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lectual life of the Institute. The student body is organ-
ized into a Student Association which includes all stu-
dents of the Institute and serves as the official organ for
the expression of their views and for the promotion of
student enterprises. In particular the undergraduate pe-
riodicals are now maintained under the auspices of this
association. A Students' Council, elected by the Associa-
tion, provides leadership in the Association. The Presi-
dent of the Students' Council is also President of the



The extra-curriculum academic and athletic activities
of the Rice students have been stimulated by several
prizes donated by friends of the Institute ; namely, the
Lechenger silver cup, the gift of Mr. L. Lechenger, for
the winning debating team in the annual commencement
contest of the literary societies; the Shotwell and Harris
gold medal, the gift of Messrs. W. I. Shotwell and I.
Harris, for the winner of the annual oratorical contest of
the literary societies; the Wilson silver cup, the gift of
Mrs. H. A. Wilson, for the winning team of the annual
class debate of the young women's literary society ; the
Kalb basketball memorial silver cup, the gift of Mr. E. F.
Kalb; and the Sweeney silver cup, the gift of the J. J.
Sweeney Company, to be contested for annually in class
track athletics. Mr. William M. Rice, Jr., has provided a
cabinet for the preservation and exhibition of these and
similar gifts and trophies of Rice local and intercollegiate
contests. This elaborate cabinet, designed by Mr. R. A.
Cram, supervising architect of the Institute, is a most
beautiful example of wood carving. General Jacob F.
Wolters has lately signified his intention of donating a
medal to be awarded for excellence in public speaking.





JUNE 7, 1920

At the fifth annual commencement convocation of the
Rice Institute held at the conclusion of the eighth aca-
demic session the baccalaureate sermon was preached by
the Rev. Father James M, Kirwin, V.G., of Galveston,
Texas, and the commencement address was delivered by
Judge Joseph C. Hutcheson, Jr., of the United States Dis-
trict Court, Houston, Texas. On recommendation of the
Faculty and by authority of the Trustees, the President of
the Rice Institute, at the final ceremonies in the Academic
Court on the morning of June 7, 1920, conferred the fol-
lowing degrees respectively:


Vella Bates Edgar Allen Cain

Sadie Block Georgia Whitsette Comfort —

Paul Frederick Bobb with distinction

Lucille Agnes Brand — with Bertha Anita Downs

distinction Nancy Sophia Dupre

Leon Bromberg Otto Hugo Eisenlohr
Louise Jane Beraud (as of 1919)

(as of 1918) Ernest Lominda Faber

Julia Arthur Burrell — with Ellamarye Failor

distinction Katherine Filson

Edwin Weisman Burton Peter Osipovich Fleet


Frances Ellen Foote

Martha Louise Foreman

Julian Elliott Fruit

Edith Catherine Gallaher

Abram Lewis Geller

Mildred Maurine Hilswick

Olive Grace Hubbell

Jay Frank Jungman

Thomas Mitchell Keiller
(as of 1918)

Jefferson Paul King — with
honors in mathematics and

Loena King — with distinction

John Frederick Klotz

Lucius Mirabeau Lamar III
— with honors in mathe-
matics and economics

Dorothy Lee

Adelaide Lovett

Kathryn Adair Lubbock

Edwin Nolan Lunn

Emmett Henry McFarland

Reba Mickelborough

Maurine Mills — with

Helen Minis

Renee Marie Josephine

Rita Morales
Edward Young Nelson
Lillian Louise Nicholson
Janie Ogilvie
Robert William Patten

(as of 1919)
Jesse Raymond Peterson
Mildred Armistead Porter
Morris Radoff
Helen Redfield — with

Maynard William Robinson
Oscie Alice Sanders
Anna Gilliland Schirmer
Estelle Streetman
Maud Munden Terrell
Albert Langston Thomas
Thelma Thomas — with

John William Waltrip, Jr.
Zuleika Ware

William Gladstone Whitehouse
Mary Clarke Wier
Mabel Virginia Wilson


John Sherwood Ansley

(as of 1919)
Stewart Percy Coleman —

with distinction

Emil H. Delia Valle

(as of 1918)
Frederick William Fraley, Jr.
Charles Otto Garbrecht



Milton Scott Heywood Samuel Anthony Russo

Thomas Owen Heywood Joseph Robert Shannon —

(as of 1919) with distinction

John Lewis Knapp Clifton Raymond Shaw

William Henry Moler William Malcolm Stratford
Willard Houghton Moore (as of 1919)

John William McFarland Talmage DeWitt Thomas

(as of 1918) (as of 1919)

Isbell Franklin Mcllhenny Henry Augustus Tillett, Jr.
Hervin Wolfe Nussbaum (as of 1918)


Leland Allen Hodges (as of 1919)
John Thomas Rather, Jr.
Thomas Shirley Simons


Andrew Bonnell Bryan
Laurice Laird Lockrow
Albert Grant Mallison


Allen Darnaby Garrison
Edmund Burrus Middleton
Everett Ellis Porter


Norman Hurd Ricker





Tracy Yerkes Thomas, Class 192 1, of Little Rock, Arkansas


Emmett Finley Carter, Class 1922, of Elgin, Texas
Emily Burns Card, Class 1923, of Houston, Texas
Hugh Raleigh McKean, Class 1922, of Mykawa, Texas
Tannic Lee Oliphint, Class 1923, of Houston, Texas
Kenneth Thorpe Rowe, Class 1922, of McAllen, Texas
Norrie Austin West, Class 1921, of Lufkin, Texas


Nellie Opal Porter, B.A. (Texas), 1919, of Tyler, Texas
Elizabeth Snoddy, B.A. (Rice), 1919, of Houston, Texas
Kathleen Helena Gemmer, Class 192 1, of Houston, Texas
Helen South, Class 192 1, of San Marcos, Texas


Genevieve Friedenthal, Class 1923, of Houston, Texas






Boucher, Paul Edward* .... Woodmen, Colorado

B.A., Colorado College, 1918
Depenbrock, Juanita Swope . . Houston, Texas

B.A., Rice Institute, 1919
Dickson, John Leslie Houston, Texas

B.A., George Peabody College
for Teachers, 1910
Finfrock, Elizabeth Hope . . . Houston, Texas

B.A., James Milliken Univer-
sity, 1907

M.A., James Milliken Univer-
sity, 1908
Garrison, Allen Darnaby* . . . Austin, Texas

B.A., Rice Institute, 191 8

M.A., Rice Institute, 1920
Hathorn, John Broadus* .... Sonora, Texas

B.A., Rice Institute, 1918
John, Marguerite Eleanor* . . . Houston, Texas

B.A., Rice Institute, 1919
Klotz, John Frederick Mexia, Texas

B.A., Rice Institute, 1920
Lee, Lenoir Valentine* .... Houston, Texas

B.A., Richmond College, 1913

B.D., Theological Seminary of
Virginia, 19 16

* Candidacy for advanced degree approved.



Mallison, Albert Grant Houston, Texas

B.A., Western Reserve, 1909

M.A., Rice Institute, 1920
Morris, Nell Houston, Texas

B.A., University of Texas, 19 14
Pillot, Nadine Dorothy .... Houston, Texas

B.A., Randolph-Macon, 1920
Porter, Nellie Opal* Tyler, Texas

B.A., University of Texas, 1919
Robinson, Louise Crabb .... Georgetown, Kentucky

B.A., Georgetown College
(Kentucky), 1920
Schultz, Christine Olivia .... Houston, Texas

B.A., Rice Institute, 19 18
Snoddy, Elizabeth* Houston, Texas

B.A., Rice Institute, 1919
Somers, Russell Ivan* Saint Joseph, Illinois

B.A., University of Illinois,

M.A., University of Illinois,
Staggs, Drew Black Houston, Texas

B.A., University of Texas, 191 1
Turnbull, Euphemia Pender . . Houston, Texas

B.A., Rice Institute, 1919
Weinberg, Helen Celestine . . . Houston, Texas

B.A., Rice Institute, 1917
Woods, Maud Lee* Houston, Texas

B.A., Drury College, 1909

* Candidacy for advanced degree approved.




Almeras, Pierre Niima Galveston, Texas

Atkinson, Charles Harold . . . Del Rio, Texas
Atkinson, Marguerette Hoover . Houston, Texas
Autry, James Lockhart, Jr. . . . Houston, Texas
Batjer, Helen Huntington . . . Rodgers, Arkansas

Beaumont, Patricia Houston, Texas

Benson, Joseph Chaffin .... Mart, Texas

Beshara, John Joseph Port Arthur, Texas

Boxley, Gertrude Harrisburg, Texas

Bradley, Chester Eaves .... Baileyville, Texas
Brown, Edward Vandiver . . . Waco, Texas
Bush, William Nathaniel .... Waxahachie, Texas

Cabaniss, Nora Louise Lockhart, Texas

Campbell, Maude Terry .... Galveston, Texas
Caranagnostis, Helene Demetrios Galveston, Texas

Carson, Clarence Leon Texarkana, Texas

Cason, Dick Kendall, Jr Nacogdoches, Texas

Coghlan, Margaret Beatrice . . Houston, Texas

Cornelison, Jesse Ions San Angela, Texas

Cunningham, Walter Bart . . . Beaumont, Texas

Dowell, Cleoy Lafoy Port Arthur, Texas

Drouilhet, Henry Adrien Renshaw Galveston, Texas
Button, Daniel Fleming .... Houston, Texas

Ehrenfeld, Louis Houston, Texas

Freyer, Helen Bessie Houston, Texas

Gaines, George Conklin, Jr, . . . Jasper, Texas
Gemmer, Kathleen Helena . . . Houston, Texas

Goodman, Inez Houston, Texas

Greenhill, Norma Ruth . . . . Houston, Texas

Harder, Hanna Marie Houston, Texas

Harlan, Rudolph Keener .... Bartlett, Texas
* As classified October ist, 1920.



Hemphill, Rosalee Houston, Texas

Hogg, Marie Louise Houston, Texas

Howard, Idawynne Houston, Texas

Hurley, Sue Roselle Houston, Texas

Hyndman, Olan Robert .... Houston, Texas

Jarvis, Dudley Crawford .... Terrell, Texas

Johnson, Gaylord Houston, Texas

Jones, Daniel Le Roy Houston, Texas

Kennerly, Lola Taylor Houston, Texas

Lottman, Otto John Houston, Texas

Lovett, Henry Malcolm .... Houston, Texas

McFaddin, James Lewis Caldwell Beaumont, Texas

McPhillips, Mildred Elizabeth . . Houston, Texas

McWhorter, Albert William . . Kansas City, Missouri

Maddrey, Robert Kennedy . . . Bonham, Texas

Mutersbaugh, Bert Marsh . . . Lake Charles, Louisiana

Norvell, Gloria Irene Houston, Texas

Nunn, Addison Stayton .... Saint Jo, Texas

Overcash, Joseph Tryon .... Houston, Texas

Peterson, Melvin Raymond . . . Eastland, Texas

Powell, George Blanton .... SmithviUe, Texas

Ragland, William Shaw .... Mercedes, Texas

Rice, Minnie Houston, Texas

Rcney, Helen Marie Houston, Texas

Roos, Charles Frederick .... Houston, Texas

Rose, Volney James Edna, Texas

Schlom, Louis Henry Houston, Texas

Schram, Charles Bernard . . . Houston, Texas

Secor, Ottis Pearson Houston, Texas

Shriner, Helen Emma Houston, Texas

Smidth, Leonard Houston, Texas

South, Helen San Marcos, Texas

Still, Ben Ivor Houston, Texas



Suttles, Charles Lowery
Taylor, Roy Alfred . .
Thomas, Emily Otway .
Thomas, Tracy Yerkes .
Timmons, Henry Davis

Tipton, Roy

Upshaw, Reginald Banks
Wademan, Clarence Edwin
West, Norrie Austin . . .
Wilford, Robert Oliver, Jr.
Wilson, Charles Patton, Jr.
Wilson, Willett, Jr . . . .
Zimmer, Lucy Madalyn .

Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas
Little Rock, Arkansas
Houston, Texas
Bartlett, Texas
Dallas, Texas
Temple, Texas
Keltys, Texas
Mayfield, Kentucky
Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas


Adams, Magele Ennis, Texas

Houston, Texas
Gainesville, Texas
Houston, Texas
Houston, Texas
La Porte, Texas

Attwell, Martha Virginia . . .
Barrett, Chester Arthur . . .
Batsch, Frank Ferdeline . . .
Berleth, Francis Hancock . .
Blackwell, Margaret Outhwaite

Breed, Augusta Uglow Houston, Texas

Brown, Ila Cloyce Galveston, Texas

Bushong, Paul Donner Port Arthur, Texas

Bybee, Charles Lewis Houston, Texas

Calvin, Dea Bailey Houston, Texas

Carson, Robert Baker Houston, Texas

Carter, Emmett Finley Elgin, Texas

Chrisman, Wilma Lena Onalaska, Texas

Conger, Harvey H China Springs, Texas

Cooperman, Eva Ella Houston, Texas

Cunyus, George Grady .... Longview, Texas
* As classified October ist, 1920.


Dain, James Warren Smithville, Texas

Damiani, Caesar Andrew .... Dallas, Texas

Dargan, Alfred Neal Houston, Texas

Davis, James Ludwell Livingston, Texas

Davis, William Owen Gainesville, Texas

Davison, Sarah Evelyn Williams . Hubbard, Texas

De Prato, Edwin William . . . Texarkana, Texas

Doehring, Carl Frederic .... Houston, Texas

Dutton, James Richard .... Houston, Texas

Eaton, Marion Lois Houston, Texas

Filson, Martha Houston, Texas

Franklin, John Leslie Bastrop, Louisiana

Gemmer, Carolyn Lydia .... Houston, Texas

Giezendanner, Stuart Sawyer . . Houston, Texas

Gresham, Hill Campbell .... Temple, Texas

Hager, Harold James Houston, Texas

Hargis, Fred D Dallas, Texas

Henry, Jake, Jr Denison, Texas

Heyck, Theodore Richard . . . Houston, Texas

Higgins, Lula Reagan, Texas

Hilswick, Moselle ..:.... Houston, Texas

Hirsch, Marvin Lister Houston, Texas

Hodges, Dan Littleton Austin, Texas

Hughes, James Hearne Sherman, Texas

Humason, Lawrence Wilfred . . Houston, Texas

Humber, Jason Houston, Texas

Hunt, Helen Mar Houston, Texas

Jones, Herbert Sennigson . . . Houston, Texas

Keilin, Louis Richard Wharton, Texas

Kropp, Richard Houston, Texas

Lane, Gessner Houston, Texas

Lee, Robert Woodson Houston, Texas

Lehman, Clay Hughey Texarkana, Texas




Leland, Anah Marie ....
Lindsey, Marion Lee ....
MacDonald, Barbara Miriam
McCorquodale, Malcolm Scott
McElroy, Bertholde Bracken
McKean, Hugh Raleigh
Marshall, William Beatty
Mathieu, Henry Philip .
Mayer, Benjamin Foster
Mellinger, John Sweeney
Merritt, William Edward,
Meyer, John Nicholas .
Miller, Lucille Marie . .
Moore, Louise Gillespie

Moore, Ruth

Moore, Thomas William
Morrison, George Lyon
Nash, Paul Edward . .

Nemir, Alma

Payne, Brittain Ford
Pellettere, Joseph Anton
Peterson, Fendell Bernard
Pleasants, Julia ....
Pollard, Albert Harrison
Randall, La Baume Elliott
Reeves, George Dewey
Reinhardt, John Caspar, J
Remmel, Marie Rose
Rowe, Kenneth Thorpe
Rudersdorf, William .
Scharnberg, Lester Nathan
Sewall, Blanche Harding
Shacklett, John Wilson

. Houston, Texas

. Beaumont, Texas

. Houston, Texas

. Beaumont, Texas

. Belt on, Texas

. Houston, Texas

. Houston, Texas

. Houston, Texas

. Bartlesville, Oklahoma

. Houston, Texas

. Houston, Texas

. Dallas, Texas

. Bellville, Texas

. Houston, Texas

. Houston, Texas

. Houston, Texas

. El Paso, Texas

. Dallas, Texas

. Waco, Texas

. Dayton, Texas

. Houston, Texas

. Bellaire, Texas

. Houston, Texas

. Temple, Texas

. Dallas, Texas

. Jonah, Texas

. Texarkana, Texas

. Houston, Texas

. Mc Allen, Texas

. Houston, Texas

. Houston, Texas

. Houston, Texas

. Houston, Texas



Shaw, John Feary ...
Shelburne, Samuel Ainshe
Smith, Grace Crawford
South, Dudley Pritchett
Streusand, Bernard . .
Stuart, James Blair . .
S win ford, Jerome Kenneth
Tatum, Fernley Asbury
Tidwell, Wyatt Rodney
Trussell, Hughie Dunn
Wagner, Virginia Aubrey
Wall, Hilda Joyce . . .
Waters, William Alpheus
Wear, Hally Rosalie
Webb, Charles Galloway
Williams, Robert Parks
Wfnsborough, Robb Mauzy
Woodruff, Kate Hooper .

. Canyon, Texas
. Sherman, Texas
. Houston, Texas
. San Marcos, Texas
. Houston, Texas
. Houston, Texas
. Houston, Texas
. Palacious, Texas
. Mexia, Texas
. Mount Calm, Texas
. Bryan, Texas
. Houston, Texas
. Galveston, Texas
. Brownwood, Texas
. Dallas, Texas
. Leesburg, Florida
. St. Louis, Missouri
. Houston, Texas


Abernathy, Louis Randolph . . Houston, Texas

Aitken, Melvin Nicol Houston, Texas

Alexander, Herbert Lloyd . . . Houston, Texas

Alexander, Miller Hutchins . . Decatur, Georgia

Arnold, E. Oren Henderson, Texas

Baring, Arnaldo William .... Houston, Texas

Barnes, Peyton Houston, Texas

Barrick, Dale Larimore .... Houston, Texas

Bartlett, Henry Leigh South Houston, Texas

Batjer, Arch Dunbar Abilene, Texas

Beard, Bernice Houston, Texas

Bell, Burnice Houston, Texas

* As classified October ist, 1920.



Bell, Morris B Houston, Texas

Berry, James Howard Crockett, Texas

Best, Frances Lenita Houston, Texas

Bickford, Reginald Scott .... Boston, Massachusetts

Black, Fanny Hamlin Houston, Texas

Bloxsom, Allan Penny Houston, Texas

Boettcher, Fred Charles .... Houston, Texas
Bradshaw, Dorothy Stutzman . . Houston, Texas
Bradshaw, Margaret Naomi . . Houston, Texas

Brenner, Henry San Antonio, Texas

Briggs, Robert Curtis Houston, Texas

Brogniez, Frantz Philip .... Houston, Texas

Brown, Charles Ewing Houston, Texas

Burch, Bernard Owen Port Arthur, Texas

Bybee, John Clinton Houston, Texas

Byers, Evelyne Houston, Texas

Cain, Arthur Benton Yoakum, Texas

Carson, William Clarence . . . Sierra Blanca, Texas
Cashion, Martin Henry Lyle . . Texarkana, Texas

Cecil, Lamar Ryan Houston, Texas

Coleman, Walter Leslie .... Corpus Christi, Texas
Cook, Alfred Adolphus .... New Waverly, Texas
Crofton, Walter Montgomery . . Houston, Texas
Darling, William McKinley . . . Temple, Texas
Dawson, Dorothy Dixie .... Logansport, Louisiana
Duggan, Earnest Russell .... Helton, Texas
Duquette, Louis Borgella .... Houston, Texas
Durham, Harry Eugene .... Texarkana, Texas
Dutton, Catherine Elizabeth . . Houston, Texas

Dutton, Clinton Leroy Grand field, Oklahoma

Dyer, Edwin Hawley Houston, Texas

Earthman, Addie May Houston, Texas

Elliott, Joseph Evans Waco, Texas

Da5 3


Ellis, Athna Bryan Palestine, Texas

Etchison, Roy Pardo Waco, Texas

Farrar, Ellen Taylor Houston, Texas

Fincher, Annie Sophia Houston, Texas

Fischl, Gladys Ardmore, Oklahoma

Fitzgerald, William James . . . Houston, Texas

Flaxman, Theodore Alexander . Houston, Texas

Francisco, George Carl, Jr. . . . Dallas, Texas

Friedenthal, Genevieve Houston, Texas

Fulmer, Harry Wilbur Billings, Montana

Galbreath, William Aubrey . . . Wharton, Texas

Gallegley, Joseph Stephen, Jr. . San Antonio, Texas

Gard, Emily Burns Houston, Texas

Giddings, Harold Dewitt .... Brenham, Texas

Goldberg, Eli Houston, Texas

Goodwin, James Buford .... Houston, Texas

Goss, Henry Frank, Jr Abilene, Texas

Greer, Oden Searcy Houston, Texas

Guffy, Fred Hudson Belton, Texas

Hair, William Wilbern, Jr. . . , Temple, Texas

Harris, Raphael Clarence .... Beaumont, Texas

Harrison, Elizabeth Houston, Texas

Hornbuckle, John Spence . . . Houston, Texas

Janes, Hugh Paul Houston, Texas

Johnson, Fred W El Campo, Texas

Johnson, Ruben Houston, Texas

Johnson, Tresmer De Riddcr, Louisiana

Jordan, Pauline Houston, Texas

Kennedy, Alson Rankin .... Sahinal, Texas

Killings worth, Mary Louison . . Houston, Texas

King, Allie Houston, Texas

King, Geane Houston, Texas

King, Lloyd Allen Idahel, Oklahoma



King, Ruby Gordon Houston, Texas

Kingsland, Aline Houston, Texas

Kinnear, Reginald Augustus . . Beaumont, Texas

Kochan, Millie Houston, Texas

Lack, George Joseph Beaumont, Texas

Landram, Charles Scott .... Houston, Texas

Lange, Frederick William . . . Dallas, Texas

Lay, Courtenay Mary Houston, Texas

Lay, Wolcott Edward Houston, Texas

Lee, Katheryn Houston, Texas

Leftwich, James Brooks .... Oklahoma City, Okla.

Letts, Bessie Lucille Houston, Texas

Lieb, Herbert James Houston, Texas

McCollough, Byron Godfrey . . Houston, Texas

McCollough, Edward Heron . . Houston, Texas

McFarland, Van Haile Eagle Pass, Texas

McGee, Graves Alphus Abilene, Texas

McKee, David Rice Saranac Lake, New York

Mackenzie, Mary Lee Houston, Texas

Manley, Maurice Foster .... Brazoria, Texas

Matthews, Dorothy Louise . . . Houston, Texas

Mincey, Walter Melvin .... Waxahachie, Texas

Moore, Katherine Lucille . . . Houston, Texas

Moore, Mary Terese Houston, Texas

Moore, Minnie Ella Anchor, Texas

Moore, Walter Parker Anchor, Texas

Mount, Allen Wade Corpus Christi, Texas

Muckleroy, Alexander David . . Nacogdoches, Texas

North, Marjorie Houston, Texas

Norton, Thelma Houston, Texas

Nye, Selden Spencer San Antonio, Texas

O'Brien, William Henry .... Dublin, Texas

Oliphint, Tannic Lee Houston, Texas



Orr, Frances Anna Livingston, Texas

Porter, Boyd, Jr Houston, Texas

Randlett, Marion Randall .... Lancaster, Texas

Raper, William Bryan Houston, Texas

Ratcliff, Dorothy Houston, Texas

Ratley, John William Ardmore, Oklahoma

Riddick, Campbell Wiley .... Houston, Texas

Ritter, Joseph Crocker Ferris, Texas

Robertson, Ernest Milton . . . Wichita Falls, Texas
Robertson, William Ernest . . . Mineral Wells, Texas

Ross, Herbert Pitts Grandview, Texas

St. John, Ralph Vaughn .... Houston, Texas
Schneider, Werner Alexander . . Houston, Texas
Schwartz, Frances Louise .... Houston, Texas
Shacklett, Mary LeGrande . . . Houston, Texas

Shands, Lalu Nobles Houston, Texas

Sherry, Frank Bertrom .... Jonesboro, Arkansas

Shipman, Ida May Houston, Texas

Shult, Ernest Leonard El Campo, Texas

Shult, Walter Rudolph El Campo, Texas

Smith, Bessie Woodman .... Houston, Texas

Spencer, Carey Forbes Houston, Texas

Springall, Walter Forneret •. . . San Antonio, Texas

Steele, Dan C, Jr Tampico, Mexico

Steen, Arthur Benjamin, Jr. . . Hope, Arkansas
Stockard, Maude Ernestine . . . Santa Anna, Texas
Stockard, Mildred Estelle . . . Santa Anna, Texas

Stockbridge, Lodi Houston, Texas

Strieker, Katyruth Houston, Texas

Strobel, Elizabeth Chenango, Texas

Supple, Charles M Waxahachie, Texas

Taylor, Eleanor Kendrick . . . Llouston, Texas
Taylor, Harold Spencer .... Orange, Texas



Thibodeaux, Janice Elizabeth . . Houston, Texas

Todd, Wallace Wainright . . . Houston, Texas

Trevino-Garcia, Salvador .... Monterrey Nuevo-Leon,


Truhlar, John Crosby, Texas

Try on, Joseph A Port Arthur, Texas

Turnbull, Margaret Houston, Texas

Udoff, Abram Houston, Texas

Uhl, Alfred Wallace Dallas, Texas

Underwood, John Arthur .... Honey Grove, Texas

Underwood, John Nicholas . . . Galveston, Texas

Wagner, Marjorie Edith .... Bryan, Texas

Walker, Henry Donald Denison, Texas

Walton, Gerard Ray Fort Worth, Texas

Warn, Richard Edward .... Pecos, Texas

Watt, James Silas .El Campo, Texas

Wellborn, Christine Alvin, Texas

Wells, Edward Lytton Houston, Texas

Wells, Nicholas Weeks Galveston, Texas

Werlin, Reuben Houston, Texas

Wessendorf, Marguerite .... Richmond, Texas

West, Milton Austin San Antonio, Texas

White, Ernest Gordon Waco, Texas

Williams, George Guion .... Houston, Texas

Wilson, Florence Ray Houston, Texas

Wilson, Margaret Elizabeth . . Houston, Texas

Wilson, Roy Thomas Houston, Texas

Wink, Nathaniel Edwin .... Houston, Texas

Winn, W. H Temple, Texas

Witt, Fred Louis Houston, Texas

Woods, Gorham Witter .... Appleby, Texas

Young, Ruth Gladys Houston, Texas

Zindler, Jerome Houston, Texas



Acheson, Marcus Alexander . . Denison, Texas

Adams, Fisher Durham .... Houston, Texas

Adams, Walter Ennis, Texas

Alexander, William Thomas, Jr. Cade, Louisiana

Alpha, Emmet, Jr Franklin, Louisiana

Ander, Hans F Houston, Texas

Anderson, Charles Harper . . . Galveston, Texas

Anderson, Frankie Pauline . . . Houston, Texas

Anderson, John Lewis Jennings, Louisiana

Asbell, Virginia Beatrice .... Houston, Texas

Babcock, Franklin Harold . . . Corpus Christi, Texas

Bacot, Aubrey May McComb, Mississippi

Baker, Clarence Franklin, Louisiana

Baker, Juston Allen Houston, Texas

Ballew, Homer Troup, Texas

Barnett, William Lockridge . . . Karnes City, Texas

Bashara, Abe Monsour Wichita Falls, Texas

Bates, Margaret Faye Alvin, Texas

Bauer, George El Campo, Texas

Bauer, Willie El Campo, Texas

Beadle, Herbert J Houston, Texas

Bennett, Jack Gordon Houston, Texas

Bennett, Zuline Minyon .... Houston, Texas

Bishkin, Sam Leon Houston, Texas

Blayney, Lindsey, Jr Houston, Texas

Boatner, James Polk Timpson, Texas

Bowling, Leonard Chenoveth . . Bonham, Texas

Brelsford, Mabel Alice Houston, Texas

Bridgwater, Ann Danbury, Texas

Briggs, Lemuel Waterman . . . Houston, Texas

Brinson, Floyd Britton Corpus Christi, Texas

* As classified October ist, 1920.


Brisbine, Margaret Mina .... Houston, Texas

Brown, Arthur Lee Tyler, Texas

Brown, De La Motta Houston, Texas

Brown, Hannah San Antonio, Texas

Brown, Hart Houston, Texas

Brown, Reuben Alec Houston, Texas

Brown, Sadie Ralston Houston, Texas

Buck, Dorothy Houston, Texas

Bush, Leonard Ewing Huntsville, Texas

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