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The various Records, whose contents are indexed in the list now
printed, may be divided into three divisions — Genealogies, Birthbriefs and
Funeral Escutcheons. The first consists of the Official Register of all
Genealogies and Birthbriefs in Scotland, which commences on 3rd Decem-
ber 1727. Volume I. ends on 15th January 1796 and Volume TIL begins
1 6th August 1827 and is continued to date. Volume II. is not now in
existence, if indeed it ever existed at all. It is not mentioned in an
inventory of the Lyon Office Records in 181 9, but several pedigrees,
which were intended to be recorded in it, are still preserved in draft in
what is called the "Arboretum" or "collection of trees." The names of
those as well as others, not now in the Lyon Office though the fees for
recording them are entered in the cash book, have been added to the list.
These volumes are referred to as G. I., 11. and III. The Birthbriefs
and Funeral Escutcheons give the names and in many instances the arms
of the parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and great-great-grand-
parents, of the person in whose favour they were granted or of the
deceased, whose hatchment was, by warrant of the Lord Lyon, painted
and placed over the door of his mansion or burial place. These records,
which are intermixed, are contained in fourteen volumes and are referred
to as follows, the references being the numbers of the manuscript in the
Lyon Office Catalogue : —

8. Large folio containing 43 Birthbriefs and Funeral Escutcheons at

beginning and 4 at end, 1697-1754.

9. Large folio containing 237 Funeral Escutcheons collected by

Roderick Chalmers, Ross Herald (i 724-1 746), and another
commencing 2nd August 1724 and ending 1766 contain the seize
quartiers of the deceased, but no pedigree.

10. Small folio, formerly in four books, containing 326 Birthbriefs and

Funeral Escutcheons.

11. Small folio containing 296 Birthbriefs and Funeral Escutcheons.

12. Small folio containing 82 Funeral Escutcheons, 1720-1732, copied

from No. 9 and not indexed separately.

13. Small folio containing 130 Funeral Escutcheons, 1697-17 18.

14. Small folio containing (first) 90 Birthbriefs, mostly foreign ; and

(second) 40 Birthbriefs, a number of pen and ink sketches of
armorial bearings, and ending with the Funeral Escutcheon of
David, Earl of Leven and Melville i860.


15. Medium folio entitled "Manuscript Genealogies," containing 213

Birthbriefs of the peers of Scotland and others, ending 1756.
32. A volume, which belonged to Joseph Stacey, Ross Herald (1663-

1686), containing 184 Birthbriefs.
34. A thin volume containing 39 notices of the orders and ceremonies

of funerals during the seventeenth century.
112. An unbound collection of Birthbriefs, 58 in number, 1684.
L. Quarto volume containing pen and ink sketches by Henry Fraser,

Ross Herald 1 687-1 724, for Funeral Escutcheons, with 13

Birthbriefs at the end. Only these latter are indexed here.
P. The Lyon's Register of Processions, Letters of Precedency, Testifi-

cates and Forfaultures 1679, with 23 Funeral Escutcheons at

the end.

The information given in these records in the seventeenth and
eighteenth centuries must be accepted with caution by the genealogist.
The ancestral tables in many cases have been written down by the
Herald Painters from persons whose knowledge was incomplete or
inaccurate. The records contain many blanks in the names and dates,
which have been supplied from other sources. This information is given
in square brackets.





Abercorn, James, Earl of, who died at Monktoune, in the sheriffdom of Aire, upon
Monday, [23] day of March, and was brought quietly to Paisley
till the day of his burial, quhilk was one Saturday, the 29 April
1618, was honourably buried and caryed from the Abbay furth
at the foar gate round about eastward to the kirk, and there put
in the isle prepared for his resett. lie was but of the age of 43
years, and left his wife and 10 children behind him 32-166, 34-21
„ Marion Boyd, Countess of, who deceased at the Cannongate upon
Sunday, the 26 August, and the next night thereafter she was
privately convoyed by her son the Earl, ye Mr., Sir Claud,
Alexander, her youngest son, and sundry other friends to Paisley,
and thereafter was buried in the Abbay Kirk there upon Thursday,
the 13 of September 1632 34-58

Abercrombie, George of Tullibody, died without issue, July 1699, son of Thomas
Abercrombie of Shieth, and a daughter of Meldrum of Logic

13-22, P. 20

Aberdeen, William, Earl of, died at Edinburgh, 30 March 1745 Q-'S^, 15-10

Aboyne, Charles Gordon, Earl of, espoused Lady Lyon, daughter to the Earl of

Strathmore 13-49, 32-145

„ Charles [3rd] Earl of, married [Grace] a daughter to George Lockhart of

Carnwath 15-1 i

„ Countess of, married James, Lord Doun, and died November 1738 9-80

Afferia, Sir Joseph, Knight, Portuguese Ambassador, 1684 14-6

Agnew, Mrs. Philadelphia, married [Sir William] Lockhart, eldest son to Sir

James L. of Carstairs, died at Lockhart Hall, January 1754.

Daughter of Major Agnew, and Margaret, daughter of Thomas

Wilkyson 8-40, 9-179

„ Robert Vans, of Sheuchan and Barnbarroch 14- 11 2

„ Sir Robert, of Lochnaw, 9 June 1702 13-51

„ William, of Castle wigg 9-120

Aikenhead, Sir Patrick, of that Ilk, commissar clerk of Edinburgh,

interred in the Greyfriars, 20 December 1698, son of Da\id A.

of that Ilk, and Anna, daughter to Sir John Hay of Lands, Lord

Clerk Register 13-14, 32-8

Aikman, Mr. William of Cairnie, advocate, married Margaret Clark, daughter

to John C. of Peniecook, and Mary Gray, daughter to Sir William

Gray, and hath issue 10-152, 11-3, ri-267, 15-135, 32-5

Ainslie, General Charles Philip de, son of Colonel Charles Philip Ainslie,


2 Index to Genealogies, Birthbriefs and

4th Dragoons, and Mary Anne, daughter of James Atkinson.

Genealogy, 15 February 1883 G. III. '^y^

Ainslie, George, of Pilton. Genealogy, 14 January 1765 G. I. 109

„ Lieut. -General George Robert, son of Sir Philip Ainslie of Pilton, Knight,

and Elizabeth, 5th daughter of John, 12th Lord Gray. Genealogy,

26 January 1836 G. IIL 8

„ Sir Philip, of Pilton 14-140

„ Philip, George, Robert, Elizabeth, Christian, Jean, Penelope and Gratiana,

children of George Ainslie of Pilton, and his wife, Jean, daughter

of Sir Philip Anstruther of Anstrutherfield, Bart.

8 November 1770, G. L 146

Airly, David, Earl of, married Grizel, daughter of Patrick, Earl of Strathmore,

and had issue. 15-12

„ James, Earl of, married [Helen] Ogilvie, daughter to Lord Banff,

and hath issue, mother to the present Lady Lindors, James, Earl

of A., married [Marie] daughter to Laird of Grant 10-206, 32-303

Aitken, James, Bishop of Galloway, died 15 November 1687, son of James

Aitken of Haughtie, and Elizabeth, daughter to Captain Turner

10-7, 1 1-9
Alton, Andrew. See Alexander, Andrew.

Albany and York, James, Duke of 14-32

Albemarle, Christopher Monck, Duke of, 1684 112-52

Alexander alias Alton, Andrew, of Kinglassie, son of James Alexander of
Kinglassie, and Rachel, daughter of David Aiton of Kinaldie

10-312, 11-7

„ Jean, Lady Lee, died at Lee, May 1750, daughter of Robert A. of

Blackhouse 9-174) 15-1

Anguine, Henrick Julius de Burbane, Duke of 14-35

Angus, Rev. George, priest in Holy Orders, Church of Rome, residing at

Kensington, son of John Angus, advocate in Aberdeen. Genea-

log)') 31 January 1882 G. IH. 32

Annandale, Earl of 34-9

„ James, Marquess of, whose sister-german was Henrietta, married to

Charles, first Earl of Hopetoun, died 25 November 1750, and

was buried in Abercorn Kirk 15-13

„ William Johnstone, Earl of 32-181

Anstruther, Sir John, of that Ilk. Birthbrief, 10 June 1730 G. I. 7

,, Sir John of that Ilk, Bart., died at Elie House, 21 September 1753,

and was buried 2 October in Ely Church, married Lady Margaret

Carmichael, daughter of James, Earl of Hyndford, by whom, John

married to Mrs. Janet Fall, daughter of [James] Fall, merchant in

Dunbar 8-39, 15-196.

„ Sir Philip of that Ilk, son of Sir [Robert] A. and Mary Swift, daughter of

Robert, Earl of Carlingford 13-63

„ General Philip, of Ardrie, died at A., 1760, aged 87, and was buried at the

Church of Elly 9-201

„ Sir William, one of the Senators of the College of Justice, died in his own

lodging at Edinburgh, 24 January 171 1, and was transported from

thence to the Tron Church, and lay there till Saturday, 3 February,

from thence to his burial place, he was interred in the Abbey

Church of Hollyroodhouse, married Lady Helen Hamilton,

daughter to the Earl of Haddington, and had issue, Sir John A. of

that Ilk, who now succeeds 13-115, 15-140

Arbuthnot, Lady Janet, sister to the present Viscount of A., died at Prestonpans,

the day of July 1704, and was interred on the 19 inst. 13-72

Arbuthnott, John, Viscount, married Jean, daughter of William Morison of

Prestongrange 15-16

„ Mr. Robert, son of Mr. Alexander A. of Kinghonie, and Margaret, lawful

daughter of Mr. John Lamy, Dean of Brechin L. 144

Archer, Captain James Henry Lawrence. Genealogy, 18 September 1867

G. III. 25

Funeral Escutcheons, recorded in the Lyon Office. 3

Argyll, Archibald, 9th Earl of, married first Mary Stewart, daughter to the Earl
of Muray, second to Ann, daughter to the Earl of Seaforth, and
had no children with her 10-184, 11-181, 32-53

„ Archibald Campbell, loth Earl of, married Elizabeth Talmais, daughter of
Sir Lionell T. 32-50

„ John, Duke of, K.G., married Mary, daughter of Thomas Brown 15-14
Arrenberg, Ernest, Duke of MSQ

Atholl, James Murray, Marquess of, 1684 14-76

„ James Murray, 2nd Duke of. Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of Scotland,
one of H. M. Privy Council, K.T., &c., born 28 September 1690,
served in Queen Anne's YooX. Guards, and was Lieut. -Colonel of
the Earl of Orkney's Regiment, M.P. Perthshire 1724. Married
(i) 1726, Jean, daughter of Sir John Frederick of Westminster,
Bart., and widow of Sir Timothy Lanoy of Middlesex ; (2) Jean,
daughter of John Drummond of Megginch, but by her he had no
issue. He died at Dunkeld, 8 January 1764 14-92

„ John, Marquess of, and eighth by succession, who died on the 7 May 1703,
and interred in the Chapter House of Dunkyll on 17 inst., son of
John, Earl of Atholl, and Jean, daughter of Sir Duncan Campbell
of Glenorchie 10-183, 11-128, 13-62, 32-272

„ John, first Duke of, died at His Grace's House of Huntingtour, near
Perth, November 1724, and from thence transported to the burial
place within the Chapter House of Dunkeld, having a ducall coronet
and collar of the order of the Thistle carried before and ushered
by Roderick Chalmers, Ross Herald, with his coat displayed on
the 26 of said month 9-18,15-15

„ Lady Amelia Stanly, Marchioness of, daughter of James, Earl of Derby

10-173, 13-58
Ausalldessau, George John, Duke of 14-30

Baden, William, Duke of 14-57

Baden-Durlack, Frederick, Marquess of 14-58

Baildon, Arthur Adam John, von. Lord of the Manor of Lubie in Silesia.

Genealogy, 26 June 1882 G. IH. 34

Baillie, of Lamington, who died at the Beill, and was interred at

Lamington Church 28 April 1690 32-27

„ Captain James, of the Town Guard of Edinburgh 5 October 1698, son

of Baillie of Jerviswood, and a daughter of Johnstone of Benholm

13-12, P. u

„ Mrs. Mary, daughter to the Laird of Laminton, who died 22 day of April

1718 13-129

„ William, of Lamington, died at Edinburgh, aged 70 years, upon the 27

December 1725, and transported first to the New Church of

Edinburgh, and from thence to his own burial place in Lamington

Kirk. He was interred 5 January 1726 and succeeded by Willam

Baillie, alias Carmichael, eldest son to Sir James Carmichael of

Bonnington, who married the eldest daughter of Lamington, and

Major Erskine married the second 9-1 1, 15-165

„ Sir William, of Lamington, July 1738 9-121

Bailly, Mrs., of Lamington, married to the Right Hon. Robert Dundas of

Arniston, present Lord Advocate. She died 13 May 1755 and was

buried in the church of Borthwick the 17 15-206

Baird, James, grandchild to Sir James B. of Auchmedden, son of James Baird,

yr., of Auchmeddan, and Lady [Catherine] Hay, daughter to the

Earl of KinnouU 10-29, • 1-49

„ Sir John, of Newbaith, one of the senators of the College of Justice,

married Margaret Hay, daughter to Sir William H. of Linplum,

sister to the present James H. of L. Sir John hath an only son

called Sir William, who married Helen Gilmour, daughter to Sir

John G. of Craigmillar, Lord President of the Session 10-172,

11-36, 11-156, warrant 27 April 1698, 13-9, P. 9, 32-34

4 Index to Genealogies, Birthbriefs and

Baird, Sir Robert of Saughtonhall 32-43

„ Sir William, of Newbath, died at Edinburgh 17 February 1737 9-1 13

Balcarres, Colin, Earl of, son of Alexander, Earl of Balcarres, married Margaret,

daughter of James, Earl of Loudoun, and had issue Alexander,

Lord Cumberland, James, Elizabeth and Eleanor 10-23, 15-17

Balfour, Alexander, Levetenant-Colonall to King Charles L, married Anna

Brunch in Germany, son of Sir Henry Balfour, Lieutenant of the

Tower of London, and Elizabeth, daughter to the Lord Napier

of Merchiston 32-29

„ Sir James (Buchquhany) 32-324

„ James Maitland, son of James Balfour of Whittinghame and Lady Eleonor

ALiitland, daughter of James, 8th Earl of Lauderdale. Genealogy,

9 Decemlser 1840 G. IIL 10

,, John, Lord Burlie 11-21,32-23

„ Mary, spouse to Bruce of Kennet, died at West Kerse, she was

sister to Lady Burleigh 9-192

Ballantyin, Sir John of Cruikdeck, Knight, heir-male and representative of

the Bannatynes of Corhouse in the county of Lanark, 1678.

Genealogy, 14 August 1857 G. IIL 17

Balmerino, John Elphinston Lord, died the 10 June 1704, and was interred

13 inst. in his own burial place at Restillrig ; married Lady

Margaret Campbell, daughter to John, Earl of Loudon, Lord High

Chancellor 10-231, 11-201, 11-209, 13-72

„ John, Lord, married (i) Christian, daughter of Hugh, Earl of Eglinton,

and had issue, and (2) Ann, daughter of Arthur Ross, Archbishop

of St. Andrews 15-19

Ballmirenay, Lady, who deceased December 1665, taken from the lodging

where the said lady died and was put in the isle in the Church of

Leith, and after was interred at her burial place in Restalrig 34-15

Banff, George, 2nd Lord, married Agnes Falconar, daughter of Alexander Lord

Halkerton, and had issue 15-167

„ George, 3rd Lord, married [Jean], daughter of William, Earl Marshall

15-20, 32-306

Bannatyne, of Kames, son of Ninian B. of Kames 32-28

Bannerman, Mr. George, of Dunbogg, Advocate, died without issue, brother-

german to Sir Alexander B. of Elsick 10-55, n-53) 32-38

Barclay, Dame Anne, married to Sir George Wishart of Cliftonhall, who died

29 May, and interred at Kirkliston Kirk 2 June 1708, daughter of

j\Iajor Richard B., second son to Colerny 13-100

,, Dame Barbara, Lady to the Most Reverend Father in God, Arthur Ross,

Archbishop of St. Andrews. She was interred at Restalrig

10-46, 1 1-5 1
„ John, Lord Barclay, and baron of Straitone, 1684 1 12-21

„ Dame Penelope, daughter of Arthur Barclay of Coallhill, married Sir
Charles Arskine of Cambo, Lord Lyon

10-118, 11-28 and 29, 32-25, 32-30

„ Sir Robert, of Perstone 10-100,11-60

Bargany, James, Lord, son of William, Lord B., and Margaret, daughter of

Roliert Dundas of Arniston, 15-21

„ John, Master of, interred at St. Geal's Kirk, 27 March 1690 10-36, 11-106

Bargenie, John Hamilton, Lord, married Earl of Glencairn's daughter

10-240, 11-196, 32-178

Barklay, Robert Barklay, Earl of , 1684 112-48

Bavaria, Ferdinandus Maria, Duke Elector of 14-19

Beartie, Marie, sister to the present Queen of Ingland Ii-I54

Beaumont, Sir Thomas, son to Baron of Slaughtoune and Grange, 1684 112-15

Belhaven, John, Lord, died the 17 day of June 1679, and buried in the Abbey

Church, on Friday, the 20 day of the same 32-180

„ John, 2nd Lord, married Lady Margaret Hamilton, heratrix of Belhaven,

daughter of Robert Hamilton of Sillertounhill, son of Sir Robert

Ftmeral Escutcheons, recorded in the Lyon Office. 5

Hamilton of Pressmannen and Dame Marion Denholme

10-241, 11-197, 13-69, 32-172

Belhaven, John, Master of, married Anne, daughter to Andrew Bruce,

merchant, Edinburgh (afterwards 3rd Lord) 13-69

„ John, 4th Lord, 15-22

Bellenden (Balintein), John, Lord, 4th son to Sir VVilham Drummond, Earl of

Roxburgh 10-247

„ (Ballindyn), John, Lord, son to John, 2nd Lord B. 15-18

Bennet, Mrs. Christian, daughter to Sir William B. of Grubett, and Christian,

daughter to Alexander Morrison of Prestongrange, espoused Mr.

Charles Stewart of Dinerne, 3rcl brother's son to the Earl of Moray,

interred in the King's Chapell of Holyroodhouse 27 December 1697

13-4, P- 5
„ Isabella, daughter to Earl of Arlington, spouse to Henry Fitzroy, Duke of
Grafton, 1684 112-38

„ Jean, Lady Dirleton, daughter to Sir William B. of Grubet, and Christian,
daughter to Sir Alexander Morrison of Prestongrange, who died
15 March, in her own lodging in the Cannongate, and was from
thence transported to her burial place in the Greyfriars on the 17
day thereafter, 1710, she espoused Nisbet, son to the

Laird of Craigentinny, and had issue 2 sons and 3 daughters


Birkensfeld, Charles Otto, Count Palatine 14-49

Blair, John, younger of that Ilk, died in April 1710, and was interred in his own

burial place, the day of said month, unmarried 13-109, L. 146

„ William, of that ilk, married Margaret Hamilton, daughter to the Duke of

Hamilton, and hath issue, son of John Blair of that Ilk, and

Janet Cunningham, daughter of William, Earl of Glencairn

10-133, 11-3O) 11-7I) 32-26

„ William, of that Ilk. See Campbell, Magdalen.

Blantyre, Alexander Stuart, Lord 10-232

„ Archibald, Lord, died 23 July 1704, and was transported from his lodging

forgainst the Cross to the West Kirk, and from thence to his own

burial place at Blaintyre, 13-73

„ Helen Lyon, Lady, daughter to John, Earl of Strathmore, sister to the

present Earl, 1724, died at the Bath in England, 19 December 1723,

and interred at Blantyre, 18 January thereafter, leaving issue 9-5

,, Margaret Henderson, Lady, daughter to Sir John Henderson of Fordell


„ Robert, Lord, died November 1743, married (i) Lady Helen Lyon,

daughter to John, Earl of Strathmore, and had issue, and (2)

Margaret Hay, daughter to William Hay of Drummellier, son to

John, 1st Earl of Tweeddale 9-142,15-23

„ Walter, Lord, died in France unmarried, and was interred in the family

burial place in Blantyre, his honours and estate going to his

brother-german 15-5

Bonar, Ernest, of Camden. Certificate, 3 March 1854 G. III. 15

Borthwick, John, Lord, married Lillias Kerr, daughter to William, Earl of

Lothian, and died without issue 10-227, 11-64

„ John, of Crookstone. Certificate of documents produced by

29 October 1773 G. L 215

„ John, of Heartsyde. Certificate in his favour by Sir Charles Araskine,

Lyon, that he had produced certain instruments proving his

descent from William, Lord Borthwick, dated 25 August 1673.

Recorded 8 June 1808 G. I. 309

„ Colonel William, married , daughter of Alexander Livingston, son

of Eleazer B. of Gordonshall and Chester, and Elizabeth, daughter

of Robert Hamilton of Kingkell io-i53) "-34, 11-268, 32-22

Boswell, Thomas David, of the town of Valencia in the kingdom of Spain,

merchant, son of Alexander Boswell, Lord Auchinleck. Genealogy

7 May 1775 G. I. 221

6 Index to Genealogies, Birthbriefs and

Bothwell, Alexander, of Glencors, married, son of Adam B. of Whelpsyde, and

Jean, daughter of [James] Heart of Greenunie 10-81, 11-58

See Stewart, Mary.

„ Alexander, of Glencross, died at G., August 1727, in the 89th

year of his age 9-29

„ James Hepburn, Earl of, born 1553, he married first, Anna Rusting of the

house of Semin Norva, and Adrenall of Denmark's daughter, who

was hear in Scotland at Court ; third wife was Mary Douger, the

widow of Henry, Lord Allbonnie, he dyed in Ducksholm in

Denmark, in prison 11-260

Boyd, Dame Jean, Lady Robertland, who died at her own house the 8 day of

May 1665, and was carried to the Kirk Killmars 34-12

„ Dame Margaret, married to Sir James Foulis of Colinton, one of the

Senators of the College of Justice, daughter of John Boyd, Dean

of Guild, Edinburgh, and hath issue 10-54, 11-52

„ George, merchant, Burgegalice in France, grandson of George Boyd, son

of George Boyd, eldest son of Sir Archibald B. of Portencross in

Cunningham. Genealogy, 2 December . . . 28-8

Boyle, David, of Kelhurne, son of John B. of Kelburne, and a daughter of

Stewart of Alantoune 32-42

„ Lady Jean. See Campbell, Lady Jean.

Boyll, Mary, Duchess of Queensberry, daughter of Charles Boyll, Lord Clifort

of Lausburgh, married James, Earl of Drumlenrigg, son to

William, first Duke of Queensberry and now present Duke

10-325, 11-45

Brake, Elizabeth, daughter to the Earl of Wissingberg, spouse to Prince

Adolph John, Count Palatine of the Rhyne 112-31

Brandenburg, Christian Ernest, Duke of, 14-45

Brandenburg, Frederick William, Duke Elector of 14-18

Brandenburg-Onoldsbark, John Frederick, Duke of 14-46

Braunsueg, George Wilhelm, Duke of 14-24

Breadalbane, Henrietta, Lady, daughter of Sir Edward Villars 15-26

,, John Campbell, ist Earl, 28 day of March, was interred 1717 13-126

„ John, 2nd Earl of, married Henrietta, daughter of Sir Edward Villars, and

had issue 15-25

Bredenburg, Frederick Randzow, Earl of 14-85

Brodie, Janet, Lady Torwoodlie, daughter to Alexander B. of Lethen, and

Margaret, daughter to Clark of Balbirny

10-28, 11-48, 11-103, 14-108, 32-37

„ Jean, late Lady Grant, daughter of Brodie of Lethem, whose funeral was

painted in March 1697 32-44

Broun, Andrew, of Braid, married [Henrietta] Houstoun, daughter to [Patrick]

Houstoun of that Ilk 10-71, 11-56, 11-116

„ Sir (Patrick) of Colstone 10-105, 11-62, 32-40

„ Robert, of Blackburne 32-41

„ Thomas, son of William B. of Nunton in Galloway, and Agnes Herries,

daughter of John Herries of Mabie, 8 July 1728 8-3, 28-30

Brounaill, Catrina, married Charles, Earl of Middleton, daughter of Robert,

Earl of Cardigan 10-216,11-63

Brown, Sir John, Baronet of Nova Scotia, of Neal, in the county of Mayo,

Ireland. Genealogy, 7 April 1777 G. I. 225

Bruce, Adam of Walton, son of Anthony Bruce of Walton, and Jean, daughter

and heiress of John Leechman of Walton, 22 August 1774

G. I. 220
„ Andreas, for the present anno 1684 baron of Mouness in Shetland, son of
Hector B. of Mouness, and Barbara, daughter of John Sinclair of
Quandale 32-35,112-8

„ Alexander of Kennet, died at Dundas, 7 August 1747, and was interred in
his burial place at Clackmanan 12 of said month. Son of
Brigadier General James Bruce of Kennet, and Mary, daughter of
Sir .Alexander Swinton of Mersington 9-160, 15-171

Funeral Escutcheons, recorded in the Lyon Office. 7

Bruce, Mrs. Anna, of Bellheven, daughter of B. of Earlshall, who died August

1707 and was interred in Stynton Kirk, the 19th inst. 13-93

„ Jean, daughter to Alexander B. of Arth, first married to John Hamilton of

Grange, and hath issue, Alexander, John and Andrew, daughter

called Jean ; secondly to Richard Elphingston, now of Airth, and

to him hath issue 10-166, 11-35, li'^-'hl)

„ Lady Mary, late Lady Cardross, daughter of George Bruce of Carnock,

Earl of Kincardine, and Mary, daughter to James Preston of

Vallifield 32-223

„ King Robert the, married first Isabella Gratney, daughter to the Earl of

Marr 10-137, 11-31, 11-72, 32-19

„ Thomas, of Blairhall, married Jean, daughter to Henderson of Fordell,

and hath issue. Son of Robert Bruce of Blairhall, and Catherine,

daughter to Sir John Preston of Valleyfield 10-308, ri-42

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