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Birmingham. History and general directory of the borough of Birmingham, with the remainder of the parish of Aston ... being part of a general history and directory of the county of Warwick .. online

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Online LibraryFrancis WhiteBirmingham. History and general directory of the borough of Birmingham, with the remainder of the parish of Aston ... being part of a general history and directory of the county of Warwick .. → online text (page 16 of 82)
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Guest street, 123, Hockley hill
Guilford place, (iuilford street
Guilford street. Farm street
Guildford street, Gerrard street
Hagley grove, Hagley road
Hagley road, Five Ways, Islington
Hagley row, Hagley road
IIa, Dale end
Hicks stpiaie, U, Maiket street

Highfield road, Hagley road
Highgate, Moseley road
Highgate lane, Highgate
Highgate place, Highgate
High street. Bull ring
High St., Bordesley, 55 High st., Deritend
High street, Deritend, 76, Digbeth
Highbury place, Latimer street. South
Hill street, 49, Paradise street
Hockley hill, 155, Great Hampton street
Hockley street, 42, Great Hampton street
Hockley terrace, 69, Great Hampton street
Holland street, 15, Charlotte street
Holliday street, 42, Granville street
Hollowayhead, 18, Exeter row
HoUowtooth yard, 60, Bull street
Holt street, 216, Ashted row
Holt street wharf. Holt street
Honduras wharf, 77, Snow hill
Horse fair, 52, Smallbrook street
Hospital street, 382, Summer lane
Howard place, Bristol road
Howard place, 14, Suffolk street
Howard street, 50, Constitution hill
Howard terrace, Vyse street
Howe street, 65, Curzon street
Himiphreys court. 33, Ann street
Hunters lane, foot of Hockley hill
Hurst street, 77, Smallbrook street
Icknield cottages, Icknield street
Icknield square. Monument lane
Icknield street, East, Hockley hill
Icknield street. West, Sand pitts
Icknield terrace, Icknield street, East
Inge street, Hurst street
Insurance buildings, 47, Union passage
Irving street, Latimer street. South
Islington, Broad street
Islington place, Sheepcote street
Islington place, 57, William street
Islington row, Islington
Ivy lane, 22, Lower Lawley street
Jamaica row, Spiceal street
James' place, 25, A'auxhall road
James' street, St. Paul's s(piare
Jarvis's court, Coach yard
.Tennen's row, Masshouse lane
.lohn's street, Hunters lane
Jones' buildings, 46, Moland street
Jones' place, 45, \'auxhall road
Kellett's l)uildini,'s, Garbett street
Kenion street, 111, Livery street
Kensinirton j)lace, Bristol road
Kent street, 4, liower Hurst street
Kent terrace, Sandy lane
Key hill, or Kaye hill, 16, Hockley hill
Kini; street, 115, New street
Kiui,' Alfrcul's place, 19, Hroad street
King Kdward's place, 26, Broad street
Kin:,' Kdward's road, Cambridge street
Kingst(»u l)uildings, Cambridge street
Kiiii,'ston row, Cambridge street
Lady-pool lane. Spark brook
Lasly we'll pas-s.ige. 4, Bath passage



Lady- well walk, PI, Smalll)rook street
Lady-wood grove. Lady-wood lane
Lady-wood lane, Islington
Lady-wood road. Lady-wood lane
Lady-wood terrace, Lady-wood lane
Lancaster st., or Walmcrln., 102, Aston st.
Lansdowne place, Francis st., Ilagley road
Latimer street. South, 22, Gt. Colmore st.
Latimer street, 17, Washington street
Laurel place, Hagley road
Lawley street, 25, Ashted row
La\\Te'nce street, 14, New Thomas street
Leake street, 10. Coleshill street
Leamington terrace, Ravenhurst street
Lease lane, 34, Bell street
Ledsam street, Ryland street. North
Lee Bank road. Sun street. West
Lee Bank s(piare, Lee Bank road
Lee crescent, Ryland road
Lee mount, Lee Bank road
Lee place, Lee Bank road
Lee terrace, Lee Bank road
Lee's drive, Warstone lane
Legge lane, 31, Graham street
Legge street, Gosta green
Lench street, 35^ Loveday street
Leonard place, Lee Bank road
Lichfield street, 7, Old square
Lichfield street mill, Lichfield street
Lincoln place, Latimer street, South
Lionel street, Snowhill
Lister street, 9, Gosta green
Little Ann street, 1, Barn street
Little Barr street, 44, Great Barr street
Little Bow street, Horse fan-
Little Cannon street, 9, Cannon street
Little Charles street, 10, Newhall street
Little Cherry street. Union street
Little Hill street, 4, Bristol street
Liverpool street, Adderley street
Livery street, 1, Colmore row
Lodge road. All Saints' street
Lombard street, 85, Bradford street
London 'Prentice street, 12, Lower Priory
Long Bridge lane, 10, Moseley street
Long Entry, 8, Little Charles street
Lord street, 59, Dartmouth street
Love lane, 29, Aston road
Loveday street, 58, Steelhouse lane
Lowe street, 162, Bradford street
Lower Brearley street, 80, Summer lane
Lower Camden street, Camden street
Lower Pershore street, 24, Sherlock street
Lupin street, Willis street
Lower Dartmouth street, 283, Watery lane
Lower Essex street, 136, Bromsgrove street
Lower Fazeley street, Fazeley street
Lower Hurst street, 150, Bromsgrove st.
Lower Hurst street. East, 230, Sherlock st.
Lower Lawley street, 102, Lawley street
Lower Loveday street, 50, Loveday street
Lower Pershore street, 24, Sherlock street
Lower Priory, 103, Dale end
Lower Temple street, 102, New street

Lower Tower street, 60, Summer lane

Lower Trinity street, 148, Adderley street

Lower AVindsor street, 39, Great Brook st.

Loxton street, Bloomsbury

Lozells, Wheeler street

Lozells grove, Chain walk

Lozells teiTace, Lozells

Ludgate hill, 55, Church street

Lupin street, Willis street

Macdonald street, Barford street

Machin's buildings, 156, Unett street

Magdebiu-g place, Bristol road

Malvern place, Bristol road

Manchester street, 36, New Town row

Market Hall, High street

Market Hall, (New,) Prospect row

Market place, Bull ring

Market street, 47, Coleshill street

Marshall street, 21, Ilolloway head

Mary street, 19, Caroline street, St. Paul's

Mary Ann street, 169, Livery street

Masshouse lane, 47, Dale end

Melbourne place, 51, Great Russell street

Meetinghouse yard, 224, High st., Deritend

Meriden place, Coventry road

Meriden street, 109, Digbeth

Mile End court, 33^ Little Cherry street

Milk street, (^9^ Bordesley street

Mill lane, 51, Digbeth

Mill sti-eet. Forge street

Mill street, Oozell's street

Milton villas, Wellington road

Minories, 34, Bull street

Moat lane, Smithfield

Moat row, Smithfield

Moland street, 81, Aston street

Monmouth street, 54, Bull street

Monro's square, 71, Pershore street

Montpelier place, Bristol road

Montpelier row, Ashted row

Montpelier street, Highgate

Monument lane, Hagley road

Monument place. Monument lane

Moor street, 1, High street, Bull ring

Moore's row. Milk street

Morley's buildings. Little Hill street

Morton place, Balsall heath road

Mor\'ille street, Sherboume street

Moseley road, 139, Bradford street

Moseley street, 15, Balsall street

Mott street, 147, Hampton street

Mount cottages, Icknield street

Mount Pleasant, Hunter's lane

Mount Pleasant, 73, New John street. West

Mount street, Newhall street

Mount street, 88, High street, Bordesley

Navigation street. Hill street

Nechell's green, Bloomsbury

Nechell's park road, Bloomsbury street

Needless alley, 42, New street

Nelson street. Sand pitts, Parade

Nelson street. South, 179, Bristol street

Nelson street. West, King Edwards road

Nelson terrace, Bristol road



Nelson terrace, Nelson street, South

New Bond street, Coventry road

New street, 89, Higb .street

New Bridge street, head of Bath row

New Canal street, 107, Bordesley street

New Church street, 42, Hospital street

New England, 31, High street, Bordesley

Newhall hill, 17, Parade

Newhall row, 138, Great Charles street

Newhall street, 1, Bennett's hill

New Inkley's, 41, Dudley street

New John street, 200, Aston road

New John street, West, 219, Newtownrow

New Market street, 45, Grt. Charles street

New Meeting street, 58, High street

New Road, 12, Lower Lawley street

New Summer street, 40, Summer lane

New Thomas street, Charles Henry street

New Thomas street, 87, Coleshill street

Ne\vton street, 89, Lichfield street

Newtown row, Lancaster street

New \'ale court, Park street. Bull ring

Nicholas court, 4, Tennant street

Nile place, 31, Nelson street, West

Nile street, Sheepcote street

Norfolk street, 89, Suffolk street

Northampton s |uare, Can-er street

Northampton street, Warstone lane

Northuml>erland place, 57, Vauxhall road

Northumberland street, 52, Vauxhall road

North Wood street, 80, Constitution hill

Norton street. Lodge road

Novascotia street, 25, Doe street

Nursery ten-ace, ilunter's lane

Oakfield terrace, Ilighgate

Oak place, Icknield street. West

Old Baggot street wharf, liaggot street

Old cross street, 103, Coleshill street

Old Inkley's, 35, Dudley street

Old John street, 76, Dale end

Old Meeting street, Dudley street

Old srpuire, Minories

Old I'nion Mill Wharf, Holt street

Old Wharf, Paradise street

Oozells street, 14, Broad street, Islington

Oozells street. North, Oozells street

Oozclls street wharf, Oozells street

Ormond street, 19t), New Town row

Oxford ])lace, Bristol road

Oxford street, 92, l)igl)eth

Oxygen street, 40, Lister street

Pahner street, 15, I^ittle Burr street

Parade, 21, Smnmer row

I'aradise j)lace, Cnilford street

Paradise ])lace, 34, Cregoe street

Paradise street, 80, New street

Paradise terrace, Darwin street

Park Crescent, Hound liilLs

I'ark lane, Roimd hills

Park lane, 14, I*ark street. Bull ring

Park ])lace, liristol road

I'ark place, Coventry road

I'ark street, 1, Bull rintr

Parson's buildings, Cecil street

Peck lane, 122, New street
Penelope place, 20, Bristol street
Penn court, 26, Novascotia street
Penn street, Curzon street
Pershore road, Sherlock street
Pershore street, 43, Edgbaston street
Peter's buildings, Cecil street
Phillip street, 101, High street
Phillip's buildings, 13, Sun street, West
Phillip's street, Aston brook
Pigott street, 108, Bath row
Pimley's court, 34, Dudley street
Pinfold street, 80, New street
Pitsford street, 14, Vyse street
Plough and Harrow lane, Hagley road
Pool street. Round hills
Pope street, 9, Albion street, Camden st.
Poplar place, Bristol road
Poplar })lace. Spark brook
Portland place, 169, Camden street
Potter street, 8, Lancaster street
Portland place, George street, Islington
Powell street, Aston brook
Powell street, 35, Siunmer hill terrace
Price street, 44, Loveday street
Princes row, 7, Princes street
Princes street, 3, Hick's square
Princess street, 59, Coleshill street
Princip street, Shadwell street
Priory place, Bristol road
Priory road, Chtu-ch road
Pritchett street, 213, Aston road
Pritchett wharf, Pritchett street
Prospect row, 60, Coleshill street
Prosperity place. Villa street
Public ortices, 11, Moor street
Pudding Brook row. Skinner street
Pumphrey street, now Brass street
Queen's place, Wynn street
Queen street, 45, Colmore street
Radford place, Warstone lane
Railway terrace, 18, Vauxhall road
Ratherham's buildings, 33, Benacre street
Ravenhurst street, Cheapside
Ravenhiu-st terrace, Camphill
Ilea street, 72, Digbeth
Redferns Imildings. (iarbett street
Refonne place, Newhall hill
R?gent ])arade, 16. Carolme street
Regent ])lace, Coventry road
Regent ])lace, 71-. Caroline street
Regent row, 15, Uegeut place
Regent street, Vittoria street
H(>servoir road, Icknield street. West
Richard street, 79, Dartmouth street
Richard street, Spencer street
Kichuiond place, Hurbiiry street
i{i(liuiond place, Warstone lane
Kichmond terrace, C'oveutry road
Richmond teiTUce, 29, Sun street, West
Richmond terrace, 11 miter's lane
Ri>l»e walk, 93, Dale end
Round hills, Aston Manor
Rowland street, 178, Lawley street



Russell place, Wills street, Ihmter's lane

Russell row. Lady Wood lane

Russell street, 67, Steelhouse lane

Riiston street, 74, Hroad street, Islinffton

Ruston street, North, 21, Huston street

Ryland place. 67, Broad street, Islington

Ryland road, Bellbimi road

Ryland street, 4o. Darwin street

Ryland street, 59, liroad street, Islington

Ryland street, North, Ryland street

Ryland terrace, Ryland road

St. Andrew's street, "JSl, Watery lane

St. (ieorge's Crescent, Brearley street. West

St. George's place, SI, Tower street, upper

St. George's street, 71, Hampton street

St. George's terrace, 54, Brearley st. West

St. James's place, 25, Vauxhall road

St. James's street, Barrack street

St. John's place, S3, New John street, West

St. Luke's row. Bond street

St. Mark's street. Summer hill

St. Martin s lane, Bull ring

St. Martin's place, 29, Broad street

St. Martin's row, St. Martin's place

St. Martin s street, 111, Broad st. Islington

St. Mary's row, Whittall street

St. Mary's row. Brougham street

St. Paul's coal wharf, George street, Parade

St. Paul's square, 28, Ludgate hill

St. Peter's place, 29, Broad street

St. Vincent place, St. Vincent street

St. Vincent street, Sherborne street

Salop place, Darwin street

Salop street, Darwin street

Saltley road, Bloomsbury

Saltley street, 31, Garrison lane

Salts coin-t. Sand pitts. Parade

Sand pitts, Smnmerhill terrace

Sand pitts, Parade

Sand street, 28, Weaman street

Sandy lane, Coventry road

Saturday bridge, 21, Summer row

Scarlett place, Garbett street

Severn street, 110, Suffolk street

Seymoru" street, Masshouse lane

Shad\Vell street, 59, Bath street

Shadwell street wharf, Shadwell street

Sheep street, 39, Lawrence street

Sheepcote lane, King Edward's road

Sheepcote sti-eet, 36, Broad street, Islington

Shelton's mills, Newhall street

Sherborne street, 115, Grosvenor street

Sherborne street wharf, Sherborne street

Sherlock street, Balsall street

Sidney place, Bristol road

Simister's buildings, 13, Tennant street

Sir Harry's road, Bristol road

Skinner lane, 35, Dean street

Skinner street, 184, Bromsgrove street

Slaney street, 104, Steelhouse lane

Slitting Mill lane, now Mill lane

Smallbrook street, Edgbaston street

Small heath, 264, Coventry road

Smith's court, 27, Coventry street

Smith street, 112, Great Hampton street

Smithfield, Jamaica row

Smithfield buildings, 12, Allison street

Sniitlitit'ld bars, now Upper Mill lane

Smitbtiold passage, 41, I'ershore street

Smithiicld yard, l^i)])er Dean street

Snape street, liranston street

Snow hill, 53, Bull street

Snow hill mills, 77, Snow hill

Snow hill wharf, 80, Snow hill

Soho works, Soho hill

Soho hill, Hockley hill

Soho road, foot of Hockley hill

Spark brook, Stratford road

Speaking style road, Lee bank road

Spencer street, 20, Hall street

Spiceal street, 103, High street

Spon terrace, Ravenhurst sta-eet

Springfield street, Grosvenor place and King

Edward's road
Springfield terrace. Sand pitts
Spring hill. Sand pitts
Spring street, 277, Bellbarn road
Spring vale terrace, Saltley road
Spring walk, 31, Sun street
Stafford street, 60, Dale end
Stanhope terrace, Lozells
Staniforth street, 46, Potter street
Steelhouse lane, 53, Bull street
Steward street. Spring hill
Stoke street, Tennant street
Stone yard, Deritend
Stratford place. Camp hill
Stratford road, 136, Camp hill
Stratford street, 139, Camp hill
Stratford terrace. Spark brook
Strickland's buildings, Sherlock street
Suffolk street, 27, Paradise street
Smnmer hill. Sand pitts
Summerhill terrace, 37, Parade
Summer lane, 86, Snow hill
Summer row, Congreve street
Summer street, Navigation street
Summer street. West, Sun street, West
Sun street, 25, Bristol road
Sun street, West, 29, Sun street
Sussex place, Bristol road
Sutton's buildings, 62, Holloway head
Sutton street, Aston manor
Swallow street. Hill street
Tauter street, 23, Stafford street
Tay's yard, 20, Great Charles street
Taylor's buildings, Vittoria street
Temperance terrace, Gower street
Temple place, 49, Bath row
Temple buildings, 48, New street
Temple row, 77, Bull street
Temple row. West, Temple row
Temple street, 47, New street
Temple street. Lower, 102, New street
Tennant street, Granville street
Tenbury place, Fann street
Tenby street, 24, Albion street, Camden st.
Terrace, 37, Parade



Thomas street, GO, Dale end

Thomas street, Aston brook

Thorp street, 11, Hurst street

Timperley buildinji^s, 11, Unett street

Tindall street, ^Ior^-ille street

TindiiU street. 22-2. Camden street

Tindall street buildin^js, Tindall street

Tividale wharf, Cambridge street

Tonk street, 25, Smallbrook street

Tower street. Upper, 32. Summer lane

Town.send place, IJloomsbmy

Trafalgar place, 21), Nelson street, West

Trent street, .>4, Bordesley street

Trinity terrace, Camj) hill

Unett street, lo6, (Jreat Hampton row

Union passage, 23, New street

Union court, 47, Snow hill

Union street, 7, High street

Union terrace, '.i5, A'auxhall road

Upper Dean street, 12, Jamaica row

Upper Gough street, 19, Gough street

Upper I lockley street, 9 1 .Great 1 1 ampton st.

Upper Hospital street, 18, Tower street

Upper Marshall street, 25, Gough street

Upper Mill lane, 2H, Digbeth

Upper Priory, 11, Old square

Upper Tower street, 321, Summer lane

Upper Trinity street, Coventry road

Tapper Windsor street, 130, Great Brook st.

A' ale street, 71, New Inkleys

Vaughan's wharf, Baggot street

Vaughton place, \'^aughton street

Vaughton street, Darwin street

Vauxhall grove, 59, Vauxhall road

Vauxhall road, Cnrzon street

Vauxhall street, 41, Stafford street

Victoria grove, 4, Nelson street. South

Victoria villa, Francis street, Hagley road

Verulam jdace, 217. Coventry road

Vicarage road, Hagley road

Victoria place, Bellbarn road

Victoria j)lace, 32, Cregoe street

Victoria place, Wynn street

Victoria place. Sand ])itts, Simmier hill ter.

Victoria terrace, 104, Hockley hill

Victoria terrace. Lupin street

^'illa j)lace, \'ilhi street

\'illa road, Soho hill

^'illa street. Wills street

Villa terrace, Finch street

Vine street, 4, Lady-well walk

\'iolet place, 251. (Jreat Colmore street

Vittoria street, 14, (Jnihani street

Vyse street. (Ui. (Jreat Hampton street

Wallis' mill. Ashted row

Waliner lane. n

Online LibraryFrancis WhiteBirmingham. History and general directory of the borough of Birmingham, with the remainder of the parish of Aston ... being part of a general history and directory of the county of Warwick .. → online text (page 16 of 82)