numerous interest-

ing icoodcut after Horace Vernet, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. calf gilt, 1840 £1

77 CADELL (Lieut.-CoL ChaPles, 28th Regiment) N.^rrative of the

Campaigns of the Twenty-Eighth Regiment since their return from
Egypt in 1802, post 8vo. cloth, 1835 -''s

78 CAMBRIDGE MODERN HISTORY, edited by Sir A. W. Ward, G. W.

Prothero, and Stanley Leathes : Vol. IX., N.\poleon, roy. 8vo.
cloth 1<'S

79 CAMPAIGN of Gen. Buonaparte in Italy in 1796-7, by a General

Officer, trans, from the French by T. E. KiTcniK, portrait and vuip,
8vo. cloth, Edin., 1799 tJs

6 FRANCIS EDWARDS, Bookseller,

80 CAMPBELL (Majop-Gen. Sip Neil) Napoleon at Fontainebleau and

Elba : a Jomnal of Occurrences in 1814-15, with Notes of Conversa-
tions, and Memoir of the Author, 'portrait, 8vo. new half crimsoih
morocco extra, with Nojwleonic tooling, unctit, f.e.g., 1869 £1

81 CARCANO (Giulio) Discorso : Inaugurazione delia Statua Colossale

di Napoleon, Opera di Canova, jplate, text in French and Italian,
roy. Svo. wraj)pers, Milano, 1859 2s

82 CARMICHAEL SMYTH (Col. Sip James ; Royal Engineers ; Governor of

British Guiana) Plans of the Attacks upon Antwerp, Bergen-op-
zooN. Cambray, Peronne, Maubeuge, etc., by British and Prussian
Armies in the Campaigns of 1814 and 1815, 9 plans with descriptions,
4to. lorapper, 1817 8^

Sir J. F. Buigoyne's copy with his autograph.

83 Chronological Epitome of the Wars in the Low Countries from

1659 to 1815, Svo. hcd,/ calf, 1825 :-5s

84 CARNOT (Lazape Nicolas Mapguepite) M^moires Historiques et Mili-

TAiRES, precedes d'une Notice par P. P. TissoT, portrait, Svo. Iialf
calf, Paris, 1824 3s 6d

85 CARK (Sip John, of the Middle Temple) The Stranger in France, or a

Tour from Devonshire to Paris, with 12 beautiful aquatints by
Medland, 4to. new half polished morocco, t.e.g., 1803 £2

86 CASTLEREAGHS (Viseount, second Marquis of Londonderpy, 1768-1822),

and Sir Charles Stuart, third Marquis of Londonderry, 1778-1854,
Lives of, with Annals of Contemporary Events, by Sir Archibald
Alison, 3 vols. Svo. cloth, 1861 9s

87 CATHCART (Col. SiP Geopge) Commentaries on the War in Russia and

Germany in 1812 and 1813, plans and diagrams, Svo. cloth, 1850 5s

88 CAULAINCOURT (Apmand A. L., Duke of Vieenza, aide-de-camp to

Napoleon), Recollections of [by Comtesse d'Eilleaux], 2 vols, post
Svo. netv half crimson morocco extra, Napoleonic tooling, g.e., by
Morrell, Colburn (scarce), 1838 £1 12s

89 CHAP-BOOK. The Extraordinary Life of Napoleon Buonaparte,

late Emperor of France, from his Birth to his Dethronement, with
account of the Island of Elba, portrait and aquatint view of Porto
Ferrago, Elba, post .Svo. netv half calf, with original paper tcrapper
[1814] £1

90 CHAPLIN :(T. H. Apnold, m.d.) The Illness and Death of Napoleon

Bonaparte : a Medical Criticism, cr. Svo. cloth, 1912 2s 6d

91 Thomas Shortt, principal Medical Officer in St. Helena, with

Biographies of some other Medical Men Associated with the Case of
Ncxpoleon from 1815 to 1821, cr. Svo. clotJi, 1912 2s

92 CHARMILLY (Col. Venault de) Narrative of his jTransactions iti

Spain with John Hookham Frere and Sir John Moore, with Sup-
pressed Correspondence and a Refutation, Svo. Jialf calf, 1810 9s

93 CHARRAS (Lieut. -Col. J. B. A.) Histoire de la Campaign de 1815

Waterloo, Svo. half red morocco, Bruxelles, 1857 5s

&4 CHERAMY (Paul) A Favourite of Napoleon: Memoirs of Made-
moiselle Ct1-:()RGE, edited from her Original Manuscripts, 2 jiortraits,

Svo. rlotli, 1809 5s

95 CHESNEY (Col. C. Cornwallis, r.e.) Waterloo Lectures: a Study of

the Campaign of 1815, majh Svo. cloth, 1868 4s

90 CHOISEUL-GOUFFIER (Comtesse de) Reminiscences sur l'Empereur
Alexandre ler et sur l'Empereur [Napoleon ler, Svo. wrapper,
Paris, 1S62 Ss'

S;^, High Street, Marylebone, London, W. 7

97 CLARKE (Hewson) An Impartial History of the Naval, Militarv

and Political Events in Europe t'loin the commencement of tht,'
French RevoUifcion to the Entrance of the AUies into Paris [1815], with
Biographical Memoirs, portraits a nd tnapn, 2 vols, thick 4to. Iialf
calf [ISlo] £1

98 CLINTON (Lieut.-Gen. Sip Henry) Pew Remarks explanatory of the .

Motives which guided the Operations of the Bimtish Ahmy dming/-
the late Short Campaign in Spain, 8vo. (30 pp.), Lalfuoth, 1809 6-3 '

99 COATES (Joseph, 28^//. Regiment ; served in Egypt, 1801) IMaxrative of

a Soldier, I'Imo. cloth, Worcestei', 1836 ' " , , ' , "^^^

KWJ COIGNET (Capt. Jean Roeh ; soldier of the Empire), Narrative of,

1776-1850. edited by L. Labchey. trans., 100 illustrations, cr. Svo.

c^oth, 1897 ■ 3s

101 COLBERT (Gen. Auguste) Traditions et Souvenirs touchant le temps

etses Vie, 1793-1809. parle Marquis de Colbert Chabanais (son fils),
1 vol.*!. post Svo. cloth, Paris, 1882 5<<

102 COLLINGWOOD (Admiral, Lord) Selection from his Public and

Private Correspondence, interspersed with Memoirs of his Life.
by G. L. N. Collingwood, Svo. icitJi jJortrait and pZnii, calf, 1829 6>
With bookplate of George, Prince of Cambridge.

10.S Life of, by W. Clark Russell, illustrations by F. Brangwyn,

large cr. Svo. clotJi, 1S95 2s

104 COMBE (William; 'Dr. Syntax') LIFE of NAPOLEON: a Hudi-

brastic Poem in Fifteen Cantos, by Doctor Syntax, ivith 30
humorous COLOURED plates by George Cruikshank, roy. Svo.
new criished crimson J^evant morocco extra, g.e., 6z/ Riviere, 1817 £1S

105 COMBERMERE (Sir Stapleton Cotton. Viscount ; Field Marslml)

Memoirs and Correspondence, from his Family Papers, by Mary,
Viscountess Cojibermere, and Capt. W. W. Knollys, 93rd
Highlanders, 2 portraits, 2 vols. Svo. cloth, 1866 9s

100 CONSTANT (Lovas. premier Valetde Cha mb re de I' Empereur) Memoires
de, sitr la Vie Privee de Napoleon, sa Famille et sa Cour, 6 vols.
Svo. calf, Paris, 1830 £1 16s

107 Memoirs of, containing Details of the Private Life of Napoleon.

his Family and his Court, now first tr£inslated, large paper copy,
portrait, i vols. roy. Svo. cloth, 1896 £3 15s

lOs COOKE (Capt. John Henry, iSrd Regiment) Memoirs of the late War :
a Personal Narrative with the History of the Campaign in Portugal.
1809, by the Earl of Munster ; and "the Campaign in Holland. 1814,
by Lieut. Moodie, 21st Fusiliers, 2 vols, post 8vo. in 1, half calf.

lasi ' lis

109 COPENHAGEN. The Real State of the Case respecting the late

Expedition, Svo. (IS pp.), half calf . 1808 6s

110 COQUELLE (P.) Napoleon and England, 1803-13: a Study from

imprinted Documents, trans., with Intro, by J. Holland Rose, Svo.
cloth. 1904 2s 6d

111 CORSICA. BoswELL (James; author of the Life of Dr. Johnson)

Account of Corsica : Journal of a Tour, with Memoirs of Pascal
Paoli, map and original pe}i-and-ink sketch ofPaoli, Svo. calf, 1768 5s

112 COSTELLO (Edward, Capt. in tJie BriflsJi Legion,) Adventures of a

Soldier, written by Himself, comprising the Campaigns of tho Duke
of Wellington in the Peninsula, second edition, j)ortralt, 12mo. cloth.

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